Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Pisces Couple:

Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore, Hayes MacArthur and Ali Larter

Believe it or not this is one of the most romantic combinations in the zodiac.  These two play Tarzan and Jane beautifully together.  The Pisces woman gives the Aries man the chance to be a hero every day while she gets to be the damsel in distress.  The natural inclination of each to play these complementary roles makes this an enduring combination.

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How to Attract a Pisces Woman as an Aries Man:

The Aries man can be a he man without apology.  Open the door, unload the groceries, maintain her car, and even carry her over the doorstep.  Your rugged masculine energy is nothing but a plus.  To win her heart, pull out all the romantic stops: arrive at the door with flowers on the first date (hand-picked if possible and tied loosely with a ribbon).  Draw out the mating process as long as possible. Enjoy the exquisite feeling of yearning and indulge your imagination.

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Pisces Woman:

This is one relationship that proves the adage “if you want him to be more of a man, be more of a woman.”  To start with, act as helpless as you often feel.  He wants to open the door, carry the groceries, fix your car, and even carry you over the threshold.  It’s even possible that he would love to rescue you.  Maybe you can think of some small difficulties to get into that he knows how to fix.

Degree of Romance:

The degree of romance in this combination is off the charts.  Each of these two is the born romantic and will revel in the opportunity to play along with someone who seems to be following the same script.  Pisces needs the strong Aries presence which leads quickly to flowers and dinner by candlelight.

Degree of Passion:

The Aries man is a fiery lover and Pisces is the born shape shifter.  She will take on any role that is assigned to her.  So if he wants passion, she’ll give it.

Degree of Friendship:

This relationship tends to polarize the energies of the two participants rather than bring them together as friends.  Mutual admiration is a better way to describe this energy, but that’s just as solid a glue.

Degree of Marriage:

This is a good possibility for marriage, particularly a first marriage where gender differences can be more of a plus.  It is likely to be a lifelong romance.  Each party will remember the other one on the day they met, which keeps the love alive.  She is a domestic goddess and he is a stalwart provider.

Progression of Relationship:

Pisces is very willing to let Aries take the lead, and Aries is very comfortable with that.  He will set the pace, probably squeezing out every ounce of romance before consummating the relationship.


Sex between these two is a fantasy garden, a perfect and blissful blending of heart and mind, body and soul.  It is a very strong point in the partnership that is likely to be maintained throughout the relationship.

When It’s Over:

It will be very sad for both parties if this relationship ends.  There will be many tears, genuine distress and anguish on both sides.  They may reunite several times before making the final break.  Pisces brings out the gentle side of Aries.  He is likely to be solicitous of her well-being, even as they are parting.

Our Rating:  9/10

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    I’m a Pisces girl (born on 1st March) I’ve been together with my Aries man (2nd April) for 10 years now and he is the most wonderful irresistible man I’ve ever met.

    I dated several other guys that I’m supposed to be compatible with (Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, oh and a Virgo), but they either cheated on me, took me for granted in a very bad way or just couldn’t handle my personality for whatever reason.

    On the other hand, there was just something very different about my Aries guy. For me it was definitely love at first sight (and yes, I do believe that that is possible). I met him at work and was crushing on him for a very long-time (about 1 year), but despite my flirtatious efforts he never seemed to respond or even notice me, which just made me want him even more!

    He was and still is pretty non-reactive to most things in our relationship (particularly my mood swings lol!), but I could just sense that there was something really special and lovely about him under that always very serious looking façade of his. My friends say that I’m stunning and I was getting hit on all the time by all these other guys, but none even came close to the overall attractiveness of my crush.

    He would speak to me now and again with great ease and I’d feel him looking deeply into my eyes which would make me just melt, but he would only respond in this way when I spoke to him first. Yet when I would try to catch his eye from across our open plan office he’d rarely respond or show any emotion or he would just look away without re-engaging soon after. Most of us would assume disinterest on his part and just move on, but I’m so pleased that I didn’t do this as I would have missed out on the love of my life.

    I would always have this uncontrollable and unexplainable feeling of butterflies in my stomach whenever I was anywhere near him, so, I hung on in there. It took me a while to figure out how to get him, but with much patience and persistence and being a Pisces gal that always gets what she wants in the end, I finally got him… lol!!!

