Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Capricorn Couples: Marlon Brando and Tarita Teriipia, Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton.

This relationship can be a gender bender and it is always about success.  Two hard working, goal oriented individuals who love to be on top have to find ways to cooperate with one another and share space.   [Hint:  She will wear the pants because she’s wiser.]

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Capricorn Woman:  You are probably the most challenging woman he’ll ever meet because you’re not needy.  Therefore you don’t swoon over his boyish charms.  Stay just a little bit out of his reach and chances are he’ll chase you until you catch him.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as an Aries Man:  You know what you want and she will sense that when you put the ball into play as only you can.   Just don’t expect her to act Impressed by you’re audacity.   She may seem shy and self effacing but underneath is a stoic dedicated man of action just like you so you’ll have to learn-as-you-go how to appeal to her.  For starters you’ll have to be more of a man and at least as competent as she is about checking under the hood, getting a re-fi or laying a new driveway.  No Wimps Need Apply.  She’s not the pushover for your charms that most women are.  She’s a good judge of character s you better have some.  She doesn’t “’need” your attention and she can certainly live without you.

Degree of Romance:   There’s a lot of unexpected tenderness here but It’s hardly romantic.  The best she can do is show some vulnerability from time to time.  Sorry, Aries.  This lady            was probably the oldest of five or her mother ran off with her father’s best friend.  She’s got a hard core realism that short circuits the fluffy Amour.

Degree of Passion:   These two can really get it on, shocking as that may seem to Cappie who may realize she actually has needs in the presence of the steamy ram.  He will take full advantage and bring her to her knees begging for more.

Degree of Friendship:  They may find it hard to be friends because their approach to goal setting and achievement is so different.  Capricorn will feel likes he’s rash and impulsive.  Aries will mistake her uber preparedness for procrastination and timidity.

Degree of Marriage:  This can work.  Both are quite dedicated to each other and secretly feel that the foundation of society is In successful marriages.  Both will work hard at it — if only they could each give a little ground and do it in tandem.  It gets better when kids come along because then there are some Indians as well as chiefs.

Progression of Relationship:   They may quietly fight for control from the beginning.  She may ask for HIS phone number.  She won’t hesitate to rearrange schedules and suggest better places to meet.  You’ll feel like you’re booking a business meeting.  She’ll probably prefer a prize fight or soccer playoffs to a quiet conversation in the new Bing Crosby’s Bar & Restaurant.  Aries, be prepared to spend some money.  She’ll offer to pay (for you, too) but it’s a test.  Under no conditions take her up on it if you ever want to see her again.

Sex:   They’re not called a goat and a ram for no reason.

When It’s Over:  It’ll be wrapped up in a business like manner.  Aries will be a little bit “loud” over it but by then Capricorn is a wrap-it-up machine.  No second guesses, no doubts and don’t waste energy over what could have been.

Our Rating: 7 /10

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57 Responses to Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

  • ebonyeyed says:

    I am a Capricorn women and totally feelings a Aries man. I have never been with an Aries before him so hes my first. We met on a dating site and he held my attention above everyone else. He is gorgeous and very charming and insanely sweet. But I felt like he moved extremely fast. After 2 days of hanging out on the 3rd day he asked me to be his girlfriend. It had been 2 years sense i had been in a actual relationship and inbetween that time men had just played games on me. So yes i had the walls up and was very guarded and i also have a 4 yr old daughter so i dont want tons of random men in my life or hers. But i was so infatuated by him i said yes after 2 days to be his gf. He was very attentive the first week we’d text all day and he’d call me. And come over daily. And most importantly my daughter loved him and he adored her. I have never seen her take to anyone like she does him the moment we both saw him she ran up and gave him a hug too. When he comes over she likes to hold his hand and hug and kiss him and talk to him. She is usually some what reserved and has instilled in her a sense of stranger danger so it amazed me how much she liked him. And kids have an intuition of good and bad people. He also like to spoil her a lilttle she knew that at a 11pm at night if she asked him to go get her a doughnut he would leave and go get her one. much to my dismay cus it was just making her spoiled. But anyway yeah the first week was amazing! but within that week he was already telling me he loved me. So that scared me too. The overly sweet tendencies and the rush of emotions just made me want to retreat and put walls up cause i was like, this has got to be to good to be true! Where is the douchebag side of him? My friends told me i was being a brat and needed to stop searching for the bad in people cus he seems like a great guy. Well near the end of that first week we got in an argument, mostly my fault cus i dont trust easily or really trust at all so i let my past hurt and emotions get in the way and he was angry and hurt and didnt want to talk to me. I cried cus i thought i fucked up and missed out on an amazing person and potential future with him. I tried giving him space for 2 days but missed him like crazy so finally text him and told him again how sorry i was and how i missed him and he still was upset but later that night text me and told us we could start all over again but i had to respect him and not get mad over dumb things anymore and he wanted to make me happy and be happy too. I agreed and promised it wouldnt happen again. Well he came over the nxt day and i made him dinner then after that night he seemed distant. All of a sudden he wasnt coming over everyday and had a thousand “excuese” first it was that he was sick, then he had to go to idaho for a family thing, then this and then that. Well we were two early in our relationship for him to already be acting flaky and inconsistent. He quickly set down a foundation for our realtionship and then its like he dipped out. I would keep telling him i missed him and he would say he missed me but wouldnt come see me. And if he had a bad day instead of coming over so i could attempt to help him feel better he’d go drink with his friends instead. I have a decent working bs detector and i started to sense something was up. We would still text everyday and he;d call and say he was coming to see me then something would supposedly happen and he wouldnt show up but something didnt seem right. So i got on the dating website we met on and sure enough he had been updating it and adding pictures. And i thought wow dude! if you are my bf and you are in a relationship with me why do u need to keep getting on here? I didnt expect him to delete his profile whatever keep it but he didnt need to be getting on it still. Like update your facebook not your dating account. So i was livid it was like everything made sense all of a sudden. Like oh thats why you have no time to come over you are going on dates with other women. I have no proof but thats how it appeared to me. So i dumped him and we spent the nxt two days arguing via text and he swore he wasnt doing anything wrong and i treat him like shit and i just dont trust him and blah blah blah. well we didnt talk for 4 days and by the 4th night i felt the need to txt and check on him and the nxt day he responded and was plesantly nice. Well i went to a party that night and i got drunk and text him and poured my heart out to him and said i was sorry and i missed him blah blah blah and he replied the nxt day saying he doesnt want to work on things with someone that hurt him, just being a lil dramatic and putting ALL the blame on me. So i was like look, you hurt me first! so i hurt you. anyway i begged him to come over so we could talk and he told me he couldnt sorry that he met someone else. Well i dont get jealous thats just me. like whatever so i told him okay congrats best of luck and i had gone on a date also so i decided to tell him i met someone too. and he text me the next day to say he was happy for me well he had a tendency to always want to respond to my text even after i would tell him not to so i was livid i was done talking to him. So i let him have it. Told him we were broken up for only 4 days there is no way he already met someone new in 4 days so he had to of been with her why we were together called him a liar told him he played me and amazingly he did a 180 degree turn in attitude and was trying to apologise was no longer placing blame on me kept texting to check on me and swore he never lied about anything or played me but i would either delete his text or cuss him out and tell him to leave me alone. Well like a few of u said its something about the aries man that drives us crazy and i cant stay mad at him and i miss him like crazy and he runs thru my mind 24/7. But the odd thing was he kept texting me and at random hours like midnight and would ask whats up and stuff and im like seriously if u have a gf why are u always texting me? We would argue then make up and i would tell him how much i miss him and want to try it again with him if it doesnt work out with his “gf” and im having a hard time getting over him. (I am not at all usually like this. i ususally will just walk away but something about him I cant) Well he replied saying he understood and we can be friends for now. whatever that means in guy language. well sense then i havent bothered texting him cus i dont want to be his friend i want to be his one and only again. so i will go days (like 4 or 5) not hearing from him or bothering to contact him and then i wake up to text from him that he sent at midnight and i respond to them when i feel like it which is usally like 10 or 12 hours later. Well last week he text me and we talked causal for a lil bit then i couldnt take it anymore and poured my heart out again and told him i hate being his friend but will try my best but when hes ready to try again wit a realtionship with me i’ll be here waiting. And he said for sure he will let me know when hes ready but for now lets me friends. Well he came over 3 days ago and i sat on the opposite end of the couch and we talked and laughed for awhile but he kept scooting closer to me. then rubbing my face and touching my hair then laid his head in my lap. then at some point he pulled me into him and held me. then we ended up cuddling and kissing and he told me he has missed me. then he had to leave a few min later and i stood there hugging him forever cus OMG i have missed him! He is serisouly ALL i think about. Well sense then we have text like one day and then he text me at 4am 2 mornings ago and i will respond to his text but he hasnt been texting back and that is NOT usually like him. So i dont know if hes now doing the disappearing act or what but im gonna play his game and not worry about it and keep living my life and when hes ready to make contact again….cool but yes i am missing the shit out of him and he is soo mysterious to me. But im addicted to him and its sad. And i miss being with him and yeah i think I LOVE HIM <3 sooo we will see what happens im not giving up this easy i want him tooooo much :) so stay tuned.

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  • Jamie says:

    Been reading your posts and I just thought I would share that I found a cool dating site based on zodiac, and has been pretty helpful for me! Being an Aries male it isn’t easy to find a very compatible girl that keeps my interest but this site has a cool compatibility score and details about your match. Anyway I liked it so hopefully it help you guys too. – Dating

  • tbaby says:

    I can’t stand Aries men. This one I am with is driving me crazy. He thinks cause I love him I can’t live without him. He don’t trust me cause I never cheated on him. But he treats me like I had sex with 5 men before he got home. How do I show my aries man he can trust me? Him being insecure is making me want to move on.

  • bossbaby says:

    I don’t know what is about Aries Man. Everything that was spoken is so true. He drives me crazy but I can’t seem to leave him alone and when I do. He finds his way back to me so kind of way. I normally keeps it moving but Wow this I can’t seem to sake. I love him completely!!!! But I will move around and be like ayeeeeee!!!!!!

  • momo says:

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