Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Aquarius Couples:  Heidi Klum and Seal, Dixie Carter and Hal Holbrook, Ida and William McKinley

These two may be a curiosity to everyone else but really pretty happy together.  Gemini is able to light Aquarius up and draw him more into life.  Both the Aquarius man and the Gemini woman have a basically detached view of reality, a love of people, and an innate gregariousness.  In fact, there may be so many people involved in their lives, that they hardly ever find themselves alone with one another, which can be fun.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as an Aquarius Man:   The problem is not attracting her so much as in keeping her.  Unless you do something to make her know that she is special to you, she will think that she is just one of your many friends (you have many friends of both genders).  It will help if there is some diversity involved, for example, if you two are different ages, cultures, or if there’s a difference in economic circumstances.  You will enjoy her quick mind and broad variety of interests, and will rely on that during courtship.  Find out what the Gemini woman is interested in and cultivate the same territory if possible.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Gemini Woman:  No one can control an Aquarius, and no one can predict their behavior.  All you can do is hope.  On the contrary, don’t be afraid to try anything. It might help, and at any rate he won’t hold it against you.

Degree of Romance:   Some of the sexiest men on the silver screen are Aquarians — Clark Gable, Paul Newman, John Travolta, and Burt Reynolds just for starters.  If he wants you, he will absolutely knock you off your feet. There is such an electrifying quality to an Aquarius man, the chemistry is bound to be illegal in all 52 states and one you haven’t thought of.  An element of romance is freshness and ingenuity.  He will court you in a way that makes you sure he isn’t doing the same thing to five other ladies.  He will identify something unique about you and him, and it will ring true.  What’s not romantic about that?  And Gemini, you little flirt … you are such a creature for every man, but that’s our little secret.

Degree of Passion: This can be a surprisingly passionate relationship.  The shadow side of Aquarius is passionate to the hilt.  If he really wants her, he will win her over by utterly sweeping her off your feet.  The fact that she always has one little foot out the door just makes the game more exciting.

Degree of Friendship: Aquarius has the reputation of being friendly, but if you look around, you will find that they usually don’t have many friends at all.  Gemini — on the other hand — is everybody’s running buddy.  So this relationship may be especially meaningful to the Aquarian because it provides the Aquarius man with a friend.

Degree of Marriage:  This makes a good marriage, although it may seem unconventional to the outsider.  Both parties need a lot of space and may need different rooms, separate friends, work in different towns, separate vacations — but they will understand that about one another.  The Aquarius man will be endlessly fascinated by the Gemini woman (never a dull moment) and Gemini will respect Aquarius’ intelligence.  Aquarius men are very loyal in their own fashion and make good husbands.

Progression of Relationship:   There is no telling what’s going to happen, which is part of the fun when an Aquarian man and a Gemini woman pair up.  Much of the courtship may take place in room crowded with friends and shared activities.  These are two of the busiest people in the zodiac, both famous for multi-tasking — don’t be insulted if she’s constantly on her cell phone.  Because of their need of space, they may rely more than other couples on texting and IM.  Aquarius will keep the relationship on track.

Sex:   The relationship may include phone sex, videotaping and other, shall we say, electronic tools for enhancement.  Aquarius males can be pretty quirky, and Gemini females are willing to go along with just about anything.  The Gemini woman’s basic attitude toward sex is “I can’t believe I’m really doing this.”  Look for a lot of innovation.  There certainly will be nothing routine about it.  It also inclines towards an on-off switch.  A lot of days can go by with the off switch, but that just makes on time that much more exciting.  😉

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, he will find out that she never really committed in the first place, but went along for the ride.  This means there will be no hard feelings on her part and the decision is up to him.  Gemini women are quite likely to have extra-curricular activities, which takes the pressure off monogamous relationships, but Aquarians are monogamous by nature, and this may not be immediately obvious when they start out.

