Aries Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Libra Couples: Marlon Brando and Johanna O’Callaghan, Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker

Tarzan meets Jane.  When these two come together there are almost stereotypical expectations as to looks and behavior. The dating process can be like a casting call.  This is the couple most likely to be attracted to one another on the basis of “looking the part”.  It works for them!  Chances are you’ll hear them say, “I always wanted to be with a [man][woman] like ___.  The other place you’ll find this combination is in a trophy situation, i.e., “Finally, I got what I deserve.”  There is more than a little competitiveness evident as each thinks they have finally advanced to the semi finals of love and partnership.

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Libra Woman:    Be prepared to make your most worthwhile moves.  Finally, an audience to play to the hilt for.  Make him open the doors, pull the car around for you, carry the umbrella and by all means, pick up the tab.  Even though you could run a football team, act like a lady.  Try not to confuse passive with weakness or passive-aggression (I don’t it’s a tough area for you).

How to Attract a Libra Woman as an Aries Man:  Brush up on your favorite role as the romantic lead.  Watch a few Ben Affleck movies!  Try to develop a sequential plan for the relationship – more than how to get her from into bed.  She’s a thinking creature, an intelligent life form, and will not be impressed by too much spontaneity (impulse) on your part.  Chances are you know The Rules and they can give your lust f illed maneuvering some badly needed struture at this point.

Degree of Romance:   No two people will ever enjoy the Game of Romance more than these  two .  Aries is the most romantic sign in the zodiac and Libra loves to be on the receiving end of gifts and gratuities. It’s almost like holding court!  Libra will expect strict observance of all major holidays with special emphasis on Valentine’s Day and her birthday.  She will prefer a PUBLIC display  of your affections in strict romantic code,  even a little more lavish than you should, such as a dozen red roses sent to her office, not her home, so all her friends know you fawn over her, I mean, care.

Degree of Passion:  Passion can be contrived and it probably should be to fit on the casting couch but it is not real.  You are both calculating and playing for effect.

Degree of Friendship:  They may be better friends at activities than conversation or closeness.  In other words, s/he’s the friend I [watch classic films with] [go to arts festivals with][go to sports events with].

Degree of Marriage:  There is a good chance for a lasting relationship here.  Chances are by the time these two find each other, they’ve dated everybody else and know what they are looking for.  They will usually develop a close group of mutual and married friends which can be of great support as the years go by.

Progression of Relationship:   We vote these two most likely to follow The Rules.  They each have standardized expectations such as, “He should ask me out Wednesday for Saturday night” and “I won’t introduce him to my friends until he’s introduced me to his.”  This is because although they are both leaders by nature, they like to follow protocols.  In order to be attracted to one another, they are in to gender role playing in a very big way.

Sex:  Sex is the meat and potatoes of this relationship.  They both have expectations of how often and in what way(s) they should have sex and they will be quite diligent in performing their duties. This is the couple most likely to have a pet nickname for a certain part of his anatomy.

When It’s Over:  When It’s over, they won’t realize it because they’ll tend to keep on playing their parts.   Therefore, the way this one “really” ends is by the entrance of a third party on the scene.  Actually, whereas you’d think that would do it, there’s mo re.  The likelihood is that the wronged partner will now also go out and create a love triangle so by this time there are four parties involved.  Everyone is seething with resentment while trying not to step on anyone else’s toes, for reasons known only to the parties involved.

Our Rating: 6/10

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52 Responses to Aries Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

  • Alycia T says:

    OMG so i just read the one on Libra woman n Aries man as well as Libra woman and Capricorn man and i must say that is EXACTLY what my relationship was like with both those guys…. it was like reading a biography on the relationship characteristics i had with those men…. too crazy…. FYI i’m currently trying to get into a relationship with an Aquarius and that one sounds a bit more promising and thus far sounds exactly the way things have been going – to be blunt it’s kinda creepy how accurate this is.

  • Anthony says:

    Question for all of you Libra women – I am an Aries Man who has fallen for a Libra, but, surprise surprise, I messed up and now need some keen advice. My Libra woman was in the process of getting a divorce and I was her first choice of who to be with. Now this was before I knew anything about Libra’s (I had never dated one before) and all I could think about was being in the “rebound” position … usually certain death. So, I played it as cool as possible and ended up not giving my Libra woman what she really needed … and to top it off her ex cheated on her. So after a six months of courtship (we became very very good friends talked a least an hour each day) and six months of dating she started pulling away and she went silent. Five weeks later she contacted me via text, then another month and so on until we saw each other “as friends” but did not really do anything … I told her I thought she was seeing someone else, she admitted that she was and then I asked so why are you talking to me … she said “I don’t know” She did say she was conflicted. I told her I think you love me and I now know that I love you. She didn’t deny this, but she did say I cannot give you what you want right now. She told me that she’s had more fun since high school with this guy but there are a lot of things she does not like about him. Even though she said she can’t give me what I want right now, I know she was very much considering moving back to my town and in with me to eventually get married. I KNOW deep down inside my soul this Libra woman loves me … they went on a weekend trip together and now she’s cut off communication again so I guess he’s cleaned up his act. I started sending her a note every day (email) letting her know one thought of why I love her … after four days I haven’t received a response … though I did receive a text from her while she was on her trip. I frankly at at a loss of what to do. I told her I was committed and was not going to walk away this time…but I don’t want to risk pushing her away or if I should continue to send her daily emails, poems, etc. If she needs time, I’m willing to give it to her because my ultimate intention is that we are eventually together.

