Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Leo Couples:  Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gourmet, Curtis Jackson III and Vivica A. Fox [thanks, Cher], Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox.

Sweet.  Sweet.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  This relationship is for the candy-hearted Leos, the most childlike Leos, and maybe the luckiest Leos of all.  Deep down inside, every Leo woman wants a man who is stronger than her, but it has to be in the right way.  Cancer’s utterly fatherly patience and soft heart hold the key to her dreams.  This is, in my opinion, probably the best match in the zodiac.  They absolutely bring out the best in one another, while allowing each to play a natural gender role.  Leo, the yang sign, brings out the yang in Cancer, while Cancer, the yin sign, brings out the yin in Leo.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Cancer Man:  Here is something that you really need to know about Leo women:  Everybody worships them and wants to bed them, and maybe even wed them, but nobody … nobody … ever listens to them with sympathy.  Somehow they are always expected to be regal, dignified, completely prepared, immaculately manicured, in complete control of the situation, and ready at a moment’s notice.  Nobody ever seems to realize that they have down days, vulnerabilities, and wounds like the rest of us.  That’s where you, dear Cancer man, come in.  At the slightest hint of your natural empathy, she will curl up at your feet and purr.  Continue to show sympathy for her problems and then appreciate how much responsibility she carries so gracefully. I promise you she will eat our of your hand.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Leo Woman:   You have to tone it down a little bit from limelight to starlight.  He’s a moon creature after all.  You can’t come at him with your headlights straight on.  Show a little vulnerability.  You’ll have to risk taking a chance on seeming weak, but that’s just the way you’ll find out how strong and protective he really is.  Give him a chance.  No one will ever be more patient, kind, nurturing and caring about you.  It’s genuine.  Keep the glitzier, more aggressive aspects of your act out of the arena to bring out the best in him.  In other words, turning down the volume just a little bit pays off.

Degree of Romance:  If you think of Cinderella up on top of a music box with the handsome Prince Charming, this gives you an idea of the romantic energy of this combination.  Cancer will win Leo heart in hand, body and soul, by extended acts of kindness and understanding.  Leo will delight Cancer because she demands that he act like a Prince, so she brings out his manliness.  These two will relate to each other in a beautiful circle of love, each perched on a pedestal that is polished daily.

Degree of Passion:  The combination of Cancer and Leo brings out the childlike aspects of both signs where passion has not yet entered the picture, which is a sort of Garden of Eden feeling of innocence and trust.  Cancer absorbs the passion that Leo is capable of.  It kind of dissipates somewhere, but that’s okay, they won’t miss it.  Holding hands in front of the fire and strolling along the beach at sunset makes them that happy.

Degree of Friendship:   These two are each other‘s best, best friends.  Think of the six of cups card in the Tarot deck adorned with an image of two little children lovingly offering each other  a sip of the chalice.  These two go everywhere together in spirit, have no secrets, and trust like children.  They play carefully with each other’s hearts.

Degree of Marriage:   This is an ideal combination for marriage.  You’d think Leo would get bored with Cancer, but he fulfills so many of her unspoken needs that it can last forever.  He has the inside track to her soul.

Progression of Relationship:  Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means he will be in control and knows what to do.  Cancer will slowly and carefully guide the couple through the steps of courtship, dotting all the appropriate i’s and crossing all the appropriate t’s until they reach the end of the road — matrimony.  Cancer will make sure that the trip is simple, comfortable, cozy, and sweet.  Leos feel uncharacteristically relaxed and “handled.”

Sex:  Cancer men are wonderful lovers because they are so in touch with the other person’s feelings.  There is a natural affinity between these two signs as they both want to come from the heart where sex is concerned.  It is sometimes not recognized the importance that trust plays in an intimate relationship, but it is critical for satisfaction and fulfillment.  The trust factor between these two may eventually reach 100%.  Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

When It’s Over:   Cancer will never end the relationship but will try to nurture and placate Leo.  If Leo is absolutely implacable about something, then Leo will have to end it.  Cancer will take it like a man.  He had an exit plan all along just because it’s good insurance.  Even after it‘s over, Ms. Leo  will remember his love protected her like an umbrella on a rainy day.  If she ever needs anything in the future, he’ll be right there no matter what paths his life has taken.  This combination offers True Love.

Our Rating: 10/10

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118 Responses to Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

  • Eve says:

    The little things, the little moments ….SUPERNOVA!

  • jazz says:

    Aweeee bache :-* i learned this one from you 😉

  • Indiaree says:

    I’m afraid but I must admit that you’re on my mind more than just sometimes 😉

  • Anna says:

    oh he is so warm and cozy like a warm blanket in a cold night

  • chelle says:

    Im a Leo Woman. I need to find a cancer! Ive never dated one.

  • wunderboi says:

    weird and old want to bed each other amirite?

  • shey says:

    I recently met a cancer man. We went on our first date two days ago…and the funny part is that it DID include holding hands in front of a fountain (not a fire) and a walk holding hands along a lake (not the beach). It’s fresh and new right now, and all I know is that the chemistry is blazing!!!

  • muy says:

    Nung chuy na kha di hoy?

