Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Aquarius Couples:  Kelly Preston and John Travolta, Eleanor Roosevelt and John Travolta, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: no one can control an Aquarius man but a Libra woman.   Both are air signs with a somewhat detached view of life that is complementary.   But the real reason a Libra woman can manipulate an Aquarius man is because there is a conservative side to Aquarius, a la Ronald Reagan.   Saturn was the sign’s ancient ruler.  An Aquarius man can be very attracted to a Libra woman because she can be an asset to his career and social standing.  He may be painfully aware of his lack of social skills and he knows a Libra woman will come in very handy.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as an Aquarius Man:   Don’t come on too strong — or too weak.  The symbol for Libra is the scales.  They like the middle ground.  You should be neither too cold, nor too ardent; neither too fast nor too slow; neither too trendy nor too old-fashioned.  If this sounds too hard, get out now.  The fact is that you attract a Libra into your life to become better balanced, and it’s probably worth it to try and rise to the occasion.  If you veer a little bit too far in one direction and then correct, she will be very understanding.  It’s not as hard as it seems to win her heart.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Libra Woman:  Libra has the reputation of being a superficial romantic, and while there is some truth to that, many Libra women are astute politicians, great strategists, and natural business partners.  This is the side that you should put forward if you’re interested in attracting Mr. Intellectual.  Many Aquarians, delightful as they are, get stuck in outer space and need someone to play Loop-de-Loop with them.  In other words, it’s your job to connect the dots in the social world so he has some way of relating to others.  This means that you need to be tolerant of his dating skills, rudimentary though they may be.  Some Aquarians may not be the most polished, but they are not game players, and if he’s interested in you at all, you should probably feel quite honored.

Degree of Romance:  I’m sure the Aquarians aren’t even reading this section, so I’ll address Ms. Libra directly:  You can train your Aquarius man quite easily.  He is very amenable to suggestion and does not object to specific commands for your pleasure.  In other words, if you have thought things over — as you are wont to do — and you have decided that a pearl necklace is what you would like for Christmas, and that it is within the realm of possibilities for him to buy you one, go ahead and suggest it.  You might even mention a specific one that you saw in XXX store.  Surprisingly enough, he will be grateful for this information, and probably run right out and do it.  That’s as much romance as you’ll get.

Degree of Passion:   Aquarians can be surprisingly passionate, precisely because they make a point of being so dispassionate.  You will find this amusing, Libra, because of the power it gives you over him.  Use that power wisely because of the tendency that you have to create immediate payback karma.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be absolutely best friends.  There is a graciousness and mutual respect between them that is very special.  Long after other couples have settled into familiarity and even civility, these two will be extending lovely courtesies to one another as far into the future as you can see.  Libra really brings out the gentleman in the Aquarian and Aquarius has found a lady worthy of his affection, which he does not give freely.  A large part of the plus side of their friendship is that they understand each other’s need for space.

Degree of Marriage:  This is an excellent choice for marriage.  Both parties are logical, level-headed, and able to submit.  They share a common viewpoint and are likely to enjoy the same general lifestyle.  Libra is always willing to compromise, and Aquarius extends a lot of freedom in the partnership.  They score high in conflict-resolution skills, which is an essential ingredient in a good long-term relationship.  Aquarius encourages Libra not to keep score or hold grudges, which is also a plus.

Progression of Relationship:   Things progress logically between the two air signs.  Since both need space, they are not likely to see each other more than once a week to begin with.  The courtship will be courteous and respectful.  The relationship is likely to move forward in mutually agreed upon increments with minimal friction.  Libra discourages the kind of stalking behavior that Aquarians are capable of.  Things go smoothly and logically toward a conclusion that is mutually agreeable.

Sex:   Sex is an important part of a relationship between these two, but equally important are lifestyle choices, viewpoints, and common goals.  This makes for a balanced relationship that enhances the sexuality between them.  Furthermore, they are likely to agree on how often they have sex, thereby minimizing the negotiating that some couples endure.  Libra is famous for the accoutrements of love.  For example, she may introduce the Kama Sutra, for which he will be very grateful because he’ll try anything once.  The beginning and ending of their love making is likely to be as polite and mannerly as the other areas of their life together, each being very solicitous of the other’s well-being.

