1. Berj Yepremian Jr

    I knew this just by being with her the 1st time with her. I didn’t want anymore bad to go her way and i knew how much I’d love her. Did everything i could to stay friend’s bc i know how to treat her, like the way she treats me, i love her she’s phenomenal makes someone wonder why or how i could love like that i no longer judge bc if someone doesn’t know i love more than what they’re expecting than maybe they give it a chance.
    I even told the girl I’m getting really clingy i don’t know what’s going on this never happens. I saw her as herself not what anyone said about her or what she said
    I saw a woman i love everything about, just not satisfied is my problem, not satisfied with how i was able to handle it alot went on, if anything she feels loved the way she deserves to feel love to matter to someone that knows how important she is. I know she uses it i want to help her all i can i just love her and I know she doesn’t have the time to be anyone’s serious anything right now..
    It’s impossible because I’d need to see time go by and what i truly mean to her, in the meantime i don’t keep my mind on women all over I know I love 1,

    I also know she’s my girl just not till we both grow more, if i was settling down it’s her no doubt, but right now i want her to know no matter how bad she feels i love her and to do what she needs to just to make it through every struggle i know she will go through, she’s tough like stainless steel love that most, i really enjoy her approachto anything.
    Just good luck explaining i know i love her without her thinking I can’t, if a man knows he will love you he won’t do anything even in the moment he will resist
    His love will be even greater than expected.
    You really have to know how special your girl is, she’s never been mine but i know something she doesn’t, a cancer is very intuitive, if she wants to feel what no one else has let her feel and hasn’t kissed her told her he doesn’t want to kiss her she has to not think about herself she’s not the problem, i am i know if i kissed her she would have been kissed the way she’s needed to be kissed and felt safe to be herself with someone that can respect her make her so happy he can finish what he starts. She’s thinking something else which gives me time to get myself better IT IS BACK AND FORTH, EASY TO FEELTHE SHIFT.
    I’m a 23 year old MMA fighter and if i can love the way i do tell me I’m not wrong she’s got it all.

    An aries will ALWAYS TELL YOU HOW TO DRIVE AND WHAT ROAD TO TAKE lol I enjoy pushing her to get all mad and not realize I’m messing with her each time because she’s so damn cute when she’s mad, if she doesn’t get what she wants expect a war but when she’s right she’s all quiet timid and i hug her, i don’t want her to feel any bad around me or to notice what I’m doing till she gets older and realizes i did things on purpose didn’t need to be right for her to feel in control, she’s very sexy when she’s in control. I noticed everything from what color her nails were painted to her exact body language when it was important
    As much as i want her to see this i want her to see it when the times right, she’s on the other side of the country and i miss her. The small games i play just remind me why i love her and why she deserves to be loved without any faking. Even i know she cares about me i confuse her a little on purpose so i don’t keep her from being who she isn’t, i keep her knowing she can do it all because she can, she has me as her biggest fan, i hope she see’s everything and wonders how i never snapped and how I kept calm the way i have, i know im going to love you soon, i miss you and I’m keeping things mysterious for a reason. I enjoy my time with you and the last minute everything, i love a woman do you see what you have that gives you love when you need it the most but backs off when your busy exploring the world? Everything is always going to be fine. This is what you get to have that other women want more out of who can’t do what a cancer does, see my intentions more clearly now? Butthead I got you babe. You are always going to move forward i make sure you do, just know when i kiss you bring your A Game, you have everything in me. Do you see what I’ve seen in you and tried building you up? You were there for me i needed you in the worst way, now I love my girl see what I’d do for you? 😉

  2. Roselyn

    Well, I’m glad I read this. Duke(my “cancer male”) has been wondering about this…

