Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

This is one of the late-great combinations!!  You read it first here.  This pair is absolute magic following none of the usual newspaper Sun sign trivia.  An enormous amount of respect  and a common viewpoint is at the core of this relationship.  It will be easy for these two to court, marry, and set up housekeeping.  There is an almost seamless energy that makes it a pleasure being in each other’s company.  You would almost call it love at first sight.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as an Aquarius Man:
 If you are attracted to a Virgo woman, you already respect her for the many fine qualities you have noticed.  She, like you, is not a game player.  She could care less what her friends are doing, what they think about her or about you for that matter.  It’s amazing how much tension this releases from the mating process.  You will feel a great sense of relief as she naturally gives you the space you need.  She is hardly the type to bother you with texting during the day; she undoubtedly has business of her own to take care of, or is relaxing and enjoying her own company.  You will find so much to respect in this woman.  The Virgo woman’s calm, cool collectedness is genuine.  This is much to your relief because you have been fooled so often before.  This is a lady worth working for.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as a Virgo Woman:  Use your innate persistence to put yourself in the path of the Aquarius man.  You can see through him right away so you know that his busyness is a cover up for not having very many friends and no social life to speak of.  His work is his whole world and knowing that, all you need do is stand outside and knock politely on the door.  You’ll notice no one else is there, and this puts you at a tremendous advantage in attracting the Aquarius man.

Degree of Romance:  If Aquarius is going to be romantic with anyone, it will be with dear gentle Virgo.  She has a way of bringing it out in him because she is so uniquely patient and undemanding.  He is likely to see what a prize she is and knock himself out to the best of his abilities to make her his own.

Degree of Passion:  As with romance, the Virgo woman is likely to squeeze every ounce of passion out of the Aquarius man.  This guy is not nearly as detached as he appears to be, but she knows that already.  The fact that she assuages his loneliness makes him open up in a way that he never has before.  This is a relationship where passion increases as the years go by and that is a very lovely thing.  If you give fire a place to burn in, it can turn into a mighty conflagration.

Degree of Friendship:  A Virgo woman and Aquarius man can be very fine friends indeed, and they are likely to be each other’s only true friend, as well.  Both signs are interested in quality, not quantity and they both have very high standards and ideals which few other people can meet.

Degree of Marriage:  This is one of the best marriage combinations there is.  They can easily pull together as a team as their ability to communicate with each other is usually superb (they kind of speak each other’s language).  They have quite similar values, and their lifestyle choices are probably similar, too.  This relationship can be an all-consuming marriage where the couple binds together and shuts out the rest of the world in positive ways.  They can become the closest of friends and confidants, contribute much to the community, be an asset wherever they find themselves in life, and create a delightful home conducive to raising healthy children.  Virgo woman and Aquarius man can be pretty close to “a marriage made in heaven.”

Progression of Relationship:   This guy doesn’t play games.  If an Aquarius man is interested in, he will make it known, and he will take the time to cue in to his interest’s desires for the kind of relationship she wants and the speed at which his beloved wants want to travel.  He will take the time to find out about her so that he can comply with her unstated as well as stated wishes.  They are both known to be good communicators and the relationship will give evidence to the importance of that skill in relationship-building.  They are likely to clear the air in a fair and justifiable way so that the union stays intact.

Sex:  This is one relationship where sex is likely to come at the right time — after all the other chakras are aligned.  Sex between these two becomes a precious form of communication, never emotionally exhausting or physically demanding.  They may be relating in a way that we all will be one day, there is such fairness and consideration apparent in the negotiations.  Both these signs are somewhat androgynous which adds to the intellectual pleasure of coupling — because there are four different ways to do it.

When It’s Over:  This one is likely to last a lifetime, but if it must end, they will probably be on the same page — as always.  It is simply time to turn to a new chapter, and that, dear friend, means laying the past gently to rest.  No need for hard feelings.  It just is what it is.