  • A.j says:

    I am a woman of limited words, I can be very unsociable, I used to get offended quite easily, but now, I embrace differences, and empower myself and the things that separates me from everyone else, yes I am unsociable deep inside, but very sociable to who I let in.


    The seductive intensity of passion that captivated their souls were beyond provocative suggestive physical lust, which ignited an interesting idea of exploring solace in the intelligent, fascinating, tall, handsome and charismatic gentleman she saw in him, how he swept her of her feet emotionally and blew her in a whirlwind of romance that stimulated her mentally which kept her enthralled in his existence, but besides the challenges and rigid tensions that kept them apart, their bond bloomed significantly, until she discovered the very disturbing, heart-wrenching truth that changed her life forever as she stumbled upon the sources of where the “truth-lies”, however finding that path and reaching towards it in their own time and despite the obstacles, the truth had to be brought to the surface, sometimes from an external source in order to find where it resides inside, however that greater trigger for immense understanding is always internal as that is where the essence of theocentric thinking becomes relevant in locating peace and light….and it resonates… yet not ignoring the fairy-tale dream of finding their soulmate, she comes to discover “timeless truths” through the tinkling and the merging of energies through a magnetic pull towards each other, a connection that defies words with an encounter they are unconsciously able to demystify, but in their own private, secret world, seeing deep into each other’s soul, finally finding what each other’s heart has been longing, craving, yearning for; deep unconditional love.

    LOVE HAPPENED – 17.7.15
    A year ago upon meeting each other, she didn’t think he would be more than just a mystery, like the fantasy man of her dreams, but the instant connection was unbelievably mind blowing, the feeling of familiarity was mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The gaze of staring into each other’s eyes felt weird as though gazing in a mirror at your true, real deep inner self, and then that profound intensity was anything beyond been suppressed, the reflection through their eyes revealed it all, you could tell, and knew, and felt that instantaneous jolt, then she recognized that with him, emotional and mental healing was a huge restraint, it was completely felt through the eyes and each time the eyes embodied physically, and at any time in the presence of each other, something new was always discovered, ALWAYS! He looked at her and asked; where does she see herself in one year, as though he subconsciously knew she was thinking about a future or perhaps he was thinking about a future but wanted to get a sense of where her mindset was, and she smiled and said, she hadn’t really thought about it, but it wasn’t so, she had the answers right there and then, from that moment she laid eyes on him, she saw her forever, but for some reason she held it back, she wanted to tell him, “right here with you”, right there where they were sitting at the edge of the deck sipping on their favorite potable beverage, is where she wanted to be in exactly one year, and so with much anticipation she knew that if the year came and they made it, that she would remind him about that very question and then would give him his answer , and upon reaching that milestone she would then be sure beyond any reasonable doubt that he was truly the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, grow old and super wrinkly and shaky with, the one she never thought would make her lower her guards, tearing down her walls and uncovering the best and worst buried possessions from deep inside her soul – a place where no one else was ever lucky enough to even imagine what it would be like to gain access – that one who would set her soul on fire, that provoked emotions she had never experienced with anyone else, that intensity that changed her perception of the world on a whole new different kind of high, the one she waited for her entire life who consumed her every thought, every ounce of her very soul, the mystery man she saw in her dreams that continuously disturbed the depth of her soul until that night, that very night their souls reunited, the one thing she finally thought felt right, and so she had allowed him on the inside where no one had ever before had the chance to glimpse beyond the surface, who undoubtedly touched every single place in her heart, which then conveyed to all the delicate fragments of her mind, body and soul, the one that touched her heart and not her hand, the one who served her soul and not her body, the one that connected through passion and not utility, the one that also calmed her very spirit and somehow quieted her ever busy thoughts. And so everything was going great, in fact things were incredibly wonderful but then things began not going so great and it was unbelievably painful as though a part of you were dying as it was never about physical attraction with them, it went way much deeper, on a more emotional level, really and truly getting to know each other that created a sense of profound intimacy with those effortless, non-forced thought provoking discoveries, until eventually the soul was completely disappointed, saddened, crushed, devastated, traumatized, troubled and shattered……like a poison, slowly moving through her entire system breaking down all defenses that left her completely – completely fragile and hollow….