  3. Maila

    Idk guys. I’m an aries woman dating a sag man. Well our relationship is strong and I feel at home with him. He’s also a father so, I think that’s another reason why I’m so attracted to him?? Coz of the way he fights tooth and nail fpr his son. He’s a good man, though his detachedness n lack of romance leaves me feeling edgy and depressed. Well he left for military training. So I was determined on waiting for him so that we can continue building our life together. Anyway, so this cancer man decided to jump back into my life. Initially I was convinced he was a leo, just without the ego and attention-seeking. He makes me laugh and makes me feel like a real special lady. We talk on the phone for hours, n i can assure you that I’m smiling throughout that whole convo. Even get annoyed coz my cheeks start to hurt. But he’s dating a Libra, who is also a mother. Idk, we’ve known eachother for long and we always tend to lose contact then bounce back into eachother’s lives again. N when we talk and spend time together I know we both forget about our significant other and only focus on us. We’re both family-orientated that’s why we both dating parents though we aint parents ourselves. It’s logical that we should just be together, coz I honestly feel like we have a strong bond. But what happens to the Libra girl and Mr. Sag?? Initially when I thought he was a leo, I was considering leaving my current for him. Coz Fire loves fire and Mr. Sag tends to be insensitive and detached from me which I truly find annoying. N the cancer guy who i thought was a leo is grand in expressing romantic endeavours which makes feel secure and loved and appreciated. Right now Mr. Cancer and I are playing a secret couple even though we’re both in relationships. Idk, I’m just really confused. I mean I want a partner I’m comfortable with, but we’re both reluctant to leave our significant others, not coz of the love that lies there but because of both of us promising the world to both Sag n Libra, n in fear of letting them down. urrrggghhh! I’m so confused!! I don’t want to hurt the man I promised to build a home with, but I don’t want to give up on the man that gives me an overload of butterflies!

  4. Fiyah

    Ok. I’m an Aries woman I’m 18 and my cancer ex is 21 now but we started dating when I was 16.
    We met eachother through mutual friends. It was interesting getting to know him at first. His mutual friends became my best friends. We both started off as friends. Always hanging out everyday, we never got tired of eachothers company ! We’ve been through so much bullshit together. It made me and him closer as time went past. I finally started having strong feelings for him and me and him BOTH knew it! So I finally asked him out lol!! He was being too scared of rejection. So I made the first move. We dated for two fucking years ! Image was so devoted and dedicated after I moved. And he went to college. Communication got bad we evade up breaking and then a few months later we got back together. We always both had such a goofy relationship we always stayed friends with eachother after our first break up. The second time we went back out. It was a different feeling. The distance was still a bit of an issue but we always made sure to see eachother. I felt like I started to grow up meet new people. I changed and I grew so much confidence . He started noticing. And we ended up breaking up because I WASNT LOYAL ! I cheated! I regret it because he was such a great guy. But what drew me away was the winning, the end of the world fits. The same fucking bland things, everything started become boring to me. There was no excitement at all. He was super sensitive for me and I just got annoyed. We always started arguing over the dumbest things. But after we broke up we decided to be friends (only because I wanted to ). He started to stalk my Facebook and if I complimented some other guy. He would immediately write INDIRECT status of me all the time. He’s called me a slut, he’s threatened to kill me because of what I did. And I just felt like I couldn’t handle him always living in the past. I started it but I recently ended the friend ship because he was just always in a bad mood and I couldn’t have all that the negativeness and plus we were never talk sometimes. So I decided if I want to date someone again I don’t want to worry about him talking shit about me over facebookk and him in my business so I cut that off ASAP. I will always have love for him, but I am not in love and I just wanted to do what’s best for me. I wish cancers good luck they are too moody for me. I need excitement

  5. my bae

    My cancer and I have been together for 8 years and we just got married last year. We are coming up on our first year anniversary in July. We have had a lot of ups and downs I’m terms of the emotional roller coaster aspect. Honestly though, out of all of the past relationships I have had, he is so loyal. He’s sweet, hysterically funny, and just a joy to be around when he’s not crabby. He is very genuine and the foreplay thing is also very true. I really have no complaints of him, he’s a devoted person and I feel like he’d be the best of a friend to grow old with. We are thinking about starting a family soon and I am happy this commentary says we’d make decent parents. Be good to your cancer man, I know how easy it is to become bored with routine, but he is definitely worth all the happiness.

