Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Leo Couples:  Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman, Al and Tipper Gore, Warren Beauty and Madonna, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry

This is an icy-hot combination, full of fun and adventure.  To an outsider (actually to the other three element signs that are not fiery), it may look like they play pretty rough, but to them it’s fun.  Have you ever seen someone get roasted on TV?  This is fire sign territory.  It takes a good, strong ego and the ability to laugh at yourself.  The truth is, Aries and Leo won’t respect you unless you can stand up for yourself.  When they push you, they expect you to shove back harder.  This, of course, leads to great make-up sex.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Aries Man:  First of all, for God’s sake don’t show any weakness.  You must court her like John Wayne on a cattle drive, and, Pilgrim, you better have your stuff together.  This lady is not very forgiving in courtship.  As a matter of fact, here is a saying to carry around in your wallet while you are trying to bed this damsel:  “There is no mistake in courtship which can be made up for.”[1] For better or for worse, love is conquest between the two of you.  She knows this as well as you do.  Impress her with your confidence and warm heart and, if you can, compete in some way for her attention.  That’s a real plus.  It would be especially helpful if you could be the first to kiss her toes, bring her a mockingbird that sings, etc.  Please be original and sincere.  The Leo lady likes to be complimented, but only if there is something sincere about it.  If her hair is not her best asset, it would be better to say, “Gosh you’re the hardest woman to date I’ve ever met,” rather than “What beautiful hair you have.”  Ms. Leo has a wonderful sense of humor as long as you are honest with her.  As far as gifts, please, nothing but the best.  By all means pick up the tab, open the door, and worship freely at the throne.  This lady gets lots of attention wherever she goes.  Make sure you can handle it before you tread in this territory.  You wouldn’t expect Madonna to sit at home and darn your socks, would you?

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Leo Woman:   Well, to start with, you could say something pretty ballsy.  That’ll get it off and running.  There is nothing, repeat nothing an Aries likes, or needs more, than a challenge.  Please do not cling, show signs of desperation, faun, or carry on emotionally.  Not that you would anyway.  Always return tit for tat, in good sport.  You don’t need to worry about hurting his ego — it’s strong enough to take some good-natured bashing.  There is a famous old musical called Kiss Me Kate which is either about an Aries-Leo or Leo-Leo combination.  It shows the dynamic pretty well.  Be exciting.  Stay one step ahead.  Flirt with other men in front of him.  Knock him down a little bit.  And keep one foot out the door, just so he won‘t take you for granted.  My dear Leo, you have the catch of the zodiac.  It’s worth a little effort to try and keep him.

Degree of Romance:  These two wrote the Book of Romance.  They can quote it, book, verse and chapter.  In this relationship, they will have a chance to play out their wildest fantasies where romance is concerned.  He can actually get away with saying the corniest lines.  Mr. Aries is one of the few men who could actually deliver Rhett Butler’s famous line from Gone with the Wind:  “You need to be kissed…and often…and by someone who knows how” without getting slapped in the face.  The Leo lady loves to play her part — stage center — and she will have many lines that she’s rehearsed for years in her fantasies.

Degree of Passion:  The Aries man may be heard to say, with a look of passion in his eyes, “I must have you.  I’m an all or nothing-at-all person.”  Passion is the special province of the fire signs and these two were born to play their part.  Of course passion includes drama, not to mention melodrama, and exaggeration.  Aries fans the flame while Leo catches fire.  It’s an exciting, fast-paced, extraordinary combination that can last forever.

Degree of Friendship:   These two can be great pals and if shared activities are a cornerstone of friendship they can be found hand-in-hand at the bowling alley, theater, or sports arena.  It could be said of each of them, Aries man and Leo woman, that they will do anything once.  This relationship should be full of firsts for both as they trade experiences and menu selections.  Her:  “You mean you’ve never had a manicure?”  Him:  “You’ve gotta go to Vegas and see a heavyweight match once in your life.”  Her:  “Let’s go to the mall and walk some dogs for free.”  Him:  “Why don’t you go ahead and dye your hair red.  You can always dye it back again.”

Degree of Marriage:   This is a strong candidate for marriage.  After all, they speak each other’s language.  Both partners are used to unintentionally intimidating others.  It is such a relief to be able to let your hair down and be yourself, even if you get a little punchy.

Progression of Relationship:  This relationship will be fast-paced and exciting.  Aries — contrary to popular stereotypes — wants to do everything with their partner.  Leo will bask in the attention.  The Aries guy is quite a handful, but he makes it worthwhile because he’s bound to be successful at whatever he’s doing.

Sex:  Both signs are exhibitionists and very comfortable in their bodies, even likely to be athletic.  Sex is looked at like a sport and game.  Have you ever found a perfect tennis partner?  Then you know that when Aries finds Leo, it is like finding thre Holy Grail of sex.  There is a sense of fair play, gamesmanship, and humanity in their love-making.  They are somehow able to leave the power struggle and the emotional intensity out of the bedroom if not out of their lives entirely.  This is very refreshing.  Having sex can be like going on holiday and returning refreshed and exuberant and full of life.

When It’s Over:   One thing that will be heard on both their lips — “I’ve never met someone like that before and never will again.”

