Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Leo Couples:  Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman, Al and Tipper Gore, Warren Beauty and Madonna, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry

This is an icy-hot combination, full of fun and adventure.  To an outsider (actually to the other three element signs that are not fiery), it may look like they play pretty rough, but to them it’s fun.  Have you ever seen someone get roasted on TV?  This is fire sign territory.  It takes a good, strong ego and the ability to laugh at yourself.  The truth is, Aries and Leo won’t respect you unless you can stand up for yourself.  When they push you, they expect you to shove back harder.  This, of course, leads to great make-up sex.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Aries Man:  First of all, for God’s sake don’t show any weakness.  You must court her like John Wayne on a cattle drive, and, Pilgrim, you better have your stuff together.  This lady is not very forgiving in courtship.  As a matter of fact, here is a saying to carry around in your wallet while you are trying to bed this damsel:  “There is no mistake in courtship which can be made up for.”[1] For better or for worse, love is conquest between the two of you.  She knows this as well as you do.  Impress her with your confidence and warm heart and, if you can, compete in some way for her attention.  That’s a real plus.  It would be especially helpful if you could be the first to kiss her toes, bring her a mockingbird that sings, etc.  Please be original and sincere.  The Leo lady likes to be complimented, but only if there is something sincere about it.  If her hair is not her best asset, it would be better to say, “Gosh you’re the hardest woman to date I’ve ever met,” rather than “What beautiful hair you have.”  Ms. Leo has a wonderful sense of humor as long as you are honest with her.  As far as gifts, please, nothing but the best.  By all means pick up the tab, open the door, and worship freely at the throne.  This lady gets lots of attention wherever she goes.  Make sure you can handle it before you tread in this territory.  You wouldn’t expect Madonna to sit at home and darn your socks, would you?

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Leo Woman:   Well, to start with, you could say something pretty ballsy.  That’ll get it off and running.  There is nothing, repeat nothing an Aries likes, or needs more, than a challenge.  Please do not cling, show signs of desperation, faun, or carry on emotionally.  Not that you would anyway.  Always return tit for tat, in good sport.  You don’t need to worry about hurting his ego — it’s strong enough to take some good-natured bashing.  There is a famous old musical called Kiss Me Kate which is either about an Aries-Leo or Leo-Leo combination.  It shows the dynamic pretty well.  Be exciting.  Stay one step ahead.  Flirt with other men in front of him.  Knock him down a little bit.  And keep one foot out the door, just so he won‘t take you for granted.  My dear Leo, you have the catch of the zodiac.  It’s worth a little effort to try and keep him.

Degree of Romance:  These two wrote the Book of Romance.  They can quote it, book, verse and chapter.  In this relationship, they will have a chance to play out their wildest fantasies where romance is concerned.  He can actually get away with saying the corniest lines.  Mr. Aries is one of the few men who could actually deliver Rhett Butler’s famous line from Gone with the Wind:  “You need to be kissed…and often…and by someone who knows how” without getting slapped in the face.  The Leo lady loves to play her part — stage center — and she will have many lines that she’s rehearsed for years in her fantasies.

Degree of Passion:  The Aries man may be heard to say, with a look of passion in his eyes, “I must have you.  I’m an all or nothing-at-all person.”  Passion is the special province of the fire signs and these two were born to play their part.  Of course passion includes drama, not to mention melodrama, and exaggeration.  Aries fans the flame while Leo catches fire.  It’s an exciting, fast-paced, extraordinary combination that can last forever.

Degree of Friendship:   These two can be great pals and if shared activities are a cornerstone of friendship they can be found hand-in-hand at the bowling alley, theater, or sports arena.  It could be said of each of them, Aries man and Leo woman, that they will do anything once.  This relationship should be full of firsts for both as they trade experiences and menu selections.  Her:  “You mean you’ve never had a manicure?”  Him:  “You’ve gotta go to Vegas and see a heavyweight match once in your life.”  Her:  “Let’s go to the mall and walk some dogs for free.”  Him:  “Why don’t you go ahead and dye your hair red.  You can always dye it back again.”

Degree of Marriage:   This is a strong candidate for marriage.  After all, they speak each other’s language.  Both partners are used to unintentionally intimidating others.  It is such a relief to be able to let your hair down and be yourself, even if you get a little punchy.

