Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Sagittarius Couples: Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, William Macy and Felicity Hoffman, Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

This smokin’ hot combination has a theme song, “Don’t Fence Me In”.  Sagittarius needs to run free while Aries needs the constant challenge of adventure and new territory to conquer.  As a couple they prize freedom, good health, excitement, new things and experiences more than possessions.  For example they may spend their discretionary income on long trips to foreign countries rather than tying themselves down to the obligations of home ownership.  God forbid one of them should be stuck mowing the lawn every week.  They may each pick a job that gives them the most annual paid vacation rather than trying to climb the ladder of success.  They are likely to prize nature, animals, the outdoors and doin’ what comes naturally.  Neither is big on long range planning, figuring if they take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  No doubt about it — the greatest passion they share is joie de vivre. When they come into work Monday morning they’ll always have an amazing answer to the proverbial question, “What’d ya do this weekend?”

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Be bold.   Be dashing.  Be yourself!  Let him see how 1. busy and 2. friendly you are.  Key him in to your favorite humanitarian Project du Jour.   You’re “hard to get” so keep it that way.  Laugh with him – out loud and uninhibited.  Share your love of sporting events and activities.  Let him know you expect to keep the good times rolling and – when if it gets boring, you’ll be elsewhere.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as an Aries Man:   She’s naturally attracted to your boldness and straight forward daring.  Make it clear you 1. have a life and 2. don’ t need her.  Laugh at timid souls while you describe your last three Grand Adventures.  Stop by her office or desk uninvited.   Get to know her sports buddies and colleagues.  Say something outrageous just to see her laugh!

Degree of Romance:  Romance is for pansies.  These two prefer red blooded pursuit!

Degree of Passion:  The passion they have is for being alive.  They pour themselves 100% into everything they do.  Along with Aries-Aquarius, they are the most vividly alive couple you will ever meet.  People love to have you around as you are often the life of the party.

Degree of Friendship:  They may be best buddies as well as lovers, sharing many common interests and hobbies.  If you’re an Aries explorer who is tired of rappelling, white water rafting or parkouring by your independent lonesome, give a Sag gal a second glance.  She’s probably good at at least one of those things and dying to learn the other two AND she won’t slow you down with a lot of hair and makeup prep time either.  The two of you will always be on the run.

Degree of Marriage:   This combination makes a great marriage, especially a second marriage when Aries has figured out that a heavy domestic agenda is killer.

Progression of Relationship:   Just jump in and start swimming.  You finally found someone as uninhibited as you are!  Go for it.  Throw all the rules out the window.   Trust your intuition and good intentions.  Start somewhere and gain momentum.  Keep smiling.  Life really can be this good.

Sex:   They may just be perfect for one another, particularly as regards looking at sex as a sport.  It’s also important when and where they do it.  They’ve finally found someone as healthy, open minded and daring as they are — and a lot of fantasies stored up can be brought to life.  Sex is always wholesome and good … no bargains no guilt trips, no holding back.

When It’s Over: Boo hoo but no hard feelings.  Remember the good times and there were plenty.  No matter how many years pass by, you’ll still always smile at the sound of his/her name.  This is also the couple we vote most likely to have ex-sex. (Oh, heck, why not?)

Our Rating: 10 /10

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71 Responses to Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Dorothy says:

    No don’t say that, I want to hear, is it what I am thinking it is, from them lost time 🙁

  • Dorothy says:

    What in your hx is about to repeat in some way..????? Do you want to talk about it?

  • Dorothy says:

    See now you’re gone into that Sombre mood, come on, lets talk! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • ginger says:

    nothing baba, talking to some else 🙂 it’s nothing just a reason, that why i called you bache / kiddo, on first stance, don’t know why it came from my inner side. But i knew that you were quite mature infact over-mature and i’m a MR case na lol.

  • ginger says:

    and more over if i’m talking to someone i can’t fellow another person, like you 😉 who can fellow 10 at the same time…….hahaha

  • Dorothy says:

    Okay….but promise you’ll still tell me though.

