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  1. :)

    hmmm girl i m not having a bf, but can giv u a sincere advise 😉 never ever be scare of rejection, be urself. Gud 4 u …….. best partner is who doesn’t change u, accept u what u r 🙂 in ur case whatever u r telling is ur words n thinking n according to that the boy sounds very rude……..but maybe the boy has something else going on !!!!!

  2. ScorpiogirlmissinCancerguy!!!!

    Can someone please give me some insight on what i should do about my this Cancer guy I had been involved with for months, I miss him soooo much. In December we got into this really huge argument about some girls on facebook because I didn’t like the fact that they were calling him baby when i saw it (first time seeing stuff like this) I texted him at like 12 midnight and told him to delete my number, but then later asked who the girls were (one was his ex gf, she’s an Aquarius) and he was telling me that I was being petty about females on fb and just because they’re posting stuff like that it doesn’t even really matter either way because we’re not in a relationship anyway; After he said that to me I texted back and said you don’t have to explain anything to me so have a nice life and he was laughing and was like why would I have to explain anything to you, we’re not together!!!!!!!!! When he said that I was extremely hurt even though I knew that we weren’t but we did do A LOT of things together (eating out, spending the night with each other, grocery shopping together, taking his dog for walks) we just didnt have that title, so I just texted back and said bye and he texted me and said I’ve got about ten girls on there calling me baby, let’s see I can’t get some more. The day after this happened my grandaddy passed away from lung cancer (he was in the hospital really sick for abt two weeks and he knew this) so I was already EXTREMELY stressed out. I know I probably shouldn’t have done this but I texted him sometime later in that day and told him that he passed, he didn’t even text back! I understand he was upset with me but goodness. I tried abt a week and a half later to apologize to him (I felt as though I overreacted seeing as though we weren’t together anyway so it wasn’t my place), and he just blew me off AGAIN. I was so hurt because he rejected me twice so I just gave up trying and decided it’s just best to move on, I went out with my friends, spent more time with my family and talked to other guys. yes it worked for about a week, but only a week, it’s been two months since the argument and almost two months since I tried apologizing to him, I’ve cried myself to sleep ever since it all happened and he’s ALWAYS on my mind. I just can’t see myself with anyone else. I want to give it another try and tell him how sorry I am and that I miss him soooo much but i’m so scared of rejection, and I know that if he rejects me again i’ll be more than hurt, i’ll be devasted. Why did he say such hurtful things? Someone please help me, should I call him or just move on.

    P.S. All those girls have boyfriends now.

  3. Megan

    How can you tell if a Cancer guy likes you? Like, is interested in you to date, not just as a friend?

  4. lola

    Thanks, HTC. That is helpful advice.

    If it makes any difference, I did tell him I had a boyfriend at the very beginning of our friendship. I wasn’t dramatic about it or anything, just mentioned my boyfriend a few times in conversation. My cancer friend never asked any questions about him and didn’t seem to want to hear about him, so I didn’t give him any details about our relationship (like that we’ve been together for a long time and live together–maybe I should have).

    I hate to think that he thinks of me as some kind of tease. Maybe it was wrong of me to try to make a friendship with him knowing he was attracted to me. Like I said before, I just had no idea he had real feelings for me, beyond physical attraction. I didn’t even know that he was interested in me while we were working together until he told me. Ugh, I feel badly about the whole thing now.

    I will just keep being nice, but not make any extra effort to stay in touch.

    Thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate it!

  5. hailtothecrab

    Lola, I think it’s probably best to just let him go if he keeps this act up. To minimize the hurt on his end it’s best to just be cordial with him: not talk every day, send few if any emails, etc.

    As Cancer Boy said upthread when you kept in touch with him his feelings most likely grew stronger. As silly as it sounds, I developed really deep feelings for my ex-girlfriend, a Scorpio, through day-to-day instant messaging learning about her life, her passions, etc. The more a Cancer knows about your life, the more he’s drawn to you. Complement that with a physical attraction and all bets are off.

