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  1. shelly

    I do agree with the comment from “c”…whomever cares the least has the most power, however sometimes the leo lady plays it to where she wants the Cancer man to think he has the power…and then when the Cancer man see’s that the Leo Lady has caught on and does the same thing, he clearly becomes outrageously jealous and by then it’s too late…alot of damage control needs to be done. The Leo Lady does play hard ball, but what some cancer men need to learn is that the Leo Lady determines the outcome by testing the individual constantly to see where he is coming from and when she determines what his intentions are (*manipulative, games, aloof) it’s too late, she has moved on. I was seeing a cancer man, and he was very manipulative, but very good in bed, but when I broke it off with him (*just to see), he made some crazy story about some off the wall stuff to regain control…again, I needed to understand his mind and what he would do after I broke it off…exactly what I thought he would do; called in two weeks. So the outcome in my head is watch out for him, because he can be very dangerous and in the end I really don’t believe true, deep attraction that turns into love should start out this way. I am very attracted to him, but what every woman wants (disregard the horoscope) is companionship and tenderness.

  2. c

    im a cancer male and 2 of my 3 serious relationships were leos, im 24. Its true that we are very good looking and manipulative, i get what i want and can play any girl like a fiddle. In this relationship whoever cares the least has the most power, and if thats the cancer its not looking too good for you!

  3. leoslovetoo

    I can tell you about this relationship though I never quite made it into a relationship with the Cancer male I cared so much for. The only reason that I started falling for him was his inability to let me walk away when I was so quick to do so. I saw the women he was chasing around so being the prideful and easily hurt Leo female who I am, I was quick to let it go because I didn’t want someone who wouldn’t appreciate me. Yet even the slightest attempt to leave him alone he brought it to my attention online saying basically “so you don’t deal with me anymore, huh?” Me, I’m not a person who wears my heart on my sleeves so much, and I don’t take most men’s niceness as genuine but for some reason I believed that he was sincere. I began to think that I was just behaving childishly since we weren’t in a relationship and he was being patient with me when most men just run away or act as though they’re intimidated. I wasn’t wrong for my feelings though. I had a right to be skeptiacal about him. Over and over there were more and more women and more and more lies. I was getting the affectionate hugs that made me smile from the inside out and the “wanting to get to you know” conversations, but I never truly had his full attention and I knew that. I could tell by how he wouldn’t call me like he said he would. We’re in college and people talk, so I knew about all the other women. I still couldn’t let go though because he had me convinced that I was wrong for ever getting mad at him since we were young and not in a relationship, and I take things a lot more serious than my counterparts.

    I believe that Cancers are in touch with other peoples’ emotions and they can use that to their advantage. That is not a good thing when you’re dealing with a selfish Cancer who will do whatever it takes, including play with your emotions, to get what he wants. I had to release myself from him. No contact at all. I still run into him now and then though but we act as though we never knew each other. It’s two years later and I’m just really letting go of him completely. Like he wouldn’t let me go in the beginning, I’m having a hard time letting go of him now. But I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t always do what feels right especially when you know that the person cannot give you what you deserve. Everyone deserves to be respected and not lied to constantly.
    I think we both still care about each other but obviously not enough on his part. I feel as though even if he talked to so many women, I knew him differently than they did. I’ve heard people talk about who he is and that was not the person I ever saw, perhaps it was the Cancerian shell or him making me look foolishly. I don’t know which. All I know is that I wish I never met him because I’ve neve fell for anyone harder and never wished more that I had never met a person.

  4. Lynn

    @ Lynn,

    Hi guys..this is an update for my initial post here. I’m still with my Hun, cancer man… its been almost 7 months & we’re still going strong with our long distance relationship…I have to say he’s always in control, he decides what & where & when.. Does it bother me ?? Sometimes..just because I’d love more frequent contact( still the same issue, lol:) hopefully we’ll reach some comfortable medium soon.. He appreciates the fact that I’m patient, says that he loves me so so much, I’m 100 % positive of his loyalty to me..
    I love him very much & want to make him happy..he promised to make me happier than I ever been…he’s sweet..says that we have the deepest emotional, sexual & mental connection. & that I make him feel like no other woman could.. always interested in my day, never selfish.. He’s my dream man..I’m crazy about him..he’s everything I ever wished for in a man..