Our Rating:  8/10

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60 Replies to “Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility”

  1. I Am A Gemini woman I met My Aquarian man when I was a sophmore in highschool. I mean love at first sight I saw him and I tld my bestfriend he will be mines. 2 days later he was mine. It was love at first sight I mean we talked on the phone to early in the morning everyday. But the onli thing is he was a big flirt, and mi bestfriend said she saw him on the school bus kissing another girl, so I cussed him out and broke up with him. The same day he told mi I shuldnt listen to mi friends.. Blahh.. blahh.. So I took him back a week later they seen him huggin on the girl. SO this time I really just ended it with him.. I was depressed also, but than one night I was sittin watchin t.v and he calls and says come outside I need to talk to yu. I went outside and he was lik I miss yu and I love yu. Me bein a Gemini I was like yea watever. So he tried to get me to take a ride with him it did not wrk. I went bac in the house. PLayin hard to get is mi true speciality. I gues it work ed because we stayed bestfriends, I always believed if its meant to be dan let it go and if it comes back hold on to it, and never let go. So we dated other people but he was lik mi bestfriend + great sex. I mean amazing. These guys really do hit the spot, I mean we did everything together. There was never a dull moment I would always be wifey..One day I gt fed up wit waitin and told him im goin to leave, he begged me not to go, he said im da onli person in da wrld he has, he said that he would always love me,Just please don’t leave him. I believed him. Than it happened he met someone new and she became wifey he basically threw me to the curve I vowed I would never fall in love again nomatter what.He got locked up for a year and I moved on I had a baby by someone else, I had met way before him.(which today I truly love and could never imagine life without him) When mi Aquarian was locked up he told me I was always da onli one for him, and I was trifiln because what he had with that girl was puppy love, and I knew he would always come bac to me. And that I hurt him. So I took him back we dated off and on for almost a whole year more on than off. We was so perfect. Than one day it came crashing down we was having the perfect summer, we did everything together because he lived in the next complex over from mi bestfriend. One night we had came bac from the pool from drinkin, and he was really gettin on mi nerves so I told him I jus wnt to go to sleep, becuz he had threaten to leave so many times that night I was fed up.( I mean I truly loved this man, I would even bring my son around him. We could make love all night long and stare in each other eyes. sorry im off topic…) so HE WAS talkin to me to I turned mi back on him to go to sleep he started a big argument which ended up in him slapping me. He had never dne it before so I was in shock. Than he called me spoiled, and im a brat. SO I told him just to stay away from me. I mean yes I seen him now and than but after that it was never the same. I cant even imagine a future with him. It broke mi heart into pieces I mean da one man I loved more than anything hurt me so bad. So now he calls me and says he loves me and wants me to have his child. So I told him that will never happen becuz I don’t love him anymre nor do I want to be with him. and he asks why I said I don’t know what kind of females you have been with before but yu promised me you would never put you’re hands on me. you’re wrd is everythng to me. I feel bad about it but I will never love him again, I don’t even careabout him nomre and that was mi soul mate. Now I am happy wit mi sons father he is a Sagittarius He is difficult at times to get along wit because were so strong minded but I could argue wit him into ole age. I love this man to death.

  2. Galesburg in the near future sold little leaguer has got plagued often the Indians with Indiana, but that bond ended practically before it all begins if your pitcher challenged the view outside the window by accident broke a few ribs of the operations company and the initial tennis ball.

  3. He is fun-loving, good humored, bright and breezy, up-beat and full of life, kind and caring BUT he is still aching a bit, some amount of pain still lingering from the soreness and he conceals it well with his bubbly outgoing persona, but not to her he hasn’t, because she sees right through them, right through the smoke-screen, she sees deep down into his soul when she looks into eyes, she felt it in his touch, she sensed it in his breathing, she experienced it through his emotions, because when she is with someone she is in tuned with their every little reaction from every single stimulant and she never miss a thing…NEVER, we could go on and on but lets leave it at that for now.
    He is still not 100% ready to be straight forward and open about a lot of things and that’s fine, because if its one thing with her, she absolutely never ever try to pressurize someone into saying or doing something they are not yet ready to disclose even when she has picked up on the little hints here and there, so she will wait until he is completely ready, he has made progress though since the last few months, tremendous progress and she is so very proud of him so she will give him a little more time to get his head straight and unto the path he’s sure about travelling and then they will sit together face to face and talk about everything, even her little things, cause he has met her bad fate too.