Our Rating:  10/10

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267 Responses to Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

  • deepika says:

    Hopefully, this is true! Cause on other sites I read this match is very bad. There is only mental connection. The guy i am dating and love is an aquarius! He is a definte aquarian, every aquarius trait matches him so well! Though he wants sex pretty fast! Hopefully our relationship is long-lasting and beautiful!

  • Lockhart says:

    This is absolutely True.No matter what other sites says,every word written here is true..i am an aquarian and my love is a virgo! We have a long term relationship and our love life is the most adventurous and beautiful thing there is!

  • 3 by hari on May 17th 2011 says:

    Yeah , I agree whatever stated is absolute true

  • Tatiana says:

    @headoverheels….Just be naturally confident. Do what comes naturally to have fun and get closer. the way you know. just watch if she is telling or looking something otherwise. i am a dance teacher and i dance with each student. i do leading and show how great dance is when you do it right. of course they have to learn themself and have own style in future. good luck friend don’t worry you sound like very good person very concerned.

  • Dee says:

    I am a Virgo woman dating a younger Aquarius man and I am glad to hear what has been written here. I was ready to throw in the towel. I am a very Virgo female and can be quite anxious and worry about why he has not called me instead of just giving him his space. He has just told me he wants to slow things down a bit and that has made me so scared because I took that as him wanting to end the relationship. I want to be able to handle his request without going psycho. Any advice?

  • forever virgo says:

    I’m a virgo who has been with my aqua guy for a year. This has been a fufilling experience for me. My aquaman tells me he likes that I’m smart, and our sex life is incredible!!! I don’t like when he pulls aways from me though. And he can be super critical or say harsh things..I guess as a virgo I can too though. We take it 1 day at a time. He doesn’t like it much when I pull away from him either. We just seem to work very well. So I’m curious.. would you agree that mental stimulation and great sex are two of the predominate things we need to be happy?

  • forever virgo says:

    By we I mean virgos and aqua’s.

  • Enigma says:

    Nancy, I’ve read all your articles and the description for ‘Degree of Passion’ in this particular one carries the best line anyone would want to hear about them. Very nicely worded.

    This is what am talking about:

    “This is a relationship where passion increases as the years go by and that is a very lovely thing. If you give fire a place to burn in, it can turn into a mighty conflagration.”

    The couples who experience this in their ONE lifetime are truly blessed because usually (and unfortunately) its the other way round for most. And me NOT commenting upon any particular zodiac signs here.

    Great work. Keep it up Nancy.

  • Tyler says:

    i think a gemini wriote this and i hope this is true because i just got into a relationship witha virgo and i hope its worth it i dont understand why this isnt a good match on the chart

  • jocelyn says:

    I hope this is true im a virgo dating a aqua I heard this pair isn’t a gud one sometimes me and my boyfriend fight but the relationship is a strong one we get along so well were like friends and lovers and it is true sex is great with a aqua man lol

  • sne mkhabela says:

    I’m a virgo woman jus recently started dating an aquarius man and was raised by a father huz an aquarius also.. Even before I knew his star sign etc I saw many similarities between them!this article best describes my boyfriend I don’t know how to feel seeing that he’s planned our lives so much its like I’m jus a missing puzzle, nonetheless I fear because we the total opposite he’s quite shy conserved and I’m very bubbly and outgoing ands very highly sexualy!! But hopefully we have long lasting relationships.. I just wish the intermedation could end
    #scared confused virgo woman

  • Lacey says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful infoamrtion.

