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  1. Lily

    I wish this was more detailed because yeah first vibes are great connection was there without words. I was attracted, flirting felt easy and comfortable, but the more I got to know this cancer man I’m talking to now the more he seems distant or just childish.
    Slowly starting to lose attraction and I think he can feel it too. I like that we can read eachother emotionally but it’s hard for me to verbally dig into those feelings with him.

  2. You know who.

    So I’ve been secretly dating this Scorpio babe. We fucked in a public bathroom, we fucked in her bed room when no on else was there and I pulled out and came on the floor, we fucked in her parents bed room where I pulled out and came on a couch pillow, we fucked multiple times in our hostel room with other people thereā€¦ We fucked everywhere we could. That girl was amazing.And it was wild. I made her come hard several times, and having a girl that hot enjoy being eaten out by humble you is a pretty neat ego boost. And she was epic at giving bjs.

  3. CrAbBy BaBby

    The Cancer man in question is someone that I went to school with almost 20 years ago. He emailed me and then immediately called me when I responded to ask me out. We talked on the phone and texted for over a week before our actual date- he was out of town on vacation. Before our date he was texting me first thing every morning- and called frequently…we went out on Friday night…to a movie and to dinner then back to my place to watch tv and talk. While on the date, he was very sweet, nervous and was constantly holding my hand, putting his arm around me and kissing me… it was wonderful. At home he did the same thing, but once it got late he was up and out of there…he asked when he could see me again and said that he would call the next day- well, he hasn’t called since. He has texted me everyday- and has been very sweet, but has yet to make a move as to seeing me again. I finally told him that I would like to see him again and he said that we would get together this week. I am just very confused. I am a Scorpio and usually in control of relationships, but I am stumped. I can’t read him…I don’t know what to say or do next… I tried the whole ignoring him thing and he just ends up texting me even more…until I give in and talk to him. I am not sure what to do. On a side note, he did tell me that he always wanted to ask me out in school and I was that girl that he always looked at and wished that he could be with…the thing is, if he had asked me out back then- I WOULD have gone… he has always been handsome and very sweet…with just enough of the “bad boy” image to make him exciting. I need to know what to do. Do I pursue him? Do I leave it alone and let him come to me? Everything that I have read about Cancer men has proven true with him… but I don’t want to scare him away at all. I am very loving and we would be the perfect couple if he would just commit a little… I own a business and I am a very busy person so I have to plan…and I won’t be able to just up and drop what I do to see him when he is ready. He also says that he loves when I text him because he thinks that it is very sweet… but I feel like I am doing all the work here! If Cancer men are so loving and caring, why doesn’t he see that he is just not doing much? I also need to know that someone cares about me and wants to be around me…because if not then I need to move on. I am truly crazy about him and I just need some major advice on what to do next….

  4. Nan

    The awkward moment when someone is crying and you’re trying your hardest not to breakdown because you know you love them and the mere fact of losing them brings you tears.

  5. My one and only cancer boy

    I met a cancer man and yes its very wierd bc the moment i saw him i liked him and we didnt even talked to each other at first. Then we stated talking and then I realized that he was a sweet, caring guy i ever met. Unfortunetly he has a girlfriend, but sometimes get the feeling that he likes me a lot by the way he acts and talks to me. This situation is really killing me because idk if in the future we will be together or not. Its been a while now, and even though i’ve met other guys i feel like i dont connect with them as much as i did with the cancer guy. And i swear im not even exaggerating, but i think of him all the time and hes even in my dreams and i know that he likes me too, he just doesnt want to be unfaithful. I just hope that one day i can be with him.

  6. Ivy

    This Cancerian guy is my colleague & i probably fell for him at the first sight. When we were introduced, I chose to stay quiet & he’ll distract me during work. That playful kind. There was once where our hands touched, accidentally and its like the time paused, but he retreated. Months passed, and we do get along well. In fact, there was once when he took the blame for me. He laughs at my jokes (but i dont think im even funny). Sometimes I get annoyed easily and he’ll be quick to pick up my mood.

    Its just that, I get confused easily, I dont know if he has feelings for me or is he just plain friendly. One moment we act like we’ve known each other forever, and next moment, we ignore each other. Oh, im pulling him in, bit by bit. And I think it’s working cos I achieved 2 goals yesterday ;D Oh well, I’m a Scorpio woman afterall.