  • S says:

    To Anthony: I am a Libra woman and I used to think there was something wrong with me. Then, I figured out that I am who I am. There is a certain type of man we need: one that recognizes that our own betterment is not a reflection on which they are. Meaning, if I want to go back to school, it’s not because I don’t want to spend time with you. Also, when we are going through tough “processes” we look at EVERY POSSIBLE outcome and it can become quite consuming. I fall into am almost depression-like state if I am stressed or an unable to solve a problem. Our feelings are also hurt very easily by the strangest little thing. We can drink beer, cuss, and watch football, but you tell us our hair looks “different today” and we will be heartbroken. I just recently met an Aries man and fell HARD. Now, I am basically avoiding him because he’s not giving me what I need and I feel like he will just end up hurting me. Your Libra feels an obligation to this other man (“he has all of these good qualities, so there must be something wrong with ME”). Her man will have to end it, she won’t and she won’t end it for you – that makes us feel bad. Sending her the little love notes, although seemingly not effective, will eventually payoff. We are strong willed creatures, but do cave eventually because we really just want to feel loved – and we want to be VERY certain we are loved. Once she feels “certain” she will come around.

  • Kathleen says:

    Another Libra and Aries Couple (My Fave), Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos

  • Autumn says:

    It definitely is scary when reading astrology and hit the nail right on the head. I recently dated an Aries man. At first sight for us both, it was a go. It was like playing a roll, for sure. He would shower me with roses, places to venture, and seemingly a lot of love. As time went by, he would continue to try, but if there was an argument or misunderstanding, the stubbornness in both of us would come out. Us Libra ladies want to forgive and forget, the Aries man, tends to hold a grudge and if he says he has forgiven, well you may become fooled. High tempered the Aries man, the Libra woman, stands her ground. He wants to be controlling, she likes to be cared for, but you cannot control her. The love life was great,,even up until the night before the next morning I would leave him in TX all the way back to GA. He was mean, and the love became very clear to be fake. Real perhaps at times, but fake. The thing is, I read his horoscope and mine as a match before we dated, It was identical and I wished I would have listened to my heart. Now I have an interest in a Cancer man, and too these two signs together claim a disaster. Do I go with the astrology or do I take the chance? My heart tells me both. I don’t really understand the Cancer and Libra not making it good, I mean really good it would seem, as the Cancer man is a lover like the Libra…. Confused. Take the chance or pass it up?

  • Mia says:

    Take the chance. As far as relationships, there are many other aspects that come into play like ascending signs, moon signs, etc. You can’t deny a good feeling :)

  • Lwood says:

    Hi Autumn, I will have to say go with the astrology and avoid a relationship with a Cancer man at all costs! I am an older Libra woman who had a 7 YEAR “nightmare”, “on again-off again” relationship with a Cancer man that ended horribly. Our “destructive relationship” was once described by his father as a “hurricane” before we finally went our separate ways. Everyone else could see that, but we couldn’t. Now I am in a relationship with an Aries man and this astrology reading is hitting the nail slam on the head, and I DID pre-read about Libra woman and Aries man ( and the possible negative outcome between them), and still dove in head first way fast, and am now scared I am going to live to regret doing it! A lot of Aries men are very stubborn and never doubt they are wrong about anything (esp when in a argument) and can’t say “their sorry” when they need to. The “role-playing” thing is ridiculously true and exhausting! Me, being older now, (& hopefully a little wiser), I am going to have to go with the astrology pre-read 1st! :o ) Good luck in love to ya! :)

  • T says:

    Have the chance to meet an aries man. Please let this be less drama then the leo man who dumped me :s

  • JackinBox says:

    All sadi and done Aries man esentially does good. Libra gal does not intentinly to flirt….so confusion. Kindness is unpleasing …sigh. Libra is good at balancing out what’s needed. We are the scales good at it always!

