1. Saglover

    This explains the relationship between Scot Dissick and Kourtney Kardashian.I remember one KUWTK episode where Kim K’s pal Jonathan Cheban scolded Kourtney K for following Scott to bars for confrontations.Aries ladies are very strong individuals but these men will always drive them off balance which is sad.Gemini men are cheaters period.Even Kim K called Scott a lil hoe lol .

  2. Carolyn Bailey

    I’m an Aries woman and I was involved with a Gemini woman for almost a year. She was easy to talk to, we were always around each other, and we never argued, but if there was a disagreement (even at times when I would become unaware of the volume of my voice) she would still be patient and nice, and we would be close the next day as if the arguement had not taken place. She was an entertaining person and even when someone would yell at her about something, she seemed to maintain her positive spirit. I appreciated having someone like her in my life because I could talk to her about anything, and she would listen and didn’t cut me off, say I talked too much, or lack interest. In return, I would listen to her tell me about her day, what she had planned, and anything else that came to her mind that she wanted to tell me. She seemed like the perfect lover until other people got involved, and then she would appear to be against me and act as if our relationship was completely awful. Other than a disagreement every now and again, we never had any problems as far as I knew, and when I would ask her if anything bothered her, she wouldn’t say anything.

    After a long time of overhearing her tell her friends about the things we did and the things I would tell her, I realized that she was not the one for me. For a time, I didn’t pay her a lot of mind, and then when ever she would be kind to me, I would be kind back and start talking to her again. The cycle repeated, but the relationship just wasn’t there any more, so I just stopped speaking to her and moved on without really telling her that we were through. I didn’t trust that she was true to me considering she tried to make it seem as though the relationship was in ruin when it came to everyone else, while pretending everything was fine with the one she was with; so I just let it go without a word. Since she was a kind person that didn’t give me any problems other than speaking negatively about me and our relationship behind my back, I figured the best thing to do was to just end it without problems: no “I’m breaking up with you” speech, no “I’m not talking to you anymore,” I just went on and treated her like I treated everyone else (even though it took her a bit to catch the hint that I was no longer interested) and we both went on to find new loves, and moved along as if the relationship never even happened.

  3. Kim

    Scorpio with Libra Rising here ….. Aaaaand what are you thinking of now after 10 years of getting a second chance at a similar experience….don’t let this one be your 2nd …. “the one that got away” πŸ˜›

  4. CJ

    My first romantic encounter with a gemini man. The moment he walked through the door I knew I was in trouble. I saw him first. I am a scorpio female with gemini rising. This is the second time in 10 years I had an intense and instant reaction to a man in that way. It was exhilirating. I didnt pursue it because he is married. And im not good at being a side woman. But I have to admit, he had me thinking of the what-ifs.

  5. SexyAries

    Am in love with a Gemini dude, was so loving and caring bt flirt a lot. he calls and text virtually all d time, profess his love always, I love him so much bt something happen recently that put a stop to our relationship. I still love him bt his number switched off and Nt coming online again, am missing him so bad, bt d beauty of it is Dt our relationship is jx a month and 2wwks old. everything read abt Gemini men is so true, mood swing, flirtatious, attractive and d likes, pls how do I get him back ? I cnt get him off my head, I love him so much and missing him

  6. Tamara

    I’m a aries woman my father was a gemini, 3 exes were gemini…I’m currently seeking love in an ex gemini, he makes me feel such intense love happiness and joy…on the down side he also makes me feel the negativity in an intense way. I love him. He makes my world interesting. We both push and shove each other. That’s what makes us so strong together, we both push through the hate and always come back to loving each other. Without negativity you forget positivity…I’m his yin and he’s my yang

  7. An Arian Independant women.

    Ivory took the words out of my mouth. A Leo men is so much better for us. They have this sensual , loyalty and something that connects with our firey nature BUT a Gemini men is witty and very smart which makes us want jump to that challenge but unlike the leo men they aren’t attached.

    I am going through this suitation right now I know a Leo men who is amazing and is able to keep up with me and gets me on all levels and then there is this Gemini guy I also know that gives me the challenge I crave two different men two different star signs. I know the Leo guy is so much better for me but I cannot help but to think about the Gemini men. He is funny adorable , makes me laugh and is able to keep up with me but he can never make the move towards me and yet he has the gal to suggest that we be together.

