Aries Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Cancer Couples: Betty and Gerald Ford; Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley; Marsha Mason and Neil Simon

This is a surprisingly good combination of two people who are willing to be very devoted to one another. Both signs have leadership ability, which might ordinarily be a problem – who’s the boss? – but it is more likely that they will cherish one another and care deeply about the other’s well-being and security. If children result from the union, these two may make remarkably good parents. There is a likelihood of a role reversal which can be thrilling to today’s couple.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as an Aries Woman: You can turn yourself loose and do anything you want to attract your Cancer male because he will bask in your attention and construe it as nurturing. Of course, a favorite thing of all Cancers is a good meal, so dining out should be fun. He would also probably like to cook for you (maybe you could do the shopping). A way to really curry favor with this guy is to help him with his plans for the future, even just for tomorrow. He will appreciate your courage and confidence, and whereas other men might think you are pushy, he will construe your engagement in his life as a sign of your interest and commitment. Above all be nice to his mother and relatives.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Cancer Man:  You may have trouble getting her attention since she’s basically looking for the opposite of what you can provide.  You’re Mr. Security. She’s Ms. Excitement.  She has big plans and a lot of balls in the air and though she is (frighteningly) efficient things occasionally come crashing in around her.  If you stand beside her at one of those moments offering constructive help and the benefit of your organizational skills, she’ll start to see the value in your relationship.  Cancer men are emotionally tough (at least outwardly) and very funny, two qualities that the lady ram will appreciate.  Hide your sensitive side for as long as possible.  She’s looking for someone to go on big adventures.  That requires thick skin.  As long as you use your shell, you should be fine.  And give her a couple of chances to realize you’re interested in her.  Aries doesn’t do subtle.

Degree of Romance: This combination is not particularly romantic. The emphasis is on taking care of one another and daily acts of devotion. These two signs are both noted for anticipating others’ needs. Aries may be thrilled and surprised at how a Cancer man provides for her while seeming to read her mind. He may show up with a new software program he knows she needs or be willing to send her mother a plane ticket to come for a visit. This might be a little hard on the ram’s independence, but on the other hand it leaves her free to pursue things that you find more interesting. The Cancer man may take a while to warm up to her bold courtship gestures, but over time her sustained efforts to keep their love alive will become endearing.

Degree Passion: The combination of fire and water give depth to sexuality as an expression of really sincere sentiments. A Cancer male is willing to connect at a very deep level, and she can provide exactly the contrast that he needs to keep him from drowning in his own feelings.

Degree of Friendship: There can be a very sincere basis for friendship between these two. Think of Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh walking hand in hand through life. They can share at a very special level of empathy, respecting each other’s privacy and shielding one another against a stormy world.  Aries’ courage can provide a welcome shelter to the Cancer man’s constant fear of rejection.  She’s willing to fight for him.  That will go a long way towards cementing his eternal loyalty. In return, he will enjoy his role as protector.

Degree of Marriage: This is a good combination for marriage. Any long term relationship relies heavily on the ability of two people to act toward one another with sustained kindness and patience, both of which should be abundant with this pair. These two bring out the best in each other, and they would make especially good parents.

Progression of Relationship: There is a very nice interplay between Aries and Cancer. Aries pushes for progress. Cancer pushes for security and nurturing.  The two take turns advancing and consolidating ground, then advancing again and consolidating more ground. This leads to a good foundation, and at the same time avoids the possibility of stagnation.

Sex: Beauty tames the beast as the Cancer male brings out the sweet child in Aries. Sex involves a lot of touching and playfulness. The Aries girl may actually learn the meaning of foreplay. There’s a tendency to linger longer between the sheets and fall asleep in each others’ arms.

When It’s Over:  It is likely that the Aries girl will have to recognize the need to end it and have the courage to do so. The Cancer man may tolerate all sorts of shortfalls rather than face an ending.  As the ram wraps things up, he may turn clingy and even whiny.  Aries, pull the band aid off as quickly as you can. Dragging it out just prolongs the pain.

Our Rating: 8/10

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  • dennis says:
  • Shanna says:

    wow – that “happy as the sun by tyrone wells” …… has me feeling… I don’t know how to explain how I feeling , you keep me falling more in love with you as time goes by.