Our Rating:  10/10

[1] Simon Bolivar, conqueror or South America

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  1. I’m a Leo woman and I have an Aries man. We’re soul mates . We fight sometimes but we all gotta admit the Making up part is always fun. He’s the best ! Yeah there controlling a bit but they love you and there so true to you and faithful . I’ll never love anyone else like I love my man Emilio ♌️+♈️

  2. I am currently in an amazing and exciting relationship with an Aries man and I have been for the last seven months….First let me say, an Aries man WILL and CAN drain you, if you let them!! They hold onto an argument until you finally just give in and see things their way…The key to this however is to just plain give in…LEO’s being too prideful cannot do this….or rather it is hard for us to. Majority of the time, he is just blowing off steam and doesn’t mean anything by it. He refuses to loose so you can bet he will not wanna end the relationship because of an argument he knows he was being silly in. You have to really pick your battles with this guy. He’s so busy beating on his macho Aries chest and trying to outsmart you he wont even realize when you have outsmarted him. I know this sounds like playing mind games but remember…Aries does rule the head. Which means they want your mind, body and soul. The good thing to this is no one will make you feel as loved, protected and cared for as an ARIES. He is the type of man to look you in your eyes and promise you the world and will do everything in his power to get it for you. POINT BLANK…no one is perfect and if the vibe is right and the aries makes you feel like you can jump up and reach the stars….you may just have to take the good with the bad! LEO’s are wonderful, charismatic, adorably sexy and everything a man could want but remember ladies….we are not perfect ourselves a Queen must rule with humility and understanding!! something our pride makes us lack! GOOD LUCK FELLOW LEO DOLLS!!

  3. I’m a Leo woman and my husband if an Aries. I must admit the day we met we fell in love. We met over the net and corresponded for awhile before actually meeting. Sex is awesome best I ever had . Conversations are good but I have been through a lot with.him initially. He is a flirt so first I had to let him know where I stand. I demand everything and I get it. Even when he says it’s too expensive .. I get what I want.
    He is not the first Aries I dated the first one dumped me claiming I am spoiled… He ws so cheap…couldn’t take it any longer.
    I love my husband…after one month in the relationship after meeting me he decided that I zhou lf be his wife:)

  4. @ matt i really would like to get into the head of an aries man let me no how i can contact u i have a boat load of questions for ya

  5. hi im a aries man and as one i will fight for my sign yes im stubborn as hell and i love attention but i will give just as much im also a unbelievably caring man if im in a relationshi[ thats it i dont look at other women and i will do what it takes to kep my partner happy. yes i get bored in life but i dont let that control me. so if you all hate aries you just havent met the right one yet like me. yes i sound full of myself but i know personality and its pretty bad ass. and yes i will be confident in saying that im damn good in bed. i will do anything to satisfy my partner. and as for anything else well comment on here and ill comment back. you wanna get inside a aries”s head well here i am im a open book.

  6. im a leo girl im 18(aug.8) and hes a aries guy 20(march 28). we’ve been dating for six months some of its been amazing and some of its been intolerable, but these last two months he’s become more thoughtless(doesnt call or text often or come to visit me) because now that he’s found work after being out of the job for a month or two im on the back-burner. i havent really expressed my feelings about it but it does hurt. we gone through alot together in six months i mean tons that’s why i think we can rekindle our romance but i dont want to be the only one who makes an effort. but what i wanna know is he’s told me not to get my hopes up on going the next step(relationship bf/gf) because he thinks he’d ruin my future plans but i think he says these things because every women in his life has committed infidelity including his mother and he doesnt want to go through that again even though he knows im differen because ive been through the same thing and he cant admit his feelings for me. how do i get him to get closer to me(emotionally) and how do i appeal to his heart where he can let his wall down and let me start to repair his heart…. if your an aries guy i’d love to hear your input on how a leo girl can make you think going long term for you or a leo women how did you get your aries guy to finally say im in love with you i want long term?????? desperate :/

  7. im a leo woman august 11 he’s a aries man March 28 we have been dating for like 2yrs now i recently confessed my feelings to him and all he says is baby we good wat the hell does that mean somebody please help

  8. I’m a leo woman and I dated an Aries man.

    It was wonderful as described – the most romantic of all relationships.

    Till he grew distant, cheated on me and left me for a gemini woman. He won’t speak to me at all, I don’t know what went wrong in the relationship but I’m definitely heartbroken.

    A soulmate who ripped out my soul.

  9. I am an Aries man and am completely and totally head over heels in love with my Leo girl. She totally fills me up like a cup full of warm water bursting over the top. We are friends, we game, we both love outdoor activities, we have stimulating conversation, our kisses are passionate and the sex is completely and totally worth writing a romance novel about. I cannot say enough good things about her. She fullfills me, she completes me, she has put a spring in my step and an air of confidence in my demeanor and I am DYING to please her. She has an eternal place in my heart and I would die without her. She is perfect for me in every way and I love and adore her. I will put in as much overtime as necessary to keep this woman in my life…….I will love unconditionally and treat her like a queen. I have finally found my soulmate !

  10. I do believe everything you have noted…I am born on
    the 25th July and he is born on the 6th April..I am 35yrs
    and he is 45yrs old….however just one question for you
    When do you see us setting a date to get married? or
    shall I ask when will be the right time to get married?

    Kind Regards

  11. I’m an Aries man who has been courting a Leo woman for three weeks. I wish someone would send her the following quote from the above article: “Please do not cling, show signs of desperation, faun, or carry on emotionally. ” Ugh. Even when I was 13 nothing annoyed me more than a girl worshipping me for no reason. I want a sparring partner not a disciple.

    I’m also in touch online with a second Leo who seems to be more on my wavelength intellectually and who said she appreciates my bluntness. I’m glad someone out there does! Haha.

