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  1. mrs. rivers

    I have a workaholic husband and im a stay at home mom now since our 4th child was born i think hes cheating but i cant prove it smh…I jus believe it inside my gut but he is so good with his words and actions i do say he is on point cause whenever i call he answers and its like the gut filling goes away until about a hour later mainly at nite when im alone in bed it comes and goes but mayb its jus me being overprotective of him cause i do act alot like his mother but they didnt get along well hell i didnt like her myself she was a real*%&** and some and some more..He has his own business (an travels alot), a few to be exact,but anyways i think i just have some trust issues fr our past, we have been together 10yrs but dated 3yrs and he cheating once well i was pregnant but he said she came on to him wen he was intoxicated at a bachelors party(you wont guess how i found out smh social media is a homewrecker) i guess i can see that he is very attractive(above an below covered and uncovered) in certain departments lol..I sure hope we get that marriage counseling like he and i agreed on wish us luck still praying and holding on i think ill call him after im done with this site…Just to be noisy again we just talked a hour ago….He was jus getting into the shower he said..But i still love him and hes a great guy regardless…kisses…..

  2. Kloe

    hey, I am in love with an Aries man, he is 36, I am 24 now. We met 1 and a half year back, we were working together, he used to tell stories about his girlfriends in the past but never talked about his current relationship. He used to say “he is a very good friend, but a very cruel boyfriend”.

    Later, his girlfriend came into the picture and three of us used to hang around together. He used to care for me as much as he did for his girlfriend. During the course of time, I realized that I love him so truly, deeply and madly. But I dint say anything. He used to give me hints that I should forget about his girlfriend and carry on with him. But I couldn’t stand him cheating her and fooling me at the same time.

    At last our project got over and the last day I told him about my feelings. but I mentioned it and made it clear to him that I am not proposing him but confessing my love, and we cant be in a relation as he has a girlfriend and I am happy being his good friend.

    But he wanted me and his girlfriend at the same time, and tried to convince me for the same. After trying the same thing for a few times, he stopped talking to me. What should I do?

    I want to talk to him once… that I loved him unconditionally, he has a girlfriend, so I can’t date him but I want him to talk to me. At least once, I want to know “what is my mistake?”

    Any Aries guy out there, please reply.

  3. justanotherleogal

    I feel like Aries men are the only true match in the western zodiac for Leo women. When I see Leo women with men of other signs, or Aries men with women of other signs, there’s always something amiss. But when I see Leo ladies vibe with Aries men, it just illuminates a natural and perfect harmony.

  4. Leo

    Aries… I can only see them as friends. They bore me out. Sorry. I don’t think this rating is accurate at all.
    I think Sagittarius is better suited for Leo, yet you gave it a 5/10 (!!!!!)

  5. Jan

    This is so true! I am a Leo woman, and my husband is an Aries man. We had the whole John Wayne/Maureen O’Hara dynamic going on during the first 10 years of our marriage. Now we have grown into a working partnership. We have spent 42 very happy years together. He is 13 years older than I and has always treated me like I’m not quite dry behind the ears. My response is, of course, “Blank you, the horse you rode in on, and your seven ugly brothers.” He says that I am the most exasperating woman he has ever known, but he is crazy about me–always has been, always will be. We married 13 days after we met. He is my man, and I love him because he is every bit my match, and I will have to admit that I have been a handful all of these years. On the other hand, I cater to his every need and desire. We are both independent and need our own time. Fortunately, we have been willing to give that to each other. Even in our sixties and seventies, we enjoy a satisfying relationship in every way. We are made for each other even though we both are pretty plain spoken. Communication is overrated. Too much of that muddies up the waters. Great sex, mutual give and take, and a great business partnership makes our relationship perfect. Neither one of us allows the other to get the upper hand, but we rely on each other’s special gifts and areas of expertise to prosper and live well. We are truly a perfect match! I think he would tell you the same thing . . . . dadgum better after all these years together. We have built a satisfying life together and consider ourselves to be very fortunate!

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