  • Anaya says:

    I am a Virgo woman dated an Aquarius man for 9-10 years. It was love at first sight(we were both each others first love) and everything was great. We did have minor arguments here and there but we were like best friends, soul mates and everything to each other. I don’t know what happened in my relationship he never broke up the relationship just ended. Last few years especially we had bonded more than ever talked day and night. I think it could be cultural reasons as well we are both Indian. I am born and raised in the US and he imigrated about 10 years ago, we fell in love with each other 2 days after he imigrated to the US. His family was not approving of the relationship they wanted him to have an arranged marriage(basically marry girl they choose). He is now with the girl his parents want him married to but she is still in India. He tells me he does love me and I don’t understand he had no choice. Last time he came to visit me his heart was beating so fast and he couldn’t look me in the eye and he looked depressed too but the words that came out of his mouth were very harsh. He had never disrespected me before so it was a big shock to me. He tells me he will be there for me in every step of life except marriage. I couldn’t control my emotions and spent 2-3 months crying to him it seems to have pushed him away because he doesn’t like to see me cry. When I show emotion he isn’t sensitive and say’s hurtful things. He lied so much towards the end of the relationship and I haven’t had him budge. I truly feel he loves me but am not sure how to get him to communicate with me again. I love him with all my heart and still wait for him everyday I am not sure what happened any advice from anyone will be appreciated. I have so many questions such as will he come back? How can he all of a sudden be o.k. not talking to me? Does he miss me? Also, I still believe he loves me is this good or bad after all the harsh things he said to me? I just hope my relationship get’s saved somehow because we truly are soul mate’s.

  • JP says:

    Dear Nancy, once again a generalization of people and their relationships.. Seriously people are you aware there are over 6 billion human beings on the planet and obviously some people will fall into this generalization of two people and their signs.. Wake up. All kind of signs have these types of relationships, not just Aquarius Men and Virgo woman. I’m an Aquarius man and dated a Virgo woman and some parts you mention are accurate, Nancy, but that is expected in any relationship. But in many things you are very wrong.. Again relationships are not about “SIGNS AND HOROSCOPES” People, it is how we CHOOSE to act and live with each other and how we treat each other no matter what sign we are.. In the end it is always up to us how to act in any relationship. So if any of you have true love for someone and that someone loves you – Both of you will be great through the good and bad in life… No sign or horoscope will decide that for you. Ps.. My Virgo woman and I do have love for each other and have a great bond and friendship… but it was not easy between us – we had our challenges as do many people. That is life and what we make of it.. Not astrology. And mind you I believe in astrology and the common unique connections it has with every human being. But this is just silly folks. Sorry for the bold, long comment. Nancy, you can do better than this. Cheers to all!

  • Finallycommenting says:

    I’m finally writing, motivated by JP’s comment, i somehow got pulled to it, nothing to do with virgo women, though i do believe virgos to be some of the most solid genuine people who will always be there for you before themselves, but maybe im saying that becuase my mom is a virgo, im aquarius man. I was with ine virgo girl and it was great but not my ideal because our friendship changed after we hooked up.
    ANYWAY, i must elaborate on JPs comment. Im 26 years old and have studied astrology since before i knew it existed. So here it is in simple terms. We are born with personality gifts handed down from the sex of the planets at the time o our birth. When we are young we use these characteristics by intuition, all owing us to move and grow through life. As we get older we start gaining control over our lifes and stop riding on the natural forces of nature (i.e. Astrology) when we gain control of our lives, astrology becomes less of an influence and more of a tool and we can do what we want rather than what the stars and planets want. So long story short, this is a great relationship ma ual for teens but adults should be able to control their own lives without hoping the planets will do it cor them

  • Finallycommenting says:

    Ps NANCY you are the finest astrologist since Linda Goodman. You are very appreciated and i would love to love you ;) what’s your sign? (dont worry im not actually hitting on you, i just want you to know that i probably would if i met you) im aqaurius with gemin! moon, aquraius rising, and venus in pisces. Whos my soulmate nancy???? :D

  • nish says:

    just when i thought me virgo and my aquarius man was not getting along and seemed so distant i felt really emotional…and we clicked on this website and read this it opened up my eyes to see how powerful our relationship really is!!!!Sitting here feeling really blessed thank you Most High!!

  • Peter says:

    @ Jp… Im gonna have to disagree with ya here.. to an extent this stuff is so true, at least in my life… For the life of my I cannot figure out cancers, and Scorpios, they’re just so reserved and we don’t get along well. Have a lot of tarus guy friends but cant stand tarus girls. Im an aquarious. Some of my best friends are Geminis, Aries, Libras and im just recently starting to like this Virgo girl and I’ve only known her a few days.

