Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Capricorn Couples: Marlon Brando and Tarita Teriipia, Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton.

This relationship can be a gender bender and it is always about success.  Two hard working, goal oriented individuals who love to be on top have to find ways to cooperate with one another and share space.   [Hint:  She will wear the pants because she’s wiser.]

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Capricorn Woman:  You are probably the most challenging woman he’ll ever meet because you’re not needy.  Therefore you don’t swoon over his boyish charms.  Stay just a little bit out of his reach and chances are he’ll chase you until you catch him.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as an Aries Man:  You know what you want and she will sense that when you put the ball into play as only you can.   Just don’t expect her to act Impressed by you’re audacity.   She may seem shy and self effacing but underneath is a stoic dedicated man of action just like you so you’ll have to learn-as-you-go how to appeal to her.  For starters you’ll have to be more of a man and at least as competent as she is about checking under the hood, getting a re-fi or laying a new driveway.  No Wimps Need Apply.  She’s not the pushover for your charms that most women are.  She’s a good judge of character s you better have some.  She doesn’t “’need” your attention and she can certainly live without you.

Degree of Romance:   There’s a lot of unexpected tenderness here but It’s hardly romantic.  The best she can do is show some vulnerability from time to time.  Sorry, Aries.  This lady            was probably the oldest of five or her mother ran off with her father’s best friend.  She’s got a hard core realism that short circuits the fluffy Amour.

Degree of Passion:   These two can really get it on, shocking as that may seem to Cappie who may realize she actually has needs in the presence of the steamy ram.  He will take full advantage and bring her to her knees begging for more.

Degree of Friendship:  They may find it hard to be friends because their approach to goal setting and achievement is so different.  Capricorn will feel likes he’s rash and impulsive.  Aries will mistake her uber preparedness for procrastination and timidity.

Degree of Marriage:  This can work.  Both are quite dedicated to each other and secretly feel that the foundation of society is In successful marriages.  Both will work hard at it — if only they could each give a little ground and do it in tandem.  It gets better when kids come along because then there are some Indians as well as chiefs.

Progression of Relationship:   They may quietly fight for control from the beginning.  She may ask for HIS phone number.  She won’t hesitate to rearrange schedules and suggest better places to meet.  You’ll feel like you’re booking a business meeting.  She’ll probably prefer a prize fight or soccer playoffs to a quiet conversation in the new Bing Crosby’s Bar & Restaurant.  Aries, be prepared to spend some money.  She’ll offer to pay (for you, too) but it’s a test.  Under no conditions take her up on it if you ever want to see her again.

Sex:   They’re not called a goat and a ram for no reason.

When It’s Over:  It’ll be wrapped up in a business like manner.  Aries will be a little bit “loud” over it but by then Capricorn is a wrap-it-up machine.  No second guesses, no doubts and don’t waste energy over what could have been.

Our Rating: 7 /10

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57 Responses to Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

  • Lucia says:

    very true except for “When it’s Over”. It’s never over with us.

  • Candie says:

    Almost everything has proven to be acurate, exceot for the part of Capricorns forgetting and not thinking about what could have been. Sometimes, I occasionally find myself thinking about it, and often regreting the relationship coming to an end.

  • camille says:

    I’ve experienced the “when its over part” and its on target…I, the cap woman cut it off nice and clean….he yelled and screamed outside my house for nearly and hour. …if only he were as passionate about working as he were about me. I do miss him though.

  • nancy says:


  • nancy says:


  • nancy says:

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  • C says:

    “She’ll offer to pay (for you, too) but it’s a test. Under no conditions take her up on it if you ever want to see her again.”

    Wow, I’ve totally done this. Fail the test and its over. (thought it was my own little secret)

  • Kimmie says:

    I am a Capricorn who has started a new relationship with an Aries man. It has been almost everything that is stated here and then some! We have such a great connection! I just get confused by his behavior sometimes……he will be out of touch for a couple of days but then come right back to me. Why???

