Aries Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Aquarius Couples: Shannon Doherty and Rick Saloman, Liz Sheridan and James Dean

If you are a strong individual and looking for a mirror, this is your best bet in the zodiac. Courage, will, intention, and commitment are personified in this combination of energies. It works especially well if you are both community activists or targeted on some futuristic goal that will make the world a better place. The key words here are future and goal.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man as an Aries woman: If your target is that interesting Aquarius over there, you’d best be interesting yourself. And if you possibly can, dare to be different. Your Aquarius male will respect your individuality. He is likely to be gender neutral in his appreciation of your capabilities and willing to give you complete respect if you earn it. Plus, you will get extra points for being forthright and daring in your opinions.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as an Aquarius Man:  You have to challenge her in some way.  Show yourself to be uniquely desirable.  She loves to win the big prize.  Your detatchment will be thrilling to her at first and the fact that you don’t fawn all over her will be refreshing and stimulating.  However, she is not patient or subtle, so if you are interested, be sure to spell it out for her.  An afternoon at the ballgame is not everyone’s idea of romance, so she may be confused about your intentions.  She’ll love your intellectual qualities and large network of acquaintances since she has trouble getting along with anyone.  Do your best to treat her like a girl and not just one of the guys.  She needs to know she’s special to you.

Degree of Romance: This relationship does not exactly rock the boat romantically. The emphasis is likely to be on common causes or a shared world view. Aquarius, though loyal, tends to be cerebral. And Aquarius by its very nature prefers the equality of friendship over a relationship which elevates one woman above all others. She may indeed have his whole heart and undiluted loyalty, but he will be reluctant to admit that even to himself because of his egalitarian beliefs.

Degree of Passion: There is a possibility of great passion and devotion in this relationship; however, it will be to a common cause not to each other. If she wants to win his heart and keep it, she should get interested in the things that put stars in his eyes.   He’ll have to yield some of his goals to create shared activities, but its doubtful that he will.  You pretty much have to take an Aquarius as you find them.

Degree of Friendship: This relationship has a strong possibility of friendship. Aquarians pride themselves on their loyalty though not necessarily their constant physical presence. If she can give him the space he needs, she’ll probably be hearing him introduce her as his best friend. By that he means she has won the key to his heart.  She is a steadfast friend who always brings out the best in the other person.  An Aries comes into your life when you need confidence and courage.  He’ll appreciate the strength she gives him.

Degree of Marriage: This is an unlikely combination for a marriage. It could turn into a lifelong live in situation as neither sign particularly likes to be put on a leash.

Progression of Relationship: Aquarian men are noted for being busy or elsewhere. Even when he is with you physically his mind may be otherwise engaged.  So if you’re a lady ram who really wants someone to hold your hand in the moonlight, better count this guy out. The relationship will progress in fits and starts. Aquarians all seem to have an on/off switch, and as I have said before, he will have a plate full of activities and responsibilities that he takes just as seriously (but not more seriously) than her. Life with an Aquarian can be a three ring circus, and that’s a plus for an active, secure Aries gal.

Sex: Sex can be quite kinky with Aquarius which is just fine with an Aries who is a “ good sport.” When Aquarius hauls out the gear and low voltage electrical devices Aries’ passion goes over the top.

When It’s Over: She may be the last one to know when it’s over. He will just leave longer and longer intervals between contact. There is not an Aquarian in the world who wants to have it out or who feels the least bit down once his affections have turned elsewhere. His general outlook on life and love seems to be “take me or leave me, and if I leave you, oh well.”  Don’t underestimate her ego, jealousy, and impatience.  When she accuses you of flirting with the waitress in front of her and you tell her she’d be better off with someone else, be sure you mean it because this is one woman who will tire of your detatchment quickly.

Our Rating: 3 /10

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24 Replies to “Aries Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility”

  1. I am an Aries woman dating an Aquarius man we are in our 6 month now. well basically the two of us know each other since elementary we were seatmates when we were 8 years old but we are not close friends back then..we got separated when he went to different school during high school we had separate lives but I believe destiny has its way of re uniting people that are meant to be together. we became classmates and for some reasons became seatmates once again during college we became good friends he treated me like a little sister.. He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend in college but both didn’t turned out well. when we graduated we got separated once again and almost lost communications for months but one unexpected night he texted me and our friendship was back to normal..when I say normal it’s pretty simple…talking about our common interest like anime’s and games He had a special someone at that time they were planning to enter a relationship in no time..I don’t know but so mewhere in my heart there was that pain that made me sleepless for nights. then he told me that he was about to leave for California in about a month. we spend his remaining month in the Ph like every day is our last day..It was a lot of fun..we made lots of memories together on feb 06 2010 he left Ph and I wondered if he took my heart with him. I tried my best to keep up with him I send him msgs each day and endured nights and nights of staying late just to talk to him knowing we no longer have the same time and space just like before…on april 07 2010 he and her special girl was suppose to have a relationship but it didn’t turn out well…on the morning of april 25 in california and april 26 here in PH I received a mail..on that mail he’s asking me if I want to be in a relationship with him since both of us have known each other for ages and we share same interest…although I was a bit shock at his mail..I answered him yes without a doubt…I don’t want to live in pretensions anymore…I don’t want to endure pain alone anymore…and now here we are in our 6th mo of happy relationship…one thing is for sure in an Aries woman-aquarian man realtionship…always be the best of friends than lovers…friendship last longer than love in this kind of relationship 🙂