    They had a wonderful evening, they laughed, the conversation was amazing, had a few glasses, no a couple bottles of Merlot, had french fries & steak…”well Done steak”, and man was that steak great according to him and to her, those french fries….oh boy she loved them (LOL), and since it was the first they had in years, they savoured every mouthful, not to mention that soften creamy cherry flavored succulent cheesecake dessert topped with that mesmerizing fragrance of blackmint, indulgence at its peakest form. He held her hands across the table as though he wanted to say something special to her, he got a little emotional for a brief moment during dialogue when a particular subject was mentioned that she brought up and very sensitive and tense moment it was, but she saw it in his eyes and he looked away, as though he felt, she felt it, and yes she did feel his pain, she has absolutely never felt that close to any person before, literally hearing every single thought of his through his eyes, recognizing all his dreams from his facial expressions, acknowledging all his fears through his comments, none the less, they were just contented, it was blissful and heavenly, really in a place that felt too good to be true, and so as they sat by the ocean on the wooden bench that he admired oh so much, as though deep down for a moment he reconnected with himself about his true purpose and genuine passion, and offcourse they just let themselves go in each other’s existence, it felt like a dream all over again that continued from where it left last, it felt like souls again reconnected, infact souls did reunite on a much much deeper level that sent an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love, it was intensely felt especially in the heart, she wanted to whisper something in his ears when he held her yet so close wrapped in his arms, but she suffered a sudden case of malformation and found she was unable to articulate her emotions, and so it never was disclosed, it was such an absolutely explosive feeling of passion expanding between them both, that brought them closer than they ever thought possible and every time they got into that feeling of oneness, the chemistry became so powerful that in that moment the feeling of complete certainty that they belonged together was undeniable, the soulful connection along with the emotions that absorbed each other’s feelings were overwhelming. The truth is, society teaches that fairy-tales do come true and in its association with that of a soulmate connection of falling so deeply and madly in love with each other in an effort to upkeep the romance and make it last forever and live happily ever after is our every dream, but in “reality” outside the “virtual world” it’s not that easy, it takes time, patience and mutual efforts from both to make it work, respect, trust and love towards each other to make it last.

    The essence that they both have discovered in each other does allow for a feeling of oneness and an incredible connection never to be felt with anyone else and they knew this, it’s that once in a lifetime feeling that one will never ever get to experience ever again with another human being and they somehow were very lucky enough to have found it, that extension of their mind, their hearts and their soul, they had it but couldn’t keep it. The bond shared with each other becomes so emotionally exceptional that they find comfort in finding that one person whom they could relate to and that would understand the other, it’s a journey together that if not carefully managed can get in a whirlwind of chaos, disorder and complete confusion, none the less the love shared between them became one of the strongest, most passionate, deep, incredible kind of love to ever have been experienced with another. Being with your twin flame means no secret, no disguises, no restraint and no matter how much one would try to deny it or tried to be deceitful or sneaky, if you are with your twin flame/twin soul, your deepest darkest secret will be revealed and while you can hide this from countless number of partners, family or friends you’ve crossed paths with, with your twin-flame, no matter how you try to repress your secrets or deeds, feelings and emotions, it always gets to the surface, and you will be loved at your best but the feeling also doesn’t go when you get to your worst or when they get to point of discovering your worst, given honesty was portrayed. One thing is for sure, our twin soul/twin flame is not only the love of our life but also our guiding light, because they teach us a valuable lesson of how to care for another person other than ourselves because bliss without breakdown is simply not possible.

    But two unusual occurrences happened that night by the seaside as they basked in the ambiance of the moment, she felt a strong energy of distortion on the horizon just before they went on outside where they were alone, gazing at the night sky on that gloomy moonless Friday night, meditating silently, she felt it coming at a near distance, something didn’t feel right to her, some terrible news she thought wasn’t that far fetched, what was it, what could it be she wondered to herself and he felt it too, they shared a core frequency that was unbelievable – the energies within their third eye chakra must have connected deeply with each other, maybe something his higher self desperately wanted her to know, she could tell, strong powerful words were exchanged between them, none the less communication was open as they discussed their jobs and the tons of shit they had to deal with and even then, she did make notes of words he didn’t even use, recorded things he said that she pretended not to have acknowledged and she did sense tension in his gestures, his facial expressions, in his eyes, his body language said it all, she felt it when she passionately kissed him; on his neck, how he retracted, seems he too thought something was about to be revealed soon which would end up in the death of their ever craving souls, and so after all that struggle with the demons in her mind, she randomly asked him about his girlfriend and he responded that she was going to leave him come the following month, he asked her about her boyfriend and she replied that he was dead to her and they laughed about it and jokingly made fun of what was, they both manifested what was approaching, they knew, yet the interaction between them was sincere and full of tenderness which gave a great tremendous boost to stay calm and see just what the future and universe had waiting to be unraveled and in a few days all was revealed, all the distorted energies that surrounded them that evening did not prove futile , the climate of mutual trust and understanding was up in the air, established structures were pulled down, everything was going so fast, she was unable to hold on to the reins, making it almost impossible and pointless to try and swim against the currents and so, deep under she went.

    Been under water is like a tranquilizer for her, that’s where she found her strength, that’s how she felt safe, that’s where she would venture when she wanted to escape from the perils that filled the atmosphere that she didn’t want to face right away and so always found her own underwater air bubble that kept her alive, she could hold her breath for countless hours/days without air, she could journey many miles out before getting to the surface for air, the deeper she went, the more comfortable she became but she never imagined drifting away so far from the shore, that emotional moment of standing on the edge of the ocean while the high tide is coming, ending up in a place where not even the very air in her bubble could possibly have saved her, and the very petrifying circumstances she tried to restrain herself from encountering was the very same element that somehow found a way to saturate her soul and sent her to a place where demons hide; real demons, demons she was not expecting to cross paths with, demons that pinned her in every possible corner, deep, buried emotional truths and scars that perhaps no one wanted her to see or uncover, all unresolved wounds was about to be excavated and examined….well she wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or if it was a dream or if it was that instance of wrong misinterpretation of perception, or even one of those ever so often premonitions she frequently had or if it was real but what she knew for sure was that she felt the demons getting closer and closer, in fact they got so close, it would take an extraordinary supernatural phenomenon by a divine agency, almost like a miracle of raising from the grave to save her life and she just wasn’t sure what to make of all this that surrounded her, her mind was flustered , the faculty of consciousness was showing lack of comprehension , she became empty and emotionless, unresponsive and was just unable to think clearly, filled with so much emotional and mental disturbance, she just decided to let go, not knowing If she would drown or if she would make it back to the surface, ever….but it was a risk she had to take, leaving it all up to the almighty to direct her path, because at this point she was exhausted, consumed, finished and empty.