    He is super slow in answering which I don’t mind but sometimes he takes it too further like a week later or a month later? Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But thats the problem we crave attention from all men us aries women so when we see one that doesn’t give us what we need the attention we must obtain it.

    The Leo guy in the other hand gets me completely makes flirty come back and manages to get me horny very quickly by the way he says stuff.

    If only the Gemini guy could do this too but he isn’t a man of too many words at times like when it comes to flirting.

  8. Nelson

    I’m a Gemini man of 30 years of age. I just lost my aries woman, the woman I said I love and wanted to marry. I lost her because of my attitude towards drinking. I finally stopped after it ended and refocused on bettering myself and being happy. Its hard as I loved doing so many things with her. I mean she was the greatest. She put up with my immaturity for such a long time and I wish I had taken my life by the reigns earlier in the relationship because I know she is the one for me. She’s been the best lover, the best friend, and the most understanding woman I’ve ever had the privealge of falling in love with.

    Now that I’m working on myself I only wish she was still in my life to see the true me. The man she always wanted. I will never stop loving her as she has a place in my heart much closer than any other woman I’ve loved. I don’t think I will ever stop loving her and I know its going to be hard with future relationship’s because I only want her. I only have my eyes, my heart and my love for her. I hope over time she forgives me and gives me a chance without the past bringing back anger in my life. I never had that chance as she never forgave me for the past and brought it up constantly. Mind you I was an alcoholic at one point and no longer want it…and its made me much more of a stronger man and a man that sees the world differently now.

  9. Living well 49

    I’m a 49 year old Aries in LOVE with a fantastic Gemini man of 54 years old.
    He tells me there is never a dull moment with us. We both love people and hate monotony! After over a year together I have realized that no other sign can keep this Gemini man as interested and intrigued. I’m quick witted and he loves it! I’m very sexual and I have come to realize that to keep him chasing me I have to play with him, via texts, via pictures, via pleasing sounds and whatever my Aries smarts leads me to do! He did wound me with his unemotional detached self a few times too many, but once I separated for a few months, setting him completely free, he came back ready for the long haul! He’s wanting marriage more than I ever wanted it now that he received some time to realize what he had. I keep my Gemini man on his toes and he does the same to me! I would be bored with a man that doesn’t make me work! I like a chase and he does also! Gemini men are far from boring!! It’s worth every bit of energy and even the ocassional heart ache. It’s all good!! We Aries know how to pick ourselves up when we fall and get hurt. Try try again! He’s my best friend and my only lover!! I’m more loyal in some ways but his heart is with me when his attention is temporarily elsewhere! Remember that Aries woman! KNOW you are the best, the sexiest, the most fun, the most witty, the challenge of a lifetime! Air feeds fire!

  10. Lovebird

    I am Gemini man, when I am truly in love – not infatuated – I never have any inclination to cheat even at any point of extreme seduction, which is current the case as I am 4 weeks deep in LOVE with an Arian woman, so much so that the first instance I connected with her I – for the first time in my entire 40 years life – instantly felt she is the person I can marry and build an ever lasting future; however from what I read above about an Aries as compared to a Gemini it makes me wonder if I am not mistaken about her being the personality type that can bear and manage a person of my nature … OTHER SITES SUGGESTS THAT OURS IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, more so for me in terms of other star signs that can best complement (given my energy levels & love of variety) , influence (given my independence but stubbornness of thought) and handle (given the spot-on negative traits of Geminis) … ANY ADVICE/FORETHOUGHT WOULD BE MOST WELCOMED.

  11. mel

    Heloo tre! lemme share dis 4 free, Aries chicks n all..If u wanna get back @ ur gemini for hurtin your feelings or make him jealous lyk mad? try cheatin on him wth a libran dude or an aquarius( These men ‘re loudspeakers, hehe, trust d libran male/Aquarius to preach d news of urr sexy encounter 2spite ur non-chalant gemini) There’s an unspoken rivaly/ego goin on btw these men..e.g Kanye west (gemini) vs chris humphrey(aquarius), Sexy actor Shane vs Aston Kutchner &simon cowell..My gemini dude alwayz complain bitterly of his colleagues@work, guess wat? they re libran & aquarius men! ..hell hath no fury lyk sum woman’s scorn, hehe alryty.