  • mimi says:

    im also a cap woman. i have dealt with a few aires men and yes they r so confusing! i think its because, even though we have alot in common, we have such a different approach to life. i agree with what was written above about letting him chase u. if its one thing i know for a fact is aires men dote on novelty and challenge, so i say dont call him out on his behavior, thats just how he is. aries have big-ass egos and think they can win u over n then pay u no mind..ignore HIM for a little while, see how he likes it. i hate playing games like that, but i feel like with aires u have to. this is only in the beginning though, because when an aries gets into a relationship, hes serious about it and its for the long run. aires r so much fun, so if i were u i wouldnt give up easily

  • rupert says:

    Kimmie: Im an aries male (with strong aries orientation: mother and father are both aries as well – mum and I were born on the same day so go figure), and I’ll tell you why we do it. We have a very bad habit of disappearing, we don’t do it with the intent of disappearing, its just something that seems to happen because we tend to get caught up in the moment with our daily errands and life and then we’re gone with the wind. Its not that we chose to ignore you on purpose but we will slip away from time to time. Its also not something we do all the time, but it does happen with us a fair bit, that said we’ll always come back – you cant get rid of us that easily if you’ve caught our attention.

    Building up from there, when we are in a serious relationship you will have us around a great deal, because we enjoy every minute of it, and any challenge to blow you away and sweep you off your feet we’ll make the most of. It’s kind of like when we’re here its like you got hit by a tornado, and then we’re gone and it’ll all be calm and then we’ll come back and you’ll get hit by a tornado again. That is just how we are, its about acting on impulse, and improvising for almost everything and while doing both those things making everything work to make sure you’re needs are catered to. We’re nature’s providers, we enjoy giving and tending to your needs, well so long as you show us you appreciate us doing it for you even if it is in a very subtle way.

    Now moving onto my issue.. I’ve recently come across this amazing cap woman, who’s caught my attention out of nowhere (she flew in under the radar and I think I’m smitten). So far I’ve been how we all know a typical aries is, but now you folks have me worried.. I’d love to make this work.. what do I do??!

  • mimi says:

    honestly all capricorns want is to be appreciated, i think as long as ur in the picture, instead of disappearing all the time, shell b convinced. i think as long as u prove (not talk about) that shes special 2 u, it will least it would work for me and im a cap woman. dont talk about it, be about it. then shell know that you’re for real…….

  • rupert says:

    mimi be my guide!! we talk for hours everyday, and its about nothing!! its usually just me joking around with her and we’ll joke about who has the upper hand over the other one!! ive only known her about a week, but she just seems to be all i think about, i dont want this to be infatuation and flaky for me, but at the same time i dont want her to think im not interested, but its crazy because i see that nothing works!! its as if she knows i want her but wont let me have her!! though i doubt she knows that i like her.. this is nuts, lol i need therapy!

  • Ava says:

    Awww Rupert just keep showing her you are interested and she will respond to your advances, we as capricorn woman love being chased anyways!

  • niya says:

    I’m a Taurus ..and getting to know a Aries and yes …the disappearing thing is very annoying…n he’s the one that pursued me….I was feeling him a lot at one point but ….feelings are changing …not really interested…any more ….

  • mimi says:

    yea us capricorn women r so guarded its disgusting lol it takes a whiiile for us 2 trust someone but it doesnt mean we dont like u..we take caution with everything to make sure we make the right move..thats y, we put up so many walls..we just wanna see whos willing 2 climb over them..and we all need therapy, rupert lol..but honestly, this girl sounds like a winner 2 me. she seems smart from the way u describe her, i hope it works out, keep me posted! lolol.. ok i really need therapy……..

  • Alexandra says:

    Wow this was true, lol. For me, It doesn’t matter if the guy is the sexiest man on earth, if he’s not direct/honest, hardworking, and a good person, he’ll just be a guy who has a terrible personality, but is incredibly sexy. LOL. I would never pursue a relationship with someone who has a terrible personality/attidude, makes excuses, or does things half-assed.

    I don’t like feeling lost in a relationship-friend, family, or lover. If a guy is going to vanish for a little, I just want to know what’s going on or if he’s okay, so I don’t think he lost interest or ran off with another or got kidnapped lol. I’m not clingy, I’ll give you your space (“me” time, guy time, or w/e-you-want-time), but don’t leave me in the dark if you disappear w/o a trace for a while then suddenly appear.

    I also laughed when it said that we test guys by offering to pay because I do it all the time and other things to test their character.

  • A Ram in London says:

    very accurate. everything you say rings true. my last capi broke my heart like she was changing car insurance. We are still friends but deep down I’m secretly hoping we still have a future. I’m done wasting my time thinking about it though.

    if it ever happens again it will happen just as fluidly as it happened the first time. if not then there is no point in crying over spilt milk. i’ve no shortage of suitors but it’s hard to find someone who i don’t find boring and can truly respect. it’s can be tough at times being a fiery aries.

    there was just something so enigmatic and wrong about that capi which i couldn’t resist and it wasn’t just lust. something about her mind just reeled me in.

