Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Sagittarius Couples: Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, William Macy and Felicity Hoffman, Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

This smokin’ hot combination has a theme song, “Don’t Fence Me In”.  Sagittarius needs to run free while Aries needs the constant challenge of adventure and new territory to conquer.  As a couple they prize freedom, good health, excitement, new things and experiences more than possessions.  For example they may spend their discretionary income on long trips to foreign countries rather than tying themselves down to the obligations of home ownership.  God forbid one of them should be stuck mowing the lawn every week.  They may each pick a job that gives them the most annual paid vacation rather than trying to climb the ladder of success.  They are likely to prize nature, animals, the outdoors and doin’ what comes naturally.  Neither is big on long range planning, figuring if they take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  No doubt about it — the greatest passion they share is joie de vivre. When they come into work Monday morning they’ll always have an amazing answer to the proverbial question, “What’d ya do this weekend?”

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Be bold.   Be dashing.  Be yourself!  Let him see how 1. busy and 2. friendly you are.  Key him in to your favorite humanitarian Project du Jour.   You’re “hard to get” so keep it that way.  Laugh with him – out loud and uninhibited.  Share your love of sporting events and activities.  Let him know you expect to keep the good times rolling and – when if it gets boring, you’ll be elsewhere.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as an Aries Man:   She’s naturally attracted to your boldness and straight forward daring.  Make it clear you 1. have a life and 2. don’ t need her.  Laugh at timid souls while you describe your last three Grand Adventures.  Stop by her office or desk uninvited.   Get to know her sports buddies and colleagues.  Say something outrageous just to see her laugh!

Degree of Romance:  Romance is for pansies.  These two prefer red blooded pursuit!

Degree of Passion:  The passion they have is for being alive.  They pour themselves 100% into everything they do.  Along with Aries-Aquarius, they are the most vividly alive couple you will ever meet.  People love to have you around as you are often the life of the party.

Degree of Friendship:  They may be best buddies as well as lovers, sharing many common interests and hobbies.  If you’re an Aries explorer who is tired of rappelling, white water rafting or parkouring by your independent lonesome, give a Sag gal a second glance.  She’s probably good at at least one of those things and dying to learn the other two AND she won’t slow you down with a lot of hair and makeup prep time either.  The two of you will always be on the run.

Degree of Marriage:   This combination makes a great marriage, especially a second marriage when Aries has figured out that a heavy domestic agenda is killer.

Progression of Relationship:   Just jump in and start swimming.  You finally found someone as uninhibited as you are!  Go for it.  Throw all the rules out the window.   Trust your intuition and good intentions.  Start somewhere and gain momentum.  Keep smiling.  Life really can be this good.

Sex:   They may just be perfect for one another, particularly as regards looking at sex as a sport.  It’s also important when and where they do it.  They’ve finally found someone as healthy, open minded and daring as they are — and a lot of fantasies stored up can be brought to life.  Sex is always wholesome and good … no bargains no guilt trips, no holding back.

When It’s Over: Boo hoo but no hard feelings.  Remember the good times and there were plenty.  No matter how many years pass by, you’ll still always smile at the sound of his/her name.  This is also the couple we vote most likely to have ex-sex. (Oh, heck, why not?)

Our Rating: 10 /10

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49 Responses to Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • molly says:

    the last part really got to me because it’s so true i am a sag girl and my ex aries man have been through alot of ups and downs but to this day we can still act civil towards one another that’s so weird

  • I LOVE HIM! says:

    I love a Cancerian man. but im attracted to this guy.sexually. im sure hes Aries.and i wouldnt usually like guys like him.? yeah im Sagittarius.I get into some weird love situations? but i still love my Cancerian be? lol <3………….love Anonymous…hehe

  • Taee says:

    hahaha so strange. There’s an Aries guy who I think likes me who acts just like this toward me, and as a Sagittarius I can’t really pretend I don’t like him although its hard to admit and I kinda have my eye on someone else (a Libra). He’s a tough case and its hard for me to figure if he really likes more or if he’s playing games.

  • :) says:

    gud luck……..with that libra………:)

  • Taee says:

    thank you

  • Sag Baby(: ! says:

    dont fall for it sags
    because once you gave fallin for this ruthless lovers, theyll leave you broken broken hearted !

  • Nancy Fenn says:

    *Taee, be sure and visit the Libra page to learn more.

