Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Sagittarius Couples: Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Marcel cerdan and Edith Piaf, Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connellly

This smokin’ hot combination is based on crude physics.   People always want what they can’t have.  Cancer wants a sure thing and Sagittarius wants to keep her options open.  As witness Tom Cruise closing in on Katie Holmes, Cancer men are among the most possessive of the zodiac.     Unlike the other two possessive signs we know, Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer tries to bind the person to them with egregious acts of kindness.  Furthermore, Cancer men specialize in rescue operations – what better way to bind someone to you than to make them dependent?  If the crafty little sidler acts indifferent, he’s only buying time to make his next move.  He hides his feelings so as to avoid being rejected or humiliated.  Sagittarius, of course, will have none of any of this.  She’s looking for a good life, adventure, freedom, potential and likely, sooner or later, greener pastures.   Sooner if the crab gets really clingy.  She will ignore his crab-by ways if she gets enough money to keep the good times rolling (his or hers or theirs).  A long trip every now and then goes a long way towards keeping her on the domestic side, though it isn’t appealing to Cancer who wonders, “Why would anyone ever want to leave home?”  Cancer likes to sleep in his own bed every night while Sag wonders what it’s like to watch an eclipse from Mongolia or slurp real onion soup at 3 am at Les Halles.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  Ask him how he likes the food, if appropriate, or slip into the conversation the one line he’s been waiting his whole life to hear, “What’s your favorite restaurant?”  Let him cook for you even if it means actually sitting down somewhere for a meal.   Ask about his mother.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Cancer Man:  You have to offer her something without seeming to take something else away.  This is tricky.  Let me give you an example … “I would love to be the father of your children [after we take that ‘round the world cruise][you’re in such great shape,  you’d be a size 10 again in no time][my mom will take care of them so we have plenty of time together].  You’ll probably meet because you look at her and think, “There’s an easy going, open, fun looking gal.”  You’ve noticed how she talks to “everyone”.  Imagine your surprise to find out she’s not easy, just friendly.  And she most certainly on closer scrutiny does talk to “everyone”.   Hmmm.   Now it seems she really might be available and that wasn’t in the original game plan. That’s just your subconscious way of tricking yourself past your fear of rejection.

Degree of Romance:  Neither sign is particularly interested in romance but they will go to great lengths to fuss over one another and nurture mutual well being.  They are equallyconcerned that each stays healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Degree of Passion:  There’s something about a Cancer man that totally personalizes Sagittarius’ passion.  If there is one partner who can direct her arrow of desire, it is Cancer.

Degree of Friendship:  These two share an innocence which makes them quite compatible below the obvious level of superficial differences.   These signs are quincunx one another, different in element, personality and modality [as different as two signs can get].   Both deal with psychic complexities and Jungian archetypes and both have a guileless urge to simply know or “get” the human, eternal truths behind the complexities.  Is this friendship?  I think it’s something even better.

Degree of Marriage:  There is a nice balance of energies that makes a compatible marriage.  Both partners like peace and serenity, good will and win-win nurturing situations.  They tend to bring out the very best in one another.

Progression of Relationship:  Cancer keeps trying to get close and intimate while Sag is going for “getting to know you” fun and adventure.  They quickly learn of each other’s good intentions and how to compromise gracefully.  They really love and take care of one another and any children.  Cancer makes sure they are safe and sound.  Sagittarius makes sure they grow in the light..

Sex:   Sexual passion is the secret glue to this bond.  It is absolutely awesome, very play-full and child like in its openness and light hearted sharing of absolutely everything.  Each time they come together is like the first time!

When It’s Over:  It doesn’t need to end but if it does, it’s likely to be orchestrated kindly without dwelling on mistakes or who’s to  blame.   They both tried their hardest and know the other one did too.  Some things just don’t work out.  The hope will be continued cherishing of what they created together with a win for everyone.  We vote this the couple most likely to stay in touch with their ex’s parents and family.

Our Rating: 10/10

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86 Responses to Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • melinda says:

    also he says being with me is like a dream. says he’s never felt this way with the other girls he’s been with. sometimes he tells me he misses me very badly but most of the time when i tell him i miss him, i do not get a proper reply , sometimes i dont even get a reply 🙁

  • Makeda says:

    I am utterly, completely, and undeniably attracted to a Cancerian man that runs a buisness that I go into sometimes.
    I was not drawn to him on looks, but something else that I can NOT put my finger on.
    Things have got odd between us now, we have kissed, acknowledged the attraction, but…. yeah, it has all gone very…difficult.
    When I am in his company, I can actually sense this “vibe” between us, and yet, he can appear pretty distant and almost off hand with me.
    I am a sag, 3rd of December, Pisces Moon.
    Enough is enough (Quote from Love actually).

