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  1. Missj

    I`M an aries I`ve been seeing an leo for nearly a year now, but he always say`s that we are to diffrent as in a always butt in when he is talking to me and we are just not compatiable, but he still seeing how things go, but now i might be pregnat and his now happy about and he saidhe never will be eeven if we live together or get married, iwant to make it work by not butting , but his ex baby mother is in the way, she hate`s me and he always compaire me and his ex which she has a baby for him, before its to late what should i do? if I im pregnat Im keeping the baby, i`ve told if you can`t handle it then go , I`ll take care of my baby myself, he said ok then if thats what you want, I said no thats not what I want, I want us to us to make this relationship work with the baby or if Im not pregnate still make it work but his ex keeps playing games with his mind, to break us up as in making him full in love with her not cause she wants him, its cause she hates me. please what can i do? I do love him, but I has`nt told me me love`s me, but I feel that he is in love with me but he wants me to change and then he will not listren to his baby mother and then tell me he love`s me and start including me as part of his famliy. i feel left out she`s always at family partys ect but Im not!! I did`nt plan to get pregnat! he said his baby mother trapped him with the child she has for him. will he stay with me and make things work please help!!!

  2. Yzak

    @Ariestrueandtrue: At least you are progressing which is important. Now, try to go a little more tough on him, BUT REMEMBER, to not hurt his ego, or make him feel embarrassed, otherwise he will become your BEST ENEMY (It is kind of weird to read an Aries have insecurities but thats ok, we all have). We Leo love to think/feel that we are actually being taken seriously, meaning we like the thinking that everyone around us actually cares about what we are and do, so as long as you act that you need his advice it would actually be interesting for him, YET don’t show yourself too needy; We Leo subconsciously admire strong people. I know, we are somehow very demanding lol. hope that hope a little more.

  3. Linda

    I’m a leo male… 21… I tend to have numerous love affairs at some point
    But it all faded off when i realised i get hurt easily myslf… I have a friend of mine
    Who is a aries wich i went to highschool with nd we good friends. I blew my chances of dating her
    With her saying i sold myslf short… Bt i realy lyk her thou… Bt she found a new love… Wich is a scorpio male… Well i accepted dat. So now i have this aries gal i’m tryna work myslf in2 bt i’v just invited her on a charting services on blackberry calld bbm… We hardly talk bt i realy wana settle down wif my heart nd love some1… How do i get her attention nd make dis da greatest relationship i’v evr hed?

  4. Ariestrueandtrue

    I feel were really compatible but he seems a little mysterious, how do I get to know him better without freaking him out?

  5. Ariestrueandtrue

    Thanks for the help! Things have slowly been progressing and I’m trying to get to know him on a deeper level but he seems distant! I really feel the need to break the physical barrier and become more flirty but I’m relate afraid he’ll take me as a joke. As an Aries girl I’m outwardly confident but have secret insecurities. Should I keep trying or let it be, I feel a connection but how do I know if he does?

  6. Sharmine

    I am an Aries woman and my boyfriend is a Leo man and this sounds right on target. I can’t believe it. I have loved him from the start and I really believe he is my soul mate and I can’t wait to marry him!

  7. Smittenbyleoman

    OMG-@DTLA-you read my life-I am not really into astrology. But I met a different type of man. A LEO! A perfect match for an Aries. I am a Aries woman. and I met this guy and i did all the things that we Aries woman do. Only if i had read this page when i met him-3 months ago. He is not a guy that i am normally attracted to but it was something different about him. He said that he had met me before-and now he meets me some 5-6 years later. So I dont know my place I do all the things aries are not suppose to do with a leo. We are very confrontational. He thinks he knows everything and has to have the last word. Well you Aries know I am the same way. I had tried to break it off 2 times (with valid reasoning) and each time he comes back and he makes some adjustments. So it has been 5 days and he has not called our last conversation was i was too bossy and would not let him lead. I am miserable now-I miss him soo much and now I know my place and how to handle a leo man because of everything I have just read-and now I know-I want my LEO man back–I know he really likes me alot because he shows it through numerous ways. However, I was too immature to recognize how he displays his love and affection towards me. I took it as authorative and trying to control me-not knowing-who I am as an Aries woman and who he is as a Leo man. Now I want my man back. What do I do? I am sooo confused. However, I do think that he will come back. but when??

  8. Yzak

    @Ariestrueandtrue: Im Leo II, and as I understand, Leo I are the most authoritative sign of the year, so be ready. Try to get closer to this Leo, but always keep your distance, be careful with your critics and show you have self respect. We Leo adore flirt and all that stuff, but make sure at least he considers you as a good friend. Im telling you all of this because I’m madly in love with an Aries I girl, very afraid of being rejected just like you are but as Fire sign we are courageous and passionate, never gonna give up so easily. Good luck!