  • kami says:

    i would have to say that im amazed at how accurate this site is..especially when they talk about the relationship bein over…and it got to a point where we called it quits(on valentines day, keep in mind), and two days later, we decided to “just be friends” but physically and emotionally nothing has really changed. we still act the same towards eachother, but a lot less fighting. and surprisingly…me being the libra woman, i was the fight starter! but now, im moving to vegas, because when he decided to break up with me, it broke my heart so bad, i just wanted to run as far away as i could. since i did make that decision, i have sorta regretted it because the aries man truely is the man of my dreams, and i wish there wasnt a day that went by without him in my life! and i truely wish i couldve spent the rest of my life with him..hes the only one who has captured my heart and my soul. not something was ex husband was ever able to do! lol!

  • Keke says:

    I’m a libra female and recently had a falling out with an Aries male whom I like very much. He’s four years younger than me and one thing about me is that I tend to hold in a lot of frustration and it builds up. We’d been talking not dating for a little over a month this is the phase where you’re learning about one another. We’ve met each other friends and all of that. But I’ve been highly stressed because this is my senior year in college, one week I was PMSing something serious. So a conversation began by me asking “what are we doing?” instead of the answer I was looking for I.e. “you’re going to be mine soon” I got what I have ALWAYS heard “I don’t know what I want to do” mind you I was PMSing so I went off on him and started crying. After that weekend things weren’t the same. That Sunday we talked he told me that he needed at least 2 or 3 days. I gave him that time only for him to tell me “I’m sorry things can’t go back to the way they were” only to figure out he chose someone else over me. I really want to be with him, but we don’t talk or anything although there are three ways we can contact one another he told me that I was the only thing he regretted happening to his life. Now I’m trying hard to move on but I think about him A LOT! what’s a girl to do????

  • Amy says:

    hello . im a libran woman ,
    been in a relathionship with a piscis man for nearly 10 years , everything is going sort of ok, but our love life is going bad and im frustated …. recently i meet an aries man which i have only seen a few times havent spoke much with him , but before i knew what star sign he was i already fell charm by him…
    i dont know what to do ..
    what do u think about the compatibility between libra and piscis and libra and aries .
    also what do aries men look in a libra woman .
    thanks x

  • Enigma says:

    Amy :

    hello . im a libran woman ,
    been in a relathionship with a piscis man for nearly 10 years , everything is going sort of ok, but our love life is going bad and im frustated …. recently i meet an aries man which i have only seen a few times havent spoke much with him , but before i knew what star sign he was i already fell charm by him…
    i dont know what to do ..
    what do u think about the compatibility between libra and piscis and libra and aries .
    also what do aries men look in a libra woman .
    thanks x

    Would you like to make efforts to revive your relationship of 10 years?


    Would you abandon it when its still ‘sort of ok’ for someone you met recently?

    Direct questions but they may bring out what you really want. Would be interesting to know. Please do share with us.

  • Raisina says:
  • Jaylon says:

    What an aewosme way to explain this-now I know everything!

  • MBD says:

    Well I was curious about all of this, I’m a Libra woman and currently talking to an Aries man. Still getting to know each other and taking things slow but still a bit concerned or worried. Due to my past experiences haven’t really been able to trust, realized that being with someone of the same sign can be both great and miserable. When we were both happy everything went smooth but once we were both in a bad mood it was all downhill and seemed to have no ending. Really hoping to have a great start and great outcome with this Aries man, but only time will tell. This whole astrology info really does help!

  • SLT says:

    I’m a Libra girl currently dating a Aries man. We have just really been talking/dating for about 3 months. We have already bumped heads because of some of the things he have said really hurt my feelings and he was acting as if he expected us to move on from that as if nothing happened. Due to that issue everytime I spoke with him I was kind of distant and had an attitude because the issues before had not been talked about or resolved so yes I was acting a little funny. He told me he loved me within the first 2 months of us dating. Instead of me giving up like I have with guys in the past, I decided to try something else with him because I really do like him and can see we could have a future together. I felt everytime I would try to bring up the issue that hurt my feelings we would just start arguing over petting things. I decided to write him a letter telling him exactly how I felt and to see what we were doing because if we were going to continue to fight we just needed to move on. Too my surprise he actually listened to what I was saying and we were able to have a heart to heart. After the talk I have noticed little things he have already tried to change and we are now back happier than ever and have agreed that we need to start talking everything out. What can I say I love my Aries man and hope he will one day be my husband. I believe that as long as there is a understanding between the two things will balance out.