  • Md.Shofiul Alam says:

    Absolute True ! Everything is happend with my capri.
    in serious dillema.. cant leave but i cant take patience.

  • bigboy2814 says:

    I’ve been with a capi for a little over a year now and im a aries. everthing was great at first and dont get me wrong it still is. We moved in together, she has 2 boys that I love. This is whats going on, sometimes she makes me feel dumb because im use to doing things differently than she is and shes 7 years older than me also. Im going to say shes the one because i do have intentions on marring her. She was with her baby’s father 10 yrs before me, but they never went antwhere with there relationship, if you ask me they werent even in a relationship, she did her extremely wrong!! because of the boys hes still around. She tells me she isnt a cheat, she likes girls and when we first got together she did something with another girl on my birthday!!! i still cant get that shit out of my head, but im working on it. should i be worried she told me twice that i didnt have anyhting to worry about shes not going anywhere and shes not going to cheat on me. ive had shitty relationships in the past where i always end up looking stupid and i refuse to go thru it again. SHOULD I BE WORRIED, IS IT OK TO COMPLETELY LET MA WALLS DWN, DO IT SOUND LIKE IM IN A OK PLACE FOR NOW, DO YOU SEE IT GETTING TO A POINT WHERE IM GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE ANYTIME SOON?????????

  • Cappi says:

    I am married to an Aries man. Now we live separately though.He left, but he didn’t really live, cos he wants to see me anyways all the time. We have the best sex ever! He says he loves me but he is torn in his mind i quess. He is afraid of difficulties, but marrige is not always fun. How can u play hard to get when u r already married?

  • Bre says:

    Ive been seeing an Aries guy for about a year (absent for about 5 months due to his friends wife) I notice when we were going through a bit of drama with that whole sitch. he would call it off and leave, then turn around and text 3 days later at 3am saying HI. he wheels me back in everytime. i know i make him smile and he tickles me pink however i know , the amount of feelings involved is different if that makes sense. i have much more feelings for him than he does me and find myself being insecure at times. it drives me nuts. so are the amount of feeling really different or do aries just typically not show thier feelings as much and like the rest of thier personality they leave it a guessing game????

  • Zee says:

    I am a cap woman who dated an aries man for about 2 1/2 months. I lived in VA, he lived in PA. He would do most of the traveling to come see me. I noticed that he would leave his phone everywhere except where we were in th house. So one day I asked can I see his phone just to see applications. He jokingly disapproved. The following week that I was suppose to visit him, he made up many excuses for us not to see each other. He said that he needed to spend time with his daughter. Through my suprise, he was spending time with another woman. WTH happened, I wondered??

    He wined and dined me like no other. He treated me like a royal queen, said he wanted to marry me and everything. He even brought wedding rings. I am 32 and he is 40 and I was certain that this was the man of my dreams (sigh) anyhow, after I found out about the woman he refused to take my calls or answer my texts. I was sooooooo devastated and hurt!! This happended the end of Jan 2011. Eventually we talked. He told me that an interest of mine sent him al kinds of texts and emails of in reference to me, ut he never showed me and once I told him to 3-way this person, he refused. He told me that I can talk until I am blue in the face and he still won’t believe that I didn’t cheat!!! REALLY?? Al of this because I asked to see your phone?

    In a nutshell, he(Aries) can be as sweet as sweet as sugar and cold as ice as well. He can also be a beautiful liar. Since then he has been through 3 women in the past few months and I still find myself in love with him. Occassionally he will answer my texts, but he always has something cold or sarcastic to say. I told him that I loved him and wanted to be wth him, he told me that he didn’t know what to tell me and that part of him love me and the other part hates me. :-(

    I need to get some strength to move on…..

  • sr says:

    Beautiful liar and cold as ice should be enough to move on and up. As a female and a human being you deserve better. And, he did you a favor by showing you his true colors this soon, if not sooner. Love is blind. I am surprised it took that long as Aries men are notorious for shooting first and asking where the bullet goes later. They are ruthless and charming indeed BUT don’t be fooled as they are impulsive egoists. They just can’t help themselves. It’s their world and you are just living in it. Just go on a dating website and read the bios of these guys. It’s good for a laugh when you know their rules.

