Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Cancer Couples: Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Wallace Simpson and the Duke of Windsor, Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn

This is one of the most romantic, etheric and delightful combinations imaginable.  Gemini women are among the most sought after and Cancer men are prized as “good husband material”.  When flirtatious, gregarious Gemini meets sweet, comforting Cancer, the violins start to play.  These two create a busy, happy personal world with friends and interests centered around the home.  No world dominion required for fulfillment, thank you very much.  Parents and siblings may be especially important for socializing.  Likely they love each other’s company while the sound of each other’s voice is this side of heaven.  Gemini keeps things interesting while Cancer provides a serene anchor in a busy whirl of interests and activities.  Thanks to Gemini, there are always other people around which warms Cancers heart.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Gemini Woman:  It’s ok to be as flirtatious as you like.  It brings out his warmth and sweetness.  His conversation is not likely to be as witty or clever as you would like but give him a chance.  His compliments are genuinely caring and he has a high degree of integrity.  Most importantly, laugh at his cutesy little jokes.  Even though you’ve definitely heard better, his humor is whimsical and a big part of his social skill set.  It’s a clue to his inner world.  This is the guy most likely to be asked (believe it or not), “Heard any good jokes lately?”

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Cancer Man:  She loves to talk and she’s curious about everything so start with some questions.  Show what a good listener you are.  Try some variety in dating — dinner, a movie, an art exhibit, a nice chat at Starbucks.  Ask her about current events and celebrities, the latest films or political gaffes (nothing too heavy).

Degree of Romance:  These two dance to the same music.  Their relationship is bound to include great romance.  Gemini is famous for keeping things interesting and it’s no different in the romance department.  With Cancer a willing play partner, she is full of surprises.  Gemini is a great flirt and tease while Cancer responds with just the right appreciation and encouragement.

Degree of Passion:  This relationship tends to stay at a more superficial level than passion.  Neither sign bring out jealousy or possessiveness in the other and their emotions are delightfully straightforward.

Degree of Friendship:  These two make close personal friends.  They can share day to day interests, small talk and routine activities til the cows come home!  Likely they have a merry band of followers, other friends who keep up with them through tweeting, facebook, IM and texting.  They wouldn’t want to be a moment alone during the day so the door is always open to communicate.

Degree of Marriage:  A great combination for marriage!  They can focus on each other and building a life together without the distraction of heavy psychological issues, overly dominant career plans or complicated emotional drama.  They are focused on having good friends, good times, a happy home, delightful children and interesting vacations.

Progression of Relationship:  Cancer is very protective and careful about building a relationship.  He makes sure she feels comfortable and secure every step of the way.  Although she hardly needs it, he reassures her she is #1 and special by words and deeds.  Cancers don’t play games, being security oriented and nurturing, and Gemini, though a wicked game player under some circumstances, is not encouraged to be that way by a Cancer.  He gives her so much steady and sincere attention, it takes her restlessness away,

Sex:   Sex between a Cancer man and a Gemini woman is like a beautiful piece of music.  The melody is introduced and then embellished to infinite delight.  Familiarity is combined with flourishes and bouquets.  There is a special kind of subtlety that is introduced the more the get to know each other’s tastes and talents.

When It’s Over:  Gemini and Cancer need to have patience with one another a good deal of the time.  Air (Gemini) and water (Cancer) need to extend each other courtesies lest she run roughshod over his insecurities and he appear to cling so close as to bind her butterfly wings.  If worse comes to worse Gemini will have to code it.  The unwinding will be messy and plant seeds for endless future contention because Cancer will have to handle all the responsibilities and he doesn’t want to end it.  Always in the back of his mind is the hope of “neverending love” and reconciliation even as she flips her petticoats on the way out the door to get a breath of fresh air.  He whispers after her, “I know you’ll be back” while she flips over her shoulder, “Get a life!”

Our Rating: 8/10

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69 Responses to Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

  • Mike says:

    I am a Cancer male and my partner is Gemini. Our relationship differs somewhat from what the stars tell us. She is usually the moody one, the one who is controlling and thinking I’m cheating behind her back. One moment, she’s flying off the handle; the next moment, talking like nothing just happened. She definitely is the spender, but doesn’t realize that one has to work and save money, in order to spend like she does.

