Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Leo Couples: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher

This is one of the greatest combinations in the zodiac. Sparks are always flying, and there’s a lot of jealousy to fan the flames of passion. Each partner is a constant stimulant to the other. There may be a lot of separation, but then there is always the joy of kissing and making up. Outsiders may not understand their play fighting, but you can be sure that each partner is enjoying their role to the hilt.  Both Aries and Leo need a challenge; these two can provide that for the other.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aries Woman: If you want to attract a Leo man, you should look as gorgeous as you possibly can and set yourself above others by any means possible. You know that you are getting the catch of the zodiac.  Put a price on your own head to make yourself worthy of his attention. Leo men like a woman that they can show off. Flattery will also go a long way towards winning his heart, so long as it’s sincere. Fawning is an absolute turn off. It doesn’t hurt to pick a fight in public if it draws attention to you because a Leo man loves drama. Just make sure you can laugh at yourself when it’s over.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a  Leo Man:  You wanted something exciting and now you’ve found it.  This woman has more energy and passion than anyone you’ve ever met.  She’s full of fire and you like it that way, so be careful not to blow the flames out.  If you bully or criticize her, this will get ugly fast.  You are,  at best, supportive, warm, and life-giving.  Show her those qualities.  If she’s interested in you, she’ll take charge, so many of the courtship decisions will be out of your hands.  If you want to get the ball rolling be the generous, romantic, chivalrous man that you are.  Ask her for a night on the town with lots of drama.  Let her know you’re not intimidated by her strength and intelligence.  Treat her like a girl, in other words, and she’ll be yours.

Degree of Romance: There is a wonderfully high degree of romance with this relationship. Both partners believe in love at first sight, knights in shining armor, and true love with all their hearts. They will play these roles to the hilt as though they have an imaginary audience to appreciate every move and gesture. If love is a dance floor, these two are doing the tango.

Degree of Passion: Sometimes the passion between Aries and Leo is more of an act than a reality, but both are willing not to pass judgment in that regard. These two expect grand displays of passion, dramatic gestures, bigger than life love stories, and if possible the happiest ending there has ever been. Both are hold outs for true love.

Degree of Friendship: Surprisingly, these two can be best friends because of the degree of loyalty and honesty they are capable of maintaining. Leo appreciates the courage of Aries honesty, and Aries appreciates the sincerity of Leo’s loyalty. These are two pals who set out each day to find a new adventure.

Degree of Marriage: This is a good combination for marriage. In some ways they seem to deserve each other. The energy level is high, both appreciate the lengths the other will go to to win them back when they fight, and secretly they both enjoy putting on a show for friends and relatives. Children may suffer if these two get lost in their role as lovers, but at least the young ones will have a positive photograph of marriage to take with them.

Progression of Relationship: The dating that goes on between these two signs should be the most fun of the zodiac. Each has high expectations for excitement and passion which the other won’t disappoint. Both parties are willing to put forth their very best efforts.  This results in some pretty impressive courtship with a crescendo worthy of any stage production.

Sex: Both partners are warm, affectionate, and giving. The emphasis may be more on sport than emotion. Acrobatic displays are applauded. The setting is important, especially for drama and daring. The female initiates to a warmly receptive beast!

When It’s Over: Sometimes this is the relationship that never ends. If you notice, the famous couples tend to break up and get back together again. This is because it is hard to find anyone more exciting. Also, there is a high degree of loyalty between these signs. Somehow, it is understood that breaking up is part of the magic.

Our Rating: 9/10

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85 Responses to Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

  • Ariesgirl says:

    Am somewhat in the same situation your in. I have a son and pregnant again. He has another babyother that he can not wLm away from for what ever reason. All he been telling is he will I just Need to give him time; however I walked away, and found out I was pregnant. I told him he said the didn’t want another child with me Ns I should have abortion I gold him no way he does not have to be apart of your’s been months since I spoken to him or seen him. Day he just showed up. Now he asking me if am going go through this alone. Why d’t i just chill out ad deal. He wants to have both of. Even though I love hm and need hm I will not be going back to him . I am worth it and sharing someone I love that I would give my everything to is just not me. After your son I realize thT I was just going to be getting the samething over and over. So I mAde my mind up to walked away . Nw he tellls me he love both of us. She a gemin. I wish them the best . I got my babies to think about. I think he’s still sleeping with his baby mother I wS told the same by my Leo thT with there last child she trick him, but he still there. If you are pregnant good luck, and congratulation.

