Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Sagittarius Couples: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito, Talisa Soto and Benjamin Bratt, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, Gloria Steinem and Phil Donahue

This combination can be one of the most fun, exciting, and adventuresome in the zodiac.  It carries the possibility of genuine friendship, passion, trust, openness, and honesty. It is also likely to be low maintenance as both partners are interested in forward motion rather than keeping a score of grievances. This is a very forgiving pairing with staying power.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as an Aries Woman: Sagittarius and Aries are both fire signs, so be as Aries as you can be to attract your Sagittarius love interest. He will be looking for someone open and honest, with a lot of goodwill, self-possession, and interest in personal growth. He sees life as a journey and he seeks an adventurous travel companion  who is enthusiastic and open-minded.  Be active, in good shape mentally and emotionally, and ready to join in spontaneous activities.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Sagittarius Man:  She’ll love your sense of humor.  Like all fire signs, she sees life as one big playground.  If you can approach her as a playmate, she’ll be immediately at ease.  Invite her on a date that engages her physically (without being intimidating) and she’ll be especially impressed.  She appreciates your honesty, but it will come as no surprise to you that your truthfulness can hurt, so be careful in how frank you are with her.   Blunt remarks about how she’s gaining weight or needs a haircut will shut her down quickly.  An Aries woman has more testosterone than most men, so she’s always afraid you don’t see her as an attractive female.  Only when she’s sure you think she is a desirable woman will she open up romantically.  You’ve naturally got all you need to capture her heart, just watch your tongue.

Degree of Romance: This combination might be a little disappointing in the romance department to the Aries girl. Sagittarians tend to look at Aries women as “pals.” These men actually score pals higher than romantic interests, but at times she could feel like just another one of the boys. Sagittarians are not caught up in the trappings of sentiment. He’ll too easily forget important occasions, but he will wear his heart on his sleeve and be her best, best friend.

Degree of Passion: There is a high degree of passion in this combination; however, it is generally directed toward a love of life rather than intensity toward one another. Sex can easily be just another shared activity that is has no potential for depth or bonding. Both Aries and Sagittarius dread stick situations, though, so this may be a plus.

Degree of Friendship: There is a chance for these two to be the greatest friends in the world. They are are both looking for someone to pal around with. If their interests coincide in the least, they’ll be perfect traveling companions.  Look for these two at rock climbing class, manouvering the rapids or hiking the nearest mountain.

Degree of Marriage: There is a good chance this friendship could turn into marriage if both have common interests.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship will move along at a merry pace. Two fire signs together can set the world ablaze. Neither one is interested in playing games, testing, slowing down, hiding, or engaging in ultimatums.  They just want to get on with it, so let the fun begin!

Sex: Think two healthy animals! Sex is open, holistic, spirited and both are the ultimate good sport. A lot of fun and laughter can be exchanged in the course of an evening’s encounter. Having sex can last longer than with other pairings because these two have a broad definition of sex. They’re also unabashed exhibitionists.

When It’s Over: This is one relationship that is likely to last forever. If the passion cools down, they’ll stay friends. Aries and Sagiattarius may count on one another through the vicissitudes of life. Even if they separate, their paths are still likely to cross in the future.

Our Rating: 9/10

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49 Responses to Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

  • Daisy says:

    this is exactly how I feel about my ex who was a Sag. Romance was always lacking – but I could never get mad at him for that because he really was the best friend I could ever have. We’re not together anymore, we have separate paths, but he’ll always always be dear to my heart.

  • Lexusss says:

    I need to get me a saggitarius man.

