Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Leo Couples:  Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gourmet, Curtis Jackson III and Vivica A. Fox [thanks, Cher], Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox.

Sweet.  Sweet.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  This relationship is for the candy-hearted Leos, the most childlike Leos, and maybe the luckiest Leos of all.  Deep down inside, every Leo woman wants a man who is stronger than her, but it has to be in the right way.  Cancer’s utterly fatherly patience and soft heart hold the key to her dreams.  This is, in my opinion, probably the best match in the zodiac.  They absolutely bring out the best in one another, while allowing each to play a natural gender role.  Leo, the yang sign, brings out the yang in Cancer, while Cancer, the yin sign, brings out the yin in Leo.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Cancer Man:  Here is something that you really need to know about Leo women:  Everybody worships them and wants to bed them, and maybe even wed them, but nobody … nobody … ever listens to them with sympathy.  Somehow they are always expected to be regal, dignified, completely prepared, immaculately manicured, in complete control of the situation, and ready at a moment’s notice.  Nobody ever seems to realize that they have down days, vulnerabilities, and wounds like the rest of us.  That’s where you, dear Cancer man, come in.  At the slightest hint of your natural empathy, she will curl up at your feet and purr.  Continue to show sympathy for her problems and then appreciate how much responsibility she carries so gracefully. I promise you she will eat our of your hand.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Leo Woman:   You have to tone it down a little bit from limelight to starlight.  He’s a moon creature after all.  You can’t come at him with your headlights straight on.  Show a little vulnerability.  You’ll have to risk taking a chance on seeming weak, but that’s just the way you’ll find out how strong and protective he really is.  Give him a chance.  No one will ever be more patient, kind, nurturing and caring about you.  It’s genuine.  Keep the glitzier, more aggressive aspects of your act out of the arena to bring out the best in him.  In other words, turning down the volume just a little bit pays off.

Degree of Romance:  If you think of Cinderella up on top of a music box with the handsome Prince Charming, this gives you an idea of the romantic energy of this combination.  Cancer will win Leo heart in hand, body and soul, by extended acts of kindness and understanding.  Leo will delight Cancer because she demands that he act like a Prince, so she brings out his manliness.  These two will relate to each other in a beautiful circle of love, each perched on a pedestal that is polished daily.

Degree of Passion:  The combination of Cancer and Leo brings out the childlike aspects of both signs where passion has not yet entered the picture, which is a sort of Garden of Eden feeling of innocence and trust.  Cancer absorbs the passion that Leo is capable of.  It kind of dissipates somewhere, but that’s okay, they won’t miss it.  Holding hands in front of the fire and strolling along the beach at sunset makes them that happy.

Degree of Friendship:   These two are each other‘s best, best friends.  Think of the six of cups card in the Tarot deck adorned with an image of two little children lovingly offering each other  a sip of the chalice.  These two go everywhere together in spirit, have no secrets, and trust like children.  They play carefully with each other’s hearts.

Degree of Marriage:   This is an ideal combination for marriage.  You’d think Leo would get bored with Cancer, but he fulfills so many of her unspoken needs that it can last forever.  He has the inside track to her soul.

Progression of Relationship:  Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means he will be in control and knows what to do.  Cancer will slowly and carefully guide the couple through the steps of courtship, dotting all the appropriate i’s and crossing all the appropriate t’s until they reach the end of the road — matrimony.  Cancer will make sure that the trip is simple, comfortable, cozy, and sweet.  Leos feel uncharacteristically relaxed and “handled.”

Sex:  Cancer men are wonderful lovers because they are so in touch with the other person’s feelings.  There is a natural affinity between these two signs as they both want to come from the heart where sex is concerned.  It is sometimes not recognized the importance that trust plays in an intimate relationship, but it is critical for satisfaction and fulfillment.  The trust factor between these two may eventually reach 100%.  Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

When It’s Over:   Cancer will never end the relationship but will try to nurture and placate Leo.  If Leo is absolutely implacable about something, then Leo will have to end it.  Cancer will take it like a man.  He had an exit plan all along just because it’s good insurance.  Even after it‘s over, Ms. Leo  will remember his love protected her like an umbrella on a rainy day.  If she ever needs anything in the future, he’ll be right there no matter what paths his life has taken.  This combination offers True Love.