    If anything, you should not feel responsible or horrible for his pain. He’s just hurt from the situation and probably feels dumb for letting himself become deeply attracted to a woman in a committed relationship. Also, I’m not sure if you revealed to him that you had a boyfriend early on in the friendship but if you didn’t, it probably would’ve helped to have done so in order to not attract him further.

    At the end of the day, it may be a little bit easier for you two to be cordial in that you two weren’t in a serious relationship. When my Scorpio ex moved on (I was in my early 20s) it was painful to the point where we couldn’t really be cordial towards each other. After some maturity (now in my mid-20s), I figured that I’d rather be cordial towards than estranged from someone who was a big part of my life. It’s pretty hard though, because I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want her back. That’s how it goes and it’s a bit draining. Cancer-Scorpio is a heavenly combo when the two ride off into the sunset but an absolute mess when breakups are involved.

    I hope everything goes okay.

  6. Lola

    Wow, thank you, Hail to the Crab! You certainly have a lot of insight into the minds of other Cancer men!

    I am usually pretty perceptive, so I thought he might be putting on some kind of an act, but I wasn’t sure. I’ve never been friends with a Cancer man before (or dated one), so I don’t have much experience dealing with this kind of mind game.

    It makes me feel really bad to think that I hurt him like that. 🙁 I actually was really attracted to him physically and would have gone out with him if I wasn’t already in love with my boyfriend (another Scorpio). I know rejection is rejection though, and I can understand why he’d feel humiliated or whatever.

    So I guess my question is this: what should I do? Should I just write off the friendship? I guess two people who are sexually attracted to each other would probably have a hard time being “just friends” anyway, which was kind of a concern of mine from the beginning.

    It just kills me to think I damaged him in some way though, as that was NEVER my intention. I guess I didn’t think his feelings for me were much deeper than he thought I was attractive. Is there anything I can say or do to make it better?

    Despite his mind games, I still think of him as one of the nicest men I’ve met and I relish the instant connection we had, as I haven’t felt that with many other people, let alone men, I’ve met in my life.

    Thanks for any thoughts you may have on the matter!

  7. hailtothecrab

    Lola, in a nutshell that was all an act.

    This was all a defense mechanism. He still has feelings for you and wants to come off as a new, confident person. One of the things that plagues us is that we are very self-conscious and don’t like to feel or look “inferior” (if that makes any sense). This kind of explains why he was trying to make it look to you like he’s moved on and has girls after him left and right. I can almost guarantee you that scenario is not the case. As terrible as it sounds, he’s just trying to look strong and to possibly even make you jealous because deep down inside, he still longs for you. Since you rejected him and he still has feelings, he feels humiliated and probably even fears that you talk negatively about him with your friends. I know that sounds insane, but that’s how our type-a minds work.

    I think it’s safe to say that a Cancer man-Scorpio woman pairing is one of the most intense relationships of the zodiac. All of us born under water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces) are renowned for our capacity to feel the deepest of love. If one of us has feelings, and the other only feels the “friend vibe” (aka no physical attraction) then this combination is doomed. I hate to be bleak, but it is what it is. The only way a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman can be platonic friends is if there is completely no physical attraction between any the two.

    Also, unlike Pieces and Scorpio, Cancer men are the most sensitive of the zodiac. When we are faced with rejection, it’s a catastrophic matter for us – we don’t take it too well. We quickly rebuild our shell to be harder than before – hence the defense mechanisms. However, despite the armor, our insides still remain damaged until we fall in love again. Even if we meet other women it’s a long, drawn-out process to get you out of our thoughts. Some of us may never even heal from the damage.

    I think your Cancer friend will return to himself once he meets another woman that matches to your caliber. Only then will he be able to negate the deep feelings/attraction he has for you.

    Best of luck!