  • says:


  • J&C says:

    I am a aries women lovin a leo man! It was love at first sight for me. I was only in the 8th grade the first time we met, im almost 21 years old now. My love has only grown stronger & stronger for him…we been off & on since but no matter what we always find eachother again. I listen to him befor anybody else! he tells me to do sumthin i do it! i feel like his slave but in a good way, i love it! I cant explain it because the feeling is unexplainable

  • arieswoman says:

    Im an aries woman and a leo man was my first true love. it was definitely love at first sight. we could hardly keep our hands to ourselves. the only reason we’re not together is because my mom doesn’t like him. she told me i wasn’t allowed to see him anymore, so i stopped. then we started seeing each other a few months later and then she found out again. i still think about him everyday and i check on him every now and then just to see how he’s doing. i still let him know that my love 4 him is just as strong. the sex was ridiculously good too!

  • arieslaw says:

    I am an aries woman, married to a Virgo man. Life had been so boring for long until, I met this Leo man who happens to be my business partner who lives in overseas. I hardly get to see him one full month in a year. I don’t know what happened, I suddenly found myself madly in love with him. I am a woman who takes full control of my life. However, now I am totally behaving like a robot under his control. We have not even gone to bed. I feel happy to just do what he wants me to do. Sometimes, I feel scared that I will be made use. I have told him how I feel about him, but he is merely silent on it. I don’t know whether he feels the same way towards me. The twinkle in his eyes make me feel that he is madly in love wth me to, but I am not too sure. Sometimes, when he e-mails me, I feel that he misses me. I am dying for his touches. I would definitely say a yes if he asks me to go to bed with him. He is coming back soon. I wonder what’s next. Is there anyone who can give me a prediction how my love story will continue?

  • genius caesar says:

    every word is an absolute diamond. i’m just so much in love with this aerian girl that can be hardly explained. thanks for such awesome advises…

  • Nat says:

    Everything I just read is the absolute truth! An Aries and Leo make a lot of wonderful magic. Before my Leo man told me he liked me, I noticed he teased me a lot but he did it so amazingly. I loved the way he presented himself, just looking at him made my heart pound. I thought we were just going to be friends, but I yearned for him. Yesterday, I noticed he was acting differently and he didn’t want me to leave his side. I felt adored by his attention and I even confessed this dream I had where we kissed the night before. That seemed to make his day because he grasped the chance and confessed his attraction to me. Who knows, maybe before we go back to school, we’ll be the fiery, amazing couple that was meant to be this entire time.

  • Sarthak Bhargava says:

    i am a leo guy and i love an aries girl ………. we are very good friends or you can say best friends since the past 3 to 4 years ………….. and i now i wish to confess that i have feelings for her and i guess she likes me too ……… how should I propose her ??? ……….. aries girls tell me the ways you dream or you like being proposed ???

  • Hawaiian girl says:

    I am a aires to the T… I’m very strong minded but open minded as will but Im secretly in love with a Leo…. I went out with him in high school but I broke up with him because of here say about him with another girl. But I read that a Leo is very flirty so that causes issuse on my side because when I settled for a man he is the only man I see… But that is part of the aries traits…… To tell you the truth I don’t care if he looks but he no can touch…… Duh!!!! But I would really respect him more if he don’t do it front of me….. He really bring out my jealousy side but I handle my self pretty will…. But the problem I have with him is he has 2 sons an he loves them dearly & his ex loves him to! I’m on one side of the island an she is on the other side so when he go to see his boys he is with her an he dosen’t answer or txt or message me on fb to days later…. We hung out one night talked all night catching up on our lives we missed with each other…. He told me he miss me an he thinks of me an he wants to give his ex the boot….. But one day he went to his exs house to see his boys …. He txt me saying don’t be mad at him for going to see his sons… I wasn’t mad that he left to see his boys but I got mad after a couple of days later because he told me he would keep intouch with me on fb but when I checked my fb he deleted me as a friend! An still hasn’t wrote to me yet…. It feel as if he is the only one that can melt my heart an make me feel really Girly an he is different in so much ways & he is a “real man” an we was doing so good ….. So my challange is how can I get him…!?!? I wanna hang out but I wanna do some thing fun any ideas …… Or should I just walk away? Cause it’s been 2 weeks & nothing from him!

  • Roenia says:

    I’m an Aries woman who is head of heals in love with a Leo man. We once were a part of each others lives but it was short lived until this past summer (hadn’t heard from each other in almost 2 decades). He was going thru some issues as well as myself. We reconnected as friends again that eventually become more. As time continues; the passion has only grown.

