1. Anesa

    I’m a Capricorn girl. Not labeling every Aries guy a bad guy. An Aries guy flirted with me and when I told him I had a boyfriend, he was like “I can’t wait until your boyfriend and you break up so I can wife your ass up.” Smh! But he flirts with other females too. If he flirts with other females, that doesn’t mean he likes me. He just wants sex. I don’t fuck with fuckboys. I had to send him to the curb. I’m fine with my Libra man. I’m not looking to ruin shit. That Aries is like a boy to me, I need a real man.

    • Dame

      If your not concerned about the Aries man right? My guess is no. Then why look up the compatibility of the Aries man and Capricorn woman? Now to your point as an Aries men we do like to flirt but its not to get in every woman pants but just plan and simple fun and at the end of the day that Libra guy your talking might be great but your definitely interested in that little boy of an Aries. Please don’t take it personal just reading between the lines

  2. Julia Morgan

    Warning! Cupid loves to shoot you when you are down! How do you imagine meeting your true love and soul mate? After many (way too many) fruitless, obnoxious, and frustrating relationships I met Mike. When I first met him I would not have pegged him to be my “soul mate”. This was definitely not a case of love at first site. He drank too much, smoked too much, had been dumped by every female that had dared to take him on. Not exactly the man of your dreams right?

    Well, after getting him to put down the bottle it turned out there was a very shy and sensitive boy inside that rugged exterior. A boy that wanted very much to become a man. A stand up dude as I like to call them. Being a 30 year old woman that has been there, done that, and passed on the stupid t-shirt to prove it, I really have no tolerance left for losers. Somehow that never stopped me in the past from making way too much room in my life for them. There they were. You know the kind! Jobs but no money, talk but never listen, the cry babies, the socially challenged.

    Yes indeed, and I told all of them that I love them, and want to be with them forever. All the time knowing that I didn’t mean a word of it, and was harboring a lot of resentment towards them for their shortcomings. I had wondered if I would ever find the real thing. How old would I be, and what would life be like by that point? Well, I can honestly say that it sometimes hit you when you least expect it.

    Our connection is incomparable despite our differences. He is an Aries and oh, don’t get me started on that! I am a strict and practical Capricorn with serious Scorpio flair beating me up left and right. In the past Aries have annoyed me with their naturally short attention spans, and tendencies to be somewhat selfish. But I have since discovered there is so much more to Aries! They can be very playful and devoted. I never thought I would fall in love with one. The circumstances of falling in true love the way that I have really defy most of my previous expectations. I guess it really can happen anywhere, anytime! Beware!!

  3. adubb19

    I am a Capricorn woman. I met an Aries man a little over a year ago. I didn’t start seeing him until April of this year. The whole year he constantly stayed in touch with me. I noticed coming through and falling for this Aries was my biggest down fall. He thought he had me where he wanted me. When I gave in, he fell back. I cut him off recently for finding out he was lying to me. Mind you we were only friends. He talked about a future with me recently but again his actions didn’t match his words. My example “talks a good game but walks with a limp”. I wish I would have been more unavailable once I gave in… But I noticed he got bored being I was finally there. I wish it could have ended with me just being distant and not opening my big mouth when I caught him in his lie. I really liked dude. I told him though, when I first met him that him and I weren’t compatible. My kids father is an Aries… If he doesn’t reach out in due time… Hem I will never fall for another Aries ever again. Although… For the last three days I’ve received blocked calls… I never get blocked calls… I didn’t answer the first two days but today I did in the most spunkiest voice ever heard! In my gut I believe it is him. I refuse to reach out as much as I’d like to but fear being ignored or rejected. So with my ruthless, stubborn ways… I’ll wait!

  4. Im a cappie known my aries man for two months. I love that he takes action. But i think he trys to impress me too much. I have love for him. I do test him but my closest ppl thinks i am too hard on men?so im tryn see if this will be permanent. Very accurate this made me laugh.i enjoyed reading this. And thanks for the comments its really interesting.

  5. Me

    Um.. so you all know that your Sun sign doesn’t hold much validity when it comes to long term commuted relationships, right? lmfao! ..yikes…

    Me and the yumster have known each other out whole lives, practically. I noticed a gleam in his eyes one time when we were in elementary school and was stricken enough to have recalled that moment when we reconnected later. His anti vertex is in Aries, my anti vertex in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn, his Saturn square my Venus and sitting directly on top of my Neptune. Our Moons square, my north node is directly at his Amor, Sun, and Union; his north node and Mercury directly at my Union. His Groom and Destinn fall directly on top of my Karma, Psyche, and Vertex.