  • Abigail says:

    I am a gemini female and my partner is a cancer male, he is suck a clever guy, he likes joking about me being a blonde which i like, but the prob is i am 13 and he is 17 so we are to young, can anyone please give me tips what to do

  • Joanna says:

    I am a gemini female and my partner is a cancer. He is funny, sweet, considerate, generous, and the most caring guy I’ve ever meet. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world being with him, I’ve never been the kind of girl that hopes a relationship would last forever mainly cuz I wouldn’t be there emotionally, and I never really got serious with my emotions with a guy. But with my partner I feel like I wanna be with him for as longest I can, I imagine a future with him and what it would be like if we were to get married someday. I’m a more considerate, thoughtful, and emotional person when I’m with him. Sometimes I feel horrible because I can say the wrong things and not mean them or I don’t intend to hurt his feelings but I end up doing it. We have arguments about the littlest things and when I think about what were fighting about it frustrates me because we shouldn’t of fought over it in the first place.I get much more emotional about things now. In the beginning I used to be more energetic with hanging out with him, mostly cuz I didn’t know him that much and I would be interested in figuring him out cuz he’s so quite., but now I’m more calm/relaxed and feel the butterflies when I see him but I sometimes wish we’d go out more now he just likes staying at home watching movies, I like it too but it gets boring sometimes. Lately I’ve been really busy with going to school and work, and I feel like he doesn’t like the fact that we don’t see eachother as much I don’t like it either but it doesn’t bother me as much I’m not quite sure why,,.. He’ll sometimes say comments like that I don’t care about the relationship or that if something in the relationship doesn’t bother me and it bothers him he gets upset. And when he says that I hate it cuz I care for him and for us sooo much like I’ve never cared for any other guy. Well I feel like I’m getting really bothered by his sensitivity cuz it always makes me feel like the bad guy& it makes me feel like I’m not the right person for him if I can’t stand his insecurities and how sensitive he is,, but then again I like that. I’m not gonna give up on us but I just need help with making him realize that to me he’s soo special& that I’m so privileged and honored to be with him I tell him all the time but I don’t think he believes me.

  • Forever missing says:

    Hi, I’m a Gemini-female(24) and had been dating a Cancer-male(28). He was the best thing that had happened to me.

    In the beginning, our relationship started out so much fun. He said all the right comforting things that I needed to hear and he was head over heels about my looks and intelligence. Our talks went from funny to deep emotional conversations. During disagreements we never got into fights. He always talked to me with a calm, yet super conviencing, voice. We sorted our disagreements out and never went to bed angry with each other.

    Obviously, our relationship hasn’t last. Now, and back then, I knew we would break up because of my urge to play mind-games. Pushing people beyond their limits. Even when/if I pushed his limits, he kept being calm. I have put him through a lot of uncalled for situations, which he really didn’t deserve. He called it quits two times due to me mistreating him and I kept chasing him to win him back and he gave in easily.

    One time he flew to the country I live at, to see me but I didn’t show up for hours, almost an entire day. The reason I didn’t show up was because I back then had cancer and was indecisive of being with him while I am sick and put him through the process of (maybe not) healing. He understood that right away as I told him, he forgave me without any hesitation.
    After that we had though times due to my sickness, but the relationship was strong.

    The second time he called it quits was when I flew to the country he lives at and I got anxiety tendesies (according to myself). I got afraid that he would not like my appearance anymore and that he would think that I had become dull, because the cancer had worn me out physically and mentally. I had become so boney, my hair was short, my hands were dry, red/brownish sags under my eyes and I didnt had all the excitement I used to have anymore. But I didnt tell him this. I just went to his country and said I couldnt stat. Where he thought I was perhaps cheating on him or not into him anymore. I became really cold due to my insecurities. We worked that out. We had loving months after that occation.

    Now those two situations weren’t occured by me wanting to play games, to trick him or to chase me. But during the time that we were in a happy relationship, I did challenge him (which he didn’t fell for often, he knew me and had became careless to my games). I challenged him nevertheless and always kept wondering in the back of my head: is this it, isn’t there someone else out there that may be able to love me even more. Not that I wanted out or didn’t think he loved me enough. It’s just the Gemini mindset, always wondering.

