Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Libra Couples:

Bodhi and Jenna Elfman, Dan Akroyd and Carrie Fisher, Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear

This relationship invites negative polarization along gender bent lines — that is, she winds up acting like a poor imitation of a man while he acts like a poor imitation of a woman.  They can be crabby and bossy, making each other miserable.  it helps if they fall into roles where he can be nurturing and she gets to be business like.  She should run things, being better at it by nature, but both signs are cardinal and neither is likely to give up control.  If he tries to exercise the male prerogatives she can do a particularly ugly version of passive aggressive.  This is also a prime example of the elemental dictum, “Air tortures water.”  The more hurt and vulnerable Cancer, the water sign becomes, the more distant and cold the air sign Libra gets, finally approaching the point of real cruelty to Cancer’s sensitivities.

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How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Libra Woman:

Show him how you like to take control.   He’ll hate you for it later but it’s a real turn on at the start.  He likes a clean, “fresh” look, soft colors, a little fluff with the Board Room Aire.  You can be such an intriguing combination of yin and yang.  He will appreciate what a good conversationalist you are since he lacks that skill set.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Cancer Man:  Compliments will get you everywhere.  They don’t even need to make sense.  Most of all, tell her how beautiful she Is.

Degree of Romance:

No two people will ever try harder to play the romantic parts but I’ll save you the frustration.  You don’t really go well together that way.

Degree of Passion:

Can’t go here either.

Degree of Friendship:

This is out, too.

Degree of Marriage:

After an initial period of infatuation, you’re likely to fight about everything, never realizing what’s underneath it is that you both need to run the show.  Libra’s normal diplomacy and ability to compromise is predicated on her being in charge.  If she begins to sense (after the honeymoon is over), that this never was and never will be the basis of the relationship, she will be harder to get along with than her Evil Twin Aries.  Her abrasive pushiness, constant nagging and passive aggressive ploys like “Oh I’m so sorry.   I didn’t mean to have your cat neutered while you were gone” will drive him into the most childish pout that ever unbecame a grown man.   He may also display whininess and petulance as well as getting clingy just to get on her nerves.  Anyone in the presence of a Libra long enough is going to find their own version of passive aggression.

Progression of Relationship:

At this point, the beginning, they will be conducting the “perfect” relationship.  He will be doing everything his mother told him to do and she will be Miss Goodie Two Shoes.  Later on out comes the battle axe and screams of “That’s not FAIR.”  These two are also voted most likely to be heard saying those four nasties, “I told you so!”  They are pleading to an imaginary court.  She expects Athena, Goddess of Just Wars, to come to her aid, while he is secretly trying to invoke the Furies.  When they finally realize it’s all in their own head – there is no Greek Chorus — no one else cares, is listening or hears — then It’s over.


Sex can be complicated by paybacks and iou’s.  It’s hard to imagine how complicated something so natural can become.  The chemistry between these two seems to produce withholds and sandbagging which are most likely to be expressed in the bedroom.

When It’s Over:

Years later she’ll still be keeping score while his mother never misses a chance to tell him “I told to it would never work out.”

Our Rating: 2 /10

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  1. cancynancyMay 13, 2017 at 10:54 am

    I am a 20 year old cancer, with Libra rising.

    During the last few years, many people around me noticed that I have changed from an emotionally dependant, sensitive but adoring Cancer to an almost pure libran.

    The only things that show my “cancery” side are when I am around children, animals and elderly people. I just adore them and never bother to hide it=).

    Another thing is that I still tend to be a tiny bit insecure and sensitive at times. But instead of lashing out, I sit back and think things through, which works for me.

    So, my story would be as following:

    I am a very dedicated martial artist and my teacher (turning 33 in December) happens to be a sagittarius. I do not know his rising sun yet, but he told me that he’d tell me his time of birth as soon as he knows it himself. I am planning on finding out myself, otherwise I’m never going to know ;). That’s a Sag for you, I guess^^.

    So, the thing is: I am not in love with him, not really.

    But the sexual tension between us is INSANE. I am not imagining things, I’ve had enough times to sit back, observe and analyze him. But there’s still one piece missing: the rising sun. I need to know in order to be able to properly finish my thoughts.

    Anyways, to make it shorter, I would like to list a few things about this guy and some of his reactions towards me.

    There will be 3 groups: “Compliments”, “Teasing” and “Various”. Here we go=):


    He told me many times that he’s extremely proud of me at the way I keep getting better and better at what I do.