    ..I was just browsing the aspects of our inner world, stumbling upon the comments: we tested one another like crazy! I passed, then he passed, then he tried to break up due to intensity, then I broke up with him for Spiritual growth. I was just scared that it was a trick! Our story is rather reminiscent of my Dad’s, Mom’s, and Second Mom’s – both reflecting one another in a doppelganger-character kind of manner – mirrored lives. [Sounds like I stumbled upon my Twin Flame or something, but then that’s weird because someone in his family brought me to him when we were all kids, and we’ve had this quiet understanding since about whom we are to one another.]

    Once passing each other’s tests, within decent reason, I moved because I couldn’t bear being in the same territory of the Country and didn’t know if I even wanted to be friends again, also to pursue my career. He had been in my dreams, he always had been inside my head once we started [_fill in blank_], I was feeling him watching my movements even though I was States away. I knew he had been trying to contact me due to recurring dreams of being back Home that involved him needing explainations and me wanting to be amicable about things. It wasn’t until I finally accepted a call from him that I realized the dream was prophetic and that I wasn’t allowed to leave the house in the dream because we weren’t over yet.

    We made our apologies and nothing was an immediate bed of roses. I went on to test the waters, not knowing that he was still chasing me – as a Venus Cap, my mindset is that I am Little Miss Muffett on the Tuffett; which, too, is influenced by my cute little Leo placement. He plays along and let’s me challenge him. His latest one is making me even more proud and attracted to him and that makes me feel womanly when he’s off being a Man! Idk about gender role issues. Maybe with the Sun Sign. I love being smaller than him. But that could be my Pisces in the 7th House.. ..Get my point, yet, people?… We have very typically played out Aries and Cap where our inner world (anti vertex) is concerned, and it is square; though there are so many other aspects involved that those break up issues and gender issues others are dealing with, we glide right over. There’s a reason the relationships aren’t working out and it’s because you’re pairing with soul mates meant to shake you up and teach you things, who will almost always be different from your life partner, even your Twin Flame!

    Please, order your charts from Nancy. It doesn’t hurt to know what energies you were born with.

    ..also, his Sun sits directly on top of my north node, too…

  6. cap armour

    I am right now dating an Aries men.. Well. The part about ego is right. But I guess its for both of us. My dad is a 23rd Marcher Aries and just by the relationship my parents had.. I never wanted an Aries in any way. My dad give my mom hell. But with this guy it was too sudden. When we first met, he was kinda in love with another girl who was a bitch to her. They were both class mates.. They hardly went out for a month.. Before she moved on and after several guys is engaged to someone. The funny part is that even though he knew real well that she had left her, and is involved with other guys, he still remained a loyal friend to her. His whole bunch of mates was annoyed and enraged at him for being loyal to a bitch but he stayed with her whenever she needed him. Now since I have entered his life, I have taken it by a storm.. He literally is in everything with me now. It’s been six months now.. I had my guard up well from the start, but he was nothing but the nicest guy on the planet to me. I give in.. We give each other space but we are in perfect harmony at most if not all times. WE HAVE NEVER FOUGHT ONCE!! he is not as accomplished as I am.. Not as good in studies. Not as religious either – I am- but he makes sincere efforts all the time for everything just cause he knows that it matters to me. Now tbh, except the fear of Arien men in general, there is nothing wrong with him.. We are sexually attracted like crazy.. But being religious, I want to marry first before diving headfirst. He has many female friends who he find interesting but his loyalties lie only with me. He wants to get engaged in a month or so. Should I really say yes? What should I dooo??? :((

  7. ky-cappie

    Was involved with an Aries for six months when I learned that he was actually married. This was my first experience with an Aries. Of course I ended our relationship but for the past two months he’s been begging me back. The more I ignore him the morehe pushes. It’s a done deal for me,but somehow I get the feeling that ill never be rid of him

  8. tina sorensen

    Aries man is very genuine …at least mine is! I’m a cap woman and I’ve known 2 ariens in my life so far. this one, very closely. he wants to teach me things for my own good. but if you yell n scream u can scare a person into making more mistakes. its also not very nice way to talk like that to someone. also u didn’t really tell them how to do it right. sigh. but my arien is at the top of his game and wants me to do better. he s a great golfer (turned pro three years ago) and wants me to play well too. hes very passionate and loyal and really, once the stress n confusion is gone i can figure out what i did wrong. it’s not the end of the world! its not a big deal. i think eventually we will work it out. we’ve been together seven years already.