  5. Z

    leo female here…
    I’m not sure what to think about these inquiries…im skeptical. These are all mixed reviews. So, I fell in love with a cancer male because he just grew onto me with his sometimes childish humor, yet witty personlity and caring nature. We were good friends…and we would talk on the phone for hours on end. Always enjoyed conversating with him because of his personality. We have a lot in common and got along very well. We could easily come into agreement with many topics. Unfortunately, this guy seems confused, and very untrustworthy because of his flirtatious personality. Cheating is also a red flag dont you think? Now i was never into him in the not-just-friend manner, and i kept refusing to date him mainly because HE HAS A GF! ive known that from the get-go. Yet, he persisted to come onto me in our friendship falling harder for me as time went on. I finally caved in and decided to give him a chance at a possible relationship with me. He turned out to be a manipulator….and after 4 months of giving him time, he made his decision to be with her. I have never met such a selfish, sneaky individual in my entire life. I think hes a great person, dont get me wrong…but he is a selfish person who seems to love himself more than he loves whom hes with. Ive fallen hard for him, and ive never experienced such an intense, and genuine feeling of love from what he and i shared. I can picture myself with him…however, his games, and his mixed feelings are not something i want to put up with anymore. I cut him off for the time being. This was a tough thing to do, but im smarter than that…and dont need to keep dealing with him right now because he’s blinded by selfishness and stupidity when he doesnt realize that the person who loves him, and wants to make him happy has been in front of his nose all along, yet he doesnt want to let go of something he has right now that’s mediocre compaired to what he had with me. I may not know this for a fact, but i feel it in my veins. It’s real, and i would be prepaired to commit to him and be a wonderful partner. God help me. Someone or something help me. I’m irritated, and depressed.

  6. wonderwhy

    my experience with cancerian men:
    1. They indirectly approach situations, yes!
    2. They make you feel like you’re they’re world when you are IN THEIR PRESENCE, yes!
    3. They’re clingy, yes!
    4. .. but then act as though they’ve forgotten that you exist from time-to-time, yes!
    5. Very affectionate, yes!!!
    6. Will ignore you if they’re pissed, yes!
    7. Dependent on their friends & loves them too, yes!
    8. Will use you for their own selfish needs, yes!
    9. Wants a partner who is faithful and loving, yes!
    10. Willing to return the favor (#9: faithful), questionable!!!
    11. Can lie with ease, yes!
    12. Seems to have a sensitive side that you love but then a shallow and materialistic side that you despise, yes!
    13. Capable of putting your emotions on a roller coaster ride, yes!
    14. Wants the best of everything, yes!
    15. Loves you, maybe. But cares about himself and his needs 100x more, yes!!!
    16. Plays emotional games, yes!
    17. Will “play the field” A LOT, yes!

  7. Strap

    A cancer man approached me at a party. He was very funny and outgoing. After a couple of phone calls and dates…I totally fell for him. He says he feels the same way but i find myself being unhappy most of the time. When we are together it is great. He’s talkative, affectionate and his lovemaking is amazing!!! But when we are apart i have to drag conversation out of him and i have to watch what i say at all times. He is very moody and he can go into his shell and act as if I just totally screwed up. But then he will call me and everything is just fine. Not sure what i want to do about him. I would love to have a relationship with him but maybe im just too free spirited. I plan on sticking it out a little while longer because i love him and i don’t wont to give up on him.

    It’s Complicated

  8. leo4life

    I thought I should add that Cancer men are the most sneaky, ruthless, easily stimulated, inconsistant individuals on the planet! The Cancer Shell?? So easily crushed and soft on the inside. Sensitivity only helps them relate to children well because that’s what they are! Leo woman don’t be fooled by this…we can be naive!

  9. leo4life

    Leo\ cancer combination is great only because leo takes everything at face value. If we could stop focusing on the potential in a cancer man and look at him for what he really is we would go for a fire sign.

    Cancer men appear tough but are the weakest most self centered idividuals alive. They can be sweet and romantic for something in return. What everyone is calling moodiness is baseless pride and ego…their always wrong because their needs in life are always sexual and emotional. Its a mother and child relationship!

