Aries Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Taurus Couples: Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) and David Beckham; Ellen Barkin and Gabriel Byrne ; Karen Blixen and Denys Fitch-Hatton

This pair gets our vote for the most self-contained, independent, and self-sufficient pair of the entire zodiac.  They focus on their personal lives, needs, desires, and wishes, almost to the exclusion of the outside world. There can be a high degree of stubbornness or stick-to-it-iveness depending on how they use the energy. These two can accomplish a lot together by their ability to focus, but the danger of drifting apart is also very real since neither sign is good at sharing or merging energy with others.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as an Aries Woman:  This should be a breeze for an Aries gal. Not only do you want to do all the work, you have to do all the work. The Taurus male expects ripe fruit to fall off the branch into his waiting hand. Honestly, we can’t imagine him taking a step outside his daily routine to meet and greet possible love matches. On the other hand, he will be thrilled if you chase him, track him down, get his office number, interrupt him during the day, offer to take his car to the wash, or bake him a pie and bring it by work. Aries is the ultimate active model and Taurus is the ultimate stick in the mud.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Taurus Man:  You have an inner strength and calm demeanor that an Aries woman will find appealing once she notices it.  Your sensuality will also be a big draw.   Let her see you engaged in some sort of physical task, showing off that bull physique and she’ll be eating out of your hands in no time.  While you set up the honey trap, be sure to let her think it’s all her idea.  She feels more comfortable being in the lead.

Degree of Romance: This partnership is not noted for a high degree of romance but rather practicality and action. The energy is oriented towards accomplishing personal goals, earning money, achieving success, and maintaining possessions. When combined, neither sign particularly trusts the illusion of romance and prefers the demonstration of interest and emotion.

Degree of Passion: There can be a very high degree of passion in this partnership because Aries had plenty of flames and Taurus can bank them. Love making should be particularly spectacular with long sustained heights of passion and endurance till exhaustion. Both of these signs are very physical in nature, and the aggression of Aries is beautifully complemented by the sensuality of Taurus. The only problem we foresee is if the sexual urges are mismatched because these two signs are noted for furious tempers when frustrated.

Degree of Friendship: There can be a pretty good degree of friendship between these two if they are willing to walk side by side together down the road of life, stopping to smell the flowers and choosing some they both like to make a beautiful bouquet.

Degree of Marriage: We think this is a good bet for marriage if both partners are somewhat extroverted and oriented toward success, material well-being, nice possessions and accomplishments. They may not make the best parents in the zodiac, but they will take good care of their children, as well as their homes, cars, and careers. These two are among the most possessive of the twelve astrological signs. If the marriage is structured as a possession, it must be maintained, so there is a high probability of success.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship should probably hit the deck running and build at a good, steady pace to a climax. Neither of these signs is willing to waste energy on a risky emotional investment and each tends to make their intentions clear. Communication is fairly forthright, and it should become obvious very quickly whether there is any point in continuing or not.

When It’s Over: The problem with this combination is that neither one may recognize when the relationship is over, so it’s best to look outside for confirmation. If the fighting becomes continual, ask a friend with good judgment what they think. Aries could get stuck trying to be right, and Taurus can get stuck stubbornly resisting change. That’s a very bad combination in a break up scene. It split can drag on for years and years, while other innocent bystanders suffer. It reminds us of the African proverb “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.”

Our Rating: 7/10

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81 Responses to Aries Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

  • Aries-inlovewith-taurus says:

    Im inlove with a taurus man… we’ll we both inlove <3 and now we're going to get marry…

    one thing for sure…. just believe in your love, believe in your partners and everything will be ok… dont foresee or believe in some thing that can dictate you and build images in your mind for which it will become reality… if you love your man/woman, no matter what kind of zodiac he/she is, it doesnt matter as long as you both work it out… because no one can tell you what to do, who she/he is, whether to stop or continue.. its just you and your partner.. work it out believe in it, trust on it… then everything will be perfect 🙂

  • Aries-inlovewith-taurus says:

    and to believe we are hundred miles away, we are in long distance relation, but we finally work it out because we chose to work it out…

  • Taken2011 says:

    I agree that the Aries woman/Taurus man pair is self-contained, independent, and self-sufficient. We do focus on our personal lives, needs, desires, and wishes, and the rest of the world is almost non esistent, except when we want it to be there! We work very well together, and have similar drive and common goals and interests. We feel that we can accomplish anything together!