  9. gillybee

    I have fallen for a leo man and I am an aries girl. He said he just wants friends but was always cuddling me and kissing me, he even told me he loved me as a friend. Trouble is he drinks too much and was coming round at stupid hours saying stupid things. I ended it and he hasnt spoken to me since. He only lives next door and I feel really sad that he and I cant work things out. He told me he was gay at one point and then said he wasnt just didnt want me but was back the next night??? I feel very lost right now

  10. Ariestrueandtrue

    So there’s a Leo I like were both highschool freshman and hes in the “popular” crowd, im not a nerd I’m well liked and fun like all Aries girls but I don’t hang in his circle. Somedays it’s like were really cool and then others he ignores me, but I’m crushing on him bad! What should I do?

  11. ari

    i cannot cater to my leo ex needs and selfishness. Talking about temper, we all have. He always think he is right. It becomes tiring in the end. we are better to be just friend.

  12. Celia

    i am a 15 year old aries girl i have been with many different signs aries cancer gemini sagatarious libra but never with a leo i have recenlty found out that my best friend is a leo he asked me out last month i look back at all the other guys i have dated and he is the sweetest whole hearted guy in the world then he tell me hes liked me for months but didn’t ask because of the gemini i went after (big mistake) the truth was i didn’t go aftre him cause i thought he was out of my leauge now he brother and sister tell me that im the only girl he dated in this state i am normally the one who wears the pants in my relationships but this guy has tooken charge and is my true hero ive been hurt many times as he has been as well we talk bout it alot together but shortly after we quickly end in a sweet kiss. the first time wee saw each other he met my parents and my 7 brothers and sisters hes still stayin with me even though there totally anoying i really like this guy i so do but i feel like somkethings holding me back from showing him who i really am i dont know if its the fact that i ahve been hurt so many time or the fact that ive hurt so many times he a dream cometrue and i tell him every day how freakin awesome he is for spending more than 5 hrs with my family but idk i have a sour feeling about this….

  13. Yzak

    I`m a Leo II guy and Iยดm deeply in love with an Aries I. She is in a relationship right now, but I highly doubt it will last for too long. Iยดve dated her quite a few times and it has been great, but every time she indirectly ask if I have any feelings towards someone, I get hurt so much to think that I just frigging love her but I can`t say it since my ego won`t doesn`t allow it! Aries 1 girls, please give me more tips, I know the chemistry is there, but I want to know more to get her attention. Im totally convinced that her love will be worth it!

  14. Ramsicle

    I am a typical Aries with a strong Leo Ascendant, had a relationship with a typical Leo. It used to be on and off, plenty of passion, adventure, understanding, love, etc. We eventually broke due to power struggles. The leo keeps coming back and gets curious about my life. He’s a funny creature who likes to keep the track of what I am up to. I do not think he is still in love, just getting curious about me. We would never work as I like to be the boss and do not shower people with attention and compliments. In my life once said is enough for everyone. Leo didn’t like it that way so we split. It’s for the better. He still wants to be friends, we probably work best as friends.

  15. DTLA

    Hello Leo Men & Aries Ladies,

    I can relate to all of you. I am Aries woman 37 who has loved 2 Leo men in my life. And both are still around. You always end up going back. My 1st Leo Love and I are dating again, 15 years later. And I am falling for him all over again. I guess I finally grew up. It takes a long time for we Aries women to grow up to learn to give. We give but we are so self involved we bulldoze most of the time.

    My 2nd Leo love – well – we nearly destroyed each other. He was not trustworthy at all. We fought almost to the death. Until I did the worst thing I could do as an Aries to a LEO. I ignored him. I see him about town 5 years later. He still cannot stand it. What is more I do not care about him at all. I feel nothing but pity for him.

    Aries Ladies – give up control and tell him so – tell him you are on his team – and he can be your team captain. It works magic. You can also let him know that only he has your trust if indeed he does? And if he needs you to take charge all he has to do is say so. This way you can remain the equal that your Aries warrior demands. Remember that Mars our ruling planet is the God of War. But sometimes to win the war you have to be willing to lose a battle or two. If winning the war means you win him – then ask yourself – did you really loose the battle? Leo men need our love attention and TRUST. I can tell you it had more to do with me. As with most things when we figure out who we are and feel secure with us it is easy to give to flatter. In fact we Aries are not good at giving flattery, because we are used to getting it. Aries learn to flatter – he will not lose interest in you.