  • Peter says:

    Jay :

    That’s really weird.. I was born a day after your husband on the 26th the Virgo I like was born on the same day as you.

    I am a virgo woman born 8-30-70 and I am in love with an aquarius man born 1-25-71.We have been doing this thing with each other since 10-08 going on three years now and I cant imagine my life without him.I know he is my best friend and I am his and with lots of love and patience well we are just fine. I am truly happy and him being in my life has a lot to do with it.I wouldn’t change one thing about him and the way he is honestly even if I could.I love his quirky ways and by us respecting our differences we really work and remain just fine in spite of life’s challenges and trials and tribulations.I have to keep things new for him but yet at the same time keep things the same and he is happy and he has to keep things the same for me but at the same time new and I am happy .Sounds crazy but that’s just us and it works.I think its the challenge of doing just that,that keeps us coming back and staying in each other lives. Good luck to whoever else is in this virgo-aquarius thing because to me that reading above is on the money and I have never read and astrological compatibility report so accurate and true it sounds like they know us.LOLl! anyway thanks for writing it.I needed to read that today!

    Type your comment here

  • Rizzo says:

    I hope this is true because I am Aquarius and for some reason I’ve been attracting virgos lately and every other writing about our companionship has been negative….. The cool thing is, is that these girls approached me and made the first move haha

  • isis says:

    Other websites are very negative when it comes to these two signs. I am a Virgo woman and my partner is an Aquarius male. The love is definitely there. Even after 3 years of not seeing each other and losing contact we reunited a year ago and it was like we were never apart. We connect on a spiritual level which is the most important part for the both of us so everything else becomes easy. Please don’t read too much into those other websites because Virgos and Aquariuses tend to be in each others lives forever.

  • mitty says:

    im a virgo woman and dating a aqua bf is the best.its soo 1st wen i read abt it in on other sites i was scard 2 loose him but nw i knw iwe will make it work.he is my 1st love and it was love at 1st site.i just no that no matter what happens i just love him with all my heart and life

  • Darcy says:

    I’m proud to say that for anybody with any doubt for this relationship, I must say is terribly wrong! I mean, there are still going to be down-fall relationships with the virgo woman and aquarius man, but I am a virgo woman with a aquarius man (for 5 years) sampling the perfect relationship. The first day we’ve met, he’s only shown his desire for me and I immediately thought of him like a brother. We’ve connected in a way we never did with anybody else. He saw things in me that nobody else did and approached with admiration. He is no longer the person I’ve met 7 years ago because of ME. And praise the Lord that he met me! It totally saved the both of us since at the time we both had technically fallen rock bottom, found eachother there and teamed up to climb out of the hole to take on the world together. Seriously! We cheat by being best friends while being lovers.

  • Rose says:

    I am a virgo woman and I just started dating a aquarius man. All I can is I feel so at peace when I’m with him and I LOVE It!

  • amansgirl says:

    i’m a virgo woman whose soulmate is an aquarius man since i met him 20 years ago when we were young and innocent, he had to marry someone else but now after 10 years we found each other again and when we speak or see each other its like the time never passed- i am at peace with him, it feels like a piece that was missing is put back in place and he loves to talk to me and have me listen to his problems and his dreams. it doesnt matter if we can’t be physical because we connect on a spiritual level and we know we will always be together mentally and spiritually for ever.

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  • Mrskassim says:

    Hi, I agree with the other post that the other websites are so negative. I am an Aquarius female who has been married to a male Virgo for 6 years. Like any relationship every thing isn’t always peaches and cream but we make a wonderful team. We understand that we both have ambitions and give each other the space needed to get things done. However, my Virgo thinks that I think to far ahead, which I have learned to keep those thoughts to myself. The great thing is that we do balance each other as I have taken some of his ways and he has taken mine.