When It’s Over:  Aquarius has the upper hand when it comes to the relationship as a whole.  He will not be inclined to end something once he has submitted to it.  Aquarius is fixed sign and these men seldom stray.  However, if he gets a “higher calling,” like a pat on the shoulder from his ruler, Uranus, he will out the door like greased lightning never to be enveloped again.  No one knows for sure what comes over an Aquarian, but you know they do march to a distant drummer. Like it or not, when the dance is over, it’s time to go home.  Libra may talk him into staying around for a little while longer, but it won’t last.  This is one man who will give an ex-partner everything just to be free.

Our Rating:  9/10

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95 Responses to Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

  • 100% Libra says:

    Ok.Ok.. me and my aquar have been together for a lil over two years we have a one year son… we been living together basically since we started our relationship I’m now 23 he’s 24 (with birthdays to come)! At first I was extremely needy I thought that things was suppose to go my way only (like they have in past relationships) I always had to feel like I was a part of any and everything that he was a part off I didn’t understand his need of aquar is more of a social person he hangs out alot while I’m more of a home person I’ll go out occasionally.. my aquar is very affectionate but only when I have giving up the hope of wanting him to be ;) he make me feel like I’m the best thing in the world or when I’m in a insecure mood its like he try to figure out y I’m even in his world.. if I complain once and its for a good reason it usually never happens again after he get over his attitude of me calling it out (I’ve learned to word things just for him though).. DOWNSIDE: me and him split for a few months because he “cheated” in the process had another child (I found out the day the baby was born.. another story) but in those months I realized not only his mistakes but mines also I realized that having my family was more important then my hurt or even the thought and feeling of someone else having that he’s back home which been about 2 months we are doing GREAT I feel very important! yet sometimes my thoughts are I don’t know if he’s really sorry and doing better or if he just learned to play it better!! because he’s detached by nature and dont allow me to ask my 100 question that I think to ask daily idk :) but I do know While he is trying I’m trying to try as well so that it will be no regrets on my behalf he didn’t have to come back and I didn’t have to let him you know ?! I know I really do love him and KNOW that he loves me to rebuilding trust will be my biggest mountain to overcome I just hope that when I do he there and be there the right way.

  • ofelia says:

    i am also a libra and we have a 4 month old baby. hes such an ass and i found out not so long ago that hes gay.

  • ??? says:

    i am an aquarius and am in a very F***t up relationship, she wants to marry im not so sure” her reason is always “we already have a kid” :? i live with her at her parents house $$$ problems but we are trying!!!! at least we say we are. We really dont have any1 but eachother but all we can is fight. I do love her but forgiveness is a mutherF***. i Love are lil girl and dream of one day moveing some where far with her and my daughter. I wish one day we can fix things and actually be a family “Hopeing and Praying J&O”

  • marlene says:

    @??? libra woman is wise and visionary. praying for u 2b a family. amen.

  • so_confused_maybe_shouldn't_have says:

    I am a typical libran recently fall for an aquarius man, he is good-looking, charming, gentle, caring from the very beginning…I was not immediately attracted to him, but then really developed strong feeling for him…we genuinely like each other…he asked me whether want to live together , told me he loves me…misses me all the time…so then (cannot believe I really fall for that) I probably made a mistaking by asking for more of his time…since then, he changed into a different person, started with longer and longer breaks, coming back pretending nothing happened, and being cold saying things really hurtful, something like “not willing to see you” “we probably shouldn’t see each other” etc! I first thought it was my fault, now i realized that I did nothing wrong…he just scared of his own feelings! I haven’t heard from him for a while again…no mails, no calls, I don’t know what to do, because I don’t know what he really feel about me now, So I didn’t contact him either. I am kind of giving up right now. it always takes me a long time to really warm up to a person, now i have no faith in him, and feel that I can never trust him again. I really liked him, still do, just have really hard time to deal with the cold behavior, none of my friends behave that way. I am still wondering whether I should initiate the communication or just let him hide in his little world wondering what to do next??? Any suggestions?

  • so_confused_maybe_shouldn't_have says:

    well, well, don’t really care anymore! if like those astrologist said these ppl like to play games, i don’t have time for such B***S*T, I love my life and there are so many fun things to do and to explore still! so when he started to communicate again…I had just made up of my mind to let it go!

    yes, libran ladies, we r beautiful, we are loved, we can have anything we want, we do not need someone to mess up our mind! afterall, they are just bunch of kids, never grow up, no one has the responsibility to cope with their childish behavior. right?!