    Anyway I’m not a player or attention seeker so one of these potential relationships will have to be nipped in the bud soon. Shame, I hate to throw a lovely Leo back into the water. 🙂

  12. well things are headed south for me.. Im a Aug 20th Leo and my Aries man is Mar 26th, and I jus think he’s the wrong aries for me. I may need a mid April aries (heard they are much more friendly, and calm) My aries drives me nuts to say the least. At first it was cool, he was nice and sweet, but he was very bold and outspoken which bothered me at first, but i got use to it. BUT.. then came the constant fussing and bickering ova dumb stuff. I mean we clash so much its annoying. then if he gets mad, he says some real mean things to me and it hurts my feelins, then shortly after, he tries to apologize and wants me to let it go but it aint that easy. i feel like there is a constant struggle for control and when he doesnt get his way, he throws little temper tantrums and it pisses me off to the 12th degree. but at the same time i love him and cant stop dealing with him.. he really gets on my last nerve, he jus acts too immature for me and he is very demanding but the fact that he’s so sweet and romantic (when he wants to be) keeps me hoping he’ll get better but man.. I idunno if his seflishness, impatience and big ego are worth the trouble. i dont handle being bossed by anyone and he jus thinks he’s running everyhting.. NOT!!! plus he thinks he knos everything and i jus agree insted of starting a fight. time to let go i guess.. LOL

  13. I’m an Aries woman dating a Leo man. I must say that being with him is so exciting and exhilarating. He is very kind hearted and sensitive. ( Only towards me.) He is a leader and he puts fourth more effort in what he does than anyone I have ever known. At times my ego will get in the way but its nothing that can’t be handled or talked about. Besides everyone has those days, we are not perfect we are bound to get hurt and be hurt. It’s picking ourselves back up and trying that defines us as a human being. Now as far as compatibly it just depends on who you are and your preferences. With me and my ex boyfriend he was a scorpio. We fought all day everyday. He would always try to take control of things and I wouldn’t want him to so we argued on that. We argued about everything from A-Z. It was horrible how much we fought. So one day I had enough of it and left. He’s better off and so am I. But now back to me and my boyfriend now. We have been dating for 6 years and it’s going smoothly. In my opinion, it all depends on who your with.

  14. My relationship with my aries man is very fast paced and Geesh he’s jus so damn impatient and aggresive.. It drives me freakin nuts. Its like we push each other’s buttons on purpose just to see what happens. But Even tho we fuss alot ova petty shit, at the end of the day we are always back in each other’s good graces. He treats me like a princess and spoils the hell outta me and I love it. He is also very romantic and thoughtful but he also expects to be spoiled as well.. The sex is aight. could be better, but with time it will be perfect. Besides our clashing egos we have a great time together when all is good. We laugh and cut up together.. Thats my baby I promise. good match but it takes time to learn each other’s traits in order to build a stable foundation and to create balance.

  15. Ha! I can so relate to these comments. I am a Leo woman who’s been dating an Aries man for 4 months now. He is so fun to be around. He is alos very loyal and thoughtful. But indeed he is VERY impatient, agressive and impulsive. Even though we love each other, we don’t communicate our feelings too well. I hope that gets better over time. There is plenty of romance and passion in this relationship. He is so wonderful. The sex could be a little more exciting but it’s sitll great.

  16. i am aries man age 51 years i had a leo girl in my office now she is in some other office she is 30 years we had a great friendship and i was enjoying her friendship we never use to go out but we use to talk on mobile every alternate day. when we were in the same office and she used to leave the office for the day and i used to be in the office .But still immediately from out of the office she used to call me and used to talk for long time we really had a great time she is a carrying nature she allways used to asked me did you had your lunch or not or have in time please go home early .But this year on her birthday i called her to wish her and i told her i want meet you is it possible in the lunch time she asked me why do you want to meet i told her i want to give you yours Birthday gift she told i am very much bussy i told her i will not take your much time i will just give your gift and will go she told no give it to your son i told her it is not for them and i cant take this at home .if not to day i can meet you tommorow or any other day when you get time but she told me there is no need of gift your wishse are enough for me i tryied to convenced her but she was not ready to lisiten after that day i sms her several times and asked whats the problem or what is my mistake but she never replied after 10 days i called her and i told her i want to talk to you she told me call me at night when i called har she ignored my call her call was attended by her father he told she is in wash room before this no one used to pick her calls . she never turned up or nor did she call me i dont no what is the matter or what had gone wrong i am depresed i cant consantret on my work i just want to know the reason but she is not telling me the reason . please anyone can help me or tell me what shall i do

  17. I am a leo woman and I have dated aries men and I will say this, all are very much alike as far as their ego and stubborness, here recently I just started seing this guy that is an aries, we met online, I ignored him for like a year, he finally catches me one day I was pretty bored, so I decided to talk to him, we exchanged numbers, we met and hung out, I will have to say that leos and aries can be very magnetic because, after we met we wanted to be around each other every single day, sometimes I would be thinking about him and he would either call or text me, wanting me to come over, and the sex, OMG OWESOME, I think I am falling and everything is just happening so fast.

  18. i am a leo woman married to an aries man. we met one night from mutual friends and hit it off. he came back to my place, stayed the night and never left. after 6 months of being together and living together he proposed, and 6 months after that we got married. i have to say that with him being an aries he can be stubborn, of course i can too, he is impulsive, but he is thoughtful, and has a great heart. we have a strong connection physically as well as in a friendship. i do have to say that he is not domineering or needing to be in control all the of the time. most of the time i am, though i let him have his moments. he treats me like a princess and i know he loves me with all of his heart. i don’t get any jealousy from him, but maybe he hides it well. there are good and bad with aries and leo relationships but i have to say i am truly blessed and happy to be married to my aries man.

  19. I’m a Leo lady (Aug 20th) and I’ve been on a hunt for an aries seeing that all zodiac compatibilitiy tests suggest that this type of sign is the perfect match for me and while I was out one day, not even looking for anything, I found me one (March 26th Aries).