    Back to the story.. Then I had to take pills that deprived me. I stayed in my room all day. Locked my door from my mother and siblings and did never answer my phone. He kept trying and trying to get close to me. But I got so detached from him. When I started feeling better and we had our small talks again, I told him that I didnt feel the same. That something was missing. He stayed with me but we started to talk less and less till the point we didnt talk for days.

    We were completely detached. He was still crazy about me, he said. He wanted to marry and have a baby. He wanted to marry before things even got bad. And I still loved him, still love him, but I felt like wanting out. To focus on myself only to fully recover from the illness. I knew that that was the reason back then, now I know. We just stopped talking for days and days became for an entire month.

    At one point he calls me and I answered. I felt warm inside and my heart honestly skipped a beat like before and I swear I heard how relieved he was to hear me again. We talk for a couple of minutes before he broke the sad news to me. He said he had met someone new and wanted to know if I was still interested in him or if it really was finito. I got so upset and went from hot to cold, changed 180 degrees. Acted as if I didnt care and that he should do whatever. He kept saying that I am his forever and he isnt in love with this girl. But I brushed it off and we didnt talk for two days.

    Let’s make this story short. In that conversation I realized that I should not stand in the way of his happiness and that he deserves the best! Which I can’t give him. We talked a few more times on the phone and then without saying we should stop calling each other, we just stopped. But I know, if I would call him today, he’d pick up and try to convince me to be with him. I miss him, he is the best that has ever happened to me but he needs someone more stable of their emotions and more thoughtfull of his.

    I love him, ever so dearly. And miss him, ever so much.

    Gemini and Cancer: best match, but please don’t take Cancer’s kindness and warm heart as something that comes with every male. Don’t take your Cancer-male for granted! :)

  • Kortnii says:

    I have just met a cancer man, im a gemini women && honestly, im just scared of being cheated on. We have been casually dating for a couple months and we have so much in common.! I just got out of a terrible relationship and he was the first guy i talked to. During that terrible relationship we talked and we both wanted each other. He encouraged me to stay in the relationship but also let me know that he had feelings for me. I knew the guy i was with at the time was cheating so i kept in touch with him. Before i knew it, we were dating. Our conversations are endless and we completely understand each other. He doesnt try anything unless he knows your comfortable but when hes around its magical. Im hoping we can make our relationship official really soon. Ive never met someone like him. I have a date with him tomorrow, im hoping we can establish our relationship and accomplish our first kiss.! Corny, but we have been on several perfect dates but still havent even kissed.! I look forward to seeing him every day. I think we just might have a future.

  • Lorna says:

    im a gemini woman in my 40s and dating a cancer in his 40s the most amazing man ever. we have been together for two yrs and he is so guiniune what you see is what you get, he is funny, always complimenting ever day on my looks and how sexy i am and i do in return tell him how much he turns me on or what he does to me and how excited i am when i no i get to see him in the day Our friends love wht we have together when we go ouit the girls always tell me they see him looking at me across the room not at jealousy but how much he adores me as i do him. he totoally wants and respects what we have and no when hurtful words are said to one another it chip away at what you have and its not the same we both agree to that and he said it but i always thought that and for a guy to say it to me made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world,,,,we are best friends he calls me his little buddy,, his little girl and all his friends call me that to(only cause i weigh 95lbs) he amires how all his friends love me weather i was with him or not he thinks im the center of attention in a room, but i think hes the superstar. \Ive been beat and cheated on in my last relationship,and never thought i would ever be happy. I now feel like cinderella……if anyone gets a cancer man you get the whole world in your hands and a real gift from god keep them forever

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a Gemini woman, and I am a Cancer man. I could agree with the spending part. However, my lady is somewhat careful on what she spends. I do enjoy the times that we spend together. I really do miss the moments that we have really shared together. When we do hook up, things are all right. When we are not together, things start to be out of place. I agree that when I am not around my woman and I talk to another woman, she is quick to assume that I am cheating on her. I guess maybe I give her reasons to believe so. I am sorry if I do honey. I just feel the same way when you talk to other guys and I am not around. I feel left out. I feel like you are my heart. Without you, I go crazy because, I love the way that you make me feel when I am around you. I really enjoy the time that we spend together. I do not want to let go.

  • Radr says:

    It really hurts reading all these comments about the compatibility of these two signs, knowing that I had all of this and threw it away simply cause I was too young, stupid, and cared about superficial things to realize what I had. I’m a Cancer man (27) and 3 years ago had met my Gemini woman whom I’m still good friends with to this day. I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this other than feeling sorry for myself now, but I guess I hope my story will be a cautionary tale much like the woman’s story above, before mine. 