    Now without any doubt the almighty did lead her to a place like he always does, as she remained in solitude it was a place where triggers sent emotions much deeper, as at no time does she ever respond to fake and or calculated emotional manipulation, but this, this was real, any doubts in her mind if he was genuinely sorry about the mistakes he made, how he proposed he unintentionally hurt her and allowed things to spiral out of control, that how he got carried away in his mischief, how remorseful he was, that deep regret and guilt of how wrongly he misjudged the real her, she saw them all, engraved in stone, she saw a side of this man that she maybe never would have experienced because of his super ego, and it didn’t matter under what disguise he expressed these emotions, she could easily identify HIM anywhere each and every time, all the time, and as she stood behind the reflective chrome tint built in two way mirror where he could see himself and she could see him without him knowing she was looking, she observed closely these allied and self-direct resentments which he displayed, she knew these attributes of his character were authentic, because he had no idea or was aware that she was in the background looking at him from afar ( well not yet he didn’t know), assessing the prevailing situation, though deep down she knew he had a heart of gold and never doubted his humanitarian nature but knew he just got fucked over somewhere along in his previous journey, there was no way on earth she thought for a minute he was this profoundly evil ambassador, but believed she had to have experience this part of him which if they were able to or had the strength, patience and will power to overcome this major direct and uninterruptible obstacle, how they could have bonded on a much profoundly deeper level and would spend all eternity in each other, as each time he dealt her a bad set of cards, somehow the universe in its efforts calculatedly revealed to her the unseen qualities of this man that he discretely attempts to conceal, both the good, the bad and the very ugly, and so while been the phenomenal MR. Asshole that he can be (LOL) time and again like a damn vinyl scratch record from the 50’s, the universe made sure she always come to witness the gentleman he truly was/is/can be, how emotional and romantic he truly was like that of Rumi or that of King Solomon, even better that of Shakespeare, and she enjoyed and admired that very part of him so much and she would just sit, smile, read and re-read ALL his “love quotes” every single day because they were posted every day, and especially she adored the one where he mentioned “I hope someday she’ll find all my quotes, all my words, and read them all. I hope she’ll know that they’re all about her”, and yes that very day, in less than five minutes, she did find them and she did read them all and she did fall inlove with him all over again (and if nothing else he knows to be extremely careful what he wishes for and writes, or sends out in the universe, like he did a year ago because if it’s a genuine wish, she will come to discover it like the last time he scripted and wished she’d google and find the things he wrote about them a week after the night they met and how inlove he was with her, not knowing she was also madly inlove with him as well, and the universe in its calculated efforts did lead her straight to it long before she made her presence felt of her existence there, which happened during a turbulent time in their journey, so he knows how powerful his thoughts are as far as she is concerned, how strong their energies connects) and also because she just could never understand how it was that something so deadly always felt so right, and now she knows, because yes, the cure for that deadly poison is also found in him, but why was this revelation important in their journey is yet to be avowed. And yes, she stumbled upon a few different yet similar in content scripts that screamed at her from behind his shadow, in his voice, and she read them all, digested them, cached them in the element of her mind which enabled her to become aware of his world in her experiences. But she questioned these occurrences, and really wanted to get to the bottom of it, that why; why every time they called it quits, she ends up in a different section of the Pacific Ocean and out of the blue, the universe reveals the vulnerable side of him to her, much deeper each time, ever since their first encounter, since their initial contact, this is the third, no the fourth or fifth time that he is aware of, that they have crossed paths ( trust that she has seen and walked by him on other numerous occasions throughout time but kept quiet because that was just him venting from his past pain and suffering as well as some present/current disturbances he was experiencing in their own existence as well).