    Its only been a couple weeks since we started hangin and there is definately something there that draws us to eachother. He is very very bold and outgoing, but I must agree with everyone that Aries men are extremely impatient, egotistical, and fiesty. He drives me nuts sometimes wit his attitude but its funny how it never seems to create problems for too long. We may bicker one minunte, and next thing u kno he’s apologizing and telling me how much he likes me and wants to keep me around.

    The fact that I have a fiesty nature as well keeps him in line a little although he likes to have the last word. He never likes to be wrong, and if he feels that something is unimportant, he will disregard it. But he isnt afriad to let me play the boss at times (which is part of my nature) so we tend to get along good.

    Thus far he is very nice, genorous and caring. he treats me like Im special and spoils me already (which I like). He also always compliments me and makes sure that I know he adores me. Wen we are together it feels right, we vibe, and it seems like we’ve known each other for a long time. Wen we kiss, it feels right too, but I’ve yet to experience sex with him.. but I hope its as good as u all claim it is (LOL)

    On the other hand, he is very possessive and jealous. he wants all my attention all the time and will make something outta nothin (which gets on my nerves). He’s like a little puppy who has to be up under me all the time, and the slightest thought of me not being 100% all for him will make him crazy. Its like a love/hate thing. He gets on my last nerve when he throws little hissy fits, but wen we are just chillin and enjoying each other’s company, I feel at ease and jus happy. and even tho his attiude drives me insane, I cant seem to stay mad at him.. its crazy

    Im interested to see what will become of our relationship because he has made it clear that he wants me and only me and he wants me to feel the same. The only thing here that is a concern is his maturity. He’s older than me by a few months, but I’m much more mature. He needs to learn to be more patient and stop acting like a spoiled brat when he doesnt get his way. once he learns to act like a mature adult I think things will be better but only time will tell. I think I am wat he needs b/c i have just the right mixture of fiestiness and mellowness in order to give him that excitement factor and to keep him cool and collected when he starts to fly off the handle.

    All in all im excited to see where this goes but so far, all the comments are dead on.. we make one hell of a couple with our strong personalities and romantic nature, but will we be able to limit the head butting in order to allow our relationship to blossom?????

    Balance is needed for this thing to work, but once we discover wat works for us we will probably be unbreakable.

  20. I am a Leo woman that agrees with everything said about the Leo Aries dynamic. My best guy friend is an Aries and we have been friends for like six years… We met in college. Our friendship has truly been a roller coaster ride full of fun, adventure, and challenges. Lately he’s been suggesting that we start dating one another. Part of me is like why not, we’ve been the best of friends what seems like forever and our chemistry is undeniable. However the other part of me is thinking HELL NAUGH WE WOULD KILL EACH OTHER… LOL…
    We are both way to strong willed and full of pride. With that being said I read once that Leo and Aries can have the biggest blow up arguments and what would end most relationships brings them back together and the bond between the two becomes even stonger. I believe that is so true bc me and Aries can get into the biggest disagreements and may not talk for days but when we get back 2gether its like it never happened at all. I know him inside and out and he knows me.
    Eventually I do believe we could try a relationship out… Every boyfriend I have had hates his guts anyways and can’t stand that he is a fixture in my life. He has always been an argument in all my relationships. They just don’t understand that he’s not going anywhere… I mean why should I give up my best friend that has been there for me through so much and has participated and experienced so many important moments in my life bc your insecure?
    For now I’m going to keep my best friend bc I’m to scared that pursuing a relationship with him could go terribly wrong and I might lose my best friend. As he says, “Right now I like 2 play with men’s emotions and I’m not SHIT, but its ok I’m not about SHIT bc I know I’m not and am upfront about mine. He will just wait until I get the player out of my system and then I will be his to have wild make-up sex with.” LOL:)

  21. he jus can be an Angel sent from heaven ….. wid an xception to shwin tat ANGELIC side to me.. n tats terribly heart breakin….

    i cant hate him for wot he did.. bcoz he probably wud hate me for wot he made me do… anyways… i did love to get him bac in my lyf only in my dreams.. coz this guy in reality is jus mere terror to handle … !!

    but yeah i can bet if i did eva meet another him.. !! m sure he’ll neVa forget me but will do nothin dan jus sittin back n lettin things the way it has to be and run away from relality.. n jus ooooze out like a valcano wid ol love .. wen not required.

    ol tat i needed was a little aTTention n a cOmmitment… m not askin responsiblity not to be mistaken , but i guess they r happy wid flings.. n wen v tok abt it.. v r the villians.. sad but true.. i miss him.. but its not worth acceptin it for him….. he’s sumone who can eva put a least amount of an effort to keep a relationship goin..

    i think an Aries man will neva realize tat u need to hands to clap.. !!

    but wot i do knw is .. wen we were in love.. OMG.. words fail the description.. n wen r Broke up…. i was dEvastated wid xCRUtaitin pain… everythin has changed the way i look at love nw.. !! but as the sayin goes “EVERYTHIN FOR GOOD”
    ill go grab my happiness sumday.. coz m a LEO n its v rArE i look bac .. 🙂 🙂 gr8 day ppl.. !!

  22. So I met this Aries guy…
    And I can absolutely relate to all the comments above.
    I’ve known him for four years now. This Aries-Leo things drives us crazy sometimes. It seems like there’s something running in our blood, that makes our souls a perfect match!

    Everything is different with this Aries. Talking has a different flavor. Laughing has a different tone. I haven’t quite done a lot of things with him, but, for instance, we played ping-pong once 😀 and even though sport isn’t really for me, seeing him stand there and stick with a slow-learning person like me xD, and doing something he loves with me was downright FABULOUS. Even mere walking tastes different with this guy.

