Aries Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Scorpio Couples: Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, Robert Downey, Jr. and Susan Levin

The secret to this magick is to understand how much Aries is always looking for someone strong enough to push back!  That is Aries Heaven, Aries Nirvana, Aries Jannah – someone who saves you from your own excesses, who calls you on your b— s—, who puts you back in your place when you just can’t get it right yourself.  (Aries don’t start out to be obnoxious. They just wind up there half the time.)  Put back in his place –that’s when the Ram turns into the Little Lamb that followed Mary to school.  A Scorpio woman can produce this result with a single look.  Scorpio women are a good mirror for Aries men in that – without even trying – Scorpio women are usually so powerful they scare people.  Not a problem here.  Aries is never scared even when they should be.  You are beginning to see the bounty of this pairing.  We all know if you back down the schoolyard bully he will worship the ground you walk on.  It’s a universal phenomenon, like the toddler whose own tantrums scare him to death.  No one wants to feel like an out of control monster just because others are too weak to take a stand  The Aries man and the Scorpio woman are both looking for restraints and that is what they find so happily in each other.  It’s a big relief to know someone is strong enough for you to be as strong as you are.  Suddenly, all’s right in the world

How to Attract an Aries Man as a Scorpio Woman:  You can turn up the headlights, girl.  Whereas most men cover their privates and slink out the back door, imagining that you are a castrating maw of dark feminine energy (Joan Crawford comes to mind), Aries is turned on and comes fast forward.  There is a great polarization.  He is SO masculine.  She is SO feminine.  It works!  Especially, Scorpio, be sexy.  Enjoy your prowess.  He’s going to!

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as an Aries Man:  Be direct and even crude.  Shock and awe are good guidelines if you have the balance and maturity to pull it off.  One thing this lady does not want is amateurs so whatever you decide to do, do it with confidence.

Degree of Romance:   Aries is the most romantic sign in the zodiac and with Scorpio for inspiration, it can reach beyond the limits.  If any two people could worship the God and Goddess in human form, it is these two.

Degree of Passion:   Where passion is concerned, these two wrote the book.  Think of the most climactic song or movie you’ve ever seen.  There is so much aliveness between these two.  Their energy is so well matched.  They are so relieved to have found one another.  Kind of like mating season down on the farm.    The chemistry is profound.  Some people take energy when they have sex.  These people both give energy.  The creative force is multiplied.  Together they are so much more than alone.

Degree of Friendship:  These two will get involved in all sorts of adventures together, some of them a little edgy.  It seems that nothing they do together is simple or routine.  Things get complicated quickly like the plot of “The Departed”.  As they experience each other more and more “”in action”, their trust and admiration grow.

Degree of Marriage:  There is tremendous potential in this couple for marriage.  Neither sign ever gives up on anything so they have a better chance than most to make it last.

Progression of Relationship:   Balls to the wall.

Sex:   The passion and trust level are so high this makes sex a special bond between them.  It is every bit as much an athletic event as it is a bonding or procreative mechanism.  There is always an element of competition involved, “Am I the best you’ve ever had?  Have you ever done it on video before?”  Both are likely to be very “good at” sex so there is an extra dimension of confident performance to add spice to the adventure.  Aries will feel each time like he has to conquer al!  The thrill of the chase will remain years after It’s in the bag.  They both have the gift of being able to lose themselves completely in the moment so — when they have sex – time literally stands still.  We vote this couple most likely to do it in a public restroom.

When It’s Over:  It’s likely to appear over, time and time again,   only to be regenerated.  This allows them to do what they do best, beginnings and endings.  Scorpio loves to end things.  Aries loves new starts.  This also allows Scorpio to seduce anew and Aries to conquer anew —  and, oh, the great make-up sex.  Just try not to involve innocent bystanders in your volcanic phases, especially those who are vulnerable emotionally to your storms of passion such as your own offspring and parents.  A relationship this alive is very  intense.  I think you may feel like killing each other from time to time but the love will never end.