  7. scorpio

    I am with a cancer man for 2 years. During our breakup I met another cancer man at my summer job. And he like me. He knew my whole situation with my ez. We got along. He was there when I cry over my ex. He want to be with me even tho I still love my ex. But I can’t be with him. My ex ask me out. I told the boy to leave me alone. Sometimes I feel bad and wish I was with him. But my ex currently my bf is good we are working it work. I don’t trust him.

  8. ScorpioStillin

    Scorpio woman who is passionately in love..with a Cancer man..and has been for a very very long time..I know in my heart he still loves me..and that he considers the fact knowing I do..regardless of my situation..and what others may say about him. My love for him endureth forever. I hope one day we will reunite and pick up where we left off. This is my wish and I want it to be at OUR command!! Love you GK!! :*

  9. Paula

    i am a scorpio woman with cancer rising…i fell for a cancer man just looking at his picture…that was before i knew he was married…he is much older than me and has been with his wife for years and has grown up children…and i think i was drawn to him also because i had problems at home too- my mother basically rejected me when i was a child and i had to raise myself emotionally and otherwise since i can remember…i had all kinds of problems because of it including low self esteem, emotional defensiveness and emotional detachment so when i saw his photo i had this strong sensation that he was it…i dreamt about us together like scorpios do …i went to see him at a place where he was speaking…he is a bit of a public figure…i felt an enormous connection there (which i think is actually there on some issues at least) and i could feel he felt it too…afterwards i felt totally depressed…i went to see him again at at another place a few days later and gave him a letter, saying not so much that i loved him, but it was obvious from the letter that i felt a strong connection with him…i was hoping he would get in touch… i waited and waited but when no answer came i was left to deal with a deep wound which on top of my childhood depression was a living nightmare…slowly, very slowly, over a period of good couple of years i weaned myself off him…i have to admit too that during that period i used to send him emails about how good it would be if we were together and how wonderful i found him…not psycho stuff although i know it sounds it- i was really careful not to go into the accusing mode although i was dealing with so much i have no idea how i did it…in my emails i was trying to help him too because i knew he was going through a depression too and i know that some of the stuff was spot on…at the same time writing to him helped me to ground my emotions and slowly put things into perspective…i was scared that i would get arrested for harassment but i did it for my own healing too ( at that time i felt too low to have therapy)…sending emails to him made me feel bad because i didn’t want to put him under strain and i was also scared for myself…i must have sent about hundred emails…all i got was silence…no one from his office wrote back to me saying please stop…and he never responded saying we had a connection… i could not make head or tail of it all (this was probably due to lack of emotional awareness and my childhood)…i went to see him for the third time to ground the whole process…when it came to the nitty gritty i was so weighed down by my emotions i only manged a good night and a handshake…it was him who actually did not let go of my hand until i slipped mine out of his…afterwards i felt an enormous warm energy going through my body… emails finished about two years ago and i do not think about him…i have gone online and started dating other men…and then yesterday out of the blue i realised that i still love him and i am now at a total loss at whether i should try to contact him in a more civilised fashion…do we really have some kind of connection? sometimes i feel it is such a shame not to explore this and yet whenever i think about him i fall into wanting to be with him..i would also do it to explore my emotions mostly because i have no clue what i am feeling right now and what i should be doing…i really thought i put this thing to bed two years ago and here it is back again…this scorpio cancer connection has been a real nightmare and yet I would give anything to find my own cancer man who could love me back…

  10. sadscorp

    ugh the cancer i am in luv with is in luv with an aries woman..i was waiting for that relationship to burn out so i can get his attention back like i had before she came along..but reading ur compatibility with the two i guess it will never happen so i must now pick up the pieces and move on…we had a very deep friendship and i fell in luv but his feelings werent the same ..i recently found out he and aries were into eachother and it broke my heart.. hes very protective over her and although he and i were close hes obviously closer to her because he wont let me say a word about her but i think he talks about me behind my back to her to make her feel secured that shes his true interest..shes an attention seeker and he gives her so much of it..shes his little secret love, im tired of trying to hold him close to me especially if i believe its a losing battle..im so depressed ..i lost my best friend, but he doesnt want me to leave. he begs me to stay. we are very passionate towards one another and the sex is unimaginable but im just too jealous to remain a friend with benifits ..especially since i thought i was the only one in his life that was this close, its just too hard to bare..im very sad…but i dont think he cares..i think it was just all aabout the sex with this guy with me but with her he wants to settle down and be happy..she brags alot about their friendship and it hurts so bad

  11. victoria

    i also have a cancer man as my ex-husband but we never had this connection as my cancer man now… Y is that????