Progression of Relationship:  This relationship will be fast-paced and exciting.  Aries — contrary to popular stereotypes — wants to do everything with their partner.  Leo will bask in the attention.  The Aries guy is quite a handful, but he makes it worthwhile because he’s bound to be successful at whatever he’s doing.

Sex:  Both signs are exhibitionists and very comfortable in their bodies, even likely to be athletic.  Sex is looked at like a sport and game.  Have you ever found a perfect tennis partner?  Then you know that when Aries finds Leo, it is like finding thre Holy Grail of sex.  There is a sense of fair play, gamesmanship, and humanity in their love-making.  They are somehow able to leave the power struggle and the emotional intensity out of the bedroom if not out of their lives entirely.  This is very refreshing.  Having sex can be like going on holiday and returning refreshed and exuberant and full of life.

When It’s Over:   One thing that will be heard on both their lips — “I’ve never met someone like that before and never will again.”

Our Rating:  10/10

[1] Simon Bolivar, conqueror or South America

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78 Responses to Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

  • I’m a Leo woman and my birth date is August 11th. I’m more willing to give in than any other Leo I’ve met or heard of. And my Aries man (birth date: March 22nd) is more willing to express his feelings than any other Aries man I’ve met or heard of, and me and him get along great! We’ve only known each other for a couple of months and we met online and now we talk through Skype. But me and him get into silly little fights that when I look back on now I just laugh at how silly it was. But it only helps us understand each other better! Whenever we talk we go on for hours discussing ANYTHING! It’s like no matter what we’re never bored with each other! And we have so much in common! We love the same sports, same hobby’s, and we both want to live in the same place!
    He’s six years older than me, and it’s funny because even though he is mature I’m sure I’m more mature than him! And sometimes, which is something I secretly LOVE is he’ll play little games with me! Hahaha I’ll say something that can have different meanings and he’ll turn it into something so funny and sexy! I just love it but I’ll never tell him, because he only wants me to give into it! I am so looking forward to the future with him. I’ve never felt this way before. Because even on the coldest and darkest of days when I don’t want to get out of bed, he inspires me to keep going and going, and I do it all for him! I truly am head over heels for this Aries, and IT’S NOT POSSIBLE to ever feel this way with someone else! To all the Leo girls: Find your Aries, and if they’re not exactly right find another one. Because my Aries is the best thing that ever happened to me!

    Horoscope compatibility rating: 9/10 (Great! Awesome! Everything I wanted!)

  • Recently I just talked to him again! ^^ Oh he is so much fun! I love him so much, and don’t be afraid to express that, but don’t forget to play games because they like that XD! But I realized that he IS THE MOST stubborn man I’ve ever met! I mean he’ll will go at something forever just for me to do it! No giving up! So just give into it. But one thing I love the most is that my Aries man always lets me know he’s grateful by giving me little surprises! Or he’ll do something that he may not want to do for me! So dont be afraid to give in sometimes, because they’ll award you! ^^

  • Demi says:

    Leo woman with a Aries man. We have been together for about 6or 7 months & it has been a true dollar coaster ride. When we first met it was like an instant magnet. We talked and talked a talked for hours about what we liked & disliked. It was so amazing. As we got to know each other I slowly but surely fell in love with him as he describes it that he fell in love right away. He is definitely more about his emotions than I am. He expresses his love more than I know how to but I secretly love it because it gives me hope for that fantasy fairytale us Leo girls love. He is so stubborn it’s unbelievable. As am I though and it does get us into quite a few arguments… But when we are good we’re amazing but when it’s bad it’s very bad. And he’s always the first to say sorry which is a plus bc we don’t like to be wrong. Ever! I love the fact that he’s so adventurous & loves to show off. We’re secretly a great compatible sign behind all the leaves covering us!