  12. C

    I’m an Aries woman, and I’ve been dating a Gemini man for a bit less than a year. I pursued him by not giving up. It took a bit of effort, but he gave in at last and I’m so glad he did.

    Pros: We have amazing, amazing, amazing chemistry. Even when we fight, the drama and tension can stop with a simple kiss. I love him and I know he loves me. Our sex life is incredible. We both hate routine, and we’re always changing things upβ€”if we don’t, we get bored, which is actually a good thing because we get to do so many things! We’re both full of energy, both verbally and physically. He gets along with my family and I get along with his. My family loves him and they love me. He can go hours talking about one thing, which is great because my parents love talking with him and getting to know him. Overall, it’s a crazy and exciting and occasionally tiring relationship. Having occasional space from each other is beneficial.

    Cons: Our relationship has been extremely rocky off and on, and we both have to work on our relationship almost more than we get to relax and “have fun,” so to say. I feel like I have to work really hard for both of us. I would definitely say that if I wasn’t completely head over heels, I wouldn’t be with him. We argue a lot, mostly about his communication issues… he admits he has them, and he tries to change, but I know it’s difficult for him. He rarely speaks his mind; he generally only does when I push him to or reassure him it’s okay to have “feelings.” It’s like, I know his feelings are there under the surface, I just never know if he’s going to show them or if he’s even aware they’re there! And sometimes, he’ll do something crazy to hurt your feelings and he’ll act like he doesn’t even care. He won’t show any emotion on his face. He doesn’t like texting or IMing, he’d rather talk to me on the phone. I’d say if you’re extremely needy most of the time, emotionally or physically, a Gemini male isn’t right for you. Be prepared for heartbreak even if you aren’t breaking up, you will most likely feel it constantly.

    In my experience, Aries women and Gemini men can work, but it WILL take a LOT of effort from BOTH of you. It can almost feel like a job, which doesn’t sound good on paper, but if both of your hearts are 110% into making the relationship work, you’ll be fine. πŸ™‚

  13. the little ram

    I’ve been dating a Gemini on and off for two years now… technically, we have been “off” for over a year, but hooking up and living together. LOL. yeah, it was amazing in the beginning. And I had my first time with him. It felt unique and different, he stimulated me intellectually, and even my dad approved him because he could talk about wall street and football and school practically simultaneously. But they are always looking around for something new or fun. And sex with them isn’t that great… I mean a gemini man can last a long time and satisfy but in my experience, there is not as much of an emotional connection. We end up getting into fights a lot, and I don’t feel a strong connection to him anymore. We are still best friends, and I suspect we will be in it for the long haul even if there are aspects of our “romantic” relationship that are lacking. Cheating will happen with this partnership I think. He ended up getting seduced by a Taurus girl and her smooth, slick style. I ended up getting seduced by an Aries guy and how he handles me so rough in and out of the bedroom lol.

  14. Alphatee

    you know a true gemini won’t cheat on you and for some reason can click with a lot of sighs lol casue two women i like are aris and taurus and they both seem bad for each other, but i must say i seen the fire in aris and the earth taurus that really makes me crazy for the slow responses

  15. Licia

    I knew a Gemini guy, and he was a total PLAYER with his venus and mercury in gemini as well it’s a wonder why, he would openly flirt with other girls infront of his girlfriend, sleep around but always end back at his girlfriends house, and is really unpredictable. One day he’ll be all flirting with me, and the next he’d be totally impervious to my existence, so glad I’m not his mrs. , are all gemini’s players? The only two that I know are but the lady of them who’s my aunty is cool πŸ™‚

  16. Licia

    @Linnner I’ve had sex with an aquarius, he was very kinky, loved to give oral however not as emotionally intense as others and he was abit detached, treated me like a fling, I guess we were but I don’t like flings being an aries and all I want the big romantic west side story πŸ™‚

  17. Renata

    Thankyou cupcake for the advice (: I recently found out that he was with his friends the night we broke up, I know it’s not like him to be so mean, I believe his friends may have had a part in the breakup or that’s the reason he was mean because he didn’t want to sound like a softy. Also he told my friend that everyday he was more over me than the day before then he says he still loves me but doesn’t think were gunna get back together, And I know he did love me before and wasn’t using me, I want him back how can I get him to realize breaking up was a mistake, I know I shouldn’t go back to him but I miss him so much πŸ™