    As for his nature, he can be an angel sent from heaven, as well as a serpent that bites and hides. Yeah, when he’s good he’s awesome; when he’s bad he’s awful. What he doesn’t know however, like all other Aries men, is that it’s all in his head. It’s all in his head. He can get over this moodiness and ill-temper if only he realized this is not him, but rather what he makes of himself. Because he’s so, so good, he suspects himself. He thinks something must be wrong, and starts creating a bad mood to justify a bad behavior that doesn’t really last long, for he comes back to his nature inevitably.

    It’s true that I’ve never been that comfortable or myself with a guy before. But the secret lies in him! He has a way of showing admiration that only a Leo woman courted by an Aries man knows.
    It’s more fun than romantic, more physical than sensual, more exciting than passionate.
    And I discover, day by day, that this is just what my soul desires. My soul desires fun, physical, and exciting.
    What I find mysterious is this: he says he’s ruled by his mind, I say I’m ruled by my heart. In reality, it’s precisely the other way around.
    I’ve never opened up to someone like that, never felt as free or inspired, never felt more compatible with anyone, never felt as excited or even talked to myself about anyone as much!
    I like to see it this way:
    There’s nothing like when I invite him to my secret, yet un-discovered world. He’s this little traveler that most of the time just gets lost. He says this world is too huge, too intense, too engaging, and too beautiful. What he doesn’t know is that it’s only made THAT beautiful when this specific traveler steps in… cz when he does, this world is brought to life.
    God, several instances happen to us, toward which we can do nothing but remain silent and smile. we think the same thought, say the same words at the same time, we text each other at the same time out of a sudden! Corny, yeah.. but heaps of fun xD

    I can never return what he has given me. I can never describe the days I spent in heaven because of this guy. I can never stop talking about the faith and zest for life he’s thrown inside me. There’s a huge space in my mind, a huge space in my heart, a huge space in my life; filled only by him. I hope this space never ceases to exist, but grows bigger and bigger. Now we’re graduating, so I might not see him again 

    There’s this last point: this Aries man is masculine, EXTREMELY masculine xD, in a very unique way, and likes to have control; but surrendering to his control is just that- a game. It’s taking turns and pushing back and forth, but it cannot be nasty unless you let it be. If he dominates, he’s still flexible, he still gives me respect, and I’m sure he’ll give in when the Leo roars for privacy!

    I haven’t found a friend, a lover, or a brother (to hell with all the labels I don’t care about); I have simply found… My Aries Man! 😀
    (By the way, I don’t give it 10\10… I give it: Meyye men 3ashra.)

  23. Im a leo woman twenty one years ago, I fell in love with an aries man. We broke up due to his risk taking with the relationship, and Its been 16 years since I last saw him. I know he still does not have himself together (I’ve inquired from friends). But I honestly can say that I still think about him, and love this man very much. If he would ever get some drive, and stop being so foolinshly impulsive, or at least take calculated risks, I would be back in his arms and his bed in a new york minute. Sex with us was hotter than the sun. My ex-husband had nothing on him!

  24. Ok .. Since I’m hooked to astrology to the point of non-return, I come read the compatibilities you describe Nancy, and find most of the points extremely interesting.
    Still, as a Leo I have to say you’ve got it dead wrong with 10/10 Aries-Leo. First of all, incidentally none of the pairs given as exemples above are together any more!!
    I’ve had a 6 yr relationship with an Aries and can confirm, Aries will break Leos heart every single time. These two signs have different paths in life: Aries is about winning and surviving while trying new stuff, Leo is about the discovery of the inner self. Sure it gives an immense friendship, but timeless love?

  25. I am burning with passion for an aries man. whoohooo. after a long wait to a cancer man, who does not know where they stand.

  26. This is my first time with Aries man. He is in love with me since the first time he met me, and since I had bad experiences with a lot of other signs. it is hard to trust this inlove idea, but something somewhere it is telling me to give a try. He is wonderful, considerate and fun. I would definately give it a try. And yes, he is attractive. He is in love with me, I feel like I am starting to feel the passion in the air. Mmmh, great combo.

  27. I have met a guy, Aries that I am working with and one day I just caught myself thinking about him, how great he is, how I should kiss him etc. I was very brave and honest with him and known that this is not really by the rules known for Aries men. I admitted him that I am in love with him. I am married and he is single. Later I found out that he has a girl, somebody just for sex and got very sad. It is very painful for me to cope with this. Does anybody has some advice how to overcome this agony ? I love my husband, but this kind of attractiveness is so powerful and strong that I just cannot resist. And because of this I feel very lost :(.

  28. I agree 100% but I wish my aries man would be more romantic. The sex is unforgettable but not as compassionate as I would like. I guess that goes back to the side of him that you don’t know how he is really feeling. We been married now 16 years and best friends 6 years before that and I say it all the time..I wouldn’t change meeting and marrying him one of the best things I done..

  29. What they say about aries-leo compatibility is very true! I’m a leo woman who has known my aries for 13 years. We were instantly attracted to each other from the start – but we were both too young to make a longterm relationship last. We decided to be friends instead. (Aries are known to get better/less selfish with age…and I can surely confirm that now.) We recently started seeing each other romantically and OMG!! It’s amazing! True, he is stubborn, impulsive, and agressive – but it works! We just seem to “fit” each other in so many ways – the lovemaking is incredible, passionate, intense and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

    If he gets pushy, I push back & he seems to respect that. I can always be fully myself around my aries. The passion between us is so strong – we truly “get” each other.

    He also showers me with compliments and attention – which, of course, I love!! He’s expressive, honest, fiery and sexy. The chemistry between us is just magical.