  • Mika says:

    I am dating an Aries man and have been doing so for 5 months, I am a Leo Women its been heaven no arguments a few misunderstandings but nothing huge. He seems to love to please me no games being played by him I know what he wants and how he wants it. Sex is always unbelievable and we are sexually compatible 5-6 sex sessions every time we are together….I am fearful that its to good to be true but I have vowed to bask in it and not expect to much of anything but his loyalty and respect…I have never felt like this before~

  • Michi says:

    My Aries man and me have been together for a year and a month and every day I feel like I smile just for him he’s amazing we hardly argue and when we do we always work it out he always catches me when I fall and supports me he’s never left me alone in tough times and he’s always flattering me and indulging me I honestly don’t know how others sites say we don’t work out I mean sure where not perfect but we go so good together like a puzzle an amazing lovely puzzle

  • leo women says:

    i was in an 8 year relationship with my aires ex, we had three kids together and were engaged quite honestly i could never be myself with him and he could be very selfish and jealous over silly things, he was unfaithful im assuming the whole way through although he only admitted to one affair, i loved him but it wasnt right the whole relationship, he lied alot and was bad at it, but when he was in it for real he was so lovely and kind and gentle,never had a prob in the bedroom haha but emotionally could not connect with him at all, for me the relationship stopped me being who i really am.i have recently fallen head over heels for a gemini man who im postive is my soulmate

  • Vera378 says:

    I LOVE (most) Aries guys, you never really know which one you’ll meet; the quiet one or the arrogant loud one.
    But saying that, I have never met a guy that I can not only be a couple with but also best friends with also, I think that that is the kind of thing everybody wants in a relationship, and to me it seems like the only star sign that fits perfectly to mine (Leo) is a Aries. They’re awesome!

    But just a lil advice for the girls… “try not to take things too personally, most of the time the Aries has no idea that he offended you, half the time he’s not super aware of what he’s saying, so thats one thing to remember”.

  • Vera378 says:


    Wowza!! so many typo’s…

  • Laura says:

    I like this
    Seems like my relationship is gonna turn out just fine :)

  • Michi says:

    Been dating my Aries man for a year and three months know and wow I just he takes my heart away it’s crazy how in love we are he constantly compliments and back me up while I protect and challenge him we fit like a puzzle am young 17 and I know am prob being over emotional and silly but I love him I know I do and I feel like this is the man I will spend my life with unconditionally for the rest of my days he’s my hero :)

  • A. Bhavna says:

    Read the article above and 2 more from other websites.

    It’s gonna b (or maybe would have been) 5 years am with an Aries Guy. I must say its a matter of great satisfaction being a leo woman…but I must admit it’s also so much fighting when it comes to share part of yourself with an Aries man!

    However, no regrets till now since it has always been great experiences shared with an as dignified sign as my own.

  • Derrek says:

    Been reading your posts and just thought I would share that I found a cool dating site based on zodiac, and has been pretty helpful for me! Being an Aries male it isn’t easy to find a very compatible girl that keeps my interest but this site has a cool compatibility score and details about your match. Anyway I liked it so hopefully it help you guys too. – Dating

  • Reha says:

    My Aries man and I have been together for 21 years, married very young for almost 20 years now. I agree with most all of these posts! Passion is high, sex is amazing still, few heated arguments that are quickly overcome. The issues today? He is stubborn and likes to challenge everything. Our work and kid schedules do not allow a lot of time to meet my attention needs. Looking forward to the next 20 years!

  • Jason says:

    @Derrek – Thanks so much for recommending that zodiac dating site back in April!! I checked it out with a friend next to me to see how accurate it was and it was pretty spot on for both of us! My matches were exactly the kind of mate I was looking for! Thanks to you, I met my current Virgo girlfriend..and we’re going 3 months strong. For any of you who didn’t follow Derrek’s link, here it is again. If it worked for me, it should work for you…here’s the link again: – Dating

  • kristy says:

    No way this deserves a 10/10 every leo woman aries man relationship I know has gotten divorced.

  • kristy says:

    they are both stubborn and it dont work well

  • K says:

    I agree with both of the previous poster’s takes on Aries/Leo.

  • calibadgirl says:

    i agree. i dated an aries and he was very cold and unemotional. I thought he was guarded because he was recently divorced, but when I found out how deceitful he had been throughout the relationship I realize his actions were intentional. I never ever will date another aries again. We dated for a year. I gave him my heart and he cheated and he treated me like i was low class trash from the bottom of the titanic.

  • Karen says:

    I have been with my aries man for over a year now and I can say that I’m damn happy we met. I was depressed over an ex and the second he walked into my life, it became a roller coaster of happy and great emotions.

  • ram says:

    Aries and Leo is a bad combination.Why? Both fire signs want to dominate each other,ego.(want to be in charge)
    Leo like to be adored but aries are about themselves.Leo is high maintenance makup,gifts.If you want to be togheter
    you need to learn to compromise,be patient and listen what other has to say.