  • aquadisiac says:

    Hey all! I must say that this is the first website as well that I have read that didn’t say anything negative about this pairing. In my case, it is a little different though. I am an aquarius woman currently dating a virgo woman. This month makes it 4 months since we started dating. She has told me that she likes me a lot and is not dating/seeing anyone else, she feels very comfortable around me and can be herself. SHe mentioned that it was weird to her (why? i dont know lol). I am a very easy going and open minded aquarius and do not judge people at all (until they rub me the wrong way). I really do like her as well and i’m pretty sure she knows it because i always make an effort to contact her and make plans to see her (which isn’t as often as i’d like being that she is very busy pursuing her ambitions). I would like to take things to the next level and be in an official relationship with her but I feel that I have to go at her pace. I dont want to scare her away if i bring up the whole relationship talk. Now my question is, do virgo’s usually wait for the other to bring up such topics to talk about? is 4 months too soon to try and be in a relationship with them? I’ve been having thoughts of throwing in the towel as well and moving on with my life but I just cant seem to do it. I am very attracted to this virgo girl mentally and physically so I have not given up yet. feedback would be great! thanks guys :)

  • Mars says:

    Wow!.. I want to say that I am very amazed and feel such a sense of fulfillment and REASSURANCE after I read this. I am a Virgo woman, and I recently got into a relationship with a Aquarius man 2 months ago. We’ve been dating for a total of 4 months, and when we first met it was like INSTANT chemistry. Me and him got lost in our own world, and each others eyes. It was such a beautiful thing, it’s like we took each others breath away. Anyways, I’ve always been very superstitious And at first was somewhat disapointed to find out he was an Aquarius because, as we all know there is nothing but negative feedback on Virgo’s and Aquarians compatibility. Initially, I was just gonna cut him loose because of that. But then I thought hold on, this feels so right. This man has everything I’ve been looking for and knocks me off my feet. I started to ignore the whole zodiac comparability thing, because every time I would read into it( still does) it just crushes my hopes, makes me sad, and makes me
    Question our compatibility. Anyways, I just want to say Thank you to the person who wrote this. This is so accurate, and also encouraging!. I was thrilled and it made my heart smile when I read this. In my personal Virgo – Aquarian experience I find this to be very true!.. Me and my Aquarian man have many things in common. I see so much potential, and there is so much passion, attentiveness, adventurous, happiness, an amazing sense of humor in the air. It just feels so right. I’ve never felt like this before, and I hope and look forward to many years with this Aquarius Man I’m falling for. Thank you, so much for your encouraging words of wisdom and accurate compatibility reading. You really lifted my spirit and I have so much more to look forward to.

  • Mars says:

    @ Aquadisiac— We Virgo’s like to play hard to get once in a while and alsO have a tendency to have others try to read our minds. If this Virgo is telling you she’s only seeing you and her interest is only in you she probably really does mean it. 4 months is not to early to get into a relationship. If the feeling is right, and you are head over heels for this girl, then the feeling probably is mutual. Both virgos and Aquariuses are very picky and don’t settle for just anything. Therefore, if this Virgo has stuck around this long, and made you feel the way you do there is no question she might just feel the same way for you. Us Virgo’s have a lot of pride, and I’m pretty sure she’s just waiting on you to make that move. It’ll make he feel very special when you ask her. Virgo’s also have a HUGE fear rejection, so I think she’s waiting for you to make the call on that. I say you have nothing to loose, go for it, and let us know how it all worked for you hun. I’m sure she really likes you, don’t worry. If she didn’t she would of stopped dating you a long time ago. Virgo’s don’t stick around if they aren’t interested, and you will definitely know if they
    Aren’t. GOOD LUCK!. ;)

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  • aquadisiac says:

    I truly appreciate your response to my post :)
    Here’s an update on my situation, I honestly don’t know how to feel at this point…
    This past Saturday I picked her up to go grab drinks and dinner and just have a casual, chill, night. I wanted to bring up the subject of taking things further but I had kept my attention on her the whole time she was talking. She’s a lil chatterbox haha its kinda cute :p She would just talk about her future plans and such and I would give some feedback (we usually have great conversations in person). I didn’t get a chance to bring up the topic but afterwards we sat by the water to relax some more. Now keep in mind I did not bring up anything the whole night in regards to our dating situation or relationship stuff. She started talking about classes and how she wants to focus on that (she is in grad school), then she flat out said “I don’t want to be in a relationship right now, I can’t do it with all thats goinngg on school etc..” My heart literally dropped when she said that. I had no response, lots of things were running through my head that I couldn’t get a word out. I’m terrible at expressing any of my emotions verbally, its not my forte at all. The only response I could give her is telling her that I don’t want to lose her. She said that I won’t lose her, then hugged me tightly.
    I don’t know what to think anymore, why would she date me for this long and not want anything more than that? Was she testing me to see how I would react? ugh, I’m just so confused on what to do now..I don’t want to give up but whats the point in trying anymore if she doesn’t want to take it to the next level? Her telling me that just came out of no where…I have never pressured her into anything nor have i EVER brought up the topic of making things official…feedback would be great once again..thanks!

  • olivia says:

    I’m also a virgo woman dating an aquarian man he is in a abusive relationship,but he says he wants to be with me,i am just overwhelmed by fear,i wish i could trust him,i love him with all my heart,most of what was said is so true he gives me love but i;m just afraid…

  • AreWeRight says:

    I’m an 18 yrs old girl currently dating an Aquarius guy, we met on the Internet, I made the first move he just looked soo good I guess you could say instant attraction :) we spoke and got to know each other for about 2 weeks  when I met him he had a gf but I didn’t care because I showed him I wanted him, I told him things like “I’ll steal you away” mind you at first I wasnt so demanding about him it’s just as the weeks passed I was being pulled to him and I told him this… After the 2 weeks had passed we were on the phone he broke up with his gf and asked me out…. I swear that was the most surprising thing in my life I was happy and confused. Anyway as another week went on we were on the phone and all I heard he said was “I think I made a connection….. I love you” my heart froze I mean I heard I love you so many times but the thing was whenever a guy said I love you first I usually ended it because it left pressure. But with him I didn’t I wanted to say it back I wanted to roll around in my bed laughing and smiling I was just that happy and I did, but as time went on to a month we got really close making plans to see eachother we got closer deeper into each others mind and hearts we would talk for hours on many things he was my prince charming, my knight in shining armor but to him He was a God and I was his Goddess because angels werent good enough. But still I called him my wingless angel hahaha. But anyway the reason why I post on this to some extent it’s true I can only spoke on what I have been through not exactly like this but maybe similar. My Aqarius is my most treasured treasure, but I’ve noticed that he puts me in the best friend lane without noticing but then I tell him about it and he comes back to normal then there was his sex ways…. -blush- not going to lie it turns me on but when it comes to me and what I want he becomes weak as though giving up his will to me, I didn’t understand too well but when I think of being with him it makes me want to be passionate and intimate hahahah, oh and I’ve never had an argument with him until this one happening right now there is apparently another girl I found out about her after 2 months and something but the this is he is saying he doesn’t know her and he hasn’t msged her as to what she is telling me herself and from what I can see. The thing is no matter how many times I cuss him and tell him to give me back my heart and he take his….. He won’t he won’t let go and I don’t think I want him too but I’m not sure I’m hurting in a way I don’t understand maybe it’s our red string :( it hurts when it’s tugged 

  • SeanLeo says:

    This connection is sooo strong and powerful. How do you tell a Virgo Woman how you feel as an Aquarius Man?

  • D2012 says:

    I am Virgo woman and I’m dating an Aquarius man. I guess the key is to know when to compromise, regardless what Sign you are. There is not such thing as the ”perfect couple”. If you respect your partner and you are loyal, you have a great start.

