Hi Im a Pisces Male interested in a female Aries. I met this girl name Caroline when I was a freshman in high school and since then I thought she was cute but never really admitted that I like her. We met at the YMCA and she was in after care after school everyday I came up to the gym. Well the years passed as I went through high school and we exchanged numbers my junior year of high school and became really good friends. We’d text each other all day somedays and never talked on the phone. She was always there for me when I had my ups and downs. And shes always been cool to talk to. Well I noticed she started to get better looking and just blossomed into this gorgeous girl! Well the first time we actually hung out we got into a slight miscommunication situation. We thought that we were ignoring each other because a lot of friends were around us. Another guy was texting her and I just got jealous which I rarely do. I wasn’t mad but I just got a little emotional about it. I gave her the cold shoulder about it and ignored her to hide my feelings. Well she ended up crying about it and I got beside myself “Stubborn Pisces.”We finally came out with it and talked it out and made up. But since then for some reason my feelings changed completely for her. We talked everyday after that and I can’t get her off my mind. I think about her when I’m going about my day and shes the last person on my mind when I go to sleep. And we started talking on the phone recently and it’s been a great experience. She’s so nice and sweet and the perfect girl for me. We talk about going to Hawaii and Germany together and I could see myself being with her for a long time. And we haven’t even kissed yet! Were both kind of tense about the first move and I’ve kissed a reasonable amount of girls. Does it sound like I’m in love?

  2. Shai

    …..”zing of jealousy” hahahah – no comments, but If I was impelled to comment I would probably say not jealous, just fiercely protective 🙂

    But on a totally differnet note now– I wonder if you are seeing in the backend of what I am reading on here because I notice that everrrrrytime I read a thread and move on from it with a smile without responding by the following day or even the same evening I see you post something on it…..are you for real, are we really that in sync 😮

  3. wills

    Am a Pisces guy just falling for an Aries woman. no body has ever intrigued me like she’s does and yet we haven’t met in person. Am 42 and she is 56 hot and really sexy Arian, Ive noticed her impulsive propensity, straight forwardness with a zing of jealousy haha. I have a date with her soon so please you Aries ladies give me some tips for my first date with my Aries lady.

    Reading some of the comments here I have noticed that Aries women seems to like Pisces men. My advise to you Aries women is to remember that you are just as challenging to deal with just like the Pisces men, and remember Rome was not build in a day and I kind of see where your impulsive personality can get in the way. Tips, because the Pisces man is sensitive and relish in his own world, yes he can be cold at times, [please allow him to be, because when he revitalise himself, believe me he is the most unbelievably secured and compassionate human you will ever find on planet earth. He will reward you with lots of romance, caring, spiritual knowledge and slavery for your happiness

  4. ND

    I’m a Pisces woman and was dating an Aries woman. I was very wishy washy and I think that caused her to distance herself from the thing we had going. All the comments about Aries being very dominant and masculine are very true, and this was something that I found admirable at times but off putting other times. It’s been nearly 12 months since we last spoke, and our last conversation ended pretty ugly. I miss her a lot. She jumped into a relationship literally straight after I ended our “thing” (I refer to it as a thing because it felt like a relationship but we never officially considered it as a relationship. I got the impression our thing was headed towards the relationship status as she was completely head over heels for me vice versa but I wanted to take things slow and I think she didn’t.) Anyway, I had the feeling that she jumped into a new relationship out of spite, but maybe I’m wrong seeing as they are still together. I’ve been resisting the urge to message her to tell her I miss her, although I’m not really sure what I miss. I think it drives me more crazy that we had so much potential together but with all honesty, she didn’t reassure me enough (she probably did but I’m a Pisces and I need CONSTANT reassurance.) If you’re in love with a Pisces, always let them know (it’s not annoying to them) and as mentioned above they will reciprocate sevenfold. And know that Pisces live in a fantasy world, so if ever seems like they are swimming away from you, they aren’t, they’re just caught up in their fantasy world.

  5. Fontaine matos signal

    I’m a Pisces and I’ve been in love with an Aries woman for over 25 yrs weve know each other since we were kids and good friends and no matter what relationship I get in I’m still hoping and wishing for the day to be with her but in my imagination I’m desiring her to be one way but in reality she a sweet heart but she can be a tough girl tomboy of some sort kinda childish and Being a outspoken Pisces I’ve told her how I felt about her she said she was flattered but I know she likes me but its hard to be mature man and not come on to strong and make our friendship acquired I love this woman we flirt with each other a lot but I don’t want my feelings hurt I asked how does she sees me at the time I was married at the time and just in general conversation and she said as a good friend but she still giving me lead way so what should I do leave it as it is or persue her and risk it all for love

  6. aries27

    I’m in love with a Pisces boy and yeah, I’m in love with him after 5 months. he honestly means the world to me and honestly and this is at everyone on here, FORGET ABOUT ZODIAC SIGNS. love is the best thing in the world and I personally am OBSESSED with zodiac signs. but your zodiac sign doesn’t tell you who to love or whatever. your heart chooses who you love. and their birthday has nothing to do with it. so if you’re an Aries like me and you have fallen for a Pisces boy, love him. whateve zodiac sign you are, you can fall in love or be compatible with any zodiac sign/person your heart desires :’) that’s the best thing about love.