  30. I am a leo woman and I have been knowing this aries guy for quite some time and we are just friends but at first i took it as him being like a brother to me because we were so close. The instant i met him we clicked he was sooo cool. We would tease each other so much some of our jokes others thought were so harsh towards each other but we didnt. Our chemistry is amazing ive never been so close and felt so comfortable with a guy. Reading these comments made me think about certain scenarios ive experienced with him and they are sooooo true! very subborn we cant agree on anything but we’re so quick to laugh it off. There is an attraction everytime im with him i feel it. Both of us are very clever when it comes to joking and i remember times when we would wrestle each other lol ive never met anyone quite like him. He has a problem with my smart mouth and i have a problem with him not compromising. We suddenly stopped talking for a little while and now its like we back where we left off like nothing happened. Hes so adorable and charming!! I think the chemistry is there because ive always treated him like a brother but his girlfriend could not stand the ground i walked on and now that i think about it i wouldnt either. Well he contacted me not too long ago and he doesnt have a girlfriend anymore so we’ll see where this goes 😉

  31. I’m a Leo woman married to an Aries man. I can’t believe how true this is for us. He is sooooooooo stubborn and drives me insane sometimes, but he is definitely the one to say sorry first when we argue. We’ve been married 5+ years and our sex life only seems to get better and better- even after the birth of our son.

    We are sooo different in so many ways, but there is something that keeps us together through thick and thin. We frequently joke about how in the world we ever got together, but I’m very proud to say that our marriage only grows stronger with time.

  32. Hi I’m a Leo woman July 30th and I’m dating a younger Aries man march 22 I’m 26 and he’s 21 we fight about almost everything but can never stay mad at one another we love each other to pieces. I have never in my life met a more stubborn person who will defend himself to the bitter end and challenge me so much. It’s like we always have to compete with one another it can make things fun and then also make things hard. I love him more than anything but its very hard to drag his feelings out he is so hard to figure out but it’s so fun to try. We have this passion about us that’s a kind of I hate you but I love you relationship it’s strange. But when its good it’s amazing and our sex is out of this world. Ha, we have a whole lot of makeup sex because we are always in some way in some kind of argument but we love one another and would be heartbroken to end things. Being that he is 5 years younger than me sometimes I feel that it’s his age that makes us argue he is so dam stubborn its like pulling teeth to get him to admit he’s wrong, I’m always the one to say I’m sorry even if it’s not my fault I just don’t wanta argue our relationship is strange crazy and trying but for some reason I can’t get enough he so dam charming and handsome and he really does love and has proven that to me many times but we are both so stubborn I wonder if it’s healthy at times. I have not and will not ever meet a guy like him ever again I have no doubt about that .So to all the Leo ladies a Aries man is like a drug, an addictive man that regardless of what you say or how much you disagree your truly madly and deeply in love with him and you just can’t get enough. As for me I’m in for a long and exciting ride no doubt .

  33. I am a Leo woman and have recently started seeing an Aries man. They are everything their horoscope says and more! He is passionate, determined, impatient, stubborn to the death and quite dominating. He loves getting his way and is usually mad at me if I don’t give him whatever it is he happened to be after. He gets over it in about 5 seconds with a little help from me, though. He has an incredibly strong sex drive and is VERY physical. My Aries is more on the quiet side though, unless it has something to do with sex, he is getting better at regular conversation. He is very religious about talking to me at various times throughout the day. I love how open and honest he is about everything with me. The first few days we knew each other we talked about everything from our favorite color to STD’s. He is so headstrong and unwilling to bend or compromise. It may seem quite crazy for someone thats not a fire sign like the horoscope said but i love all his fiery horrible traits they make him who he is and ive fallin hard and very quickly too. We have ssssssoooooo much in common and have almost all the same likes, dislikes and views about the world. We havent known each other for long but a relatioship between aries and leo is extremely intense. Even it things dont work out im really glad that we got together! He is a really amazing guy. They have loads of faults but they manage to make things better!

  34. am a leo woman being dating a aries man for a month and we have been great a lot, but i problem is that if i never call him he wont phone, he is always busy dont look like he has time for me, sometimes i even wonder if its going to work between us. i think i have fallen in love with him.

  35. I’m a leo girl (Sag Asc, Scorpio Moon, Cancer Venus)…And I’m pretty sure I met my soulmate when I was sixteen in a class…He’s an aries, and I was absolutely drawn to him the moment I saw him. But, being sixteen, I was shy and clueless and hadn’t ever even kissed a guy…I was used to guys falling apart around me, but I had no idea what to do when it was suddenly me completely enthralled. But eventually I sucked it up and talked to him…It was so innocent (I’m pretty sure he’s at least four years older than me). And then, after about a month, he dropped the class and I never saw him again. But to this day, one 2 year serious relationship behind me, another long and insane encounter with a scorpio ended, etc. I still think he’s absolutely “the one” for me. Too bad he lives in New York and I live in LA.

    So do you guys think this is just normal Leo-woman, Aries-man chemistry working its magic on me? I’ve certainly never felt this innocent, happy, intense, meant-to-be feeling for anyone else before.

  36. hi im a leo woman and im dating an aries man almost since a year. Our relationship is not like any other. First of all he doesnt give up and say that he loves me. Secondly he disappears suddenly and i dont hear from him many days,he stops texting or calling. Third point is that he becomes very selfish some times and doesn think about anyone elses feelings. Fourth point is that he is damn inpatient. BUT knowing all these points i still love him veeeeeery much. He’s the only one whom i can think about day and night without getting tired or bored. Tbh he’s the only one whom think about. Sex is awsome with him. He pleases me and we challenge eachother in bed. He is the only one who can make me horny just with words. I really really really do love him…i pray to God that we should live happily together forever. Im waiting inpatiently for the day when he’s goingt to propose to me,because i will jump into his arms while screaming YESSS YESSS YESSS!!! Ah i love my boi.