  2. I’m an Aquarius male and I went out with an Aries woman, it didn’t really work all that well for me and her because she tried to change who I am, she was really selfish which is a huge let down and turn off for me, and her Leo friend would always try and get involved in the relationship. I honestly agree with their 3/10 rating because it is just a relationship of constant arguing and judgement. At the beginning it was all about love and passion but as it went longer it turned out that she didn’t really love me and that changed my respect level majorly. Me and her both have school together and she just constantly stares at me in class with a pissed off look, I would say that some Aries woman will make their ex their worst enemy, just saying! Anybody getting into this relationship, I would suggest that you all spend a lot of time with each other, trust me when you guys don’t spend time alone for a while, it starts to get chaotic. I try and give her respect in my class, but she obviously doesn’t give me any. Aquarius people believe in equality, if someone doesn’t give them respect they won’t give it to them in return, plain and simple.

  3. I’m currently with an Aquarius man, and boy does he give you the hot/cold shoulders every so often. Their moods change according to whatever they feel like. Being a Fire sign, it takes A LOT of patience and LOTS of trying to look past the stupidity caused by aqua man… At the end of the day, I try to remind myself to be the bigger and better person to mend things with him. But being the fire sign, I don’t think I’m able to take it much longer. I think all good thing will soon come to an end if he continues to ‘believe’ he’s right about everything and that he’s better and smarter so he can get any woman he wants. Many times, he give me the feeling that – with or without me, makes no difference to him as he have many females lining up to sleep with him whenever he pleases.

    So, There’s really no point in me trying to hold and please him if his ego is so strong and loosing me is nothing to him.

  4. They are an excellent match sorry I can’t type! Aquarius and Aries one of the best matches! And sex forget about it even better

  5. This is all wrong Aries (fire) and aqua (air) are 9 out of 10 be fuels her fire! I have been married to my aqua man for 2 years and he adores me! Not the most romantic but I don’t think he knows how to be. He is always thinking about projects and things but I am always his number 1! He is a introvert kinda shy guy but around me he is extroverted funny and goofy. Aries and aqua are avoid match especially as friends! It all depends on attraction and admiration!

  6. One of my guyfriends in an Aquarius and there is the unexplainable comfort level i have with him… I don’t know if he has it with me but before i got into a year long relationship with a leo that aqua man was in fact my bestfriend – like the first person that came to mind when i wanted to chill with friends. I’d talk to him everyday and he was the guy i called when i was in need of assistance. I’m hanging out with him and all of my other friends again since i am newly single and even though i haven’t had any romantic thoughts about him ( like those leading to sex lol ) i have this draw to him, I mean I just love him as a person. But i’ve been so used to sleeping next to a warm man for so long that i am having a hard time getting to sleep and about a week ago i had a party at my house and the Aqua man stayed over and I just casually asked him if he would mind me sleeping next to him and cuddling or whatever since it was a particularly hard night for me and i couldn’t go see my leo without opening up that can of worms.. again. So we’re laying there cuddling and it was really nice – not the same body that i’m used to having spoon me but exciting.. Not entirely new to me though. When we were like bestfriends more than a year ago he stayed over with me one night and we cuddled then, and again when we went to a music festival. I found out through our mutual friends that he indeed did have a crush on me at that time, which made sense when it was pointed out but i had been totally oblivious to it – even when he kissed the back of my neck that one night he stayed over it still just didn’t click (I’m the last one to realize that i’m getting checked out or hit on or anything like that lol). But cuddling with him is just a nice comfortable feeling and i really want to ask him to stay over again just to experience that comfort! Except it is all screwy because he kind of dated my sister for a week a year and a half ago but she dumped him for her current boyfriend and i know the Aqua man still has feelings for her which is why i think i don’t have the romantic or sexual feelings for him. So is it unrealistic to have an amazing friendship where cuddling is great and comfort is plentiful without the Aqua man wanting to bring it to a whole new level? Oh and if you read my post in the Aries woman Sagittarius man thing then you’ll find this hilarious – the Aqua man and the Sag man are like best friends! Sooooo what should i do?