  7. aries1987

    i’ve ran from a Pisces man off and on for 5 years now. some how i keep bumping into him without wanting to find him, so is there a reason i do? or is it that the universe hates me and wants to punish me! love his way of being but will it ever work out, am i just waiting around for nothing? there are so many question that i ask of him. he says to stick around that maybe i spark something in his brain. but is it worth the wait?

  8. Kaygee

    OMG: Jeffery02 you are so on point… I agree!!!! Very profound actually, well for any aries woman who needs comfort in knowing that the relationship can work. I love my man to bits & i know he loves me too. So whatever problems we encounter, we have always been able to communicate well.

  9. xxxxxx

    ya its true…it ll never work out bw an aries and pisces…am a n aries and was with a pisces guy …OMG .. they r d most stupidest person ve ever met in ma lyf …now its totally over and am out of it …these guys seemed to be in dream always ..they neither hav brains nor guts do it …..for all aries gals ..never tak a risk of commitin to a pisces guy…

  10. joan

    about the gay thing and the aries always wanting to get over a pisces is so RIGHT!!!
    i had a gay pisces friend and it was amazing, we had so much fun and i truly felt that he was my best friend forever lol

    out of nowhere he just stopped our relationship and now i don’t even talk to him 🙁
    he is the only relationship out of all that i have had that i regret not having, but what could i have done, he just left one day and my pride won’t let me ask him why.

  11. tia

    acpez18 :
    mdg pisce,That is very interesting and encouraging. Like the writings above said, I find it so hard to figure out what exactly I am supposed to be giving and where I stand with my pisces guy. So far what has seemed to work is giving him patience and letting him take the lead on the level of our relationship. I am crazy about him, and this is has never happened to me before so I often don’t know whether I’m supposed to step away from him and regain my balance and stability or accept it and stay in his world. On his “off” days he can be so cold to the point where I am really not sure if he likes me at all. But when he lets me in and lets me know how he really feels, it’s so completely amazing. The insecurity is killing me, but how can I let go of the happiness and calm and security he brings to me? I want to be so good to him, but I often feel like I’m doing it all wrong. Do you have any more advice for aries women?

    this is exactly what i feel and what is going on! this is soooooo true! what to do
    ? please?! i really want this to work.

  12. Lil' Tail

    Ummm…….. How do you know Exactly where I am in this? What we’ve been playing with for two years now? That the dear Aries (me) believes it’s just out of reach and that I honestly think this man will wake up soon and that it well be as I (probably foolishly) envision?

    I need some serious help getting through, over, past this man. Now I’m wishing he were gay so we’d be super friends. Will he ever settle with anyone or will he always swin around no matter who he is with?

  13. cin

    My bf (pisces) and I (aires) just broke up from our 3 1/2 year relationship. Ive been hurt but I knoe he wants me to be strong. He chose to take a journey to continue to set his priority straight for the better for us. He feels that he can not give me, what I gave him. I basically do whatever a guy wants in a women, from cooking to cleaning & etc. what more can u ask sf or. He says that his lost and needs to find himself. He mention that he loves me and see me as his eife in the end. So I worry? Or just stay strong?

  14. Jeffery02

    oh yeah i would like to leave this comment to “Nancy”, well you said that pisces and aries are tottaly different and opposite in many ways, I gotta question; dont positive and negitive go together to maintain “balance”? or cold and hot= result “warm”? so being left out with a positive results as mixing two things that are opposite applies to the pisces and aries relationship.
    Number two; I assume existent of controversy with what you had wrote about: ” but when the sun comes up will disappear back into the ocean and swim away. Suffice to say Pisces water puts out the Aries flame” and then later on you mention that Aries girls think that “Chasing a lover is romantic” soo Aries girls should be happy when pisces men swim away! it puts them into new advanture or compitition. And trust me pisces men love to be chased from time to time. Thank you.

  15. Jeffery02

    From a Pisces male honestly i like that Aries women are so honest and strong girls (personality wise), but i hate the fact that often they act like a man, im not saying just a “man” but a “tough man” with a forward attitude. (seriously i can imagine a Aries girl beating up a guy to death pbly cuz he looked at her!!) i believe that Aries girls love the fact that a pisces guy is wanted by more than one woman cuz they like to chase nd compete right?? And yeah we do take our time on everything we do, trust me when a pisces male tells “I love you” after a long term relationship that means he truely meant it, ive been with this one girl for a year we met last year in july 11th at 711 i know so random! anyways we took things very slow we talk everyday, but we barley see eachother. thru out our relation she told me that she loves me like 7 times, but the word wouldnt come out of my mouth. but i tell her that i care for her, that should be enough for a strong girl 😉 Masters of Romance you dig!