Our Rating: 10/10

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93 Responses to Aries Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • nicole says:

    huh? are u guys talkin to me?

  • Lori says:

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE TRUTH !! I laughed the entire way through reading this. Especially the part about how to attract the female scorpio. THis was TOO accurate. What a trip !

  • Anonymous says:

    I could not agree with this more. Although my Aries and I are no longer together this described us perfectly. We have a lot of passion for each other…almost too much. Since we broke up in 2007 this is our relationship –
    We love each other, then hate each other, talk on the phone everyday, stop talking for months, argue, decide to see each other, decide not to see each other,have sex, decide we’re not having sex anymore, have sex again…it’s a torturous seemingly neverending circle..until the next love of our life comes along.
    It’s maddening!

  • Cat says:

    I have been dating my Aries man for the last month. Its been so intense right from the moment we met and I feel like I have found my soul mate. There was this huge magnatism from the moment I looked into his eyes. Hes so masculine – i love it. The sex is amazing too – off the scale!!!! He has told me that I am his dream girl and that he loves me like no other before. I cant help feeling a bit scared that this relationship is unsubstainable over a long period of time. I want him more than anything in my life – to look after me and love me forever. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that he is the one.
    Scorpio girl x

  • Catwoman says:

    Cat….read what I wrote a couple of months ago. I was so in love but he just disappeared on me 2 weeks ago after many, many ups and downs. What ever you do, do not let him know you love him. My Aries guy courted me none stop until I let him know that I was in love with him and then he started all this wishy washy drama!

  • lexus says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this. Me n my Aries man have been together for 6 months .weve had our UPS n downs. But mainly UPS. He’s so caring so sweet n he is there. He is very manly. As for me I tend to freak out
    .but he is always there helping me out. So far are relationship has alot of life great sex. N he has even too over the fatherly role to my son ….it wonderful

  • Catwoman says:

    Ok….so it has been on again for the last month with him so maybe he has finally grown up. I totall agree with this statement….”They both have the gift of being able to lose themselves completely in the moment so — when they have sex – time literally stands still.” 🙂

  • Najia says:

    Well I. Just started dating a Aries a few weeks ago. The attraction was instant the problem is I’m looking for a long term relaitionship and he doesn’t think he is ready!!!! What to do?? But he still want to spend all his free time with me

  • REYBAYBEE says:

    i like the very last sentence because it is sooo verry true.I am a Scorpio woman who is now in a process of leaving a 5year relationship with an aries man.The first 2-3 years was the most awesome years of our relationship untill he stopped hustlin…i started running off at the mouth because he got lazy & i was always left being the 1 to hold the weight and then he started cheating because he claims that it was because of my mouth but oh well! I WASNT GOING TO CONTINUE TAKING CARE OF NO GROWN A$$ MAN! he cheated about 3 times and I kept sticking around to make it work then…after a while I got tiered of hearing stuff about him from other people so I kicked him out. he also had alcohol& drug issues which completely help me leave him. Im not gonna lie…its the hardest break-up I’m going through because deep in my heart…we BOTH know that we still love one another but neither 1 of us is willing to budge any further than we already have. It really sucks to say that its over but I wish that if he wasnt sooo lazy & didnt have a drug habit as well as his cheating habits…i think that it wouldve worked out but no! he perfectly ruined what i thought was perfect. We even would have the worsest fights! i mean WORST ok? like literally close to killing eachother. Anyways…I think i couldve had a little bit more patient with his drug habit & his money issues but CHEATING? oh! hell NO!!!! U NEVERRRR EVERRR CHEAT ON A SCORPIO!!!! coz once u go bad on a scorpio….she’s definately gone forever! IM DONEEEEE!!!! never again would i fall for a aries! ugh! now Im talking to a Saggitarius & he is the most understanding person Ive ever dealt with. I swear we’re on the phone like all day everyday! & dont get me wrong…I still think about Mr. Aries & he still txt’s me evryday wanting to get back together but I still shut it down because deep in my heart….I know he will never change=(

  • lala says:

    wow, so true, but I don’t know if we both realized it…. I totally fell for an aries by accident, and it seems like he’ll never leave my mind or heart!