    He tells me that other should take me as an example, as I am very interested in everything he says and all the stories he tells. I just want to learn everything there is, which I think he likes enormously.

    He really like that I am striving to be the best I can be, especially at my age.

    He likes the way my mind works and how focused and decided I appear to be at all times.

    He likes my wit and my very flirtatious and sexually oriented teasing (not actually directed at him), but he either laughs out loud or puts his head in his hands unbelievingly xP… Maybe I am too much=)?

    When we (our entire class) go out, which happens more and more frequently, he’s always the first to point out how pretty I am or how good I look.

    He also told me a few times that he thinks that I am very wise for my age, that he likes the way that I “joker/devilishness” back and that I have become a very, very important member of the school, even though I haven’t been training for long (approx. 7 months).

    So how come people say that Sagittarians aren’t able to give compliments? He’s amazing at it =D. (Need rising sun. NOW.)


    Last weekend we all went out and he, as always, drank a LOT=). He can take it really well tough, it only heightens his own deviousness and readyness to flirt, which I like a lot, obviously^^.

    There was always this other guy (he’s the same age as my teacher, but only a fellow student), whom I like very much, but strictly as a friend only. There’s just nothing going on between us at all.

    The funny thing is, that everytime we’re going out (the entire group), I always happen to sleep over at his place or at the same place as him. We are also bantering and arguing a LOT, all in good fun.

    So, as our group has been discussing astrology for almost an hour, my teacher suddenly speaks up and asks, out of the blue: “So, young Lady, what do you think about the compatibility between you and Tom?”

    I’m like: “How? Sexually? The aggressive potential is definitely there^^!”, one of my usual answers. I never cut back on honesty. You ask a question like that? Be ready to get one hell of an answer=).

    Funny thing is, that just beforehand, he asked me what my rising sun was (after claiming he wasn’t interested in astrology at all. I just carried on talking, and there it is: Interest.) and I replied: Libran.

    He went like: “Oh, we Sags get along with those.”

    I immediately and bluntly said: “Yeah, especially sexually.”

    His reaction was non-existent, which is totally fine=).

    I don’t need nor want reactions to everything I say. Just saying them is great to me.

    So, anyways, he keeps teasing me about “Tom”, but more to that later. Btw, I teased him about a femal student whom he always hangs around with and said: You two wouldn’t be very compatible on an astrological level (she’s a Cancer with rising sun CANCER. Yeah, emotional much^^?). Try the sex instead.” and he immediately went like: “No, I can’t do that, she’s my student…” in a seriously BASHFUL tone. What=)?! A bashful Sag? Really?

    Now come the more “juicy” parts, meaning: where the tension went skywards.

    As we left the restaurant we decided to go and visit a few bars (we were out until 6 a.m. Yeah, holy smoke indeed.) and we were always walking in groups of 2-3 persons.

    I almost never walked beside my teacher, but when I did (3 times, with 1-2 hours in between), the conversations were very, very interesting. Here a few highlights:

    He told me (not flat out, more like: “Btw…”) that,the only relations acceptable to him at the moment were physical ones.

    After I asked him about “names” (’cause he mentioned something about “My Venus rests in….”), he replied that there were none, but that he KNOWS that his next romantic interest is going to turn up next year.

    In the same conversation I asked him: “Do you know what you want?”. And wow, he just looks at me from the side with this very badass-predator-look, quickly looks me up and down and says: “I KNOW what I want.”

    But dammit, we weren’t able to keep that conversation up, ’cause the others caught up to us and broke us apart. Oh well, there’s always next time=).

    And the last and juiciest one:

    Right after I arrived (I was the last one to get there and it was right before dinner), I was quickly kissing everybody (on the cheeks) and when I got to my teacher, I asked him: “Are you going to greet me=)?” and he said, “Alright, just this once.”, got up and did the same.

    At the end of the evening, when we were saying our goodbyes, I went to him to kiss him on the cheeks and he went like: “No, not this time.” and turned away.

    The great thing is: I didn’t care in the least, on purpose.

    And I guess that this bothered him a LOT=).

    Because, after everybody said their goodbyes and were waiting for him, he came up to me (seriously close. I mean REALLY close), rested his hand on my butt and asked: “With tongue or not?”. I was way too baffled and tired to answer with wit or “do the deed”, but he only laughed and we kissed on the cheeks.


    I talked to “Tom” (who is the same age as my teacher) who knows my teacher really well and asked him how serious he meant the thing about the kiss. Because I told him that next time, there was no way in hell that I would back down.

