Aries Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Aquarius Couples: Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston

Two very strong, unique, opinionated individuals find some reason to give a little ground to get some companionship or maybe just some sex in return but it’s a stretch.  For one thing, although Aries gets the bad rap for self absorption, he is really the guy most likely to want to give it all in a relationship, 24/7, and what Aquarian wouldn’t throw up and run away at the thought?  Aquarians make a vbd out of being in relationships but they are the biggest loners in the zodiac – it’s part of the price they pay for their highly evolved status.  Relationships require compromise and it’s’ not likely to happen here.  Picture a couple of gang bangers trying to divide up some heretofore unclaimed territory.

How to Attract an Aries Man as an Aquarius Woman:  Challenge him right away on as many levels as you can while at the same time letting him romance you, open doors, carry in the groceries and throw you down on the bed.  He is actually less egotistical than you so he may forgive outright willfulness on your part but try to put it on a leash.   This is not a crusade.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as an Aries Man:  Let her be outrageous.  Applaud her for it.  Show that you appreciate that she has strong opinions (whether you agree with them or not).  Don’t act embarrassed if she takes someone on in a public place.  Stand by your woman!!!!!!  You prefer face time but let her text you instead.  In return maybe she’ll troubleshoot your new computer program for you.  I’m afraid there’s one other sine qua non:   she wears the pants.

Degree of Romance:  Dispensed with early on and mourned over everafter by Aries, who doesn’t realize how romantic that  is.  Neither sign is noted for knowing much about human nature.

Degree of Passion:   Smokin’ hot passion.  Probably the best Aries will ever have.   Ms. Aquarius is indifferent to passion which makes it all the more unbelievably exciting to the ram, who thinks each time he will finally take her over the top.

Degree of Friendship:  These are essentially two loners.  If they team up, it will, therefore, be quite meaningful.  They probably trust each other to an astonishing degree — and no one else.

Degree of Marriage:  Not that good.  It can be explosive, easily disrupted, hard to reconcile and somehow irrelevant as they each do better alone and being single fits their self image better.  Aquarians won’t stay in a marriage out of duty or obligation.  They hardly recognize the institution anyway so please check it out, Aries, before having kids with this gal or giving your heart away.  Really dig to find her beliefs about marriage.  This is not to diss Aquarian women or to say that they aren’t good wives and mothers.  It’s just that this is the gal we vote “least likely to put up with any s—“.  She’ll walk instead.

Progression of Relationship:   “Slam bam, thank you ma ‘am” and then again.  And again.    Each time is like the first time.  Vividly alive and absolutely thrilling.  No two dates or encounters are ever the same.

Sex:  There’s a lot of fighting which greatly enhances the volcanic and explosive sexual tension.  They may fight constantly until they bed.  Sex becomes their way of resolving all issues and that can work for them.  It is unlike sex between any other couples in that there are no conventional rules — or privileges — including gender protected conventionalities.  It’s like going beyond the known universe to the last real frontier — honest sex.  Real to the bone.

When It’s Over:  There will be blood everywhere then absolute silence

Our Rating: 4 / 10

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40 Responses to Aries Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

  • Yvette says:

    Have to admit: this was one of the only negative compatibilities I’ve read and quite hysterical. I almost felt attacked reading it.. But with all that blood shed, who dies?

  • melissa says:

    yup definetly have to agree with Yvette, it was really negative towards us aquariuses but something about it seems pretty accurate to me. Id probably have to say that relationship wise it kinda is.

  • Simlapeno says:

    Hey.. I am an aquarius woman and I have been with an aries boy for 5 years now the last of which has been a long distance relationship. We started out as friends and even though there was a lot of bloodshed right at the start, for some reason we stuck through and have been happy since. We have a very comfortable and honest relationship. However, your post sort of worries me. Normally I would’ve ignored it since relationships depend on two individuals, the circumstances and how far they are really ready to go to make it work, but I read your post on Aries man and Scorpio woman and it sort of seemed to fit bang on with what I have seen of RDJ and Susan. So this post sort of freaked me out. Sure astrology would give you the rough idea but it really depends on individuals to work it out right? Otherwise Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan would still be together right? I just want to ensure that if there is another blood bath, its not him who is all bruised.

