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  1. Hermosa Thomas

    Im an Pisces women talking to an Cancer man . We Never Actually Meet Eye To Eye Yet but on the phone it seems like the perfect couple . Me and him schedule dates with each other but its either he’s with his friend’s and doesn’t have time .Pisces women Cancer Man ,has to much Pride and if he sees that losing his friend to chill with the person he knows he like is getting in the way he’s going to have a lot of lie’s and excuses. an Pisces women like I doesn’t like excuses and lie’s but only for you to keep it 100% with her so she doesn’t waste her time focus on something that’s just full of excuse’s Cancer man are Known for being strong and if staying with there cool friend’s is being strong their going to stick with it . well Ive stop calling him and decided we just should remain as friend’s But now he doesn’t want to be friend’s he cant resist being that with me NOW HE WANTS TO SCEDULE DATES. Should I Talk Back With Him Or Just Stick To The Friends. I Believe Sometimes You Don’t Know What You Got Until You Lose It.

  2. brett carvalo

    well there is this Pisces woman who is my neighbor and I am a Cancer man. one night we talked for a while and it was amazing how much we have in common, as far as life experience goes. one of the things she talked about really made me sad, because her experience reminds me of my own.

    then she told me this is why she is not interested in starting a new relationship with anyone just yet, because she is afraid to get close to anyone, this mirrors my own problem.

    well the next day we were hanging out with friends, and one of our mutual friends decides to invite this other guy over, I guess to hook her up, but she doesn’t really like him like that. so it kind of made it uncomfortable for me.

    i also offered to get her something from the carry out since she cant really afford to splurge and she refused.

    but yet she wants to do things for me which I would feel guilty about. she even folds my clothes.

    however when im alone with her she is very shy or distant. and its not like I just want to get in her pants, but I want to really connect mentally, I just have not told her yet.

    well, yesterday I was really kind of low, because I miss my family and they are far away, and she asked me if I was ok, and I said no, but she left instead of talking to me ( I would have told her why, but I guess she is not ready for anything too heavy)

    so today I know this guy was probably over to visit and hang out with her and another friend of ours, and who knows what he tried to convince her to do, I know if he was too fast it would probably have upset her at this point, and I don’t want to see anyone just use her. and yes im a little jealous and don’t like the fact that this other friend is putting pressure on her like that, I kind of get the feeling it has to do with the fact that this other friend wanted me at one time, but I never went after it. so that’s a whole other dynamic.

    everything she told me she values is the same thing I value. we even have almost the same life story, its weird, but im so afraid to admit how I feel since I know she needs time to mend from her last relationship.

    today I didn’t even get to talk to her, she was in her place but I didn’t even knock, its too late anyway.

    should I keep my distance?

    should I just tell her?

    she keeps dropping little hints about things that are obviously meant to draw my attention, but then acts completely the opposite. on the one hand subtly welcoming and on the other she acts as if im strange.

    at this point im really not sure what to do.

  3. Michelle Rogers

    Im a Pisces girl and have been wit my Cancer man for about 5 years. It has been a very turbulent relationship from the start. Both of us are very insecure, possesive, stubborn and have big mouths when in heated arguements. We have both cheated in the past due insecurity and it is a constant subject of our arguements . But nothing has ever kept us apart for long. I am his first love. And he is my ideal everything I need in a man. Alpha male aggressive in control. He is 6ft2 im 5ft tiny. That my femininity and innocence with a firey feisty attitude (aries moon) is what attrated him . I feel like he knows me better than I do. The sex is out of this world and has been from day one. We blew each other away the first time we slept together. It was more than sex it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I was a promiscuous Pisces girl before I met him so that says a lot. after 5 years is still as passionate as ever. We are both massively attracted to one another he is the love of my life. Makes me feel protected, beautiful and very loved. We argue constantly but always because we both want to reassure and be reassured we are still loved by one another always. He is my soul mate and I am his. We have broken up numerous times over the year’s. I am the one to walk away when I cant put up with his mood’s or sometimes overbearing love. He will not let it happen and gives me space then comes back to win me over again. It keeps us fresh I think. Thank god he’s persistant and patient and understands how sensitive I am.. Im lucky to have him. Not too mention he is absolutely gorgeous, tall dark and strikingly hansome. Typical of the Cancer male appearence we hear so much about. I am a typical dramatic Pisces girl waiting to be swept off her feet and saved and he is my strong knight in shining armour Cancer man ready to do that a thousand time’s over to show me just how special and loved I am. I love you my babe x.

