Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Scorpio Couples: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Richardson, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, George and Laura  Bush.

This can be a really wonderful pairing as it tends to bring out the best in both.   I really believe the water signs should stick together!  Gentle, nurturing Cancer defangs the Scorpion monster while her Dragon Lady Persona acts as his psychic Body Shield.  Scorpio women are a pure and powerful source of energy for a Cancer man.  He of all men brings out the maternal in her whilst his serene moonlight energy calms her tumultuous storms at sea.  Together they can be invincible with a very high level of trust.  Together they tend to seek intimacy rather than power.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Scorpio Woman:  Put out a sonar distress signal.   “Deep damsel in distress.  Dive.  Dive.  Dive.”  No one knows vibes like a Scorpio so send out some of your own on the invisible plane.  Draw him to you.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Cancer Man:  Meet her eyes then stare serenely off into the distance.  Then do it again.   Be your innocent little Cancer self.   She’s the Seductress of the Century.  Act insecure and uncertain til the shark starts circling your waters.

 Degree of Romance:   There is enough here to make the whole world a beautiful place.  All the world loves these two lovers.

Degree of Passion:  Sooner or later Scorpio goes into an unregulated descent, taking you with her.  Think of all those gorgeous Bourne and Bond water scenes.  It’s a baptism and rebirth. 

Degree of Friendship:  Invincible bond of intimacy and trust.

Degree of Marriage:  They make a terrific team and especially caring parents.   They handle money well together.  No one ever strays from this arrangement.

Progression of Relationship:   Scorpio learns to relax and trust again, cradled in Cancer’s loving arms.   Where they go and what they do is way secondary to what they say to one another that would amaze the other ten signs.

Sex:   These two approach the ecstasy of the divine as they use sex for holy communion.

When It’s Over:  Don’t let it end.  You’ll never love this way again.   There is nothing that can’t be forgiven.

Our Rating: 10 /10

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125 Responses to Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • jiya says:

    Hint : After all these, that girl has developed so trust and respect for that man, no doubt. She’s scared that she may end up loving him. 🙂

  • jiya says:

    She’ll nicely, and very wifely manner deal with this 2 years of contract 🙂 Rest is in God hands.

  • jiya says:

    She is very confident that she’ll turn out to be his best wife in the list. Hope it never ends, but who knows what’s written.

  • jiya says:

    How was the story?????????? Good na. See how good writer i’m, but just a beginner 😉 ya i know my english is gone to dogs that too street dogs lol.

  • jiya says:

    Two people can have enduring relationship, if they don’t hide anything from each other, which is next to impossible in today’s world……….so now what??????? Should they both keep secrets from each other……….naaa that will not help in developing FAITH AND TRUST 🙁 In today’s world women are developing too, they want equality. If they are sharing some secrets with their male partners they want their portion of mystery too. Is it good?????????? Don’t think so because male would be male, I think so. I have never heard of a truthful male in my life, everyone have their dark secrets. On the contrary, some women can be faithful sometimes, in sake of not creating complications or maybe they can be too clever, by telling truths in front of world, so that they can hide their dirty games.

  • jiya says:

    What m’i doing???? im showing him my inconsistent mind frame, simple 🙂 What did i learn from past, never TRUST ANYONE BLINDLY AND DONT EXPECT ANYTHING BACK EVEN FROM YOUR LOVE ONES. You’re all alone, in this world. We just need someone to be with, he/she can’t can never complete us. It’s our thoughts that complete us. Life is not sex, partner, children, ,,,,,,,,,,family it’s beyond that.

  • jiya says:

    If you’re a female, it’s better to be single……….or be a female bodily, but be mentally like a male if you want to survive in today’s world.

  • jiya says:

    Why i don’t trust myself that i would be a good wife,,,,,,,,,,, maybe i was not able to become someones girlfriend in past, i din’t had past relationships,,,,,,,,maybe my thought bout boys were very disgusting from the beginning and on top i accidently fall for a wrong person 🙁 Till now i feel that men are bastards, they always think from penis. Nothing especial about them. But yes i was slight positive about those men who were entitled HUSBANDS; therefore i always wanted a husband…………but in last 10 years, perceptions about husbands also changed. I feel they are more disgusting and filthy sometimes.

  • jiya says:

    There are so many times when wife feel proud and fulfilled when they are standing beside their husbands, but i don’t know why do i laugh. I feel like its a trap build by a spider and you are happily at bay. Maybe it’s not like that in the beginning but it may develop sometime after.

  • jiya says:

    That’s why i,m trying to make him understand that maybe we may develop this feeling of hatred for each other and before that we should separate with mutual understanding.