    I have found that my Taurus man was thrilled when I chased him (and still is). He loves that i think about him during the day, interrupt him during the day, offer to take his car (or bike) to get washed, or cook for him and his friends. Acts of kindness are high on his “love language” (The 7 Love Languages). My Taurus gentleman indeed has an inner strength and calm demeanor that this Aries woman finds attractive. He is strong AND sensitive!

    I find that my Taurus man is really pretty romantic. We are so much alike. We think alike, anticipate alike, expect alike; even finish each other’s sentences. With the romance also comes the passion, where we also connect very well. Taurus, you are very passionate!

    My Taurus man is my best friend! We are both excited to walk side by side together down the road of life. We look forward to every day together. When we have to spend the day or night apart, it is like an eternity! We are like school kids, waiting to see one another again; and my Taurus man is in his 50’s – we’re certainly not school kids! We are still very much alive, however and bring out our innter child. 🙂

    We are planning to be married in 2012. We have both been married previously, so we are objective and realistic about the idea/commitment. We are however, very much in love and old fashioned in the sense that we want to share the committment and bond of marriage with one another. I have no doubt, that we will be married for the rest of our lives. I have waited my entire adult years, to find this man. He is not perfect (nor am I), but he is perfect for me!

    I think the Aries woman / Taurus man combination is perfect… at least it is for me!

  • John smith says:

    My Aries is wondering now after 9 months if i am single or have a gf .
    she even made in her little head a scenario about my imaginary new gf
    she said she does not know why she feels this

    any ideas

  • Ari_zona says:

    Aries woman here been with my Taurus man for so many years. five years after we met we broke for a period of time and then started over. you shake off the cobwebs that are trailing you all the time. the past will alwys be there as a stage in life. then there is a newstage with a new beginning. my bull understoof that and that was eight years ago and he didn’t lose faith ever. the romance is still there. aries and taurus really can be practical and romantic too. he does have innner strength a lot of it but i don’t agree that there is no romance. thereis romance well into the golden years!

  • Ides of April says:

    omg I’ve been breaking up with my taurus, who was also my first love, for about 4 years. lol It was so hard for us to admit it was over because for so long we just knew that we would be together in the end. I spent so many years being his love interest I did not know how to just be his friend. He is awesome and worth the effort. The break up took me through a rollercoaster of emotions. But we are in a better place now.

  • John smith says:

    My aries called me to say she is going to get help for her depression.
    I am the only one who knows this, not even her parents…..
    Any thoughts?
    Been apart 9 months

  • Alex Ruth says:

    am in love with a Taurus man something happen that we break up..he is going out with someone else now tho I still love him, recently he came back telling me he hurt me and he will make it up to me, we do chart and along the line he will go back to his shell he don’t communicate and he always act as if nothing is happening between us and is a long distance relationship…. he keep secrate a lot …he always tell me to be myself and that all that he cherished me alot but as an arise woman am impatient cos there is lack of communication and I don’t know how to go about it in other not to push him hard… confused, I don’t know right now if am still in a relationship but he always show up when me notice that I wanna go out with another person…… pls help me cos I don’t know if he love me or not..what kin of man is that?

  • Ambika says:

    I am aries woman in love with taurus man ….
    I …ummmm …..just need a man with good sense of humaur ….atleast good looking man if not handsome ….calm and not angry over some small issues …..must be be giving enough space ….when it comes to sexual matters and many other things ….like people with whom i am talking to and what …. I …..i mean to know everything about me ….is so insane ….
    The taurus man however is extra romantic ….which i don’t like ….excess showcase of both emotional and physical love .. ….Its irritating ….
    I don’t like his stubborness ….specially over critical issues like breakup ….family life etc
    my taurus ….has took over my entire life …..which is worst ….right from what i wear … where i go ….its his decision ….
    These are some of the qualities i really hate ….and want peaceful life ….which i can never get …..

    Just need a Good psychatrist ….as i will be with this man ….my whole life ….

  • Micaela says:

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    for enjoyment, since this this web site conations actually pleasant funny material too.

  • Terri says:


  • tika says:

    I’m an Aries woman I’ve been talking on and off for a year with a Taurus he says he not looking for a relationship and he’s very distance most times I’ve liked him more more he has a great personally and very intelligent I feel like we would be a good match but I can’t for some reason get his full attention I try not to be to pushy and I tend to hide my emotions from him I know men Dont like a aggressive woman I really like him I Dont know how to get his fully attention..or do I just need to move on and quit waisting time?? Answer someone??

  • - says:

    I say maybe just quit and move on then if thats what your heart really wants to do.