  18. Ivory

    Aries women: my fellow sisters… Let me tell you that I was serious with 3 different Gemini men in my time. Yes, they are charming, intelligent, fun, ambitious, generous and most of all they are very challenging. And we Aries women love the ultimate challenge. See, that’s our problem. We get bored quickly but a Gemini man will put us in our place real quick and keep us on our toes. But this is because dating a Gemini man is equivalent to dating multiple guys all-in-one. And deep down they dislike being tied down because they know how inconsistent their moods can be. But it’s true, only an Aries woman can make them stay grounded, which in itself is already hard to do but for us Aries… We know we are the best and we enjoy the challenge. If you want better sex and more passion, romance and loyalty (I discovered a new interest that will sweep you off your feet), date a Leo man. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  19. Linnner

    I am an aries gurl and never met a gemini guy in my life but ive had good sex with a scorpio and a libra

    i like aquarius but havent had sex with one yet

  20. triniariesbabygirl

    hmmm i am presently persuing a gemini male, i was just with an aries/pisces and it was a terrible relationship..i liked this gemini since i was a teen and we are both divorcees and he is very moody and i am trying to push through it looking for the happy fun person i once knew..after reading all these comments i am wondering if i am fighting a lost cause…never went behind a man before but decided to gobehind him…what do you all think..we going on a date tomorrow for the first time and i asked him out!!

  21. Cupcake

    @renata : i believe you could still be friends, but by the sound of your break up i don’t think you should. He’s obviously two faced and didn’t have the right intentions when dating you, he’s being rude and with gemini men as i have come to know, when they have a set opinion about someone, i doesnt change, they are very stubborn, have a very ugly side behind the sweetness and are in denial when it comes to their own behaviour’s. I am still partially friends with my guy friend who i was previously very close with, there is definitely a lack or trust though and i feel there is unfinished business between us. I think it’s for the best you don’t stay friends though, my friend still annoys me and angers me, and i realised why we lost touch in the first place. See how it goes, but as far as relationship with this guy, its probably better you leave the pieces on the floor and move on, i suggest finding a sweet Sagittarian guy, they are honest, caring and have a stable personality unlike the gemini. goodluck πŸ™‚

  22. renata

    I’m an aries and he’s a gemini, we broke up yesturday after 6 months. We were friends for about a month before we started liking each other, he was so sweet and made me feel special. We talked about lots of things, but when we started to do things it seemed like thats all he cared about, he stopped talking to me unless it was to hangout to do stuff. He was so mean when we broke up, telling me i’m boring and just being very rude, i never saw that side of him before, even though he was an ass when we talked about breaking up i still wanna be with him πŸ™ Is it possible for an aries and gemini to be friends after breaking up?

  23. Cupcake

    oh gosh i couldn’t agree with this anymore! this is EXACTLY what i found out… i had a massive crush on a guy from highschool, he was my first serious crush, had over heels… we were veeeeryy close friends, he had an amazing sense of humour, always made me laugh, and made feel so good about myself at the beginning, he does indeed have that something that makes him so desirable to soo many girls, at the beginning he wouldn’t be someone i would go for but as he opened up to me, i felt soo close and comfortable with him, the emotions just developed. i couldn’t agree more with the texts! constantly got asked for pictures, hes was very cheeky and flirtacious.. knew how to make you blush. i noticed the moodiness very regularly, one day he would be ok with you, other day he would hate you. we had many fights, as i was more the stable relationship type.. and he wasn’t looking for commitment, this is where we failed to see eye to eye, because he gave me so many convincing signals that he had a thing for me… i had the courage to tell him i liked him, and it was a slap in the face… fights followed, i broke down on the phone to him once.. all he could say was ‘he couldn’t give me what i needed’.. he also told me friend i was basically stupid for crying.. see the two faced nature? also doesn’t know how to deal with emotion very well… he was very distant when it came to opening up. veerrry risky business dealing with a gemini guy! will never make the same mistake again, i was devastated… just a tip ladies, dont trust this sign to easily, make sure you know the type of guy your actually dealing with before u decide to give your heart to someone who doesn’t want it… as an aries woman, i couldn’t believe the power, emotionally, he had on me.. i apologised many times and put my pride to the side for this guy.. even when he was the one who was wrong.. very manipulative! goodluck to anyone thinking about this match, hopefully your ending wasn’t like mine.