  • jiya says:

    Maybe i have seen so much negative in past that i’m so shit

  • jiya says:

    You know when you told me that men marries in 35 and divorce @ 40, i was just thinking what is the use of marrying and carrying his baby when he has to leave you in future. But i have heard that marriages in older and mature age stays well, maybe i was looking for something like that. Don’t know what i’ll get.

  • jiya says:

    sorry yaar sorry bother kiya i’m ok, just worried and nervous, maybe normal before marriage thing,,,,,,,,,,,i’m not so nervous in becoming mother but WIFE omg i’m dead.

  • jiya says:

    though he a nice gentle man type but don’t why i think of past and start thinking negative……..he always laughs, he says to everyone that i’m handling a kid right now 🙁 sometimes i’m laughing n giggling and talking like a kid and sometimes i blast him with such a bold statements that he lol. he’s not able to still figure me out,

  • jiya says:

    When i tell him that i’ll welcome your mistress, he starts laughing……he says “right now you’re saying so, because you don’t love me, but once love comes in picture than possessiveness also comes aside. Then we will see, how do you go”.

    But when i said that i love you, but i’m not possessive about you (yaaa maybe initially but not now), i don’t care if you love 100 other girls or marry 100 times, i really don’t care, then he laughed and said that i din’t love you 🙁

    No, that’s a wrong verdict, i loved you, but love doesn’t mean to hold anyone tight, set them free.

  • jiya says:

    I think he says true, i should stop escaping my fears and start facing them.

  • george says:
  • george says:

    Why do people think that Camilla is his true love????? na actually, i think it’s untrue. He himself dosent know what a true love is???????? When you have so many things in your plate, it’s hard to say which one is BEST 🙂 And if someone claims that, i think he/she is a SAH 🙂

  • george says:

    I think positive point for Camilla was her maturity and she is a tactful lady, she knew how to handle a man 🙂 On otherside, Diana was simple, sweet girl who couldn’t handle the pressure of royalty and marriage 🙂

  • george says:

    Handling a man @ that stage of life is difficult, I think even Camilla would have had a bumpy ride with Charles.

  • george says:

    Surprised after reading Charles views about Diana, how could he say that????? She was his wife and mother of his boys….Are all Scorpio’s men like that, sounds bad.

  • Nan says:

    The awkward moment when someone is crying and you’re trying your hardest not to breakdown because you know you love them and the mere fact of losing them brings you tears.

  • Layne says:

    Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by accident,
    and I am stunned why this twist of fate did not happened in advance!

    I bookmarked it.

  • Sarandeo says:

    When life hands you lemonade, you use that shit to make the best mo’fkng chocolate cake ever and have fuckers wondering how in tarnation you did that shit! #LifeGoals #Thinkfirst #Choosewise #Becareful

  • CrAbBy BaBby says:

    The Cancer man in question is someone that I went to school with almost 20 years ago. He emailed me and then immediately called me when I responded to ask me out. We talked on the phone and texted for over a week before our actual date- he was out of town on vacation. Before our date he was texting me first thing every morning- and called frequently…we went out on Friday night…to a movie and to dinner then back to my place to watch tv and talk. While on the date, he was very sweet, nervous and was constantly holding my hand, putting his arm around me and kissing me… it was wonderful. At home he did the same thing, but once it got late he was up and out of there…he asked when he could see me again and said that he would call the next day- well, he hasn’t called since. He has texted me everyday- and has been very sweet, but has yet to make a move as to seeing me again. I finally told him that I would like to see him again and he said that we would get together this week. I am just very confused. I am a Scorpio and usually in control of relationships, but I am stumped. I can’t read him…I don’t know what to say or do next… I tried the whole ignoring him thing and he just ends up texting me even more…until I give in and talk to him. I am not sure what to do. On a side note, he did tell me that he always wanted to ask me out in school and I was that girl that he always looked at and wished that he could be with…the thing is, if he had asked me out back then- I WOULD have gone… he has always been handsome and very sweet…with just enough of the “bad boy” image to make him exciting. I need to know what to do. Do I pursue him? Do I leave it alone and let him come to me? Everything that I have read about Cancer men has proven true with him… but I don’t want to scare him away at all. I am very loving and we would be the perfect couple if he would just commit a little… I own a business and I am a very busy person so I have to plan…and I won’t be able to just up and drop what I do to see him when he is ready. He also says that he loves when I text him because he thinks that it is very sweet… but I feel like I am doing all the work here! If Cancer men are so loving and caring, why doesn’t he see that he is just not doing much? I also need to know that someone cares about me and wants to be around me…because if not then I need to move on. I am truly crazy about him and I just need some major advice on what to do next….

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