    Leo woman have u noticed how much energy u put into making him feel adequate. These guys are lost literally. They don’t know if their coming or going. And they will take u down with them. Selfish bastards!

    I can say that I love my leo husband to death and he has tamed the lion in me. But when I look back my growth has been stunted by this infant!

  10. Lady Leo jade

    I am very much so a Leo falling for very much so a cancer. He drives me crazy. The way our eyes lock it’s like a three fold utopian dream. I’ve been seeing him for the past month. For me I don’t fall for anyone or let them really see or get the best of me. I tend to move on to the next one quickly. I love being single but he brings something out in me I haven’t felt in so long. The first two weeks i really felt and believed this one was someone/something special. The things he would say to me and the way he words it , he leaves me speechless. It’s like there’s no one else in the world but me and him when were kissing or looking into each others eyes or just together. I see us being just crazy about each other. I feel
    as though I have been a bit much towards him kinda early on. I can’t help or hide how I feel though. He is now done a 180 on me. He started showing different signs of blowing me off. I didn’t take this very well. He is now hiding in his little cancer shell as I see it and now idk what to do. The connection is still there. I hadn’t seen him in 2 1/2 weeks and I thought it was over I saw him recently and it’s like it went right back to where we left it. But now he’s distanting himself from me again. I get nothing. It’s like here today – gone tomorrow. I’m
    so confused but he’s all that’s on my mind. I am trying to just back off and let him come back to me. He blows me off but then comes back as if nothing. I hope this works. Ladies good luck!

  11. Young Leo

    I am a young Leo girl (18 years old) and i think i’m madly in love with an older cancer male (he is 32/yikes!)

    I’m not sure how to attract him. I can be very loud when i am hyper, but i can be calm and settled. Sad thing…he’s only seen my wild side. How can i get him to not think of me as some wild young girl?

    I want him to recognize that i have a very sophisticated side of me, but i’m not sure how to make him feel comfortable enough. So many men try to make me theirs, but i am waiting for my dream cancer man to realize what he needs is right in his face. ALSO, he has a girlfriend but by the looks of it, things are getting rough and i think they might split soon.

    Any advice on how a young leo woman can amaze her older cancer dream man? I’m hopeless!

  12. ms leo

    I’m a leo woman and I just ended a one year relationship with a cancer man. Everything was so beautiful and great, and then it started to seem like my cancer wasn’t really who I thought he was. It seemed like he was always manipulating me into doing things he wanted me to do by doing things for me. And I don’t know about cancers, but I don’t think that’s how a relationship is supposed to be. I think you’re supposed to do things for someone because you love them and want to do it, not because you think you’ll get something in return. And he always did this thing where he criticized me in a nice and sneaky way, almost so that I didn’t know it was an insult, I guess so that I wouldn’t get mad at him. After a while I started to doubt that anything he did or said was sincere so I broke up with him. I don’t know if I was just being paranoid or not, but I might have made the worst mistake of my life and I don’t know what to do. 🙁

  13. lisa

    I disagree with this as well. I am a very strong Leo, and Cancers are way too sensitive, I always feel like I am going to hurt their feelings to the point of I AVOID cancers like the plague.

  14. Sharon

    I love my Cancer man. He is the most understanding, caring, sensitive as well as moody person that I know. I have broken down his barriers and he no longer is paying his cards close to his chest, he is forthcoming and very open with me..FINALLY! I knew before he did how I felt and where we were headed. Him being the Cancer that he is was more apprehensive and taking his feelings slowly.. So slowly he tried to dump me back in February..Why?? Because he was scared of how hard he was falling for me. He is extremely clingy and ver affectionalte and constantly wants to have physical contact. He shows Public Displays of Affection and won’t hesitate to hold my hand. Fast forward to now we are planning a 2012 wedding and working on getting custody of his kids and spending the rest of our lives together. I love him and are so much in love with him my heart hurts.

  15. Julie

    I’m a leo woman and I recently met a cancer man . When I first met him , he seemed whiny and boring , but then we started talking and the conversation just kept on going , we had so much to talk about and he had a great sense of humor and then we’d laugh at childish jokes and people around us were basically sleeping . He seemed such a sweet person, plus he is very good-looking and I’d like to get to know him better but he lives far from where I live and I forgot to ask his number . I think one of my friends did , though . So maybe I’ll just ask them ..