    But at this particular stop, after their major separation, after he destroyed her beyond repair, it seemed he would send his energy out there in the universe with the aim that this strong connection they had pulled her to it, to him, and they all did, all the energies he sent out got to her, and the times they did was unbelievable, “just now, 2 mins ago, 5 mins ago, 1 hr ago”, in some other instances a day ago, 11 hours ago, that was the kind of synchronization they had, there was always this silent reflex affirmation in perfect harmony that his presence was around and this scared the hell out of her because it was not like she even went looking in search of him, because who would she be searching for really, but the messages were all clear and visible, right there in front of her and yes she does know about twin flames connectivity and yes she did see the double rainbow the same day he mentioned he saw it, not to mention the ever recurring numbers of the awakening codes, she saw them too and offcourse the ever tormenting challenge of bumping into people who shared the same name as his, sometimes every single day for a week, and to set his mind at peace, no she did not mess around or was seeing anyone when he was having those strong sexual urges, but yes she was also yearning, craving for him around those times that had her touching herself why he felt those powerful sensations that had him thinking she was with another – trust that she has connected with his energies and seen it all, everywhere he went, she someone made her way in that place and of such she had to forcefully and completely block herself from it for the sake of her sanity, but somehow a force always pulled back to him, and she also connecting to his energy which she found extremely alarming because she would be feeling lethargic, drained and void on some days, with terrible headaches for no known reason, and would see him posting how he woke up with a terrible headache and that his energetic alignment was out of balance ect ect ,seriously started to doubt her sanity and had to lock down all connecting energy capacitors for a deep clearing and immense cleansing, which only made it severely and overwhelming worst, the energies only got more powerful, and even then she would stumble upon expressions like, “I wish she could read this”, “my love of life I hope you are reading this, if you are reading this, like my comment I will get it (which she didn’t like because it was getting way too bizarre)”, “I know you will see this”….., there were other times where she would be thinking about him and reminiscing about an experience they had that always made her smile, and then out of nowhere, literally nowhere, she would stumble upon a comment of him remarking on the said exact things that she was thinking about at that particular time, and not only that she once was thinking to herself, “how does he knows what I was thinking about”, and within a few hours, she would stumble upon a comment “because I can read your mind” and mark you he was not talking to anyone, or responding to a question anyone posed, it was just a random comment out there in thin air…..and one in particular that was alarming was when he made reference in connection to one of her immediate thoughts, he scripted “ I still remember our first date”, that was EXACTLY where her thoughts took her that precise moment as she was scrolling – “just now” – at that time , and then there was one that struck a chord with her, that there and then she knew, she was convinced, this was her twin soul, her twin flames, and as she was reliving the moments spent with him and how she missed him tremendously, and what she stumbled on that he wrote “1 mins ago” at the time read “Missing that person that I love so much, but I messed up everything” , and then it dawned on her because at one point in time, he did say, he wasn’t scared of anything, he was just worried he would mess up what they had – now she understands why he said it then, he knew he already made the mistake but she just hadn’t come to know about it, but he know eventually she would and soon enough too….and note all these comments were inscribed on different reefs, different sections, sometimes completely different layers of the ocean floor, DIFFERENT ONES EVERY SINGLE TIME within time but something pulled her to them, all of them, like an incredible mystical journey in time!!!

    And there were so many others that when she read them, they literally send waves running through her entire body, like what she felt the very first night their eyes locked when both souls reunited, as after all the occurrences, the channeling of energies they experienced throughout the reuniting of their souls, she was convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that this man was the man of her dreams that she glimpsed years ago in the supernatural world, her soulmate, her twin flames, her love of life, her better half, because it was impossible for someone to know exactly what was going on in another person’s thoughts precisely , exact inscriptions, she would be reading a comment and would be thinking what would have been her respond and then out of nowhere, there pops up a comment with her EXACTING thoughts ( makes you feel like you are been watched or something, she thought to herself), even if he was involved in black magic/voodoo, spells, shamanism or witchcraft, it was absolutely impossible for him to be in her physique on such a profoundly deep level, and to top it off there was this one particular time recently she had a dream about him where he appeared to her, hugged her, kissed he, lift her in his arms and said he wanted to “talk”; given that they did not exchange dialogue in some four months, but before she could ask him to express what he was feeling inside, she woke up and woe and BEfuckingHOLD later that same day there was a statement “The best dream is when I’m dreaming that you are dreaming of me”, now if these things were stuff she wrote and he duplicated, then she would think maybe he hacked her, but no, these were in her head, hidden deep in her soul, lodge carefully in her subconscious, there has got to be more to this than what meets the eyes and the mind too, and so she decided to test this channeling of energies within that profound spiritual connection she found she had so strongly with him, and without a doubt, the returns were positive, that element of silent channeling was overwhelmingly impressive, because what he posted immediately after that was very alarming, extremely shocking, intensely mind blowing….but so is true about the laws of attraction and the frequency to which we vibrate, the thoughts, the ideas, the feelings, the emotions, the silence, the everything, will draw to you whatever matches your souls, a limited one of a kind special type of something, a something that you never or don’t plan, but one of those natural circumstances of life, that if you are lucky enough, you get to experience…and dang, such an experience and journey this has been…and yes a lot of people won’t understand this, but it’s the truth and they know, they understand, it all happened to them, tell this shit to people, they fucking thing you are crazy or losing your fucking mind!

    And then she came upon this reef, much deep under, dark and looked abandoned, where she met a loner and a few other souls that expressed themselves in a different light, they were direct, outspoken, raw and very blunt in stating their opinions while some sought advice and others were just there for the amusement and amused too was she with some of the encounters, some familiar faces, some completely new and she observed these folks and their sporadic characters, so been the kind of non-social butterfly type that she can be, she continued observing anonymously for days/couple weeks, but then there were a few persons that seem to have been genuinely seeking clarity, some just putting random stuff out there to get feedback and validation and some were genuinely jovial (as usual) that had her face and cheek bones hurting from laughter, in fact she was literally left in physical pain after all the shenanigans and laughter’s, a feeling that she hadn’t experience since her separation from her flame, and yes for a moment she felt his presence strongly and her heart smiled wholeheartedly, and so then offcourse she felt a strong pull and commented on a particular statement that was made by some random person, and that was when all hell broke loose, because this was her in the “real”, and was no disguise, so this caused an entire eighty foot container worth of sealed carton boxes, taped together with duct tape, the traditional silver duct tape, emergency hurricane food can of worms that weren’t opened for some 20 years (LOL) to be opened, and she smiled because the power of twin flames connectivity did that and she briefly spent a few days with them, getting to understand them some more, giving feedback when she could, then made her quiet exit unannounced.