  • Makeda says:

    I should also add, that I am incredibly choosy where men are concerned, I have made a few mistakes, but in general, I am petty picky, my venus is Capricorn and my Venus is Virgo, not too sure if this has a major impact or not.
    I am not a bunny boiler, have no issue attracting guys, and yet…. this slightly geeky guy who I was not attracted to from the off start has got under my skin and I wish I could just reverse it really.
    I am going away for a few days to the coast to unwind, nurture my soul(I love the sea) and put things in perspective away from the city noise.
    God knows what has occured, I class it as a “subconscious attraction”, a lot harder to move on from I feel.

  • Makeda says:

    Um, I meant my Venus is Capricorn, and my Mars is Virgo.

  • anonymous says:

    @ melinda…… hey girl being not virgin or gud looking thing is no reasons for he being giving no replies …. maybe something else going on with him /:) Don’t worry every thing will be fine 🙂 hey just one thing i can’t digest….. boy n virgin 😉 hahahaha

  • melinda says:

    well from where i come from, ppl make a big deal of it. losing virginity is taboo and good looks a requirement. 😐 sad.

  • anonymous says:

    hmmmmm……i think when there is tru luv nothing comes in between…… 🙂

  • melinda says:

    well said 🙂 thank u 🙂
    but still i don’t get why last week he asked me to start dressing up. asked me to try n look sexy. makes me feel like looks are wat matters 🙁

  • Rosetta says:

    Will we ever get married

  • Maria says:

    @?Melinda….. hi friend u r giving too much importance to him. U kn ow wat??? just avoid him for sometime. If he get back to u curiously he is urs. n if not n still behaves like a friend then just b a frnd… n one most important thing don’t stretch this issue, coz if u will do so then U r gonna b d looser- u will loose those beautiful days n nights, tht positve aura around u. n most imp. wid tht stress u wont b able to concentrate on any of ur imp work coz of which u may loose ur other frnds n close ones.

    Instead i wud suggest tht once he reverts back after ur avoidance, simply ask him whether he lovs u or not??

    REMEMBER: sympathy is not d answer n m sure u r not even looking for it. Even GOD does’nt help u unless U HELP URSELF. And only u can help urself NOBODY ELSE.

    N if his answer is “NO”. then forget him. i know is not easy but its not too hard. u r just 18. u have loooooong life to live.

    N m sure god must have thought of a better partner for U.

    I’m not a philosopher, but all d above written is a personal experience, trust me it really worked for me. n m really enjoying my life.

  • Maria says:

    @ Rosetta – hi there.. this question really irritates… d right answer is TALK, n d best answer is action.

  • Adreanna says:

    yo maria up there is deep dude i wish u could help me but ur not a taurus and ur not dating a pisces but still deep stuff

  • Haythi says:

    My boyfriend is awesome he loves me we kiss like muh muh


  • colleen says:

    I am a Sag woman who was married to a Cancer man. He was moody, and very secretive (he was having an affair). Marriage started out great, but slowly fell apart, and ended in disaster.

    Cancer men have no desire to communicate, while us Sags have no problem expressing ourselves.

  • Marcell says:

    I cheated on my girlfriend and i feel awful and worse my girlfriend is pregnant i want to tell her but im scared of what she because the last boyfriend she had that cheated on her she attacked him :O

  • AnneD says:

    I seriously do not think a Cancer man & Sag woman make a good combination. I dated one & let me tell you, never again. He is a true cancer who does “acts of kindness” and supposedly doesn’t ask for anything in return… However, whenever an argument comes up (which was very frequent), he would list the things he’s done for me or the gifts he’s bought. I never asked him to do or buy any of those things! As a Sag, I’m extremely independent & love my freedom. Some Cancer men would rather you be alienated from your friends & does not encourage mending fences; all because he wants you all to himself. Fellow Sag ladies, take heed.. these men will make like he is what you were looking for: someone who can stimulate you intellectually, be adventurous, and accept you for you… Although, he can offer you the stability that we sometimes need (in contrast to our freelance spirit), it ALL comes with a price. I’m sure not all Cancer men are the same but let’s just say this is one mistake I don’t plan on making twice.. even if the sex was great.. the drama, fighting, and “crabbiness” (pun intended) just isn’t worth it..

  • ampi says:

    hehehehe……u alll r really ………..!!!!! fuuunnyyyy!!!!! dont wory so much ……:) 🙂 🙂 ^_^

  • Armygirl says:

    Im so in love with my cancer man. He is 3 yrs younger then me yet he completes me in so many ways. My man is my soul mate. When we are thousands of miles apart we still feel each others thoughts and know when something is going great or wrong. We are so spiritaully connected. When we are together everyone compliments us on happy we look together. Every since the day i meant him i have been glowing yes i love my cancer man

  • echvv says:


  • lauretta says:

    I meat a cancerian man few days apparrently trough a room, when I first saw him he was visiting with another male friend of his my female friend. So there we were in my room mate room we seat for hours talking mostly me and him we connected is such an amaizing way northing can replace that night. The following day he came back for me he was told was already in bed. Due to friends around us it was hard to connect again. Inside I was dying to have a one on one talk again. Never knew he felt the same till we had another chance again with crowed. Our flat was full all my female roommate rooms were packed including mine some friends slept over and my roommate and him we used my bedroom. As my roommate was sleeping in bed , him and I we were on the floor . we shared a laughter , secrets almost everything for hours a thought of a relationship with him must say once passed the first time I met him but considering our race diffrences it could be hard around friends and family so I completely buried that thought till to the point he made a move on . but the follow day all our friends were too involve in a tuns way some lied to me about him, same I’m sure happened to him. Till now I can’t get hold of me.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have been with cancer on going te last few years, including having a lot of family members that’s cancerians. So, in a way I feel I have been surrounded by them for a reason. We get along very well and seem to be best friends. Even though we don’t stay together romantically…we stay together. Does that not count for something more precious than YOU can ask for??? Is that not the sort of friend you want for the rest of your life???

  • rose says:

    A friend that lies, misguides and make you feel stupid is not a true friend.

  • rose says:

    Not even as a friend now, because that’s not good for us. I’m really sorry, I got the information, so late, please don’t misunderstand. i just came to say hello to you last year, i wanted to see you with someone, that’s it. now smile 🙂

  • rose says:

    but seriously saying, i have met just 100 guys in my life span till now in comparison to you maybe 10,000 girls lol, but it was different na.

  • rose says:

    or maybe it’s normal, it’s me who is over-reacting

  • rose says:

    But still, i can see a search in your eyes, naaa it’s time to shut your eyes down and go to deep sleep *)

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  • True Story says:

    The most supernatural and unearthly thing happened to me two days ago, I woke up with this song in my subconscious, went to bed with a clear quiet mind the night before, have no idea why or where its coming from, not sure what kind of telepathic dual communication is been transmitted, as though talking to someone in my mind, not sure whose channel I am been tuned into, but its been boggling my mind for the past two days.

    I had a similar experience few months ago but ignored it, but here it happened again….these lyrics/chorus, when I youtubed it, this is what i found….

  • Troll Story says:

    Good… Very berry goodddddddd!!!

  • A.j says:

    If there was absolutely anything that I said that you took offence to, then I am sorry, but when I am in my thoughts, especially quiet thoughts at the hour, I just let it all out, holding nothing back, sorry its the only way I know to express myself when the cup has overflowed its normal capacity.

  • Troll Story says:

    I’m just trolling, don’t mind me.

  • Mark says:

    I am a cancer man and my gal is a sag, she is not willing to please somethng for a longtime she’d rather get it to the worse situation, what i like most frm her is that, she is extremely loyal and sometimes i felt like am already locked with her in marriage but I’d a feeling that she is not a perfect match for me where I much sacrificed my self to certain thngs I wont before.

  • Rahab says:

    I know….I know you are struggling with a painful past, I do….but I want you to know that whenever you aready to “talk” about it , you will have my complete, complete undivided attention OK, I will sit even if it takes the entire 24hours, you will get my 100% then.

  • Angela Sanders says:

    I think it depends on both Natal Charts. Personally I’m involved with a Cancer man. Astrologically I know it s not easy. But it was love at first sight and we both work on that, too hard to be together. I believed that we can work it out. But it finally worked out.

    He is very sensitive, he needs love and caring and perhaps I have to tell him that I love him and need him but I think he needs simple things. That s ok. I need that too. But I think that depends on your experiences in life, what you need from someone. But whatever I give him, I take it back instantly. He is very kind. He is someone who cares and very tender. But he tested my patience and faith many times. He was really hard on that. Believe me. That part wasn t easy because he was coming from another relationship which was a nightmare for him. It was hard to take him out of his shell. But if you make him trust, it worth the trouble at last. What I like to mention is that when you speak to a Cancer man, you have to be clear or else you can be misunderstood easily. It s not necessary to speak to much to tell him how much you love him. Just say it or be there when he is in bad mood and you got it all. They are very warm people and generous with things and emotions. They do anything to understand the eir partner and he is really trying.

    At the beginning I thought he is suffocating me with his questions but now is better. In fact I thought I would die from asphyxia. But now, we learned each other and works better. I admit that we could separate from the first moment. But we worked it out because we were too much in love. He respects the space I need and my work. I do respect his work too.

    He is the right man who will help you in housework. The man who will take care of you when you are sick. I know what you may think, but we share things like that at home. He cleans, I do that too. In fact, he knows more things than me.

    Another thing is perhaps someone will think at the beginning, that Cancer abandoned his efforts to win you. But if you think such thing, you just fool yourself. You cannot get rid of him so easily.

    But he is very nice! In fact in the past I had another relationship with a Cancer and it really failed. When I was listening about Cancers, I was running away. But this one, is the something else. When I find out that he was Cancer, I was really surprised. Such relationship needs many compromises but it was t so irrational to me ,about what we both need. Both s nerves really worn out, but now we are really happy and we enjoy our love.

    I m not saying that he is so intellectual but he is the ideal man for family and feel safe, if is that what you really need. If you feel sad ,insecure and you had a bad day, he can take you in his arms and forget it all.

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