  • Jazzt says:

    I am a Libra woman and “was” talking to an Aries Man. I am 33 years of age and the guy I liked was 63. GO FIGURE!!! I started liking this dude and I thought he was 50. That’s how GOOD he looks. His appearance spoke, strong, dominant, loving, suave, attentive, all about business and more. I emailed him my information and he contacted me the next day. We went on dates, we talked over the phone, we texted every chance we got. Life was good…for three weeks! LOL! He had to go out of town for a week during the fourth of July. Ok…I called, no answer…I called …thinking something was wrong, but he would text that he was out with friends…ok. He stop calling like he used to, his long text became one word text, he would text several hours later, he would call maybe on the fourth day after you asked him to call you…he changed…dramatically…he just stopped…everything. My heart was hurt because the things we did were amazing, I enjoyed his conversation, and the fact that he was an older guy…I guess their right “age is nothing, but a number.” I texted him after calling him twice to let him know that I enjoyed everything and have a god life. I haven’t spoken to him since. My point to say all of this is that Aries man is what their sign is…stubborn, mean, and loving. Yes, I still think about him, but I know over time he will be a figment of my imagination…and it needs to hurry up! But never give up on love, no matter what his sign maybe God has a way of bringing that special one to you even if you have doubts of not dating that sign that broke your heart…!

  • Elle says:

    Hello all,
    I AM A 27 YR OLD LIBRA DOWN TO THE CORE. I have been fascinated with aquarian people since I started dealing with astrology roughly ten yrs ago. I fell in love with an aquarius 10 yrs ago, but we remained frineds until i was 23 and thats when we finally hooked up. 4 yrs of an emotional rollercoaster, but i still love him with all of my heart. We broke up in June and everything has remained the same between us up until a couple of weeks ago, when i read on this site that he was being the best to me because he would never want to be in a reltionship again. I was so hurt because I felt like all the romance and sweet talk meant we were going to hook back up. After reading this I did some soul searching and realized the horoscope was right and he was being sweet so he didnt have to be with me anymore. Since then I have started talking to an old acquaintence from highschool who I’ve talked to on and off over the yrs. He of course is an Aries. This passage said something about by the time we hook up we will probably know what we want out of a mate. I have my fingers crossed that this is it, we already have a host of mutual friends who are married and are both looking to settle down and buy a house. I am moving fast in my own mind, but i have made my mind up on what I want and just hope that my aries is my last!!!

  • MCH says:

    I am a Libra lady who has been captivated by my Aries man for 3 months now. He has kept me on my toes from the start with his smooth comments and gestures, but he turns it all off with the flick of a switch. He recently told me he wants this to be serious and that he loves me. He even specified he is “In Love with me”. He has been more attentive since this conversation. :) I want to know if Aries men are naturally hot and cold, can he be someone to depend on? Are these things part of his nature or scares from the past? He seems like a loving family man, the above article does not mention family at all. I have fallen for this guy hard, he in intelligent, social, and tries to be controlling but I shut that down quick and he just smiles at me or laughs or say’s good answer. LOL! When we are together we can complete each others sentences however when apart he can be very distant. Sometimes I am a bit confused because when I want something I go get it and when I love someone I love them in fully! I jump feet first and go full steam ahead because I have thought and analysed the situation. What to do, what to do?
    This is such a change from my last relationship of 6 years with the Pisces that would not commit. He suffered from spurts of depression I had to pull him out of time and time again. I was so tired of carrying him threw life!

  • waterpitcher says:

    my beloved aries sun sister is married to a sun libra man. they are very happy together!!!! she loves that she has found someone whom she can boss around lovingly, and he loves that she is the take charge type of woman cause he has always been indecisive and passive. but she is ambitious smart, and so much a go getter. she gets thngs done and he loves that i noticed. at first my family didnt like him cause he had a child of his own, and didnt have a job but now he’s proved to her and his child that he’s responsible enough to be into marriage with my sister.

  • waterpitcher says:

    oh ops this is the wrong section. it’s supposed to be libra woman/aries man. sorry i dont know any in real life. only the other gender /other way around.

  • Kallian says:

    I am a Libra girl who is trying to “pursue” an Aries guy. But I fear that I hold a lot of the traits that would turn an Aries off. Then again, my two best friends of 8 years each are both Aries girls, so maybe I do something right?

    Please help, I am mostly seeking advice from other Aries guys because I think you men would know best! I want the brutal truth, is this a man that I can trust? I have suffered a lot of heart ache in love and I am not typically interested in committing but this time is different, and I am interested. He is so tender and kind and sweet, but truthfully, I have no idea what he wants with me. Would he just court me simply for sex? Or would an Aries not even bother courting if it was only business?

    I will dive into more details if anyone is interested in helping me, because I am too frustrated at the moment. I just typed a novel in this comment box only for my internet to crash, losing everything. :(

    Thanks a lot,

  • gettingther says:

    Well, first of all NEVER pursue an Aries man, it will be over before it starts. My advice is simple….Leave him alone when he is away and treat him like nobody else exists when you are together. Oh, and make sure you have your own life, and are not sitting there waiting for him to come back.