    This mystery third party (his Mr. Hyde side) may have just saved your life, time , money and self respect. Just remember, you worth more than that and find you a good loving, nurturing man with integrity. You deserve a life without games and BS….. Good Luck.

    Finally, astrologically Caps and Aries are not compatible.

  • sariiiz says:

    I have been interested in an Aries man for about a month now and I’m a capricorn. He showed a lot of interest at first but recently he has been confusing me. One day he will look for me and want to spend time with me, the other he will act like i don’t exist and will hardly acknowledge me. I decided to play his game and do to him the same he does to me. I barely acknowledged him when he was around. I did it for one day and at the end of the day i had him chasing me and wanting me. I just don’t want to continue to play this game and possibly chase him away. What should I do?

  • cap girl says:

    I’ve dated 3 Aries men they are all the same runner , 1 day they adore u and tomorrow they don’t know you , it’s either u play their game to have them stay around or leave ..
    As i noticed am like a magnet to Aries men and they are the same to me. I’ve been seeing this Aries man for almost 2 month he started with his typical usual game so I ignored him and now he is trying to push himself back to my life. After all it’s so fun to play games.
    I learned that I should never be with an Aries but I will always keep on liking one
    Goood luck cap girls !!

  • Alie, the Cappie says:

    Somehow, I stumbled in a relationship with an Aries man. He was the complete opposite from my ex-earth signs. He used his stature to intimidate people (even though he claimed he didn’t), but whenever it was just us would call me “(my) love” or give me flowers or hold me (and it is true when it said us Caps can be vulnerable from time to time. I couldn’t bring myself to be extremely affectionate and he couldn’t sit and take a moment to breathe). We seemed to always fight for control, not abruptly, but in the way we talked to each other. For example, If I ever asked why he did or ask for something, would say in a commanding tone “Because I said so” and I would demand real answers, challenge him. Sometimes, this usually led to us both being annoyed with each other or at worst not talking. We never got to the point where we understood each other and I think that’s what kept us from working. I steered our relationship into a friendship now because I think, if anything, that’s what we need most. I don’t need a man that badly if every other conversation is going to be frustrating and heartbreaking.

  • NJ the Cappi vs. Aries says:

    I have just started seeing an Aries guy for one month. He is spontanious and doesn’t like for me to treat to dinner if he doesn’t have have money when I would like to go out. I read about the Cappi’s test part about the treating but my intentions is sincere, but I did do that on the first date. I read the comments and I am horrified. Should I just run for the hills on the Aries guy. But he is very sweet and nice. I did read the cold at heart part with Aries. But Cappi’s have that trait to, like I don’t care either. If it doesn’t work, I will be sad but Cappi’s always bounce back. I have not experienced the disappearing part but I am not anticipating it. I will give him a dose of his own medicine. He may not care but when the text comes through if and when he finally decides to, it will be ignored. Men and women I think all deserve someone nice and nuturing. What is the final age when people decide its time out for games. My brother told me he dealt with an Aries woman in which he was married to and he warned me they can be slick. I am not anticipating that not at all. But to be gitty with the Aries, I’m not in the business of kissing you know what. That’s never Cappi’s style. Cappi’s would rather walk away heart broken but knowing we gave it a shot and also knowing we deserve better. But with the dating I am doing right now with him, he is the first Aries I dealt with and I am walking blind with this. But these comments have opened my eyes. I can’t stereo type him yet but I told him I have been in relationships where I have been deceived and I don’t deal with decietful people well and they will be dismissed without thought, no regrets and no revolving doors to go back from my point of view. But I will see for myself and I enjoyed reading the comments. They were helpful.

  • Eugenie says:
    Sigh! Aries man!! Oh only the long sufferng cap woman knows !!

  • Abbie says:

    I’m a capricorn girl and I’ve liked this Aries guy for some years now. For some months I was in love with him, but since I knew he liked someone else I made myself forget about him (no idea about his feelings nowadays though). We’re still friends, and we see each other once every two or three months, and after each meeting I find myself thinking about him for days before calming down. That is, until I see him again. He’s very kind to me and always greets me with a hug. We flirt a little but in a friendly manner, he’s kissed many girls I know but never tried anything with me, which in a way is fine with me because I wouldn’t want to be just one more on the list. Some things I’ll never forget are the day he offered to take me on his back when we were going to a park with some friends, or when he suddenly turned me around on the street as if to kiss me and I froze. I believe he was just kidding but we never mentioned it again. It was his bday and his movement so unexpected, gosh I can’t imagine my face XD
    Anyway, I don’t know. Sometimes I think it could work, sometimes I think it would be a complete disaster. We have the same goals for our future but I can see the different ways we have to reach them.