  8. lola

    Ok, so my cancer male friend got in touch with me again today after months of silence, but he acted very differently toward me. He used to be sweet and caring, but this time he seemed kind of like an asshole. He even told me he was going to go hit on random girls, which I could care less about, but thought it was a weird thing to tell a female “friend” you haven’t talked to in a long time. Basically, it seemed like he was trying to make himself out to be this macho guy who is kind of a pimp? WTF? Total personality 180. I’m starting to wonder if I ever really knew the real him?

  9. Lola

    Thanks, Cancer Boy. That helps give me some insight into what’s going on in his head. It’s confusing though that liking someone would make him pull away when most people would try to get closer, but I guess I get it. It’s sad though. 🙁

  10. cancer boy

    Hi Lola. I’m a cancer male in my 30’s. The reason your cancer male friend disappeared unexpectedly is probably because he has strong feelings for you, and its hard for him to stay just friends with you becacuse of it. Maybe at the beginning he thought he could handle being just your friend, but later realized he couldn’t, or maybe in getting to know you more as a friend his feelings for you grew more. To the point where it was too hard for him to be just “friends”, so he ended the friendship to protect his feelings. Since he’s in his 20’s, he’ll probably be too embarassed to admit this to you, even if you confront him on it, but this would be my guess on his behavior.

  11. Lola

    Here’s a question for Cancer guys (I’m a Scorp. woman):

    I know this cancer guy (mid-twenties) and we were always friendly with each other but didn’t really talk that much (we worked together). When he left our place of work for a new job, he told me that he had a thing for me and basically asked me out. I have a boyfriend, so I obviously had to decline. I told him that I always thought he seemed really nice and would like to be friends (I have a lot of guy friends, so it seemed normal to me). He said he wanted to be friends too and we kept in touch for a while, e-mailing and whatnot. We had a lot of good conversations and I felt like we were getting to be friends, but then he just disappeared and stopped making an effort to connect with me.

    Now, my question is why he would do this? I felt like we could have had a good friendship because we had a lot in common and it seemed pretty effortless to be friends. What is his deal? Is it really as simple as he is only interested in maintaining relationships with girls he can be intimate with?

  12. Jenna

    Sex with my Scorpio man is really great (I’m a scorp. female), but I’ve never been with a Cancer, so I can’t really compare.

  13. ScorpioInLoveWithCancer!!

    I never had sex with Scorpio honestly but we did enough and afterwards it was kind of awkward but it got better in time.. With Cancer, it is magical:) Sometimes its just for fun which we both love and it gets kind of hardcore ;D But most of the time its straight up love making and the connection is so powerful.

  14. hailtothecrab

    I’m a cancer sun male and cheating is the #1 thing I frown upon in relationships – my theory is to just end the relationship if there’s someone else seriously coming into the picture.

    But here’s some food for thought. I’m no expert in astrology but I think some of this might depend on the Venus sign of your cancer male. Mine is in Virgo so when it comes to relationshipsm I’m a little picky but devoted to serving my partner, thus I’m less likely to cheat. If he has one in say, Sagittarius, it may be a completely different ball game.

  15. betty

    Glad I could help! 🙂

    I’m not sure what makes men cheat, but for me I think I’d only leave my current partner if we no longer had a strong emotional/physical connection and I met someone I connected with on a stronger level. Personally I would never cheat on a partner, but things happen and I know it happens a lot. It seems like Cancers are wired a lot like us, so I would think that as long as he feels a strong connection to you, you have nothing to worry about. 🙂 But, like I said, I’m not a man, so I don’t really know how their brains work. Cancer men care to comment?