    I know that Aries women are strong (i fall in the cusp…setting on Pisces) but when I’m with him, I love to let him take control and it works. With that being said, when it comes to the bedroom….I like to take control and that too works.

  • A true Aries Woman ' says:

    Man oh man, this so true. My Leo is a cheater and liar amongst other things. We have been on and off for ten years. He was dating one chick but got my name tattooed on his neck. I moved to a city two hours away, he followed me! I cuss him out every other day it seems and we go at it. But he will turn around and pay bills. Its crazy!

  • Leo man says:

    I really like this Aries woman but she has a bf overseas. We met a yr ago and we’ve been friends ever since. Chemistry is there and we just can’t seem to stop hanging out. We slept together once and I found myself falling for her. I know she has feelings for me too but I’m afraid at the end of the day she will choose her bf overseas over me so I decided to stop seeing her. I’ve been seeing other girls but I can’t stop thinking about her. I was gonna take the risk but I’m just afraid of getting hurt. She wants to be friends and texts me still often but even when i try just being friends with her i just find myself getting attached to her and falling for her. Need some advice what should I do? Did I do the right thing?

  • Jessica says:

    @Leo man (January 29)
    Aries are simple people, though sometimes we get confused with our feeling. I don’t think you have too much to lose if you tell her you like her, the worst thing you can hear is a “no”, but that will make it clear where you stand with her. Just tell her you really like her, and wanted something more. Don’t pressure her, but keep being friendly and keep in touch, please don’t disappear. Be consistent and affirmative – something fixed signs can do easily and something she will need in order to make a faster “decision” and get rid of any doubts. You know how you Leo guys can be so sweet and charming (but also too stubborn and pushy – don’t do that!), we Rams can easily fall for your charms… and she has already fallen for you, she even slept with you already! That means a lot! Keep a positive approach, make her laugh and have some fun, be gentle, and she will start thinking a lot more about choosing you over her boyfriend… maybe she already is, but is just insecure or just don’t want to hurt anyone. Stay by her side, you will have a LOT of chances with her. Good luck! ;)
    And sorry for my not so good English! x)

  • doma says:

    aries women like to chase and conquer, so if she’s texting you, it might be because she knows she wants to do just that. she will not wait for you to make the move and if she’s interested in you, she’ll be the one to let you know! if you feel she’ll choose her bf over anything else in her life, take it a fact as nothing will stop her now – but don’t worry about it too much. she’ll be able to handle both the challenges: living alone on the other side of the world, while accomplishing her goals, and being away from her partner. she will do just fine looking after herself and being independent since this is what an aries woman has got her stamina for!
    happened to me on more than one occasion and – although on-and-off, up-and-down, left-and-right, back-and-forward – i am still in a truly passionate and amazing relationship with one leo from south london ;) it’s been 11 years of mutual fascination and learning, fights, making up, hot romance, good times, power struggle, question marks and exclamations, fireworks and candle lights, pillow fights and pillow cuddles, but ABOVE ALL of deep, deep feelings for each other…
    since i’m a typical, fearless aries female i’d say go for, it if it’s what you after, but my leo partner would probably tell you to quit – we arieses are quite intense and very difficult to keep up with! though attractive and lively as ever, we’re also very demanding, so it’s not the easiest love you could possibly wish for…

  • Andrea Barnes says:

    I am a Aries woman, few weeks before Xmas I met a Leo man, we exchanged numbers and we began to talk on the phone. We went out on dates and I really like him, he made me feel so good, but I felt that something wasn’t right and I had to get to the bottom of it. We went out on a date and I took the chance to find out what was going on. I asked him if he was married and he looked me in the eye then he said yes. I asked him why didn’t he inform me earlier. He started to explain that his married was coming to on end. I told him that I was not prepared to be with someone who is with someone else therefore I ended it. I told him when you become free call me otherwise do call me or text. He stopped communicating, which I was fine with, I will not share my man with anyone I rather do without a man in my life. A month later he rang me and told me that he had separated from his wife and that he wants to be with me. I really like this Leo man, but I’m not sure what to do.

  • missy says:

    I am an Aries and I was in a relationship with a Leo man for 6 years, but it wasn’t till recently his flirting got him into trouble and he started like this 19 year old Taurus,(oh he’s 42) needless to say this situation snowballed out of control and now out of everyone hating him , and him not having any where to go he was forced to live with this girl till he gets money to move out, I hate the situation so much.
    He’s still cold towards me sexually and physically but I am thinking that’s because he’s intimate with this girl.
    I absolutely love this man with all my heart and think about him all the time, but ever since this whole situation started I find I keep pushing him closer and closer to her, sabotaging my own relationship with him, by constantly questioning and poking and prodding him for answers, I know he still cares for me to and I know he thinks about me all the time, I’ve been pushing him away, how do I get over the hurt and pain so that when he comes over I don’t talk to him about all the negative stuff that pushes him away…it’s really hard.