Our Rating: 10/10

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81 Responses to Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

  • c says:

    im a cancer male and 2 of my 3 serious relationships were leos, im 24. Its true that we are very good looking and manipulative, i get what i want and can play any girl like a fiddle. In this relationship whoever cares the least has the most power, and if thats the cancer its not looking too good for you!

  • shelly says:

    I do agree with the comment from “c”…whomever cares the least has the most power, however sometimes the leo lady plays it to where she wants the Cancer man to think he has the power…and then when the Cancer man see’s that the Leo Lady has caught on and does the same thing, he clearly becomes outrageously jealous and by then it’s too late…alot of damage control needs to be done. The Leo Lady does play hard ball, but what some cancer men need to learn is that the Leo Lady determines the outcome by testing the individual constantly to see where he is coming from and when she determines what his intentions are (*manipulative, games, aloof) it’s too late, she has moved on. I was seeing a cancer man, and he was very manipulative, but very good in bed, but when I broke it off with him (*just to see), he made some crazy story about some off the wall stuff to regain control…again, I needed to understand his mind and what he would do after I broke it off…exactly what I thought he would do; called in two weeks. So the outcome in my head is watch out for him, because he can be very dangerous and in the end I really don’t believe true, deep attraction that turns into love should start out this way. I am very attracted to him, but what every woman wants (disregard the horoscope) is companionship and tenderness.

  • T says:

    Article almost leaves me speechless. (Leo woman here) Leo women…. Attention does follow us, our demeanor walks in the room before we do, and men often try and bed/wed us. We know what we like and what we don’t and know what it takes to get it. Cancer men already know this. They see it. They can deal with it. As long as you handle yourself properly. They too seek someone to parade around family and friends. Almost like, “Hey, look at what I got!” But it’s not that simple. They only bring home the best of the best.
    I found a Cancer love. Met years back but time brought us back together. We both were positions where we couldn’t do anything about it in the past. But that first time we met…man… I literally felt my adrenaline starting to pump through my body. I was floored. Made ME nervous! Lol. I can honestly say it was love at first sight. He says the same. (But obviously in much more romantic terms). Then when we were reunited, the world stopped. Instant fireworks. Instant love…all over again. He’s so sweet and romantic. It’s hard for me to accept that man feelings are so strong (and is admitting to it with no hesitation). He can read my thoughts. He knows everything I want to say before I say it. He tells me all the right things. I fell hard for this one…
    He’s strong. DEFINTE protector. Love it! Can keep up in the bedroom. He’s funny. Not HaHa funny. LMFAO funny. He can tell me he loves me just by touching me. Looking deep into my eyes and squeezing me so tight. *sigh* He really is everything a Leo woman needs. I am really anticipating what the future has in store for us. I think he’s the one.

  • Dziewczyna says:

    How about Everyone just stops this ” who ever cares least has the power in the relationship” ordeal,what kind of a relationship is that anyway.

    I recently met a Cancer man on my deployment, and I never had a man make me feel this way in 26 years of my entire life. I feel like an innocent child picking flowers for boy i have a crush on. Supposedly I make him feel the same from what he says. His deployment is over and i go back in 4 months. I don’t know what the future has in store, but our friendship became somewhat of a fairytale, deep in my heart, I think he is the one, time will tell. So love freely and give yourselves completely, and most important of all….listen to your heart, it is the window to your soul’s desires.