  7. I was with my Aqua Ex for a year. It was magical, but it was also hellish because he wasn’t ready let go of his emotional dependence on his ex wife who was also an Aqua. We ended but, he wants to come back. I told him to stay and work it out with his ex (they have a kid together), but he says he doesn’t want her back. Is there an Aqua male whom can shed light on this?

  8. I just remembered one more thing, now I’m not sure if this is an Aries thing, but if we were both at a party having a good time but noticed there was a girl that was getting a little too flirtatious with me that she didnt like, she would wait until I left the room or moved onto a new group of people (which i do frequently lol) and walked up to the girl and let her know who’s boss, essentially marking her territory lol…I’m not sure what she said or how she said it, but I’d hear from a random peep a few days later that “my girl” pretty much laid down the law, then went back to partying LOL…I’d dont know about yall but that is about the sexiest thing a girl can do in my world…like a alpha female…calm, collected yet will thoroughly kick your ass if pissed on

    i’ve had other girls try to mark their territory but it just gets messy, with yelling and hair pulling and I dont like my great mood and buzz to be spent breaking up fights when its supposed to be a happy time

    anyways, another point for Aries + 1 billion

  9. …out of all the relationships I’ve ever had (im an aqua male so there has been many), Aries women are the only women I have instantaneously and without a doubt, DEEPLY fallen in love with at first sight and then compounds over time. It really sucks, 99.9% of the time, they are engaged to an acquaintance and I just don’t want to be that guy that swoops in a takes what I want, even though I know I can.

    As a matter of fact, the only serious relationship I’ve ever had that I actually said I love you and really meant it was with an Aries. Unfortunately it didnt work out because she wanted something so permanent, when we were both so young (18 y/o) that i eventually left cause I needed to figure out how to take care of myself…

    But there’s something about them that I’m magnetically attracted to…maybe cause my rising sign is a Leo and they just strike the right cords with me or maybe its other things like their emanating sense of responsibility and confidence that I find so frigging sexy. Really the only gripe i ever had with my ex was that she wouldnt immediately speak her mind when she had a gripe about the relationship or mostly a gripe something I did to piss her off lolol I’d have to coax it out of her through pointing out the obvious

    with that said 3/10 unless 1 being the highest is way off…3/10 should be reserved for the aqua/cancer…pisces, scorpio types…ETC…sorry just way too much emotional work for those signs with very little payoff IMO

    Aries and a few other signs like Gemini and Libra seem to get me right from the start, which makes it easier for an aqua type like me to get involved…but ultimately of all the women I’ve ever fell for, it has always been and probably always will be an Aries

  10. aquarius and aries are magic..stimulating and she knows what she wants and needs.she is heck of responsible and super down to earth and very emotional as a lady should be. i appreciate her whom ever is an aries lady.

  11. I’ve recently broken up with one Aqua.. It was a long-distance relationship which lasted for a long time. Even though I’ve gone through many reasonable conclusions why it’d be better without him, I still miss those rare days I spent with him.
    It’s funny though…we managed to stay friends, good ones =)

  12. Oh, and I thought the comment about how sex life will be kinky with an Aquarius man haha. SO so very true and we have the best sex life! Very loving and emotionally full filling.

  13. I am an Aries female and I have been with an Aquarius man for almost 6 months “officially” and unofficially for over a year. We met through his brother, whom I was casually dating a few years ago, and had immediate attraction to each other. Last January, I emailed him and we started hanging out. First, we agreed we’d have a NSA relationship… A few months into that, I was put off by him texting me, asking how my day was, how was work etc etc.. Felt to me like he was over stepping the NSA agreement. But, I really cared for him and with his pushing, I started to open up some. But then he again made it clear, we’d never be together(he felt guilty because I was with his brother, long story) so, I started seeing someone else too. I wasn’t going to emotionally invest in someone I couldn’t have you know? Then he became jealous and we had a bit of a blow out. But that blow out brought us together more so than ever. He was ready to cast aside that I was his brother’s ex and be with me. I am so much in love with him. I don’t ever see him as being detached or emotionless at all. He’s very loving, attentive and always wanting to know my thoughts and feelings and becomes very frustrated and hurt if I don’t tell him. He always wants me to come to him to confide in when I’m depressed or angry. He and my daughter get along amazingly. We have so much in common and compliment each other very well. He and I both feel the same about marriage, not for us, but I can still see a future with him. He doesn’t want kids and I don’t want anymore, so that works. This has got to be the best relationship I have ever been in! Worst compatibility is Cancer. I will never be with one again.