  16. ScorpioInLoveWithCancer!!

    No I dont think he feels the same anymore. I mean he says ” You cant turn love off. ” That he still loves me but I dont believe thats so.
    And when I think about it.. I am actually happier than I was when I was with him. My Cancer man is probably the best I could ever ask for:) He loves my jeaousy towards him and my possessiveness.. The way I have to know everything.. He loves me for me! And its amazing and very hard to find a guy that practically cries when he is afraid your gonna leave because of some mistake he made.
    Your right betty we Scorpios do tend to overthink things wayyyy too much.
    Im going to try that diagram/exercise of yours:) I dont think its really nessecary but I like the thought of being for sure. Thanks for everything!!
    But still one problem. Do you really think my Cancer man will ever actually cheat..? What do you think or anybody else think givin by what happened with the Pisces woman?

  17. betty

    Does your scorpio ex feel the same about you? You said he seems really happy with his new girlfriend? I think it’s natural to feel jealous when an ex is with someone new, even if you’re not a scorpio. I’m a scorpio female dating a scorpio man (for 8 years) and I know what you mean about feeling like things don’t work sometimes. I’m not sure scorpio men find our traits as endearing as “cancer boy” says cancer men do, so I would take that into consideration! My scorpio man definitely doesn’t appreciate my stubborness, or the fact that I don’t just take his crap and call him out when he’s being an ass (as scorpio men can be).

    Think about your relationship with your scorpio ex; are you happier now than you were then? Does your cancer man make you feel like you are the best you? I think us scorpios tend to overthink EVERYTHING and I know I wish I could turn my brain off a lot.

    I wouldn’t tell your cancer about your feelings for your ex, since it’ll probably just hurt him. However, I would talk to him about what you both want from your relationship. I think us water signs tend to read into things and rely on our emotions so much that we really need to TALK to each other. Your cancer man can most definitely sense your distance and he probably needs reassurance as well.

    Scorpios have a magnetic bond to each other, but don’t let that pull make you throw away something good. Maybe make a diagram of all the things that are important to you in a partner and see which more traits each has? Maybe a rational exercise like this can help you gain perspective?

    Good luck!

  18. ScorpioInLoveWithCancer!!

    I absolutly love this article. Makes me remember how much my Cancer man and I work. Especially when I get confused about my feelings… My ex is a Scorpio and I thought we didnt work all that well so when he broke up with me, I gave up all hope with it ever working and I found my Cancer. My ex and I are still close friends and he has a Gemini woman. Their supposedly not suppose to be a great relationship but he is very happy and I want to be happy for him ( I mean I am ) but my jealousy kicked in the other night over them. I feel awful about it and I really do love my Cancer man and I dont want to hurt him AT ALL but I dont know what my jealousy means. Do I just want what I dont have? Because I never had these feelings when he wasnt with her.. I dont want to mess anything up with my Cancer man so Im trying to ignore the feelings. Should I tell him how Ive been feeling? He does seem to notice a difference in me but I feel myself getting.. Distant?.. from him and I dont like it one bit but I dont know what to do. Not only am I worried about that but also with other comments on here of cheating Cancer men. In August, me and my Cancer man decided to take time apart when he went away but we talked as much as we could and he still told me he loved me and of course I believed him because I would never doubt his feelings. Anyway, one of his friends lived in the same town and she (Pisces woman) and him had been friends for the last two years. They hung out a few times and one night she stayed with him. He told me everything that happened and she even told me they didnt sleep together and I believe them both but it still hurts that all that time he was still “loving” me he was building a relationship with someone else. And the biggest thing is that he didnt tell me until a couple months ago. We werent technically together but we still talked in some way almost everyday. We are together and good in that area now but I get worried sometimes that hes going to find someone else and cheat or just leave. Thats such a scary feeling and I think the whole reason why I dont want to give in to my feelings for my ex Scorpio man is because I dont want my Cancer man to feel that way. He is so sensitive and thats one of the very many things about him that I adore.. I dont wanna break him because it would break me just as much if not more. Please any advice..? Should I not worry about my Cancer man? Do I need to get more distance from Scorpio man to not feel distant towards my Cancer man..?