  • zoe says:

    TRUE TRUE 1000 times tru my cancer love was breathtaking like when the man knows EXACTLY what to do and doesnt have to say a word. he knew my secrets even the ones i was too ashamed to admitt even to myself. Cancer and Gemini men i havefound know us (leo woman) but cancers are much more sweet (or seem to be) thengemini males but watch out all of that sweet can go right out the door and you will SEE the cold and still be saying your not doing this .. right?? put it this way i am a tru “wont dial ur number into u’ve phoned me twice sent a sweet text and left a message leo” but my cancer love could have called me a stalker (shame) i was soo mystified by this man wow! the way we held eachother!! but cancer men are LIARS!!!!!! and i hate to make general staments but they are and they do it as they seem to do everything else…. effortlessly be careful

  • Vmarcel says:

    I am a young cancer man, and I am seeing a leo woman. We have been seeing each other(not like a relationship) for about 3 months so far, and all i can say is what a ride it has been. I believe Cancer and Leo have qualities that both can learn from if they’re willing to compromise. As a cancer though I feel like a lot of my feelings are in disarray when she talk about her past relationships, sometimes in detail when I ask. All of them still contact her every now and then, and she likes to mention how they still want to get her back. I’ve only had one previous relationship before her and it only lasted 2 months and it can not compare to the experience I have with this leo woman.

    Right now I’m being the man she want me to be, and I want to be in a relationship with her, but she tells me she is not ready. So should i control myself and hold back, or keep my feelings going and hope for the best?

  • LEOness says:

    Cancer males correct me if I’m wrong but this is my experience :
    Yes, Cancer is the most affectionate man I’ve ever met. I’ve had hugs from countless people, but they never felt the way his did. Something about me in his arms had me thinking we were key and lock. His quiet perseverance had me impressed, because other guys who liked me normally gave up on me much more quickly. He, Cancer, didn’t, and I was smitten. As all things however, what seemed so perfect was too good to be true. Cancer knows what women want; therefore, he gives it to you ( — and many others of course). However, you’ll never hear that from him. He’ll always have you thinking that you’re special and he’s only thinking of you. Try confronting him on any of his BS when you realize that you aren’t so special after all, and see how easily he turns it around. Cancer was a great liar and manipulator. Perfect at face value but very deceiving. I was so wrapped up in him that I never saw the warning signs I was given. Actually, scractch that. I chose to ignore them because I was hoping I was wrong. How could someone who seemed so perfect be so wrong? Eventually I came to too many realizations that Cancer was not the person he was selling himself as, and I had to let it go. I didn’t really let it go, but at least he thought so. Let’s just say it has been over 2 years since we’ve spoken or made eye contact, and as of recently I’m finally depleted of 99% of the feelings I had for Cancer. It took two years and I still don’t understand him, but I’ve chosen to move forward. He sure does know how to side-step his way into your heart and refuse to let go, but it’s not love. I don’t know what it is.

  • LeoLady says:

    I always seemed to have been attracted to Cancer men and now I know why!!!
    I’m a positive Leo that would want a positive Cancer.

    After reading these comments, we have to remember there are negative people in any zodiac sign that like to play with others feelings because their nature/environment probably messed them up.

    I hope to be with a Cancer man.

  • Lynn says:

    Help people..Please!!!!!

    I had a long distance relationship with a cancer man for a year.. he is very sweet & charming, mature & honest.. never lied to me.. We had a fight & we kinda broke it off so I’m afraid he doesn’t trust me anymore.. I love him so much & I believe he does too..

    ( He’s very upset with me coming to his town but not seeing him..
    I do come there for work, when I called him once while there, he seemed overwhelmed & not enthusiastic enough, so I stopped calling & waited for him to come to my town.. its all my pride I know..:(

    I’ma leo/rat woman & he’s a cancer/dog man..14 years older than me..

    Please any advise how to get him back..????