    And so for as much, she did come to spectate in another place in the deep, a rather quiet untouched place that he didn’t think she would come to discover, only because she never made her presence felt, maybe his soul did feel her soul presence, perhaps all along he knew she was there or would eventually make her way there, and so she witnessed the exposed defenseless him, how he poured his heart and soul into every single key stroke from behind his computer, his tablet, his mobile or whatever instrument he used, how his fear for not reaching out in the “real world” tormented him days on end, how his ego and fear of rejection and been ignored had him paralyzed with uncertainty and had him stuck in the virtual world, how his heart became unpredictable and whispered quietly to his soul then without any cautionary warnings have him expressing his deepest emotions, emotions he never thought existed in him before their magical encounter, how he yearned to be close, crave to feel her warmth, feeble without her scent, lifeless without her smile, to himself losing the biggest part of him that made him whole, keeping all these things to himself, even though if it kills him softly inside, knowing that letting go of those memories will never fade and that’s his cold hearted untouched truth…. and this, this was exactly how she felt too, exactly.

    ……but all she wanted was for him to have made that final move ( but in reality seems they both were waiting on the other to make the move, which kept them stuck – they are twin flames, thinking and feeling the exact same emotions in the other, connecting through the hearts chakra, and if anyone ask him today, he will utter the same thing, he was waiting on her too…two silly people waiting on each other while no one is making any open and direct efforts), the first was in her dreams when he appeared and showed his face, followed by another brief encounter yet again in her dreams reaffirming his existence in her life; that he was still there on his then journey and would be making it to her someday, leaving a mark with a passionate kiss before his exit until they’ll meet again and reunite sometime in the future; in the real world, however number of mistakes he would make before getting to her, just however long it took, which tormented her for many years (10yrs to be exact), and then she somehow stumbled on him and reached out to him twice in the virtual world, and then thereafter, the third, fourth and fifth maybe even sixth time where they stumbled found each other again and again and yet again in a fortunate stroke of serendipity encounters, BUT all she wanted was for him to have met her halfway in the “real world”…the 5D world, which he never did, he stayed stuck in the 3D world, all she really wanted was for him to have reached over and take her hands in the real world like he did the last time they embraced months ago, at that table in the pub where they sat adjacent that magnificently illustrated piece of artwork that embraced the wall on which it hung, infused with warmth, personality and passion, because now as painful as this has been for her, she just couldn’t see herself with anyone else, not after sharing that deep cemented emotional bond with him that was never experienced with another prior to knowing him; on such an elevated level as high as the heavens, but what they have to do has to be done, which is; he lets go – she now lets go too, because, truth is, no one has ever hurt her quite as much as he has and trusts no one else ever will, and though forgiveness is the final form of love that which she exudes around him , she has never felt so incredibly loss, never suffered so much from a separation, though essentially it was never a very long or even defined relationship for the most part, and even though most times they were apart, yet they grew so very incredibly close to each other every single day, but it must have been necessary to have gone through that phase, as now God has used those mistakes to further mold them, God worked them in their good like only he knows how to, because as the bible states, what profit is it for a man to gain the world and lose his own soul!

    But then the time came for her to continue on her journey in the deep pacific out of her bubble, alone with her thoughts, where the path would lead her, she has no idea, how would she find her way back to the surface, she was unclear and clueless ,one thing she knows for sure is that if something is meant to be, it will always find its way back, and if it does return, then the appreciation for it becomes so ooo much more, but then if it never does, that’s an indication of self-reflection and continual growth, something they had to have endured…but for as long as she can remember, every single highway always leads them back to each other, but maybe not this time, thunder storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes has destroyed the path. Now she is still deep under, he still is perched above looking over from a high altitude, will she make it back, will she be rescued by a lone traveler, will she find enough strength to swim back to the shore, she has absolutely no idea, a world-wind of emotions spinning through her right now, what she knows for sure though, that if she does survive and get back to the surface, that things would never be the same, not ever and that’s the most hurtful part. It was never her intention to stumble, trip, fall, let alone be so deeply in-love with him, falling in love with him without knowing how, where or when, she never wanted to be anyone’s girlfriend/partner or wife, but she came to the realization and found herself getting lost in him/in his soul, she didn’t want a perfect relationship, she never asked for the perfect man, because that’s utterly impossible by any stretch of the imagination, she never asked for promises nor guarantees, all she wanted was HoNestY, stability, dependability, consistency, a strong feeling of support and a viable amount of emotional security. Where was/is the Respect, Trust and Love that he continuously proclaimed, something he wanted but wasn’t prepared or willing to reciprocate?