  9. true capri

    I am a true capricorn…..no problem ending a relationship if its not working…don’t get me wrong…I won’t throw in the towel easily but no problem ending it as if it were a business deal of sort….some mistake it as being cold hearted or incapable of love…I like a clean break…don’t leave anything behind as it just gives an excuse for them to stop back in….
    I’ve loved a Taurus (2 different ones) an Aquarius (sooo not compatible) and now am with an Aries….

  10. capi and leo

    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. how can i make him chase me?

  11. capi and leo

    capi and leo :
    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. and i’m worried if he thinks of me as an boring and precocious girl… i’m reserved but have pleasant manner. and to precious i would be lovely. anyway i will be very sad if he’s disappointed in me impatiently like other aries… cos i’m not important person to him now… so author says just stay and he’ll chase me…. but how can i make ARIES MAN chase me? to mild capi girl, it’s hard….

  12. capi and leo

    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. how can i make him chase me?

  13. alice

    im a capi and iv been seeing an aries guy for about 9 months now. its true, he was the one who chased me and i ignored but finally said yes..after a reeealll long time. he says he loves me (duh) but then somedays we hardly exchange a text or two. and the difficult part is we are now in seperate cities. while staying in the same city we would hardly see each other and now its impossible to. and even when we call up he never talks! he expects me to keep talking and thts just ridiculous!! all his friends say he loves me becoz i know for a fact he used to be a Casanova but now apparently he has changed his habits. and thrice i tried to break up with him but he wont let me. but he doesn’t change his behavior either. its frustrating. i promised myself i would work on this relationship until i could no more. what do i do? do i give up? and oh..in the 9 months we have been together he hasn’t done anything typical..no dates…no presents…nothing. and im somebody who loves spontaneity. and that is something he lacks. god im confused!!

  14. baby capricorn

    im a capricorn woman with a cappie mommy and daddy and im having my first child with an aries man. when we first met, i knew that we wouldnt work because my one of my sisters and brother is an aries. i knew that we would bump heads and i cant stand the mind games, the double standards, the arrogance, the disappearing. im due in oct and while one part of me says work it out for our son, the other part says, ive been tryin to make this work for a yr already. but everything that ive read about the aries/cap compatiblity is on point, ive been following astrology since i was 13 and im 26 now and the compatibilty ratios of other signs are on point as well.

  15. capricon

    Im a capricorn female involved with an Aries male. It’s been tough from the beginning. I rarely feel we are on the same page and have that “connection”. Truth be told he is one of the gorgeous men to have walked this earth. That was the inital attraction. However even that is not enough for me to continue with these silly mind games. They do have huge egos and dont be surprised if they try to make you jealous. Mine just pulled that stunt but he pulled it with the wrong female. I dont stand for that kind of B.S. and really I see it as the beginning of the end. We are now at what I call “the standoff” where we arent talking and waiting to see who gives in first. I’m so happy that I have the strong backbone of a true Capricorn because I can walk away in a heartbeat and not look back.

  16. Abbie

    I’m a capricorn girl and I’ve liked this Aries guy for some years now. For some months I was in love with him, but since I knew he liked someone else I made myself forget about him (no idea about his feelings nowadays though). We’re still friends, and we see each other once every two or three months, and after each meeting I find myself thinking about him for days before calming down. That is, until I see him again. He’s very kind to me and always greets me with a hug. We flirt a little but in a friendly manner, he’s kissed many girls I know but never tried anything with me, which in a way is fine with me because I wouldn’t want to be just one more on the list. Some things I’ll never forget are the day he offered to take me on his back when we were going to a park with some friends, or when he suddenly turned me around on the street as if to kiss me and I froze. I believe he was just kidding but we never mentioned it again. It was his bday and his movement so unexpected, gosh I can’t imagine my face XD
    Anyway, I don’t know. Sometimes I think it could work, sometimes I think it would be a complete disaster. We have the same goals for our future but I can see the different ways we have to reach them.