  • - says:

    Also I’d suggest you be a real woman enough and be straight up and honest with the other person and let them know, might be heart broken for them to accept especially if you’ve been leading them on in anyway, but if thats how you honestly feel then let them know is what I’d do.
    Goodnight, Goodluck & All the best however way it goes.

  • i says:

    can you give me some time?????????? i’m on a very serious project till next week.

  • i says:

    ok no waiting, let me get this straight, remember I told that DIGIT 10 would be common between us, because I’m looking for a partner 10 years older and GOD I wish you get a partner 10 years younger (a kiddo should get a kiddo na 😉 )……..would be perfect for us, both 🙂

  • - says:

    Then, let me really get this clear now; this person that’s showing interest isn’t really of interest to you, so then if it is that you want/looking for a partner 10 years older and at the same time you’re wishing I get a partner 10 years younger, could mean that we both may end up together??, am I correct in my analytical usage of context clues here, just so there is a precise understanding of whats really unfolding here.

  • i says:

    no, it’s a genuine and perfect wish and I know GOD listen and will fulfil this soon 🙂

  • i says:

    or maybe he has 🙂

  • - says:

    I hear that…..well if its God’s will then we will see, and if its not, that too we shall also see.

  • i says:

    ok, then see :-B hey do you want to be greedy like me????????? difference of 10 is not enough, desire for slight more hahaha

  • i says:

    Well, i was thinking to double it in your case, but stopped because i really love you and I can’t imagine you behind bars 😉

  • - says:

    Awwwwwweee, awee too sweet :)….no but blind folds work 😉

  • - says:

    Soooooo I just got on my computer now, NOW and REALLY reading your comment, DBL WHAT!!, you must be out of your bloody mind, try behave your little self and be a good lad or else behind bars I’ll really go and visitation rights take away!! LOLOLOL

    Listen to me, when someone tells me something about who they are, I believe them! But I also believe what appears to be an authentic statement in the same conversation too 😀


  • obi says:

    please i need a pices or virgo woman for marriage.

  • obi says:

    i am a taurius man being born on 29th april

  • SS says:

    Oh Lord, our most righteous and everlasting heavenly father, who has safely brought us to the beginning of this beautiful day, giving us another chance to receive the beautiful sunrise; I give you thanks for your creation, the wonderful sounds of nature, the cool breeze that fills the air and all the blessings in life. I give you thanks with a joyful heart to keep us safe throughout this day, in your hands I commit my body, mind and soul and all that is mine through Jesus Christ our lord Amen.

  • Saglover says:

    Taurus men are really boring..I dated one before or my ..I nagged him a lot because of his boring nature and soon I realized he will never change.Such a disappointment.Im cancerian but it took 4 months before I fell off his radar.I feel for Aries women who will get involved with this man.I have Aries friends and I love them a lot for their fun sides.Weekend getaways, clubbing together,eatouts,hangouts all the enchilada.Which makes me think can an Aries woman not get bored with this man?Food for thought.

  • Hi there friends, how is everything, and what you would
    like to say about this paragraph, in my view its in fact remarkable
    in favor of me.

  • Deonna Applebaum says:

    Here’s my story (sorry, they always come in epic form!), I hope it’ll help other Aries women out there realize there is a plan of attack when it comes to snagging a Taurus (TAKE IT SLOW), and though it’s hard, it’s an amazing journey:

    I am an Aries woman completely enamored with a Taurus man. I have to agree with the one user who said the majority of these comments are depressing… But that user followed it up with a key statement that hits the nail on the head, compatibility grows over time. We really are two different signs having one major trait in common, stubbornness. That alone means, it’s NOT easy, you are going to have to try and understand the Taurus for what he is and adapt or you will lose him. Now does it seem fair that YOU have to adapt? Of course not, but its certainly easier that way, just trust me on this one. Another key thing to remember is that they ARE sensible, and while you may be “changing” your ways to meet their needs, it’s really only so they can see things in a different light. Once you figure out how to get your point across without overreacting, you will be listened to, and you WILL be taken care of!

    We were friends for three years before we started dating. He’s stunningly attractive and we always had the most AMAZING chemistry, but I was in a long-term relationship at the time, so we just started to build a solid friendship without the pressure of is he/she into me? I always had a thing for him in the back of my mind, but I never gave it too much thought, he was a player, after all. Looking back, I know the reputation he had was due to the overly-charming nature of the Taurus, he was easily a lady-killer and he never committed. Now I realize that once a Taurus decides to commit, the flirting is only for you and they completely expect the same in return, even that harmless conversation you’re having with the bar stranger WILL be misinterpreted. They need to feel secure. As an Aries, that can be hard to deal with, were the centers of attention and we rule our own worlds.

