Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Aquarius-Pisces Couples:  Paul Newman and Jo Anne Woodward, Justin  Timberlake and Jennifer Biel, Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz, John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor

These two can be as happy as can be together, like two stars in a universe of galaxies. The worlds they inhabit — mentally and psychically — are so vast and cosmic it actually becomes self-defeating to talk about them. They both understand the necessity of focusing on other aspects of reality in a don’t-go-there sort of way. They will appreciate a small world that they build together because it is safe and reliable and mundane in the very best sense of the word. Think of the relief of the galactic traveler when he finally finds a place to hang his hat and call it home. They do not deny the existence of other realities; they just appreciate not having to deal with it when they are together.  The problem is that Aquarius is cerebral and Pisces is soulful. This works in a young couple for a first marriage. It becomes more problematical later in life. It can push both of them in to a new center of unified integrity, but that is rare. They just are doomed to worship at separate altars.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Aquarius Man: Throw stars in her eyes — you’re famous for that (Rhett Butler was played by Aquarian Clark Gable). An Aquarian can appear to be the most romantic man on earth. It’s just an act, but then the world is a stage, so who’s complaining?

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Pisces Woman: Pisces, you have universal appeal — you contain all 12 signs in one. You can call on any sign or combination of signs to conjure a lover. In this case, it will help to fantasize about the man you’re interested in because he will pick that up on a vibrational plane and respond by drawing closer to you in reality. You are, in other words, fishing in the subconscious. You are choosing the bait and the hook. Aquarian bait is cerebral, expansive, shocking, cosmic, liberating or evolutionary. Dangle some of that in front of him.  Wear silver earrings and something electrifing blue.

Degree of Romance: This can be one of the most unbelievably romantic relationships in the zodiac. It is like spreading a net of stars across the dark night sky. Everything is silvery and shiny, alluring and seductive, full of visionary promise and delight. It is like the maidens in Arabic paradise, or like a cool drink of water on a hot day. What is promised is soul fulfillment and visionary expanse of consciousness all at the same time. It is truly an out-of-body experience that will put you in a state of altered consciousness, begging for more.

Degree of Passion: This combination is a little too elusive to be called “passionate.” Each one is slipping out of range of the other, in a beautiful astral dance. When they never collide, there is no passion -only yearning and promise. Passion is the heat of a summer day, a high-noon experience. These two dwell between twilight and dawn, basking in the moonlight in the Milky Way.

Degree of Friendship: They are a little amorphous to be friendly but there is a certain altruistic detachment that could be characterized as such.

Degree of Marriage: This can really work as a marriage. Two astral travelers lost in time and space with the rhythm of the ocean between them like a gi-normous heartbeat.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship is a bit like herding cats. No telling what’s going to happen next, but there’s one big Okay Zone.

Sex: Sex is going to take on some extraordinary dimensions in this relationship. For one thing it will become the primary means of communication, even more than music or math. It’s almost like the invention of a different species — hard to describe, but on the evolutionary edge for the two people participating.

When It’s Over: It’s like the vector in chaos theory. Pisces keeps sucking Aquarius back in, him crying desperately the whole time, “Please release me, let me go.” It really never ends. It’s like a star that’s been dying out there for 20 billion years. God help you both.

Our Rating: A mathematical fractal

“Derived from the Latin fractus meaning “broken” or “fractured.” A mathematical fractal is based on an equation that undergoes iteration, a form of feedback based on recursion.
A fractal often has the following features:
• It has a fine structure at arbitrarily small scales.
• It is too irregular to be easily described in traditional Euclidean geometric language.
• It is self-similar (at least approximately or stochastically).
• It has a Hausdorff dimension which is greater than its topological dimension (although this requirement is not met by space-filling curves such as the Hilbert curve).
• It has a simple and recursive definition.