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  • michelle says:

    I too had a relationship with an aries man, loved him whole heartly, but he cheated, he still says he loves me and then has a other relantionship with another women.When it came to my view things felt like harendious like never before, i sometimes feel things that he expresses comes from his heart but on the other side he supports the lady more than me,hate this like anything,scorpions can never stand this at all, her man giving inportance to some other women….oohhh hell that feelings kills man,he still stares at me wenever he gets the chance, and does care, but all becomes fake cause i can never stand for a man who has no will to stand by me as i am doing….i dont trust a aries man now…i will never say that i hate him coz i will never be able to.. i still love him and will love him with all i have, the sad part is he never understood and giving so much dedication u get nothing in return it hurts like hell….

  • cool scorpian says:

    i m currently in relationship wid an aries guy..n he is way too sweet n the best part i luv abt him is tht even after our fights he wants our relation to work..he is charming n v bth luv each other madly…:)
    his care fr me makes me mad abt him..also the way v luv each other is the worst part is tht he is too much in his career n stays busy often…wich pisses me off..
    otherwise its beaaatiful…:)

  • True Scorpio says:

    My first love was with an Aries, we loved hard and fought hard. When things were bad they were bad, and when they were good things was great. He cheated multiple times and was caught, there was plenty of red flags and I was naive. I put my whole heart into a man who didn’t deserve an ounce nor did he understand what kind of love he had. He took it for granted. When I look back, we were so young and were eachother’s first love. You couldnt pay me to date a Aries man again, something about them is a total turn off.

  • dutchcuban says:

    Spot on this article. I am a scorpion girl and been dating this aries guy. Before I was with a cancer man, he was the most boring and lazy man I ever encounter. The sex was worthless!! Me and my aries guy both been in other relationship when we were apart and I truly missed him. And it’s true we ended things. I am still catching up the sex that I missed out! We have sex like rabbits, out door, in the car on the beach you name it! He gave me assignments, like not to wear underwear when we go out. The sex is hard, perverted, kinky and nasty. I love it and enjoyed every moment of it. He always txt me telling me what he is going to do to me! That really turned me on, every time! I know they have kicked us out of Eden and Hell, cos we are so bad, we fight dirty but the sex is incredible.

  • SoInLove says:

    My Aries guy is the absolute best. After five years with a Cancer (which was a disaster) and a horribly failed marriage to a Pisces man, I finally gave up on dating the signs labeled as my “best match.” Other water signs cannot keep up with me at all, and other Scorpios are only suitable as friends.

    My Ram is smart, strong, confident, romantic, hilarious, spontaneous, eager to please, and creative. We balance each other out. I am negative, he is positive. I am pessimistic, he is optimistic. He is so light-hearted, and I am so serious. Our sexual chemistry is off the charts, yes, but more importantly… there is so much balance between us.

    For reference: I’m a Scorpio sun, Virgo rising, Virgo moon. He is an Aries sun, Scorpio rising, Libra moon. We are incredible together.

  • Sarfy Arian says:

    Type your comment here

    michelle :

    I too had a relationship with an aries man, loved him whole heartly, but he cheated, he still says he loves me and then has a other relantionship with another women.When it came to my view things felt like harendious like never before, i sometimes feel things that he expresses comes from his heart but on the other side he supports the lady more than me,hate this like anything,scorpions can never stand this at all, her man giving inportance to some other women….oohhh hell that feelings kills man,he still stares at me wenever he gets the chance, and does care, but all becomes fake cause i can never stand for a man who has no will to stand by me as i am doing….i dont trust a aries man now…i will never say that i hate him coz i will never be able to.. i still love him and will love him with all i have, the sad part is he never understood and giving so much dedication u get nothing in return it hurts like hell….

