Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Aquarius-Aquarius Couples:  John Brolin and Diane Lane

Most times when two of the same sign get together it is too much of a good thing. But not so when the Aquarius man finds an Aquarius woman. They will understand each other’s special language which requires them to refer to each other as “best friends” and never anything more. Their secret code also dictates that they live together without marriage; after all, marriage is soooo conventional. I like to think of these two trying to shock each other. That’s their favorite game with third parties, but I wonder if it works between the two of them. “Let me shock you.” “No, here, let me shock you.” “No let me slap you.” “Okay, slap me. Then I’ll slap you harder.” And so it goes, and so it goes. Of course it’s all just talk. These two are air signs and they tend to suck up all the air in the room. They can be so sure that they know everything and see everything and envision everything that has ever been and ever will be. I do wonder what they talk about very quickly.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as an Aquarius Man: If you’re an Aquarius man trying to attract an Aquarius woman, of course you will know to give her lots of space. Aquarians have the reputation of being very friendly but they really don’t like people at all, so she is likely to be alone when you encounter her. If you have crossed her path, you are likely involved in a common cause which makes the perfect entrée into a conversation. This should keep you going for the first several dates. Nothing personal, please. After that, since you’re both pretending that you’re not dating, you’re just friends, a lot is left up in the air. You have to keep getting together, but under the pretense or guise of dating. Keep it cazs.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as an Aquarius Woman: For starters, interrupt the conversation he’s having with someone else. Act like you could care less about the social context of the meeting. Show your strong individuality and your preference for mental engagement, not emotional entanglement. It’s okay to be smarter than he is if you really are. Turn and walk away as abruptly as you walked over to start the conversation.

Degree of Romance: I don’t think so.

Degree of Passion: Only for other species.

Degree of Friendship: For as much as they will tout their relationship as “best friends,” they are probably each other’s only friends as well.

Degree of Marriage: This actually works well because they live in their own world of ideals and special values. Others might consider them cold, aloof, arrogant and absent-minded, but to each other, they are Two Master Minds creating Universes together. One wonders who’s doing the dishes and paying the bills, but eventually they get around to it. They would secretly be better off with step-children or adopted children so if it’s heading in that direction, embrace it.

Progression of Relationship: The Aquarius man and Aquarius woman keep going back to start, because they insist that it’s just a friendship which makes for an expanded consciousness between them and it allows them the space they need to co-exist happily in their universe.

Sex: If they could, I’m sure they would prefer to do it on the holodeck or take part in the famous Vulcan Mind Melt. Aquarians are the one sign constantly at odds with the human body. They tend to think of themselves as energy circuits, or units of energy, programmable through the mind at a safe distance. They tend to look at sex as procreational and ironically they are singularly displeased with their own creations. The Greek god Uranus, the Ruler of Aquarius, ate his own children because they weren’t good enough. This leads us to a circular place regarding this most human of all functions. Sometimes the “problem” is solved with gadgets and “toys”, especially of the electrical shock variety. Sometimes the group gets involved. It was the Uranus in Gemini generation that invented swapping. Whatever can be conceived of — I’ll let you imagine — as long as it is at arm’s length and no messy bodily fluids are involved.

When It’s Over: When it’s over, they turn their backs and walk away as if they were pacing off for a duel except the trajectory is exponential. They can’t get far away from each other fast enough. All the rest is just words.

Our Rating: 8/10. I give them this high a rating because (1) they are not likely to marry at all; (2) if they do marry, it should be to one another; and (3) if they do get together it will probably only ever be one of the same species.

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53 Responses to Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

  • Hope Armstrong says:


    Dear Future Husband,

    Quite frankly I don’t know if you exist or will I ever find you, however, thought I’d just put this out there in confidence should incase I ever do.

    The day I met you, I had absolutely no idea you would be the man of my dreams, I did not know who you were or where you came from, we did not meet at the airport, in the grocery store, at the coffee shop, in a bar or at the wedding of a mutual friend; where you liked me as I entered the room and I liked you back, it all just happened seemingly out of nowhere, I had no idea when I met you that it was the beginning of the rest of my life, during that intense moment I did not realize that is what it was, I did not know just how much we would be connected on such a significantly high synchronizing level, they say fall in love with your best friend and you get the best of both worlds because it not only makes the relationship stronger, it ignites incredible moments of passion and I fell in love with you because of all the slight weird little things you had absolutely no idea you were doing.