    Leo men, be kind, be gentle, be loyal. Forgive your Aries, her boastfulness – we can hardly help it. We often forget to think before we speak. The best gift you can give us is letting us talk. Remember how long it takes us to grow up. A very long time. We are sharp, quick, smart, but we learn the hard the way. Only experience over time allows us to see how much we need you. We do need you Leo/men- don’t be fooled that we don’t. We put on a brave face, but really we want to surrender we just can’t give in without a fight. Until we grow up and mature it is all we know. We ignore because we are used to being chased. Don’t leave us alone too long, all you need to do is let us know you are thinking about us.
    We will love and adore you for it. We are loyal beyond all reason, our faith is never ending. We need the spot light just as you do, let us have it from time to time, if you don’t we will take from you – because we can. We like to watch you show off – we might not say it but we do. Make us feel safe, and loved and we will trust you without question, we will admire you and we will not be able to help but flatter you. You may not know it but we always talk about you to our friends we cannot help it – you are out Knights in Shining Armor.

    Aries – don’t be afraid to say how you feel. But don’t give a long speech either. Timing, patients are key. Say what you have to say. Make it short and be direct . Don’t criticize. Just say how you feel. And then let him think about it. He will be back – remember that. He craves direct and it takes his breath away.

    Leo’s need to roam the jungle a bit it’s in their nature. While he is out roaming he will be thinking about his bold direct Aries. How honest and sincere she is in a world full of fakes.

    My Leo is out roaming the jungle right now. And itโ€™s a bit hard for me. But experience has taught me that my Lion will roam back all on his own. He will need my affection, flattery, and adoration as only I can give.

  16. donna

    I love a Leo man but I’m afraid of getting hurt. He has many girlfriends that he says he will drop now. He says he only wants me. It’s hard to trust him and would hate to be a fool in love although I think that might be too late as I can’t help loving him. It’s hard to hold back as my feelings overpower me especially when we are together. I’ve never experienced this kind of attraction before!

  17. donna

    @kerrison, just keep being sweet & loyal to her but give her a little challenge here & there ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s not fair for you to have to make up for her broken heart in the past. When you feel the time is right, ask her to be your girlfriend. That will prove your love is true for her.

  18. kerrison

    hey,i am a leo,am 20yrs,we leos seems to flirt,most time we just being nice,like attention,but when we in love we in love,and no one can ever take our heart from you trust me,to keep a leo around just adore us love us..be nice,and show us u intrested,we dont like arguing solve the prob and move on, likes a girl that knows what she want,specially a aries woman.i have meet a aries girl whom i like,we meet at a public gathering and instantly there was a attraction,it was love at first sight,we just met and we having convos like weve known each other long time,seems like she had her heart broken several time,so i guess we on same page, weve been going out for sometime now but not together as yet,see says she like me alot but i have to make her trust me first cause she tired of broken heart,well i guess that will be no problem for me to do,i hope things turn out to the best cause am really intrested…cause am really falling for her….i just want to know how to keep an aries attention any one please help me..

  19. :)

    don’t feel lik he is -ve……..but r u sure that he is always talking to other girl???? or it’s ur imagination……..maybe he not talking to u so you assume that he might be with other person……..:)

  20. mcgiiirl

    Uhm..Okay I have been friends with this leo for a very long time – years. I’m an aries and we’ve DISLIKED each other for a very long time like childhood..Until one summer it was like we were flirting..then I saw him and he was nice and waved at me with kindness ! but after he was totally ignoring me..he teases me and says negative things about me..is it really teasing? or does he like me? I’m so confused about him…

    when we talked again he was sooo nice, then later suspected i liked him..now it’s awkward again..what do I do? I want to at least be his friend. we go to the same church and he’s a year older than me and he’s always talking with a girl..is he being flirty or just nice? why is he only ..negative towards me? |x please reply !

  21. Cristine

    I love this website! I’ve been with my Leo man for almost 2 years now and this description fits him to a T.
    I wasnt interested in him AT ALL at first, as a matter of fact I was trying to date an aries man at the time. He continuously asked for me to go on a date with him and finally when the aries man was basically being a jerk, I said yes. The first kiss we had was when I started to get feeling for him. He was romantic and kept all his promises. We fight like crazy sometimes but we both know we’d do anything for the other.
    We’ve broken up once, vowed not to see each other for a week, but only lasted 3 days. I can say that I do beleive this is true love.
    Thank you for this!