  • capricon says:

    Im a capricorn female involved with an Aries male. It’s been tough from the beginning. I rarely feel we are on the same page and have that “connection”. Truth be told he is one of the gorgeous men to have walked this earth. That was the inital attraction. However even that is not enough for me to continue with these silly mind games. They do have huge egos and dont be surprised if they try to make you jealous. Mine just pulled that stunt but he pulled it with the wrong female. I dont stand for that kind of B.S. and really I see it as the beginning of the end. We are now at what I call “the standoff” where we arent talking and waiting to see who gives in first. I’m so happy that I have the strong backbone of a true Capricorn because I can walk away in a heartbeat and not look back.

  • baby capricorn says:

    im a capricorn woman with a cappie mommy and daddy and im having my first child with an aries man. when we first met, i knew that we wouldnt work because my one of my sisters and brother is an aries. i knew that we would bump heads and i cant stand the mind games, the double standards, the arrogance, the disappearing. im due in oct and while one part of me says work it out for our son, the other part says, ive been tryin to make this work for a yr already. but everything that ive read about the aries/cap compatiblity is on point, ive been following astrology since i was 13 and im 26 now and the compatibilty ratios of other signs are on point as well.

  • alice says:

    im a capi and iv been seeing an aries guy for about 9 months now. its true, he was the one who chased me and i ignored but finally said yes..after a reeealll long time. he says he loves me (duh) but then somedays we hardly exchange a text or two. and the difficult part is we are now in seperate cities. while staying in the same city we would hardly see each other and now its impossible to. and even when we call up he never talks! he expects me to keep talking and thts just ridiculous!! all his friends say he loves me becoz i know for a fact he used to be a Casanova but now apparently he has changed his habits. and thrice i tried to break up with him but he wont let me. but he doesn’t change his behavior either. its frustrating. i promised myself i would work on this relationship until i could no more. what do i do? do i give up? and the 9 months we have been together he hasn’t done anything dates…no presents…nothing. and im somebody who loves spontaneity. and that is something he lacks. god im confused!!

  • capi and leo says:

    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. how can i make him chase me?

  • capi and leo says:

    capi and leo :
    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. and i’m worried if he thinks of me as an boring and precocious girl… i’m reserved but have pleasant manner. and to precious i would be lovely. anyway i will be very sad if he’s disappointed in me impatiently like other aries… cos i’m not important person to him now… so author says just stay and he’ll chase me…. but how can i make ARIES MAN chase me? to mild capi girl, it’s hard….

  • capi and leo says:

    i’m a capricorn woman. and actully i do luv aries man for some years. it’s an one-sided love… he’s very busy man and we don’t have many times to meet each other. but anyway i think i crush on him very long time. anyway actually he’s very quiet and reserved… i have many aries friends and most of them are very loud and impatient… and well i do agree that some aries people enjoy mind games.. but i think they don’t think it’s a game. only capricorn people think it would be a game… hahaha. (cuz we capricorns sometime doubt everything…) so i can’t guess his real character. i’m reserved person so i started to crush on his smart, staid character.. but he’s not that timid…. and it’s interesting that he’s an amateur athelete. (sigh) well actually his moon horoscope is CAPRICORN….(and my moon horoscope is an LEO.) haha.. i really want to know how to attract this misterious, careful, but passionate aries man…. he’s like the sun that i can’t reach. so maybe he needs a perfect woman. i’m just a very ordinary and passionate girl so i’m worried…. how can i make him chase me?

  • true capri says:

    I am a true capricorn… problem ending a relationship if its not working…don’t get me wrong…I won’t throw in the towel easily but no problem ending it as if it were a business deal of sort….some mistake it as being cold hearted or incapable of love…I like a clean break…don’t leave anything behind as it just gives an excuse for them to stop back in….
    I’ve loved a Taurus (2 different ones) an Aquarius (sooo not compatible) and now am with an Aries….