    I even texted my teacher the same night: “Next time you’re asking for a french-kiss, be ready to get one.”

    And Tom told me: “He is not someone who backs down from these things. As far as I know him, he would go all the way, probably not without hesitation. He wouldn’t put up a big resistance, though, because you’re a seriously gorgeous girl with a boatload of sex-appeal.”

    And I will not back down next time either. If he comes up to me like that again: Bring. It. On.

    I like to play with fire, and apparently, so does he=).

    As a last thing:

    The next time we had our regular training, everything was back to normal again, which is more than fine. I don’t want this to interfere in my training.

    What I have noticed though is that my teacher is “sparring” against me a lot more often and demonstrates a lot of thing on me instead on the more advanced students like he used to.

    But I’m more than okay with that, because if he wants to help me to get better I am not going to turn him down.

    He also helps me a LOT with the classes on a financial level. He keeps offering me things, like taking over fees in order for me to attend classes, which I like a lot, because I am always happy to accept financial help. I am not broke, but I am an apprentice, so yeah=).

    My mother keeps telling me: “Be careful with that, because maybe one day, he will want something in return.”

    I went like: “Mum, what can he possibly want from me that I am NOT willing to give him?”

    Mum: “True.”

    Yeah, my mum’s awesome=).

    So, you guys. What do you think of all that?

    You are the ones with the Sagittarius-experiences.

    I believe that he only wants to play and flirt, but I’d still love to hear your opinions^^!

    Good Night

  2. live and let live
    worst lies are the ones you tell yourself

  3. I’m a libra woman with venus in scorpio and I must say that relationship with cancer men are not easy, most of all guys i have dated are cancers. it needs lots of time, works and understandings. However, she is patient enough for his feeling and he is open enough to share his thoughts then it would be a great relationship because the passion is there.

  4. nightmare !
    worst match ever !

  5. I am a Libra woman with a Cancer man for 6 years. Many things in this article are very accurate. We are very close friends, we verybrarely argue, Cancer gives that protection we Libras need to feel. However, the initial charm and passion fades very quickly with this match. We lack the chemistry to have deep connections on a spirtual/soul level. Libra often can feel overwhelmed with him. They are great friends.

  6. Didn’t even last 6 months with a cancer man
    Too insecure, did not want to go out and do anything, and I couldn’t have guy friends. This is the worst match.

  7. I’m a Cancer Man with Capricorn Rising and I am dealing with one of those Wild Libras that burst out loud with a lot of laughter, but she is totally in a struggle to decided if she should take a chance on me or listen to her co-workers opinion about me and they are threatening her to stay away from me at the same time, and that makes me feel small because she gave me so much attention and love in the first couple of months, then she went cold because her boss pulled me the office and said ‘she’s not interested’ and I said to my self ‘How Could this be? I knew then that might be lying, but maybe she really did say that I don’t really know at this time, but I can say that I found out that she has been looking on my Facebook Page and I write messages for her to see since I can send her a friend request because all of her co-workers on there. She responds with messages about me but I am still not convince if she will eventually stop caring about what her boss and coworkers say and finally say I want my Cancer. I really hope she choose me and not give up on me because they have kept her away from me for 4 months straight and I am so scared that I might loose you for good. Because time can kill all the passion and Love especially if someone else is making sure you don’t have that Libra Women Love, in which I so desperately need. Somebody please give me so help!!!! So that I can get to her…

  8. I’m a Cancer male. N oh boy does it hit right on the head. Been with my libra for 5 yrs. N the last 3 have been hell. Lol. But the sex is amazing. Passion yup, all there. Libra if you don’t give her space or respect that she diente know how to ask for, then all hell will break loose. They like you take control in the beginning, but after u wonder what happened. Unless u work as a partner up front n discuss roles you both will play it will never work.

  9. I had a libra girlfriend before.. we were riding a roller coaster like any other relationships.. I gave her all the attention and patience that she always wanted.. we were planning to get married after we graduate in college.. I truly loved and trusted like no other..

    until I caught her cheating on me through one of my friends.. my friend saw her on a bar and took a picture of her kissing with some guy he then followed them when they went inside a motel.. He showed the picture to me, after seeing it my heart was crushed.. I felt like everything was falling apart.. hurt, anger and pure rage coursed through my soul. what the hell!.. I thought To all cancer men out there, watch out for libras!.. they are players, cheaters and liars!..