    Now I’m really getting scared, at the rate, depth and extent to which we sync, because I HAVE been imagining someone as well, even last night I was while listening….I think I need to spend an extra half hour at the gym this evening to let this sink…I will be back soon…..

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  • {

  • claudia says:

    We were never meant for each other and true we never loved each other :) Why and how i realized ‘ll tell you soon. Need to go somewhere. bye

  • claudia says:

    i’m ashamed that someone else, had to make me realize that, i’m stupid so dumb :(

  • claudia says:

    Sooooooo many people tried the same, but i didn’t listen but he explained me so nicely and clearly, was fab :)

  • claudia says:

    Well, i was curious about you, i assumed lot of things……..but now m’i same???????????naaaaaa, bcoz now i don’t care,,,,,,don’t get angry, it’s a good thing.

  • claudia says:

    And i know that you love a VIRGO :)

  • claudia says:

    Most disgusting thing came out of my fucking mouth last night…..i asked for a contract relationship with him?????

  • claudia says:

    He went back to America, in shock i assume…….maybe he was laughing on the surface but i can feel that he was quite distress.

  • claudia says:

    Whatever i need to go now, i’ve to settle my own life, but before closing, i want to talk to you. I’ll try my best to be clear this time,,,,,,,,,,there is something in my heart since 10yrs that’s killing me…….and i need to spell it out otherwise i won’t be able to live happily………and last night was a precursor of that infact lot of things………i just that when we separate, we don’t curse each other (i think i’ll not becoz that’s not in my system)

  • claudia says:

    From day 1, you were quite clear that you just want to have some fun nothing serious and I knew it. But it was incorrect on my part that I continued and encouraged that silly behavior and engraved misunderstandings……..the reason being, maybe it was my first REAL experience, or maybe I was enjoying???????? naaaa definitely not becoz still it’s makes me cry and I feel filthy and cheap woman???????????? but yes, I was going through very rough patch @that moment and I was scared, and mainly, I just wanted to feel that hidden good person in you,,,,,,,,,,,or maybe I wanted to prove someone wrong; that you’re not chu…….. but now forget that; it’s past, we guys have grown up.

  • claudia says:

    Talking about cheap, yes from last 10 yrs, till today, i’m feeling loser, ripped, cheap woman who would easily go in bed, who contacted you just for your passport, but seriously i was crying when i contacted few alliances,,,,,,,,my love ones were forcing me to contact boys of similar or slight elder age. Because i liked serious and mature men, not jerks and assholes. And personally, i hated hippocrates Indian pigs,,,,,,,,especially who don’t respect women. The way you contacted me, left me feel, that how cheap and useless was i………I was not only virgin physically but mentally too and congrats to me i made myself, a rape victim. It was sooooooo shit on my part, i still blame purely myself for that.

  • claudia says:

    It looks like if i marry someone mature and respectable man, unfortunately he’s rich and well to do,,,,,,,,people will say, that finally I got my SUGAR DADDY.

  • claudia says:

    You just spoke few words, days ago and its haunting me; i felt like a whore…….even when you said that i will ingore her presence in a counter, IT FELT SOOO DISGUSTED, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THESE WORDS……… i just came back to say you hi, wishing you luck, nothing else.

    I knew from day one that you are not my MAN, but unfortunately i loved you,,,,,,,,,,,but for me a good relationship means RESPECT AND TRUST.

  • claudia says:

    BTA i want to thank you, for making me feel, many times so low-esteemed,,,,,,,,,i pray that we never meet in this life. Yes you might be having many devotees, W&M, Good luck with that. And i heartily thank you, because if all this thing didn’t occurred in past, i would have not got, such a good and respectful man and family.

  • claudia says:

    I’m really happy, he’s a non-Indian :)

  • claudia says:

    And he’s not so judgemental,,,,,,,,,BUT STILL I’M RUNNING AWAY FROM HIM, I DON’T HOW LONG.

  • claudia says:


  • rose says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what all I said today and why?????? I think I had an overdose of drugs and alcohol toxicity mixed up in my stupid dumb mind.

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