  19. cancer boy

    Cancer men like scorpio women so much because you gals are so very, very different in a good way from other women we meet. Your differences from other women is why we like you so much. Its so very obvious when we meet you that you gals are very different and unique. That is, your intensity of emotions (we can feel it radiating off you even without you speaking), your confidence / inner strength, your quietness, the way you open up to us more than to others, your intense scorpio stare that makes us quake in our boots, the way you sometimes try to possess us, your sexiness (it radiates off you in endless waves) and for me, even the way you gals have a temper over what I consider are petty things. Most of all when you really like us, those super intense feelings we sense you have for us, which is of course all non-verbal but we sense it all the same. We like you because you’re different. Even some of the stuff you might think we wouldn’t like, we like those things too.

  20. scorp

    I am like your scorpio female, in a relationship but friends with a cancer man. I too feel a very strong connection to him, did since we fist met, and we became friends pretty effortlessly lke you describe. Us scorpios don’t connect like this with people easily, so when we do, we take note. Chances are your scorpio female is feeling strong feelings for you, too. My cancer male told me how he felt and I seriously considered leaving my current (serious) relationship for him. I think the reason I didn’t is because he kind of disappeard (stopped trying to make contact with me). I’m not sure if this is because he thinks it’s just easier not to talk, or if he really just isn’t into it. If you want her, you need to make your move–don’t get wait for something to happen. Why do cancer men like scorpio women so much, anyway?

  21. Scorpio crazy Cancer

    Where to start. . . Hmmm well i am a cancer male and i have been on a quest for a scorpio woman’s love for about 4 years. And no luck !? Where are all the scorpio women at? Lol from my spiritual, astronomical, metaphysical and occult studies i have learned that i am more than equiped to make my one and only scorpio happy. But where is she? Recently i did make a conection with such an illusive and wonderful spirit. We have recently become very close friends. The bond was instantanious, dynamic, mysteriously magical, and so far fullfilling. What more can a hopeless romantic ask for? And this is coming from a bass playing, metal loving anarchist. Haha. Theese women just know how to strum our heart strings. The only thing restraining me from advancing our friendship to th mystical love affair is the fact that she is currently in a relationship with a sagittarius. Im not assuming i would be the better lover or that they would break up but nothing is impossible. My only ?. Should i hang around or move on? Thanx

  22. hailtothecrab

    I’m happy to see my post resonated with you. I’m seeing a trend here..

    My advice – the both of you need to ditch the libras and reunite! All kidding aside, I can safely say that your ex Cancer still feels for you deep down under his shell. He’s obviously not over you and rightfully so as he’s with a libra woman. I can safely say that he still thinks about you and fondly recounts the passionate/intense moments you two shared. This is a characteristic that plagues all Cancers, and it’s hard for us to deal with most of the time.

    As a Cancer man, I can say that it’s mostly hard for me to be friends with exes that I still have feelings towards, and this is especially true regarding Scorpio. I know I was devastated when my ex moved onwards. It was such a powerful relationship that I couldn’t completely erase her memory; it has been 4 years and I honestly don’t know if I can really love again. I’ve met and been with many women of different signs but none compare to the intense feelings I felt for Scorpio. I still think about her everyday and I’d be lying if I said it was involutary.

    At any rate, he’ll probably come around eventually. If he’s anything like me, he’ll probably wont be happy until he finds himself another Scorpion. I think only then, when he’s truly happy, he’ll come around.

    Best of luck!

  23. Alison

    Wow….what you wrote about you & your ex Scorpio woman almost is identical to my 1st Cancer husband & my Scorpion self! We had 8 years together, I was young….We have 2 beautiful daughters. But by leaving him, I hurt him so bad that he wouldn’t take me back. I was devastated & depressed for awhile. I since have moved on & am re-married to my Libra man. I have 13 years with him. I can’t really compare them to eachother, since they are so complete opposites of eachother. It’s just so very sad…I would have at least tried to be friends with my ex Cancer but he was too hurt then & seems to be too hurt now! && that was 15 years ago. Why wont he get over me? He’s re-married to a Libra woman…. I know I was way more exciting than she is!

