Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Aquarius Couples:  Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder, Sally Field and Burt Reynolds, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell

What happens when the Mad Scientist meets Dr. Frankenstein?  Both creators and destroyers of world, Aquarius and Scorpio play for some pretty high stakes.  But at least they understand this about each other.  They are two very powerful, strong-willed people who can do anything they agree upon.  An Aquarius man will not be fazed at all by a Scorpio woman’s “powers.”  The reputation she has as The Temptress does not concern him in the least because it is impossible for him to be pulled into her force field other than voluntarily, so strong is his will.  Contrary to what you might think, this is a relief to the Scorpio woman because it liberates her of the burden of always having to be the seducer.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as an Aquarius Man:  The biggest gift you can give a Scorpio woman who has caught your eye is to let her know in no uncertain terms that are you are not intimidated by her.  This would probably be such a relief to her that she will curl up in your lap and cover your face with kisses.  In fact you could throw in a wild card and treat her like a friend.  Believe me, no man has ever done that before.  This sets you apart and gets her to take a new look at you as a possible suitor.  If you really want to keep her enthralled, pretend you are indifferent to sex.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Scorpio Woman:  The Aquarius man is so cerebral that he has a blind side sexually.  That’s where you have your advantage.  All the time that he’s throwing friendship at your and spouting detached commentary about “saving the world,”  his favorite cause, and the latest U2 Concert, the more you should vibrate on a very yin sexual frequency to draw him out of his world and into your own.  Never try to compete with him intellectually.  Use your God-given strength to your own advantage.

Degree of Romance:   This can be an incredibly romantic relationship.  The Aquarius man will be very vulnerable to the Scorpio woman’s erotic skills and talents.  Likely she will take him places he has never gone before.  This will ultimately bring them very close together as they share intimately secrets that they keep from everyone else.  You can be sure that Aquarius has never felt these things before and that is a very precious thing to have between two people.

Degree of Passion:   Aquarius is also very vulnerable to the experience of passion when he is with a Scorpio woman.  He may, in fact, discover it for the first time.  Scorpio will be very tolerant of this fact.

Degree of Friendship:  This relationship can be cemented firmly in place with the glue of friendship.  Both signs are fixed and loyal.  Both signs have a do-or-die, all-or-nothing philosophy.  Neither would dream of betraying a confidence or letting a friend down, and they will consider each other the very best of friends.

Degree of Marriage:  The prospects for marriage are terrific.  Both partners value lasting commitments and are capable of offering that in return for a vow of fidelity.  These are the two least likely to cheat and they are, in my opinion, the two most likely signs to stay together “forever,” truly for better or for worse.  Somehow Aquarius takes the sting out of Scorpio, and Scorpio takes the loneliness out of being an Aquarian.  Why would they ever leave each other?

Progression of Relationship:   Here are two people who don’t play games.  The attraction is likely to be instantaneous.  Scorpios are famous for love at first sight because of their dead-eye perceptivity.  Many a Scorpio has said, “I knew he was the one the minute I laid eyes on him.”  Aquarians have an electrifying radar which sends a jolt of recognition through them when they are in the presence of their soul-mate.  When these two factors are present, these partners call it a lay down, and playing the cards out is just going through the motions.  This makes the courtship especially enjoyable, knowing that it will have a successful ending.

Sex:   If the friendship is strong, the special connection is over the top.  In order to keep my PG rating as an astrologer, I will not go into detail about what to expect other than to say that a veritable feast is in the offering.  Whatever fantasies their sexual appetite has conjured, they can expect them to be fulfilled beyond their wildest dreams.  They can make love the way it can only be done on a foundation of absolute trust.

When It’s Over:  This one is likely to last beyond the current lifetime.  It is quite possible that fate has brought these two together and will hold them together to complete a vow made in a former lifetime.  If the fates should decree that an ending is necessary, the Aquarius man and Scorpio woman will probably be unbelievably civil. Both parties will hide their pain — out of respect for one another and will do what is expected to unwind their affairs responsibly.  Years later, Scorpio will dream about her Aquarian man as she prepares for bed, and the Aquarian man will nurture a secret hope that they will meet again in a future lifetime.

Our Rating:  10/10

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149 Responses to Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

  • @@xmasneverends says:

    It’s a little more complicated than that. I can’t go into details, but there are complications of an. shall we say, ideological nature with Plan A that dont really exist with Plan B. Yet with plan B I forsee problems that I wouldn’t get with Plan A. Let’s just say, Plan A’s family would respect me more…treat me like a human being. This would be a problem with Plan B, and Plan B is extremely family oriented and her family has a narrow minded culture. Other than that Plan B, I must admit ticks every box except for the ‘magical’ one. That is only Plan A.

