Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Capricorn Couples: Prince William and Kate Middleton, Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers

This is a classic example of role reversal, and it can work beautifully.  If there are children involved, the man may stay home and nurture the kids while the woman provides the income and discipline.  Keep this in mind while dating. The Capricorn woman will definitely wear the pants, but in exchange the Cancer man will finally get the emotional stability he’s been looking for.    Cancer men are very comforting and sensitive to others’ feelings, whereas a Capricorn woman is a hard-working business machine.  These two — the Cancer man and Capricorn woman — need each other very badly.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Capricorn Woman:  You are probably not used to attracting anybody because you’re too busy at work.   This is no exception.  You will probably have to make the first move.  You are not used to acknowledging your needs, preferring to maintain a stoic approach to life and relationships.  If a Cancer man has caught your eye, it is likely because of his kindness and mercy, so why don’t you play a little bit to his sympathy?  It won’t hurt to mention your long hours and to flash a few designer labels at him so he gets the idea that in exchange for his emotional support you can provide financially, at least for yourself — possibly for both of you.  Once he starts to court you, I hope you will soften your business edge and give him encouragement because you are not the only one who is insecure sometimes.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Cancer Man:  You might notice how hard-working the Capricorn woman is and provide some respite.  You can say the 8 magic words, “Let me take you away from all this.”  You might have to remind her to take meal breaks and to keep her mind off business for a few hours a day (even if she’s not working she will do whatever she does in a business-like manner).  No matter how tough her façade, she is very shy and insecure.  You know how to handle someone like that better than anyone. You have a soothing personality, Cancer, and you can take the edge off the cold, cruel world she lives in.

Degree of Romance:   A Cancer man will bring something very close to romance into the relationship .  He will naturally tend to do such loving things as rubbing your shoulders or feet, offering to pick your kids up from school, detailing your car while you’re at a business meeting, and having dinner ready — at his home or yours — which is not exactly romantic, but it sure will be welcome.  Cancer men are very thoughtful.  They are always looking at you and yours needs and trying to anticipate them.  And they do a pretty good job of it.

Degree of Passion:   Passion is not exactly the first dish on the menu.  Cancer can provide a lot of emotional intensity, but it is more like a pleasant ocean wave than a storm at sea.  Cancer provides a soft, billowy pillow on which to rest your head, dear hard-working Capricorn.  You can assume that he will passionately try to meet your every need — spoken and unspoken.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be dear friends because they learn to rely so much on each other.  Together their pace is a little slower than the rest of the world and they are a little more solicitous of each other’s well-being.  Cancer is known as the Great Rescuer of the zodiac, so dependable is his protective instinct.  He represents a safe harbor for Capricorn.  That’s the kind of friendship they have.  He understands what she will not put into words for anybody, for any reason, at any time.

Degree of Marriage:  As long as the role reversal works, this is a quintessential marriage.

Progression of Relationship:   You haven’t been cared for until you’ve been cared for by a Cancer.  The courtship is the same as anything he does — he will be solicitous of your feelings, he will pay attention to what you like and don’t like, he will do the best he can to please you, he will care for you in word and deed (that is to say demonstratively), he will notice your menu choices, check up on how your car is working, care sincerely about your kids, and listen patiently while you complain about your boss.  You, Capricorn, who need no one, may find yourself really drawn to this caring person, and willing to see him much more frequently than you can ever imagine, until he grows on you like ivy on a brick wall.

Sex:   There is a real affinity between these two people emotionally.  That makes sex a special bond.  It is a place where Cancer can express his feelings, and Cancer can receive nurturing that is unique in their life.  They will tend to be very private about expressing affection for one another and require a proper environment that is safe and secure.  Neither sign is promiscuous or adventuresome, but together they will enjoy grazing in the same green pastures for the rest of their lives.