  16. AngelK

    I too, a Leo female madly in Love with a Cancer man. Since two or more years ago. Last summer he and I had dinner together at his house, movie night, a hang-out night that was waaaaayyy over due……..before we knew it, we looked each other in the eyes, and it was ON! That was the most passionate, best kissing and make-out session we have ever had! We didn’t go farther, but it was so close. We snuggled and fell asleep on the couch. I night that CANNOT ever be forgotten. Ladies, have you ever had one of these nights? So romantic! Without going into “details” about our budding friendship/relationship over the years, we managed to lose track of each other at one point last year late….and he began dating a jealous woman. He has contacted me on a couple of occasions recently this month, missing me, but didn’t want to “stir anything up” with her. He’s got himself stuck living with her, and I am trying hard not to find excuses for why he chose her over me. But regardless, he misses me and our friendship. He dares not tell her about me, and he wishes we could be better friends. But not while she is around.

    Tomorrow is his 30th b-day (we are both turning 30 this year), and I plan to hand deliver a “simple” b-day card to him.

    That was long-winded, I know…..but I like what I read above. There have been many articles online that give cancer-leo matches a lukewarm reputation. But this one makes the most sense, esp when I compare it it my experience with my Joe. I have been heartbroken by him by his words since this relationship stgarted of his, but I have been the most patient and understanding with him. And I told him what matters the most is his happiness to me. He appreciates that. I hope all that I am to him is what will win his heart in the long run. But time will only tell.

    I know she is not the love of his life (he divorced from a woman he was seperated from for 2 years) because he and I loved each other while he was going through his amicable divorce. He wanted nothing to do with an overly serious relationship after it was said and done…and now here he is, with a rebound chick and the complete opposite of what a cancer needs. She is so jealous of everything he does and all the women he talked to. Which is why he could never show me, introduce me, etc.

    I am a Leo woman, and in love with a beautiful, lost cancer man. I hope my patience will pay off in the end.

    Great article….!


  17. Heidi

    Also Ringo Starr & Maureen Cox (:

    But yes, I think this is a great combo. I’d agree. Although I haven’t been with a Cancer, I can see myself getting with one :3 they know how to “tame” me, naturally.

  18. Emma

    This is TRUE. I know a lot of couples who are Cancer man and Leo woman. They complement each other very well. My ex was a Cancer and he and I still talk until now. We still say “i love you” (as a friend) to each other. And no matter who we are dating, it’s he and i who talks at the end of the day. It’s like we are best friends for eternity. And the odd thing is, even though we are seeing other people, he and i still talk about ending up with each other when each of our relationships don’t work.

  19. Lynn

    Hi…..This is my 1st cancer man, its amazing…I mean we’re soo compatible..he told me that he loves me after the first date….and he’s not a crazy teen or anything, he’s almost 40, divorsed with a child….my only issue is that he doesn’t feel the need to keep contact as often as I do( we live 5 hours driving from eachother) but he told me to have faith & believe in him,, I hope I’m not waisting my time…..

  20. Katie

    Hmmm…I was actually surprised to see such a high rating between a Cancer man/Leo woman. I’ve gone down that road twice and both times it ended badly. Then again I’m not exactly typical Leo. I’m currently exploring options with a Leo man and even though it was only rated 8/10, so far so good!

    Thanks for your insight….it really helped.

  21. Leah

    Wow….this is describing exactly how my new relationship with a cancer guy is unfolding. I have been in about a dozen relationships but I have never fallen in love until I met this very special guy. I feel this is something incredible. It’s so accurate!

  22. D

    I’m a cancer man and that is like so true because I there was this girl I went to Jr. High with and hooked up wit here later in high school and she was a leo we are not in a relationship anymore but when ever we run in to each other we both got big silly smiles on are face and we still keep in contact every blue moon or if a number changes lol

  23. rosie

    thanks 4 this,,,since reading,,i think im gonna give this cancer guy a try…so inspiring ( :