  • TF says:

    Oh wow! I am amazed with these posts. I am a Libran gal who’s come out of a hell 6yr marriage to a drunk saggitarian. 6 months later, I’ve now fallen for an gorgeous strong Aries man. And I have to say, he confuses the heck out of me! We are in a long distance relationship which is making it also challenging, but the instant attraction/spark we had for each other is too strong for us to deny. But I’m struggling with his hot & cold moods and blunt responses that tend to make me end up feeling needy. While I’m still analyzing and not over something he has said he acts like nothing happened! If im distant he will make more effort to make me happy, with sweet texts. But what confuses me the most is he’s already said he wants a future with me and to have his children, yet he won’t talk about feelings and the immediate future (which being Libran I like to know where im at). Im forever feeling let down (daily). Yet he’s got this hold on me that won’t let me walk away…. Is there any happy endings out there for Aries vs Libra??

  • Dave says:

    I am an idiot Aires…..true to the core…..many years ago I fell in love with one of my professors in college….we
    ended up living together and it seemed we had a solid, healthy relationship until a Hottie caught my eye…I went
    nuts and walked out of a life that was filled with love, passion, etc….she never knew that several months later
    I tried to see her at the college; but, she was too busy and never saw me…..instead of waiting, I convinced
    myself that she would never want me back – so I walked away again!! I’ve learned recently that she obviously
    got over me…..makes about $97,000 per year….the best benefits, retirement, health plan…..two kids….
    a beautiful house and very near retirement……her “partner” goes by his last name and she uses her maiden name (don’t know if they’re married)…her children also uses her maiden name…..this all is very typical of this Libra …..she was a go-getter, goal oriented individual when we were together and I’m not at all surprised in her success and the obvious way she is controlling her life….I’m very proud of her…..I tried to reach her over
    the years; but, never could find her……she’s got the world by the tail now….definitely has the American Dream…..
    and certainly doesn’t need me….who knows…by walking away, I did help in changing both of our lives-hers for
    the better!
    I emailed her recently to apologize and explain what happened back then, (I never even tried to “fix” the problem-even when she did want to “talk about it”}….being a stubborn Aires, I was too hot/pig headed; plus the guilt of what I had done to us….for some reason, I needed to let her know…..I’ve thought about her every day since I left….and though it’s obvious that she started over again and life continued…..I will always regret not trying harder to win her back…….ironically, I now carry the broken heart and have for years…..I would do anything to change time….Aires men can definitely be stubborn and stupid – the part I don’t like is (after all these years never having
    a broken heart – I finally got slapped right between the eyes) there’s nothing I can do to change things…her being a true Libra…has dedicated her life to her career and family….she has always been stubborn but strong…she will
    always be quite a lady….for me, Aires men and Libra women can get along (with some reservations; but, mostly
    communication and trust in each other)……I will miss that chance in my lifetime to have been happy….I will
    never know as she hasn’t got back to me (it’s been over a week since I sent the message) why should she?
    I believe this can only mean she definitely got over me and to leave her alone and move along…..what is sad beyond all this is true of our signs…we were made for each other and had been looking all our lives for each other…..she will always be the love of my life! To all Libra women who make the
    mistake/decision to date/be with an Aires man…….good luck….we really don’t mean to act/behave the way we
    do….most everything is by impulse and excitement…..Aires needs time to figure out who they are with you before
    they will allow you into their private circle – if you have a “mean” aires it goes beyond the Fire sign….he needs to clear his demons…….if it’s possible, try to be patient….if he changes, it will take time.
    If you trully win the heart of an Aires man….he will always love you!

  • daga says:

    Aries man are selfish basterds I have a pieces gives me everything i need

  • Bill says:

    Dave, grow a pair for Christ’s sake. That goes for the rest of you pansy ass complainers whining about how you lost the love of your life and you wish blahblah blah puke. Get a set of balls would you.
    And Kallian, yes, he will court you just for sex. Do you people even read your own comments? The answers are already there. Quit making yourself a doormat for a guy and quit pining about the lost love of a girl. Guess what, if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t supposed to. If you f#cked up, get over it and don’t do it again. You are just making matters worse by trying to figure out someone else’s head. Figure out your own first.

