Aries Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Libra Couples: Brynn and Phil Hartman, Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend, Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper.

Opposites attract and that’s what’s operating here. She admires his cool detachment and diplomacy. He adores her courage and initiative. Sometimes the excitement of an opposite cools off pretty fast, so go slow and easy with this one.

How to Attract a Libra Man as an Aries Woman: You can attract your Libra heartthrob by being all Aries — daring, courageous, impulsive, and even reckless! Just be sure and give him the space (time) he needs to return each volley before slamming another ball right at him. Show some of your famous independence. That will absolutely win him over.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Libra Man:  Libra is a shrewed strategist who manages to get what he wants without alienating those he manipulates into giving it to him.  Such a concept is fascinating to Aries.  If you can dangle this in front of her, she’ll be oddly compelled to learn more about you.  The trouble starts there.  You’re indecisiveness and scrupulous manners will infuriate her by the second month of your relationship.  That’s just about the time you become convinced she’s a barbarian.   But, if anyone can keep an Aries on track, it’s a Libra.  Always push back when she gives you a little shove.  She wants someone she can respect.

Degree of Romance: There is a high degree of romance at the beginning, but things will go sour if he suddenly decides she’s bitchy and castrating.  Whether she is or not, Librans like to throw out their disagreeable octopus ink resentment when they feel crowded. If this happens, there’s little chance the relationship will endure because the ram will get mad and want to have it out, while Libra will do his famous duck and avoid, suddenly demanding that everything be civil and “decent” — no raised voices or grand scenes.  Rams aren’t capable of such diplomatic manouvering in their personal lives.  What’s the fun of relating if you can’t have a good, clean fight, then kiss and forgive with all that great make up sex?

Degree of Passion: There is a moderate degree of passion. Fascination would describe it better. There’s a subtle role reversal that san be very sexually exciting as long as he’s secure and confident in his masculinity.

Degree of Friendship: Unfortunately there’s not much chance of friendship because, after all, friends have a lot in common and these two are, well, opposites. There are plenty of marriages where friendship is not the driving force, but it’s best in that case to have a lot of other things in common to tie and bind such as kids, houses, and traditions. One thing that can contribute to friendship is her willingness to pursue independent activities, which leaves him with the space he craves. Libra’s war cry is, “I just want to be alone.”

Degree of Marriage: Many first marriages are based on attraction of opposites.

Progression of Relationship: The relationship will have a nice rhythm if he doesn’t take too long to hit the ball back over the net or drag his feet in the bedroom.

Sex: Sex is interesting because of the background role reversal. If the Aries girl is turned down often enough it will inflame her passion beyond realistic desire just because it seems like she can’t have what she wants and she secretly loves the challenge. The Libran guy will be secretly astounded at the things she “makes” him do. He may also pretend to be shocked and disapproving of her boldness. Don’t buy it! He’ll enjoy finally getting out of his head and showing some healthy animal instincts.

When It’s Over: This could end very badly when all of a sudden you see nothing but differences. She ends it with fire; he with ice.

Our Rating: 5/10

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63 Responses to Aries Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

  • I am an Aries, and I really like this guy who is an libra…..he has my number and he has called only one time now he have had my number for least two Weeks….I don’t know how to get him to like me , I really wanna be with him….can anyone help me get him???

  • A Libra Man says:

    Take the imitative and call him. Better yet, text him. Keep it light. If your Libra is like me he’ll appreciate this low pressure approach. He might not be a phone person. Texting is easier and Lower stress.