  17. NJ the Cappi vs. Aries

    I have just started seeing an Aries guy for one month. He is spontanious and doesn’t like for me to treat to dinner if he doesn’t have have money when I would like to go out. I read about the Cappi’s test part about the treating but my intentions is sincere, but I did do that on the first date. I read the comments and I am horrified. Should I just run for the hills on the Aries guy. But he is very sweet and nice. I did read the cold at heart part with Aries. But Cappi’s have that trait to, like I don’t care either. If it doesn’t work, I will be sad but Cappi’s always bounce back. I have not experienced the disappearing part but I am not anticipating it. I will give him a dose of his own medicine. He may not care but when the text comes through if and when he finally decides to, it will be ignored. Men and women I think all deserve someone nice and nuturing. What is the final age when people decide its time out for games. My brother told me he dealt with an Aries woman in which he was married to and he warned me they can be slick. I am not anticipating that not at all. But to be gitty with the Aries, I’m not in the business of kissing you know what. That’s never Cappi’s style. Cappi’s would rather walk away heart broken but knowing we gave it a shot and also knowing we deserve better. But with the dating I am doing right now with him, he is the first Aries I dealt with and I am walking blind with this. But these comments have opened my eyes. I can’t stereo type him yet but I told him I have been in relationships where I have been deceived and I don’t deal with decietful people well and they will be dismissed without thought, no regrets and no revolving doors to go back from my point of view. But I will see for myself and I enjoyed reading the comments. They were helpful.

  18. Alie, the Cappie

    Somehow, I stumbled in a relationship with an Aries man. He was the complete opposite from my ex-earth signs. He used his stature to intimidate people (even though he claimed he didn’t), but whenever it was just us would call me “(my) love” or give me flowers or hold me (and it is true when it said us Caps can be vulnerable from time to time. I couldn’t bring myself to be extremely affectionate and he couldn’t sit and take a moment to breathe). We seemed to always fight for control, not abruptly, but in the way we talked to each other. For example, If I ever asked why he did or ask for something, would say in a commanding tone “Because I said so” and I would demand real answers, challenge him. Sometimes, this usually led to us both being annoyed with each other or at worst not talking. We never got to the point where we understood each other and I think that’s what kept us from working. I steered our relationship into a friendship now because I think, if anything, that’s what we need most. I don’t need a man that badly if every other conversation is going to be frustrating and heartbreaking.

  19. cap girl

    I’ve dated 3 Aries men they are all the same runner , 1 day they adore u and tomorrow they don’t know you , it’s either u play their game to have them stay around or leave ..
    As i noticed am like a magnet to Aries men and they are the same to me. I’ve been seeing this Aries man for almost 2 month he started with his typical usual game so I ignored him and now he is trying to push himself back to my life. After all it’s so fun to play games.
    I learned that I should never be with an Aries but I will always keep on liking one
    Goood luck cap girls !!

  20. sariiiz

    I have been interested in an Aries man for about a month now and I’m a capricorn. He showed a lot of interest at first but recently he has been confusing me. One day he will look for me and want to spend time with me, the other he will act like i don’t exist and will hardly acknowledge me. I decided to play his game and do to him the same he does to me. I barely acknowledged him when he was around. I did it for one day and at the end of the day i had him chasing me and wanting me. I just don’t want to continue to play this game and possibly chase him away. What should I do?

  21. sr

    Beautiful liar and cold as ice should be enough to move on and up. As a female and a human being you deserve better. And, he did you a favor by showing you his true colors this soon, if not sooner. Love is blind. I am surprised it took that long as Aries men are notorious for shooting first and asking where the bullet goes later. They are ruthless and charming indeed BUT don’t be fooled as they are impulsive egoists. They just can’t help themselves. It’s their world and you are just living in it. Just go on a dating website and read the bios of these guys. It’s good for a laugh when you know their rules.

    This mystery third party (his Mr. Hyde side) may have just saved your life, time , money and self respect. Just remember, you worth more than that and find you a good loving, nurturing man with integrity. You deserve a life without games and BS….. Good Luck.

    Finally, astrologically Caps and Aries are not compatible.

  22. Zee

    I am a cap woman who dated an aries man for about 2 1/2 months. I lived in VA, he lived in PA. He would do most of the traveling to come see me. I noticed that he would leave his phone everywhere except where we were in th house. So one day I asked can I see his phone just to see applications. He jokingly disapproved. The following week that I was suppose to visit him, he made up many excuses for us not to see each other. He said that he needed to spend time with his daughter. Through my suprise, he was spending time with another woman. WTH happened, I wondered??

