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  1. Gina

    this aquarius guy has my head spinning..i dont knw how to deal with this..he told me he loved me but i dont know if i should believe him..any advice for this confused capricorn ?

  2. SmartAir

    Aquaman II, I am the reverse of your situation (I’m Aqua female) and I totally agree with what you said lol! It’s like they’re us in a really weird way. I think it’s the Saturn being the ruling planet, honestly. He even dumped me like I would dump a guy… it’s funny how that kind of stuff work sometimes.

  3. Aquaman II

    I don’t understand how astrology works, but, apparently, it does. I am in love with a Capricorn woman, who dumped me because of the impracticality of the relationship.

    Here’s the funny part: I find her practicality profoundly attractive, and her dumping me on that account only makes me love her more.

    I really never have loved nor likely ever will love anyone else, and here I am happy about having been dumped because I finally found someone worthy of dumping me. That’s life, I guess.

  4. jam

    @ leigh I just love your post it is all so very true everything im going throw with my aquarius. but that im not talking to a different guy. we dated before, my summer out of high school. but i was going throw so much at the time, so we ended up ending it. I have knew from the first time i met him in freshman year that he was the one i wanted. but now after reading this page and your post i understand why. right now i am trying everything to win him back but it is soooo hard….. we where seeing each other for a little bet this summer up i did just get out of one very ugly relationship and he he been single for some time…. he isn’t looking for a relationship right now, and i really shouldn’t be trying to get into one again so soon. i waited for him throw high school. i will wait for him again. i know that he is the one. but i feel that if i tell him he’ll just try and push me away…. how do i make sure he stays in my life this time and get him to come after me this time?

  5. Tropic of Cap

    @ taylor: yes, I’m def willing to listen & give advice….

    I am a Capricorn woman, in love with an Aquarius man (going thru a rough patch at the moment though).

    what’s going on with you & your Cap?

  6. taylor

    i need advice on my situation with a cap, me being an aquarius. who is willing to listen and give advice? πŸ™‚

  7. jayme

    i so love wat you wrote im a cap and by me reading that thats my whole relationship..with me and my x..now

  8. leigh

    I am a capricorn woman 27 back in a relationship with a 27 aquarius male. I first off must say that you can get him back after a break up but it takes a long time. If you truly love him you can because I got mine back. We were together for a year i broke up with him and he wouldn’t take me back. They need there space and they are very outgong. They are pretty much everything that us capricorns are not. I find this extremly attractive and have learned a lot from him. They are flirts but if they are in a relationship they are loyal. I can also say you cant tell them what to do and if you do they will do the opposite. They don’t like to be figured out so even if you do don’t let him know. We communicate well but sometimes they like peace and quite. They hate to argue and don’t accuse them of things. My man makes me feel like i am the hotist woman on the planet. Don’t talk a lot about the future they take there days as they come. This man is the only guy i would consider having a kid with and marring. He will let you know when the time is right for him. I just got back with him after a year of seeing him off and on with no commitment. I thought he would never take me back and he is my soul mate. I met another guy but just talked over the phone to him. I told the aquarious i was talking to another guy so for two months i didn’t see or talk tohim. I got tired of the long distance talks with the new guy and missed my baby. I text him and said i wanted to see him. He asked if i was with that guy i said no he never even visited me. He said well come on over. I was so happy. I went stayed the night and he asked why it didn’t work out. All i could say was baby i still love you. He said i am ready to give us another shot. Once a aquarious thinks they have lost the wounderful cap they will finally decide to take you back.keep in mind if you do them wrong they will be cold to you and you will have to prove your love for them to getback together. Trust me and what they think you did wrong could be minor. Once you lose there trust its hard to get it back. He made the right decision i will never lie cheat or hurt this man. Without him i am incomplete. They hide there feelings but us caps see right through this front. I can just look at him and see love in his eyes. Here oppostes do attract and you will learn many lessons with these aquarians. I feel so comfortable around mine. They are not passionate but will try to be for us caps. They are not really romantic either. We caps don’t mind this because we have enough passion for the both of us. They love to be dominated in the bed room. Very handsome aquarians are. I love mine and will post later to update. Hopefully we will be married by then.

