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  1. Najia

    Well I. Just started dating a Aries a few weeks ago. The attraction was instant the problem is I’m looking for a long term relaitionship and he doesn’t think he is ready!!!! What to do?? But he still want to spend all his free time with me

  2. Catwoman

    Ok….so it has been on again for the last month with him so maybe he has finally grown up. I totall agree with this statement….”They both have the gift of being able to lose themselves completely in the moment so — when they have sex โ€“ time literally stands still.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lexus

    I couldn’t agree more with this. Me n my Aries man have been together for 6 months .weve had our UPS n downs. But mainly UPS. He’s so caring so sweet n he is there. He is very manly. As for me I tend to freak out
    .but he is always there helping me out. So far are relationship has alot of life great sex. N he has even too over the fatherly role to my son ….it wonderful

  4. Catwoman

    Cat….read what I wrote a couple of months ago. I was so in love but he just disappeared on me 2 weeks ago after many, many ups and downs. What ever you do, do not let him know you love him. My Aries guy courted me none stop until I let him know that I was in love with him and then he started all this wishy washy drama!

  5. Cat

    I have been dating my Aries man for the last month. Its been so intense right from the moment we met and I feel like I have found my soul mate. There was this huge magnatism from the moment I looked into his eyes. Hes so masculine – i love it. The sex is amazing too – off the scale!!!! He has told me that I am his dream girl and that he loves me like no other before. I cant help feeling a bit scared that this relationship is unsubstainable over a long period of time. I want him more than anything in my life – to look after me and love me forever. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that he is the one.
    Scorpio girl x

  6. Anonymous

    I could not agree with this more. Although my Aries and I are no longer together this described us perfectly. We have a lot of passion for each other…almost too much. Since we broke up in 2007 this is our relationship –
    We love each other, then hate each other, talk on the phone everyday, stop talking for months, argue, decide to see each other, decide not to see each other,have sex, decide we’re not having sex anymore, have sex again…it’s a torturous seemingly neverending circle..until the next love of our life comes along.
    It’s maddening!

  7. nicole

    well since right now i have no way of contacting him except through email which he will only read when he gets home. i did explain everything as to why i did it. and the reason i did was because my pictures where taken before from my emails and were put on aporn site let alone the man decided to rape me so it eneded up in a big lawsuit and all i remember is the judge telling me to never send another picture of myself through email or text even if i have to send another pics of a girl resembling you then so be rather be safe then sorry. so since that ive been so scared and i was scared to tell him because i wasnt sure if he would understand. now its been almost 2 weeks and i still have not heard from him but then again hes not back home yet from his bussniess trip and found out he wont get back till tomorrow. you think he will call me when he reads my emails? i mean not to long ago he was telling me how much he misses me and cant wait to see me etc to not hearing from him at all although he did say if he couldntcall his last week there that he would when he gets home because its an intense two weeks letf of filming. . so if he doesnt call by wensday should i call him? hes just hurt he told me because he thinks im lieing about who i am and IM NOT…HELP SOMEONE WHAT DO I DO? WILL HE CALL AND TRY TO WORK THINGS OUT ? concidering he told me howmuch feelings he has for me you think the sprak is gone because hes assuming wrong things? wrong things that arent even realitic? i was just trying to be safe and protect my self let alone i didnt know if it was really him before meeting so i just wanted to protect myself it was for my saftey!!

  8. Charles

    @Nicole, Usually we Aries are very forgiving when we get a good reason to forgive (don’t just expect us to forgive you if you give a lame story such as “Oh I was trying to protect my identity” because then we will not only be hurt because of the deception, we will be hurt also because you did not trust us in the first place!) Also, you should have known that Aries, in general, plays fair.

    That being said, what I can advice you is that you should just tell him the WHOLE story, not just a part of it, the whole thing. If he is a normal Aries he will understand your reasons.