  • Kiki says:

    I’ve only dated 2 Aries men, usually I’m with capricorns or Sagittarius, ugh no. But I’m dating one now and he’s amazing! Aries date all types of people kind of like I do! My uncle and brother are Aries and we get along great and they’re in happy long relationships with kids! Mine is a sweetheart so all he sees from me is happiness, all disagreements are quickly extinguished because we don’t care much about arguing. He picks me up, pays, compliments me and tries so hard to get my attention/hang out. I don’t know of his intentions, with aries men, either I wasn’t feeing it that way or something separated us. Either way I don’t take us not working out as them being jerks? I have great memories with all Aries men I know! I think both signs need to be mature, ready for something, in a happy place and also be sweet. Don’t let your Aries walk all over you or he will screw you, I’ve seen it with my sag gf and a couple other gfs with Aries men (the Aries cheated). Be yourself, be strong, they’re naturally attracted to you so that’s all you need to do, nothing puts him off more than a facade. Oh and be productive, no fire sign likes a lazy bum.

  • joanne baker says:

    Im married to an aries male. At first it was heaven. 4 years of heartache of on and off, 2 years of love and 6 years of arguments. He got too comfortable in relying on me , too caught up in his own goals and i had to support his goals and his goals only. I finally plucked up the courage to leave. Horrible mind games that I did not want to play so I decided to split town for good. The day before I was ready to leave a phone call from a broken man who wants to try again. So I kept it to dating for the time being as I know I can leave town anytime I like and start fresh in a new place which I already had done before I met my Aries husband.

  • Aimee says:

    TRUER than TRUE!!! My Aries guy and I met less than 2 monts ago and he is already on the marriage topic. Once in a lifetime opportunity I tell ya! First date we went skydiving(my idea)…always keep him involved in first time daring theatrics :) Sex is amazing too. He will be moving across the country where I live…cant imagine life without him.

  • Anu says:

    Gud Luck :)

  • Ariesworld says:

    Ive been seeing. This Leowoman for a few months,didn’t make it official yet
    but we been thru more shit than a damn married couple we argue and make up on the regular she has undercover hoeish ways and flirt with guys calling everyone bae n shit n then gets mad at me when a chick says hey boo to me kol Smdh wow…she is a challenge so I dnt make it easy for her either lol but Lord knows when we r around each other we are AWESOME INSEPERABLE LAUGH JOKE AND SEX OMGGGGG!!! WE BITH ARE BEDROOM SPECIALIST N HER MOANS ARE LIKE LIONESS ROARS she turns me in to the max!! We vibe together but whn we are away from each other its clashes but then we make up. She recent revealed her wicked past to me so I’m breaking those walls down,not to mention I’m a very charming Aries moon in Libra with Pisces rising so I always have a way if making her smile. She told me she starting to love me more n mire n we are. Not official yet. Never felt a magnetic vibe like me and her. I have fucked my share of Leos and had friends we never usually make it tho because they are too defensive to the point they won’t listen at times when I’m just trying ti help…but this Leo us something abt her I feel it. Plus she’s fucking HOTTTTTT so hott I bought her a diamond white gold 14k ring with the matching necklace and some sexy Gucci heels and sexy Gucci dress to match hell fuck it why not,she mine anyways may as,well lol….

  • araanza says:

    Everything it is so true about the good to good, and bad and too bad, about a leo-Aries relationship, this combination is amazing, and I feel with my Aries men like we are made for each other, but when is bad, is VERY bad, really!! Cause there two fires, two egos, two pure passion people!! Willfull and two amazing hearts,., Aries are very impulsive guys, they will tell you what they like, don’t like, and the way they want it! iWhen they’re pretty upset they don’t bother to hide it!! They can be controlling in a sweet way!! Manipulative, and they ABSOLUTELY!!love everything on his terms , and they can be very rough and cold, but they’re most of the Times, lovely, generous, warmhearted people!! Leo are more flexible, but when we get disappointed, or out of attention, we are done, out of there!!! Could be “high maintenance” maybe!! But that’s the way, we are , and believe me, guys like strong, independent woman!! Good luck to all Aries-leo couples!!

  • derrek says:

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