  4. Sheena Portnoy

    I’m 52 years old I’m a Pisces. I’ve been having an affair with a Cancer man, who’s 36 years old. We are both married, and of course not happy at home. I know I should feel guilty, but my husband shows me no love, and we’ve been married for 26 yrs. This affair lasted almost 5 years. He was our handy man, and working at the house. He was here for 3 months. During that time I became attracted to him. When he finished the job, I couldn’t bare seeing him leave. His last day, we drank wine, and I made a pass at him. I tripped over the rug and fell into his arms. We kissed. That’s when it started.

    During these 4 years I tried to break it off, because he said from the beginning that we could not fall in love. I would try to break it off he would say “I’ll never find anyone like you, at least we have our memories”. He never listened and would keep calling, and I gave in because I really didn’t want to call it off.

    Finally I found the words to say. I told him that Rick and I were happy. It was a lie because I love him. I knew it wouldn’t work because of the age difference. I broke it off in Feb., and he told me in April he was getting a divorce. Then in May he started seeing someone and moved right in with her. Tell me what’s going on here, I also need to know how I can get over him. I don’t think he can afford to live alone, and she does have a good job. I don’t know if he’s in love with her or not, or she with him.

  5. Checkpoint 2

    Me, scared to and extent – yes, but I do hope I’ll be able to get beyond that, I find it especially hard to trust again but I hope come 2016, I’ll be able to let my guards down and allow a potential life partner I’ve been observing for some time now (then again thats if he wants to take to that next level), the opportunity of restoring my faith in that regard…and I pray he wouldn’t disappoint or let me down, but ever remain loyal, honest and faithful, then without a doubt, I do see myself sharing the rest of my life with him….already I’m deeply inlove with him and it scares me because I DO fear getting my heart ripped….a relationship with love and loyality, I’ll take that….(wow cant believe I actually said all that out loud*deep-breath-deep*)

  6. Unknown

    I beg to differ….if it does, why is it that the longer time passes, is the more it hurts? I know why, Its because one keeps picking on the wounds.

    You know what heals everything, peace….peace with the past so it doesnt spoil your present, all time really does is that it replace memories, you never really get over it, but you do get to the point where it doesnt bother you so much anymore.

    Once you start creating new memories, you know you’re getting to that point. I Promise.

  7. ADD E

    Rebirth is truly essential for spiritual growth..old patterns that are no longer useful are let go and you emerge as a new person. It is painful, tragic, uplifting and empowering all at once…Old bonds are broken to make way for the new..It is for the better my friend..The cycle must begin for there us no delaying or postponing it. ..what has to happen will happen..Always remember, nothing lasts forever..Find true beauty in the transience of life and you’l learn to live life forever..

    Bye bye my friend.

  8. fish no more

    i actually had a similar experience…where they was this ‘connection’…but it was a toxic one..i had to undergo extensive psychic healing and therapy to cut that empathic bond..a specialist told me that after 7 years…new soul energies manifest within each individual and they dont tend to be soulmates ne more…process is called rebirth..interesting stuff..

  9. Mrs. Chimerical Hotness

    Okay, first lets look at how we keep ourselves confined by allowing entry but no exit…..Truth be told, we sometimes underestimate how much of an engrossing effect our emotions have on us and our otherwise rational logic and nature. Often times we try to numb and distract ourselves for as long as we can until it becomes ineveitably obvious that we lead ourselves to believe that absolutely nothing we do will make us feel ok again…..even if we are able to cover up our emotional restlessness, the negative feelings still remain unmoved and we become resentful even to our own well being, deriving a negative sense of self-esteem and self worth based on how people treat us, usually in a bad situation, and then we suffer and go into a deep state of depression (from the past) and anxiety (towards the future) and this isn’t really a gender issue persay but a human condition.