  • Jimmy says:

    im an aries man thinkin of getting with this aquarius woman.. and i think this is the only site i found with somethin negative like that about the 2 signs lol.

  • Chanel says:

    This website is extremely extremely negative. I am an aquarius woman and all my best male friends are all Aries and I am involved with an Aries man that I care for deeply and he’s deeply deeply into me so this website is retard. Aries and Aquarians rule

  • kmart says:

    Aquarius woman who was engaged to an Aries man…this hit the nail on the head…I almost sounds like I wrote it. We fought the whole time we were together but we were childhood friends so I trusted him more than anyone I knew. We split up after 3 years and haven’t spoken since.

  • Beth says:

    I am an Aquarious woman who has been on and off with an Aries man for 8 years now. It is a total roller coaster! We get along well and have great times together, but when we disagree on something we can’t work it out, it ends up being a fight. I think the most accurate part of this article is “There’s a lot of fighting which greatly enhances the volcanic and explosive sexual tension. They may fight constantly until they bed. Sex becomes their way of resolving all issues and that can work for them.” I think the only reason we have stayed together so long is because of the sex. We might be fighting and really mad one minute; then we will get in bed and have the most amazing sex ever! It is how we “solve” our problems..meaning they never get solved!!! This article is so right!!

  • Aquarius Girl says:

    “sine qua non” – my Aries ex used this phrase a few times when we were together. I think my ex loved my body more than my soul, which made me really sad because I had deep feelings for him. He thought sex with me was the best he’s ever had. Eventually our relationship became a vicious cycle of fights and obsessions. I got tired of the make up sex (even thought it was great) because problems never get solved. Plus I was miserable because he was trying to change me into a doormat. The breakup wasn’t pretty. I stayed calm and tried to be kind, but he got really upset and turned abusive. I ran away. Fast.

  • K says:

    Holy crud; this seems so freaking accurate. I have an Aires friend (if you could call it that) and we’re ALWAYS ARGUING. We do whatever we can to one-up each other, and if that means a little bloodshed, well, that’s how it’ll have to be. He asked me if I’d go out with him, once, and I declined, so he got pretty pissy and bothersome, but that’s what makes the banter fun. Yeah, I’m a teensy bit attracted to him, but not enough to deal with him all the time. I’m sure it’d be explosive at first, but end in a fist fight.

  • JoA says:

    I think this really hits the nail on the head. I never was attracted to Aries. Knew to stay away from such a hothead. I was one time told by an astrololger Aries does not age well. too childish.

  • Ryu says:

    JoA yup we Aries wil be childish till the end…
    Cuz we r the lonely wolf…3:P)
    N We always lyk 2 have fun n adventure…:XD
    But some tym we may fall 4 Aquarius …
    Cuz Their character r smiler 2 us aries….
    & we r very Good friendz 2 each others….
    Glad she told the truth ….

  • Nancy Fenn says:

    Yes, ASAVARNA, it depends very much on the two individuals. Check out my compatibility report for great detail.

  • Eric says:

    As an aries man who knew an aquarius woman for about five yrs i found repeatedly aqua is more in love with the concept of love and doesnt really love anyone. not able to dont want to. thats where their insecurity come from. and the lack of confidence performance issues baiting luring. these things would not be needed, no doubt theyre fun, if there was genuine love. lacking in integrity all the way. to self-ruination and some easy mutually destructive relationship. they know one thing lets try our damndest to get love cous thats the way to live tra la la la! emotional sponges weaving airy tales living brittle lives. happiness takes hard work. on all levels. theres no results otherwise. welcome to the real world. goodbye nothing.

  • dana says:

    oh boy,this is too true its kindof funny LOL

  • Sunshine says:

    I am Aqua-Leo, and i was in relation with Aries-Gemini, that was relation full of adventure and passion, and my silly boy run to the other city. He was tooo much possesive, but he also had other woman in other city’s:-))

  • Asherah says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Everything but the fighting… we never fight… just sex.