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60 Responses to Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • Nicole says:

    I am 24 year old Pisces woman. I fell in love with an Aquarius man at the tender age of 21. I was recently divorced from a loving but Crazy Gemini. When I met my Aqua man, the attraction was instant. I remember smiling at him from across the room. He asked for my number that night and I said no. Only b/c I’d taken shots with the birthday girl/best friend. I saw him again that night while we were eating and sobering up. Again he asked for my number and I said yes. All it took was one conversation in person a week later and we were hooked on each other. I saw him everyday. He would even hang out with me at my job. I was an EMT on 12 hour nightshifts. We’d talk for hours. A year later he got orders to Korea. We decided we didn’t want to do the long distance relationship so we broke things off. Well that didn’t last long. We talked every night for about 3 months and then out of the blue he needed space. Me being the caring Pisces that I am, I gave him just that. Bad idea. We stopped talking and eventually found rebounds. I got out of the military and moved to Florida. My first week here he contacts me to apologize for everything. I accept. And after small talk he tells me he has returned to the states and will be stationed in Florida. I never would have imagined that 2 years later he’d be living only 30 minutes away from my home. My job is only 10 minutes from his home. 🙂 of course we messed around. But he did the whole Aqua thing, walls were up sky high, refused to open up emotionally and now he didn’t want to commit. So I waited around a few months and he never budged. Fixed signs. The sex was beyond amazing and very intimate. He gave me a lot of his time. But only in his home. I got fed up with feeling so detached. So I decided to move on. Apart of me knows that we’re connected in a way that is hard to fathom logically. And no matter how much it hurts to let go he will always hold a special place in my heart and I in his. He told me that he did not want a relationship right now but the thought of losing me sends chills through his body. And that
    I just say these words to myself every time I think about waiting again. “People do what they do, when they do it, based on who they are and the information they have at the time.” We all love differently. You don’t get to decided how someone loves you or treats you. You can only chose how you participate in what they have to offer. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again in the future when he’s ready. But for now, I’ll live my own Piscean dream without sacrificing myself. Love will find me again. Always has.

  • Marie says:

    I find that sometimes we blindly navigate our emotions through a series of rigid tailspins and often times not fully capable of comprehending such processes in our natural state of mind.

    You find that you meet someone, you realize that that there is a intense connection/attraction, you find that you become so scared and flustered that you sometimes often times than not push people away from you unintentionally or not, and then when you realize its sometimes too late and then there comes a time when the universe intercepts that before it reaches a Stage 5 Condition and then that force to push inexplicably becomes this huge pull factor so strong, its alarming.

    And so when the universe analyzes all these occurrences and knows you really want to open up but you’re not sure how or where to begin because you fear been rejected or fear been mortified, and fear the fears of all fears, it creates this medium, a medium that allows you to be yourself without the feeling of been judged, without been ridiculed, without been subjected to apprehension and you feel at peace each time you let a little bit of you die by letting out bits by bits and then you begin the rebirth each layer at a time.

    By this time the universe formulates this idea containing various conceptual elements to include both the positives and the negatives and made sure ALL were laid out – and certainly it was, because sooner or later it was bound to be brought to fruition for the one to whom it may concern and offcourse it found the concerned and place her right there infront of it all to grasp….and without a doubt the universe knew this was what would make this bond stronger, to cement this connection firmly in place withstanding all negative forces come what may.

    And both knows neither wants to let go, but doesn’t want to force merger either and so just as both feels like its the end of a brief encounter, the universe is prompted once again and so it begin its course this time bringing the other party to come to the know of what the other has been struggling with that has caused things to feel like it was at a stand still but little did either know what God’s plan was. And so every single detail becomes open, as though someone intentionally made sure that door stayed open – though to him he probably never even realized he had that door open so wide not just for anyone to walk in though but for the one who was suppose to, who kept searching for him days on end ( yes I would be online all the time as though I was really looking for something that I really wasn’t sure what I was looking for or why I kept looking and then when I found it, the search was over, literally) and couldn’t figure out just where he had wandered to, then walking towards a title-less book which would infact peaked an interest in wanting to know whats inside, then reading and understanding each chapter moment at a time.