  • tina sorensen says:

    Aries man is very genuine …at least mine is! I’m a cap woman and I’ve known 2 ariens in my life so far. this one, very closely. he wants to teach me things for my own good. but if you yell n scream u can scare a person into making more mistakes. its also not very nice way to talk like that to someone. also u didn’t really tell them how to do it right. sigh. but my arien is at the top of his game and wants me to do better. he s a great golfer (turned pro three years ago) and wants me to play well too. hes very passionate and loyal and really, once the stress n confusion is gone i can figure out what i did wrong. it’s not the end of the world! its not a big deal. i think eventually we will work it out. we’ve been together seven years already.

  • ky-cappie says:

    Was involved with an Aries for six months when I learned that he was actually married. This was my first experience with an Aries. Of course I ended our relationship but for the past two months he’s been begging me back. The more I ignore him the morehe pushes. It’s a done deal for me,but somehow I get the feeling that ill never be rid of him

  • Born Cap says:

    OMG this disappearing routine is just driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!! 39 year old cap girl with a 42 year old aries guy… we are both married but it was a totally unexpected situation- both of us in messy relationships. Something clicked when our eyes met and clicked hard. Spent 2 months seeing each other every day when the guy was working at my building up till about 4 weeks ago… since then, appear, disappear, appear disapear……we’ve been escaping as time allows to be together. Its like a roller coaster. I’m trying to put this in perspective. Chase back off chase back off. Driving me nuts! I’d think I was totally crazy if not for these posts… but its been 5 days since I’ve heard from him… last 2 texts not replied to… still its hard.. do I despair or wait and hope? Or should I butt heads with the ram?

  • Cap w/ a hint of Sag at times says:

    I swear to you, reading this makes stuff make so much more sense. It was funny because I read someone’s response saying somethin along the lines of “I don’t mind giving you space, I just don’t want to be in the dark. Tell me if you want me-time. I just want to know everything is okay” smh I have experienced a full blown ARIES MAN. the most difficult, unpredictable (yet predictable once you know them), hardheaded, person. Yet I crave his presence, its truly sickening. I should have BEEN let him go but I can’t leave him alone. I

    have learned through trial and error when he wants to be on his “disappearing act” hype, I no longer can worry about his wellbeing and stress because it just messes with my daily life. It feels like I’m in love with a time traveler and I have no control, as if I just wait by the door for him to come home knowing he will leave but not sure when. When he is back, everyone senses my newfound happiness, when gone, life is just “okay”… As sickening as this cycle is, its the ONLY relationship, I’ve yet to be able to “wrap up”, any other one that needed to end could be done effortlessly with all feelings detached pronto.

  • Jessie says:

    I’m a cap and been seeing and Aries since october 2011, At first it was perfect but then little things began appearing the no contact all day, im used to more attention i wanted to text him but know i have to hold back to let him ‘chase me’ but its not as easily done !! Also he goes so cold one minute i feel like the main thing in his life next feel like im there just when he is bored to get in contact with, we have argued a bit and he jokes about asking if i love him, seems a bit awkward on the phone when he rings ..
    just weird in general, i like him so much, he says he really likes me but its like what do it do?? reading all that above ^ its so mixed, do Capricorn and Aries really last ? or is there always that frustration and Capricorns have to change themselves and beliefs to be with an Aires man!? just stupid mind games should you be thinking so much into a relationship ?? i always thought it should just be natural between two people! …… grrrrrrr

  • gracy says:

    okay! i read all the articles,some of them made me really happy,but some of them confused, i think there between them should be compromise, both have to give each other some steps, like “okay you do it first this time and i’ll be next”, copricorns known for their endow character, and if they really love someone they can give everything to them, the minus is that many of them know it and use it, all you need Capricorns is just don’t show that you are ready to give your freedom or other parts of your character of your individuality, then things will go easier….I am capricorn dating scorpion, but really like one aries…..but he doesn’t even know that its me somewhere in the world.
    good luck guys, no matter who you dating,like,or love…. .

  • amy says:

    I’m a cap woman and have been with aries man for 7yrs now. We have been engaged for 3yrs. I am 4yrs older with a teen daughter. He has never been married and we currently live an hour away from eachother so we see eachother on weekends. First of all the disappearing acts for him during the first 2yrs was him actually meeting other people, he just didn’t like them. When I found out I left him FOR GOOD, at least that was my intentions. This is when he came after me hard, and has never disappeared again. Even though we live in separate towns, he is always reachable. I have been the one putting off getting married. His ego, temper, and screaming fits are a real turn off for me. Every time I think I’m ready to plunge in I get scared off again. I don’t want my child’s last 2 yrs of HS to be dominated with his rules and thoughts. Some days I think I could walk away like an end to a business deal, then I think of his good traits. And I feel bad for him and his future of being alone. I love him, just not the verbal abuse I often receive.