  24. myra

    its so accurate.. i am a scorpion lady and have been married to a cancer man. infact we are too compatible, unfortunately, things have not been going very well but in the end we still love eachother and cant get over one another. we are imperfectly perfect 🙂 and no man can woo me like him.

  25. Sana

    very true im scorpio and my man is cancer and i swear he is the most wonderful person ever…we get along well together…and we both are crazy lovers…

  26. Scorpio woman-

    I’m currently seeing a Cancer man but I find that my jealousy towards him and other women controls me, we aren’t together just yet but he flirts with other women and even tells me who he thinks is hot. I like him a lot but I feel like I won’t be enough for him and I wanna be with him but I can’t stand the thought of him with other women, I don’t understand what i’m feeling. Someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!

  27. hailtothecrab

    As a cancer male I have a very soft spot in my heart for this as the best relationship I ever had was with a Scorpio woman. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and more.

    From an emotional stanpoint, Scorpio/Cancer are on par but it was all nonverbal. We had deep feelings for each other but could never really express it verbally. That was one of our many quirks, along with our falling outs. Scorpio is a proponent for revenge and as a Cancer I turn cold as soon as someone crosses me. These quirks can be easily handled if both of the parties are mature. I say this from experience, being both young and stupid we ended up crossing each other, lost our friendship and I haven’t spoken to her in 3-4 years. Still hurts me to this day.

    The phyiscal aspect of this relationship is what I really miss. It was really, and I mean REALLY, awesome. I absolutely love the intensity of a Scorpio woman. And I absolutely adore the possessive/jealous nature of a Scorpio as I’m that way to the extreme. We were both extremely faithful to each when we were together.

    This is an amazing relationship. Don’t ever let it end.

  28. anne

    I am a scorpion women who just started dating a cancer male. We have been friends for years and just started taking it the next level. I have always had a jealous streak with other men, but with him I find I do feel very secure. The only fault I can find is that he is very quiet and doesn’t always say what is on his mind and that drives me nuts….

  29. CancerMan A+

    I am a Cancer man, and was in Love with a Scorpio woman, years ago. And this description was true. I STILL crave that intensity, to this day! She has sadly moved on, and started a family, but we failed at the same place most did, I BECAME COMFORTABLE. She was hungrir for life, I just love having her in it. I was young, and didn’t know what I fully wanted from myself. This post bought MANY memories.

  30. LariM

    I love all water signs, but I’m a suspect, since my mother’s Cancer, my father’s Pisces and myself a Scorpio…the only “trouble” that exists it’s my brother been a fire sign: Aries. But we all get along well. My best friend is a Cancer, they’re awesome!
    BTW, love you site…I’m definitely telling people about it!;)

  31. Lovely Scorpio

    I am entering a courtship w/ a cancer man…he pays such sweet compliments….i had a cancer man before, he was immature and unmotivated abt life….if he would’ve been driven and mature…he would have been perfect. This one is on the right path….so far 🙂

  32. Jackball

    I am a scorpio who was married to a cancer man. Everyone said it was a match made in heaven.
    I must admit that I gave him all the love I could, but he was an absolute CHEATER, I couldn’t be with someone who was so loose with his body. I am married to a Leo Man now and he is so romantic and loyal, most of all.

  33. zxcvbnm

    I dated a cancer man for 6 months. We had so much fun together BUT truth is, he never really took things seriously. After we broke up, I found out he had been cheating on me, with another SCORPIO woman! I forgave him but never forgot what he did to me. I’m currently in a relationship with a gemini man. We all know geminis & scorpios are NOT compatible BUT It’s been the most wonderful relationship I’ve ever had <3

  34. universel1@live.fr

    Cancer: J’ai connu une femme scorpion depuis un peu plus de ans,elle eu des difficultés pour me rejoindre, je crois même que nous aurions un amour sans fin, d’aller jusqu’à la communion- aidez-moi, mes salutations distinguées.

