Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Virgo Couples:

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi

This relationship is one of my secret favs. Two very gentle, tuned-in individuals find peace and comfort in each other’s arms.  Both the Virgo woman and Cancer man carefully groom each other and a small circle of people with whom they have genuine connections.  Each would never knowingly hurt someone else.  Both are protective and talented in human relations.  Though, much to their own dismay, they can be whiny, fussy and needy when off center, they feature high on the integrity scale for good intentions.   Bringing out the very best in one another, they actually enjoy giving more than receiving when paired up together.  Their taste is likely to be similar, focusing on a small world of comfort and perfection rather than, for example, setting the world on fire – though they may wind up doing so peripherally.  Both tend to value soul care and moral development above egoism, keeping-up-with-trends or accumulating the latest stuff.  Both prefer comfort and understatement to ostentation.

How to Attract a Cancer Man as a Virgo Woman:

Show your awareness of and concern for healthy lifestyle.  Describe how much you like vegan or low-cholesterol cooking.  Imply that you would love to take very good care of him.  Give him something you made with your own hands like a cookie.  Get to know his favorite color.  Keep it low key and low maintenance.  Here, finally, is the right place to be sincere.  Use the Magick Word often (“we”) and in future implied tense.  Be comforting and soothing.  If he’s late or forgot to bring his mapquest directions printout, say “Now, now, everything’s going to be ok.”  I know that’s what people usually say to you but you’ve met your match.  He needs it even more than you do.  In this relationship you’re going to have to calm, cool and collected while he worries and frets.  Your tender ministrations will help him avoid an ulcer at an early age.  Here’s another hot tip.  Please treat his mother like royalty.  He really, really loves her.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Cancer Man:

Pay for everything.  Make exquisite choices that show attention to detail.   Remember everything she tells you as she will remember everything you tell her.  Wherever you go, keep the lights low, the music soft and the food healthy.  Treat her small pet as a member of the family.  Drop her off at the door while you hassle the parking and weather issues.  Let her know how much you appreciate every little thing unless you want it to evaporate into thin air.  She is very devotional but NEVER a door mat.  If you have a complaint, word it diplomatically.  Keep it short and focused.  No reason to get emotional.  She really listens and will understand.   No need to go Commando/

Degree of Romance:

There’s a lot of exquisite feelings between these two but even greater is their ability to express them.  This couple thrives on the impromptu foot or neck rub which quickly turns erotic.  (You have no idea what feet are for till you date-and-mate a Virgo woman.)  .  They may particularly enjoy romancing in the hot tub.  Cancers are water babies and Virgo is great with a nubby toweled rubdown.

Degree of Passion:

Passion comes naturally when two people are so relaxed and comfortable with one another.   Trust is not just a five-letter word.  It’s a visceral “I’m ok You’re ok” feeling that pervades everything they do together.

Degree of Friendship:

Who is ALWAYS there to lend a helping hand?  Virgo.  Who is ALWAYS there for a shoulder to cry on?  Cancer.  These two are everyone else’s best genuine friend.  Why wouldn’t they be each other’s?

Degree of Marriage:

Cancer man and Virgo woman make for super compatibility.  They really focus on “love, honor and serve”.  They will spend untold blissful hours getting their lovely home “just perfect for us”.  It will be a marvel of comfort and efficiency with personal detailing every where in evidence.   They make model “hands-on” partners and parents.  In a world full of wind bags, uber bling bling enthusiasts, slobs, geeks, freaks and weaks, they have each found the Perfect Partner.  Ah!  The sanity of it all.  Now let’s go have some good, clean fun.

Progression of Relationship:

Being so grateful to find one another, they may want to go slowly and savor every step along the way.  They do a minuet courtship dance of intricate touches and personal pleasure.  There they are, over there!!  She’s saying, with tears in her soft eyes, “I always wanted someone to watch the sun set with me from the temple steps here overlooking the harbor.  This is so right.”  “I know.  I know,” he says and pulls her close.  Virgo:  You know what else I’d like to do next >>>  ?” ….  Cancer:  Big smile.


Sex becomes something of a ritualized way of “showing I care”.   There’s the Kama Sutra, lying open on the nearby mantel to our current favorite page.  Let’s start right where we left off last time.  We may want to bathe each other before or after with Tsalagi bath salts and our special monogrammed Matouk Egyptian cotton luxury bath towels, his and hers (we splurged!).  And here on the bedside table are our K-Y® “Yours+Mine” special products, a feather, the Ben Wa balls ….  No interruptions, please!

When It’s Over:

It’s the never-ending combination.  Just keep the dream alive.

Our Rating: 10/10

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  1. Note also the person’s moon and Ascendant, they play a big role. Also where there Venus sign is matters too. It can make a big difference in a Cancer’s personality. Cancers are a bit too clingy for my taste, often manipulative and prone to Drugs and alcohol. :They are emotional men, which sounds great until you realize that translates to
    co dependent. Also Cancers made a list for being the Zodiac sign most likely to kill and murder. think Stalkers Note for every virgoette’s taste.