    Anyway, having thought about him for years as the unattainable eye-candy, I just never expected to find myself in a relationship with him, even after my man and I had split. Without that pressure there, though, I was able to get to know the amazingly selfless, genuine individual that he is. Even though we didn’t hang out all too often, I knew he was someone I wanted to keep in my life forever… Someone that would always be there when you needed him. After a night of drinking and flirting, we finally hooked up. It was phenomenal. The next morning, he woke up wanting to cuddle and I ran out of there as fast as I could trying to not let him know the way I really felt about him, keeping a tough outer shell to protect myself from what I thought was his player nature. I knew I would fall and fall hard, so I just kept telling myself that it meant nothing, just a pure night of passion. Well, a few months went by and we’d see each other here and there, pulling each other under stai rwells and into coat closets to share a quick, passionate kiss (with our dates for the night in the other room). I routinely supported him at one of his local dj gigs and wed always be the two closing down the bar talking and laughing over cocktails. I still continued to tell myself (even though it was really hard to listen) that it meant nothing. We stopped running into each other as frequently and I didn’t hear from him for a while I eventually got word that he was in love and knowing he’s not the man to settle down right away, my heart broke a little, I knew it was something serious. Obviously I told myself the whole time we were just friends, so I respected his new relationship and decided I wasn’t going to make any moves when we occasionally did run into each other. As nice as it was to see him, it killed me on the inside to not be able to act how I always had with him, and I later found out that he avoided me because he didn’t trust himself around me and wanted to give his girl his all (sweet, I know, but for an Aries that’s not getting what she wants, it was bitter, bittersweet).

    For that reason, I was incredibly surprised to see him show up at my doorstep at my Halloween party. A smile instantly took over both of our faces. He said he just wanted to say hi because he missed hanging out. I had been drinking so I wanted to jump all over him the second I laid eyes on him, but instead, I just playfully teased him about how he had dropped off the face of the earth thanks to his new girl. He told me things weren’t going too well, and she left to work out of state leaving him unsure of whether or not they were together yet just a few weeks before that, she was telling him she wanted to marry him and have his children. At that point, I lost all respect for her; shed lied to him about being pregnant among other terrible things. My party wasn’t exactly the best place to be catching up on lost time, so I got us off the topic by jokingly saying ?well, that’s settled, were eloping to Vegas! He didn’t stay for very long, but during the time he was there we were inseparable. I walked him out to his truck and made a move. He accepted and then quickly changed his mind I don’t know what’s going on right now and I don’t want to regret this later on. Please don’t get me wrong, I WANT to, you’re gorgeous, he said. Even thinking about it now that moment sent shivers down my spine. The chemistry was THERE yet I found him all that much more attractive when he was able to control himself and be respectful to her, even though we both knew it was over

    The next few weeks were particularly hard. We hung out all the time and did nothing but support each other through the tough times. It was a bit strange, he was pining over his ex and I was finally dealing with the loss of mine (after pretending for a year that I wasn’t bothered by it), yet here we were just holding each other in silence, watching movies and falling asleep on the couch together. It eventually got to the point where we were spending every day with each other. Finally, one night everything just changed and we found ourselves in another passionate exchange. I joked about it taking so long and he just kept saying he was sorry, he wanted to wait because he didn’t want to lead me on while he was still thinking about someone else We agreed neither one of us wanted anything serious and we were just having fun. But then the holidays rolled around and he came home to my parents house on Christmas morning and I went to his family party that evening. The next week I wa s invited to his nephews christening, me and a whopping 15 other people (including family), so I started to think a little more about what was going on, obviously there was something more there.

    This is where I started making one terrible mistake after the next. To the point where Im actually surprised were still together (especially after reading more about the nature of the Taurus). I overanalyzed everything. I knew I was head over heels for him when I first laid eyes on him years ago; it was silly to all parties involved for me to pretend that I wasn’t For me (even though I had yet to admit it), it was simple; I wanted him, all to myself. I had serious trust issues thanks to past relationships. I knew he was a flirt, and I still hadn’t completely shaken that player idea in my head. I wanted commitment. I wanted to know he was mine (even though I knew damn well he wasn’t anyone else’s). I pushed and pressured him so hard, that again, I cannot believe were together today. I played silly hard to get games and did things just to get a rise out of him because, I mean, why did it matter? I wasn’t his girlfriend, right? I even kissed another guy on New Years Ev e just to prove to him that if he didn’t want to claim me, there were a ton of other guys that would. I made rude comments about the fact that he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend so his options could always be left open. I made sure I had control over the situation when we were out in public all things Taurus DESPISE!