    As a Cancer man now, I’m NOW everything described about me in all these astrology books and websites, and am kinda creeped out by it. How is this study so accurate when it comes to personality traits?!?! Same goes with her. As I’m reading I’m like, “Yep.. Yep.. That sounds like her.. That’s definetly her!” I digress.. We finished each others sentences and thoughts in the beginning of the relationship. No joke, I could look at her and tell what she was thinking and she did the same thing to me! She gave me the attention that as a Cancer, I NEEDED. She was always very loving, showered me with compliments, just a giving person overall. Always had a bunch of friends and it kept us busy winding in and out of the lives of her friends and family and was good for me since I stuck with a close group of friends and have always had a close relationship with my family as well.. Problem was I had always gone from one relationship, to the next and I’m sure I was jaded from the prior one before her as I try to recall. My story is always the same, they love who I am at first with my kindness, never ending affection, giving compliments, basically treating my women like queens, and inevitably they get bored with me an I’m left crushed. I realize now at 27 that there was nothing wrong with that and I’m proud of the kind of guy that I am and turned out to be and understand that young girls DON’T know what they want. Growing up this reality was lost on me since despite having been well raised by my parents, they never taught me a thing when it came to the dating world. It would have been nice to know reality wasn’t like all the Disney movies. (sigh) So anyway, at the time, at 24 I think, I just jumped right into this one for all the same reasons we all rush into these things: I thought this girl is cute, great personality, VERY funny, the right amount of sarcasm that I like and just lit up the room with her smile no matter the situation. We were living together WEEKS after we started dating. Looking back I know that was pretty rough on our relationship because we both had strong personalities and both were pretty stubborn causing quite a few verbal fights. Her heart was in the right place and wanted/gave me exactly everything described above. Yes, we had communication issues and different styles of dealing with it but when it came to why I ended us? It came down to being young and what I thought was important at the time, holds no place in my thoughts now. Not going to go into extreme detail, I thought she she had developed a weight problem, I was getting attention from someone else. I didn’t cheat on her, but after about a year and a half of tell her I wasn’t happy for various retarded superficial reasons, I ended it.

    The next 3 years of my life would be hell and ironically had to do with 3 girls.. The girl I dated immediately after that with the body I was SURE I wanted, and my weakness: a little girl that I adored because I want to be a father SO badly, turned out to be completley psycho with a heavy drinking problem and a pathological liar. She dropped BOGUS charges on me that I’ve paid tons of money to make go away. The next was only a little better in the sense that when things went her way, they were good.. Except they NEVER were good since nothing made her happy. She would pick fights over the most mundane tiniest thing that only a couple in HIGH SCHOOL would fight about. She has 3 undisciplined kids that walk all over her and do whatever they want and a father in jail, that I’m POSITIVE she’ll take back when he paroles next year; and really didn’t matter how much I tried to help or even offer it, I was wrong. Last but certainly not least, the aspiring nurse who failed to mention she suffers from manic depressive, bipolar disorder which I would have attempted to work through if she didn’t up and leave me without so much as one fight in 3 months with NO explanation.. I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP. I need to get back on track here.