    In relationships, I’m generally a pretty confident gal anyway and can be quite bossy even for a Pisces, but even though my man is generally quiet, he always gives as good as he gets from me instead of giving into me like most other guys always did (lol !!!), which is one of the reasons why I respect him so much. Another reason I respect him is because he is very driven and knows where he is going in life (ambitious) which I find extremely attractive in a man. We completely trust each other. He pursues his many hobbies (though he is a bit of a loner), and he’s happy for me to pursue mine with my own large circle of friends. He never gets suspicious or jealous about it, which is also why I adore him! We do pursue some activities together as well which is a must and we love each other’s company immensely when we go out together. He’s very masculine and I’m very feminine so we are an attractive couple in the traditional sense.

    He’s so very calm and laid back and nothing seems to faze him, but he also has a very playful fun side to him that I would never have had the pleasure of seeing had I not got to know him better. He also has an unintentional deadpan sense of humour which is actually very funny in its own right. He’s very mysterious and spiritual and he just fascinates me at an extremely deep level. My man has many layers to him which even now after 10 years I am still peeling away at. I feel like we are both equal in our relationship, (though admittedly I do look up to him), with neither one of us trying to compete or control the other, which is probably why we get on so well. We rarely row, so our relationship is very harmonious and extremely loving. Tip: I think he would leave me if I did ever try to control him as he’s definitely not one for taking orders from anybody! He likes to be in charge (an Aries thing apparently) but he never tries to control anything that I do. I actually feel very free in this awesome and rare relationship of ours!

    He has complete faith in me to do well in everything I do, and encourages me to work towards achieving my own dreams and ambitions in life, which is like a breath of fresh air for me. Whenever I’m feeling negative or in procrastination mode, he’s there to inspire me and spur me on. He’s also very attentive and is happy to just listen to any problems I have, without ever interrupting me or trying to fix them for me, yessssss!!!! …and when he does so, just having him look so deeply into my eyes, puts me at ease and makes me feel great again as well as horny for him!

    He is gradually helping me to realize the deeper meaning in me. I feel so complete with my Aries man. We are both happy and devoted to each other. I feel very secure around him and he always manages to keep me grounded. He’s incredibly romantic and often surprises me with weekend getaways and small meaningful gifts that I will always treasure.
    He’s very adventurous, affectionate, tender and uninhibited in the sack too and unlike most men he always manages to stimulate my mind as well as my body, fulfilling my every sexual desire along the way. He’s extremely sensual and really takes his time massaging me/kissing me, but equally great, on other occasions he can really ramp things up and be Mr dominant with me where I get to submit to his awesome and irresistible masculinity – Aries men are apparently renowned for their dominance! and my 2nd April man is no different in the bedroom, which I find incredibly sexy!

    I will often text him while at work stating that I want him ‘right now’ which always makes him horny for me and always acts as the catalyst for a hot and steamy marathon session later on that evening!

    He has just the right mix that I always looked for in a man: Masculine and driven, yet really sensitive and caring which means that I can be myself, the elegant feminine woman that my man always loves me for being. He is my best friend, soul mate and lover all rolled into one. I still secretly test him all the time in our relationship to see if he really is a REAL MAN and he passes with flying colours every time. These kinds of guys are extremely rare nowadays and I certainly won’t be letting go of this one for a very long time and as you can probably tell by my gushing account of him, that yes, I am deeply in love with him.

    Jade (32 Years old – London)

  2. Leann RiderMay 20, 2017 at 5:37 am

    I am Pisces and my Aries man is more than a dream come true.

    He worships me and serves me constantly, doing everything for me. He is very manly and loves to give massages, touch me lovingly at any time of the day, and has only gotten warmer and more sexual and loving as the years have gone by (6 years, now).

    At first he tried to make advances, but was no good at flirting and I even tried to flirt with him once on our third outing and second real date. It was refreshing to see that he was not the charmer type because that was not what I was looking for.

    Before we became friends he tried to talk to me a lot but I never responded to his emails or IM’s. I was not looking for a relationship and he seemed a little clingy.When a year later I realized he was a really nice and observant/wise person, I agreed to go out on an unofficial date.We fell in love on our first date at a sushi house in Ybor. Our intellectual and philosophical conversations were in tune and we had a lot in common.

    I would never love another man. He and I have had a lot of nasty fights, usually with me telling him he is an oaf or a snob or him telling me I am demanding and mean. He is very childish, but it’s adorable and innocent. His eyes are childishly blue and so clear. It is almost like looking into the sun.

    He is very annoying and loves to collect junk, probably because his moon is in Taurus, and is extremely stubborn. He thinks I am judgmental and too particular. Besides that and petty arguments, we are basically the luckiest couple in the world.