    To each other, they were both the only ones who really knew the other more than anyone else could have ever imagined in their entire lifetime, raw – pure – real…. connected by their souls, now all there is…. is just an empty space, of a part of each other they both know none will ever be able to let go of, because what they have is endless and that rare but special bond is timeless, that one in a hundred-billion-trillion, once in a lifetime kind of epiphany that will last as long as their hearts are beating.

    Maybe fate will allow them to meet again in this lifetime, maybe not, perhaps this was their very last and final chance to have grown together since their souls reunited this very day…. Today in History, exactly one year ago – July Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Fifteen, the day that changed both their lives forever.

    Forever in her heart, compounded deep in her soul is where he will forever hold precious – her “diamond in the rut” and definitely the tick to her tock like they were two pea in pod, as if a glove with the perfect fit, she will never for the rest of her life forget him, not ever, likewise, she knows that deep down he will cherish the thought that maybe, just maybe one day they will cross paths again; after this their period of ascension… in another life, at another time, in another place….possibly somewhere in the real world!

    A year ago, everything was different and now that she looks back, she realizes that a year can do so much to a person, that for the first time in a very long time, with tears washing down her cheeks, one slow droplet at a time, from way under her upper eyelids, draining through the swollen tear ducts of her eyes, onto her outer thighs, that rushing gush of waterworks that crashes onto the floor as she looks down with her chin on her right shoulder, eyes closed as she diverts her attention away from the monitor, with her left fingers pulling on the back of her hair from that sensitive area around her neckline as she rest her elbow on the top of her computer desk…and that’s how you know these feelings have always been and are real regardless of other serious and consequential pivotal obstacles of nature that led to this point!

    Now this is the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do, besides right now finally mustering up the courage to mentally purge all data and statistics, delete all the messages, erasing all images and wiping the slate of all the memories she guarded ever so close for one year, that excruciating heartbreak of mourning the death of what once was, the unimaginable, unthinkable something she has never done before, not with someone who meant so much to her, just the thought but it has to be done, is to close her eyes, walk away and “pretend” she doesn’t love him…the most difficult thing she’ll ever have to lie, is to show no emotions, because, well….because his hands are tied and his heart is still not free.

    And they both know; even though their bond is incredibly undeniable, there can be no happy ending, because that solid foundation of trust no longer exists…and once you’ve lost trust, you just lose it, like a mirror, once it’s broken, you might get hurt trying to put it back, but even then, you can never look at it the same way again, and that…that hurts even more, so….so ooo much more.

    Goodbye C.j


    never forget

    you will



    my always…. always!


    P.s – (though I’m not sure I’ll ever compile to publish; due to the nature of it’s blissful, painful reality, nonetheless…)

    Dedicated to the one I gave all my love unconditionally and without reservations, gave my heart and shared the depths of my soul with….my “once upon a time”. I may not have gotten a friend for life but you bet a lesson till all eternity that I will never forget, and to finally have an ending to my lifelong desire of completing this opus of this journey that I never could understand and for eventually putting closure to this chapter of ever finding the man of my dreams (pun intended), though during one of his moments when he was angry and upset for God knows what, he said “Simple…. I don’t want to be a chapter in someone’s book” – well, too late now ‘boxer’, you are all the reasons I reverted to my pencil and notebook, well in this case, my computer keyboard and monitor, you reminded me about it when you said to me, “you should write a book”…something I started some years ago, but was unable to complete and could never understand why… my muse, my motivation, my dedication…. all you, all YOU! iloveu… and will….4evermissu

    Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your world with me.

    Sending you Love&Light to be Truthful&Fearless.



    And in the end its quite easy to define ourselves by something we know deep in our heart and soul of every micro fiber in our being that we are not, but because of fear of what someone may think of us we get weak and feed the flesh, but who cares what others think, being true to thine own self is all that matters, self-forgiveness is utmost and means that we must forgive ourselves for deceiving our true being, and I will never be Mother Theresa but I will be someone who can listen, who can participate in someone’s joy or struggles, who will do all that I can to make them see them self as the best and reaching the best possible version of themselves they ever thought possible existed and expects that to be reciprocated if a unit exists.

    I do believe that self-forgiveness is central in becoming the best partner we can be to another and I also don’t believe that love is easy any more than self-knowledge, but what I do like to do is simply expand the idea of love beyond what it is in dreams, therefore makes us saved by the final form of love which is forgiveness.