    I just want him to hold me in his arms and tell me he loves me, but he’s stopped saying I love you to me about a month ago.
    What should I do ? Stop talking about all the bad we’ve had in the past and make our visits happy and then he will come back to me ?

  • olga says:

    Im an aries girl seeing a leo guy .. we meet at a church camp i was 14 and he was 18 and we hit off he was my 1st boyfriend but broke it off got scared he told me he wanted to get married with me… i was young. Then 5yrs later im 19 i find him on the internet ,i have my first baby and hes married has his little girl too.his marriage is not good life sucks. We still see each other he says he still in love with me. Now im going to be 23 now he wants to leave his wife for me. Im not with my kids dad… idk what to do with my leo guy. I feel good when im around him , he drive me crazy..

  • Toneice says:

    Im a female aries who’s sooooooo in love with a leo man. We’ve been together for four years on and off. This has been the hardest relationship ever. We are not together right now we been seperated for almost three weeks but its getting the best of me because he wont amswer my calls during the last week. I kno we need some time apart but i dont want it to be forever. PLEASE HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE HE WALKS AWAY FOR GOOD?

  • onise says:


  • Samantha says:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed my x loe boyfriend. He made me happy. When I lost my job in March of this year I got depressed a lot. He wanted me to be happy, he said things changed and I changed Denver I lost my job. So I asked him to leave one day and a month later he did in May of this year. Two weeks after that he asked me to marry him I said yes. But he has not come back home. I do love him and miss him. He said i never should have let him go.
    He do visit every other day or three times per week. Will we really get married in September of this year, and will he move back in with me in August of this year?

  • D says:

    Just met a Leo… I’ve never been with one before although I have held an online relationship with one. I know how moody and egotistical they can be and I’ve learned how to word things just right to as always stroke his sensitive ego. The one I’m with now has me over thinking… keeps me guessing and I like that. It’s a little bit of drama for me when I’m not used to it. I know that it’s still very early since we’re only dating. He seems to say it’s “only sex” but his actions speak so much louder than his words. Instead I keep my mouth shut and wait him out. I’ve learned that patience and compassion works really well with this sign as well as being outgoing and hasty. I’m excited that I’ve been given the chance to try this out and I’m hoping for the best. I’ve met my match when it comes to my appetite so I’m not going to let go… until he pushes me away.

  • Darkandgood says:

    This Leo man I met years ago is wonderful. Beautiful. Very sensitive and nicely so. Smart. Sometimes hes so wise and funny n really cute and touchingly endearing. very protective and all-male. luv that. And then sometimes where is he? Building mountains and creating wondrous things. by himself. so hes doing all this for a better future but wher is togetherness in all this idk. Togetherness is the most important and valuable thing. it is stabilizing, self-nourishing, self-building. how can thre be a foundation and know if it is strong if one hasnt started buildign? its like saying i want to know i can survive an accident so i get on the highway and make a crash. build the positive- thats possible. cant test the negative. ever. it seems so tenuous and ephemeral and like a stranger. whio knows where my feet take me.

  • anaida says:

    I am an aries woman , and a leo man proposed me for marriage . He kissed me too on the second day He came back after three months again marrying an other gemini girl . N I was lost completely bcz I was in deep love with him … d distance time fr a period of three months , I tried a lot to call him , I opened my fb a/c just to find him .but he didn’t accept my req …. When he came back after three months he accepted my req . N den met me n den again thrown me out of his frnd list ….now he blkd me I don’t know why n I still love him with all my heart I just can’t stay away seeing him on fb ……the problem is he says dat I love you also n his wife also but don’t want to marry me .what is dis can u give ans n help me

  • anaida says:

    According to me a leo man loves only a gemini women and not an arien .

  • anaida says:

    I have completely lost myself what I used to be before when he didn’t came in my life ….lost my life too …m just living fr the name sake …n he is just not bothered about .

  • anaida says:

    But I don’t know one thing which really makes me restless that is he always come to see me at my work place whenever I change my job and one more when ever I met him we both don’t know dat which color cloth we will be wearing we don’t inform eachother but when we meet I see that till date we were wearing d same color cloth , I really don’t know what co incident it is , I even don’t know dat whether he ever noticed so .