    But once we are at Peace (we are in the present). So to free yourself; crash back to earth and deal with the resentment of your own peace head on, thing is, once we stop licking our our wounds and stop revisting the pain from the past, the feeling of tranquility and calm will set in.

    Evaluate yourself, do you like who you’ve become, that the never ending emotional distraught has brought you to this place…and if the answer is NO then its time to dispel all negative misconceptions that has mucked up your existence, almost like taking off a Bandaid – one motion – and thats OFF! , so pretty much in the same regard, set yourself free and LIVE!

    Happy Sunday 🙂

  10. hey!

    Let it go bro, jus let it go, stop beating up urself like that, not worth ur time n energy! Go and nourish that tree you have planted and set urself free.

  11. hey there!

    no pain in ma azz or nethin..lulz..don care if she move on or sumthin..i wanta ev1 to b happy…i am only askin thos cuntt an otha ashols, are you also doin the same shyt to her current “true other half” also??are you pulling ur shyt from youz anus an trowing on him also??so give me reason why u do to me?whot rong am do to you?

    levae it bro..my motha told me..u live once..better live with love in heart every day..sumtyms life is giving too much guano..you calmly take that guano and plant trees :)..my motha and notmy pisces betch brotha (LOL) xerox copies bro..aquas..but imma keep only one in my lyf in this lyftym 😉

  12. hey there!

    My ex wife is a pisces…total cray bitch if you ask me..in the beginning when our paths crossed it was sooo effin awesome it was as though a higher power had bought us together.but what turned out a a 7 year horror show..hate that cunt..

    i found out she was a cheater(have her lusty+ fuckface fotos for poof)…you now the kind a says 1 thng does somethin else..total maleficient betch..i only got along with her brother hated and was hated by every one else…her so called friends..her cuzzins etc..
    her parents were cool though

    it was misery right from the start..i called her up to get her email…i wanted to make it happen..i was humiliated and called despo and what not..some cuntt said it was a booty call..my mom told me to be careful and focus on findin myself and not some soulmate so shit lyk dat…that pisces cunt was a total fucker,,,now she move on
    as if its nothin!!found her replacement man..or whateva..fuckin betch…

  13. selina

    Cancer men are very sensitive and you must keep on showing them what next,they take time to think,but hey are perfectionist.Im a pisces dating Cancer man and i whish i can see all the good staff i heard about them .Thanx

  14. okay so I am a 16 year old Pisces dating a 17 year old cancer man and I only feel in love with him sometimes and , always treats me well but I treat him like shit n I get sensitive ASF but cancer men are romantic , sexy , sweet , nice and we’ve been dating 6 months now I’m so in love with him n he’s in love with me he talks about having kids a family he said he haven’t had sex since he got with me but I think he’s lying to me I think he’s cheating like when he’s at school he calls me and then he be like aye BAE it’s this girl talking about you or talking about me is he trying me to see will I do something about it ? he made me jealous because he was like its this girl she has pretty brown eyes n other stuff I just don’t know Ima childish Pisces I get in my feelings if I love you I will be loyal ASF and we are sensitive

  15. I’m a Pisces women and I’ve been married with a cancer men for 15 years. He was my high school sweet heart and was the first guy I have ever been with (sexually). I’m proud to say that unlike all these negative things people have been saying about Cancer men, my husband has never disrespected me in anyway, and has remained the same loving and caring man that I fell in with 18 years ago. Even though in the past I used to be a little “bitch” to him and treated him however I wanted, he never once decided to leave me or call me names like I used too, back in high school. One time I decided to end everything with him when we were dating. I was tired of his clinginess and always being on my back about everything so we broke up for awhile then we got back together at first he was a mejor asshole! Because like I said before through out our dating I was a complete bitch but I decided to change; and I told him that if he wouldn’t change his actions I was going to leave him, then BOOM! Like magic he completely changed. He was an asshole as in he wouldn’t care about anything and he would do whatever he wanted but with communication we both worked out our differences. I guess it just depends on the type of men they are. I’m truly happy to say that I’m still madly, and crazy about my cancer man.