  24. Taurus girl

    if yall want a good example of aries woman gemini man look at scott disick and kourtney kardashian

  25. Complicated Aries

    I am with a Gemini man right now, been a month now, today to be precise and I keep thinking to myself, “do I love him?” I feel as if I do, but I’m afraid to say it. I know he does because I can feel it when he holds me, or holds my hand or talks to me. The way he says things makes my heart flutter. He told me not too long ago that he wanted to say, ‘I love you’ but was afraid to say it, and it made me cry and I’ve never cried when someone told me that. Even if he didn’t say it, it made my chest heavy with joy. I’ve only known him for a month and a week and I feel this way. He’s perfect to me, funny, charming, cute, makes me feel beautiful and is always telling me I’m not ugly when in fact I say I am. Sometimes, he’ll let me down, but nothing too serious to where I must end it with him. Just little things here and there that I can handle, I’m not too picky. As long as he keeps showing me his adoration I’m happy. I’m starting to think I love him

    I have an ex however, he is a Gemini as well, and he was the same way, but he always lied to get attention and showered me with gifts that made me feel uncomfortable. I’m used to getting what I want, MY way, not anyone doing it for me. So when I said I wanted something.. he got it for me. I know it sounds sweet but too much of it made me just.. feel too weird. I got used to it after three years of knowing him, but still, it upsets me a little. I was pregnant seven months in our relationship and lost it two-three months in. It was devastating. He tried his best to be a good father, buying things early on just in case. He was stable, always had a job and money, but he didn’t make me as happy as I am now. He and I are still friends, but that is just that. Just friends. So ladies, it all depends on YOU and HIM. Not just him. If you can connect and he does the things you desire and need, you can handle his petty little fall-through’s. No one is perfect, until you love them. <3 And I'm a young female and I feel this way. πŸ™‚

  26. Jenny

    I’d say this is true. I was in a relationship with a Gemini. Honestly, his lack of emotion toward me turned me off. I ended the relationship, but I did it in a very practical manner. We decided to stay friends, but he gets into fits of jealousy, that are very selfish in my opinion. Makes me wonder if he’s ever had feelings for me. I think he likes the chase, but gets bored when it becomes stable. I’m staying away from Geminis from now on. I prefer stability.

  27. jas

    lol, nice story “first lady aries babe”
    keep us posted. i think that the gemini guy does that coz hes not experienced enough, u will have to teach and show him nicely what and how to do it if u want more than friendship with him.

  28. first lady aries bebe

    my story is similar to cranberry’s #15….i am an aries lady andmy Gemini guy is my friend….we met in school and we started talking as friends towards the middle of the semester….this guy is not completely my type but he is dark skinned….smart…confident and his voice tickles me….i have a taurus boyfriend that i love but he cheated on me once and now i feel i must have revenge on him because i feel he is either gonna cheat again or he is cheating now….i easily give myself away to people and i am flirtatious but i surpressed that when i was dating my bf but now that he cheated on me i just let anything happen and i’m kind of in a vengeful spirit now…anyways this gemini guy is my friend…and i became soo fond of him…and i became flirtatious and i thought he was my friend and that was why i was sooo comfortable around him…i also have a big mouth and ii always feel the need to express myself so that people can understand where i’m coming from…before i knew it the gemini guy acted on my signals that i gave him…and i cant say we fell in love but i kinda felt that we were becoming friends with benefits…however when he touches me he seems detached and completely without emotions and that turns me off completely…each time i let him touch me; its like he takes my body as a play ground and it hurts me even though i don’t love him… and its like he sees my body as a sex machine eventhough he denies that fact…i tell him that he is not my type of guy and i truly mean it but if we are going to be intimate like that he would have to be in sync with me or my body before we can successfully do anything…but i feel he’s soo immature and he’s even more flirtatious than i am…and i feel like if i am letting myself go for him then he has to do come close to what i am doing for him..but at this point he is not even close….he makes me to realize how much i love my boyfriend and how much my boyfriend is great…when the gemini guy kisses me i don’t feel anything i don’t know if it is because we are friends or what it is….and when he touches me it feels like air..i try to be in sync with him and i close my eyes and imagine that he is truly appreciating my body and is connected to me physically or mentally but its not there so i’m constantly turned on and off by his personality especially in the bedroom….i block him out most times so that he cannot hurt me but the more i give myself to him the more he is gaining access to hurt me and it hurts me more because i want to be his friend and i feel our closeness is ruining our friendship…we argued last night on the phone and when i told him about the things that he does to me that i feel is petty all he could do was laugh…i was sooo pissed off and idk what to do…however i don’t love him at all….and like i said before being with him made me realize how great my boyfriend is to me physically…i hate to compare…and when my gemini friend kisses me..its like a scissors trying to chop off my mouth…and when he performs on me its like a dog or a domestic animal trying to eat something that he shouldn’t be eating….it turns me off and his odor is something i hate as well…and i feel like a stranger is taking my body…which causes me to resist him most of the time…i will never let him go all the way with me..and quite frankly i don’t think i want him to ever touch me again…i feel soo unappreciated and i felt like i shouldn’t have let him access my body if he was not gonna be passionate and treat it well and nicely…but idk…..what i like about him is his intelligence and stability…and his look on life…but i feel like this gemin guy is very disrespectful because of the way he flirts…he flirts with every girl he sees and compliment’s them like you’re not standing there…sometimes i want to really strangle him because of his carefree nature but i just laugh at most of the thing he does…and i hate his physique lol…what have i gotten myself into???? but he’s my friend..i’m thinking of calling him to apologize about last night….