    He wined and dined me like no other. He treated me like a royal queen, said he wanted to marry me and everything. He even brought wedding rings. I am 32 and he is 40 and I was certain that this was the man of my dreams (sigh) anyhow, after I found out about the woman he refused to take my calls or answer my texts. I was sooooooo devastated and hurt!! This happended the end of Jan 2011. Eventually we talked. He told me that an interest of mine sent him al kinds of texts and emails of in reference to me, ut he never showed me and once I told him to 3-way this person, he refused. He told me that I can talk until I am blue in the face and he still won’t believe that I didn’t cheat!!! REALLY?? Al of this because I asked to see your phone?

    In a nutshell, he(Aries) can be as sweet as sweet as sugar and cold as ice as well. He can also be a beautiful liar. Since then he has been through 3 women in the past few months and I still find myself in love with him. Occassionally he will answer my texts, but he always has something cold or sarcastic to say. I told him that I loved him and wanted to be wth him, he told me that he didn’t know what to tell me and that part of him love me and the other part hates me. 🙁

    I need to get some strength to move on…..

  23. Bre

    Ive been seeing an Aries guy for about a year (absent for about 5 months due to his friends wife) I notice when we were going through a bit of drama with that whole sitch. he would call it off and leave, then turn around and text 3 days later at 3am saying HI. he wheels me back in everytime. i know i make him smile and he tickles me pink however i know , the amount of feelings involved is different if that makes sense. i have much more feelings for him than he does me and find myself being insecure at times. it drives me nuts. so are the amount of feeling really different or do aries just typically not show thier feelings as much and like the rest of thier personality they leave it a guessing game????

  24. Cappi

    I am married to an Aries man. Now we live separately though.He left, but he didn’t really live, cos he wants to see me anyways all the time. We have the best sex ever! He says he loves me but he is torn in his mind i quess. He is afraid of difficulties, but marrige is not always fun. How can u play hard to get when u r already married?

  25. bigboy2814

    I’ve been with a capi for a little over a year now and im a aries. everthing was great at first and dont get me wrong it still is. We moved in together, she has 2 boys that I love. This is whats going on, sometimes she makes me feel dumb because im use to doing things differently than she is and shes 7 years older than me also. Im going to say shes the one because i do have intentions on marring her. She was with her baby’s father 10 yrs before me, but they never went antwhere with there relationship, if you ask me they werent even in a relationship, she did her extremely wrong!! because of the boys hes still around. She tells me she isnt a cheat, she likes girls and when we first got together she did something with another girl on my birthday!!! i still cant get that shit out of my head, but im working on it. should i be worried she told me twice that i didnt have anyhting to worry about shes not going anywhere and shes not going to cheat on me. ive had shitty relationships in the past where i always end up looking stupid and i refuse to go thru it again. SHOULD I BE WORRIED, IS IT OK TO COMPLETELY LET MA WALLS DWN, DO IT SOUND LIKE IM IN A OK PLACE FOR NOW, DO YOU SEE IT GETTING TO A POINT WHERE IM GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE ANYTIME SOON?????????

  26. Md.Shofiul Alam

    Absolute True ! Everything is happend with my capri.
    in serious dillema.. cant leave but i cant take patience.

  27. A Ram in London

    very accurate. everything you say rings true. my last capi broke my heart like she was changing car insurance. We are still friends but deep down I’m secretly hoping we still have a future. I’m done wasting my time thinking about it though.

    if it ever happens again it will happen just as fluidly as it happened the first time. if not then there is no point in crying over spilt milk. i’ve no shortage of suitors but it’s hard to find someone who i don’t find boring and can truly respect. it’s can be tough at times being a fiery aries.

    there was just something so enigmatic and wrong about that capi which i couldn’t resist and it wasn’t just lust. something about her mind just reeled me in.

  28. Alexandra

    Wow this was true, lol. For me, It doesn’t matter if the guy is the sexiest man on earth, if he’s not direct/honest, hardworking, and a good person, he’ll just be a guy who has a terrible personality, but is incredibly sexy. LOL. I would never pursue a relationship with someone who has a terrible personality/attidude, makes excuses, or does things half-assed.

    I don’t like feeling lost in a relationship-friend, family, or lover. If a guy is going to vanish for a little, I just want to know what’s going on or if he’s okay, so I don’t think he lost interest or ran off with another or got kidnapped lol. I’m not clingy, I’ll give you your space (“me” time, guy time, or w/e-you-want-time), but don’t leave me in the dark if you disappear w/o a trace for a while then suddenly appear.

    I also laughed when it said that we test guys by offering to pay because I do it all the time and other things to test their character.