  • Amanda says:

    I’m a Virgo (18) who’s dating an aquarius (17). Yes, he’s younger than me but that’s beyond the point. If I wanted to date someone older I could, but being a virgo, age doesn’t matter, it’s the kind of guy you are that truly matters. My boyfriend means everything to me. This website is right on the $$$$ because I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. Right away me and him got along, and he’s very mature for his age it’s quite suprising. Yeah, of course we argue and get in our cat fights but at the end of the day, he’s still my love and I will do anything to be with him and to protect him. I respect him so much, and know what kind of heart he has. Which is a genuine one.. I read this website at first and was so happy because I thought they were so right and then went and read another website and they just frowned upon the relationship… But, I don’t believe those websites and not because I want to believe the positive thins and ignore the negative opinions. I just think their opinions are a little off. straight up, Aquarius man and Virgo woman were meant to be. <3 they're both beautiful people inside and out…Virgo women, just know to keep your cool & learn to adjust to him and not be a clingy one.. Also try not to get annoyed so easily & if you see a fight between you two coming on, end it. It's NOT worth it! You're the one who ends up sad at the end not the aquarius man!

  • Joel says:

    I think this isn’t a very good match. More of a friendship, being friends with a Virgo is an awesome experience as a 15 year old Aqua boy. They don’t match romantically, but I think can be a very strong friendship. They have completely different outlooks on life, and goals, which can make their lives very interesting. :)

  • Priscilla says:

    I completely agree with this website. I’ve googled other websites and they always say that we make a horrible couple. My boyfriend is an aquarius , and im a Virgo. We met was through my little cousin and her ex boyfriend. At first I wasn’t attracted to him because he looked like a player, he was loud and obnoxious . Then days later my cousin calls me and says that the aquarius was attracted to me. We were on four way and he gave me his number. We talked on the phone for HOURS! for a whole week! he would tell me he couldn’t wait to see me. I finally went to see him and he was really shy , but I just had this feeling inside that I was going to fall completely inlove with him. He met my mom and stayed in my house. Our sex was amazing, I absolutely love him with all my heart. Yes, we fight and that is our main problem but that’s the only thing. Other than that we’re fine .

  • bcp says:

    im a virgo and im 17 and my boyfriends a aqarius, weve had our problems and drama just like any other couple. but when were alone we just connect and love eachother, and i know i love him because when i look in his eyes i just want to melt into his arms. its very true that we dont agree on a lot of things and he doesnt rly think ahead, like hell forget something when we go somewhere lol but that shouldnt determine a relationship. if youre just focusing on the positive like you should be in a relationship, you can work out as a couple. its just about finding that person that can make you smile.
    and if youre wondering were been together for a year and three months now, and i want to be with him until my last breath.

  • michellezaff says:

    I had to write in it is my Anniversary so I was looking on line and stumbled onto this site! I promise you every detail here is TRUE. I am a Virgo and was 15 when my Aquarius boyfriend asked me out. He first spotted me in 8th grade… and I was finally allowed to go out with him in my sophmore year of high school! Well to this day he is my first and last LOVE! We look at each other and just know we have it so good! On top of it my aquarius is so good- looking he sometimes has a hard time getting down the street. I had someone say to me recently” my god he just looks like he would be so good in bed.! I was shocked but laughed and gave out no information. I am now 48 and he just turned 49. He is still in such good shape, physically , mentally , spiritually. Let your Aquarius guy chase you, then let him catch you, marry you and he will never want to be without you! If you are a game player cut your aquarius guy loose to find his Virgo girl- she is a straight shooter, tells It like it is with love and affection. Once a Virgo girl kisses an aquarius guy she will never kiss another. Happy Valentines day everyone.. MZ + FD

  • amansgirl says:

    thx so much for the beautiful inspiring story, i love reading about aqua guys and virgo girls!

  • rajhen says:

    Dear Nancy,
    thanks dear for giving me such nice information about the Virgo woman and Aquarius man relationship.
    Nice to hear good things about the relationship . I am a Aquarius man and getting married to a Virgo woman . hope to experience the same relationship as described above with my lady. I would also thank
    michellezaff , Peter, isis and everybody for sharing there experiences .