    I thought I was playing smart, I thought I had mastered the game Little did I know every single time I did something I was pushing him farther and farther away. He doubted I was even still the same girl he started to fall for and I must admit I was going so INSANE over my insecurities; I no longer WAS the same girl. I had created the insecurities for him that I was trying so desperately to alleviate for myself! After I told him about the NYE incident (I couldn’t take the guilt for more than a day), we got into a HUGE fight, I broke down crying, exposing every insecurity I had, where my heart really was, and why I thought the stupid games would work. I told him I loved him, much to my surprise he immediately said he loved me too, that I actually didn’t hold a candle to his ex and that terrified him considering how head finally let someone in and she shattered his heart so quickly, now he was looking at how I was acting with other guys and couldn’t help but think he was making another bad decision. I just don’t know how I can commit to someone who’s all over other men like you are. I spent all day with you and you kiss someone else when I turn my back to prove a point? My flirtatious, hard-to-get ways turned around and bit me directly in the ass. I tried to see the situation for what it was, I was really hard on myself for doing all those things to try and make him jealous I felt like a complete ass.

    Not too long after that, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was thrilled, but again, made a lot of bad decisions. He wanted to take things slow and I was constantly fishing for security. I took offense when he didn’t want to plan too far into the future (not the marriage and kids talk or anything, but even summer vacation talks were too much pressure for him). I still flirted because I had considered it harmless and thought he would want to be the same way. I though it was good for both of us to know we had SEXY significant others that still had it. We both were flirts by nature before we met, so that shouldn’t change, right? I still continued to play games, not answering his calls, making him wonder where I was (when really I was just sitting home overanalyzing everything). This was my dream man – I had to figure out how to keep him! I still didn’t fully get everything that had happened between us and I was used to men showering me with affection and compliments, he d dint do that and I couldn’t understand why.

    I realize now, 8 months after he asked me to be with him, that if I had just taken a chill pill from the get-go things would probably have progressed faster and in a more serious manner. I pushed him into committing when he really wasn’t ready and I hadn’t really proven my loyalty to him. Now we finally understand each other, but its taken a LOT of fights and exhausting discussions to get where we are. At first, I always had an answer for everything, I immediately took defense to any constructive criticism head give (and they give a LOT of it, but its only because they care and want what’s best for you). I would bring the horns of the ram to every fight and end up in a deadlock with the horns of the bull. Bulls are the stronger beings, in many ways more than just the stubbornness, though. He usually was right, because he, as a Taurus, was thinking sensibly; I, as an Aries, typically lived by the moment and on pure emotion? We hated each other at times. But we needed each other. One day, I finally decided to start backing down. He wasn’t used to it and even though I wasn’t resisting him anymore, he was so ready for a fight that head already brought that Taurus temper to the table, so I had to deal with a lot of harsh behavior from him while he settled into the calmer me and realized I no longer needed to be the enemy (they won’t ever let their harshness go for long without an apology and sincere regret). I listened to every word he said and took it for what it was. I changed my flirtatious behavior because even though I didn’t get why it was wrong if I wasn’t crossing any lines, I knew he wasn’t going to see my reasoning and I needed to make him feel secure, or I was going to lose him. He spelled it all out plain and simply for me, I was just so busy being defensive that I never listened. It took a lot for me to finally concede. I guess I just realized that, I, from the start, I hadn’t had the right approach; it was time to change. Time to give control back to the Taurus man that so desperately needs it rather than fighting so relentlessly for it. I know, an Aries letting go of their control over their worlds is a hard thing to do, but you have to realize that once you do (and once he realizes you have), he will become more understanding (and therefore less bull-headed!) because there’s no longer a need for their defense mechanism. He will be nothing but supportive and kind to you. Once this occurs, you realize you didn’t lose your control, you just are finally sharing it with a Taurus that is finally willing to listen.

    Again, its taken a lot to get to this point of mutual understanding and I cant wait to watch all the glorious characteristics of the SECURE Taurus continue to unfold. All the fairy tail things you read about them ARE true. They love to shower you with gifts, they’re amazing shopping side-kicks, they can fix anything and everything and they do it for you without even asking because they’re constantly looking out for your best interest, they always have your back. Once they realize you’re not out to get them, that is.

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