    Now, on the post: I am dating a Scorpio woman and I am an Aries man and wow… everything in the post is on the spot. I love my Scorpio girl with all my heart and I feel like she is all the woman I need. She does make me spin my wheels but I also get on her nerves but in the end we have the greatest relationship ever! We just have 2 months and we already want to never let go of each other.

  9. chica10

    I am scorpio and my hubby is aries, it is so right about the sex life, and we fight once in a while but we get over that, and yes sex its pretty good. Not only that but after 25 years of marriage I will not change him for anything

  10. nicole

    hello im a scorpio im 28 years old and im dateing this older aries man whos actually 54. i must say everyhthing that was writtin is true. the relationship/sex life is so strong and our feelings for each other are just as strong. now i have an issue that i really need some advice on. Right now we have a long distance relationship while hes filiming and fishing in the amazon, im usually taveling the world as well (i model) so basically to make the long story short we started our relationship over online just about 2 months ago we finally met but the hole time that we didnt meet i was sending pictures of someone else rather then of me (but sending pics that resemble a bit of me) and just recently after meeting he had called me really upset basically telling me that he doesnt think that its me in the pics ive sent which now makes him question really on who i am.
    now the only reason ive been sending fake photos of myself was for professinol security reason, because my photo a few years ago was taken and ut on a porn website which eneded up in a law suit, so i was just trying to be safe, and once i relized after meeting him that we truly have deep feelings for each other , thats when i was really scared to explain to him first before he would find out that those arent really me for a reason. but now he told me thats hes not mad at me hes HURT. do you think he can forgive me for this? he thinks im not really who i say i am because of those pics, hes also doubting my career which everything is true the only thing that wasnt true was the pics. but i only did that for my security!!! wwhat do i do? you think its over?

  11. Chastity

    Candles, white linen, soft music, romantic dinners…all very fine but for me its just kindness thats the biggest turnon. Pulls me to the guy and ties me to him like nothing else. Its always been that way for me and the aries man never got it! or maybe he did and just didn’t want to. always busy with parents, work or something else. either way i drifted away to a more kinder species…libra man! woweeee!

  12. Adrenaline


    Thanks but I’m not sure it’s going anywhere. She’s cute but no chemistry. I was quite surprised. And thanks for your advice. When I’m single I like to play and flirt but but when I’m into someone, I’m a gentleman I only have eyes for her. I still get accused of being “charming” though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. TMYK

    Hi this is me ARIES 18april !
    me ma self happy coz i got married with a Scorpio girl, she is so strong and powerfull but this nothing without me .. as she always feel me arround her and like the way i talk and walk .. i love her deeply coz the way she move the way she talk .. cant forget her all ma life .. she is with me and hope we live always togather here and in heaven ..

  14. Catwoman

    Hi Adrenaline….I wish you luck. I’ve been dating my Aries guy for 2 1/2 months and so far so good. Keep us posted on this one….just remember not to flirt in front of your Scorpio woman….Scorpio’s don’t like flirty type men and always treat her like a lady and you will go far I’m sure!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Adrenaline

    I’m an Aries guy and I was in love with a Scorpio once. Your description is bang on!!! From the moment we saw each other across the room at a party, it was on. She was extremely feminine but had an edge that kept me in check. I get bored easily and that kept me interested. Sex compatibility was outstanding. Even after we parted she admitted to her gf that I was the best she’d ever had :)). The one downside is that she was brutal with the break up. I’ve been with many women and she is the only one who broke my heart. I’m going on a date with another Scorpio in three hours. I’ve got a really good feeling about it. Wish me luck!!!

  16. Catwoman

    Yes, there are ups and downs with us (I’m a Scorpio and he’s a Aries) but there is great chemistry between us like nothing I have ever experienced before. We have sooo much fun together, the sex is out of this world and a friendship that is unbelieveable!! I could almost say that Scorpio’s are suppose to be with Aries…..it’s like finally meeting my soul mate!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sarfy arian

    Type your comment here

    oyin :

    am scorpion woman while my boyfriend is arian.he fall in love with me.he alway make me angry @ all the time whenever we are 2gether.an arian man can seem very distant.

    y u scorpions are so stubborn……????????????