    I haven’t seen Plan A in a long long time and I see Plan B every day. If Plan A were here in the Room with Plan B. Plan B would disappear. I could be friends with Plan B, but not with Plan A. If plan A and I were together it’d be great for her and Plan B to be friends. But if Plan B and I were together, i could never see Plan A again.

    What I feel for Plan A comes but once in a lifetime if your lucky. I did not ditch her. I’m still hoping it works out somehow, but there are further complications still which I can’t go into. Basically my life is fucked up real bad. It’s hard to keep going sometimes. The other day on the platform, I thought ‘If I just stepped down and touched the rail…would Ihave to grab on tight? Would it be quick? Would i be painful? I’m having some real fucked up thoughts sometimes.

    Whats your story then?

  • @@xmasneverends says:

    why do u think I’m honest?

  • @xmasneverends says:

    my story is simple. i loved girl who never cared. one day i had a chance to tell her about why she treats me like that, guess what she did? she started behaving in a even more worse way. shuts her door and wouldn’t allow me to see her or talk to her. the jolt paralyzed me but i had to cool myself because i realised that i have never been dishonest so why would i suffer. she continued o be that way and i started my normal life although there was always a regret, loving such a person. lately however i felt like, maybe i misunderstood her in some way and tried to get some insight, but what i discovered was even more worse. she was busy with with another guy inside her closed door. feels like i lost my respect for her.

  • @xmasneverends says:

    i just felt like you are honest.

  • @@xmasneverends says:

    nice guys finish last my friend

  • @xmasneverends says:


  • @xmasneverends says:

    hey, by the way if you really love your old girl just let her know frankly and you will be more than amazed at what comes up. may be you have always confused her with your action and pushed her away. may be she just loves you more than you love her. however if you don’t love her, you have plan B isn’t it?

  • @xmasneverends says:

    and don’t go too deep into astrology. it’s not our department. let nature do his duty.

  • coke sucker says:

    Fuckk alll youu cuntt maggotss.

  • @xmasneverends says:

    now common cool down. you have always been like this thats y.

  • @xmasneverends says:

    if you need any help, i am always there. u just cooperate.

  • @xmasneverends says:

    aren’t u the same sweet doll?

  • @xmasneverends says:

    i love u dollu

  • dollu says:

    i hope you and the rest perish away in total misery this life time.

  • dollu says:

    i curse you and the rest to perish away in total misery this life time.karmic retribution shall be mine.

  • @xmasneverends says:

    so you did everything intentionally?

  • @xmasneverends says:

    i love u just because the pain u gave me

  • dollu says:

    where? down there??or down and behind there???

  • - says:

    sorry, i took you for someone else.

  • from a well to do family says:

    aquarius girl_85 says:
    April 24, 2012 at 8:12 pm []

    OMG..Is your mother also an aquarian ??I totally get the picture you know.I am from a well to do family and unfortunately I fell for a scorpio man in my early 20s who came from a middle class family.I never had to worry about money or luxury but hey my parents( leo father- pisces mother) taught me to be grounded and respect others.They were very strict with me so that i don’t become a spoiled brat.And i thank them everyday for that :) So, my scorpio boyfriend was sweet and nice in the beginning but made my life hell with his possessiveness and jealousy.But you’ll think he is possessive and protective about you alone and that’s not true.He’ll say exactly same things and give same reactions to his other so called ” female friends”. They are harder to live with If they have been screwed by an ex gf.In that case no matter how good you’re there will always be comparison.Once i got so irritated with him I told him I am changing my number and wont talk to you from now on.All hell broke lose as he said If I dare do that he’ll create a scene infront of everyone and will kill any guy who comes close to me.I was scared as hell.He accused me of being a spoiled brat( which I wasn’t) and that I’ve had an easy life and how everything fell on my laps.It was his own jealousy and inferiority speaking.I was good in academics.He was jealous of my achievements and NEVER appreciated me for anything.I could never hear a praise coming out of his mouth.I showed him my gold medal for economics and he asked ” where did you steal it from? “. I had tears in my eyes and felt like punching his face but that would have only brought me down to his level.He had his own issues and he took it out on me.