    I can tell you this right now, I have a lot, well maybe not a lot but a few flaws and I plan on keeping every single one of them, I get miserable and I plan on staying that way, I love to hiss my teeth a lot; but don’t take it personal, I have a resting bitch face; doesn’t mean that I’m mad or annoyed at you, but the more you complain about it is the quicker its likely to become a legitimate bitch face LOL but I know how funny you will be so it might be safe to say I may end up parading with a damn near well perfect joker face because I won’t be able to contain myself remembering all the little funny stuff you’d say , if you do something and I don’t like it, I’m damn well going to bring it to your attention immediately because I feel communication is essential, I am apologizing right now on the behalf of my conscience; when I give you a hard time if things aren’t done a particular way or at a particular time; it’s in my nature and I can’t help it, I’m even going to bitch about things even when I know that it may not even matter that much, sometimes I will need some alone time, get silent for no reason and you may feel like I’m ignoring you but it will be far from that, sometimes a girl just need to replenish you know, especially during menstration…LOL, but what I am saying is that, even in the serenity of our silent moments, the connection of our bond will always endure , but Future Husband I can guarantee you this, I will never let you feel alone, or feel like you have no one to talk to when you get stressed, upset or feel depressed over just about anything, when you want to get way, I want to be your escape place, I will never let you feel you have lost your best friend because that was the solid foundation that made us felt comfortable around each other; like we could talk about any and everything, I will do my very best to be attentive to you needs without smothering you . I will be your support in good times and bad, will never make you feel inadequate or that your goals are unattainable, we will figure it out together, I will try to relax your mind and ease your stress and anxiety. I will never let you settle for less than what I know you are capable of, I will challenge you to be the best you even if I know you will get angry at me for pushing you too hard or repetitively in your skin, I want to inspire you and be your motivation in attaining your goals, I want to be the one to make you see all your potentials and believe with you that your goals are obtainable.

    In our marriage I want us to grow and change together making our bond stronger, not changing who we are as an individual, but changing the way we will work through our difficulties and challenges; on the new adventures that we will come to discover together along the way. I am not going to dare say this will be perfect or easy, but I want you to know that I will always be your someone and for you to always be my someone, never let us go to bed angry, because I know me and I will be upset and turn my back on you or decide to sleep in the other room ( I never ever want that between us, never), so please just pull me close, hug me tight and let me know everything will be all right, allow me to breakdown in your arms with tears running down my face knowing everything will all be fine. I will always say sorry for whatever I did wrong, I will own up to my own mistakes, I will respect you enough to be forthright honest and truthful with you even if it will be hurtful and occasionally harsh and ask for nothing more than the same of you, I know for an absolute fact we will have tons of fights, tempers will flare, unending debates and everlasting irrational arguing LOL but I will never ever stop loving you, yes I know life is filled with a lot of unknowns both good and bad, but I will never ever stop loving you.

    I will do everything in my powers to keep my promise of fidelity and keep me only unto to you, to keep you happy, and never to let the spark die that ignited the passion we felt the first time we met, the first kiss we shared and the first time we did the nasty Hehehe, I will continue to love you more and more each and every single day for the rest our lives and hope you will do the same, and so whenever God sends you, I will be ready to exchange garlands then jump the broom and start this adventure together.

    And don’t hesitate to question; I know you yourself will be two handsful and a couple canisters plus the extra large storage containers in the garage, but I am ready to learn and grow with you then, and I will never stop loving you.

    I am really excited to meet you and to find all the new ways to be the best wife for you.

    If you are reading this, thanks for waiting and for being patient with me.

    Love always,

    Yours in anticipation “my wife”

    P.s finding you will be by fate, meeting you will be by chance and falling inlove with you, well that will be beyond my control because we’ll be drawn to each other with a passionate, powerful soulful connection from a higher frequency that will undoubtedly shift our energies to a place beyond unraveled insanity.


  • Jerry says:

    Am an aquarius man wants to marry an aquarius woman

  • admin says:

    You’re right. Thank you.

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