  • stacy says:

    I am a leo woman starting a new relationship with a cancer man. Everything has went really fast but it has all just felt right. To me he is perfect. Like the article says leos are often misunderstood, but he and I both understand each other from every perspective. We have been together just over a month and I feel so much love compassion understanding and trust. I love my cancer man more than either of those crazyy libra men before him. For the first time in my life I feel like I want to be with him forever. (And I am easily bored)

  • Julie says:

    This is for Lynn… You want him back? As painful as it may be-put away that pride for just a minute, let yourself be vunerable, and just call…

  • raine says:

    hi there, i met a cancer guy a month ago and we have fell in love, all just feel so great….cancer man knows all my needs, EXACTLY what to do and the compassion and love he shows for me is the crispy part of this relationship. But i think its too good to be true, am quite sure he might be deceiving coz 24×7 sweet n loving nature is not feasible,, atleast in this era!

  • Kenny says:

    Cancer men are generally loyal one woman men. Don’t try to play games or manipulate a cancer, because we see right through it, and even if we don’t, cancers are known for holding grudges. The only problem is that we’re extremely possessive and jealous. As long as he trusts you, he will do anything for you. For all those who had a problem with the cancer, it all depends on his upbringing and the relationship with his mother. Pay attention to how he treats his mother and your family. Because if he loves your family…

  • sureya says:

    Oi! Im in quite a fix. I am a Leo woman and a couple of weeks ago I met a Cancer man who is 10 years older than me and of a different nationality (also loving and working in his home country, on the other side of the world!). From the moment I met him I felt a frisson of excitement and by the end of the evening I was convinced he was the man I wanted but was not sure I was what he was looking for. Plus I had heard he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. He is so different from the type of man I usually go for and the only thing I can think to explain why I want him is the way he makes me feel. He is a gentleman, and one of very few people I think I would be comfortable handing my life over to. I am also very protective of him and I got very jealous the one time he spoke about his ex- but of course my Leo pride wouldn’t let me show it. So I don’t see him for a couple of days and I hear he has been asking about me. I make myself available to go on a group outing with him and a few other people. Being the friendly Leo I am, I interact with the other people in the group and to be honest, this other guy, who I am completely not interested in, was paying me much more attention than my intended and I enjoyed it! My cancer man’s mood changed and he practically ignored me for the rest of the time we were there. He hangs back as everybody is leaving, and I decide to hang back too and all of a sudden he is all romance and holding hands. fast forward to the next day, he is now aloof and its driving me crazy, so I decide to ignore him and he is like a puppy in my lap. Now I am REALLY confused! Whats this?! I pay him attention, he ignores me, I ignore him he vies for my attention. Needless to say, it was a week of mixed signals and by the time he left I was an emotional mess. He has not called and I wondering if I should be the one to do so. I am not sure if he has thought it over and decided it would not be worth it considering we are on two different sides of the world but I cannot stop thinking about him and looking at his picture. I have dated many handsome, successful and kind men but none of them make my heart beat quite like this idiot does. what do i do? At the least I need closure, because I don’t think I can move on not knowing what could have been. *sigh*

  • c says:

    I love my cancer man. I seem to always have errors in my make up. Please will you forgive me, because you are the only man for me and you know it.

  • TypicalLeoGirl says:

    I’m a Leo woman and I’ve been dating a Cancer man for only one year but whenever I see him I still feel like the very first day we met. We obviously like each other very much. Sometimes he’s teasing me just to make me smile afterwards. But it’s like an on-and-off-relationship. We’re still good friends but I can see the desire in his eyes whenever he looks at me. It has been like this for 5 years now and I don’t like that this will ever change. But honestly I don’t know if he will get me back so easily because he once hurt me very badly. He broke up with me without even telling me that. I heared that from his cousin. But I won’t hold a grudge against him and forgive him easily because the way he acts with me makes me able to forgive him almost everything.

  • Alana says:

    TypicalLeoGirl :
    He broke up with me without even telling me that. I heared that from his cousin. But I won’t hold a grudge against him and forgive him easily because the way he acts with me makes me able to forgive him almost everything.