  • All Aries says:

    In my experience, Aries and Leo together is hot, hot, hot – but someone’s gonna get burned. If you’re looking for a more stable compatibility match, try this excellent zodiac dating site – you’ll get loads of information about who you’re a match with and why! – Online Dating

  • Michelle says:

    All those years seeking an inspiration finally came to an end. The leo man with unsurpassed intellect that is so attracting for the aries woman, and I was seeking all along was finally here. Very purposeful with a clear sense of direction that includes everyone close to him. I met him three years ago. Physical fitness is a passion that we both share ;) and that brought us together. He is very attentive to all the people that interest him and follows them very closely – very stable in all his relationships! It is amazing to see him spending hours to make others laugh and be happy. There is so much to learn from him. Right there is the best friend!! That everyone is looking for. What more can anyone want?

  • Michelle says:

    The leo man is a true family man and unlike most men is very clued in to the importance of family and family relationships. He wants to have a few kids not just one because that makes a kid lonely like how he grew up. there is agreement on so many things that it seems unbelievable. He makes me a better person for sure and that’s what is so lovable about him.

  • derrek says:

    I am also in my 50s and I met an aries man, without knowing his sign I felt an attraction towards him and we can go on and on non stop for hours making love without eating or drinking wow! the bad thing he has ben dating this girl for 4 month and I am hoping he chooses me.

  • sALMA says:

    I find this very funny im a pisces women with a aries man & he just read this & laughed every single one of his ex gf are leo women & all he has to say is there psycho & obesseive & everything revolves around them they are all known do be major hoes/whores cause if your not giving them attention theyll get it from someone else it may say there a great love match but thats not so he can say atleast 6 of his exs were leos & all would try to force the relationship with him even when me & him got together & constantly still had other guys on the side especially for there needs leo women are like a pisces );women worst enemy they all hate me with a passion cause i was never how they are & stole an amazing man away from them & they are an aries man biggest mistake my fiance always tells me that yea there very beautiful but no they are not ALL women they are very childish & have the nastiest attitudes witch is very unattractive to any man there probably only good for giving you some when you need it says my aries man even though there never really quite good at it ……………….

  • newbie says:

    Reading so many blogs and other people’s experience has really made me believe that Leo and Aries are PERFECT. I remember like it was yesterday when I met my Leo friend. Its been about eight months and counting since we became friends and I must say there was never a dull moment between us. He tells me he’s not ready for a relationship, and I understand him completely. I agreed and he said he wanted to continue being friends and get to know each other. I like taking this slow and forming a strong relationship, because I am able to gain his trust and appreciation. Though he does flirt with me harmlessly he is still a sweet heart , and very sensitive behind his masculine features. we have so much in common, me being and Aries. I feel like we’ll never run out of things to talk about. I do yearn for him like crazy it’s almost too painful sometimes, he males me feel happy and beautiful than I ever felt on my own. Jes very down to earth and a bit too blunt somwtimes . But other than that I could see myself marrying him if it ever goes that far. But for now I’m just taking it slow and enjoying the time o do have with him.

  • Aries WOMAN/LEO LOVER says:

    I met a Leo man in September of 2012 ….and at first i wasnt even tryna build a relationship but somehow he changed my mind and made me fall in love and i swear it seems like it was only the two of us in the world it was just so beautiful we have shared many firsts together we experienced our first place together we now have a son who will be 1 September 13th and he means the absolute world to us …but my Leo man joined the army a month before our baby boy was born …he told me he was only doin it for his family well we had some bumps along the road he cheated on me but i also played a part in it i feel i pushed him to it bu the way i acted towards him i made him feel unappreciated and i kbow it must of hurt him for him to hurt me by cheating my heart was so broken i was confused to why someonewho claims to have loved me so dearly would do something like that but we’ve been on and off for half of the relationship and him being away in the army really made it hard for us to get our relationship on track due to many trust issues between us but i Love this man with all my heart even after all we’ve been thru i just hope we never really stop trying …he has a lady friend now where he’s stationed but i just feel that he’s goin through a stage im currently not dating anyone just praying for our lil family and asking god if thats not my purpose then to reveal my soulmate but i can never stop loving my LEO MAN EVEN WHEN IT HURTS !!!!

  • Aries WOMAN/LEO LOVER says:


  • Brett says:

    I am a leo male…waiting to meet an Aries woman hope everything is true on what they say :) !!!

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