  22. jen


  23. Ranae

    I just recently started seeing a Leo man (age 24) and I am an Aries woman (age 21). We met about five years ago, as he was pretty good friends with one of my family members back then; however, we didn’t really start talking to each other until recently. I had to initiate the conversation – go figure! Oh man, he is one sweet guy! Plus he gives me this attention that I just ADORE! It’s not too much that I feel like he’s clingy… but it’s not too little, leaving me to believe that he isn’t interested at all. It’s just enough to keep me wondering, “when will I hear from him?” for just a split second…and let him show me that he really does want to get to know me more each day.

  24. Lynn

    The only thing I can say about power struggles is pick your fights and compromise…its hard but trust me its comes back to you.

  25. Lynn

    I am a classic Aries 34 and my man is a classic Leo 36. absolutely everything is true. The chemistry is absolutely amazing, and of course we are best friends. We have been through so much drama and its been almost 13 years and we are stronger together than ever. Its funny I never thought that you could love someone more and more everyday who wasn’t blood related but let me tell you it just gets better everyday (dont get me wrong we have our moments). We are like hand and glove. it sounds corny but the planets all align when were together. I could go on and on but the connection truly undescribable he was meant for me & I was meant for him. I’m lucky to have found him!

  26. Ceirra

    I’m an Aries and I’m obsessed with a boy who’s a Leo he’s adorable but I don’t know how to talk to him help?

  27. Elfida

    I honestly think its all true I’m a Leo woman and iv known my Aries man for over a year already. We became best friends when we first met he always saw me as more than a friend, but I never did. Finally I gave it a chance 5months later that we had met, we’ve fought and broken up a couple of times already but we love each other so much that we can’t let go of each other, are 1year aniv. On an off will be in 2 more months. I’m happily in love with my aries man. And if things get way better will be getting married soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Hanna

    Okay, I don’t know what it is but I’m an Aries, and my Scorpio best friend swears I’m SO Aries… but nearly ALL the Leos I meet are jerks! I had 2 Leo friends and they weren’t that close to me and our whole relationship seemed superficial. They always like gossiping and it wasn’t satisfying, so I bolted. Then this “confused” Leo asked me out, and that was a horrible mess. He wasn’t bold, he wasn’t romantic, he wasn’t passionate… even after we became just friends. He was totally into himself (COMPLETELY). And power struggles? THOSE drove me stark raving mad! Because they weren’t obvious power struggles. It was more like he KNEW he was bothering me and kept doing it anyway until I finally said something, but I don’t believe it’s right to do that when you know you’re f***ing with someone’s emotions and well-being! Bolted from that too! He WAS loyal however, I’ll give him that. There’s another Leo I liked, but he was already taken so I backed off. Actually, he’s the only one I could see myself respecting as he’s quite smart and in school for Psychology.

    MY point is… how do you attract the GOOD Leos? I’m not a trashy person, I take care of myself, and yet all these Leos from the reject pile seem to come out of the woodwork and find me.

  29. Amber

    I’m an aries and my leo man and I broke up due to “power struggles” lol. A little after we broke up, he got with a libra. They were together for a good 5 months when he and I ran into each other at a few parties. After that, he broke up with her. I didn’t try making a move on him, even though I wanted him back. After 4 months passed, he got back with her. She cheated on him, so now he’s single again. Jk he’s dating another libra and they’re already having problems. I don’t know what to do. I miss him and I just get the feeling that we’re meant to be.

  30. gina

    well am an aries woman in a relationship with a leo guy, it has been a challenge, we known each other since i was 11 years old am now 31 years old and he’s 34, we’ve been thru it all we have a son who we both love, i know he loves me but he’s also a very personable person who likes attentiob from females and trust me they give it to him, im always saying to myself that i want to move on from him but its so hard because i love him, and he is always there for me no matter what. anyway one thing i know he will always be my best friend.

  31. charlene

    i m an aries women and i like this leo man. since the first time i meet him i knew i will fall for this guy!. BUT theres this problem we so fard from each other hes on yonkers and i m in new york! hes also a flirt for sure! what should i do?? he likes me and i like him!!! :'(

  32. Angela

    I am a Aries woman dating a Leo man and it has been amazing as well as rocky. I want more and he wants to have a good time so I backed away. I’ve backed away at least three times but he’ll call or text as if nothing has happened to say he wants to take me out on a date. What do I do to draw him in to get what I want?