  24. K

    Wow, agree with someone’s entry I always hear cancer and leo is an ok match. I believe want was written was absolutley true. My cancer man has a power over me that i never thought could be possible… I have always been told im too strong and that i need to tone it down so men could come forward w/o feeling insecure. He is a beautiful giving man…it’s the little things that got me. I wasn’t expecting it and it happen…at a friends work party…funny how life works. I think we def. balance each other and I have to say he is not boring. He is a July cancer is that makes a difference. Oh the only thing that drives me crazy at times about him is his moodiness….but i gotta say he’s worth it. I see a lot of women wanting my man and sometimes its a turn on and other times the LION wants to come out. Dammmmn over protective leos…lololol he calls me jealous…oh well 3+ years and still going strong : )

  25. A Leo Woman

    I agree the mood swigs are irritaing but..everything else about him over powers that flaw. {personally}

  26. Sharon

    I’m in love with a Cancer man and I am a strong Leo woman. You’re article was 100% right on point! Describe my man to a “T”. We have only been together 6 weeks(but who’s counting) it’s a Long Distance Relationship. I see him every weekend. Not only is he a beautiful person on the inside he is just as beautiful on the outside.
    I have finally met my match. We will be getting married next summer!

  27. jason

    I’m a cancer man, and my wife is leo. In our mid-thirties, been married 6 years. Your article is very accurate. We are in love completely. As a cancer I love giving affection, and as a leo she loves receiving it. The only single thing that has dropped slightly is the lovemaking, its not as animalistic as when we were dating. We have talked about and cannot fathom how other couples can just stop loving each other and get divorced. That thought is so very foreign to both of us. I am a testament that leo women and cancer men are very, very compatible indeed with a love that lasts.

  28. nancy

    Why didn’t you go for it the first time? If you don’t mind sharing, we could all learn something.

  29. dana

    I’m in love with a cancer man who probably has forgotten I exist! We danced around each other for almost a year with nothing really taking place! Oh how I regret that, I’ve never been so attracted to a man and still isn’t. Its been about 2 yrs and I think about him often. I’ll go for it next time!

  30. P

    I’m taken back by this article. I am a leo woman and I’ve been talking to a cancer male. Nothing serious as of now but I do see how we are compatable. This is the most positive article that I’ve read on this match. Interested in seeing if things can be as good as they soud.. Seems very difficult to find someone who’s on the same page…….crossed fingers*

  31. She

    I am a leo, and I have recently reconnected with a cancer friend of mines that I haven’t seen in over 10 years and although I wasn’t looking for love, it seems to be staring me in my face, in such a short period of time, i’m slowly melting for him…

  32. Sarah(:

    I’m a Leo woman and have dated a few Cancer men, and in my experience, it’s really great at first and feels like I’ll never love anybody this much again, but after the passion dies I realize how unbelievably boring Cancer is. He never wants to go out or party, because his idea of fun is lying in bed and cuddling. And of course I do love cuddling, but not every single time. He never wants to hang out with anybody else, and after a while there’s nothing to talk about and the sex isn’t even fun anymore. It was absolutely great while it lasted, but I think a Leo needs a man that can keep up with her, like an Aries.

  33. D

    Have become very good friends with a Cancer male. However, he is already taken. It sucks though because I do feel as though we could be a great match with understanding. I know them to be loyal so not that I wish anything on his current relationship, but I don’t think I will ever get my chance. (I’m a leo)

  34. Cass

    I am with a Libran now and things are not working out. I have a crush on my best male friend who happens to be a Cancerian. We’ll see how things go…

    I am a Leo by the way.

  35. Nicky

    I felt this article portrayed the leo cancer relationship very well. I am a leo woman, who does seek a man who is stronger, “in the right way”. I have found this for the first time in my cancer. He is a patient protector, but so gentle, it melts my heart.

  36. Sian

    I am leo lady who is definately going to spend my life with a cancer man.I’m a sucker for sensitive men who on the other hand can protect you without a doubt.

  37. nancy

    There are other good matches and more than one Cancer man in this world, each slightly individual and different.

  38. Dara

    Woow I’m really shocked by the wording as it really 100% right, the only man I loved in my life was cancer no one else ever attracted me as I’m myself a leo woman although I heard a lot that it doesn’t work!! What I only concerned about in this relation is the mood swings of the cancer man, is it the only 10/10 relation in this site?

  39. delhimedico

    Wonderful, finally a reading which talks positively about a Cancer man and a Leo woman. Echoes my own inner feelings for my Cancer man so very well. Way to go!

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