  • Amber says:

    I have found all of the matchings on here really accurate… I have been laughing about how true they feel with Aries woman and all the other signs i’ve dated. My first love was a Sagittarius. He and I have been on and VERY off again for the past decade. I have always loved him. I married a Cancer and that ended very quickly because it was too emotional, and I always thought about my lovely Sag. He hadn’t told me he loved me until about six months ago when he told me how sure he was that I was THE One. We are 2,000 miles away from each other and so we know it won’t work out right now. I met another Sagittarius a few years ago, and we have recently begun a light relationship with each other. I know how drawn I am to them (more so than any other sign) I am just afraid now that I cannot make it work with any of them. They take ages to return phone calls, they are always busy, they are so hard to pin down. I want a commitment, I have tried to make it work with other signs, but none have felt right for me. I feel safer with a Sag, I feel at home. I am really falling for this new Sag, I think i’m in love with him. I just have no idea how to grab hold and get him to see that I am right for him. I try to relax and take things slow, but I end up continually trying to contact him. I just feel better when he’s near me! I don’t want this one to be something that goes on for ten years with no true commitment, I don’t want him to become another man I pine for all my life. I want to know How to develop a serious relationship with a Sagittarius man? Is there anything I should avoid?

  • nancy says:


    Thanks for the great feedback.

    What should you avoid? Being too serious, of course!!

  • Amber says:

    lol thanks… i’ll try lightening up and giving him space. I think we could be a perfect match… I just need to give him time.

  • Cindy says:

    Is the heading on this supposed to be Aries Woman and Sagittarius “MAN” instead of “WOMAN”?

  • nancy says:

    Ooops yeah/ I’ll change it.

  • Kate says:

    I have found myself a sag and this couldn’t be more accurate,and I couldn’t be happier. I love my sag to pieces, I hope it lasts. <3

  • Natasha says:

    Yeah, I agree wholw heartedly! I cannot expect anything more than a great friendship from my Sag. He’s just such a clown and never serious about any relationship and romance. They live in their own freedom and never wanna let it go. I think I will wait and see what life has to offer me. I won’t put all my eggs in this barren basket because I want romance romance romance all the way!!!

  • srujan says:

    i am a sag man and i have nothing in my 1 was not their constant with me i wil get a gf and she wil mis some where in my life

  • *POOH* says:

    I’m an Aries woman and I have yet to tackle a Sag man… I hav a frnd who i went out on dates with a few times.. But he’s never sat still long enough 2 try and see how things would go as far as a commitment. I believe that would be my perfect match, beside Leo’s. On our dates, we have soooo much fun. But he’s all ovr the place. He doesnt sit still. Not that it’s a problem, but take me with U on these adventures. LOL!

  • sarah says:

    This is spot on! I’ve never been happier than I am now that I’m paired with a Sagittarius. And you’ve described the two of us exactly! Aries, pay attention: Give him the space he needs! And stop being jealous! You can be really great together if you just get over yourself and stop being such a drama queen. Have a little faith, and he’ll reward you richly.

    Nancy, why do you have Phil Donahue coupled with Gloria Steinem? He’s married to Marlo Thomas.

  • nancy says:

    Cuz they dated.

  • S. says:

    I have dated a Sag. Everything described above describes us perfectly!!! He broke up with me because we’re on two different paths but he is master of sugar coating..i think it’s because i was the jealous type. Never gave him space, always wanted to hear from him, always checking his mail, always hinted that maybe we should break up. I just felt insecure cause he had a sharp critical tongue. i didn’t feel like he appreciated me. I think he got fed up with all this. But i really miss him. I don’t think i could ever feel the same connection i do with him with anyone else. I feel like he’s mine. Do you think he would consider me again? Do you think he still likes me? How can i win him back? Should i just move on? There is a Cancer who is interested in me, I actually think this one could work..any suggestions? Anything at all would help! Thanks Nancy. Sorry for all the questions.

  • S. says:

    I have dated a Sag. Everything described above describes us perfectly!!! He broke up with me because we’re on two different paths but he is master of sugar coating..i think it’s because i was the jealous type. Never gave him space, always wanted to hear from him, always checking his mail, always hinted that maybe we should break up. I just felt insecure cause he had a sharp critical tongue. i didn’t feel like he appreciated me. I think he got fed up with all this. But i really miss him. I don’t think i could ever feel the same connection i do with him with anyone else. I feel like he’s mine. Do you think he would consider me again? Do you think he still likes me? How can i win him back? Should i just move on? There is a Cancer who is interested in me, I actually think this one could work..any suggestions? Anything at all would help! Thanks Nancy. Sorry for all the questions.