  29. FUFU

    I am an aries woman head over heels with a gemini man whom I felt had the same feelings….. his moodswings are daily and I just don’t understand him anymore… he says he is attracted to me, but doesn act like it.. and when I question him he gets angry and we end up fighting… someone pplllllllleaseeee help! what can I do to win this man!

  30. Ariestrueandtrue

    So I’m an Aries and I have a mad crush on my Gemini man…problem? He was my English teacher last year. We still talk *only at school* and theres the occasional professional email. But he’s so flirtatious and I swear there’s a crazy sexual tension whenever were around eachother, we tease and laugh and he always looks me up and down and smiles to himself. No physical connection besides the occasional hug. How can we progress? Please help! I know he knows I like him, and he knows that I know he knows(sorry I know that’s confusing) any Gemini men here please help!

  31. cranberry

    I’m an Aries girl dating a Gemini for about a month now. I hate to say that most of what I have read here is true- except for the phone sex/flirty texts aspect. In fact, my Gemini hardly texts or calls me. He is completely detached, moody, fickle, flirtatious with my friends, and not in the least bit romantic. My physical and playful energy will mesh well with his energy depending on his mood, but usually I feel like I am too overwhelming for him and he has a hard time keeping up. I need someone who will make me feel wanted, loved, and like a lady.
    Aries girls need someone more engaging and sexual than Gemini to feed our fires. We have such a high energy level that the Gemini’s moodiness and mellowness will make us feel anxious or under-stimulated. Personally, the twins are not my cup of tea. One is affectionate, funny, intelligent, and sensual while the other is detached and cold. Combined, this crowd is hard to please and CONFUSING. Aries ladies, stay away from this air sign unless you are VERY independent and can deal with the mood swings. From personal experience, I recommend you stay true to the fire signs. Especially Sagittarius, they will make you feel like the beautiful and magnificent woman you are. A fire sign would most likely warm up to my playfulness and physical intensity. Good luck to all the Aries girls out there! πŸ™‚

  32. lovemygemini

    I am a Aries woman who is married to a Gemini man! We have been together for 10 years and we are still madly in love with each other! We still act like newlyweds, so this compatibility is nothing like my husband and I in every category! Honestly, this is the first one that I have read that says this! Plus, I really don’t think that anyone should base their relationships on astrology.

  33. Lisa

    I am an Aries woman, married to a Gemini man,we met while we were both on vacation. We fell in love hard and fast! Love at first sight! Within 3 months he moved accross the county to be with me, within 8 months we were married and now we are expecting a child! WOW what a whilwind romance, he loves me and treats me like a queen! We hardly argue and when we do it is over without any hard feelings. We truly care for eachother and take care of eachother mutually! I could not find anyone else like him if I tried! I love my Gemini man. But on the flip side I was previously with another gemini man (before I met my current gem) for years and he treated me poorly and cheated on me, so it really depends on the morals of the person.I think if a gemini man truly falls in love he will be yours forever, he just needs to find that “match”

  34. Sapphire

    I am an Aries woman who is seriously in love with an Gemini man. We have been together for 3 years and 7 months. I wouldn’t trade him in for “nothing in world”. He is wonderful to me. I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him. He is funny, witty, sweet&lowe, handsome!!!! Hats of to my GEMINI MAN !!!!!