    I keep wondering when I will get bored, but it keeps getting better and more exiting. Neither one of us age like our friends, physically or mentally and we want each other constantly. He never looks at other women and is an amazing father figure to our cats (and even me sometimes) and I know he will be the perfect dad when we adopt one day.

    He is romantic, just not in a typical way but I have a way of making him extremely mushy and sweet! He calls me “fairy” most of the time and is always kissing me and buying me exotic fruits. He is big into bragging, and acting macho which I have toned down a bit by explaining to him that is makes him look less impressive when he does that and he has listened.

    Be careful, though, girls. He is a real man and is this way for a reason. Yes, when he brags to his family and dominates the conversation, talks at the wrong times and argues with the trashcan while intoxicated it’s a little bit much, but just remember that sometimes in order to teach a stray lamb, you have to break it’s leg so make sure it’s really something worth beating out of him because you may underestimate your power and get your wish, only to have a broken lamb by your side.

    Women are very powerful. I have molded him a lot, really. He used to collect so much crap that I threatened to leave him for it as it got pathological and he would break down wailing in the office because I asked him to give up one piece of plastic, but thankfully he has changed his hoarding of things to a degree.

    He thought at first I would allow him to decorate our house with his stuff and destroy the energy in our home but he has found out who is boss.

    He expected me to go to holidays with the family, follow him to work, etc and get angry if I didn’t come to all his events and start to manipulate me and freak out, but after two years he has accepted that I want nothing to do with his family for various reasons and has respected my choice.

    Also he used to live on packaged foods and soda and never clean his room, just like a kid and chain smoke and now he is on an organic diet and uses a vaporizer so it’s fair to say I have changed him.

    He also changed me as I used to be a vegetarian and I can say I am very glad to have made the change! We are good for each other and are the best of friends, truly. He is so fine and is always making me laugh hysterically. From head to two he is the perfect warrior man. My man looks like an action figure and reminds me Robin Hood! Brave, loyal, youthful. Respects the working class and reminds of you of someone from Fight Club, generally. Has a lot of dignity and is not a whore, or bi, or whatever they say about Aries men.

  3. Hi John, what sign are you?

  4. I’m in love with a piesces woman and this description is so true that sends a chill down my spine

  5. Well, I have had a relationship with an aries guy for almost 6 years, and we had alot of ups and downs,
    Me as a pices, I knew he will ruin my life with his dangerous charm, but I never admitted it til yesterday.
    He is such a self-centered, and Now I am glad I can save my life from him.

  6. @ SalleAnn
    “”Can anyone put the reality that is in front of them aside and make illusion a basis for living their life”” – Have you ever dated a Libra or another Pisces??They’d love YOU! Dating Capricorn or Toros or virgo not for you girl!

  7. Is that why Eric Clapton was so crazy about George Harrison’s wife?

  8. It’s a dream an illusion with a hook of future reality. I knew that from the munute he said we couldn’t move in even though we were seeing each other for two years. Can anyone put the reality that is in front of them aside and make illusion a basis for living their life. The pisces woman that I am can be creative and appreciate that big thngs come from dreams and visions. But I have a steady head and firm feet something my Taurus man of knows but finds hard to accept. There’s so much to him I don’t know and don’t trust really the meeting of minds is quite superficial. Entertaining but superficial. I don’t get a good feeling about this no matter what the stars say. Ive never been much of an astro fany anyway. so good luck all you fish ladies with the taurean men!

  9. I love aries 🙂

  10. So I had a crush on ths boy in 3rd snd 4th grsde we were in the same classes and he would act like he didn’t know wat he was doing while were learning and ask me too help him and while I point in the book and tell him wHat to do he would staRe in my eyess I could c him and evry time my third grade teacher would move the chairs and desks around she would always put us together until tht day in third grade he asks me if I liked him I sed no he said yes u do then I said no I dnt thts hoe I blew it and and 4th grade the romance kept going and he would say cerazy things like “damn u gt the cake”then if it were recess in the classroom it would be me and a couple other grls tlkng and would wlk over and stand write nxt to me and be all up in our conversation he complemanted me every day then in 5th grade came he moved away and didn’t even tell me we were like best friends. My best friend tld me he moved to Alabama bcuz her older sis knew his older sis bt it turns out he lives in new york 30 mins away from my city and it turns in seventh grade my best friend dated him for a F#ck!n month I couldn’t get mad though becus I ddntt tell her I liked him now I’m in 8th grade and I miSs him llike crazy his smile him tlkn his personality I could ask my bestie for his # bt I’m to shy I get butterflies when I use to tlk to him someone tell me wat to do

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