  • - says:

    person who can post such hostile lie, how can someone live with them…

  • xmasneverends says:

    thought I saw her front of me…then behind me in a flash…then gone. red coat, hair just done. She must’ve thought that I’d ignored her but I didn’t, it never occured to me that she would be in front of me, so my brain was like ‘naaaah’. then I did a double take, but it was too late. I think I’m going mad

  • @xmasneverends says:

    do you have to?

  • @@xmasneverends says:

    what do you mean?

  • @@xmasneverends says:

    I did see her yesterday but she was with her parents. After everything that’s happened I didn’t want to embarrass her or myself, so I just walked on without acknowledging her. I didn’t know what else to do. I thought that after everything that’s happened she might react in a way that made me look and feel threatening. Her dad being in security and all, I didn’t want to give that impression. I really miss her. No one else measure up.

  • Matildas sonnet says:

    good night
    sleep tight
    don’t let the bedbugs bite
    see you in the morning light!
    I can rite poems too!

  • @xmasneverends says:

    Well I’ve tried contacting her but she doesn’t answer. Don’t know what to do now. Life doesn’t really seem with living. It’s not all down to my feeelings for her of course but life is really really shit right now and I don’t know how long I can keep living it. How did my life end up like this. I wanted love in my life so badly and for long, I was careful not to use or hurt anybody, to always be sincere and it’s all brought me to this terrible place. She is so beautiful and it seemed so real.

  • Kristinaa says:

    Today is my Happy Birthday and I got the best gift of all. Its a secret but that’s something my scorp dude knows. Good luck to y’all

  • Q says:

    What can I do to put a smile back on her face?

  • X says:

    DANCE :) )

  • Q says:

    Very good.

  • X says:


  • Q says:

    Good joke!

  • shela says:

    yes. good direction or there would be no understanding.

  • Q says:

    What i do. everybody got problem with me.

  • poppygirl says:

    can safely say no matter what the aqua man does I love him as you are. everything is fine as is. I yam what I yam

  • Q says:

    Will you reply me if i text you?

  • tired says:

    i am bit tired. need some break.

  • Tira says:

    :D :P :*

  • Tira says:


  • Tira says:

    how are you?

  • Lira says:

    I’m Fine, thanks :p

  • Xma neverends says:

    I think maybe she read what I wrote above re: parents and embarrassment. If it was her she told me I was mistaken and that her feelings were/are mutual. If only.

  • Xmasneverends says:

    It’s over. I’m left with a heart that is smashed beyond recognition and a pain that surges up wen ver I have a moment to think. I look at the future and I groan. I fail to see the point. I’ve lost in love AGAIN. I no longer ha e the capacity to love after this latest disappointment. The pain is surging up wen as I think about it.

  • jiliyah says:

    Well i am a Scorpio woman who has been married to a Aquarius man for seven yrs and together for eight yrs…my husband and i are bff’s and me being a Scorpio love every bit of it…and yes i get jealous like any other woman that wants their relationship to work out but Aquarius men get jealous also so that part i don’t believe…the first yr or two we clashed but we worked past that and also my Aquarius husband has no problem with showing emotions. Its actually times that he’s more emotional than me,Online Dating i don’t get why they think we’re not compatible because our bond says the total opposite. Relationships that you guys say was gone lasts forever was over in last than three yrs and here is my relationship the one you guys say won’t work at all and we’re coming up on our eight yr anniversary, i disagree!!!

  • scorpioforeverinlove withheraquaman says:

    Sixteen years. I’ve lived and loved him for that long and maybe even more. Three different women and two kids later we are trying to work it out. I pray we make it. The world is confusing and scary without my Aquarius.

  • scorpioforeverinlove withheraquaman says:

    Keep your head up @xmasneverends. I’m sure she still feels for you, but is sacred and vulnerable. If she is a scorp, approach her directly, tell her the whole truth ans prove to her that you need her.

  • Heigh says:

    So… I have been with two aquárias men.
    I just… I don’t know… I love them.
    The chemistry remains there, like… forever!

    The second one was realy needy, which was a real turn of. But really, really cute at the same time.
    I loved him more than he will ever know.

    In fact, he will never know that, because he cheated on me. And abused me. And now, if I could, I would do him so much worse… But I’m better than that.

    So… although I was always denominated as the cold and distant one, who wanted attention from guys, he was actually the one with freak and secret agendas.
    But I never felt such a strong mental connection. Even telepathy, it was scary. I hate him!

    The first one was more sincere, I still like him in a way. Such a strong chemistry and connection.
    Both Aquarians were very possessive of me. Don’t like that.

    But yeah, it’s all very electrifying with Aquarians.

  • CriCket says:

    Whats your problem honey?

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