    No woman should accept a man back who doesn’t have the balls to end a relationship in person. Lady, get some self-respect. I know what its like to get broken up with a cancer, he did it in person and I know he was hurting when he did it. I took him back ONLY because he grew as a person. “typicalLeoGirl” I’m telling you, you are NOT dating this guy.

    When you have a boyfriend YOU KNOW IT.

    That is a message for EVERYONE. If you aren’t sure you are in a relationship, you aren’t in one.

    Forgiving for everything is not good, you need to hold your ground, guys want what they cannot have. They will never admit how much they think about women. I have to tell you that most men want sex, and they can SEE RED until they get it. They will flirt, they will play with you, but the man has to be sure, or he will not commit. When a man is dedicated to you, you know it.

  • MR says:

    I’m a Leo woman and have been with my Cancer man 7 years, married to him for 4. He is wonderful. Definitely the protector I have always wanted. Im in my 50′s now and had to kiss a lot of frogs to find him. Most of my past relationships had been with Pisceans who are dreamy, romantic and would put me on a pedestal. Being a true Leo that was the attraction, but over time I found them to be a real let down and bit wet! My cancer man is caring and loving and I am so happy to have found the one. This horoscope website has been the most accurate in detailing compatibility for star signs I have ever come across.

  • Roy says:

    Well , after reading all that every one had to say I feel mostly Leo women have populated while cancer men dint rack their mind at it . ( me a shy pussycat as well ) Cancers men are least botherd ?? Women .. shake u and dry youself off the water element .. we cant sink into it . We do that all the time !! the world might be our doormat ,we can fight the lesser mass like a queen and protect ourself .. but once we go off our guard we are weak on our knees for love .. while peasents come and manipulate our royal selves .

  • D says:

    #1 by c
    “im a cancer male and 2 of my 3 serious relationships were leos, im 24. Its true that we are very good looking and manipulative, i get what i want and can play any girl like a fiddle. In this relationship whoever cares the least has the most power, and if thats the cancer its not looking too good for you!”

    You sound like a douche bag. I hope u grow up soon or at least experience a woman playing u just like that same little fiddle u used to play them.

  • cancer female says:

    well reading all this sounds pretty bad,im a cancer female and i do admit but dont like to that i am senstive but i have a real big big careing heart and i dot think all cancer me are the same being one i know we can trick u but sometimes we do it so u will feel less hurt in a way,so we dont really have to hurt u that bad but im the type of person where if i really want to say something to u i will….. :) :) :0 oh and yez i am very funny!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    I am a leo girl & I’m seeing a cancer guy; I have a daughter whom is 18 months he already treats her like it is his own; we’ve only been seeing eachother for a week (as friends) all of this is sooo truue it is crazy!! He is so caring & that is just what I always needed as a leo (attention and lots of love) but I would never admit that.

  • PrettyPepper says:

    I am a leo woman seeing a male cancer now for about 2 weeks. Well we mostly talked on the phone but went to dinner but he talks to me all day long. He went out of town for about 4 days so we are to go out this weekend since he is back. He has already told me that he loves me. I dont believe him 100% but feel that he has really connected to me and trusts me in some kinda way. He is very sweet! I am a little taken aback by his forwardness but there is a sense of innocence to it. I however broke up with my ex of 9 years a few months so i feel the need to take my time. I do feel like we could have a long term relationship and even marriage. I just have to move at my own pace and not his. So if he will respect that, then we have a chance. I know that he is very sensitive and needs love like a baby. Its differnt. I have dated one other cancer, a boy i knew all of my life and at 21 we dated. I still love him although he is married now. :(
    He is the only ex that i would run back to if i had the chance. I just know that the connection is like electric and automatic. My first cancer, i broke his poor little heart. He has forgiven me since, because we were friends since 1st grade, so friendship came first. I just hope that this new cancer can be as sweet, honest and caring as the first one. Wow. that was long wasnt it?