  37. Hello Im a Leo woman July 28 and hes april 6. He is a hand full, stubborn, but very honest and sometimes thoughtless. But he communicates with me all the time we even talk on the phone more than we see each other which I thought I would not like but do now. He gives me breathing room as he needs his space also. But when we meet its all over the world doesnt exist, Its us only. But he always on the move but when I call hes righ there. So what I say is just make sure that their worth the time and effort, Period!!! Peace of Mind….. Priceless

  38. i am a leo female talking/dating an aries man, when i am with him i feel as if we are meant to be together, he makes me feel as if i am the only one but when we are not i question everything. He barely calls. I always tell him he doesn’t communicate with me but he never changes. They are times when i do not hear from him for almost three days. He says he is not talking to anyone else and he can’t handle a another girl when he has to handle me however actions speak louder than words and his actions are pretty mute. I am really considering just ending this who relationship. It’s doesn’t seem it will go anywhere

  39. I am a leo woman and have been attracted to every single Aries man i have met in my life so far! i love them and they love me! i’m currently in a relationship with an aries man and it is the best relationship i have ever been in. its fun and hilarious, we are made for each other 🙂

  40. I think the whole leo and aries thing only works out when the women is the aries and the leo guy is the man . i know this from experience.

    My mother is a leo and dated an aries man … it didnt work out the argued over EVERYTHING!!!!

    Im an aries girl “17 not a women yet :p” and i fell deeply in love with this leo guy . it was weird because a few weeks into our relationship i felt like i knew him forever. i loved him so much and wanted to spend every second on my life with him. he understood me and i knew him inside and out . it was the most romantic relationship i had ever had in my life. well he ended up moving away which kept me crying for atleast 3 months … i still to this day love him <3

  41. I am a Leo woman in love with my Aries man. Most of what is written by the astrologers is pretty much on point. Not sure about the comments though. I have been with my Aries now a year, he moved in with me after two months! Hahaha. It’s been a trip to say the least. He is extremely impatient and unbelievably stubborn. But them again he is extremely generous with his time and money. He’s a wonderful romantic and never ceases to demonstrate his love and devotion to me. We do tend to have frequent disagreements because we are both very opinionated but they never last long. It’s over as quickly as it started. I don’t know I thought I would just comment on my experience with an Aries man.

  42. I’m an aries man with a Leo woman for about 10 months and I have to say everything about these horoscopes is true. First our sex is amazing never thought I could be so passionate with someone. Second we are both stubborn as hell, but we can still get along. We both just need to relax and just tell each we are right when both know were wrong haha. Third, is the jealously issue, we both can get very jealous and our horoscopes says it will happen but in the end of the night it’s us again back in each others arms. I know if I lost her I would say those words ” I’ve met someone like that nore would I ever again. Love my Leo woman.

  43. “If I seem like I don’t want to see him, or if I don’t call, he is all over me. It is very difficult to pretend that I don’t want him. When I am reciprocal of his effections it is great at first, then he becomes a complete jerk and the cycle starts all over again.”

    Truly said by SELINA..

    I am Aries man fallen in love with a Leo girl after being dumped by a TAURUS girl….From the very beginning of the friendship with the leo girl i, i started to feel that i am able to experience all such things as i dreamt while being with the Tauras girl……I started finding in her someone that was already been created in my Fantasies….
    V became best of the best friends and day by day she became priceless asset; gem;person of my Heart , Soul and body…
    I started believing in her . I started trusting her lyk anything ,,{something i rarely do} She became the middle of my thinking . People started talking about us and i gave a no ear to them as Aries are…Long conversations on phone,, giving flowers ,,finding more n more instances to be with her,,Being hand -in -hand {Something i can never forget, n wud feel d same again in future or not} n so on n on the beautiful things started happening ….And den once a day i proposed her After numerous days of deep thinking…

    God !!! I still remember the way i was sweating even though it was the Winter Evening.,…

    But i never knew my expression of love would turn out to be an unforgettable nightmare of my life

    {if by chance i wud had known such wud happen i wud have nvr evr proposed her}

    It was after my proposal , all the beautiful moments of my life started coming to an end…

    Many many incidences happened and today v c each other faces , but not with love , but with hatred {the hate i dont feel from within but still i show her to satisfy my Attitude , Ego whatever it may be}

    V don’t even talk to each other ,but still whenever i memorizes the moments i spent with her…a smile automatically comes on my face..and i starts missing her like anything …Feeling of being incomplete without her has totally usurped my mind and soul….

    But being an Aries i can continue to resist such terrible heartbreaking feeling in me instead off trying to call her or talk to her..

    I can go through hundreds of ZODIAC sites each day in search of ways of how to mend up with a LEO girl but the problem arises when i don’t want to use solutions i finds…bcoz juzt bcoz of my EGO….

    In the end i would like to say to all the Aries and Leos……Guys and girls of such Zodiac signs are truely truely made for each other But all they requires is to take each and every step in continuing dere relationship after careful analysis…bcoz d moment u deviated no matter how small….d relationship will go off like a very minute but strong smoke comes after a fume of candle is blown off………

  44. I am a Leo woman and I am dating an Aries man, who happens to be the only Aries I have ever dated and the only Aries I know.
    The first time we kissed it was like fireworks!!! We havent been apart since and that was three weeks ago… I am also, dare I say, deeply, madly, truly in love with this man… better yet he tells me the same!
    I am so used to dating Scorpios or Cancers, who just want to change me and make me into their idea of what I should be, with my Aries.. before we even took it to the next level, made me feel like no matter what I say or do, or how retarded I can be sometimes, he is gonna love me exactly the way I am.
    To all you Leo women out there, don’t give up on finding your Aries.. cause it really is a match made in heaven!!!