  12. victoria

    i am a scorpio woman and i have been seeing my cancer man for the past month… i have read some comments and it seems the worst is to loose ur cancer.. it seems we have this connection that is unreal.. i have a bestie who is a pisces and we fit together also but i am drawn to my cancer.. it’s so new but he is always on my mind and stands up to me which is sweet but when he pushes me the stinger comes out and i gotta get his soft underbelly and put him back off of me. the good thing ab it is that he is a challenge to me even though we have a lot in common… i’m really excited by this cancer bc he is something totally different…

  13. Precious

    I’m a Scorpio female and I just got out of a 16-month relationship with a Cancer male just days ago. This is so trueee! I usually have trust issues, but it was different with him. He had such a caring nature and being a Scorpio, I had a short temper, got irritated over the little things pretty easily, and it’s crazy when my jealousy kicks in, so that nature of his pretty much calmed me down. Our relationship was like bestfriends yet we were in a relationship, and I’ve honestly never had that in any of my other relationships. Our bond was different — the good way. I’m a stubborn, suspicious & jealous person, but he brought out the best in me. I hope to find someone I can have a relationship with like what I had with him. *Sigh*

  14. anon

    I’m a Scorpion with a lot of Cancerian in my sign. A LOT. I have formed many lovely relationships with cancers. Whenever I have a bad break-up…I always seem to have a Cancerian sent to me – very soul soothing. Just don’t even need to speak, very intimate and connected, perfect for when I need a big cuddle! I have never had a real long-term relationship with one though…feel that we may be a bit too similar…and there’s not enough to sort of challenge me and help me grow. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with one. Very sweet stuff.

  15. Natasha

    yea that is the best yu can do. but dont talk to other females cuz its gonna mess up everything.

  16. Danny

    even if she say she dont care about me she is still thinking about me she is just hidng it or somthing or is she is weary of trusting me again

  17. Natasha

    well danny i can tell yu. yu wouldnt get back on her good sign. as a scorpio female i know i wouldnt. she stills loves yu trust me but she dont want to be with someone who wasnt loyal or faithful to her. yu mean alot to her and always will. even if yu get on her good side she will always bring up the pain yu cause time from time. she wouldnt forget but probably forgive. idk im sorry to hear about that good luck.

  18. Danny

    then this other female came in and tore the scorpio and i apart now she dont love me any more i want to be back on her good side again so i can feel the passionate aura in the air

  19. Danny

    we fussed alot but it seem like every time we got at it we make up and the bond with us got even more stronger everytime i open my heart to her and never done that to any other women before i could not trust nobody but it seems that i can trust her when i first got a glance of her she knock off of my feet as if she was a tornado thats when i knew someday i would fall in love with her

  20. Danny

    Im a cancerian male dealing with a scorpio female i dont love her like i use to i remember we talked alot she was the first girl i fell in love with it seem that she made me feel ok to revail my true form of myself usually im funny a show off and egotistical on the outside but deep down i care about people im humble a im geuine and beutiful. i will always love this girl she is always dear to me anything that i thought that was unattractive about me really turned her on she was like the perfect girl for me she made me do stuff i never thought i do she was the first girl i ever drop down on my knees and beg to, i never even tried phone sex until she came along and when the skies were grey she cleared them out for me

  21. Natasha

    i am 17 years old. i am scorpio and my ex bf is a cancer. we was together for 10 months. we broke up due to the fact he doesnt show he cares about me when i always asked him. whenever i will cry when he get into a argument he will just hung up and he is tired then the next day in school he wouldnt ask if i am ok. i got pissed at him and didnt give him his ipod back until i felt back and gave it back. i begged the day he wrote me a break up email for it not to be over. we had remained friends but each time we will hang out we will still kiss and be very attracted to each other. we didnt have sex or anything cuz we are virgins and waiting until we get married. we get into very heated arguments. i feel like im always to one who reachs out to talk again. its been 5 months since we had broken up. i dont wanna wait but something tells me to stay and hold on. we are each other first loves. i know he really loves me and cares about me. he wrote me 100 things he loves about me. i feel like the past things that i have done to him wouldnt be fixed i have slapped him twice he always throws it in my facee. but when he choked me to the point i couldnt breathe. i dont bring up. yesterday we had a real bad argument. he can be very selfish only worry about himself instead of me. i helped with so much like school i made him breakfast every morning when he had no lunch in schuelde at school, i gave him money when he had none. i made him dinner when he had noo food at home. i always took care of him. i am the only one in his life he inspires him to do good things. i feel like i am taken for granted. he knows i am always gonna be there for him im sick of that i want him to be scared to lose me. i feel like i mean nothing to him. i never feel loved by him. i dont know understand how he acts like he dont care and soo selfish. he is sweet at times. i just love too much to let go. he finds me beautiful i am insecure person. he knows everything about me. he is my best friend. we only trust each other. i dont know what to do honestlyy. i keep telling him to change he doesnt do it. i need help