  • AriesInLoveWithALibra says:

    I have been dating my Libra man for nearly 3 years. Things haven’t been perfect, but I have to assume at least half of the responsibility. I don’t think that I am a true Aries woman in that I am a very emotional person and I am definitely more dependent than he is. However, his necessity for space has encouraged me to do my own thing and to be the individual that I need to be in life. When I was with my ex (a Capricorn) we did everything together, including hanging out with each others friends. The communication in that relationship was terrible because neither of us were very good communicators. Doing everything together was definitely overrated. In my relationship with Libra, I have grown and I’m still learning how express myself in order to save our relationship from failure. I see him as a teacher, not as a manipulator. When I first met him I was going through a very rough time in my life and what I realized after a very short time of being with him is that I felt more like myself with him than I had felt in years! Like the article states, our relationship began very heated.. but it hasn’t cooled off.. especially in the bedroom. It isn’t as it was when it first began, but no relationship does/should remain the same. We have evolved together and it’s great to be with someone who can handle a personality like mine. He treats me like a princess, so I can excuse his self-indulgence. No one is perfect, so I don’t have the expectation of a perfect relationship. I love that I can leave him at home for days on end and do my own thing and know that he will be there for me when I come home. Our communication isn’t constant, but we do talk daily.. whether by phone, email, or in person. This is the best relationship I have ever had, and in contrast to the article, we are also great friends. He is my best friend and lover. I think that’s the closest to perfection that I can ask for.
    I hope this helps some of you Aries women who are embarking on a new relationship with a Libra man. They are strong, quiet and beautiful creatures. Treat him well and you will be well rewarded.
    Best of luck to you all! :)

  • asmi says:

    well thanx alot….i was in a relationship with a capricon for like 1 yr and 2 months and then he ditched my best friend said he likes me who is a libra and guess we are ready to try this new thing out.i dont know if it will work.when we were friends we never talked much.i am scared and worried and i do fit for the actual aries women as the article i dont knw how it will be.hope everything turns out fine and good.well i got another book that says aries are 70% compatible with libras.

  • libras with aries and others says:

    they made an astrological survey (like they do marriage statistics), that around the month of september to october, particularly libras, are born more than other signs in the zodiac, so it’s a good thing, so there’s plenty of libras to go around for all the signs. and since libra sun is in the fall (they desire partnership above all else, and are afraid to be alone) they will stick to you like glue and never leave you. so that’s a good thing for women who desire a man to be there always for you. although, beware, he can be easily persuaded if he has too many friends that will make him rethink things. the libra sun is in the fall, like i said, so that’s why he likes to please others and needs a strong woman. it’s not a wonder astrologers want him with strong women.

  • aries sister with libra says:

    i hope that my sister’s marriage to her libra will be the one and only. i read here opposites are based on first marriages. :( well i am praying that her marriage will be forever, no divorces for my darling sister. i despise all these hollywood divorces, and in countries other than america, there’s less divorce than there. i dont know why u.s.a. have this problem. im sure even canada has less, and actually stay in marriages and are good husbands and wives. my mother didnt want my sister to marry the libra because she felt that the libra was too lazy and my sister is ambitous and high energy, and is top executive of her company, while the libra is too laid back and works telemarketing, on commission part time. but the aries sister seems very happy and after failed boyfriends who were too abusive, she feels this is the man for her and spent most of her savings on the wedding. we decided that she’s way too happy and that’s all that matters, as long as he isnt a cheat and abuser, he can be the stay at home dad and work telemarketing part time.

  • angeldust says:

    Well im a aries female whos with a libra man..we ve been dating for 4yrs. In da begining it was flowers,candy..all that good a leader hes a times he can control me..wen i let him..he accecpts my crazy side,controlling,jealous,and even wen im jus being a bitch for no love him..but symtymes i hate him..da sex is great…we re different yet the same..

  • 10/10 says:


    5/10 for Aries woman/Libra man

    Aries woman in general can see through him.

    she is fed up with his weak ways and she will keep screaming at him (after all she is a fighter)

  • 10/10 says:

    @ Angeldust,

    if it works for you, it’s good.

  • All Aries says:

    Aries woman and Libra man is definitely a push me, pull you kind of relationship. It can work, but it gets kinda boring after a while and my Libra guy just wasn’t impulsive or brave enough for me. Fun to talk to though, and a good friend, but just not lifetime material. Found a great site which explains all this really well and helps you find the right astrological compatibility for you – have a look! – Zodiac Dating

  • libran says:

    Its a typical trait of librans to keep its victim alive for long time. He will not call u so often to keep interest alive believe me your affair wil take time to cme in full swing.

  • Frederic says:

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  • Lashay says:

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