  • Lauren Claire says:

    I’m a capricorn woman, and I have been seeing an aries man for about 9 months now. Wow — and it’s been the craziest 9 months of my entire life. And I have been through some crazy stuff. He hates me, he loves me. I hate him, I love him. We fight constantly, but when it’s good….its SO good! No matter what happens, or what he says or does, I just can’t seem to walk away — and I am usually a very strong capricorn women. In the past, if a man crossed me, I’m done, no worries, no regrets, no broken heart.Not with this one though! My advice would be to walk away…because at this point I can’t, and it’s only been 9 months. Truthfully, after 1 month I was hooked. I love him with all my heart, but I’ve lost money, time, jobs, friends, endured phyical and mental injuries….my life has definitely gone down hill. When you date an aries man, you no longer live your life for you — you tend to live it for him. It’s not ALL bad, but it’s not all rainbows either. But like I said, I love him and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, I’ve come this far!!! ;-) But I do keep saying that if “one more thing happens….I’m gone!” And I hope I mean that.

  • chris the aries says:

    damn i miss my capricorn maryssa… when i first met her it was love at first site every moment with her was well spent even if were just cuddling watching tv it was amazing but im not gonna lie the times i was away from her i flirted with girls slap there ass’s at school t’ll about 4 months in the relationship after awhile i notice that i liked her alot n i was 100 percent faithful she found out some how then she had major trust issuse i cried my heart out to her to her gave her my phone for 3 weeks my pass to facebook dropped all my friends she i made her my everything but she still didnt trust me n kept tellin me once a player always a player soon later she got drunk at her bestie party n cheated n said she felt unloved i took her back after that we had no problems expect couple months after i got her prego/ lost my v card on my mom birth day when every 1 was down stair partying n her parents / family hated me she had an abortion i couldnt see her for a month after the baby was dead but we talked on the phone all day even fell asleep on the phone together we didn’t even hang up lol i tried to say sorry to her mom n dad but they still hated me but after the baby was dead n gone everthing was back to normal but then got into a fight with my step dad had to moved from texas to northcarolina we dated long distance, she then got a guy friend turns out they were more then just friends i cussed her out n posted the dirty text she sent me while she was supposely dating the guy on facebook then her parents hate me more n she went behind her parents back still talking to me but now she picking that guy friend becuz she says he treats her right he nice n caring n my parents like him n i can see him in person n im tired of webchating i want a bf i can hold …we still talk as if we are going and and still say iloveyouuu every 2 min, we talk on the phone but i just wish i could go back n change my past cuz i really loved this girl alot………………. now here the crazy part her birth day was jan 15 1998(13!!!) n mine is 4-6-1996 well wish me luck with this girl i hope it doesnt end

  • chris the aries says:

    any question about capicorns just text me 210-560-6344 i dated alot of them n was a player but thos days are over i just want my maryssa

  • rene says:

    I am a Capricorn woman in love with an Aries man..he is wonderful, thoughtful, fun, caring, affectionate and is so passionate about the way he loves me..he’s amazing and I know I will love him for an extremely long time..the only downside is that he can be very jealous and possessive..he treats me like his princess until he gets jealous then he becomes really cold towards me and has developed a habit of punching walls when he is angry with me..if you’re with an Aries man I suggest you don’t have any guy friends and give your full and undivided attention to him! Coming from a young couple in love :) (20 & 21)

  • Rudy - Keeping true to the name says:

    To ALL of you who make remarks like “That’s just how a (insert horoscope sign) is!” Or “It’s in their nature” I just have to be blunt when I say you’re a fucking retard. Just because ONE person in your life with that sign acts a certain way, you automatically assume it reflects on all of them, and truth be told its a pitiful way to view people. WE ARE PEOPLE, NOT HOROSCOPES. We all experience people that are liars, cheaters, no-good assholes, sensitive, happy, constantly sad, etc. and their signs have nothing to do with it. Horoscopes don’t make a person who they are, YOU make who you are. It doesn’t matter whose sign is what, if you love someone love will find a way. And if it doesnt, it’s obviously because that person doesnt feel the same way as you. Period. Everyone has issues.