  • Giuliana "giulz" Accardi-Bartolomeo says:

    me n aries …hmmm yh we get on okay..he kl..we live a distance which is kinda nice cos he aint in ma face..but th sex is jst fckin phenomenal!! (i’ll leave th detail lol)…its enuf..he rlly lkes me..i rlly lk him.. altho he bout as far away from ma ‘type’ as u cn git haha…whts not 2 lk…y’all need 2 remember tht astrological readings are just a rough guide to about a zillion other aquarius’ gurlz n boyz all ova th world…y’all prob had a very different upbringing, family,friends an mentors than i did , so ur unlikely 2 be totally th same in situations as each otha…aquarians y’all shud already no this!!…also some aquarians born at different times and dates would be cooler or more passionate….depending on th where and when AND lol we all got different signs risin…so use this as the entertaining rough guide it is..and go tread ur own path…life love peace and passion to y’all :D xx

  • christie says:

    this site is total bogos!!! Me and my aires man never fight! He doesnt have a temper either, most calm man Ive ever known!

  • danny says:

    im an aries and in love with an aquarian for almost 6 years.
    I love her, shes different from anybody else. shes the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. its so hard to get her in the mood, but when she gives, its amazing.
    we fight all the time and almost broke up but dont really sex it out, we just get tired of fighting then stop.
    shes the slowest person in the universe, and im the most impatient! which is one of the main problems, but i still love her. we bring out the child inside us, which is good and bad at the same time. over all, i think shes better at being a friend than a lover. shes my best friend and my only love and I think i want to be with her forever, but after reading this, im worried.

  • giulz says:

    ahhhh danny dont be sad…or be worried afta readin an online astro thingy….its all bout u n her not wht these ppl say or think ( also methinks whoeva wrote this mite hv hadda relationship wit an aquarian gurl n come out on th wrong side of bloody n silent…cos they sure gotta downa on us aquarian laydees!!) its all about how yu n her make each othr feel…ur opposites r wht attracted u both in th 1st place.Lemme tell u yh…dont try ‘get her in th mood’ ..back off, do yo thang, ur work whteva, take her out dancin or whteva will surprise an entertain her an go home a sleep…..if things dont go down how they usually do itsa sure way 2 make ur curious gurl wonder y………….she’ll cum afta u then 2 see whts up.let her be free an dont be jealous, if she’s wit u an wants to be she wont run away, n if she does then u know at least x

  • sad says:

    wow i’m surprised this got a low score. The aries man usually is inlove with the aqua woman from my experience. The problem is, is that the aqua and aries must remember not to be too independent but the aries man will worship her.

  • Quixotix says:
  • Tyrese says:

    Got screwed over by a superficial ariesguy. buy are they great when ther in fron to f you. but out of sight is out of mind. and the tantrums…constant …from a grown man! can you beliewnve it. i woudl give this a 2.

  • RPM says:

    This shit sucks! I feel like fighting again with my Aries man so we can have some smokin’ sex! WTF!

  • joanna says:

    δεν καταλαβα εκεινο το σχολειο που λεει οτι( θα υπαρχει αιμα παντου και μετα σιωπη)τι θελει να πει με αυτο , μπορειτε να μου το εξειγησετε?

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  • lalala youwillneverknow says:

    so true! i love my aries man! everything i have read is so true. Iv been with my aries ex/bf (really don’t know whats going on) for about 2 years now and we’ve been on and off and break up over any argument, currently not together but act like we are :S and don’t mind having our sex :$

    hes really supportive and can be quite childish but treats me like a queen! and i really miss him i wish i never broke up with him. :(

  • the bloody one says:

    Wow this hit the Nail on the head and if your wounding who gonna be bloody oh yes it will be the bby Aries runnining so fast and not watching his step he doesn’t even care to think that “Your heart can really be ripped out…