  • lambchoppss says:

    I recommend any sagittarius girl to pursue an aries man. you know what i mean when i say that other men of other signs just get soo boring. its like you barely hint you’re into them and they go all over you. yuck. if your a sag, you know how annoying this can be. but aries are so different, they’re into you too, but they know how to play the game. hahah :) i love my boyfriend. he’s sweet, but just enough. i’m no where near into the whole romance “pansy” stuff but i’ve learn to appreciate it because of him. we have so much chemistry and laugh so much around each other! no other signs can keep up. and i love how i’m so weird but he can just one up me and make me feel “less” weird. lol gotta love the competiveness. **warning, if you are the least bit sensitive and can’t handle physical challenges i would say go for a whimpy libra that will just give in (boring) or push over-y gemini. however, you will not have as much fun and love as you will get from an aries man.

  • Chunli says:

    So, my bf is an Aries. I’m a Sag. Lemme tell ya, us two together are like one mind, body, and soul. We just seem to explode like a firework when you put us both together. From day one I saw him, I told myself I’d be with him if I didn’t quit looking at him & I really didn’t want to be with an arrogant guy but I just wanted him, he was pulling me and I think he knew, it just happened, and yrs later, it’s still happening. Time & time again. So weird, so sweet.

  • girl with a green scarf.. says:

    i dun believe this..each and every point f it is a truth..god!!i am a sag girl n ma x was a aries guy..finally afta loads n loadz f x bf..i met diz aries guy..i must sae he brot wonders n ma lyf..he was lyk a gust f wind dat changed everything…really he was lyk ma real soul real so true..wud luv 2 belive even f he is da sad part z we r no longer 2geda..still r frenz..n hez da most wonderful guy i did eva meet..diz guy really had n aura 2 attract meh..oda wize m a hard nut 2 crack….i love u n will alwaz do…<3 <3 <3

  • Amazing! says:

    I (Aries man) have just written to a (Sagittarius) woman for the first time and I have to say it’s been like an explosion of happiness for the both of us. We are one and the same, it’s like she’s writing down ‘my wishes’, “directly from my brain”. Compatible and comparable from the start and it’s an explosive start this one. And if the values are in place, I guess it won’t ever end! I’ll let you know. xx

  • Francesca says:

    thank you Nancy for all the input.

  • Celine says:

    Spot on. As a Pisces femme i can be supportive but i’ve learnt to hold my tongue around my Aries man. My man isa great chef but scalds himself…yeah… at the griddle every so often. I wish he’d wear long sleeves but do i tell him that? noooo not unless i want a glaring look garnishedwitha biting comment! id say aries men are worth giving it a shot.

  • mindi says:

    Nancy , you are 1000000% right! Im a sagg and ive been dating my bf ( Aries), for about 3 years now. at first i didnt like him physically , but i just realized how similar we are so i gave it a shot and im sooooo glad i did! at the time i was in a relationship with a Libra. he was interesting BUT I had to be careful around him, I had to think befor talk/act . but with my Aries, he just loves who i am ,and boy isnt that a relief lol

  • Corrine says:

    Daaaang this is right! my aries man and i (sag woman) had a strong undercurrunt floing from the start but there were some rapids inthem river if you knwo what i mean. small eddies n flows too but as time went on we stopped them rapids from happening (yeah they look good from far but dont get inside them) n the hiccups on the top we wrestled them to the grownd dont mean nothin. its gotten to a pouint where the undercurrent has become the overcurrent and the current n its directing the river flows. i like himthe way he is.and below all that dashing dynamic hes so caring n whants to know how im doin always.couldnt haVE iTbetter.

  • DaziahBoo says:

    Boii Itell You, ‘You Are So Riteeeee !
    IAm A ( Sag) && My Boyfriend Is An Aries,, && We Are So Much Alikk ItzLik We Really Understand Eachother, He’s The Best Bf Iever Had First Time Iever Came across A Aries .Sure It’s This will Last For along Time Cause We In It To The End’,, He’s Really The One For Me . Love <3 <3

  • Trisha says:
  • The Diva says:

    Don’t even waste your time with an Aries man. They are very insecure and cunning. It is not worth your time or heart. BEWARE!!!