  35. Jey

    I am an Aries woman who is also in love with a gemini man for the past year. We dated for a good 6 months and our relationship was basically based on love & hate. It’s been 6 months since our break up and recently we met up again and cheated on his current girlfriend with me. I did regret it after all no woman deserves to be cheated on, however my love towards him is indescribable. We didn’t talk after that situation however after 2 weeks he text me asking how I am. I’m really confused and think it’s best to leave it to time.

  36. Tanya

    I have to agree with YMALDO that men of all signs cheat, not just the Gemini man, it is not the sign its self, it is the person they are. I am 26 years old and an aries woman, I have been married to a Gemini man for over three years and am head over heels for him. I have dated many different signs but he is the only one who can keep me on my toes and has me saying to my self every day “God Im lucky”. He is so loyal and sensative, not to mention such a hard worker with a lot of ambition, there is nothing he tries that he doesnt immediately become pro at. I think we will have a great life together, I am so happy I met him and wouldnt have it any other way. POWER TO THE GEMINI MAN πŸ˜‰ lol

  37. yoon

    i have just met a gemini guy its been a month, he seems to be a very nice person, funny, witty and always complementing me or making me feel special. he want us to get into a relationship but i dont know what to do cause i dont want my heat to be broken or my feelings to get hurt since i have heard that gemini men are players and they rarely look for a long term comitment.
    please telme what to do… *confused*…

  38. The Great Canadian Adventure.

    I am a mid 20’s Gemini man, falling hard and fast for an aries woman. I have to say she is the first Aries ive dated and I have never been more intrigued. I love how I find myself thinking of past conversations and finding little bits of wit she’s snuck in that I missed at the time… which is a rare thing for me to miss in the first place! She dosnt come on too strong and gives me tons of space, as a result I find that I’m the one holding back from sending her texts or calling. I’m dying to find out more about this woman, I feel something great starting.

    P.S. All you Gemini haters, I’ve never cheated! Find a gemini with good morals are you’re all set.

    Best of luck ladies!

  39. sunshine29

    I am also an Aries woman in in love with a Gemini man. I hate to admit that mostly everything I’ve read about our combination has been true in my experience.

    While he is undoubtedly the one man who has been able to “control” my firey temperment and bring out the sweet, rarely-seen-by-other-me side of me, he is also the same man whose fickleness, detachment, lack of follow-through, and selfishness causes my heart to ache.

    So much so that I decided to to just let go. If after four years he can’t recognize and appreciate the woman I’ve shown him to be, there isn’t anything else I can do “convince” him.

    Aries woman hate not getting what they want or losing. This sucks.

  40. YMALDO

    I am an Aries woman, crazy in love with a Gemini man. We are always telling each other we love each other, can be more than 30 times a day, but we do… and the more I express my love, the more I love the man.

    He is the sweetest man I have ever met, and swipes me off my feet. He’s like no other. People of all signs cheat, it’s not only Gemini men, or mostly Gemini men. I’ve been cheated by many signs, and I will not go by what the zodiac states. Everyone is different…

  41. Ryoko

    I am an Aries and I just ended a 5 year relationship with a Gemini. I wish we were still together and I would have to say I love him more than anyone and he was a wonderful Gemini man. They can be the best for long term, they are normally very successful in their work and quite stable.

  42. Islam

    looool it seems we are monsters after all. I’m a Gemini guy and i always though i am a good person aren’t we?

  43. Sparkle

    This is so true! My first love was a Gemini and he cheated on me. My Second love was a Gemini he cheated on me. My third love was a Gemini but i don’t know if he cheated on me. We never were actual boy friend/girl friend. The way we ended was not good. I dreamed about him night after night for about 2 weeks. Until I got on my knees and prayed to God to give me strength to get over him. LADIES please stay away from Gemini men!

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