When It’s Over:  No, no, no.  It should never end.  Probably the only thing that could drive these two apart is financial problems, and with a little maturity they can be overcome.  Consider the role reversals if necessary.  In other words, Capricorn, if you are complaining that he doesn’t make enough money, then maybe you should try to strap on a suit and give it a go.  This would probably fit your personalities better.

Our Rating: 10/10

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117 Responses to Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

  • Will Rogers says:

    I’m 14 and i and understand everyones comments but not all cancers the same … I mean c’mon i know this guy who is married to a capricorn women since 2001. My b-day is july 20th , 97.

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  • Aquarius says:

    my dad is Cancer my mom is capricorn… MY DADDY IS A COUCH POTATO. MY MOM DOES ALL THE HARD WORK.

  • CapLady says:

    Such a funny and poignant article about these two! I am married to a Cancer man, not very long, and he is very good to me. The role reversal would never work with us, we would both lose respect for each other. But I do think there is a reversal of roles with regard to emotions and demeanor. Cancer men are super sensitive to everything and very prone to child-like behavior. If you can deal with constant finger pointing and manipulations, this could work great! My husband has emotional outbursts about twice a month and I simply ignore them…like mommy does to baby when he throws a temper tantrum. We’ll see how long this can go on in a marriage…but besides that he really is great!

  • Angelia says:

    Hey :)
    Cappy girl here,
    I have been with two pisces, a leo, a scorpio and a libra. I have never been loved as much as I am now with my Cancer man. Never have I been so respected, protected, cared for, admired, understood, emotionally mentally and physically satisfied, completed and safe in my entire life. A true gentle man with a Lady, and he always puts me first even when I tell him he shouldn’t over exert himself for me or when I feel like I am not deserving or as admirable as he tells me I am. With this man, I can do no wrong unless I lie to him or cheat on him, which I would never do to this gentle and loving soul. He is always there to keep me warm from this cold world and ward off the bad things in life to protect me from harm and always thinks he could please me more than he does whether it be emotionally, financially and physically, he is always trying to do more and fight for me. He would even do the simple things like opening doors for me, asking what I would prefer, giving me his umbrella when its pouring down in ice cold rain, leaving him with nothing. He is the man who would give up his coat to cover a mud puddle so that a lady could cross. Without a second thought, if a man insulted me or slandered me, the man would be on the ground by the time I would turn my head(metaphorically of course). He would even tell me he is going to work hard so that one day I would never have to work so that I can live a low stress life and live the stay at home mom dream i always had or even become a fulltime writer and still be home with children. I know it’s not common for a cappy to have given up such independence, but it took him a long time for me to be dependent of him, emotionally especially (because of my past relationships and insecurities) but now I feel that now that i have set aside my stubborn goat ways and melted into the arms of my protective and forever loving crab, i feel like all the troubles in my life will forever be washed away in the tides of his love and devotion and know what its like to finally be taken care of with a whisper always saying to me, everything will be alright

  • Cedie says:

    I am a 25yr old Capricorn and am sooooo in love with my cancer boyfriend. Everything this says is true with us. I have never been soooo loved, so cared for, felt so protected and so interested in. He takes great care of my daughter and I. He’s my best friend and my favorite person to be around. Our relationship is mature and honest and loyal and true. We hate being away from eachother. Were very playful with one another. Yes he’s more sensitive then me so I have to be careful with how I say things sometimes. But neither of us are confrontational we don’t argue. We have a blast with eachother. I’ve dated libras, Taurus , Aries (yuck) Leos and none of them were nothing compared to my relationship with a cancer. I can’t describe it its to awesome. But basically whatever I felt like was lacking or I wasn’t getting in past relationships I get it all and more with my cancer boyfriend. He’s romantic, surprising, thoughtful. Caring, loving we get alot great balance and compliment each other well
    <3 I'm happy. Good luck y'all :)

  • Cedie says:

    Forgot to mention he’s very patient and respectful and a MAN! A REAL MAN! And quiete the gentleman. I am soooo use to him opening my door for me that It feels weird when Im not with him and have to open my own door. Lol. I love him so much and he does all that and more for my daughter and I. He’s the sweetest, most gentle, soooo funny, loving amazing man ever I call him my Mr incredible <3

  • Cedie says:

    He’s gorgeous! Omg he’s so gorgeous I love looking into his gorgeous green eyes were also an interracial couple so that’s also a beautiful thing about us. He’s old fashioned and wants to pay for everything. Something I have to adjust to cus I’m very independant. Were working on it. It drives me cray cray to allow him to buy me things and pay for everything but he just can’t allow me to pay for him. So buying food is a challenge cause he always wants to pay. He thinks it’s hit duty as a MAN. He’s very hardworking. Not lazy at all. More quiete and introverted around ppl he doesn’t know. But I’m very introverted and stand offish to ppl I don’t know also. Again we balance and compliment eachother very well. We prefer to stay in and cuddle, watch movies, cook and play Xbox vs. Going out all the time like other mid 20s yr Olds.
    He’s so sweet he picks me up from work takes me to work. Takes and picks my daughter up from school. He’s wonderful I love and appreciate him so. He’s also the first man to ever get me flowers .and gave me a rose ans bracelet for mothers day. :)

  • S says:

    Hello everyone,

    I was seeing a Cancer man for a month and a half recently. He called it off a few days back. The description above just doesn’t seem appropriate for us. He seemed like someone who can support me emotionally but he called it off saying he is in love with his ex who left him (to another country) without a closure and she will be coming back in another 2 months and he may want to get back with her. He thinks she will definitely have reasons for doing whatever he did.

    My cancer man seems like a very confused person who does not confront his inner conflicts. He was very cold in the last few weeks and said that he couldn’t open up to me. I, on the other hand, for the first time was able to easily open up to him.

    I don’t know what to infer but it didn’t seem like the above description.

    Capricorn Girl

  • radolphhanz says:

    Marriage Come And Go, But Divorce Is Forever

  • radolphhanz says:
  • radolphhanz says:

    Marriage Come And Go, But Divorce Is Forever

  • radolphhanz says:

    Come Change Your Life

  • Sir Gert says:

    I’m a cancer dude born of a cusp. I have lots of cancer and gemini cousins. They’re players not by choice and I’m no better neither. I can lie and cheat when not satisfied, respected, appreciated. When I’m busy I get distant even from my “own” family. What u put in is what u get back. U capricorns and leos u make us lie, cheat and have that man’s pride at maximum level. When you’re a woman be it, don’t be a man. If you’re otherwise then you’ll yell all men are dogs ’cause you’ve met another dog. It’s misfortune that you cappz don’t find hermaphrodite cancerians. I’m so traditional if a lady has guts to raise a voice to her parents then goodnight when u wanna try that to me, we’ll work each other out to the bitter end. Amen.

  • Annie says:

    I married a Cancer man at first when we were dating he lied and said he was going through a divorce and his wife was taking every dime he had through child support, so he moved in I paid all the bills my car his car phone gave him money for a year and a half. Find out later he was making thousands of dollars taking his money doing what he wanted with it while I paid all the bills. Very emotional verbal and physical abusive his phone stayed locked from the time we dated until we got married he always say he was leaving and every other day he found something to argue about treated his children like dirt. I became ill lost my job we bought a home he left me with all the bills and I still turned around and helped him file bankruptcy so he left me with no money and I helped him to keep money. So my conclusion on a CANCER man he is a player selfish sell centered user all for himself and one day he will self destruct .

  • CappyLove says:

    Oh wow reading all the comments they are so accurate. I am/was idk anymore dating this cancer man who is a great lover protector provider and loves everything about me, but on the other hand seems manipulative, conniving, and holds back a lot… I love him without a doubt, but something seems off! it takes a lot to bring out the truth in him, but he will tell you like it is! I believe in the description, but the comments are even more accurate! Gotta love those cancer men! lol

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