  • nancy says:

    @S I suggest reviewing The Rules as the best general guideline to dating with a view to marriage

  • nancy says:

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  • Rick says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m both surprised and schocked, Im a saggitarius man and my girlfriend is Aries. Our traits match to your description Ditto!! I love my woman to the core and feel intensely for her. I never met anyone like her in my whole life. She completes me. We hada huge arguement a few weeks ago because I found out that at one point in our relationship she was also in love with her x. She cut contact with him recently but we hardly speak now and she says her feelings have gone numb and she feels cold. She says she is working very hard to get her feelings back but is not being able to do so. Im really scared and dont wanna lose her. Please advice me

  • Jim says:

    I am a Sag man. I have two women in my life right now that I am… well I don’t know what to call it. I’m not dating them, its platonic at this point. One is an Aries woman two years younger than me. The other is a Sag woman that is five years younger than me. The Sag woman found me and I found the Aries. I am very very attracted to the both of them. I knew the Aries woman for several month before I started going after her. I found out that the Sag woman was eyeballing me for several months before she put the moves on me.

    I have always wanted to meet and date an Aries woman. I have read so much about the compatibility between us. All my previous relationships have been with Tauruses. But this Sag woman has got her personal life together more than this Aries woman.

    I am so confused right now on what direction to go in. Like I said before I find them very attractive all around. But that one thing with their personal life. I am thinking I should just walk away before I hurt someone that I think very highly of… Any incite or advise would be greatly appreciated. =)

  • jolene says:

    I met an sag male a little over a year ago and the connection was just absurd. i’ve never felt this way about a man. i feel like when i’m with him, not only can i be myself.. i’ve truly found myself.

    every word in this is true towards me and my sag “friend”. unfortunately for me this friend is married and “we” can never be.
    girls, if you meet a man like this and actually have a chance with him…. never give him up. they’re amazing and loving and fun. you can easily spend the rest of your life loving them.

  • Aries2myheart says:

    This is absolutely, positively correct. I don’t know what it is… but Sag men drive me crazy (in a good way). I fall hard, I mean really hard for Sag men. I was dating a Sag man for about 1.5 years until we called it quits earlier this year. I have dealt with several other men (typical Aries fashion) since, and NOBODY has touched my heart the way the Sag did. I don’t think I miss the intimacy, but the friendship being lost is killing me. I said some really cold things, and his pride will not allow him to forgive me. I hope it’s true (are paths will cross again) like the rest was. After reading this I have hope that I will once again have the friendship we once shared.

  • ShotThroughTheHeart says:

    I fell in love with a Sag boy. He is an always will be one of my best friends. He’s just…amazing and sweet. Everything I could ever want in a guy. He is a little distant and cold sometimes about some subjects- but I love it when he opens up to me about his problems. I love helping him and making him feel better. The day I was going to tell him that I liked him- I saw him walking down the hall with a girl I knew- hand in hand. They’ve been dating for about 3 months, she’s a Leo. Whenever I think of what we had when we were together and the Leo wasn’t hanging off him and preforming some major PDA- I smile. His words are so comforting to me, he’s arms feel like a home away from home (I hug all my friends, especially him)…Nobody has ever made me feel so- right. It’s a little depressing though. It’s hard for me to keep up with him somtimes. I’m not really the physical embodyment of an Arian. What specific things can I do to make him notice me more (He said he kind of liked me, and if the Leo hadn’t come along with would have been me or my Cancer bestie) waile I’m working on my physical apearance? He’s been having a little trouble with the Leo, and I just want to be ready for whatever happens. I want him to be as happy as he can be…

  • MRT says:

    Am a Sagittarius man intensely in love (platonic & romantic) with an Aries woman – she loves me too – however she says she feels platonic & not romantic love for me – she believes in tarot cards, psychics etc (while I am skeptical about them) and on her suggestion, I chose tarot cards at random on 2 separate occasions – both times, the chosen cards referred to an “angel” (which I think she is), a “soul mate”, “marriage” & a fourth one abt me being protective of her or something more generic – but she interprets the ‘soul mate’ & ‘marriage’ cards differently & still says our love is platonic! its strange & ironic – i consider myself rational but each time i choose the cards they speak of marriage & soulmate, while she who has deep belief in tarot cards is denying the obvious interpretation of the same! I am in love (the last time I felt similarly was with a Leo woman) & convinced that she is in love too, but cannot figure out why she is denying it – she also firmly believes that the two of us met for a divine reason (we come from two different cultures, am from India, she is an American) while I think our meeting was just a random event! one thing am very sure of – am in love & I cannot deny that & strongly feel intuitively that she is too. Would appreciate if you could throw some light on my situation. Looking forward to a response.

  • chickenlegs says:

    I am in love with the most beautiful Aries I have ever come across. Strangely enough all of that’s been said is pretty much true. But I am totally into this girl. The passion, the love I feel for her is unmistakeable. I’ve always run away from commitments but here I am, over 2000 miles away – currently in a different continent all together, completely smitten. If this isn’t going to last, I don’t see how anything else would.
    Aries women rock! This particular Aries, I just can’t get enough of!! :)

  • nancy says:

    @chickenlegs I’m sure it helps that you’re over 2000 miles away Sag!

  • sag2007 says:

    OMG im a sag girl and i met an aries guy and we’ve been off an on for like 3 years now. But man we are all over the place; like this time around i really saw how much he loved me it was amazing. We argue like crazy but the making up is worth all that aguing. We are not currenlty together but i know we’ll end up together. He was my 1st love 1st guy u was intimate with man just thinking of the times we had make me want to run back to him. We had sex in the most randoms places man i love my aries man can’t wait till me try it again. :)

  • kate says:

    OMG please help! I am a Sag girl deeply, passionately, unmistakeable, and drooling in love with an Aries M-A-N! What am I to do? I have never had this kind of intuitive and alive connection with another human being in my life and I was convinced this feeling was only for the movies! At first I just thought that he was this gorgeous man that either had sex with whom ever he wanted, or had this super model at home that he screwed 5 times a day… but I’ve come to know him as this sensitive and sexy man that knows exactly what to say to make me just melt. The other day I was laughing with a group of friends and as I was walking away I saw him in front of me walking swiftly. When I laughed he whipped his head around and it stopped me dead in my tracks because I couldn’t believe that he recognized my voice! I looked at him, and with in a split second he dashed away! Then I saw him in the hallway walking to class and didn’t know what to say… !!! How do I let this Aries know that I am a genuine and faithful woman that is worth his personal time? Help anybody!!!

  • cindybear1 says:

    Lol..Its all I can do. I’m an Aries woman that has been crush’n on a Sag man for more than a year. I wouldn’t say anything 2 him because he is so all over the place. Always seems like his plate is full. I’m Not Clingy…but I am a selfish Aries Woman that wants what I want when I want it. I just assumed He wouldn’t have the time 2 give me. Somehow…we crossed that Limbo we were in. Now…I’m anxious for more! Just love 2 know what really makes him tick. Although he is blunt…his actions confuse me, he is hard 2 read. My approach is aloof…I enjoy the time we spend 2gether, he often expresses how he is so comfortable around me & I feel that. So…Until either of us gets the nerve to express more..I’ll take it as it Is!!! Only Time will tell……

  • mdbhutia says:

    hope your last line comes true “Even if they separate, their paths are still likely to cross in the future”.I am waiting for my ex. to call me up i can’t think anyone to be my wife except her crossing my finger
    rest of the things you wrote mind blasting you are damn too accurate.