    And you then feel as though under no natural circumstances would you have even gotten so up close and personal to someone’s soul without even been in their physical presence ( though I am under the strong believe that maybe it would never have gotten past hello, or past small talks, if it wasn’t for the universe precise calculations)…..and that’s something I do not take very lightly….its a big deal for me!
    This is like living with someone without actually been there, feels like you know them in and out, feels like you know they’ll be the best person they can, but never in a million years would you ever have imagined getting to know exactly so much without vagueness…. that says ALOT without him saying much of anything in the flesh, but the universe has made sure that everything was said that needed to be said at the time it saw fit and that everything would be heard that needed to be heard only when the time was right and so be it….and everyday I’m still learning so much more about who this person really is, their out of the blue mood swings and it doesn’t matter because you understand where those are coming from and wants them to know it will all be OK….seriously it will be!

    If nothing else, I am extremely delighted the way this is all unfolding and coming together and especially the time it has taken and thank you so much for never ever rushing it prematurely….priceless!!

    Hear me now, there is someone who LOVES YOU that will never ever leave, who will be there ALWAYS because they want to be, unconditionally and because you are worth loving in every sense of the word,…..but promise that you will be there forever and know with that you will get all of me, all my love, all my everything – only and only if you promise me you will never let go or leave but will be here until the end of time, because I promise I will never leave your side and its okay because I trust that you will without a doubt be the best man that you can be…. I’m trusting my heart in your hands and hope you will do the same. All the love you need is right here – believe that…..promise!!

    I know you do and you know I do too…here to stay (L)

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  • Weeping Mary says:

    I’m not sure I agree with this. I’m a Pisces woman and have dated 3 different Aquarian men and they were all way too detached for me. Very self motivated. Romance? What was that? It was non-existent and I am a woman who thrives on romance. They were all very cheap penny pinchers. Because they were in their always in their heads, they felt anything they did was fine and excusable, even if it was hurtful. They all loooooved female attention which can be a turn off to a woman looking for loyal monogamy. And UGH!!! Sex with them was more like a chore than something to look forward to. The 1st one was just a bad sex partner. I mean, nothing about his sex was good. The 2nd one was more into porno style sex. No intimate connection at all. It was like I was there alone or more of a sexual prop for him to get off on but there was no intimacy at all. The 3rd one was hit or miss. I take that back. Out of all of the times we had sex, it was only good twice. But he was so disconnected, he didn’t even like to get completely unaddressed to have sex. I was like WTH? He didn’t like to give oral sex and he didn’t like kissing. For me, no kissing is a no no. We kissed in the beginning, then he just stopped. So it went down hill from there. The one thing that the say about Aquarius men that is so true is that they are not emotional but can be affectionate. Like, with these 3, they all loved to spoon and cuddle but you never knew what they were thinking and feeling. Also, when we stopped dating, it was an easy amicable separation. There no begging for anyone to stay. It was no boo hoo falling emotional drama at all. Each one, we agreed that it just wasn’t going to work. With the 2nd one, we actually went out for drinks after our talk LoL. And to this very day, I’m still cool with all them. The first one is like a brother to me now and the 3rd one is one of my best friends. The 2nd one, he has a girlfriend now so I don’t really communicate with him but when we see each other, it’s all good. So, my resolve is, Pisces women and Aquarius men make great friends but they are too detached emotionally for us emotional Pisces.

  • Mrs. R says:
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  • Natasha Glendale says:

    Well Im a Pisces female who went out with an Aquarius male. The first while was brilliant. I have a lot of air In my chart so I get his need for space Im very freedom loving to !

    Anyway I got pregnant by him. I had been on birth control but had been on medication which Interfered with this which the doctor did not tell me) when I found out It was the most horrendous day of my life I didn’t tell him right away because I wasn’t sure how to tell him and thought for ages about how to. He FREAKED when I told him. I thought fine he needs to get his head together didn’t hear from him for a MONTH. I gave him his space but It put me through the ringer, I was so scared I didn’t know how I stood with him.