  • Angel says:


  • brittany says:

    My last relationship with a cancer man ended up in me getting pregnant. lol. He wasnt loyal though and we split it off. Im a leo btw. Now ive been dating another cancer for a good month or two and its great so far. he is super nice and makes me feel loved. NOT ALL CANCER MEN ARE THE SAME GIRLS! you really gotta find the right one, dont be possesive and say he cant hangout certain people they dont like to be tied down. just trust them.

  • LEO WOMEN says:

    I am a Leo women and I’m in love with a Cancer man. We dated when I was 15. Im 22 now, and he has come back into my life. He’s told me so many things since he gotten back in touch. He brought up the conversation about “US” and told me that he never thought of us as being “broken up” and has tried to find women like me but wasn’t me. We talked all night and during that time he held me close to him. When we kissed, *SIGH* it took my breath away. He completes me and I completes him! Now since he’s back I cant get him off my mind! He’s already lied to me, promising me things, but I told him I don’t need those things, only him! He texts me the beautiful things like I’m his queen etc. He really makes me fantasize about being his wife and having his baby! I’m in love with this man, but he hasn’t texted or called me for 2 days! I’m still caught up in his high, but I’m feeling needy by calling and texting him! I hate feeling needy! He told me that he loves me and he spent a lot of nights wasted and the only memories he has of 7 years since I’ve been gone was me! Someone please help me because he makes me weak to my knees and I can’t see myself without him!

  • sharon says:

    cancer man are very sweet and kimd i losed my husband in june i was so young when we got together ireall di,nt know asout love iguess irealldi,nt under stand him imiss him si much i want my husband back so bad if ihad another chane things would be diffent love you michael from your husb wife

  • Leo says:

    I would rather date my own foot than a Cancer. You are crazy for giving this 10/10 and Leo and Sagittarius a lousy 5/10.

    I’ve personally never seen or heard of a Leo woman falling for a Cancer man. All i see is Cancer men drooling over Leo women. It seems quite one-sided-
    and based on general characteristic of a Cancer guy, I would get bored in a split second. Cancers are also very common (they are everywhere), they’re too “domesticated”, too predictable, too sensitive and too jealous, bitter and controlling. How the hell could that provide anything to a Leo woman!?

  • Carrie says:

    I am a leo woman and I fell head over heels in love with a cancer some people are quick to judge and should try not to be so negative get your head out of your ass just because your relationship didn’t rank the highest isn’t the end of the world. This leo says grow the fuck up!

  • Leo says:

    @Carrie. bitch I never was and never will be with a weak & unattractive cancer man. read the post before you reply with insults. I said I’d rather date my own foot than date one. What part of that makes it sound like I had dated a Cancer-cry-baby? ewww Cancer men are effeminate & insecure little pussies and a Leo woman dating a man like that must have serious self-esteem issues.

  • Sweet Pea says:

    I’ve recently met a cancer man. He’s told me a little about his ex. The pain or dismay, at the very least, is still present. So his approach was Friends with benefits. I declined that offer, and thought it would be a good idea to leave him alone. He obviously had gotten under my skin because I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and got in touch the very next day. FYI. I am SOLID Leo. By that I mean Done-is-Done with me. Once it was apparent that we were at an impass on the “type” of thing it was going to be, we dropped the subject and began to just get to know one another. The mental chemistry is so strong to the point of being scary…I think for both of us. We have not been physical, and I have the good sense not to do it until we get rid of those pesky three letters (FWB) because I am pretty much in love with him already. A good waxing would make him hard to leave, and I don’t think he’s going to be likely to just let me run away again.

    Also “Leo” please lighten up on Carrie, you remind me of my younger self. Also, don’t knock a cancer MAN (not boy) until you’ve tried it….but maybe wait until your she-cat tendencies have calmed a bit.

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