  • Amber A says:

    This is so true :) Ive been inlove with my sag man for almost 3 years. We have been off and on but i love him till death, he is my best friend and it does get annoying that he gets distant at times but he is my everything. He always makes me laugh when im sad and helps me with my problems. even if were not together anymore we still talk everyday and we still are very much inlove. Sadly i date other people but i still make sure to tell him i love him everyday, and if i stop talking to him for a few days he will msg me saying he misses me <3

  • Al says:

    OMG, I cannot believe how on point this is about Aries, woman/Saggitarius, man. My first love was a Saggitarius, this has been over 30 yrs ago. Our relationship didn’t work then but our paths have crossed over and over. We have remained friends and can talk about absolutely everything. He wants to give it a second try after all this time but i’m half afraid. I think I will take the leap after reading this.


  • SoloSaggitarian says:

    I am a Saggitarian man and I recently met a younger Aries woman. The attraction was intense to say the least. We’ve hung out a couple of times but haven’t known each other that long at all… and I’m already hooked. I can’t get over this feeling in my stomach that I can’t live without her. And I always have to be the one to call first! I want to give her space and not seem to obsessive or weird. But even though I try, I can’t stop thinking about her. Is playing hard to get part of an Aries woman’s personality? Or can these women be so distracted that they simply forget others emotions unintentionally? Any incite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ;)

  • Bernadette says:

    Im met and fell in love with a Sag man, im Aries woman.
    He was 52 i was 26 when we met and i have never known such love on every level, mentally, physically or spiritually.

    He died 15yrs ago and although ive dated mainly Pisces or had plationic friendships ive never been able to move on with my life as he was also my first relationship.

    Writing this brings me to tears as i cant imagine ever loving another person as i did him.

  • PK says:

    I was very attracted to this Sag guy and thot nothing would come of it, until he made his move and it was like a forest on fire…only thing, we’re both married to other people and apparently he couldn’t handle this and he disappeared. I got over it and then we met again and he couldn’t stay away and we made up, but again he was with the aloofness and non-responsiveness and finally he said his conscience doesn’t allow him to be happy and he can’t hide and stuff and so I agreed to part, but I miss him and am hoping our paths cross again, this time with a better ending…he never spoke too much but I do believe he loves me…he told me he will always feel the same way for me, no matter how much time passes, his feelings will never change…I told him tho’ that mine may….what do you feel will come of this relationship? I hate hiding too…but we both love our spouses as well…it’s very difficult…we hardly met alone half a dozen times in the last 10 months, yet we feel pasisonately about each other…

  • Kelli says:

    I just met a sag man online a few days ago and he is coming on real strong already. Saying “love you” and calling me angel and how pretty i am and that he hopes i don’t meet others who want to marry me and that he never wants to lose me. My aries ego is loving it but i told him i don’t want to get my hopes up so let’s slow down. Deep down my inferiority is afraid if he gets to know me he won’t like me so i’m guarding myself but at the same time i tell him i can’t wait to hear from him again. This one seems to be more natural then the cancer guy i’ve been seeing. Hope it works out!

  • linkgirl says:

    i used to be married to a sag man, and i have never loved anyone like him. sadly i didnt appreciate what i had in him and we are now divorced… but i know i am definately suited to sag men…. where are they? x

  • Sheila says:
  • mm says:

    the love of my life is a saggitarius but being with him is so hard is like an obsession because he is my favorite person in the world, we know each other and have been there to help us grow in our careers but we were never a relationship although he have been going out for 5 years. I dont know if we will end up being together or not but if that about paths will make us be together again so let it be because right now I am more than tired of thinking about how great we are together and for some reason it doesnt happen

  • SoloSaggitarian says:

    Excuse me for this post but it may help people in the long run. The Aries woman I know drives me insane. She says I love you and I miss you. Then doesn’t speak to me for weeks. She can’t be honest with me. And what’s more is, I think I know its cause she’s insecure about showing her whole self. I don’t care if she’s seeing other people, cause I can do the same thing. She doesn’t have to give me play by play on her life either, but damn. Don’t insult my intelligence. Hint to keeping a Sag man happy… Be HONEST. It will be less stressful for both parties. And we’ll be less likely to be in your hair trying to figure out what’s up. It’s not about what your doing at that point. It’s the fact you lied and we want to prove it. I apologize for the rant, but I might just stick with Geminis. To bad. All she had to do is say the word and I would have given everything for her. Some girls just aren’t ready to be happy. And contrary to popular belief, nice guys do finish last. Whether they know it or not.