  • aquadisiac says:

    hey guys just an update on my situation with the virgo gal i’ve been dating (i have posted above before on my sitch). This month makes 6 months of dating, still not official! crazy right? She went away for 5 days with her friends for a mini vacay and i didn’t hear from her the whole time. The communication between is MUCH better than it was the past few months we’ve been dating. I didn’t expect her to contact me during her trip. THe day she came back she blew up my phone like crazy and wanted to come see me. Now keep in mind, she has NEVER been to my house before. I always went to her place. this is the FIRST time she came over! all those other times i would invite her, she would come up with an excuse last minute to not come. leaving me dissapointed. I think this is a big step on her part hahaha cuz i was honestly shocked when she actually came to see me. She stayed for a little while, not too long because she had to head home and get some rest. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her on a more deeper level about being officially in a relationship with her. The next time i see her i will definitely bring it up and find out where she stands between us. 6 MOnths of dating is the longest i’ve ever done with one person lol. usually i’m in a relationship within 3-4 months the most! I’m an aquarius and i’m verrrry attracted to this girl even though she put me through emotional hell when she did the push-pull thing with me hahaha but i can’t seem to let go of her. I haven’t heard from her since I saw her, I’m guessing she’s taking time to analyze things again, being it was her first time ever to come to my house. what do you guys thinK? i’ve been trying to get in contact with her but no answer to my calls or texts. oh well, i guess i gotta wait another week to hear from her once again lol. i’m so used to it already. she’s definitely still interested in me though if shes stuck around for this long right? thanks guys!

  • Sila says:

    I’m a virgo woman dating an older aquarius man and I completely agree. He just….we virgos are so practical and we like order but he makes me want to toss that an be the complete romantic fool. Maybe thats dangerous but I love it lol

  • ClassyladyV says:

    @michellezaff Thank you so much for the insight,this is alos exactly how i feel for my aqu guy.But he is fresh out of a divorce,so our relationship takes a lil bit of a back seat right now and when we kiss (i mealt in his embrace) so i know exactly what your saying about the kisses,the feeling is undeniable.He makes me feel like no other we have everything as listed above and that you have mentioned.The only thing holding us back is his open wound from his previous marriage,he is the only man my mind,body & soul yearns for on a daily.With that said and me having read this i will continue to persue him with my all.I feel it my bone that the feeling is mutual and know that he was just hurt by a his x,and its just taking a lil longer for us to be where we want to be.It has been 3 years that we have been involved and our connection (emotional,sexual,everything) gets stronger everyday so with all of this inspiration from everyone positive i will continue to progress in our relationship no matter what.

  • tony says:

    yes i’m met a virgo woman from another country and the sex hasn’t been that wonderful (better with an aries),
    i must admit virgo woman is the cleanest woman i’ve been with but when she gets angry she scares me . wont talk to me for about an hour ,. don’t know how to take this
    trying to get her involved in my business but again this is not working well

  • Paola Johnson says:

    I’ve dated two Aquarius men and it has been the WORST POSSIBLE match for a Virgo. They’re very detached and like to play games. Constant fighting and bickering.

  • aquaanalyzer says:

    @ paola, they do seem like they like to do this push pull thing. If you push they will pull. Its part of what draws the 2 I think? They make each other wound up. One of the thing I think virgos learn from them is patience. Good luck in finding ur right situation.

    And thanks everybody!!

  • fauxnaif says:

    The other sites have some point, this is both the worst and the best relationship there is, at times its really trying, but then again there’s something between this relationship that makes it worth all the hardships.

    Btw, im an aqua, and I really love my Virgo. We’re on a really desperate situation now but, i don’t think i’d ever give this up. I just want to say to anyone whose probably having a hard time right now, HOLD ON, i think they made this Combination tough cause this two has genuine love for each other, and the tougher it gets the more the love of this two become stronger :) Happy Valentines Day Everyone,..

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