  • uzmabatool says:

    iam libra woman and my hasband is aquarius what is our future

  • 1StepBehind says:


    My opinion is definitely subjective. So, treat it that way.

    What you described above is how most typical aquarians behave when confronted with potential intimate relationships. Comparing them to your friends (like you did) is in itself a futile practice for obvious reasons. I would suggest you let him go and move on. If he is interested in you, he should come back for you.

    “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours; if they don’t, they never were.” – Richard Bach

  • Libra Lady says:

    As a Libra woman married to an Aquarius man for many years, I was amused to read of the couples similarly matched. The one about Eleanor Roosevelt and John Travolta really cracked me up. Editor, maybe you’d like to change that one… ;-)

    Being both air signs, it’s a good match. The third air sign, Gemini, can’t be always be trusted romantically (in my experience) although they make great friends – I’ve had wonderful Gemini girfriends/buddies. Since Libra is under Venus, I can’t imagine a better air sign pair than Libra woman and Aquarius man. Unbeatable!

  • firegirlairman says:

    I disagree. Too much emphasis is placed on them being air signs. Air sign men require balance or otherwise they are ethereal. I am a fire sign and aquarians prefer innate strength and grace. Saggittarians can be just as gracious if not more, plus we are better in bed.

  • Jeb says:

    I’m truly amazed by the comments i found here about Libra women and Aquarius men. It’s seems that there is a really special and unique connection between these two signs.

    I’m a 31 years old single aqua man looking for this special person too. If you are a Libra woman looking for an aqua feel free to let me a message at jsebdurand@hotmail(dot)fr

  • suzan says:

    i’m a libra woman and i’ve been dating a aqua man for about 7months , honestly, he’s the reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally faithful one in the relationship and i’m the one who wants the free space…..he is sometimes annoyed by some things i do with my male buddies but we talk about it so it’s fine,
    also, HE taught ME to be romantic..and i’m the woman in the relationship..and the libra!
    but anyway most of this is so true, i was shocked! when i read it it was as if it was a detailed description of how our relationship goes, oh and he’s an amazing kisser ;) — and i wont talk about the rest..
    i’m so glad i met him.

  • crystal says:

    I have been married to my aqua man for 5 years. What this article says is completely true! Its just like us!

  • Andromeda says:

    I am a libra woman and im in love with a aqua man. Its been 3 years we’re dating and it feels like every new day he loves me even more. I am sooooo in love with him.

  • zaniac says:

    Libra woman who just met her first Aquarius man…instant attraction between the both of us…he was immediately showing off as soon as I smiled at him, talking with his friends, being funny. What’s great about him is, he’s an old-soul, very wise and mature for his age, which is a rare find for me. At the same time he has his goofy side and it’s so cute and sexy. ^_^ His swag is off the charts, but it’s more confidence than ego showing through, and that’s very attractive. He’s a great communicator, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he wants a real long term (wifey) relationship. I’m very excited to see where this might lead. I’ve been jonesin’ for love lately, and he could be it. ^_^

  • Dee says:

    I am a libra woman who was dating an aquarius man for 2 years, we broke up because of distance but it’s been 10 years after and we still keep intouch. The 2 signs make good friends as well as lovers.

  • ads says:

    I am a libra woman in a relationship with an aquarius man. The second we met it seemed like we were the only two people in the room. He was amazingly attentive, affectionate and just totally smitten with me. Until our first disagreement. I should’ve let it fall apart then because if it couldn’t survive that little hiccup, it wasn’t really worth it. He seems to really enjoy holding back on affection, especially when he knows I want it most. Things that important to me (I’m talking about my thoughts, feelings, insecurities, and self-worth) are totally unimportant to him. If I am shown any intrest from him, its only to be included (on the fringe) of whatever he’s doing. I am never the focus of his time and I’ve learned not to ask because he will just reject me more and it hurts so much. I feel very stupid and unloved by him and I wish to God I’d never moved in with him. I don’t know how someone I’m way too good for and is lucky to have me gets me to beg for crumbs of attention. BUT….