  33. Jodie

    k im an aries woman and ive known this leo guy for almost 7 years. i moved away about 4 years ago but we’ve still kept in touch and we’re best friends. i know he likes me and i like him but id feel selfish if we were in a relationship and it kept him from seeing other women because it would be long distance. recently i met another leo man(actually i think they have the same birthday) and i like him too( not as much as the first one though) and i dont know what to do. obviously i feel great whenever im around them both but i feel guilty too whenever im with the second one

  34. Sulpha

    Orty….put aside your EGO and talk to him..one the ice is broken…you wont regret….i am a leo and marrying a Aries…:)..i am trying to put my ego aside….
    BY the way, when you talk to him first, dont worry..he would not think that you are too feable..if that is what is stopping you…

  35. JeweL

    I’m an Aries I really and deeply want to be with a leo man for the rist of my life, but i can’t find him lool.
    Orty i know this feeling when you like someone but you get really weird or shy when he is around that’s because you like him too much!
    if i were you shy or let’s say don’t know what to do?
    I’ll ask him out all by the sudden it’ll for sure sound very bold and strange to him because he might thought you already hate him. Then when you are out tell him that you like him and express everything you feel but not before you get sure that he likes you or he will react good for your situation otherwise it’ll be really embarrassing! explain yourself and tell him you don’t want him to take bad picture of you!
    Rmember not to act needy at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. rosie

    I am an aries woman involved with a leo man. I have known him for six years…its been on and off all this time. We are going through an ‘off’ patch right now, last night i chatted to a guy on a dating site and i just felt so guilty. I dont want anyone else, in six years i have’nt met anyone that makes me feel like he does.

  37. David


    As a Leo man, I can tell you that ignoring him is the absolute worst possible way to land him. We LOVE attention and will find it somewhere. You pretty much need to take the 180 degree opposite approach with a Leo that you are taking. Good news is, if you can get him, so long as you keep giving him attention, he’s not going anywhere.

  38. Orty

    so there’s this leo guy i REALLY like but like i feel that we both ignore eachother and idk how to approach him.. i really like him though like i thought i could get over him and my feelings just continue to grow more and more but i feel he doesn’t put much effort but then again i treat him not too well either..i don’t no what to do. i barely see him now in the summer because school is out but when i do see him my entire day gets so much better. i really like this guy but i don’t want to chase him but i do need to stop treating him as if he is nothing special because he definitely is something special..really special..he just doesn’t know that. I also love the fact that we share the same interests and he’s spontaneous i could go on forever talking about him. point is i’ve never had feelings so strong for someone and im kind of stuck. im also afraid because i believe that if i continue to treat him with indifference he is just going to move on if he in fact liked me before feelings fade…can anyone give me advice…i can really use some good and helpful advice right now because this boy is driving me crazy and he has NO clue of it. When i see him i don’t even say hi to him sometimes and its crazy because im really cool with all of his friends…ahhhhh *pulls hair* i don’t even like making eye contact with him when he walks into a room i look away or compelety ignore him..i think he thinks i hate him and in fact i think it might just be the complete opposite but i don’t want to say that because i don’t know what’s going on…by the way im 20 and im in college. he’s also 20 turning 21 pretty soon..

  39. EBI

    I’M a leo man me and my aries woman broke up and to be frank i’m still so so mch in love with her although she was the 1 that called it off. i only wish we were back together again since oct 10th last year is just like yestday….

  40. LeLeaux

    I am an Aries woman & my wonderful bf is a Leo. I have known since I was 5yrs old. We were in Elementary School together (i know cute huh) well we hated each other lol no seriously we did. But I am 23yrs old today and this man is taking me to LA and asks me “So what would you do if I asked you to marry me in Los Angeles?” Let’s just say we’re getting married real soon :’) I have been waiting for a man like him all my life. I feel great when I am around him and he makes me feel whole. I do everything but cry when I’m around this man. I have been through so much and this is my star ya’ll. He is my everything and I hope any Aries woman would hold on to a Leo. He is the Lion he will protect your heart

  41. Britt :)

    How true is this!! I’m an Aries 21 my Leo is 22 and I think we’ve been on and off since .. I was 18 and he was 19. Even when we date other people and sware we can’t stand each other, I think we both know we’re meant for each other and will one day be mature enough to just settle down and spend our lives together. Every year we get older and the idea doesn’t seem as far fetched..

  42. Josey

    Yes you are so right. I am a Aries woman. Im 49. have had many relationships but the one that i cannot forget is the Leo man that i knew. He passed away. It has been 20 years since i had been with him and I still cannot forget the passion I had for him. I just met a new Leo man and its starting over. I Love It!!

  43. Courtney

    this is so true!! most of my male friends are leo’s and there’s one imparticular ex boyfriend I can’t seem to get over and vise versa who happens to be a leo (this has been going off and on since I was 12. (I’ll be 20 in April)

  44. Brittany

    I am an Aries woman and I am on again off again with a Leo man. It’s true .. there’s ton of passion and constant power struggles, but there’s also so much romance, and sometimes when we break it off, I really believe it’s for good. Then sooner or later, we just end back at it again. There’s no better match.

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