    We met up In a cafe and he said I was pinning him down and keeping stuff from him I wasn’t I only told him because my conscious wouldn’t allow me to hide It and I had worried for ages how to tell him. This got me really upset I ran away from him at the cafe HE WAS NOT GOING TO SEE ME CRY. He text saying well talk when you are not blubbering. I sent a very nasty text a few days later to which he responded with he will support me but only for the child’s sake but would never want to work things out. I was furious at this. There Is only so much In a relationship someone can compromise he wasn’t prepared to work things out with me saw It as a hassle, wanted me to do everything on his terms. It was horrible enough was enough there was only so much that can be on one persons terms, he was not the only one who was feeling tied down and scared I happily gave him his space but he did not consider the ringer he was putting me through.

    Eventually I wrote him a letter explaining all the above to him and how just sticking around for the sake of a child would be a knife In my heart. A child decides to be born with two parents loving It not one sticking around to say look you managed to tie me down bitch Im doing my sense of duty.

    So I told him please think about and call me I cannot wait around for ever for you to think things through I want to get on with my life. Anyway Im so ashamed but I had an abortion I told him eventually enough was enough I have me to think about I will wait but not forever. I called him the morning of It and he was shocked told me I had cut him out of my life. I truly didn’t want to but it was the only way for me to move forward.

    He showed up drunk at the clinic when I was just about to have It and got taken away by the police. I have never heard from him until one night when I ran Into him when I was having lunch with my friends and It was like my heart had been stabbed It brought back all my sorrow and regret.

  • Adios says:


  • melissa78 says:

    From experience, I’ve learned that in order to be with an Aquarian male you must have a lot of patience, and us being pisceans we do. . . But at the same time we need to learn how to play mind games with them. Not to the extent of cheating or lying to them. But make them believe we have other things to do than just worry about them, or wonder what he feels. You know, we pisceans will put him first before a lot of things because we do sacrifice a lot for love. The way I’ve learned to deal with aqua boy is by having fun with him when we’re together. Obviously he likes me cause he comes around. And when he needs his space, trust me, I feel neglected. I want to call him every hour to see what he’s doing or to just tell him that I miss him. But I don’t. Its so hard. Instead I call a couple of my girlfriends to cry to them, or go watch a movie or go shopping for shoes, I try to keep myself busy. I used to call and cry to my aqurian because I wanted to know what he felt fo r me. He never gave me a straight answer. It seemed to me that I was pushing him away. So I stopped telling him what I felt for him. What I realized was, that if you do give him his space, they tend to come around more. One night I decided to do what he would do to me. When he called me I didn’t answer. I was dying to answer my phone. He called me atleast 6x in a roll and still no answer. After that there was a knock at my door and what do you know, it was him. I simply told him that my phone was on silent and hadn’t realized that he had called. Ha! It worked. When we’re together we have great conversation, and (I know he doesn’t mean to) he may say things that I would take offensive being the emotional Pisces that I am, now I laugh it off with him. I’ve learned to talk just like him. We (pisces) have to learn how to be their friends first. He’s now more open to talk to me and I listen. The sex has always been great. I always take the initiative to choose where to go out, whether its out for drinks, shoot pool, dancing lessons or heck camping at the last minute! He’s always willing. At night I hug my pillow instead (sometimes, cause I love to be all over him) and its only so that I don’t smother him while hugging him so tight,lol. When he goes on his time off of me break or whatever you wanna call it, I take advantage of my time and do chores or catch up with friends. When I tell him I love him, I tell him that I know he loves me too but is to chicken to admit it. He laughs and kisses me. I noticed that when I don’t question him, he tells me more. I love him so much and want him to be exactly the way I dreamt a man should be with his lady. But reality is he’s an AQUARIUS. Everytime I look at him, I wanna kiss him and hug him and tell him how much I love him, but I hold back some. Try not to be so emotional (I think that’s one of our defects.) Holding emotions back a little has brought him closer to me. Its worked out this way for me and hope it will work out for each one of you.

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