    He is the second aquarius I have dated in a row. My previous aqua-man was a wonderful, caring man who made it a point to show me how amazing I was. We fit this description to a “T”, even down to how we only saw each other occasionally at first, and it just seemed to grow on its own. Libras, be careful of jaded, insecure Aqauarians…they don’t grow out of their past hurts easily and will make you pay for their own insecurities!

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  • A Lucky Libra says:

    I love reading (and re-reading) the comments people post on here. :-)

    First and foremost, you can’t expect your relationship to be picture perfect just because astrology says the signs are compatible–relationships take time and effort from both parties. If there isn’t understanding and communication between the Libra and Aquarius, of course there will be friction.

    I have been with my Aquarius boyfriend for a little over 1 year, and lemme tell ya, he is indeed the best thing to ever happen to me. He’s the complete package-complete gentleman, intellectual, and his way of thinking just dazzles me. As a Libra woman I love people who can make me think outside of the box and amaze me with their words and he does just that. He is very expressive, romantic, and loving which is very hard to find in men nowadays.

    I know astrology says Aquarians find it hard to commit and needs plenty space, but my Aquarius is quite the opposite-he sees himself with me for years to come, and most of the time it is I who actually requires space and Me time.

    With all things being said, Aquarius man is indeed the best match for Libra women. Nothing is ever forced and everything just flows naturally. Oh yeah… and the sex is an AMAZING, all-consuming, intricate, mind-blowing experience!

    Also, I have dated a Gemini in the past and from my experience they are the biggest cheaters out there! Perhaps it’s the “twins” and two-facedness that is related to that sign. Those suckers will look you straight in the eye and lie! Thankfully, my search for the perfect man for me is over.

    Best of wishes,
    A Lucky Libra

  • rox says:

    im a libra, aquarians sound great! so now im on the look out, now that i am free from my ex Gemini, lying, mummy, loving ex.
    dont date a gemini what ever you do!!! they are childish, cheats that are always having tantrums and easily move on because they are weak.

  • anonymous says:

    tru gemini’s r idiots ;)

  • says:

    Can anyone tell my what you think about a libra women which is me :) and a cancer man ?
    help me out pepole just trying to see if your info was matching my relationship drama

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  • Christina says:

    Can someone tell me because im a Libra Girl and My boyfriend is a Aquarius.. I ask him when could we kiss cuz we never had our first kiss before soo he was like when the time is right. I was like.. WHAT? So he is kind of boring. HE sometimes doesn’t like to be touched and he is kind of boring and I love him what should I do?

  • aqua and libra says:

    its just the sound of her voice…makes me feel so good :)
    she’s sometimes stubborn lets say super stubborn thats the only thing i hate about her and she doesn’t care what im saying its like she ignores me but when we talk about the issues everything is quite normal..
    well i was hurt in the past and i thought of not to loving any other girl cuz it was so hard for me to forget my X and cuz of too much thinking i lost my sleep and appetite and and it was so hard to forget her i started smoking at night just to relax so i could sleep for a while so yeah things went like that
    and thats when i met this girl (libra) she was like hmmm she knows what im thinking and gave me ideas on how to overcome my situation i was really happy and felt so relaxed talking to her
    another thing about this sign is they hide things, they dont like to share
    unless they think u are someone whome they can trust,they dont like to be forced,they want everything smoothly just like us aqua’s
    sometimes she makes me angry but i dont like to fight with her cuz i love her and dont want to hurt her so i just be silent and she knows that when im silent somethings wrong
    its true we have a mysterious connection between us we both have that ability finding out whats wrong with our partner and i have to say this, she always tells me i scare her which i have no idea of but i think im too excited about her and she needs some space but still i dont know what makes her to be scared of me :/ …any help guys it would be so greatful
    but i know i love her this much…lol
    and i will marry her insha allah :)

  • Excella says:

    This relationship match is great but Libra Woman and Virgo Man is better. I agree through my past relationship experiences. Still good though.