    I a true aries man…17 april born…& i wished he should hav understood you…i m also an aries nor i drink not even smoke ..nor hav cheating habits …i just needed a true love ..which was my scorpio woman..but it ended lyk hell..& hurts more than hell & thats why i guess that astrologers give us the keywords lyk ..:”ardent ,jaelous & intense…”. But aries_scorpio should team up together because it hepls society & themselves a lot. M i right plzzz…reply me on this..!!!

  • DIVA says:

    michelle :
    I too had a relationship with an aries man, loved him whole heartly, but he cheated, he still says he loves me and then has a other relantionship with another women.When it came to my view things felt like harendious like never before, i sometimes feel things that he expresses comes from his heart but on the other side he supports the lady more than me,hate this like anything,scorpions can never stand this at all, her man giving inportance to some other women….oohhh hell that feelings kills man,he still stares at me wenever he gets the chance, and does care, but all becomes fake cause i can never stand for a man who has no will to stand by me as i am doing….i dont trust a aries man now…i will never say that i hate him coz i will never be able to.. i still love him and will love him with all i have, the sad part is he never understood and giving so much dedication u get nothing in return it hurts like hell….

    Type your comment here

    I totally feel the same way… I give him all I got.. and then some.. I think he doesnt know how to give it back. He is use to Young minded girls. I feel like im the first REAL WOMAN he has ever dealt with… im so over the back and forth.. so I just cut him off like cold turkey… he wont stop calling and txting.. even showing up at my job… another month and maybe Ill speak.. but he must be TAUGHT A LESSON

  • Bellabee says:

    I’m in love with my Aries man.:) so much chemistry..

  • Morgan says:

    I have been dating an Aries man for 6 months today. i knew he was the one for me because when i first met him we connected. It is true about our passion…even our kisses are intense and take my breathe away. I do have jealous issues but he works with me and every time i have one of my jealousy fits he always knows how to calm me. we dont ever really fight. I mean we have issues and problems, anyone in a relationship will at sometimes, but no matter how angry or upset we get we talk it through. I had never talked about my feelings to anyone which was one of our problems at first, but he is teaching me to open up more to him. He does have selfish moments and sometimes acts childish when he doesn’t get his way, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me and i sometimes think its cute. He is finally understanding the things that make me upset and he saw my angry side and he still wants to be with me which is unusual for me because most people run even some of my so called friends. It might be early but we are engaged. I have a strong feeling that we will be together forever and i cant wait to start my journey with him. He is the only thing in my life that i haven’t had a bad feeling about.

  • hmmmmm says:

    another couple that is famous aries male/scorpio fem

    is the lorenna bobbit story.

  • Chaitanya says:

    I think I’m in love with an Aries man. At first I intensely disliked him for all the qualities that I fell head over heels now. Whenever I rejected his romantic advances, he told me it’s alright. He’d give it sometime & then he’d pursue me acting like he’s only being friendly. Oh it’s killing me & I gave up ! Other men would try to reason with me & act insecure & demand for an explanation on why I won’t give them a chance. C’mon, be a man , which this man certainly is !

    I sometimes find him extremely selfish. So I’m taking my time to analyze before I get closer to him.

  • DeepDesire says:

    I met mommy Aries man two weeks before Valentine’s Day this year, it feels like we’ve known one another so much longer. I sometimes worry I’ll scare him off by speaking my mind, but I’m never scared to call him out on his bull crap. I already know I love him and I explained I loved him, but I wasn’t in love, I simply love the man he is, the man I know he will be and that I have no desire to see him abuse himself. He stopped going to the bar as much and he’s been a bit better about cutting himself off and I only told him on Friday he needed to cut back and I needed to only stop seeing him at the bar or I was done.