  • ashley says:

    I’m a Libra woman (26) dating my Aries man (29) for almost 6 months now. This compatibility report is semiaccurate. I will say we have had chemistry from the very first day we met! I knew there was something different from him immediately, I knew I had to talk to him. Normally, us Libra woman are very hard headed & want to be chased…but my Aries guy needed to be pursued in a friendly manner. Which is exactly what I did. Not all Aries men can give you the chase, sometimes they admire you for making the first move as it builds their ego…more, lol. Ladies, Aries men are hot headed, stubborn & go straight for your jugular when mad. Be strong, hold your head high & be a lady yet a hard ass at the same time. Stand your ground. If he’s wrong he will apologize to you when he truly feels bad. Most of the time they don’t realize how selfish & unthoughtful they are being. Bring it to the table in a strong (yet classy!!) manner. No Aries man wants a woman without a backbone. & no Libra woman, wants an Aries man who acts like a selfish prick all the time. They need a woman who acts like a lady but thinks like a man. & don’t over worry….that pushes them far far away. Best of luck <3 p.s. better make sure you're always in top shape physically too ;)

  • Emmy says:

    I have been in a relationship with an aries man for 15 months now, fell from him right from the start and still in love with him, he is the only one who has captured my heart, and yes they are smooth, charming, masculine, aggressive all the traits in their sign, we get along very well, best of friends, relationship wise could do with some work, as just like pretty much everyone else who has mentioned aries man libra girl, there always seems to be someone else with these 2 signs, ours is no differnt, i feel like im walking in his ex’s shadow and i find it really annoying, i know he really loves me, but when we met he was somewhat still involved with her and by the time i knew about it was too late, i couldnt live without him, he now wants to commit to me move in etc, he has let me down throughtout our relationship, so i need to make the right decision, my lease is ending he needs a place to live he wants to start our commited life together, i would love to have that at the same time i think of my own freedom but im 28 soon and not getting any younger, i want to make the right decision but i do know that trying to be without him is so hard, going a week without seeing him is tortue!! i dont know what will come of this, i wish i knew, to commit or not to?????

  • laura says:

    I am libra currently in relationship with an aries man . He is still caring , loving and always walk with me to fullfill my needs . I am emotional often get hurt if some disrespect me though i keep it to myself . I am very expressive in relationship and those words comes from my heart . We both strong attracted to each other and i cant seems to take him out of my mind . He always say he loves me and express his feeling but still i dont know why i dont feel loved . I often found out he hurt me with his words makes we hurt a lot . Sometimes i feel so lonely in the relationship and feel unloved even when he is there with me . I feel i want to break my relationship but its kinda hard . I dont know what to do m i the only one to get this feeling or other libra girls out there also feel this ? I think i can leave him at any time . But i love him it feels my heart is on fire

  • laura says:

    I completely disagree on ‘when its over’ . When its over aries are still on libras mind having pain in her heart . Its is the strongest attraction that last forever . Libras still trust them even if they try to break . If they remain friends there is high chance of getting back together . I give 10/10 to aries man and libra woman .

    Most problem i have found in relationship:
    (how they hurt us and they don’t know)
    (1) When libras burning anger comes out the silent/ignoring nature of aries wont gives a shit making expressive loving libra in pain which makes her hard to be for long run..
    (how we hurt them and we dont know)
    (2) when libras are scales often good at judging people whats wrong and right and always says the right words we often says right words hurting our aries man . Since he always wants to be right , wants to control his woman , want to chase , have fun ,wants a lady who have strong patient , loyality , understanding , sympthy on others feelings , senseous , creative in lovemaking , girl that wont give up easily ! Comeon libra girls we are always right anyway so let them think they are right even when they arent (sacrife) let them make decision, let them take control of you(aries hate to be controlled so does we but still), stop judging and start to find passion, fun,adventures in your life so let them chase you !!!

    cheating and selfish (our common things) wont be a problem in this relationship because both of us are cheaters and selfish signs !!! Lol XD

  • Marjina says:

    scared and lost but ploughing on nevertheless. do i have a choice. i have made my bed noow i have to lie on it. its always been like that. and along the way i look for happiness , every day every moment. it works. what i accomplish for myself and for others is what sustains me. gives me ideas. but essentially its done by myself. sometimes helping others weaker than one self gives a sense of purpose. restlessness seems a way of life now. there is a gravitational pull and my eyes are looking searching for little eyes would i be able to hold. there is a need to be together and restore balance and order and calm. libra woman speaketh and this after fifteen yrs with my aries man. wouldnt give him up for anything.

  • Hoffman says:

    Been reading your posts and I just thought I would share that I found a cool dating site based on zodiac, and has been pretty helpful for me! Being an Aries male it isn’t easy to find a very compatible girl that keeps my interest but this site has a cool compatibility score and details about your match. Anyway I liked it so hopefully it help you guys too. – Dating

  • DetroitBlondie says:

    I FINALLY just got out of a nightmare 4-year relationship with my aries ex-man. He expected me to be “perfect” in every way and to HIS definition of perfect. Before meeting him, I was independent, happy, outgoing, fun… ALL of what supposedly attracted him to me in the beginning he ended up hating as time went on. He mistook my outgoing personality as flirting; he tried to control my every move- what I wore, who I was friends with, etc.; he would pick fights with me left and right and at first the libra in me would try to rationalize and talk things through with him which was SUCH a waste of time because he never, ever would admit that he was behaving irrationally or was wrong. I think what initially attracted me to him was that he was handsome, quiet (came across as intelligent and serious), and very, very romantic (the ultimate clincher when it comes to us Libras- can’t ever resist romance). However, as time went on, it became very obvious that we just didn’t “get” eachother and that we never were going to, either. Anyhow, GOOD RIDDANCE! NEVER, EVER, EVER again!