  16. AmericaMiss

    You know I agree as well with the respect to the imput of the Pisces males. Cause the union between me an my Pisces male has always had me confused since day on and its going on 10yrs. I’m still figuring him out and still wondering what am I still doing hanging around in this involvement. We still are not and have never been in a relationship and now have two kids and lived together twice. Its like a constant yield with void all thru our involvement. The continuous never knowing where you stand with them but feeling like you would be lost if you ever left or wanted out. I have never been in love like this ever in my life and have never found anyone else who would even come close to how he makes me feel. But I “HATE” the not knowing whether were comong or going and feeling paralyzed by his affection and love. A lot of days I’m wishing I could both walk away completely and stay forever all in the same. I need a change, I wish he could just get off the fence of our relationship and be able to stand for something specific so that I could be reassured as to what it is that we’ve been doing for 10yrs. Smh. Need more specific pisces male input. By the way I am to an Aries woman. In every way shape form and fashion. Hopeful,,,,,,,,,,

  17. acpez18

    It took my guy 6 months to ask me to be his girlfriend, and almost 6 months for him to tell me that he loved me (drunk dialing does not count). Is it normal for a pisces guy to take things very slowly in the beginning of a relationship?

  18. vlong

    Imma Aries woman inlove with a Pieces woman and boy is it passionate we just have this natural attraction. I guess im an odd Aries cuz I love smothering her with affection and attention and also know when to give her alone time aswell as she respects mines. However the thing I don’t like about her is the dissappearing aspect it drives me crazy, and than I have to deal with the aftermath, all that said we have mutual respect for each other and try to alway consider the others feeling before anything. I think for any sign you have to know yourself so you know what you can tolerate, and you also have to know how to really love…thats the key …….Oh and yes Aries are bossy but sometime you have to step back and know wrong from right…….peace

  19. zee

    i appreciate the comments from the pisces men here, i am an aries and just met a pisces. he is so blunt and forward with his feelings it shocks me. he does seem to need constant confirmation that i do like him, and he doesnt seem to understand why im so “masculine” and “rude”. we promised to try being patient, ill letcha know how that turned out. hahaha!

  20. andy

    Im a pisces man. We are all sensitve. we need reasurance all the time. Keep giving us this and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Tell us what you like sexually to cos we will experiment with the best of them. we like to dream and like to have things to look forward to. We like surprises to and love notes in our lunch boxes. we are creative and love to be love by our women. we will give love greatly and you will always feel deep affection from us. we are good at looking after when ill and very compassionate.

  21. acpez18

    mdg pisce,
    That is very interesting and encouraging. Like the writings above said, I find it so hard to figure out what exactly I am supposed to be giving and where I stand with my pisces guy. So far what has seemed to work is giving him patience and letting him take the lead on the level of our relationship. I am crazy about him, and this is has never happened to me before so I often don’t know whether I’m supposed to step away from him and regain my balance and stability or accept it and stay in his world. On his “off” days he can be so cold to the point where I am really not sure if he likes me at all. But when he lets me in and lets me know how he really feels, it’s so completely amazing. The insecurity is killing me, but how can I let go of the happiness and calm and security he brings to me? I want to be so good to him, but I often feel like I’m doing it all wrong. Do you have any more advice for aries women?

  22. mdg pisce

    I believe the statements above are true I’m a pisce male with an aries woman. She is distant, never sits still, and very shy. But I love her optimism and passion for life cause I rather lay back and chill. But for all aries women who read this. Be as loving and close to ur pisce lover as possible. Aries woman are great and obviously don’t need a man at all in there life. As a pisce I wanna say we need a woman who feels like she needs us and not just want us as another thing on there long list of things to do.

  23. Jane

    Oh my goodness. This sucks because it is so true and yet I am still confused. My best friend is a male pisces. We get along so great. We are so close and able to talk about everything that is going on in our lives. So i figured that dating a pisces male would be right on point. However, dating a Pisces man is totally different. They do go from hot to cold in an instant. One minute their in love and the next minute they are out of love. Pisces are very sensitive creatures and I really beleive they like the idea of love but the reality of it doesnt exist. Just when you think they have been totally honest with you, you discover a secret that was hidden. For an Aries woman, they are the person you love to hate but cant. It is hard for the Pisces man to take the lack of tact from an Aries woman. Aries say what is on their mind whether it is good or bad. Aries are honest about their feelings. Pisces are happy and sad all at the same time. The one sign I totally dont understand yet I am mystified by their ways. The only sign that makes it hard to walk away. Aries women always catches what they chase but the Pisces is a slippery one. As an Aries woman, we are not use to defeat. Piscean man seem to be us to the punch of love them and leave them. Either the Pisces is totally head over heals for you but he is not the one you totally want or they have to get far from you but without hurting your feelings. A confusing sign that contains the perfect optimism and pessimism in harmony. They hope for the best but get the worst that life has to offer by the choices they make. A Pisces man can drive a sane Aries crazy.

  24. crystal

    wow! i’m more confused than ever….i am an pisces/aries…my birthday is on the cusp. my bf is a pisces…i am down the middle…50/50 i just read pisces male/pisces female….and thought omg…that is so us….we have been together 3yrs and we moved in with eachother like week 2 of meeting….we rush home to be near eachother and hang out….we’re all about eachother….but than i read pisces male/aries female and alot of that makes sence….how can it be so right, yet be so wrong….ugh….

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