  35. Scop_W

    right now im dating a cancer man and i worried about scopion womans comment…we too struggle at times but how do i avoid from driving each other crazy at the end??

  36. scorpion woman

    i had a cancer boyfriend that cheated on me a lot. we were together for a long time and tried to make it work. you are right that i’ll never love like that again. we saved each other from the world. he was my baby. the sex will never be the same with anyone as long as i live. i wish it had worked but we drove each other mad in the end.

  37. Kaitlin

    THAT IS AMAZING! Do you have any idea how accurate this is? It is SO true that I have NEVER loved ANYONE more than the Cancer I am dating.


    The worst would be Scorpio X Libra -.-”

    For instance, my parents!

    My mother’s a Libra, my dad’s a Scorpio!

    (Heheh I’m a Scorpio)


    …And yet, she married another Scorpio -.-”

    …And they divorced.

    Hopefully, she’s learned her lesson here.

  38. sc0rpiongirl

    I totally agree with what you said about Scorpio-Cancer relationship in this article as personally the BEST relationship (most compatible that made/makes me happy every day) I ever had and have was/ is with a Cancer man. During our growing-up, we met so many people and we dated many time (likely) 😛 and in the past, the best I had was with a Cancer and now, the best I have is still with a Cancer. He spoils me pampers me in the exact way I crave for and beyond, a lot of passion and affection, incredible fireworks in the bedroom, even after 5 yrs, every time I see him I can still feel the butterfly inside me, and every time we are together, it’s still like the honeymoon with full-force passion. Just unbelievable. Match made in heaven for sure. He’s inspiring, encouraging, loving and caring, loves my intense passion and enjoys to sink into it with me. I can be completely myself when I am with him in every way. (With another Cancer I used to be with before that it was similar, only because I moved to another country we had to part.)

    Anyway, just one line – it can’t be better than that – Scorpio and Cancer is a match made in heaven! 😀 (may I add that actually I also had pretty successful relationship (although couldn’t work out for other reasons besides compatibility) with Scorpio male as well? On my list – top is Cancer, second is Scorpio. The worse is Aquarius.

  39. daniel.

    wow, i love the way you write it
    nancy, mind if i guess your sign?
    i think youre a scorpio
    2nd guess aries
    if you were a scorpio woman. which way do you think you would better go? cancer or pisces? both say 10.10

  40. kaiko

    I’m a Scorpio woman living with a Cancer man. He is my knight in shining armor…he calms me when and helps me put things in perspective…we seemed to have a perfect union…but lately I feel something is missing …I am also attracted to a Virgo man. I don’t really want to hurt my Cancer man but I want to have fun with the Virgo guy…so complicated…argghhh

  41. sleepyhead

    true abt the pisces… its never the same with anyone else… but its very hard with them.. as you have to keep pushing and keep the relationship going.. sometime you really wonder if he loves you.. but scorp compatibility with cancer is great too.. in fact my best friend is a cancer.. and i cant imagine my life without her

  42. Hasinah S.

    I’m finding ur blog very insightful but I’m having trouble really taking it to heart. I’m a Scorpio woman currently dealing with a Cancer and my ex is a Pisces. U gave both relationships a 10/10, but is it realistic? I think it varies depending on life experiences…my ex has never been in a relationship before me and it definitely showed. He eventually gave in to his true feelings but that was after 4 1/2 yrs in…we’re not together anymore because he got a bigger head then usual about himself and I couldn’t take it anymore. U figure after 5 1/2 yrs he should know exactly what he wants, who he is, and what I mean to him. My question is…if I let this Cancer in and I fall like I kno I did with my ex, will we ever make it?!? Rhetorical question of course lol
    Ur r accurate about the Pisces thou…definitely won’t get over each other.

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