  • waterpitcher says:

    i would like to add my past experience with an aries man. he was the first man who i actually loved and respected and wished full heartedly that he’d marry me. i wanted to finish my university degree first, while he continued his way up on the career ladder – which was his creative endeavours. we agreed on marriage after i was done with uni, and then get a fantastic job, ect, well sort of. and then, the years went by, those 4-5 years after being together, living together and being faithfull to only eachother. we had parties, friends, and we just enjoyed each other’s company. he was, i have to say the love of my life before i finally now, settled down married to someone more infinitely better for me. the reason why it did not work out after those years was that i went into a full depression, when my close family members died, and i just had finished uni, and all the family problems, financial, ect all came tumbling down. those 5 years together were wonderful because we had no financial problems or family, or anything. it was smooth and lovely. but when the walls came tumbling down, he retreated, detached away from me, i can feel the resentment in him and i reacted in the same way – because i could not get out of my depression at the time. i just lost people in my life that meant alot. he was supportive for a short wihle but he wasn’t going to keep going at it, for many more months. and then he told me that he didnt see me and him in marriage material anymore. and my heart broke. i felt that i wasn’t good enough because i showed those great flaws to him: that i was able to not be my cheery, lively, energetic self anymore. so i died inside. when that happened i detached from him, because my heart was crying. i knew that he didnt want me the same way. so our relationship ended. but some clairevoyant told me, before my ex aries and i parted, years before, that he would love me for always and that i was the love of his life. maybe that was true, but if i wasn’t good enough for marriage in his eyes, because i got depressed, which changed my whole personality then, the dark sides of me weren’t good enough for him.
    i knew if he had loved me for all the bad and all those years of good i showed him, he would be the one for me, forever; i would have spent all my years till old age with him. i’m glad now that these things showed me, because there are many water bearers out there that are more unconventional, and out there but there are water bearers that believe in marriage and everything that it holds. and now i’m happy with my own relationship, and god has shown me something better, much better. in ways, these things work out for the best in all of us, even if we are a little sad thinking about the past.

  • jarlene says:

    I think you sound bitter. I think this is just your way to vent about your failed relationship

  • Ciara says:

    @waterpitcher: thanks for sharing your story. I’m debating how deeply I want to become involved with an Aries man and while my ultimate decision will be made based on how my heart feels I do appreciate readiing stories like yours, just so I have as good a grasp as possible on how the male Aries mind works. It sounds like quite the traumatic experience for you but it also seems like you are where you need to be now. Best of luck to you and your hubby.

    @jarlene: F*ck off.

  • Justin says:

    This is pretty damn accurate, I’m an Aries and my gf of two years is Aquarius. Someday I wanna strangle her, other days I worship the ground she walks on. I’m bothered by the inevitable break up. I know it’s coming and after reading this I’m actually thinking of just vanashing. She lives in a dream world and refuses to be happy. But I do love her. Now I think I’m ready to start packing.

  • Cara says:

    This is the first negative Aries/Aquarius compatibility I’ve read! I’m an Aquarian woman who has been deeply in love with an Aries man for four years now. Granted, he’s not your typical Aries (not the slightest bit self-centered, doesn’t mind being a follower as opposed to a leader, not extremely passionate), but we still get along great for being a supposedly doomed couple. We are more than capable of talking out disagreements in a calm and civil manner, and we both adore each other. If anything, it kind of seems like our signs are switched. He’s more detached and cold like an Aquarius is typically described as, and I tend to be extremely passionate with him and our love. It really depends on the person. Yes, there are solid zodiac traits each sign possesses (we both like our space; I don’t get very close to people; he’s ambitious and determined) but they don’t wholly describe someone’s personality. I’m sorry to all those who have tried this pairing and had a miserable experience, but I love my Aries and he loves his Aquarius.

  • GotsTheLoVe4Him says:

    Omfg man! i’m an Aquarius girl and i currently am having an experience with an Aries guy. i known him for almost 6 years now. we went out for a short peiod of time, and we have absolutely no idea how it ended! i mean, he’s my first LOVE, first EVERYTHING and always will be. We have *smokinq* HOT sex but i have mixed feelings not knowing where our relationship stands lol! i have really strong feelingfs for him but idk if he feerls the same, and i havent asked because im a punk! ^_^ After reading this, it just broke my heart, and having doubts wether to believe it!