    Truth be told, and throw your daggers if you want to for my opinion, but horoscopes are nothing more than a block that people rely on so that they can make excuses for why their lovers act and do the things that they do. You NEED to have a reason for why your man is annoyed of you easily, so you come online and type out if you’re compatible with your lover. You find he’s easily annoyed – BINGO! So THATS why he’s always so moody! No. Its not. He’s moody because of his surroundings and nothing more. Maybe you’re pestering him? Maybe he has alot on his mind, MAYBE he just finds you annoying.

    It’s ridiculous how people will look to outside help to try and understand something so simple and easy to see. She didnt leave because she’s wild, maybe she just doesnt want a relationship and wants to travel? There are so many possibilities for why people do things, and most cases it is blatantly obvious. For any of you on here that feel it necessary to look to zodiac signs to see if you’ll make it with someone, you dont deserve the person you’re with. You should want to be with them if it FEELS right.

    I mean you’re going to take advice from something that thinks goats and virgin women are supposed to be in love? So it’s finally out that we should indulge in beastiality? Because according to you, goats are also compatible with giant ass bulls. I’ve never even heard of such a thing, and the animal world would be appalled. Just remember that you’re taking advice from the idea that the ‘best’ compatibility for you is either another random animal or an object.

    Well its a damn good thing i’m a crab because that means im compatible with a scorpion! woot woot! Or, wow im a Libra, thank god im an object and get to live my life loving two dudes that seem to be a package deal. So stupid, so so stupid. THIS is what you look to to survive in a relationship? Pitiful.

    All of you women out there crying about how some man left you, well, he didnt leave because of his sign, he left cause you fuckin suck and are not interesting enough. PERIOD. A man doesnt look at you and goes “Well since my sign says that im not that compatible with you, im going to be an extra asshole.” Nah, we’re assholes because we’re – well- assholes.

    And dudes on here, quit acting like a bunch of faggots and get over it. She dumped you cause you’re a pussy who doesnt hold your ground. Not because your signs arent compatible, which is warped anyway. As i stated above, nice to know being a crab means you get to defy the laws of the animal kingdom bang scorpions. Hell fucking yeah.

    Word of advice: Try to find the LOGICAL reasons why something does/doesnt work. Or find reasonable ideas for why someone doesn’t/does work for you, trust me, it’s there! And it has nothing to do with whacked-ass signs.

    So “why are you here” You ask? Because my fucking girlfriend went to this goddamn website and told me that this fake piece of shit is the reason “why i’m the way i am.”

    Bitter much? You haven’t even begun to see bitter.

    -Rudy is rude.

  • Lily says:

    it’s a damn relationship i just can’t get rid of!! I’m a cap woman & My fiance is an aries!! as time passes I more recognize that we have nothing in commen!! we live in two different worlds! everything I do or say to him he just misunderstands it!! I donnow what to do!! our visions are so far from eachother…I can see that I can’t achieve my goal If i go on with him… and it’s hard to day : “It’s Over” two!! so what should I do??? He attracted me first with his sence of humer! But now it’s gone !! he’s so boring!! he doesnt pay my attention to me! he doesnt understand my feelings…I cant even talk to him about my thoughts … and when we want to share our ideas in different topics he’s just silent!!! No sound!! No Ideas if he doesnt like mine…he wont even talk about why or what?? it hurts me alot …I Beg him to talk!! be he keeps silence!!! Hey!!! pls tell me if it works or not?

  • confused and hopeless says:

    Im a Capi Woman and i really like this aries at first he was all on top of me everything was going good then little by little things started changing he stop talking he stop text so i droped him then he comes back then leave then come back again i hate when he does that then when i do it back he get angry i just dont know no what to do when we together i can be myself with him we laugh joke play everything he even tell me his feeling and i feel amazing like he the one then the next day it like we never even met i didnt want to play this game no more i was tired of him doing this.he tired to get me back but i refused i was just fed up with all his dissapearing and he male ego bullshit We did not Talk For Months Or Even See Eachother and we was talk to different people but when we seen eachother again we got all these feeling back my stomach had butterflies my legs got weak and he starts smiling and he gots all tongue tied i thought i be over him but im not what can i do it was like we never stop talking Ughhhhhhhhhhh!

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