  9. capricorn/ dragon and aqua/dragon

    Oh my God….what a forum….wow….really wanna share my experience about aqua male. i am capricorn/dragon and he was aqua/dragon…..it was about 10 years ago when we met. … there was chemestry straight away and by the looks of it we really fell for each other…………but being young and cautious i made few mistakes…….at the end of the day he went away and i was left totally devastated….wrote to him, begged him to come back..etc……….but no reply………anyway now its been many years ago and i feel ok ( but took soooo long to get over ) and when i think back about him at this stage is all the revenge he poured at me like back stabbing all over the place ( my work place too ) ringing hanging up for a few years…but never wanting to talk to me. if i ever hurted him…i really never meanted, but he was hurting me intentionally ….like adrenalin rush that he needed…so sad, glad it’s over now….noone ever really emotionally ‘raped me’ like aqua

  10. Kay

    Recently got out of a relationship with an aqua man (i’m a cap) i broke up with him because he was lying to me. He is young and wants to enjoy being single, i can tell he still cares for me. WIll he ever come back? is that likely with aquas, we were each others first loves?

  11. JanCap

    Type your comment here

    paul :

    I am an Aquarius male. I met a beautiful Capricorn woman by asking to be friends on facebook. She responded saying she thought I was cute. After getting to know more about each other we met and hit it off great. I have been honest about my attraction to her focus on her beautiful eyes. We have great conversation and wonderful weak in the knees hugs. I was suppose to meet her for lunch at her house but spaced out and did not remember til I checked my facebook messages where she said are you coming it was to late for lunch by then so I called her and apologized. She seemed not to concerned but since has not called or messaged on facebook. Have I screwed this up.

    Paul where are you from?

  12. JanCap

    Ok so I met this aquarius guy in the library at my college. He came and sat next to me and we engaged in conversation. He asked if we could be friends on facebook, I accepted and then later on that day we converesed through facebook messages. I gave him my number and he texted everyday after that. Finally, I hungout with him at his apartment and everything went smooth. He was a gentleman and was extremely nice to me. Two weeks after that, I was over at his apartment every other day. Feelings were growing strong, but I just knew I could not like him. We had talks about relationships and he stated that he wasn’t interested in one, we both agreed on it. I did indeed fall for him, and so one day I took it upon myself to look through his phone, I came across text messages he was having with another girl. Basically, I was busy chasing him and he’s head over heels for some one else. My heart broke when I read those text messages. Was I wrong for being curious? Do I have the right to be upset? I have been ignoring his text messages and avoding him in school.. I still like him though.. some one help… Will he come back around or are we done for?

  13. Tropic of Cap

    @ Ash- I’m no expert, but I vote for ‘give it time.’

    aqua men are known for the ‘friendship with exes’ thing. he also might be testing to see if you are cool with him having his freedom and friends. don’t blow your cool, and give off a little mysteriousness of your own, girl! that’ll get him!

    good luck fellow Cap

  14. Tropic of Cap

    @Paul – probably not (screwed it up) but I wouldn’t do that too often- Capricorn women HATE it when people don’t honor their commitments. it’s a big thing for us. try & make it up to her and let her know that you do that all the time (by mistake) i.e. it wasn’t that you don’t respect her or value her company. that’s another thing; we cappies tend to fear that someone won’t respect us. good luck!

  15. Confused about Aquarius men

    Awww thank you your great help hopefully your sites always here to help otheres and me!

  16. Tropic of Cap

    @ Confused about Aquarius men: Try alternating between being very aloof / detached, and then sometimes asking him questions about his work, interests, etc. It’s good if you have an air of mystery/ confidence.

    you could try that.

    it doesn’t matter how many friends they have, they’re always looking to crack open a new mystery. good luck & cheers 2 u!