  • pheobe says:

    I don’t agree with this site at all one way or another. This is the only site I have found that says the most negative crap about an Aquarius n an Aries relationship. And I’m not even an Aquarius woman! I am a very proud Aries woman I’n love with an Aquarius man and he is very much in love with me. We never argue about anything and he is the only man I. An talk to and trust when he says I’m beautiful. I believe this sites dumb as hell

  • db4100 says:

    Wow, this is very accurate. I had a 15 year marriage with a japanese aquarius….so true what it said, especially about the end “There will be blood everywhere then absolute silence”. The silence is hard because we have children. The fighting and make up sex…true. She loved to fight, with me anyways. It is like I wrote this page.

  • Toa says:

    Im an Aries man! I consider myself a true Aries. I need some advice about an Aquarius woman cuz Im just confuse on something’s! I met this girl like 3 years ago, we became friends very quickly and I was attracted to her instantly! Everything about her is great!! She’s beautiful and smart, has a great personality and she’s her own person! But she was so busy being her self that we slowly just stop talking. 3 years later we kinda bumped into eachother And then started talking again! But this time it’s a little bit more difficult because I’m actually currently deployed and can’t be there to get to now her better! On my R&R we got together a couple times and it was great! But when I left it was a little sad leaving but I know I’ll be back one day! The first couple weeks after I left was good cuz we kept talking, after that it slowly stopped! I know she a very busy woman and I don’t expect anything from her because we just kinda reconnected and we’re not together (yet) but still even tho I may be a little impatient because I want her…..I still don’t know what to do!? I would write her once in awhile just to say hi but sometimes I feel like I be bothering her! So to you Aquarius woman out there any advice would help even if it’s bad advice! Should I try to be patient with her and have faith or let her be and just do me!? I dunno maybe the third time around it will happen!??

  • Jamie says:

    @Toa, Sounds like you’ve had 2 chances so the third time, you should really lay it out for her and tell her how you feel. Believe it or not…she may not even know! If you’re interested in Aquarius women in general, tryClicking Here, it worked wonders for me. I found the Aries of my dreams in under 3 and a half weeks.

  • Heloise says:

    when an explosion happens and that’s what a major health problem is all about – an explosion of the body at the basic level, it is important to know the events both immediate and cumulative that lead to the event. there is a need to step back and view a life lived. as though watching a film negative projected on the wall. you can hear the whirring of the projector as the reel spins out frame by frame. the missteps, stubbornly going against the grain of life, awry values, cavalier and even over confident attitude to health not being the least among them, an inability to face upto problems when manageable. and unmanageable stress and confusion. an overweening ego that will not hear any voice except its own, that is unable to utilize tools placed in its hands for its own betterment. moving from one disaster to another, but not learning anything from it is that what life is all about? there are very good cures to this and then there are preventions. I believe in prevention- an ounce of it is worth a pound of cure. but even preventative methods have to be used carefully since their safety is not completely known and so these methods need to be paced out even when done for years and years.
    I look at the people running, working on tv, people smiling and saying this is how I turned my life around- my priority is now this – I visit all the students I taught in high school no matter where they live now. I go by bus, train or car though I limp. that’s what I look at. what is that single ingredient that grain that element of truth in the mind that drives the body and heart to undergo a sea change. that grain transforms the life of the person who is so sick. how do people succeed? you ask a rich man how to get rich not a poor one though he may have some ideas too :P . facing upto health risks and preparing for them is one thing but picturing myself sick and scare myself silly is not productive in any way, shape or form. its stupid and it is also very offensive though that may not be the intention. the question would arise are you wishing that for me? and what is repeatedly offensive and put to me, howsoever misguided, is something I stay away from since it threatens my existence. that is not a well wisher. I do not like people who try to bring me down when I am trying to keep my head above water with no help from anyone while at the same time helping others who reach out to me. I just stay away from such negative unsupportive and tear down types. their methods may be unique but the intentions are same – to bring you down somehow. there’s a lot of those in aries- i’ve seen them and you cant get very far when one of them is around you.

  • Zoé says:

    This is a horrible compatibility evaluation. Very bad and also very negative. I would give this website a 2/10.

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