    He has been stand offish since we had sex thinking I wanted something casual but if I express myself he listens and that is what is important, we should probably stop having sex, but I don’t think I want to because well, he’s amazing when he isn’t inside his head regretting his decision to be with me instead of focusing on his kids. I know I can spend the rest of my life with him I have only said that about one man and it was the distance that killed us because he allowed it. I told my Aries that nothing mattered it was all a matter of making it home, no matter what comes if we are home within one another we will be okay. Our relationship has power behind it and I think that is true for some and not for others. The way we look at each other and our eyes soak our hearts, the chemistry we have is undeniable, I worry more that other people will step between us and try to ruin us and we have to fight harder to stay strong anyway because we are an interracial couple in the boondocks of north Georgia, but I have no desire to fit a mold and neither does he. The more he understands my fears the lead he has a desire to be mean unless he is simply pushing because he likes to make me jealous and he wants me to be possessive even though we essentially aren’t together. Which I am sure is his immature nature. My biggest fear is many more men are interested in me where we spend our time and this weekend when one man decided to flare he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and be prepared to fight. The difference is I can wrangle him, I think that is why he likes me. I’m not afraid of him and I’m not afraid to challenge him and our him in his place when it’s needed. I don’t hold his mistakes against him but he had lost some of my trust and on many levels that doesn’t seem to matter which is promising to me because when I lose trust in someone I usually push them away, but when I tried with him we were still so drawn to one another. I want to know what our future holds and I believe I know, and I’m excited. I hope this one is the end because it feels like it could be.

  • Sarah says:

    Nancy, I don’t understand how you could give this pair a 10. My boyfriend is an Aries and I’m a Scorpio and we fight so much because I crave intimacy but he just wants to be left alone. We have been dating for 3 years and he calls me only because I want to talk to him everyday but he doesn’t. I don’t think we are suited for each other and that he would be better off with a more distant sign. We can’t have a good time because once I let myself become vulnerable to him he hurts my feelings all over again and I just want to shut him out. He already tells me I’m not attractive and that I’m dumb and that I’m demanding..I just want to feel secure and intimate is that really so much to ask for??!!! This can’t be a 10…we have passion but it’s not enough for the mental hurt.

  • Jane Doe says:

    Sarah – it sounds like your boyfriend is doing that guy thing, where they act all mean and distant so that YOU will break up with THEM, JUST so they won’t look like the bad guy. Very manipulative. I’d say you’re better off without him. Find someone who WANTS to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

  • Anna says:

    @Sarah are you sure that he is your boy friend????

  • Sarah says:

    Jane Doe, you’re right. It’s ridiculous what I had to put up with. It was hard to let go but I can’t be happy if I’m treated any less than what I deserve. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

  • Sarah says:

    Anna lol

  • BigFlouryHands says:

    a scorp woman stays cause she feels the love. even if its what mani-pedi to have and what shoes to wear! grrrr. he’s tuned in to what I want most and my feelings but it works both ways. ive learnt to do stuff I don’t really care much about just because I think its important to him. both people should get somethin out of a relationship or else theres no fun. there’s a lot scorp does or not instinctively and aries should build trust around that. this combo takes work but works solid ultimately.

  • callita says:

    I have met Aries man online and the things are progressing really fast as you had mentioned above. I am surprised myself at my own behaviour. I am doing and saying things that are not really me! It is confusing, as if it is not me acting, but somebody hiding inside me! I am confused. We cannot meet in person for another couple of month as he is abroad.
    We are both widowed and in mid 50s. I am not sure this is a right thing for me. My late husband and all boyfriends accidentally were Tauruses and I thought all my life that this was the best sign for me. Now I really not sure if Aries is the one I can be with the rest of my life! Please give me a hint which sign is my best match, I am a Scorpio, but on a cusp (22nd November). Help!

  • leroy says:

    Me and my scorpio gf was going for like 2 months and uh hlf..but we broke up..and even now i still want her bck

  • Private says:

    i never ev-er want to leave your side, i love you so much!
    really i don’t want this feeling to ever die…..i’m ready.