  • Dorothy says:


  • Dorothy says:

    You are something else, its kinda making sense now “bache” lololol I just cant with you! LOL – smh

  • ginger says:

    something else????????? shit, i have to repeat once again that i’m slight younger to you 😉 and i said you “kiddo” because i was about to select a man 10 yrs ago, who was almost double my age, got it.

  • Roxee says:

    I seen that…..yes so why didn’t you .

  • Dorothy says:

    And I certainly do not appreciate that tone :/

  • ginger says:

    Ok, listen, approximately 10 years ago, @ different country, I was about to start my first story with someone almost double my age, (hmmm not double actually, he was just 16 years older), was looking promising. I was very happy and contented, as my childhood dream, to have a stable, respected and nice partner and obviously, quite mature man was coming true. But at that time, I was stopped from stepping ahead; I could feel a lot of impedance flowing from my love-ones. I think these guys thought that I was too immature to handle that relationship or maybe I was not hard-nosed enough.

    Whatever, now the main thing; meanwhile I accidently met some-one online of similar age. I felt like he’s a kiddio 🙂 though everything was casual; don’t know why it touched my heart. Really felt bad, when he said me as a gold-digger, and lot of other things. I cried a lot, because I was not too clever enough, to be what he said. I took back steps, and accidently my life took a reverse gear.

    But now, after 10 years history is repeating, I’m about to do something similar, but this time I’ll follow my heart and will be firm as rock. Absolute thing is that, I’m not getting any kind of resistance.

    Now, I believe that GOD plays a big game, if you really wish something, it comes to you, sooner or later 🙂

  • ginger says:

    And I like Kiron rao very much, hopefully my partner turns out like Aamir Khan 🙂 i know you are laughing it’ sounds very filmy. hehehe

  • Dorothy says:

    Well thats good you are getting no resistance this time around, keep steadfast yes and follow your heart.

    So if your partner turns out like FEARLESS Aamir who followed his heart and not the adherence to arbitrary society rules or standards, so now that also means there will be a little Azad Rao Khan, it comes naturally within the Khan domain too. Lolololol

    But do rememebr that Kiron was just as determine so the effort you put in correlates to what you get out of the experience…..isnt that right.

  • i says:

    And don’t worry i have prepared the bed of soil for little one, just need a perfect seed for germination lol. hey boy remember, i asked you one day, about something (guess, your ……..), and you said, they are very expensive in market and i said that don’t worry i’m not keen for buying them 😉

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  • SS says:
  • Sandy says:

    Yes I have come to the realization that we both are wanting different things and that is why we should stop wasting each others time on something that’s obviously going nowhere; because where there is conflicting values, its more likely to end as primarly we both tend to want different things. But you say you are “not sure” you want the same thing as I do, yet you can positively affirm you are not what I would want, so if you are not sure you know that you dont want the same thing, how do you then know what I dont want….see there is just too much confusion, rambling and the back and forth about who wants what, from what who doesnt want, this just doesn’t make any sense at all. To me learning to love or live with someone can be extremely tough and only gets more difficult by unsolved issues that will be faced in the long run.

    I can assure you, there will be respect and harmony on my side because I am never the one to build strife even sometimes when provoked, so you dont have to worry about any disturbance from me, it’ll be like you never met me, I will stay out of your life, your way and your heart, I promise! I hope you also find whatever it is you have been looking for too.

    As for me, I would never want to try and force a way or impel any desperate measures to make a situation work thats clearly deemed impassable because sooner or later it will be all resentment and emotional disconnect which eventually leads to neither of us ever truly being satisfied or happy, I would never want to stop you from living your best life or to even hold you back from what you truly want, so this hesitation right here – right now; I think we have both logically answered our own burning question.

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  • Ymous says:

    I admire a person with an intense sense of humor, that was hilariously funny as hell LMAOOOOOOOO, some folks really got jokes!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤡 #deading 🙄😂😂😂😂😂 🤡 Real Joker! BOAL!

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