    We still have all the same friends, my family loves her, my sister (favorite person in the world) talks to her on a daily basis because she’s a positive role model for for her. All of my friends have told me its the worst mistake of my life and I couldn’t agree more. Her attitude now since she’s been in one relationship that royaly screwed her over, is she’s “a robot” basically devoid of all emotion toward the opposite sex and doesn’t want anything serious. Why am I writing all of this.. She text me in the late hours last Saturday when she was drinking at a friends house. It’s not the first time she had asked to come over cause she was close and needed to sober up before making the long journey home, but it’s one I wouldn’t forget.. I sat down on the couch and she immediately laid down and put her head in my lap, which she’s never done. We talked about her night and the funny interactions that had occurred as I played with her hair. We laughed and joked like we always do being so comfortable with each other, and then she fell asleep as if we hadn’t been carrying on seconds ago. I tried to get comfortable, preparing to sleep sitting straight up seeing how the kitchen light was still gleaming at me as well as the TV which at this point was muted since we were talking.. She started to squirm after mins and got up and excused herself to the bathroom. I took this moment to lie down on the couch and position myself to the back of the couch so as to make enough room for when she returned. When she came back I was surprised yet again when I had imagined she was going to sleep next to me little spoon turned away from me, she laid down and faced toward me close enough that are noses were touching. This got my heart racing.. Trying to sleep was now impossible knowing her lips were centimeters away.. She kept repeating, “I should go.” every 15 mins or so and when asked why, she would say, “I don’t wanna hurt you.” After this occurred several times I finally asked, “Do you want me to kiss you?” knowing full well what the answer would be. She nodded slightly but repeated the statement again. I explained that I’m not reading into this more than just what it is. (just kissing) I thought I could handle it.. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Those feelings were already there and pardon the pun, but “sealed it with a kiss.” That went on for two hours and had been some of the most passionate moments we ever shared with each other.. I’m going to have to talk to her about that night since its all I can think about whether at work, home, with family, she’s on my mind.. So.. Don’t make the same mistake I did and take these wonderful people for granted. The mental and emotional anguish later on is not worth it.. Ok, I can’t talk about this anymore and I’ve cried enough today. I’m not a writer and don’t pretend to be and because of my ADHD will sometimes ramble on about detail you never needed to know. So I apologize if you were like, “Why the hell is he talking about this part, its not important.” Just, heed my warning and LOVE your Gemini, or else your story will be, “I had someone that DID love me.”

  • Gemmi says:

    So I am a Gemini Female and I am in total BLISS over this Cancer Male.

    Well, let just start it off that we are NOT together, never have been, but hopefully, sometime in the future, we WILL be. I fell head over heels in love with this cancer man. He is caring, nice, easy to talk to, and his smile? OH his smile. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face :) He is everything I wanted and more. I’ve been in a relationship once before, and he hurt me badly. I shared this with Mr. Cancer and he is a very good listening ear.

    I’ll admit, that I was a little scared to open up to him, but he assured me, that what we spoke of stayed between him and i and that he just wanted me to feel more at ease with him. And boy did that work. After spilling my guts out and laughing about our past, i felt that much closer to him. I was staying at his house for a month because I wanted to visit him and every morning when he left for work, I basically slept the day away so i wouldn’t feel alone. I woke him up every morning with breakfast and a hot shower. He wasn’t even my hubby but i did these wifely duties. That just shows you how much I cared for him.

    Oh and the Sex? The sex was out of this world. I have never felt anything like that before. No man has ever made me orgasm with out so much a kiss on the neck and shoulders. The way he held and caressed every inch of my body just sent chills down my spine. The guys I used to hook up with (which was only 3 others) just wanted theirs and they were done, didn’t give a damn about me. But OH Mr. Cancer…He made sure I was good. As we drifted into a deep sleep, a was awoken by warm loving kisses trailing down my back, and from that I knew weren’t done making love for the night. But, we were. He just said that he felt like he didn’t get my back enough and he just wanted to make sure every part of my body was pleased. I begged for more, but he turned me down. He thought about it long and hard and said “we can save that for the next time I lay my eyes upon you.”

    That was the last night that I saw him before I left to go back to my hometown. Instead of me waking him up for work that next morning, he woke me with warm kisses and a bear hug. I didn’t want him to let go because who knows when the next time I’ll see him? As I watched him leave for work I smiled and waved. But going back inside his house I cried tears of joy, happiness, love. I didn’t know what was going on, but I didn’t want to leave that day. I laid my head on his bed for 3 hrs before it was time for me to leave just to feel close to him.

    Never in my life have I ever felt like that for ANYBODY. Not even my Ex-Boyfriend. Is this real love? Am I in Love? I know what my answer is, but I wonder do he feel the same about me. That is the ONLY thing that keeps me from calling him every night is that I’m afraid he doesn’t feel the same. He told me to never feel like i couldn’t talk to him about anything, be at ease, as he would say. But, I’m just not up for a broken heart. Not over someone who wasn’t even established as my “Boyfriend”.

    It’s been a little while since i left his beautiful smile, and i can’t wait to rekindle our flame, but i just can”t seem to get him off my mind. Every night, every morning, every love song, every everything just makes me think of him. And it’s not helping that I’m listening to Woman’s Work by Maxwell while writing this. hmph Until we meet again Mr. Cancer…Until we meet again my dear love.