  16. sha

    I’m a piscean female that’s be seeing a cancer male for about six years on and off I never really intentionally for him to fall in love with me.. part of me couldn’t commit cuz some of the things mention in other comments. But as I set back and really think if I was jus honest from the jump he wouldn’t be hownding me so much. He can make me feel so angry at tymes by consent nit picking. And some of the things he say is like really dude can we drop it but I see know he’s here to help me face my problems n express my feelings. He never did anything to hurt me I was the one pushing him away. Scared that if I give him all of me he well leave. But as of today June 2015 he still loves me and miss me I now be believe him cuz if he was gonna leave he would have been left five years ago. So now I’m claiming wats mine.

  17. Lotus

    I’m a Pisces woman. After 25 years of marriage that ended in 2012, I found this sensitive, kind, romantic man. I didn’t have to look far bc he was from my hometown and we grew up together. Needless to say I recently moved back to my hometown. “Home is where the heart is”

  18. Melissa

    I’m a Pisces woman who after being in a 4-year long marriage realized it wasn’t ever going to work because it was long distance. After deciding to file a divorce, sharing news with my family & other close people in my life including my sisters father-in-law. Without thinking twice (my filter forever out of order) I said next time I’ll be smart & go for an older man that’s kids are grown & won’t have to worry about custody move orders. 2 weeks later I got a message asking if I’s ever considered dating an older man. I was shocked, reading & re-reading it with my mouth open. This was from my sisters father-in-law…25 years older than me & a cancer man. I’d never dated an older man or a cancer man. He was charming, daring & very attractive. We had flirted & talked easily in the months prior to this question at various get togethers, so a part of me was curious. We knew people in both our lives would be less than pleased, so we had a few secret rendezvous. It was exciting, exhilarating & I was quickly taken to realms I had never attained in other relationship. Over the next 3 months, we spent all the time we could together. We no longer tried to hide the fact we were together. I found out he was struggling with alcohol after things began to dwindle sexually. He began telling me we should just be friends. He said he didn’t want to hold me back from meeting a man that could fulfill all my needs. I didn’t want to accept that! Everyone has a right to love & loved through good times & bad times. I refused to be dismissed. I continued to spend the same amount of time with him as I had, but soon realized I may have thought my caring companionship, admiration, encouragement, cooking, cleaning, flirting & general piscean sweetness would ignite the dwindling coals of our once smoldering hot whirlwind of amazingly fun exploration. But…I was soon disappointed & hurt that my efforts weren’t even acknowledged or given a modicum of care one way or another. I went from adored goddess whose satisfaction was the upmost priority to the old toy you pull out to play with when you’re feeling sad, upset or a little nostalgic. I’m the type that gives multiple chances & truly sees the diamond in the rough…I’d like to say never again…but there is an undeniable magnetism that draws me to him & keeps me wondering what if?!?

  19. Sophie

    Well there’s guy,he’s a cancer and I’m a Pisces. He began to show interest in me last school year for months on end. He is absolutely gorgeous and its hard to believe he was attracted to me.I doubted myself on several occasions because I was so insecure,but now he has gone on to college and now has a girlfriend.And it hurts because I still like him and wonder since he liked me for so long will he still show interest in me or react when he sees me. I feel the reason he was attracted to me was because I am a Pisces and he is a Cancer.

  20. mini

    I a piscean dated a cancerian for 4 years and lost my self in it…. he was so sweet earlier that i thot he is the one.. then as the relationship progressed he became distant… we had a long distance relationship.. he would see me only once a month.. i craved and craved for his presence in my life.. finally i called it off… i am hurt no doubt he was one of my greatest loves. but my needs and wants also need to be respected. i was always the last one on his priorities.I dnt know whether i will find someone who might be as caring and as sweet as him but i am ready to take chance… Tired of being love starved.. Guys please dnt read all this astrology shit it makes no sense in real life.. the cancerian sister/ex and friend i know are comepletely different people than what is described in these sites.. All you pisceans who read this please dnt be fooled.. i was.. so please understand this is all bull shit.. 10/10 rating is garbage!!!

  21. hailtothecrab

    This past summer I had an unexpected fling with a Pisces friend of mind. We started off as pretty good friends and would talk for hours upon hours about anything and everything. I honestly just wanted to be friends because I felt more platonic love towards her but we ended up crossing the line, which she didn’t mind as she doesn’t really do relationships. We ended up eventually going our separate ways and once the fish swam away, my shell hardened up.