  22. macks

    im a 15 year old guy and i think there is a difference between the three. cute is like adorable or like cute in a way of a kid. pretty is natural beauty pretty without make up and is a ten without having to get ready and inner beauty. hot is sexy like jaw dropping attrcative but if its just hot then hes prolly just into u for ur body… guys are like that haha i try not to be tho. i call my girlfriend all three shes sooo attractive not just her body though shes smart and funny and sweet and a good person and beautiful and im so in love. shes my world and shes all of the above to me, choosing which one is better to be called is something you can decide on your own

  23. lola

    Thank you for your great insight once again, HTC! You are completely right that he is behaving like a total teenager! I was just thinking the other day how it reminds me of some high school drama, haha.

    I honestly don’t know why I care so much. I think you are right though that I let my initial attraction/connection to him distort how I should feel about how he is acting. In a normal situation I wouldn’t give someone who plays these kinds of games the time of day, male or female, so I should just write off the friendship here, it seems like he can’t handle it anyway. I’ve never been a game player and I certainly am not going to play this cat and mouse game with him.

    Thanks for the perspective, it helped me get my head out of the clouds and see him/the friendship for what he/it actually is.

  24. hailtothecrab

    Lola that was kind of an extension of I was talking about in my previous post. My guess is that he resumed contact to try to get with you and realized, once again, that you still weren’t going to give up your relationship. It would explain why he was sweet and put in the effort and then drew away quickly when you just treated him like any other friend. This is what an immature (usually teenage) crab does, which honestly is kind of alarming behavior for someone in their mid-20s. A more mature crab usually grieves rejection on his own for some time, accepts it as it is, and then moves on completely – or at least makes it seem like he’s moved forward. A more mature crab (and person overall) would be completely over the game playing and will reciprocate friendliness without a hidden agenda.

    I would reccomend continuing friendly contact with him (just don’t initiate it) and if he becomes distant, it’s not the end of the world. Even as a Cancer, I’ll say that you don’t need someone as immature that in your life. Though I will say that I think that you may still have somewhat of an attraction to him stemming from the attraction you had when you first met him, otherwise the loss of him as a colleague/friend wouldn’t be bothering you so much, which I think this is common in Scorpio women.

    I would probably take some time alone assess your attractions/feelings (I think someone upthread reccomended a “feelings map” for someone else) and I’m positive after completely thinking it over you’ll find that you love your Scorpio and that it’s better to just let Cancer become distant and it may even be best to exclude him from your life if he keeps his act up. Maybe that will give him the epiphany he needs.

  25. Realistica

    ….Lola I would move on that is if you haven’t already šŸ˜‰ i mean you have a life of your own and why hold your breath for someone mean and unkind?! do you really want someone like that in your life even if he were to have feelings for you? history has a way of repeating itself dearie. of course nothing wrong in exchanging sweet nothings. that’s why they’re called that becoz they are ……NOTHING!! lol! i got rid of my meanie crab and feeling so much better now. my current is a taurus guy n we get along v well.

  26. lola

    Okay, update on the situation–see previous threads: so after my cancer male friend acted like a jerk to me, we didn’t talk for about a week. Then he reached out and was really sweet and friendly and made a lot of effort to talk to me every day. After about a week or so of this, he disappeared again and seemed distant the last time we talked (a few days ago). I am kind of confused what is going on here. It’s like he wants to be friends, then he doesn’t, then he does and then he doesn’t again?

    HTC and Cancer Boy both said his previous behavior is probably because he still has feelings for me, so is that what is going on here? I am just treating him like I do any of my friends, so it’s not like I’m flirting or anything. I’ve never had a male friend be so elusive, so I’m not sure what to do?

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