  6. Mir

    I’m cancer I love a girl of my class in University , though she didn’t know she’s Aries … I don’t know how to introduce myself …. oh gosh ! She’s so damn cute .
    Plz give advice or suggestions …
    my email is alimir_01@yahoo.com

  7. Kevin

    i am cancerian male and i am really in love with this chick from last few weeks but now looks she is taking a step back so dont what should i do? i am thinking so much about her as we promised long term things.
    Please advice

  8. AJG

    I’m a Cancer and the women I’m interested is an Aquarius. My best friend introduced me to her. Come to find out recently she liked him … him being an Aquarius also. We spent 4 days back to back seeing each other. After a week she said we shouldn’t hang out as much. Two weeks went by and she texted me. We went out again. She says she wants to be just friends but she keeps sending mixed signals. I spent all day Saturday with her and her friends. We finished the night at a club dancing. During the even talking with one of her friends she comes over and takes my arms and wraps them around her waist. The last song she and I danced to she put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. She is an amazing woman. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this way about another person in 13 yrs. No matter how long it takes I’ll be there for her. She had her heart broken pretty bad quite recently pretty badly. I’ll do what I can to fix her broken pieces of her heart with pieces of my own. I’m listening to country music completely out of my norm. She’s an amazing woman with a good heart. I hope she takes the chance on me. I may not deserve her love, but I’m willing to spend the rest of my life proving I’m worthy of her love.

  9. vonne

    me and my cancer bf has been together for 10 months now..but for the past few months it has been fallin apart,he says im too pushy and im trying to tie him down..i love him alot and i dont know how to let him go..i put everything in this relationship..and i really want it to work out…at present we r on a break…and i dont think its gonna work out…its so hard to move on..any advise?

  10. claire

    i hav a huge crush on a cancer guy!!im an aries woman but sumhow i cant decode hm n dat sux…one moment he seems interest n the next…Wats a gal to do!?!

  11. Amber

    Back in July, I met a Cancer 2 years younger than me. He was interested and wanted my number but I found him a bit irritating lol. I kept talking to him and ended up giving him my number towards the middle of August and we started hanging out. Once we started seeing each other, I found that I was actually interested in him. He would always text me the cutest things and drive 30 mins just to come see me. He would come by at 7, when he got off work, and leave at 3 in the morning until I felt comfortable with him staying the night. Then, we got together in the middle of September and he continued to stay over and take me on little dates and send me cute messages and call me. Our second week of being together he told me that he wanted to live with me lol and that kinda threw me off. I told him that it wouldn’t be the best thing since our relationship was still new and he told me that he understood and that he wanted to make sure he was financially stable before he tried to live with me. He works full time and I go to school and he would always tell me that I was his motivation. He always made sure I went to class and got pissed off when I didn’t and we would constantly play fight with each other. Towards the end, he stopped texting me as much and the last time he came over, he hid his phone from me. He broke up with me over text saying “I can’t do this anymore…I’m sorry.” I was hurt lol so I deleted him from everything and his number. He saw that I deleted him from facebook and blocked me..lol. I was wondering if any Cancers could help me at all with my situation. Will he come back or is it a done deal?