  • Dynasty says:

    Im an Aquarius, with a Libra girl. Yeah we have our arguments, mostly because I mishear somethin nd because of this she doesn’t think I listen it pay attention to her at times but im willing to swallow mu pride nd admit I messed up (which I never do cuz im always right) . And with me at work all the time we both talk about how we can’t see each other that often nd hate it. So I got her her two favorite things to kinda say “bare with me, I love you” we have a lot of the same point of views. She likes to feel all loved but ill admit im a lil emotional detached because I trust few, but care about many nd I wanna do something big for humanity I love helpin people. We’re both stubborn but willing to submit to each other nf I hate how we could have a disagreement about something nd she ALWAYS seems to win. Im not used to this at all! She can actually keep up with me on an intellectual level. other girls where too easy for me to figure out nd we ended up goin nowhere guess I got bored which I tend to do a lot cuz when somethins solved I lose interest I guess. But she’s a challenge nd I love challenges so I guess you could say I love her. Holy hell nd she has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen! So I think up stuff to send her like:

    “Not that I get upset cuz of jealousy when other guys call you “beautiful”. It’s because beautiful is just your smile alone. So I hope you show the world the true meaning of the word beauty when you read this. In short I hope u smile(: ”


    “After thinkin up all those words for “beautiful”, I realize not a single word could even begin to describe how priceless, special, nd wonderful you are to me. So I decided to use my brain nd simply squeezed two together “Loveyou”. I dare you to find THAT im a thesaurus ha!”

    … I got a soft side nd hate it!!! Lol why??

  • Dynasty says:

    Nd we both love music haha me hiphop nd r&b she like the same but country too… -__-

  • Dynasty says:

    Many typos oh im tired haha

  • LogicalLibra says:

    I see an Aquarius Male regularly. I won’t say date (in our 4 mos acquaintance we’ve been on only one date) because it has never felt like a courtship. Its as if he has always been there in my life. Now, I don’t mean that in a romantic sense. We just mesh well. He never prods me too hard or demands too much from me, and I don’t from him. We meet up, snuggle, watch tv, talk a little, sleep and then move on. I like to call him my ‘stay at home & cuddle” fake relationship (I don’t have ‘real’ ones anymore…those get excessively complicated and draining). We don’t spend much time together, and though he expressed a desire for something more (which I knocked down) he doesn’t come off as push about it. Overall, this Aquarius male seems content with whatever (which is why I maintain interactions with him) happens and I find that in itself soothing. I don’t see this ‘thing’ going anywhere, because we seem to alike in the areas that I need balanced out in myself, but for the time being, I can see us keeping this up for a while. And I’m pretty sure when it ends we will be able to maintain in touch and be friendly with one another.

    I keep many different men who fulfill different needs for me. In my experience with males of other signs and Libra females, I have boiled it down to this: Aquarius Males: Fun, Light and Comfortable. Scorpio Males – excellent for intense conversations, and mind blowing sex. Capricorn Males: Like having a 2nd Father but one who doesn’t spoil his little girl (I hope that doesn’t come off too pervy) Virgo Males – If I ever commit again, it will most likely be to a Virgo. Romance, but with a level head. And just the right amount of upper hand for a whimsical Libra.

  • Rosemarie says:

    I am a Libra and considered myself old. 50 something. I met my Aquarius husband 3 years ago and we finally got married. We were classmates in 6th grades and again saw each other during our school reunion. We are so in love and sex is out of this world. We both can’t believed that at this age of ours, we can be this happy. We both respect each others desires and we both fulfills each others dreams. Since we started at this old age, we promised to each other that we will be together until the time comes. My Aquarius husband can’t keep his hands off me and treats me like a goddess. And he is the MAN for me. Thank you Lord. Peace and love to you all. :)

  • Libra 21 says:

    Libras!!! I love Aqua. & Aqua truly love us no matter if they show it:-) or not :-( If they don’t its hurting them cause they think about us Daiillyy but it’s their pride of being hurt! Libras I have dated Aquarius. My best relationship in my life was Aqua Jan 24. I still love him:) He’s married to another Libra woman now. So there you can see how they love us.:) I dated Jan 25th one who was a workaholic, immature with 10 inches of hard BB d$&!:-) Ooohh we love fuckin So much that I was scared that if we moved in together along with his Daughter she will always here us and I was afraid of becoming pregnant. We didn’t work at the end. Dated another Aquarius Feb 7th meet him online. I miiiss his ass! He was 35 Yes he Was ALL MAN! hunnie. Masculine but gentle to me:) Yes I teased him. I knew if we so happen to do the Sex, He would light my ass up