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  • AirSupply says:

    Why is it so difficult; why is it so fucking hard….daaaaaamn! Who the fuck are you? I swear I have never seen anything like this in my entire existence…shit man!. (oh fuck, great…now I’m starting to sound alot like you, just fucking great!!)

    In the air I breathe I think of you
    Wondering do you think the same things too
    Missing you in such a way
    Cant tell the nights different from the days

    Cold raindrops upon my face
    Reminds me of that hidden place
    Within there were two; babe, I’m still so missing you

  • Sandy says:

    All I can say is I miss you so much and cant wait to again feel your touch 🙁

  • Nikki says:

    This guy I was seeing is a Leo sun in Western/Tropical astrology and I am a Gemini sun. However, in Draconic astrology I am a Scorpio sun and he is an Aries sun. His moon in Draconic astrology is Capricorn and mine Virgo. I can say this very well could sum up our interaction.

  • Linda Green says:

    My Aries man has driven me crazy for over two years and I still find myself thinking about him…We dated for about 6 months very intensely. We saw live music together, ate at our favorite restaurants, had wine bar nights, motorcycle rides (he has 7, and although it’s never been a goal of mine to ride, riding with him is absolutely the best feeling EVA!) He’s the perfect combo of Macho/Brainiac/Adventurer/Lover.

    Anyway, after 6 months of dating his daughter had some kind of emotional problem which he would not confide in me about. And just like that he was gone. He even sent a few of my belonging, which were at his house, back to me in the mail. Talk about shocker… I was absolutely heart broken, bleeding on the floor. I couldn’t believe that he had been looking at houses and jobs in another state (one that I had wanted to relocate to) and then this. A few months later he sent me a box with a card for my birthday. The earrings were my favorite stone (tanzanite). The card said, “I’m sure these will look beautiful on you”. He had purchased them months prior while on a business trip knowing that they were my very favorite stones and held onto them even after leaving me. Well a few more months passed and one day I heard an article on the radio about depression for college kids and sent the link to him. Not expecting any response of course. Well, he responded immediately saying that he s till thinks of me all the time and would like to stay in touch. We’ve sent e-mails and a few phone calls for about a year and this past summer, he called me to say that he wanted to have a relationship with me again. Of course my heart raced because I too feel as if we’re soul mates. It’s funny how so many Scorpio women have said that about Aries men. Well now he travels about 10 months out of the year and we live in different states but it appears that we’re going to have a chance to see one another in two weeks. I asked him to pick me up from the airport and he called right away to say he would, gladly. I have a question for y’all…. What should I do now? I want to have a relationship with him but I want it to be more communicative. He doesn’t ever write or call from abroad and many times his e-mail isn’t working so there are weeks and sometimes months that go by with no correspondence. It makes me feel as if he’s just a figment of my imagination. This is not a relationship. Should I bring up the topic of why he left during my visit with him or should I wait for him to bring it up? Part of me wants to have a nice visit and not put any pressure on him but the other part of me says that if he can’t make any type of commitment to me I really need to let the idea of happily ever after go wit him and move on. HELP!!

  • Iyanca says:

    If he is behaving as though he doesn’t want to be with you, maybe he really does not, maybe really do listen to his silence and let go of him. They say action speaks louder than words…..but no words at all speaks for itself.

    Its obviously not important to him (not anymore it seems, maybe was all a game to him and never was) so direct your focus elsewhere and develop that spiritual growth and sense of harmony with your own self. Since both cant be combined with consistency and hopes of reconciliation; but only creating confusion and uncertainty, then its best to stay clear and carry on with your own life and let him with his. Be real with yourself, giving your best to him seems not to be good enough, giving your all to him is maybe just too much.

    Since creating that atmosphere of disencouragement and which is also rather unfulfilling; its probably best to and is also clear of exactly what steps needs to be taken, this emotional rollercoaster has reached some kind of impasse and there is just no way around it.

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