  • ariesgirly says:

    @ solosaggittarian , i am aries girl and if we say we love u we mean it, her life is prob just very busy and sometimes we say we love and miss u js to let u know we are thinkin of u but we always need our space and we want t o miss u so that the next time we see u it wil b very explosive and intense sexually and otherwise. hp this helps because that’s exactly hw it was with the sag guy i was with and he always asked me if i was seeing someone when i was totally in love with him.

  • lara says:

    Dear single Sag-men (33-43yo),
    Drop me a message on

    Aries-girl, 36 :)

  • Anon. says:

    I have made a friend recently who is a sag man. He is very sweet and family oriented, and although i’ve only known him for a short period of time, he is very respectful, and i feel as if i could trust him with anything. I feel he is trustworthy and honest, very athletic which is a bonus, and knows his goals and strives for them. Even though we are just friends at the moment, he absolutely flatters me and makes me feel amazing about myself, he makes me feel like a WOMAN, complimenting me, but i can tell they are genuine. I have started to have a feeling he is developing feelings for me, though i am not very sure, i wouldn’t mind dating him, he seems to be great partner material. He says he loves my company, and makes an effort to always help me, and give a listening ear when i need it. this match is one i would definitely not hesitate to get into. One problem is that he’s ex gf, who cheated on him is very jealous that we have become friends, she eyes me out giving my threatening looks when he asks to me to go out for lunch, its very intimidating but also quite funny, without trying to be harsh because they had broken up a year and a half ago. it just shows how desirable this star sign is to most of the opposite sex! i hope it works out…

  • kelly3488 says:

    I’m aries woman a very hard catch. So picky so crittical about so many of these men I have been meeting. Out of the blue a sag appered from out of know where.
    We work togerther and everyday, I can’t breathe, I can’t look him in the eye, my chest tinggles …..
    I know that we could not be together for many complicated reasons. I Ki just want to be with him once!!!!!! He so nice!!!!!! I lust him so much he I

    s so beautiful…so….beautiful. I never never felt th is way about anyone wanting to just rip his
    clothes off, and tell him thank you for being beautiful every day in my eyes. Trust me there’s just no way that we could be together.

  • Kym says:

    Im an Aries woman, he’s a (Sag) all was well with us until I got pregnant with twins (boy & girl) whom are Scorpio’s!!!!! We were engaged to be married, but once he realized he was finally in a position where he had to be responsible for someone other than his self & own up to his actions he became public enemy #1! His social life is his main priority, while the kids are secondary. Once the going got tough, he got to running! These are one of the most SELFISH signs in the zodiac & I will never, ever, ever, ever date another one again in my life!

  • Addie says:

    I am an Aries woman and I have known this certain Sagittarius man for like three, almost four years now. The first two years we were just casual friends, you know hanging out with the same people and such. I had never picked up on any romantic gestures from him but had always had a huge crush on him. One night a year and a half ago he texts me out of the blue wanting to chill, just him and me… I was sooo excited but then he acted like it had never happened, which was the original aggrement, but i was the one who had to reach out to see if he wanted to, um, chill again.. So we make plans to see eachother on my birthday, but he doesn’t even call me – at all.. So i ask him the next day what was up and he said he was taking this other girl to prom so he didn’t want to chill like that anymore. Anyways, I give up on that and start falling for a leo, then the leo leaves town right when things were heating up and the Sag starts looking to chill again. I explain to him that i want to hang out with him as friends and not just to have sex and he started trying to do that but I got frustrated and turn my romantic agenda toward the leo that came back in to town… An amazing, beautiful and life changing relationship blooms from my relationship with the leo and lasts more than a year. But financial stress and a feeling of confinement – as my leo is narcissistic, over-controlling, and needy – brought it to an end, a long drawn out, kind of ugly end.. But a couple months ago i was hanging out with the Sag and that spark of desired resurfaced in a big way.. I was still with my leo but i just sent a message to the Sag saying that I had no idea why i feel this way but that he makes it impossible for me not to want to be with him sometimes. Now the Sag is in a relationship that started about 3-4 months after mine, so he’s almost going on a year with a leo woman in fact.. I found that particularly interesting – we both ended up dating leos lol… Anyways the Sag responds with excitment and tells me that he feels the same way… Okay so now I have ended things with my leo but the Sag is still with his leo girl and the only thing i hear out of him when we text eachother ( since talking alone in person could lead to some regrettable decisions seeing as he is still in a relationship ) is that he doesn’t know what we should do. The last thing I told him was that i needed to be single for a while anyways and that he had to deal with his relationship on his own and that if he wants it to end, end it because that’s what he wants without any consideration for me. That was only like a week ago but we haven’t talked since… I really don’t understand why i am so head over heals for this Sagittarius, but i have been ever since we met. I could see myself enjoying a lot of the adventures and the freedom that this zodiac pairing would provide for me… It got to the point with my Leo ( whom i am still very much in love with but it had to end before it got to the point where i couldn’t love him at all anymore) where i felt like i couldn’t breathe, i couldn’t move, and i felt like a terrible person for not wanting to keep my world revolving around him. So you can see why this change would be refreshing. I know that I love the Sag for the person he is (platonic love) but if i let myself i know i could fall deeply in love with him. But considering our situations there is no rush, he tells me that he wants to end his relationship with the leo woman sooner rather than later but that he wants to keep me interested lol. I just hope that when the time comes ( which will definitley be a while) that he can show me the feelings that he projects through texts because that was the big problem before, this aries woman doesn’t need big romantic gestures or anything grandiose – i’d actually rather be treated like one of the guys, i just want to be his best friend.. and when no one else is around i want to be his lover :) Does any of this make sense? And is there any advice you could give me on making my Sag man crazy about me? Thanks!

  • I’m Aries women. And my babybaddy is a sag we have 2 children together we been together 6 years and I love him and he love me we might not see eye to eye sometimes but I can’t see myself with nobody else but we both are so nonchalant we clash alot but I’m not going nowhere we both like ill space but sex is amazing.wink wink

  • Leon says:

    Hi have recently met my first Aries woman, a good few years older than me. We clicked straight away and I am already falling for her. I’m so intrigued now.

    We’re meeting up this bank holiday weekend and I’m looking forward more than any other woman in the past. I really hope she will be the one to live out the rest of my life with. She is so beautiful in body and mind.

  • Mars says:

    Hi i am Sagittarrius woman and i first meet my Aries man online.I cudnt resist my strong feeling on him as we talk everyday.He really conquered my heart.We both in a complicated relationship.He wanted to sort things out with his gf and when its done he wanted to have a date with me..
    I am reallt excited but i too has never settled with my Libra partner..
    My Aries man and i still keepin in touch and he drives me crazy everytime we talk..
    Do i need to meet him ..Anybody help…

  • Helen says:

    I’m Aries and my Sagittarius man drives me nuts! I met him in work 9 years ago and it was love at first site for me. We were both in relationships then but have both been single for the last 4 years or so. We’re so attracted to each other and we’ve been ‘together’ on several occasions either at his house or mine….but he won’t take me out? He wont make any kind of commitment? Anytime we arrange an actual ‘date’ he cancels with some feeble excuse! He’s hopeless at replying to texts or returning calls! He makes me feel so insecure because I want him so much, I want to marry this man. I end up just thinking he’s using me so I back off and when I do……he comes running back with all the sweet talk and I’m hooked again. It’s ridiculous…we’re both in our 50s, we’re not kids, but I feel as if Im wasting my life waiting on this man…yet I can’t give him up! I think about him 24 hours a day….crazy! Any advice would be welcome…please!! x

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