  17. Confused about Aquarius men

    What if the aquarius guy doesn’t know you much … how do you get him to notice you? What if he is too popular and knows alot of people, he does know me but not much, what do i doo??

  18. MissNonchalant

    Im soo into astrology in believe everything about whats been said. Im an Cap that was in love with an Aquarius male. At the time i was very young 13 he was too. We met thru friends & start talking on the phone everyday all day..we made it offical after a month. We were each other everything! Making me feel special,comfortable, confide in & loyalty. As years went on it got better& better. We use to talk about marriage & making a family.. he adored me vice versa. I love the fact he was a lil jealous at times.. make me really feel wanted. I havent been with him since i turnt 17.. he got into trouble& been in& out for five years.. i was young at the time& didnt stick by him so he found someone that would.. he had a child two years ago & it really hurted but heyy it be like that! Sometimes i regret leaving him hanging like how i did.. i was told to live my life. Thru out the five years i will talk to him thru a friend & he was still upset how i left him. Hes home for good now its been four months& i havent been in his present.. the sad part about it is we know the same group of ppl. Im now 23 & more wiser about situations. I see pics of him& cant seem to shake this.. i know how he is i know i really hurt him& hes like a get back person.. im too old to play tic for tac with anyone. I want it like how it was years ago but he had baby& i left him soo i dont think it will work. He remind me of Fantasia song Bitter Sweet. What do i dooo??

  19. Ashley

    i seen the guy i am in love with, and he said if i didn’t make a big mistake we would be together right now.. and the looks he was giving me looking right into my eyes were basically saying Waite for me i love you just right now i cant be with you.. i am going to go with my heart head and mind/gut feeling and waite around and see what happens. not all Aquarius men make up there mind and keep it that way. some change it..

  20. Mayangelling

    @girl above did u tell him you don’t mind if he married her? then step aside. mebe he wants to but just telling what u want to hear. ur guy know what he wants? keep ur dignity girl don’t chase nobody who don’t respect u to splain why they needs to talk to x. did she lose her sheep bo beep? he also IS not loving u girl.

  21. revathi

    Im a capricon women madly loves aqua men…Once he’s also loves me. but now we had a problem wiht him Ex-girlfriend… he said i ll not marry her… That girl still talking to him…
    Tel me some solution for that. i want to live my life with him.

  22. florence_capri

    very tru tropic of cap, one more thing if she sounds lik she is ignoring u, beware maybe u r in her vicinity n she is just acting πŸ˜‰

  23. Tropic of Cap

    @passionplay – hi there I’m a Capricorn female in love with an Aquarius man…here’s my take, although I’m just going off what you’ve written…: She’s waiting to see if she can trust you.

    Remember Cap’s and Aqua’s both have Saturn ruling them, which makes us both reserved, but in different ways. if she’s anything like me (with my Aqua), she probably is crazy about you, but she doesn’t want to show it too much, for fear of scaring you off or seeming too vulnerable. (sad but true :-)) I guess what I”m saying is: don’t worry – she wants you πŸ™‚

    Yes, love is like tennis (give & take), but it’s also a marathon (endurance). And (to drop the sports metaphor :-)) haha I think if you want more encouragement, you must communicate with her–tell her you need her to communicate her feelings with you more, and tell her how you feel. 3 Months isn’t long – and I think Cap-Aqua relationships get better with time…because they need to ‘learn’ each other and mature w/one another …takes effort from both sides i think

    don’t lose patience!

    but also a question 4 u: isn’t that part of the mystique? never quite knowing if she’s into you? b/c if she was all over you, wouldn’t that bug you?

  24. passionplay

    I am an aquarius man who has dated in many different astrological signs. I recently met a Capricorn woman, (my first one I might add) and it took me a while, but I have fallen completely head over heals for her. I asked her how she felt and she said, “if I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be here”. As a romantic, I feel that a relationship is like tennis. One serve’s and the other volleys back. If you keep serving and nothing gets returned, then you find a new sport to play…lol. Anyways, when I say things like, I miss you or I love you, she says, awww. It really is annoying and after dating for 3 months, I expected a little more. Any advice on how to get this Cap admitting her feelings, or is it a waiting game?