  45. Why no entries for a Leo Man and an Aries Man… Man-to-Man relationships. Gosh — 21st century folks…. Missing a huge portion of the population.

  46. I was in an on/off relationship with an Aries for close to three years, and I have to admit that I have never been as infuriated or as attracted to someone else. Our relationship was built on physical attraction and chemistry, which was always like a magnet that brought us back together. On the other hand, we argued in circles because he is insanely impatient about anything and everything, and could disregard whatever he felt wasn’t worth the wait. My ascendant is Capricorn, and so I feel that climbing slowly and surely will only make the view more valuable in the end. He doesn’t feel feel the same. We had problems with the company he holds, his drinking/drug habits and the fact that he wouldn’t commit in the way I needed him to.

    Still, he’s hilarious, charming, and was always the one I looked to when I wanted a challenge. We were incredibly rough with each other, both physically and mentally, and the games we played are still legendary. I have yet to meet someone with the same level of intensity and rebelliousness. In the end, I think we burned each other out to the point that we couldn’t get back to what it was like in the beginning, when things were exciting and so much fun. I expected something more from the time we spent together, while I felt that he could go on forever treating things the same because as long as it was good for him, then it didn’t need to change. To be honest, there will always be a possibility of ‘something’ between us because I feel engulfed by his energy when he’s around, and I don’t feel that way with just anyone.

    As for any signs, if two people are on the same level and have similar goals in life, then great things can happen. As for a Leo woman that dated an Aries man, I’m glad to have been part of that journey with him, but it’ll take a while for me to lick my wounds. It is a thrilling combination, but not for the faint of heart. I have too many things to say about him, both good and bad, but the point is: there’s a lot to say. It’s a dynamic relationship, but whether it continues steadily into a long-term relationship or marriage depends on the overall compatibility of the couple, and the stages of life they are in.

    For us, we had unbeatable attraction. He could just stand there, and I’d be turned on. Unfortunately, what kept us together also wedged us apart. Of course, I’m a Leo, so it won’t be me who’s the first to apologize. What the future holds for us is yet to be seen, but I will say that an Aries man + Leo woman combination is like nothing else. Every other man I meet barely holds a flame to that Aries.

  47. im also a Leo woman ,my aries partner is so fast and furious at everything i think i can just about keep up with him! Sexually i have never met any one like him for stamina he never fails to please me in bed i will never ever bore of him though sometimes in all his terms or nothing which irritates me .He is caring and romantic at times when hes not got something else to think about,though sometimes i never know where i stand with him,im independant as a leo i wont call or text him for a while then he will text me at 4 in the morning usually when hes drinking he does not sleep much,to say he loves me and im the best girl hes ever had though when we argue he just tells me to go and find someone else and that hes too selfish to have a relationship with any one just so confusing and drained at times . i love him so much its so hard cos when we are together nothing else matters at all ,we act like soulmates so much going for us he just makes me feel like myself so much in common too. It is so true i know i wont ever meet someone like him .

  48. I am a Leo woman. My Aries is completely confusing, enraging, alive, and humorous! He is also like the old nursery rhyme the girl with a curl in the middle of her forhead. I always tell him it should be about the boy with a curl in the middle of his forhead. when he is good, he is very very good, when he is bad he is horrid.
    He is extremely selfish when it comes to emotion, attention, and what the plans for the day are. When it comes to money or important physical tasks he is extrememly selfless and generous. He is the only man I have ever met that can keep me laughing, we go back and forth at eachother for hours. People love to be around us when we are together.
    He changes his mind about me all the time. Some weeks he thinks we will grow old together, other weeks he tells me he is going to move and he won’t be around forever, and I should just give up on our relationship… it took Eight months of being friends and lovers to actually get him to commit, though he was extremely loyal and would not have been with anyone else anyway.
    If I seem like I don’t want to see him, or if I don’t call, he is all over me. It is very difficult to pretend that I don’t want him. When I am reciprocal of his effections it is great at first, then he becomes a complete jerk and the cycle starts all over again. It has been like this for the past year. It is extremely draining. Between him and my daughter, who he absolutely adores, I have no time left for myself. He can never tell me how he actually feels about me and it would really be nice to know where I stand. I feel like it would be best for me to leave, but I couldn’t stand being without him. all of my troubles and upsets, even if he is the cause, just go away as soon as I see him. I can never stay mad at him, he never actually gets upset with me. I really just don’t know what to do here. All of the people that know us think we are made for eachother, and that is how I feel, but I feel as though I will never know how he feels. I can be myself when I am with him, and he makes me feel so alive.

  49. I’m a Leo woman and the shortest relationship I ever had was with an Aries and it only lasted for 3 and a half months. But he courted me for over a year. I have problems with him because he is very impatient, and he does like to dominate a lot and sometimes does not know when he hurts me. Although the signs says that Aries and Leo are compatible, I personally think they don’t. I had never dated someone who needs so much attention than from an Aries. I was in a relationship with him for only 2 months and he already proposed. He is very aggressive and most of the time wants me to follow what he wants, and he does not care to listen to what i need. The relationship ended sooner, because he just don’t know when to listen. He even ended it first for fear that I may be the one to break up with him and I’m so glad he dumped me. And this is so true: When It’s Over: One thing that will be heard on both their lips — “I’ve never met someone like that before and never will again.” I can say I WOULD NEVER DATE AN ARIES EVER AGAIN.

    Rating: 4/10

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