  14. i had love aquaries man but v had a break up due to misunderstanding’s and now we are back friends but he say’s that he love someone eles , can i know whether we can get back to our relationship or not , as he still care for me as he was 1st but how to know whrther he loves me or not

  15. This article is interesting because my parents are aries woman and aquarius man and they have been happily married for 20 years. Of course, they have their ups and down, but i would not rate this relationship as 3/10. Thats too low. I would say at least 6/10 or maybe even 7.

  16. Well this was a interesting read but I dont agree with
    alot of it. I know of three couples that have been married
    for eons and they are a aqua-aries combo. All still happy
    and very much in love with eachother.

    As an aqua guy I do have an on off switch but it dont stay off for long. Typically I may turn off more to
    just think things true than like dump my aries GF.

    I think if both the aries and aqua understand each
    others needs and want’s this combo can really work
    in a big way. The trick is balance and respect for
    each other.

    As a couple our emotions run very very deep with each other. When were together we are just electric. We have
    a wonderfull spiritual bond between us. People around
    us say we light up a room when we walk in lol.

    So best advice I can give, is if it feels right just follow
    your heart and dont read into the zodiac too much.


  17. Hey Roxy, Well I could help you a little I myself am an Aquarius and I would say that those things you listed are fun at times especially if they are new things that We havent tried but if you really want to stimulate his mind. Do something like Hike in the night see the stars talk about what’s been on your mind tell him to give you an entire day away from both your social life and tell him to give you his phone and before you leave or go out turn them off. Just do something out of the ordinary. Another would be to try to teach him somethings like for example Chinese Dynasty’s or the Mayen calender go bike riding with him surprise him with quotes they are always intresting or make a book with photos of you guys 🙂 Hope this helped.

  18. I’m an Aries woman and Iv’e been with an aqua man for almost 4 yrs, i would have to say it’s like an emotional roller coster. he and I both are very independant people, I detach from him more then he detaches frm me mainly b/c i work full time and I’m a full time college student I’m a very socail person so in my spare time i’m a very social person going out when i can, I’m sure he loves it but when he calls and wants to make plans to see me he usually see’s to it and they hardly ever change. he can be on the jealous side if im hanging out with another guy most my friends are guys but it doesnt mean that i’m doing anything with any of them he just doesnt seem to understand that for some reason. As for myself I found I would share my emotions with my friends rather then him and have intelligent convo’s w/ him and i have learned alot from him and i always let him win b/c i dont like to argue nor do i like fighting so when were having problems we talk them out and we make sure we tell the other if our voice is raised and apoligies are made and back to conversation. The only dual moments we have are we cant always agree on what is fun for the both of us to do, I have asked many times what do you want to do and he will reply what do you want to do and I would say go out to dinner, see a movie, go to a museum, the zoo, hang out with our mutual friends, go for a walk, go to the beach ect. and he just replys no that’s boring or no i dont want to do that anyone can do that and we end up staying home and listening to music while i cook dinner every time. Does anyone have any ideas for dates with an Aquarius Man I’m afraid were going to fall apart if we cant find something to do together that will stimulate his mind as well as my own.

  19. Once engaged to an Aquarius. They are great friends. Keep them on the friendship level. As an Aries female, once in the commited stage, they just shut off. It’s like they work up until they know they have you. Once the ring was on, he became detached. I could never get an emotion out of him. It was like he did all the work he was suppose to do to get the relationship and then he stop because the work was completed. Aquarius men want family and commitment because they beleive that it is the right thing to do and the thing you should obtain in life because that is the way society should be. In my dealings with Aquarius men, its like looking at nature itself. You mate, procreate, and move on because instincts tell you this is the order of things. When I became a little emotional and wanted to talk about it, he would make sure he was unavailable. They dont do well with emotions and you will never know if you truly have their heart by their actions. It was hard to stay with an Aquarius since I desired passion. He was there physically and financially but not spiritually and emotionally. Mentally, an Aries can see his dreams but he cant see yours unless it alines with his. Passion is the key for an Aries. If you want commitment then Aquarius is it, but if you want passionate, say the words to me love then seek elsewhere. I was with an Aqua man but still felt alone. In the end, I let it go because I wanted more than just boredom. I wanted a spark of life in a relationship.

  20. My boyfriend is aqua and he is very detatched and emotionless… which confuses me since I show a lot of emotions.. which he enjoys. But he is hard to read but when love does shine through him its amazing.. He is on and off with emotions. Anyone out there with advice?? Lol

  21. aqua men are beautiful ppl , very charasmatic, charming and just simply magnetic !! i love my aqua ex and will always do as he was a gentleman ! bless him !!

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