  29. mimi

    yea us capricorn women r so guarded its disgusting lol it takes a whiiile for us 2 trust someone but it doesnt mean we dont like u..we take caution with everything to make sure we make the right move..thats y, we put up so many walls..we just wanna see whos willing 2 climb over them..and we all need therapy, rupert lol..but honestly, this girl sounds like a winner 2 me. she seems smart from the way u describe her, i hope it works out, keep me posted! lolol.. ok i really need therapy……..

  30. niya

    I’m a Taurus ..and getting to know a Aries and yes …the disappearing thing is very annoying…n he’s the one that pursued me….I was feeling him a lot at one point but ….feelings are changing …not really interested…any more ….

  31. rupert

    mimi be my guide!! we talk for hours everyday, and its about nothing!! its usually just me joking around with her and we’ll joke about who has the upper hand over the other one!! ive only known her about a week, but she just seems to be all i think about, i dont want this to be infatuation and flaky for me, but at the same time i dont want her to think im not interested, but its crazy because i see that nothing works!! its as if she knows i want her but wont let me have her!! though i doubt she knows that i like her.. this is nuts, lol i need therapy!

  32. mimi

    honestly all capricorns want is to be appreciated, i think as long as ur in the picture, instead of disappearing all the time, shell b convinced. i think as long as u prove (not talk about) that shes special 2 u, it will work..at least it would work for me and im a cap woman. dont talk about it, be about it. then shell know that you’re for real…….

  33. rupert

    Kimmie: Im an aries male (with strong aries orientation: mother and father are both aries as well – mum and I were born on the same day so go figure), and I’ll tell you why we do it. We have a very bad habit of disappearing, we don’t do it with the intent of disappearing, its just something that seems to happen because we tend to get caught up in the moment with our daily errands and life and then we’re gone with the wind. Its not that we chose to ignore you on purpose but we will slip away from time to time. Its also not something we do all the time, but it does happen with us a fair bit, that said we’ll always come back – you cant get rid of us that easily if you’ve caught our attention.

    Building up from there, when we are in a serious relationship you will have us around a great deal, because we enjoy every minute of it, and any challenge to blow you away and sweep you off your feet we’ll make the most of. It’s kind of like when we’re here its like you got hit by a tornado, and then we’re gone and it’ll all be calm and then we’ll come back and you’ll get hit by a tornado again. That is just how we are, its about acting on impulse, and improvising for almost everything and while doing both those things making everything work to make sure you’re needs are catered to. We’re nature’s providers, we enjoy giving and tending to your needs, well so long as you show us you appreciate us doing it for you even if it is in a very subtle way.

    Now moving onto my issue.. I’ve recently come across this amazing cap woman, who’s caught my attention out of nowhere (she flew in under the radar and I think I’m smitten). So far I’ve been how we all know a typical aries is, but now you folks have me worried.. I’d love to make this work.. what do I do??!

  34. mimi

    im also a cap woman. i have dealt with a few aires men and yes they r so confusing! i think its because, even though we have alot in common, we have such a different approach to life. i agree with what was written above about letting him chase u. if its one thing i know for a fact is aires men dote on novelty and challenge, so i say dont call him out on his behavior, thats just how he is. aries have big-ass egos and think they can win u over n then pay u no mind..ignore HIM for a little while, see how he likes it. i hate playing games like that, but i feel like with aires u have to. this is only in the beginning though, because when an aries gets into a relationship, hes serious about it and its for the long run. aires r so much fun, so if i were u i wouldnt give up easily

  35. Kimmie

    I am a Capricorn who has started a new relationship with an Aries man. It has been almost everything that is stated here and then some! We have such a great connection! I just get confused by his behavior sometimes……he will be out of touch for a couple of days but then come right back to me. Why???

  36. C

    “She’ll offer to pay (for you, too) but it’s a test. Under no conditions take her up on it if you ever want to see her again.”

    Wow, I’ve totally done this. Fail the test and its over. (thought it was my own little secret)

  37. camille

    I’ve experienced the “when its over part” and its on target…I, the cap woman cut it off nice and clean….he yelled and screamed outside my house for nearly and hour. …if only he were as passionate about working as he were about me. I do miss him though.

  38. Candie

    Almost everything has proven to be acurate, exceot for the part of Capricorns forgetting and not thinking about what could have been. Sometimes, I occasionally find myself thinking about it, and often regreting the relationship coming to an end.

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