    I am a very spiritual person, I may not attend church a lot of Sundays, okay most Sundays, alright majority of the Sundays (lol) and neither do I believe that it defines my relationship with my God, but I do pray a lot, infact I cry out to God for strength and courage to face my adversaries, I get down on my knees, I curl up in my bed with my pillow, I lock myself in my bathroom and cry out and reach out to God in times of tranquility or despair, to restore whatever peace or love that has died within me, and ask him to enlighten whatever darkness resides in me, to mend whatever is broken in me, I ask for forgiveness and to be shielded from temptation before it even comes and for him to guide my steps and reveal to me the unknown when I am in my darkest hours and he has never failed me and I read my bible and I ask for divine intervention, and most of all I thank him, I thank him for all my struggles, I thank him for all my pain, I thank him for all my sufferings, I thank him for all my shortcomings and I thank him for my mistakes and I give him praise and I thank him for bringing me through all of them, coming out even stronger than before and trust I have been through them and thought okay, nothing can be worst than those past experiences, yet still…. but I refuse to give up, I refuse to let the devil steal my joy, I refuse to give power to demons because I serve a mighty God to whom I give my heart and soul and put all my faith and trust only in him because weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. For the last few months I have hit solid rock bottom, I was hoping this year would have been a great year, a lot has happened within my personal life as well as my professional life/job and with tears in my eyes right now…. as I type, the pain that I was put through, I didn’t think I would survive, I have been forced to a place where I totally thought I was going to lose it all, my sanity, my peace of mind and my faith, but I remained positive, I stayed calm, I prayed, I cried, I cried, I screamed and I cried, I literally locked myself away from it all for a period (which I am sure you can recall), the whole nine yards, no one knew what I was experiencing, but a few saw that whatever it was how tremendously it was affecting me in some ways, how even my performance and reputation at work was now on the line and been scrutinized, I have never seen myself like this, not even when….. but by the grace of God, by the grace of almighty God, I was able to regain my composure, pick myself up, rise from the ashes and carry on…. like the eagle who is left with two options, either to die or go through a painful process of change and I can assure you painful it has been.

    So I say to you, if you have a dream you are working towards, may it be attaining something that makes you feel good inside or something that gives you pleasure or purpose, peace and fulfillment, if you are facing some burdensome defiance, if you feel alone as if you are in this world all by yourself, it’s a lie, the devil wants you to feel rejected, but God wants you to know that you are destined for a love that cannot be tarnished or diminished, don’t give up, don’t give in, keep fighting, keep pushing, keep pressing on, the devil is a liar, yes it will require more work, more effort, more assiduity and a considerable amount of commitment to create the life you want to be absolutely proud of and feel extremely good about, might seem difficult and challenging at first or even during the process or perhaps closer to completion, makes you feel like you are about to hit rock bottom, but I say to you, clear out all the negativity out of your life, all the less that desirable things that does not reflect or fit who you really are or want to be, that mental penetration that allows you to pull subjective thoughts into objective reality, believe me the battle is for the lord and victory shall be yours, create that space that will allow you to become grounded emotionally, mentally and spiritually and let it marinate within your being, keep pushing forward despite the odds, give out but refuse to give up – get rid of that notion of been on full destructive, still care about you, refocus your life, stay strong, you are worthy, if you want someone to love you for you, then just be you, the real you, just keep believing in yourself and your abilities, restore your faith and take comfort in knowing that it’s okay to need a shoulder to lean on, that it’s ok not to be ok, and if you ever need a listening ear, just let me know where and when, you know how to reach me directly if you ever need to talk.

    God Bless!


    Signing out!

  • rose says:

    what the hell is going on in this planet earth??????????is someone daring to give me shradhanjali lollll………i agree i was dead for few days but hahahahaha

  • rose says:


  • A.j says:

    I’m not arguing with you…..NOT TODAY!

  • rose says:

    Why not today?????????? im still alive

  • rose says:

    oops its monday………….busy got it 🙂

  • rose says:

    And I’m sorry, i know it was quite rude but i cant comment as i was not able to read and appreciate it as im not having any heart and feelings left 🙂

  • business law says:

    There is certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.
    I like all of the points you have made.

  • Tallulah says:
  • Sharon Martin says:

    The Cancer Man is the most confusing being I have ever encountered. Like Split personality. Ive been dating a Cancer man, now for 9 months. While he can be very loving, holding you and cuddling, he can also be very moody.

    He will go out of his way to make sure I have what I need and constantly keeps me abreast on things. He also gives comforting words when im feeling down and will not leave me in a tight squeeze. The fact that our mind set is the same is a plus. We agree on a lot and strive for the same things.

    His arrogance can also be offensive. They put up such a front for a person who is so sensitive and emotional (as they say). Cancer men can say some of the most sweetest things and some of the most insensitive things. Its sometimes hard to figure out what he’s thinking or feeling as he reverts into a shell over and over. I want to just pull everything out of him. but I never can force him its only on his time of sharing his deepest feelings.

    It makes me, the Leo women, a little uneasy at times and unsure on when to make certain moves. (Conversation, and Romance). I do feel safe with him and when he’s ready for romance it can be beautiful and passionate the way he takes his time.

    When comparing pros and cons there are a lot of pros that outweigh the cons. He’s outgoing, loyal, protective. I think this type of match is a huge rollercoaster and will have fire works most definitely. Sometimes I also feel a little uneasy because I like to voice my opinion and blurt out my feelings, whereas he’s quiet and slow in his actions. Ive had to learn this because I would get mad and say anything out my mouth not understanding his shell. Both the Leo women and the Cancer man have their issues. Both can be easily hurt if you’re not careful.

    Its a learning experience. The foundation and true support I feel, allows me to overlook certain flaws. I try to concentrate on the fact that everyone is not me and every one is not perfect. I’m loved and secure, respected and cared for and for that reason everything will be fine.

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