  18. oyin

    am scorpion woman while my boyfriend is arian.he fall in love with me.he alway make me angry @ all the time whenever we are 2gether.an arian man can seem very distant.

  19. Sarfy arian

    I am a true arian kind of a man ..& i fell in love with an scorpion woman with all my heart but she always reluctant to admit..bt i dont know wat made her so angry whenever we got online…she left me so so sudden that felt like hell uptilnow..i u really want to forget her & fall in love once again..coz my romantic phase is struggling & it says quit…but the man i became during this love was insane & uncomparable my confidence was topping the charts…but its all over …& she doesnt want me in her life now plz help how can i get through this situation..i hav almost 50% along my of forgetting but there’s something me which makes me magnetised towards her…plzz help Nancy dear…!!!

  20. This, That, and the other.

    Well, just a little information for people out there. it might not seem like it, but Aries men are very susceptible to depression. I am an Aries man, and i’m friends with two others. I’ve experienced it, and seen it first hand. When it does happen, an Aries man can seem very distant, pessimistic, and all that. They act nothing like they should, and sometimes they can have an identity crisis. [ Happen to me ] I never see anything about this anywhere when it comes to Aries, but as I said. I have experienced, and seen it twice.

  21. cindy

    Ms Scorpio! a good relationship doesn’t have multiple break ups and problems!!! run from this man!!!!

  22. cindy

    Worst combination ever!! Aries men like to fight and find fault with the smallest things about Scorpio. Neediest man insecure to a fault. I would NEVER recommend this sign!!!

  23. Marali

    my boyfriend is an aries man and i am a scorpio gal, its a very formible relationship since scopios are strong character as well aries. Yup it’s true we like to end things and they like to start and once its in the bedroom there is some cosmos being created.

  24. Lo

    I had an Aries boyfriend and I’m a Scorpio. Oh my. That’s all I can really say….well, that, and I could hardly cook in the kitchen without him ‘bothering’ me.

  25. real

    Aries can be so direct and hurtful or decieving… yet i love being challenged by them. I dont know what it is, but i hate too much affection, like over intoxicating affection… Aries do things out of surprise, their daring, their physical & sexual attraction is thru the roof.

  26. Ms Scorpio

    I have read many an article on this compatability, and I have to say that this is the most accurate one I’ve read.

    I’ve been with my Arian man for just over a year, and the ending thing is definately true…I hate the break ups we have over silly little things…yet I’m always the one to end it, he’s always the one to welcome us getting back together…

    I doubt the spark and passion we have for each other will ever die down, and I honestly can not imagine my life without him in it now…

    Thanks Nancy, I do believe you have this pretty spot on ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. C.C.

    nancy :
    @Chantelle Iโ€™m glad you shared so everyone will understand the magic of this combination.

    Hey Nancy. I just wanted to say that you are undeniably dead on with all of your combination breakdowns. I’ve been going thru them and I’m just astonished at how accurate they are in regards to my past relationships and that of my friends. Eerie. And I just love it. I’ll admit to, I will probably always long for my Aries and I to have worked out for the sake of the family unit we built but enough is enough and I’ve lost all hope. I’ll be sure to update you when I harness (lol) the next one!

  28. C.C.

    I whole heartedly agree with everything here but I have a very sad fact to add. I am a Scorpio female who’s been with an Aries male for 10 years now. We have three children together and the entire time has been like a roller coaster ride. Who doesn’t like the thrill of a roller coaster ride but would you want to stay on one for life? It becomes irritatingly nauseating after awhile….