    I guess the real moral of the story is to never cross the line if you only feel a platonic connection. However, I think this is a good romantic combination if that sort of chemistry is there.

  22. Amy

    Im a pisces woman and i was wiv a cancer boy fro 2 years we broke up but was still close now 2 years later were still very very close and sort of seeing eachother again we have a connection and just talk 4 hours and hours evrythin said above is sooo true <3

  23. Tonia

    I just went out with a cancer man I fell for him at first sight we both did, He told me how much he cared for me and I opened up and told him the same. The two weeks were wonderful I wanted him so bad and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. One morning he sent me a text stating he was up since 4:45 am he tossed and turned all night . He said the negative emotions are too familiar too soon and he didn’t want to talk to me at that time he stated not the reason he was texting me just wanted me to know of his experience. I have not talked to him since no phone calls nothing. what to do it has been a week and a day today. I think he didn’t want a relationship or what is the problem I have never had anyone to hold me and make me feel the way he did.

  24. Lisa

    I’m a pieces woman who has recently realized her undying love for her male cancer friend of 20 years. We have been very close friends for so long, even shared many, many intimate times together. He has been there for me through all my ups and downs in life, helping me up, dusting me off and always letting me know I deserved better. The last few years, during my current rocky relationship, he has kept a very close eye on me from a very safe distance. He still has been there for me whenever I reach out to him, even if it is to hold me in his arms while I cry, whispering that it will be okay. I now realize how much I love him and truly need him in my life…forever, by my side. Do you think he has waited for me to realize this, or have I lost my chance at happiness? I just told him the other day that I loved him and he smiled and said “right back at you.” What do I do?

  25. lea

    I am a pisces woman, married to cancer man for so long . i love him so much and either he is same with me… but lately she fall for a aquarious woman and we broke a part but still i love him and i need him in my life.. do you think can i still win him back? we have 3 children everythin you described about cancer man and pisces woman are correct. please do help and advice me.

  26. Em_Wildflower

    I am a pieces female. So far all I have read about campatability between a pieces woman and a pieces man has deemed correct.

    I met a man in passing, while I was actually talking to another man at a social event. He and I made eye contact, a moment I have never remembered so vividly with anyone else. We ended up talking and after saying goodbye he quickly ran back and asked for my number. One of the first things we learned about each other was that I was a pisces and he was a cancer. 🙂 We knew our signs somehow were a match, and that was our first common ground.

    Weeks went by before we saw each other again. But once we saw each other, the same spark from when we made eye contact flared up strong again. We talked for hours. Played pool. It was such a strong connection… Then we kissed and it flew from there. Chemistry was AMAZING! I almost got lost in it. You know how us pisces are! But we are also wise, and know when to step back. Our intuition reads well.

    This cancer man has invited me in his life, his social circly, and his environment. We have hung out a few times. And the chemistry is there, but he is definitely guarded, and I know he is testing the water. (Haha excuse my pun)

    I am already so crazy about him I have to watch myself as to not come off to strong or desperate. I have never dated a cancer before. But I can tell that he does not want me to pick him apart, and to figure him out right away.

    So far, the most improtant thing I have noticed with him his is desperate need for space, but also needs to know I am near. I am no push over, I do not like to feel like I am bending over backwards for someone. But for once it doesnt feel like I have too, it more feels like a thing for respect to him. And I find great pleasure in it.

    He will silently go out of his way to do small acts for me, and I feel like it balances out his needs with mine. I don’t want to feel smothered either. And he is so intriguing because I really don’t know waht he is going to do next, but it doesn’t feel intimidating. No matter how unpredictable he is, it never feels out of hand.

    I am still getting to know him but it is the most comfortable chemistry I have had with a sign before.

    After readign so many negative responses with you pisces women in horrible cancer relationships… stop being a weak pisces! If you are in a bad relationship get out of there. Cancer or not- why take the heat? We are born lovers, and its around every corner. All you have to do is swim away. You’re a great catch and someoen else will be there to see it.

    Id on’t know what will happen with this cancer man. But I am determined to find out. If it turns sour, so be it. At least I got the ultimate experience.

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