  10. I have to say that yes cancer men seem to be very seltered within themselves but the cancer guy I am seeing knows just what to say to calm me down when I’m outta wack. Its all about compromise with us. Sometimes I take the back seat and other times he takes the back seat. We seem to get along pretty well besides his distant behavior and lack of commnication at times. I can be Moody so I can deal with Moody as long as its communicated to me that you need some time. I’m laid back and we are great together although we clash at times. Whoever wrote must have ran into a libra in distress lol wow! We love to know that your loyal and we love to feel secured.

  11. My cancer man is the complete and total opposite of me and although it does drive me nuts that he has trouble seeing things from anothers point of view and we do clash ALOT lol these things are also why i love him and need him..he is everything i lack and vice versa..together (on a good day) we make one complete well rounded person..yes we argue and when we do its horrible and the worst ever…but when its good its the best ever and worth it all…

  12. I have never read anything so negative…there was not one good point made about them as a couple or as individuals…i have read many,many compatibility charts and not one of them said anything remotely close to this… i know from other charts,books,etc and from my own experience, that while libra and cancer have many differences, they can also be one of the best matches of the zodiac signs..i mean wow was this person having a crappy day when they wrote this or what? NO passion, NO romance, NOT even friendship..i think all of the comments AFTER were much more accurate and FAIR..just my libran two cents =)

  13. I don’t entirely agree with this rating. SOME Cancer men I actually like a lot. Oh yeah, they can be annoyingly moody and overly sensitive, but somehow (in me, at least) they bring out a tenderness in me that I never feel with other men. I have moon in Leo though, so maybe that’s why?
    However! 2 things that really bother me about Cancer men: 1. They’re indiscriminate woman-lovers. They’re just fascinated with women in general, and love their company (I think this is especially true for MOON in Cancer men), and that just doesn’t fly with me. I have to be the absolute, number one, unrivaled woman. Period. 2. Some Cancer men are irritatingly dreamy and spaced out and lack a certain common sense. Like, they lose stuff all the time and forget (really, truly, just forget) to reply to texts, etc. Maybe it just comes with the softness.
    Still, I’d personally give this combo an 8/10. At least.

  14. I’m Lindsey (libra) I’ve been with my man derek (cancer) for over 7 years, he is the best thing that ever happened to me! We may disagree from time to time but we almost never fight, so I feel we are the perfect match!! So it’s possible, so don’t judge a man ( women) by there sign if u love someone and they treat u right that’s all that’s all that matters! You can’t help who u love!!!! Peace,love& happiness

  15. hailtothecrabNovember 3, 2011 at 1:37 am

    I have a ton of female friends that are Libra, one of which is a very good friend of mine. I’ve figured out how Libras work, which is perhaps hard for the normal Cancer man to take up, so here’s some advice.

    The most important thing I’ve found out about women under Libra is that they hate being smothered with attention. They like their space and they really like their independence. Libra is one of the most detached signs of the zodiac along with Aquarius and it’s always best to always really be at an arms length. Also, justice is #1 to Libra so be fair, on time, etc. And be real, I can’t stress that enough – feel free to disagree with her when you see fit, in fact she’ll like you even more for having your own opinion.

    Libra women love people, so it’s good to always just let her socialize. That’s her element. In this regard it’s like dating a Sag, they socialize and even flirt with other men but have you as their #1. The scale may have an inanimate exterior but they really do care deep down. Also, be prepared for flip floping of ideas/plans/etc. much in the style of a scale.

    Would I ever give this relationship a chance? Sure. All because libra women are not alike. One Libra woman I know is loud, parties hard and partakes in risky behavior while another one is very quiet and bashful, and is more of the type to crawl into bed on a friday night. It can work nicely given the right Cancer and the right Libra.

  16. I’m a libra woman, just broke things off with my cancer. One word- Ugh!! He was so boringggggggg all he ever wanted to do was stay home and watch games and drink with his friends. And who was stuck cleanin? -me! I’m an extremely social person and this was just ridiculous. On top of that he was very irresponsible, I had to constantly tell him to get things done! I felt like his mom or something. I’m glad that’s over.

  17. Also, Sam Mendes is a Leo not a Cancer. Kate White is a Virgo. Dan Akroyd is married to Donna Dixon who is a Leo and Carrie Fisher is married to Paul Simon, a Libra.

    • @Stephanie: Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon were married less than a year, though I think they dated off and on after that. Carrie Fisher and Dan Aykroyd were once engaged. You were right about the others. Thank you for catching those.

  18. I’m married and this is totally true. I’m a libra with a cancer rising but we still fight! Cancers are too sensitve about everything!

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