  • lola says:

    me and my bf have been going out for 8 months. he is an aries and i am a sag. although many things in the article are true, love at first sight both being adventurous and bold there are many things wrong with my relationship and i ask life everyday, WHY IS MY BF AN ARIES? he fights with me everyday hes soo jealous he talks to every person that walks by, he has zero creativity and hes such an argumentative bossy person EVER. i love him to death but it sucks hes an aries :(

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  • lisa says:

    all is so ture. i met a aries man i am a sag female, he is amazing in bed, and i just like him as a person, we seem perfect for each other. There is only one thing he is wayyyyyy younger then men but he has a old sole, he acts older then me its dangerous and i am scared of getting hurt, but sags females as you know we will never let our heart get ran over. so wish me luck i will take it day by day.

  • Sunshine says:

    Hey, i am a sag woman in my man is an aries.i love him to death and i know he fills the same.We have been together for 2yrs and yes we have had or up n down but who hasnt.I dont no about you guys but ima fighter so ima do what i have make it work

  • Charlotte says:

    Hey Im a Sag Women and my boyfriend is a Aries, and we have been dating for about a month and i love everything about him so far. He is the only guy that gets my weird since of humor. We laugh and talk for hours. I have shared some secrets with him that i have never told anyone. He has done the same for me. Let’s see how this story unfolds! lol

  • Nayantara says:

    Sag woman (that’s me) wants to do the right thing the right way. because thats what is needed for the best long lasting results. Aries man gets that but sometimes even the saggette can be flawed in her thinking. applying the right way to the wrong data. and so the right way is in fact what my aries dude said. its just that i maynot tell him that right away and will do so when i feel compelled. its not ego just a certain inhibitin. as time went by i became more confident talking to him. its now six years since we’ve been together and he knows when i say thats what i always wanted it means that -just that i dint tell him so. bad habit got over it. you really can’t leave much unsaid not with a beautiful adorable daughter between you.

  • emma says:

    im a sag girl, was with a aries man for 3 years. we’ve been broken up for about a year now and im trying to get him back but he likes a cappy girl now too. hes deciding between us two because i really hurt him back in the day. what can i do to make him choose me over the cappy?

  • Sag female says:

    I’m a Sag. Female and i have been talking to an Aries Males. The strange things are we both work in basicly the same fields ( We both have shops ). I do leather work, he does painting on bikes also. We both enjoy riding bikes as well. We’ve not met yet do to my strange work times, i’m also an RN. But i’m double jointed which can really make for a lot of fun with sex. How strange is that for you?

  • stacy says:

    I just met a cap man I’m a Sagittarius woman. And oh my God I never felt this way about someone so fast. I have dated a lot and been on so many dates and I have never got this feeling. I only been with him once and I already know this man is the one. I never thought I would say that I didn’t believe I could ever feel this way. Its amazing.
    I thought I would end up with a Leo or a Aries like my father I never thought a Cap would be the one
    He is perfect. To get me to feel like this I’m a crazy girl I don’t settle down easy. And he got me already erasing other men’s numbers out my phone. Im beside myself because I thought I was incapable of feeling like this towards a man

  • jessa says:

    Lisa! I’m in the saaaaaaaame predicament, only the opposite. My Aries (I’m a sag); is waaaay older than me. He’s 38, I’m 22. He’s amaaaaaazing in bed also, so much fun to be around, but its just so hard to get a hold of him sometimes. Its just like the article said, he’s “acthls like he doesn’t need me”. I’m used to acting that way to men but its hard with him because I reaaally like him and he’s giving me what I dish out and can’ chew. He’s so damn hard to read. Aries has DEFINITELY got a good poker face.

  • vici says:

    I am a sag girl who was working in the same work place as the aries man. He came in to my dept temporarily and i had always given him the time of day and got on with him, sharing laughs and excitement. I have to admit i never fancied him at all but was so drawn to his gsoh, we also had a chemistry that was second to none. Hell, i even gave him advice on a girl last year. He is 14 years younger than me. (He is 31). He asked me a few months ago if i wanted to go for a drink, i agreed, still genuinely taking it for friendship and totally not fancying him at all. He admitted to me he found me extremely attractive and a fine figure for a woman. (not to blow my own trumpet, i have been lucky and look about the same age as him. I told him genuinely that i only wanted friendship and never wanted to ruin the friendship. He bombarded me with texts and said the most amazing things. I never even liked txting. We went out a few more times and then i invited him round. I never had sex with him but i put on the most amazing under wear and he said i was beautiful. we a kiss and a bit of petting and i totally gave him space and more. Always picked him up and dropped him off, brought him beautiful birthday presents with a lot of thought as well. Lately i never got back to his text because he never texted me for 4 days. I was fine with it really but wasn’t going to hurry back to him. Since then he has ignored me and although i feel hurt, when i get the chance, i am going to laugh in his ear and tell him that he was never going to get me 100% and he never even made the start mark. He told me i was thebest kisser ever and he wld have got soooooo much more.
    If things change, i will leave another comment but i also told him i deserve to see him once a week and the excuses he has made sometimes are very hard to believe. I’m certainly not wasting my time although i wld have liked to see what he was like in bed. He was always bragging how big it was and what a pleasure god he was in the sack.
    If he does decide to move on – his loss as he cld have had it all with me…. and more.x