  • Kara says:

    My love path is ending up with a choice I have to make between two fellows. My Senor classmate who graduated this year. And the man of my desires and had high hopes of getting to see, and what I could find out about this Aries. His moon sign was Scorpio, and Scorpios really aggravate me and gets me critycal of such things.My sun is Virgo/Moon is Libra which I guess makes a beutiful combination. And my high school graduate friend has his moon a Virgo like me athough he was intense Scorpio. His moon sign keeps him in balanced and quiet condition though. The guy I desire to see though is a secret and hes an actor, but as it is hes with another Virgo/Cancer. Hes a couple years older but I heard that your soulmate could be anyone. Sometimes your soulmate can be split into two people and I believe their is a connection between these two souls. But Im only 17. I have my whole life to find the right person. And with new guys to discover as I grow, my love life with become clearer I will discover life’s secrets and find that person. I am as blind as I think maby from stress. Is there anyone else who has these experiences?

  • Marisa says:

    I am a libra woman 10/7 and he’s aries 3/22. so hes fine most of the times and then one day i heard from his friend that he had gone volunteering with a group in africa buikding homes and then there was an earthquake. i was worried and then relieved. i was worried about some others and whether he would be safe but he came through safe and sound. hes very cautious and no big mistakes so the group was safe.and carried on with the home building! i meanthats how he is . dynamic.totally dynamic and hard working. so he deserves everything he gets. if i had my way i wouldnt let him cross the road. lol so my man just goes ahead and does what he feels strongly and then tells me about it. i hope everyone else has as good experiences as i do.

  • frissonopleshar says:

    There’s a lot that’s fun about the aries man as long as you keep one thing in mind. you can’t take anything he says seriously. his motivatin is never clear and he knows how to say all the right things even the very superior things. as long as you know that and dont lose sight of it the ride is fun n can even be interesting. weird sometimes too but not dull. jsut dont believe anythign your being told or shown and youll be fine. thats not one of his strong points and probably the reason why every step he takes is fraught with a million misgivings. its a wonder hes ableto step out everyday and live his life replete as it is withendless possibilites and analysis. aside from that hes eager to please, charming as hell ,will promise a lot and deliver little. but waht’s life without a little fun? as a libra woman i can definitely baalnce myserious side with a little childish wonder.

  • Prukshimattle says:

    Aries man are so dynamic so passionate so talented and creative. I’ve known my aries guy since we interviewed at the polytechnic during the admission process. im a libra woman four years younger. his talent was just so awesome and growing that everyone could see he had so much potential. hes great at building boats and taking pictures. hes great at helping people too. though he wanted to own a boat building shop one day i knew he could make a living even selling photos. the inistitute had this huge competition every year for the students and there were so many contests to participate in. my guy took a kiosk and built a really great looking modern boat and some other nifty gadgets that he had invented that went on board with it. and then he put his pictures in the kiosk! well at least the contest went off well and the money that came withthe prize allowed him to buy some camera gear. there quite charming too so I always had to keep one eye out but i didnt have much to worry about. good luck to you all.

  • Sharima says:

    This is hilariously accurate. I laughed my way through it!

  • nana says:

    I am a libra woman and once have dated aries man . To the post above who says libra cheat , yes some do but WITH ARIES. THIS LIBRA HAVE NEVER CHEATED. He was the worst thing ever happen to me. Too selfish, confidence at lieing , letting him control the relationship makes feels suffocate, wants all attention on himself get envy when i get, too flirty , rude. He had found a new girl while we were dating . They both start having affair behind my back. He then began to distant, less respond to my Care, love, ignoring all the calls, less expressive to me. I broke it off after that . I didnt know about them dating until my sister told that after we broke up. The girl he then dating cheated on him and ignore him . Now he wants me and blaming me for leaving him so he go after her (lies). i have no time for looser. I pefer to live with broken heart :’) . I’ m with scorpio man for 3 years now . I love him more and the best thing ever happen to me. ♥

  • dbaby says:

    I’m a Libra women and i had a relationship for about one year with an aries man at first he was really sweet sending me texts like i miss u when will i see you again and he really wanted to be with me and we dated for 2 months and he played it really good at trying to talk me into bed so once i gave myself to him he changed! He didn’t send me texts anymore and sometimes we didn’t spoke for 2 or 3 days when we used to talk everyday so i started to figure out lies about other girls he’s been talking to behind my back! But he so good at making it seem like u are crazy and jealous! So u start doubting yourself but they just got this something that make u wanna forgive them anyway! So we both start playing games it was a on and of kinda relationship and everytime we see eighother its like we see eighother for the first time and the passion has never left because the sex was so good! The chemistry just doesn’t fade and this is how it goed for 3 years now.. we fight we dont speak and then we speak and we make love we fight AGAIN! But however its never a real relationship but i still love him so much and i feel like i just need him in my life and we have been dating other people but we still come back togheter its like we have something real but just not official what to do?!!! If it was up to me i would’ve tried my best to make it work but he wont let me! So its kinda confusing because he can be very sweet and passionate and sensitive if u just sit down and talk to him on a generous way! But he just lies to much besides that! #UGH

  • adn. says:

    Hi I’m a Aries guy, and I once was in love with a libra girl for years but I never told her, I was afraid of rejection,,I was in school at that time. Several years later I was looking for her I never found her until I heard she moved to another country. I did more drastic searches and I found her online on facebook. She remembered me as a friend and I was really happy I did find her it was now my time to tell her hw I felt about her for soo long. When I did we eventually got closer despite the distance. We had a relationship for abt 6 months then we broke off. The thing is this, physically we were not next to each other but on an emotional level we were…we mainly fight a lot and I blame this mainly on my part..I was really childish, but I was only looking out for her I wanted the best for her when aries guys love a girl its a complete yes we aactually see that girl as our wife and our future and we see a family. When we’re in love we don’t make SEX. Big deal because we jus wanna cherish our partner. She just didn’t get that I would have done so much for her because I was willing to move to be close to her. She was the most amzing person I have ever met and when I now meet other girls I jus see them as a piece of meat, I guess the only thing that can save me is love but I have given up on it. It’s overrated.

  • amanda says:

    Im a 41 yr old libra woman and I need to have a word with my little libra sisters. SNAP OUT OF IT.

    You are modeled after goddess Venus. She tamed Aries. There is no class of female superior. So honor her and act like her daughter. No more sniveling! You will get whoever you want if you get out of your own way.

  • Nadine says:

    I have been dumped by my aries man because he does not like me drinking dumped me Friday night tried to txt and phone for two days no response. Finally txt on Monday asking him to tell me if it’s over he relied back straight. Away yes . Since then nothing what do I do is it really over or is he just being his spiteful stubborn self and what should I do now . So heart broken we have been together for 3months

  • andi says:

    I am a libra girl 10/12. I have recently fell for an Aries man. What can I say? He’s so manly, caring, sweet, and knows exactly what to say. However, yes there’s a however… He’s cold and short with me at times. He text responses are never as long as mine. I don’t think he is as emotionally involved as I am. When it comes to being attracted to each other and sex well we are amazing but past that it’s a huge fail. We libra ladies like to be loved and we have to be the center of attention. He tells me I’m beautiful all the time and of course I love it because it’s coming from his handsome face with the most passionate lips but the reality of it is that I don’t trust him . I know he’s not for me so I will take it for what it is. Hot sex until we get tired of each other. He is so irresistible in that area. I am a flirt and love flirting with him. He feeds my needs in that area while we are together but the minute I leave his sight I am no longer a part of his world. To be honest it hurts a little but he always finds me and the fireworks happen all over again. Ah it’s complicated to say the least but we are basically friends with occasional amazing sex. If I had to put my opinion on this combination I would say to my Libra sisters …run and run as fast as you can before you get involved and especially before sex happens.

  • dip says:

    why to run??????? ok fine if decided, then remember to wear proper running shoes :)

  • mahalia says:

    i’m a libra woman inloved with my man who is an aries is totally confused sometimes as to where i stand with this man. he keeps on reminding me about how much of a man he is and yes i have acknowledged that more than enough times. for instance i find that our sex life is one sided being that he just wants to get straight to the point when doing it i feel like im being raped because he does not entice me to want it and it hurts when he penetrates me its just because he wants it and that’s why we should do it. he is a selfish prick but i love him to bits because he knows how to spoil me but gosh our sex life needs help it’s just too boring!. he’s also just too secretive which works on my tits sometimes because i wanna be certain for sure that i am his one and only he keeps talking about us getting married but find it hard to understand as to why he has not popped the question yet pls im begging you to give me answers as to what to do with this man. p.s mahalia

  • jess says:

    hahaha nice :) i would suggest go and kill him.

  • mahalia says:

    i was expecting a better solution but thanks anyway.

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