    He’s always had commitment issues and I have always had trust issues so I think we were probably doomed from the start. He finally took up with a flaky, dishonorable Libra and blames my “pushing him away” as the reason. He’s broken my heart and our childrens heart for the last time. He’s just trying to hurt me for what he has perceived all these years to be me pushing him away. He began our affair not being totally honest with his then girlfriend about who I was and now he’s telling his current fling lies about the status of our relationship. Truth is, he told me he loved me when I first found out about her and that he was willing to go to counselling and try to make it work. But then he tells her that we are simply co-parenting and he has no feelings for me. So I’m done. I will fight hard to be friendly towards him for the sake of our children but I will not be manipulated any longer into thinking I should pay for what is obviously major insecurity in him and nor will I be with someone who uses the past as grounds for this sick punishment. I want to be back with my Taurus first love. Now he is worth going back to – and I never go back but I would for him. Peace to you all and good luck!

  29. Jane

    This article is so acurrate! Every point made in this article is like it was written about us. ( scorpio woman & aries man )

    My exhusband is a pisces but he’s extrememly lazy and i end up doing alot of things. Aries gets the job done!

  30. Chantelle

    OMG…bang on! This post is just about 100% correct. I have to admit…the concept of tthe Ram turning into a lil’ Lamb…that is the perfect way to describe me and my boyfriend. Funny…there is never an opportunity to get into an argument because we always seem to reach a mid-point where both of us can compromise and be satified with the end result. He is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and man…is he loyal and protective of our relationship to ensure nothing interferes with our happiness and YES…loves to travel at every opportunity. I LOVE IT and LOVE HIM.

  31. Genna

    LOL, this is sooo true, in December my Aries man and I (Scorpio woman) will be married for 10 years… this is spot on LOL

  32. Raine

    Wow. Some friends of mine and myself were talking about each others zodiac signs, like compatibility wise with the others partner. Me? I’m a very strong Scorpio woman, and I’ve the most amazing Aries man that I’ve ever had! I wanted something real to back the facts up of our relationship, and at the time we were talking to another girl and her boyfriend. Thanks for this information though because… in all honesty, EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS TRUE! Haha, thanks for posting this!

  33. crid

    I love my ARIES MAN
    Wev been together for 3years and 4 months.
    We are engaged and happy.
    Im just a little too jealous.

  34. Alissandra

    I’m a scorpio and my first love was an aries. Our love was intense, we were drawn to eachother from the very instant we saw eachother. And he did make the ignitiative in every aspect of our relationship. He was romantic and bought gifts that had meaning to them; not your standard flowers and I love you card. When he moved, he stuck to his word but I couldn’t hold on anymore and just as Nancy states, “Scorpios love to end things.” and so I ended the relationship because I felt that he would be happier, it was a sacrafice I made. And now eight years later, he has a wife and baby and we still talk as friends to this day.

  35. unsure about that one

    Well I am scorpio and my partner of 15 mths is aries, we fight like cat & dog and it wears us down. He is not interested in sex and I’m lucky if we do it 3 times a mth!! I think he would be happy if he had an audience constantly listening to him. So none of this about the love and sex rings true to me. I dream of being with another, this is going nowhere fast.

  36. kay

    thiS is so true i am a scorpio women and my boyfriend is an aeries man
    and we have been friends since we were babies in diapers so we can sometimes finish each othrs sentences so we gave a fantasic realationship and i love him with all my heart

  37. vishal

    Aries men are the most interesting, they have the ability to impress, the women who falls in love with an arian can never forget him, they provide strong emotional support, having them around is fun, they are loyal and devoted, expert in sex, what else can a women ask for?

  38. scorpion woman

    i have an aries boyfriend and he has a hard time opening up emotionally. he has some problem with intimacy i think… when i have sex i like it to feel like im inside someone’s soul and feeling every inch of them… he just kinda bangs me and takes a shower and kisses me goodnight… there are times when i have gotten something out of him but usually its not him opening up sexually but opening up to cry about how he doesnt feel man enough in almost all areas. he doesnt understand my depth at all, and since i was with a cancer for four years before him its hard for me to settle with this box of rocks…

  39. natt

    Aries are fun. But they’re too boring. There’s no challenge or difference ! No sparks or fire mannn scorp and aries

  40. i agree..

    Aries men are definantly strong in character..where as others back down, Aries voluntarily jumps in..

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