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    Libra 21 continued….Also his heart was broken by who? Another Libra… So I wanted him to trust me. I lost contact and even tried to search for him but no luck:-( every time I hear Vivian Green Forever song It reminds me of him talking to me on that Stormy night

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    So know Libras we are the only ones who can even TAME an Aqua! You girls have to WOMAN up! You have to show our Natural dominate side to an aQuarius. They are Fix sign so there Bosses:-) But we Are Cardinal so we are Born Leaders! So act on it Better sooner at least. Let HIM pay for everything, Let HIM open doors for you, Let HIM prove is independence, If you need anything ask HIM for it, Let HIM no if your being treating unfairly… Do this and ull see a Change, Cooperation and Care from Aquarius. They really want to be the Man in relation and to there girl or wife

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    So let them!! Next thing you know ull be the Taking the beautiful home and kids of y’all’s while he’s bring home the paper

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    Now we also have to Show them our Feminie side too. Always look sexy for him, hair done make up so some Clevage too

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    they love IMGANATION about our body’s. Lol talk to him with the sweetest voice. On they 1st date he want to take you to his crib? Say U can’t in the sweetest way or you have other things to do. Switch it up a little:) Make him Fen for you! But on the next date Rock his world

  • Pretty P / Libra 21 says:

    Now My Aqua now is Feb 13 He loves me! Bought me a car spoil me just all hunni. But unfortunately he’s not that Atrractive to me anymore and his penis is small and sex is not all that. Although he wants to please me… Now he wants us to move in together I’m kinda with it but I know I will cheat… He’s my good friend/ boyfriend whenever I So there you have it. Libra please take notes & just woman up. Even we he goes on his disappearing acts? Let em… It’s gonna hurt temporary but let me. Keep silent. It’s gonna hit him that “Wow she never even bother to call or text me” Yep.. Don’t dissapear on the one you love and who loves you Aquarius. Let his ass know he’s wrong for that. I so love these Men. I have a feeling I will marry Aqua Taur Leo Aries Virg Sag. But Aqua 1st hope I helped ladies. Takes notes and Take Care. Aquarius & Libras!

  • venus says:

    I dated an Aquarius guy when I was much younger and I will admit this, of all the guys that I have ever dated, he is by far my best ever. He is sensitive, loving, intelligent and pays attention to every detail. He always complimented what I wore, noticed when I had made a slight change to my hair and he always made me feel comfortable in my own skin. He made me feel like a million dollars and I found solace in his arms. Aquarians are, to my opinion, the best matches for Libra women. We did have our problems, but I can honestly not remember a time where he bruised or even said something to intentionally hurt me <3

  • Coco says:

    What Ads said on Oct 5th 2011 sums up what’s going on with my Aqua male friend. I’m a Libra woman. He’s been hurt alot and he’s so detached from his feelings and brushes off my feelings. He thinks I’m too sexual and emotional and shames me for it. He really hurt me. It’s like he doesn’t care at all through his actions but his words are affirming and destructive at the same time. I’m the last on his list, it seems, but he says he sees me in his future. I’m very sad. I thought he might be the one, finally.

  • Lionnes says:

    it’s perfect, you Libras can have them (Aquarius men)

    Good riddance to the rest of us!

  • Libra woman says:

    I m Libra together with my Aquarius man and He s the Best what Ever comes to me in my life.

  • acquarius male says:

    Libras are the best there is… Aries are too, but libras are the best… We complement each other, unlike the aries that complete us… My best relationship has been with a libra, we were on for 4 years until she started seeing another aqua man… I still wonder why, but im happier this way… Would love to have a libra woman as a buddy, for now…

  • JustB says:

    I’ve been with my Aquarius man for over 3 years now and it has been absolute Hell! Physical abuse started by him only 3 months into the relationship. He is only “happy” with me when I behave and look like the woman he has always imagined for himself. His moods are incredibly yo-yo like and he quite possibly might need medication at this point. (Or maybe that is just me being too generous…) He criticizes CONSTANTLY and yes, he is quite honest but often painfully so in his approach to it. He is socially retarded and refuses to look to me and/or allow me to lead in this area.

  • Tina says:

    I am Libra. He is Aquarius. A fateful encounter. Perfect relationship !! (I Was Born to Love You )

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