    She loves unconditionally, she never judges, she never belittles, she is thoughtful and tolerant to a certain degree BUT she will always respects the man who will respect her just as much. She is not a nag but will express her emotions if they are becoming overbearing for her, she likes to feel safe and secured, she likes to know, she hates uncertainty, she prefers a peaceful, loving and harmonious atmosphere, not one filled with disrespectful, fierce battle ax that has the potential of reducing the life span of the relationship, she believes that a combative person only knows how to get through issues in an aggressive way instead of talking things over and reaching a mutual compromise. She believes we all have that gentle soul deep within that no matter the flight level of disagreement, figuring out a calm way to resolve issues will seal the bond much firmer.

    Together they will be blessed abundantly with each others warmth enriched with each others love and have a life together filled with a wealth of meaningful and absolute contentment…. equally yoked.

    Mastering ones thoughts means we will then be able to master the game of life by finding multiple ways of stretching and growing ourselves so that our minds be stimulated, our emotions & spiritually challenged which in turn increases our self worth..

  4. I am a gemini woman in a relationship with an aquarius man and I must say it felt like love at first sight. From our conversations to the first kiss to the first time we were intimate. I have dated other aqarius men, but none as passionate and intuned with their emotion and able to know what they want. This post has never seem so truee! Even though I don’t believe that I’m always ready to give up – but that is definetely a general statement this was nice just to read

  5. this couple can and definitaly works. I think the only reason why it doesn’t is because these two are amazing friends as well as lovers and can sometimes give up the love that could be strong for the friendship. for example a friend of mine who is a gemini dated an aquarius man and from the start you could see the sparks and flames of passion and love that was there. But they seemed to be too friendly and it came to a time that they broke up because the aquarius man wanted space and thought it would be better if they were just friends. Now even though they’re not together my friend always says that she regrets not loving him as much as she could have done. My advice is-once you find someone never let them go. It could be worth it.

  6. This is another Water boy.
    I read almost all the comment. It depents upon the zodiac sign with the mixture of personal life experience. We go very well with gemini girls but sometimes gemini girls don’t give us space with we need sometimes. I know I feel like I am an unsolved mystery. I have a deep intrest in reading. Astrology, psycholgy, cosmology, philosophy, literature, poetry. Management. I deeply feel that I have an intuition which informs me many thingsthat happen in a common person’ life.
    I truely want to dedicate my to someone who need just love. I am still looking for someone.

  7. Mature Gemini woman here, I have been reading these stories from you younger gemini woman and I am truly worried about you, it’s alright to love someone, but you need to put yourselves first, not dealing with a man already in a relationship with someone else, I thought geminis were intelligent and independent, not needy and obsessed. I loved and aquarius man when I was younger, but he didn’t give me the attention I needed, so without anger I moved on. 10 years later he found me, but he was married to someone else, saying he wasn’t happy with her, as tempting as it was (because I truly did love him at one time, I respected myself more than to cheapen myself by sleeping with him, and regretting it later. I am so glad I didn’t let him entice me with that aquqrian sex appeal he had, as I would have felt like a piece of dirt sleeping with someone elses husband. LOVE yourself first my gemini ladies, and you will find that TRUE love that you so desire!

  8. I am a Gemini woman and have just started seeing an Aquarius man. I can’t believe how much we text, all day everyday! It’s so much fun he is keeping me very entertained. Also sending lots of naughty videos and photos back and forth. Something I would never have thought I would do but really enjoying it. I feel like we click on a different level that I have with other guys. He gets my warped sense of humor too a massive plus!

  9. This is definitely.I’m a Gemini woman,but I have an Aquarius male friend that is really special to me.When we hang out,It’s never a dull moment.He’s very sweet,he makes me laugh and what’s funny is that we’re both alike.I’m not afraid to try anything with him at all and he’s pretty passionate.Too bad that he’s with a Scorpio 🙁

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