  12. Starla

    i have a crush on this cancer guy about a month ago, we met 3 months ago. he’s so fun! as an aries girl i love adventure so much and he always supporting me doing it, he always asked me to have and adventure with him. i’m once have no idea if cancers love that. now we’re getting intense in texting, but the problem is he has a girlfriend. and now i cant stop thinking about him cause he’s so fun 🙁

  13. M.

    I just ended a relationship with a Libra guy whom I’ve dated for 2 years. Went single for a month but eventually this Cancer guy showed up all of a sudden and swept me off my feet. He’s very witty, family-oriented, and gentle with his words and actions. He just opened up my heart when all I wanted was to be single. Gave his words and promises to me. We were happy for about 3 months but it really drove me crazy when he becomes very career-obsessed. Im aware of the fact that they love security in their life, but he couldn’t be more ignorant, could he? He still loves me but most of his time was consumed with his jobs and it made me feel neglected and left out from his life. Being the impulsive and impatient aries I’ve always been, I kept on whining and demanded attention which probably smothered him. Somehow, I was feeling the distance and he couldn’t careless about it, so we are agreeing on a break up. It really broke my heart actually because deep inside I still want him to fight for us and actually learn to put me in one of his future plans no matter how committed or busy he is with his job. But he just loves his job too much more than anything in the world that I can’t hold on any longer and he is too absorbed with his career that he can’t juggle us both. All I want him to prioritize me too sometimes which what my Libra ex did for me. I regretted a bit that I didnt try to work things out with my Libra ex, but instead getting involved with this Cancer man because to be honest, my ex wouldn’t actually be that selfish as he is. So in a way, I really gotta say that a cancer man can be so ignorant and selfish when he is pursuing his goal/security. Watch out aries women.

  14. aries lady

    I am the aries women who just met a cancer man I met last year on holidays when he called me I was shocked I knew my marriage was ending and he has been there for me so much
    He blows my mind in so many ways with how caring and protective he is. I wasnt looking to meet anyone but I dont think I can pass this man up he makes me happy and Ive never met someone who wakes up telling jokes in the morning

  15. Jasmen

    I’m an aries female and I’ve been with a cancer male for two month now..IDK I’m feeling like he is too good to be true, I’m afraid he will change or I will lose him because I’m impatient and I get angry quickly. I have problems with trusting guys because I’ve been hurt by so many of them and he wants me to trust him totally …I’m trying to trust him but I can’t do it fully…If his personality is the way I see it now then I would really want to be with him forever no matter what.

  16. Confused

    I am an Aries woman and have been dating a cancer man for about five months. Everything started out great! He was like a breath of fresh air compared to all of the other guys I’ve dated. However, this post is very true about the need for stability and working hard. In fact, so hard that I barely talk to him. One minute I am the his future wife and the next minute I don’t hear from him as much. He tells me he has a lot going on but never given me a reason to not trust him. At this point, his life is not stable and I know that is what frustrates him. I guess i am wondering if I should let a good man go or hold off a little longer and try to be there for him in this emotional state. I am trying to suppress this Aries personality. Sucks that I really care about this one.

  17. Mahmood

    Sierra :
    Ahhh!! it’s crazy how on point this is!! My guy and I have been friends for 8years. Originally I had the biggest crush on him in HS but he was always quiet so I gave up on him. 8 yrs later he finally JUST told me he loves me. Now, We’re giving “us” a shot. Haha. Awesome post. Everything mentioned applies.

    Type your comment here

  18. Ciara

    By reading this, I agree to most of it. I’m an aries women & seem to be very attracted to many Cancer men. I often wonder why most articles I haven’t yet read about Aries women is that we are actually emotional & sensitive. We just happen not to dwell & hold so many grudges. Well at least in my case. But yeah, Cancer men are by far the most sensitive, lovable men I’ve met. My favourite.

  19. DONA

    Funny enough this is quite accurate, my finace and I have had many many ups and down. Many of them to do with him not being honest and open with me out of fear of rejection or upsetting me but we really do get on exceptionally well and are best friends at the same time. I really feel like I would lose more than my partner if he were no longer in my life.

  20. teinababy

    Ive been with my Cancer man for about a year and a half…..16 of those monthes I was still in a 10yr relationship that I just ended. My Cancer stuck by me through all the B.s. at the end of that chapter. I came out of it loving him. All the things I’ve ever wanted he provides. He’s passionate, thoughtful, loving, interested, playful and funny…..I love it.I love him…I told him today…he did’nt say it back, instead he asked “what did I do to deserve this” It made me want him more. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s my husband.