  25. mandy

    Zodiac signs aside. Anybody who cheats will not have a decent relationship until they decide to change their ways. If he cheats on his current wife who he “loves” do you think he wouldn’t do the same to you? Best of luck to you, but its a really sticky situation.

  26. April

    Hi there. i am a Capricorn woman having an affair with a Aquarius Man. i have a partner too but both are falling for eachother all the time. he is a very nice Man with alot of Love. and is Cautious about who sees us.
    but sadly he loves his wife and has Love for me all the time is some what different all together. hes really romantic and has a placid nature. and i really think hes very attractive. he says that i remind him of his current Wife in the way i look. do you think that in future our relationship will grow into something more serious?? i hope so.

  27. Mandy

    I’m seeing an aquarius man…but he is not very romantic. What sign brings out the romantic in Capricorn, and is there any sign that feels Capricorn is romantic besides produictive???

  28. AquaMan

    @Rose: You know what, you’re right. I honestly have not felt that feeling yet, but I’m alright with that fact. It will happen when it happens – in it’s own time. Hopefully my GPS isn’t of the cheap, WalMart / bootleg variety and does its job correctly! LOL! I’ll keep everyone posted πŸ˜€

  29. Tropic of Cap

    @AquaMan: sure, no problem!

    keep in touch – if you ever need Cap-related advice, I’m usually around-

    ciao 4 now πŸ™‚

  30. AquaMan

    @TropicOfCap: You know what, you are ABSOLUTELY right! Thanks for the great insight (: sheesh, it seems like I can get better advice from one person on a blog than all of the people on my FB friend list. Best wishes!

  31. Tropic of Cap

    @AquaMan: no problem! well, I’m in love with an Aqua, so if I tell you a Capricorn girl is good for you, you’re getting a biased opinion :-)))

    I guess just let the holy spirit guide you…god’s time is not our time, no matter what the psychics say…

    and keep that inner teen! I think that’s what makes aqua’s so youthful — the baby inside πŸ˜‰

  32. AquaMan

    @TropicOfCap: thank you! Well you make a very good point πŸ˜› I guess I should just let it happen naturally instead of looking at everything with a magnifying glass. Well I have so many planets in Capricorn (I think my rising sign is as well). And since I’ve been around a lot of Gemini’s (too scatterbrained), Aries and Libras without any luck – I figured maybe a Capricorn would be the one for me. Lol I’m quite out there, but people also tell me that I’m very grounded. And no, please forgive me! SMH = shaking my head. That’s just my inner teen speaking (x

  33. Tropic of Cap

    @ AquaMan…I don’t think meeting your soulmate will be an ‘epic omg time stopped’ moment…I mean, that happens with plenty of people who later turn out to be all wrong, relationship-wise, doesn’t it? That’s just physical/sexual attraction.

    A soulmate relationship requires work, patience, love. You might not even be that attracted to them at first. Maybe just get to know different people, and over time, the right ‘One’ will emerge. They have to prove they’re worthy. (And vice versa of course :-))

    Out of curiosity, why did you come to Capricorn Woman-Aqua Man section? Are you in ‘like’ with a Capricorn girl? I think it can be a really nice combination.

    And forgive my ignorance, but what is ‘smh’??

  34. AquaMan

    I feel like a real dork. Hopefully I made sense just now :/ I mean do you think I might have met them already? I highly doubt that, because I have not felt any sparks or warm feelings with anyone I have met since I’ve seen that psychic, and I figured that meeting your soulmate will be an epic, “omg time stopped when I saw them”, moment. Or maybe I’m over thinking it? Input input input? What do you speculate their sign would be?