  • rere says:

    im a gemini and this guy i like is a cancer the friendship is crazy but he wants to be more but i wonder different

  • twins II says:

    Hi I’m a gemini woman and I’m not with my cancer man anymore butwe we are still very good friends.

    We only dated for a short while due to us being so young so we were just stupid and immature and ended it. but I swear they were the best times in my life. He was always so caring and nice and we literally gt along so well and we never truely fought. But even before we dated we were best friends for years, and honestly I would always seem to gravitate to him when I was with other people. Even now he still captivates me, but I won’t allow myself to go back out with him and he understands that and loyaly stays by my side as my best friend. It seems our attraction was written in the stars ;P

  • SeeingIIDouble says:

    I am a Gemini woman and a guy I am talking to is a cancer. We’ve only been talking for a week and I already like him! We have sooooo much in common. I, too, got out of a bad relationship with a scandalous Libra man, ugh. I was afraid to open up, but this Cancer guy is so easy to talk to and we both discussed our past relationship troubles. I have my first date with him next weekend & I’m so excited. Wish me luck!!!

  • Eugenia says:

    It seems to me that a gemini woman and a cancer man would be more compatible.

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  • Heather says:

    This relationship is so romantic and loving. Only problem is for most gemini women is they fall in love with there hearts in this relationship and not their head so they always feel like something is missing. He is the best thing she could ever ask for, he treats her like a princess and does whatever to make her happy even though that changes alot. He just wants her so bad and she comes and goes with her love. She is entertaining for him, cool, fun, melts his heart, straight and open and he loves that, sometimes. She is so commited one minute then sees something else she wants and wants that instead. good thing is he will try his best to do that for her if thats what she wants. once he gets use to it and understands it he will not let it bother him. she needs to give back to and remember to feel sorry for him when he wants you to even though u think he is being dramatic, he needs that. Stay in this relationship it keeps getting better, one of the best matches!

  • Gemini needing advice from Cancer men says:

    I am Gemini woman who has become very interested in a Cancer man…just not sure if he is interested back. I’ve known him for 20+ years because we have many mutual friends. About 5 years ago, I started unexpectedly running into him a lot. He really brightened my day every time I saw him. No thoughts of dating him as he was in a relationship, and I was going through a very nasty divorce. However, I did always look very forward to seeing him. And, he did some very nice things for me. About 18 months ago he became single so I started thinking of him in a different way…but, still not ready to make a move. As fate would have it, many more by chance encounters have been occurring…a quick hello has turned into a 2 hour conversation. A chance meeting while having an outing with friends has turned into him and I only paying attention to each other. He is so kind, sweet and simply adorable. And, recently he has gone out of his way to help me…in fact, he just left here after helping me w/ a situation. I must say that I have become addicted to and so impressed by his actions. Would love to date him…however, a couple of weeks ago, his new girlfriend informed me that she had been seeing him since last February. I had no idea…he never mentioned her to me. That, along with the fact that when he was single he never asked me out makes me think I am reading too much into his actions. And, after reading this I’m starting think Cancer men in general have this demeanor and what I got from him was not special; but that instead, he is special. Makes me think that maybe I should just let this one go. I do find him adorable. I need advice…I’m thinking if he wanted me he would have acted, and I should just move on and respect his new relationship. However, I’m also thinking this man may be just too incredible to let go. If I thought that he might be interested in me, I would hang in there. What do you think…do you think he is interested? What should I do????

  • sky says:

    Me & my hUsband to the t i love this article because 80% of the other articles i read just say it wont work we are not compatible but he’s everything i need you are right on point

  • gloria says:

    gemini girl of 21,dating a cancer guy of 23.. He’s d best i’ve ever had, our sex life is perfect,i enjoy evry bit of wat happens in our relationship, d fights,plays,quarrels,d reconcilliation, GOSH! Evrytin is perfect,we’re jst too compactible, & we’re also planning to get married soon… I jst bles God for a great union lik dis!

  • JuicyCobraVenom says:

    Hello everyone! I am a 25 year old Gemini female & I am very interested in my 24 year old male cancer mate.

    I am so in love. Let’s start from the beginning. I met my cancer male on myspace almost 10 years ago. We have yet to meet in person.
    (we have video chatted before so he’s not a catfish

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