  • Sage says:

    How is it that this sag girl has never dated an aries man. These qualities are exactly what I have been looking for. Where are you my dream man!?!?!…lol. I have no problem flying by the seat of my pants in everything I do.. it would be so fun to have someone to fly with!!

  • Well iim a zagiitariiouz woman n iim wiit a ariiez man n iit waz luv at 1zt converzatiion we’d neva cn or met each other except onliine n our 1zt converzatiion ova phone we connected iinztantly!!! iit waz liik we were meant fa each each ova n we knew iit riite den….we had chemiztry and we r liik 1 n 1 wiith each other. We talked on d phone 4 hourz tiill dayliight n evn den neiither 1 of uz waz readii 2 get off d phone we were liik kiidz agaiin we diid d u hang up no u hang up 1zt thiing…lol…den we counted down n evn ztiill we culd not!!! Wen we fiinally were about 2 he zaiid tell me y ii wanna zay ii luv u n ii zaiid tell me y ii wanna zay ii luv u 2??? oh mii goodnezz iive nvr felt diiz way about zum1 liik diiz not n diiz way!!! We hav bn thru n r goiin through liik d zame thiingz iitz liik he iiz mii otha half n ii hiiz. Wen we met 4 d fiirzt tiime ii zpent 2 niitez n 2 dayz wiit hiim n iit juz felt zo riite!!! We’ve only bn 2getha a month n we actually tiired 2 talk iit 2 d next level but we culdn’t cuz we both were not readii n we both r at d poiint dat we dnt wanna get hurt…zo we talked iit out n he got an opiiniion frm hiiz older ziizterz n dey told hiim dat he culdn’t bcuz he haz fiinally found zum 1 dat he actually lovez n got zcared cuz he diidn’t want 2 get hurt…but afta we talked he told me dat wen he zaiid he luved me he meant iit n ztiill do n dat he’z not goiin n.e. wer he promiize…wat ii thought waz gonna turn out bad n n2 a break up actually turned out GREAT!!!! ii feel he truly iiz mii zoul mate……..ii alzo ztrongly encourage ne zagiittariiuz 2 fiind an ariiez man dey r our zoul matez!!!!!!!! ii love hiim and he lovez me oh zoooo much!!!!!!

  • ryan says:

    sag girls When they first meet you they are super charming, super friendly and ready to get to know you. This is usually as good as it gets.

    Then once they have known you for a little while (won you over), they put you on the shelf and start seeking out knew conquests. They remain friends, but you only hear from them when they need something or want you around for a party to show everyone how many friends they have.

    they just have a big mouth and don’t know when to keep quiet. Then they start to wonder why people get upset with them

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m a sag woman and I’m in love with an aries man. We’ve been into eachother since we were 13 and now were 20

  • Hoffman says:

    Been reading your posts and I just thought I would share that I found a cool dating site based on zodiac, and has been pretty helpful for me! Being an Aries male it isn’t easy to find a very compatible girl that keeps my interest but this site has a cool compatibility score and details about your match. Anyway I liked it so hopefully it help you guys too. – Dating

  • vici says:

    Hi, It’s been a while(may,i think) since i wrote on here. I felt so depressed about my aries man cos he had got in my head and no one has managed to do that, not to that degree!
    I kinda kept waiting and hoping even though i am a really busy person and so independent. Then it got to july and his interest had just seemed to vanish. I struggled to believe he didn’t care and it made me so ill, i chose after this to ignore him even though it broke my heart, it truly did. I feel a lot of people will relate to this.(I am also helping my virgo girlfriend who cannot believe how understanding i am. She knows what i mean when i say i just did not wan’t another). Unfortunately her aries man was a rat.
    Back to mine, he had previously been with his partner for 15 years before so definitely was not a play the field type.
    After ignoring him totally, he sent messages via people at work, then approached me to say he had missed me so much and please would i go out with him. I was wary as he had not been ready before which he explained he was in a better place now. I just told him straight if he ever hurt me like before again, that would be it, finished. We finally went out together as a couple in september and he is totally different. I cannot believe it. I took something he said the wrong way and he begged me to give him another chance and he hoped he had not messed things up.
    He is affectionate, makes me laugh so much, i just love him, i really do. I won’t tell him as i don’t wan’t to frighten him off. He is such a turn on that i only have to think of him and i feel great. I am not going to jump in to bed with him, i prefer to wait. I hope he does stay with me because i do not want another guy. The thing i love most is his integrity and up front nature.
    Life is a gamble full stop and nothing is guaranteed, but i hope it works out. I always felt like he would wan’t me in the end, and no i’m not living in cuckoo land. I’ve proved this by saying no to a much better looking guy who had a lot more material wise. I hope things work out for any one reading this as i do know how you feel if it doesn’t.
    I have to say my aries does like space and he loves me being busy and recently admitted he loves a challenge.

    He always loves my craziness. I will keep you posted.xx Good luck with your guys/girls.xx

  • Blackwolf says:

    I’m an Aries man and i met this Sag Latina Woman and the chemistry between us is mind blowing…currently separated from a Capricorn woman. But this Sag woman is just amazing we are both performers and so are our children, we flirt at work like crazy to dangerous levels and we don’t really care about the outside word. I have never met a woman who makes me feel this alive….we laugh at each others inside jokes a lot, we are both very busy and independent but I also like to surprise with her with small gifts like chocolate covered cherries etc. which makes her extremely appreciative and affectionate…she loves to have her back massaged by me twice a week and in turn In turn I get these extensive strong hugs and juicy kisses on my cheeks…all this at work … stay tuned because this relationship is hotter than July…. this is an excellent article…and yes compatibility can be achieved if your open to it…

  • sharon says:

    ohhh!dis is so wonderfulll!i dnt believe in des thingss…bt untill nw being in love wid him…itss all true….he is realyy awssommm…and just d perfect guy 4 me….we both understand each oder perfectlyyy….sag nd ariess r d bestt…..hope we make it till d endd… ma ariess boyy!!!!

  • Ariana says:

    i never did believe in all these things but i think ther is some truth to them. aries guys are like this. M y aries man and i am sag woman met at college. We both got jobs were going steady for about four years and were thinking of getting engaged and this other guy from college……hes taking the same course i was. this guy i am not interested in and he knows it too keeps on insisting. it makes me sad. dont know what tot do.

  • spencer says:

    I am an Aries man and I have a Sag gf. Our first year was rough because she had a very hard time understanding me and I didn’t understand why she was so sensitive. As much as I liked her I was not going to be running behind her like a little puppy. We are now the perfect couple in our eyes, we are almost like the same person and have so much love for each other and an amazing freaky sex life . Warning to women, an Aries man will get bored if you do not keep up with the excitement or if you appear not to be confident in yourself. When we love we love deep into the heart. So yes women an Aries man will love the hell out of you and make you feel like a queen but if you become boring he will break your heart and not look back, only looking forward to the next challenge. Don’t ever become an easy catch for an Aries man, he loves the challenge and the hunt, its the excitement we need in our lives. An Aries can be great in every way you can imagine and most sag women exclusivly have what it needs to have a dynamic relationship with an Aries man. Second warning, don’t play truth or dare with an Aries man unless you are up for it, a woman once dared me to F her. We were driving down the freeway, I hit the breaks and pulled over opened the passenger door, gave her oral and fulfilled her dare while cars were passing by, then we continued on our dinner date. Be careful what you ask for, I love doing the unexpected for my lady.

  • Loverg says:

    Iv been with a sag for 15 months now im a aries and i can really say shes my other half

  • His queen says:

    I met my Aries four years ago the first time I seen him my eyes wouldn’t leave his sight he didn’t know I looked at him first but I never looked at any guy like that before it was the biggest attraction towards a man and i am picky with men im a tough person so a clingy sensitive man isnt my type feelings are good to have but not too much where your crying more than me toughness is a turn on I could never describe in words how masculine and handsome he was I left the club and thought I would never see him again but as I was walking I heard a guy yelling and screaming and guess who it was my crush than as I looked at him just one glance his eyes lit up n lunges towards me n puts his arm around me I go mad even tho inside I liked him but I was acting like I wasn’t interested he asks for my number than I say I have no cell phone and he feels rejected but than I said I have a house phone so I get his phone and dial my number I when I get home I have his number so I could expect what to see if he ever calls…from there on out we wouldn’t stop using the phone 4 am every night we wouldn’t hang up our conversations were the best we had so much in common 3 years later I have his baby and pregnant with his 2 child we argue n fight but I have his heart and have him by his balls because I kno him so well and I dnt give it up so easily I make him beg n crave my sex and it works he keeps in pursuit and I am 100 loyal to him I believe god made us for eachother at the time I was heartbroken from a previous relationship and he made my life change forever he’s my best friend my father my brother my lover and soulmate he’s truly a good man with a good heart that is always there to help me out we argue n fight we both have bad tempers but the love always will overcome he wants me to be the most perfect innocent wife but I’m not so we fight over nonsense I truly don’t want no one else I never met a guy like him he’s the only one that stood by my side and gave me everything I’ve ever wanted…lots of people envy of how our love is so strong for one another i feel his protectiveness and he feels mine Aries know right away if they can trust you with their heart but Aries are flirts as well but mine knows he won’t find love like mine and a bond like mine they say your lucky to have a Sagittarius because they just love anyone you to be an amazing person … family is forever and I know our sign is a magnet that cannot be pulled apart a fire that can’t burn out have energy and drive and show no weakness just positive and loving people to be around with generous funny couples!!!

  • lily says:

    quiet tantamount :(

  • Shauna says:

    there are two things I always tell my aries man when he gets worried about me, our relationship and where its going 1. I’m fine and a balanced person tho im a sag woman and 2.Im not easygoing like most people tho I try hard and I hope i’ll get better with time. when things are balanced its not hard, well its not easy, but its not so tough either. so I try to keep it that way. i’ll always find a way.

  • Favian says:

    i’m an Aries and iv’e been great friends with a Sagittarius for like 2 years now and now i’m madly in love with her.
    I feel like i should just tell her straight out but i’m not sure if that’s the best way to do it:(

  • sagittrius girl says:

    goddddddddddddd! im having hard time reading my ariesman were in 8months already, yet i cant feel he loves me i always go after him when were on fight though his fault i love him but somtimes i cant feel he love me too. and he’s stingy! i’m a bit insecure to all of you it seems ur all happy to your aries men :(

  • Favian says:

    Well I finally told her how I really felt. She likes someone else and she says she will only ever think of me as just a friend.
    Does anyone have any advice because I feel like I shouldn’t give up but at the same time she did say just a friend. :(
    Do any of you Sagittarius woman have advice for a Aries guy like myself:)

  • Jay says:

    This is so true. I’m a sag women and he is an Aries. He and I have been friends for a couple of years and decided to talk to see how it goes. I never knew he and I would have such a good connection. We both are shy and silly (especially me). I can be myself around him without feeling like I made a complete idiot of myself because I know he’s either laughing at me or doing something funnier. He is very sweet, and giving. I love how sweet he is to me and he knows exactly when to cut if off because us Sag women do not like highly affectionate men. I am very big on zodiac signs and compatibility and now that I have read this, I am more comfortable with taking things to the next level. I knew there was a reason why he and I clicked.

  • An Aries Man And a Sagittarius Woman, or, A Sagittarius Woman and an Aries Man, were, MEANT TO BE with EACH OTHER, and not ONLY have I read it here, BUT, a closer example IS, my Father was ALSO a Sagittarius Man.

    And Him and I , got along like GREAT GANG Busters. Oh SURE, he and I , DID have our little differences, but, BUT, I WOULD NOT, EVER trade hin IN, for another guy to be my Father.

    NEVER, EVER, in a MILLION YEARS would I .

    And THAT, would ALSO be the SAME for a, Sagittarius Woman, plus, the Archer Woman, IS, also a REAL LITTLE CUTIE, as well.

    SHE, IS, a well, quieter side of Aries, but, BUT, just AS STRONG WILLED, in MOST EVERYTHING and tell you the TRUTH, I DO LIKE THAT ABILITY in a Sagittarius Woman, who also does NOT, WHINE and COMPLAIN, like some other WOMAN DO.

    So, I say, KUDOS and CONGRATS to the Sagittarius Woman, keep your ARCHER SIDE UP, and RUNNING STRONG, Sagittarius Woman, and Sagittarius BABES. :-)

    And YES, I AM, an Aries Man.

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