  21. D1am0nd

    I am an aries female and I have been wit my cancer man for 2 months, but it seems like for ever. I was sure that I didnt like cancers since my lil sister is one and she pisses me off all the time, but the cancer men are way different from the females. SO FAR this is the best relationship Ive ever had. We are always around each other which is weird becuz I usually feel smothered when this happens. But when Im not with him I miss him alot. We just moved in together which is special becuz its both of our first apartment, today we sat in the car and discussed how we were gonna pay our bills, and he was happy about that so was I. We have a bank account together to help each other manage our money (Yall aries woman know how hard it is to manage money). He doesnt give me a reason to think he would cheat but he has 2 baby mammas and the recent baby mamma still wants him. I feel like he loves me, becuz no one has ever treated me the way he does. He is patient wit me and my mood swings and he makes me calm when Im up set. Plus he hella funny so its very hard to argue wit him. Im just scared it will end befor it begins and I really dont want this to end at all until death do us part if you know wat I mean. How should I deal wit the baby mamma issues and still keep him interested?

  22. Barb

    I am an aries woman, married to a cancer man for 5 years. We new each other for 9 months before we got married and everyone thought that we were crazy and that it was not going to last. We prove them wrong, we are happy and we just renewed our wedding vows with our daughter. Yes, Aries get bored easily but a cancer man love is so pure and simple that it made me want to love like that. He is the greates husband and father that I know. He thought me balance and how to slow down sometimes. I’ve never worry that he is going to cheat on me. I am so assured of his faithfulness and commitment to me and our family. He lives to please me and I live to please him. I like excitement and so does he. We travel alot and go out to eat and do other things. We also enjoy staying home and wathing movies. We spend alot of time together, more than my other married friends but that it how we like it. The sex is greatttttt!

  23. JuliendDonkey

    Aries is the first man, An Aries female nature is very strong and primitive like the cancer. Now being that she is the most masculine and hes the most feminine there is a very balanced male ego to female ego ratio. Though they keep each other guessing Cause cancers are jealous and deep lovers they tend to spark immense sexual eneergy. Since cancers are the most fertile they carry very intuitive sexual strength which shows the aries what true love is. Aries may have to take cancers for granted to see what theyre truly worth. But after having the joys and ups and downs of an emotional relationship they might not be able to ever compare a love like that ever again.

  24. KK

    I recently met a cancer man that says he hasn’t been w/a woman sexually in 12 years. We cuddled and got somewhat intimate but he could not perform if you know what I mean. This has happened 3 times now and each time he runs away after a couple hours. I told him we can take things slow but he seems to call and email me less and less. He’s excuse is his work but always convinces me he wants to see me when he has time. He actually has stood me up a few times and I finally got mad and he called me twice that night to say he does care and please don’t think he’s avoiding me. When we were intimate he acts so very tender and passionate like i’ve never had before and it feels like he loves me and i already feel love for him. I’m confused…should i just wait for him to pursue me now?

  25. og

    Well i’ve been with my cancer man for about 4 years now n all this is so true 🙂 we get along so well n everything is perfect. He loves my help in stuff n is man enough not to get intimidated by an ambitious woman. I think he is the perfect match for me 😀

  26. yoon

    and now we arnt even friends, because i coudnt just bear him with some other girl soo i ended up our friendship =(

  27. yoon

    im an aries and i had this cancer friend of mine, he was such a fun lovin person, sweet, caring nature, he even used to share each and evything with me but he was very emotional and abit too clingy. He made me feel as if he really liked me more than just a friend and i was actually looking forward gettin into a relationship with him but then i dont know what happened and he got committed with this other girl. i felt heart broken and just cant move on since i started to like him alot ;( and i guess not gettin what an aries girl wants upsets her alot =/

  28. Jon

    Im a cancer guy talking to a aries girl.. her bday is on march 30 and let me tell u shes is FUNNY.. Love her personality and she mad chill and loveable..
    Im not like a typical cancer..im sweet yeah im protective but i like to give the other person space..cuz i like my space. i like talking about my feelings.. im very FUNNY everybody tells me im the clown of the group love going out hate being stuck home i get bored easily.. so i have a good feeling this relationship is gonna work..