  35. AquaMan

    Wow, I’m really typing this on my phone *covers eyes* – thank God for spell check. Anyway, on to the good stuff: I’m an Aquarius, just turned 19. I was in love with a Gemini girl in high school but she left (literally LEFT, no explanation) and I was bitter for a good 2.5 years. My sun, moon, and Mercury are in Aquarius, my Jupiter is in Virgo, and my Pluto is in Scorpio. But everything else (Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn) are in Capricorn (if any of that makes a difference at all). Anywho, I went to a legit psychic last summer who said “you would meet my soulmate this year”. She told me a lot of personal things and did not ask any leading questions, and some of the other things that she predicted have already happened I assume she was correct. My whole thing is, did she mean “this year” as in 2010 (which has passed), or my school year (I am a freshman in university). Considering I was so blown away by her accuracy, I didn’t ask her for an age, sun sign, or physical description of my soulmate (or when we would meet). So… here I am on this astrology website LOL. Eh, I know you have to compare natal charts instead of just sun signs for accurate results, but what do you guys think?

  36. Enigma

    meya :

    im in love with this aquarius man and he has a girlfriend…… =(

    Thats sad. What’s his girlfriend’s sign?

  37. Amanda

    I have been seeing my aquarian man for two months now. He has a scorpio ex, who I am concerned about because they work together. He claims he is over her, and done and form what I read aquarians make up there mind and are able to just turn their emotions off. She did him dirty, so I don’t think he would go back to her. He’s very affectionate, and is constantly telling me how much he misses me, but he’s a little boring. I say boring, but I realized that he is reserved in certain settings. Now he’s more outgoing, and it feels like progress. I admire him, I hope it works out.

  38. Tropic of Cap

    @ Keisha – Hi!

    Haha, you’re so sweet!

    Yes, I do see your point…I’ll see what I can do with my lil Aqua nutjob.

    keep in touch-

  39. Keisha

    @ Tropic of cap – friendship is always a great basis for a relationship with the aqua man. That and the compatibilities whch lead to a grt friendship is what keeps 2 ppl together. incompatibilities bet 2 is v difficult in the short term and long run. it will rip you apart in no time. trust me. so it doesn’t make sense to let the aqua man drift away just because he has a lot of admirers. hey, aquas love to flirt, it’s pretty harmless and you knew he was goodlooking from the start! honey, you got yourself a trophy now hang on to it! πŸ™‚ oh…and God helps those who help themselves. I confirmed that with Him 5 mins ago LOL!

  40. Tropic of Cap

    hi Triece…yes – of course, seems like he likes you! Def trust your gut on that. I’m just saying to show your interest, but still stay a bit mysterious, b/c Aquarian men are very charming and they are always flirting with different women. I don’t know him (obv) πŸ™‚ but I’d say be flirty, keep going, but just remember that Aqua men love the chase, they love a mystery. So their women always have to give them one in one way or another (even if the mystery of the day is just ‘what color are me knickers’ LOL).

    I don’t think they love quite like we do. Not sure if that’s a MAN thing or an Aquarius thing. It’s like they always like to keep their options open, in case something “better” comes along. So with that in mind, I’d enjoy the ride, while also avoiding doing anything that might give him the impression that you’re tying him down or acting all wife-y or something. If that makes sense.

    but that’s just my two cents. let me know how it goes. My Aquarian and I are on a break at the moment; mine is young, has a lot of women after him & is very good-looking. So I’m putting him on the backburner for now and leaving it in God’s hands. Seems like the only way.

    talk soon babe!
    Tropic of…

  41. Tropic of Cap

    @ Triece – congrats on your step forward with that Aquarian man! As a fellow Cap who’s had some experiences w/Aquarians, I recommend holding off on the birthday card…just say a friendly happy birthday, but don’t be too clingy.
    In my experience, Aquarian men show interest to everyone, get bored REALLY easily…your best bet is to play hard to get/be enigmatic, and have a very active life of your own. Definitely don’t put all your eggs in his basket, or else you will be very UNpleasantly surprised. if you can deal with that, you should be fine. Don’t ever let him think he’s got you completely.

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