    PS.. STAY AWAY FROM LIBRAS UGHH.. they the worst lol

  29. ME

    Aries woman… second time around with this cancer man… felt the clingyness and had to get away.. now things are different and im in a different mind frame. I totally agree with this posting. Sounds like the both of us… i just worried because aries women get bored easily… EASILY.. and i know all of you women know this.. it isn’t our fault, that’s just our sign. But he is starting to grow on me again.. and this time i wont fight it.. i rather have someone want to be around me alot than barely at all

  30. Yonna

    I’m a aries woman & I’ve just met a cancer man soooo far I’m starting to feel the clingyness always wants to be around me BUT has a girlfriend wtf lol but this sounds like we can have a great time, love wat I read

  31. DC


  32. Ceirra

    I like two different cancers right now and everyone keeps saying that I am not suppoused to get along with them

  33. Treal

    I am an aries and I tend to attract cancers (platonic and romantically). I have always wondered why since our nature seems to suggest us eventually wanting to kill one another. None-the-less, my ex was a cancer and my current romantic interest is also a cancer. I like cancer men more than my fire and air sign men. Cancer men are romantic, sweet, and good at foreplay. They also seem loyal. Let me stop! I’m getting turned on just thinking about how much I love cancer men. lol

  34. Brinda

    very true!!! but i hav few doubts in it….me n ma cancer guy r more than fenz but thr is an confusion in our relationship..v love each other very much but he still cudnot acpt me i dona for wat …he go out 4 date had few memorable tyms toghtr…v lived toghtr also stll he yet din acpt me..thou he loves me …i dona why is he doin lyk dis…
    v had romance somthng whc made us b more closer…but she he is confused so ..can ne1 temme ia dis love r ??? v both love vry much..n i wre d 1st 2 tell him abt ma feelings….

    but watevr said abov is xctly hapend wid us ….but the present happenings r confusing

  35. mrs.PIERRE


  36. JLette

    very true! especially on relationship progress. I’m an Aries female and Ive been with my Cancer man for 7 months now. First guy to ever not push the love words on me after a month..its different and i like it because it lets me know he’s not pulling my leg. My cancer man has made me a domestic person. i love staying at his house and just relaxing with him. This is a good compatibility post. its all very true

  37. Jay

    Awww, this is kinda true. The way my ex provided and protected me was like no other (He was a Cancer) and I loved him sooo much. But his secretiveness was the worst. We held on as long as possible but like the bottom said, I realized I had to leave. There was nothing left to hold on to. Aries Woman and Cancer man is a very emotional relationship, so one must be ready for all the emotional drain.

  38. Sierra

    Ahhh!! it’s crazy how on point this is!! My guy and I have been friends for 8years. Originally I had the biggest crush on him in HS but he was always quiet so I gave up on him. 8 yrs later he finally JUST told me he loves me. Now, We’re giving “us” a shot. Haha. Awesome post. Everything mentioned applies.

  39. K

    egk. The majority of people I’ve had ‘physical relations’ with happen to be Aries and I’m a cancer. I really can’t stand them as people, although I’ll admit that the chemistry is there. There is an Aries chick that is in love with me as we speak and I just can’t get rid of her…

  40. Monica

    I just met a cancer male and this was a good guide to start off on the right foot. So far everything is well. This is an optimistic write-up.

  41. Ashlei

    Awwww this is sooo tru about me and my futre boo!!! i cant for our long lasting love and partnership to begin!

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