  2. @Darth, Can you update us on your situation, please?

  3. @Enigma. Thank you.

  4. Everyone is actually made up of several signs, not just one so that’s why you have signs that typically aren’t supposed to be together work out just fine. You’re a Cancer, but your moon, rising, Venus and Mars may all be in something that’s compatible with Libra or it may be in Libra itself. We are all unique in that regard so don’t let sun sign compatibility calculations get you down. You could be a Libra-born Cancer who wouldn’t be compatible at all with the traditional signs that Cancer is supposed to be compatible with.

  5. I am a virgo woman. 41. Deeply in love with a cancer man.same age.We were a couple over 20yrs ago (young love) life took us on different paths and we didnt stay in touch. Recently we’ve been talking again( atleast 3 times a day everyday) and its been AMAZING!! Really!!! .. and the sex… Wow! Is indescribable… Its like i was on a 20 yr vaca. and now im home… just two problems though.. Im in a relationship of 6 yrs that’s ran its course.. And he’s MARRIED for 3yrs.. He is EVERY thing i want in a man.. Seriously.EVERY thing! we know we’re suppose to be together, we tell eachother that we love the other all the time.. But im torn.. because as much as i love him. i cant be the cause of his marriage collapse.. Idk what to do?? My heart says love him with all your might. and everything will work out.. but my concious says leave it alone.. What should i do ??

  6. To all Virgo women this is your cancer man speaking. We are truly, meant for one another. Friends, partners, companions, lovers, and soulmates. Virgo earth sign, and cancer water sign. The earth needs water to help things grow, to keep her refreshed, on point, fulfilled that’s what us cancers are to you lady Virgos. Water needs to help something grow, be refreshed, hydration, thirst quencher, our purpose for Virgo. We are ruled by the moon which causes the waves, henceforth our mood swings. Advice for our Virgo partners ride the wave don’t fight against the tide. Just console us with food, and some affection. Trust comes as long as we both remember it’s about us noone else and we ride or die! We got y’all backs, and we are great business men for you as well we’ll invest in your world (everything) just keep us wanting to one hand wash the other and they both wash the face.

  7. I just came back to update on my Cancer and I’s relationship …..My loving crab actually came crawling back to me (figuratively speaking , no pun intended lol). When I say that he and I are soulmates…and he says the exact same thing, it is true. The universe has even tried to keep us apart, in more ways than one, and even that is not powerful enough to. Nothing and no one can separate us. So, I guess not all Cancer’s are the same….I guess there’s some exceptions about being done. However, I do want to clarify, my cancer man never told me he was done with me. The only thing he said was “we are not good for one another”. He has never uttered the words “I’m done with you” or even implied it with words… His actions are what had bothered me. Come to find out this girl he had been with for a month or so, was just a distraction from me…it wasn’t real. It was all fake, just like any other relationship he founded on vengefulness… I know he wouldn’t be with me now if he did not want to. And things aren’t perfect with us, but that’s okay. We have each other again and we are happy. I just wanted to let you guys know. Hang in there any Virgos going thru the same thing! If it is meant to be, you and your Cancer WILL be! <3

  8. No its not a game, its real, thats how Cancers are, once you wrong them which appears you did, that’s the reaction you will get that you mentioned…..”the way he is behaving, because he is acting as if we never were together. There’s no guilt, remorse, or empathy that I can see from him at all” …… I can tell you this because I know, I am a cancer! Once we decide we are done, then we really are, no going back, no more 2nd chances….all the little nuances you were experiencing with the back and forth was just giving you time to redeem yourself, but then on the last chance which you will really have no idea that it is your last chance, and you mess that up, mark you he may have done you wrong but then you had done worst and that’s when the shi!t really hits the fan – Then its GAME OVER!

  9. I also wanted to add to my note, that the article is definitely right about the sex. The sex truly is unbelievably amazing. It’s not just sex. It’s making love; In it’s purest, rawest form. There are no boundaries here. And a Virgin and Crab bond like no other. Looking into each others’ eyes as we made love was like looking straight into the depths of one another’s soul. I don’t think there is a greater feeling on this earth.

  10. Hi there. I am a Virgo woman who was with a Cancer man on and off for, going on 7 years now. We met in high school, and he literally had me at hello. Such a cheesy line, but so true. I was in a relationship, or near the end of one rather when he and I met. We became best friends instantly. The article is right about everything being so natural. It’s like I had known him a life time already. The beginning of our relationship was nothing but bliss (once he finally got the courage to make the next step, and ask me out). He brought out the best in me, opened me up, and made me feel on top of the world every time I was with him. In this relationship the highs are high and the lows are low. He definitely has a way of pushing my buttons and it seems he does lack empathy at times. We were inseparable until we began fighting and arguing a lot. Not necessarily over trivial matters. We both had a lot going on in our lives and were not in the best condition to be in such an intense relationship. That’s exactly what this relationship is; intense, passionate, eternal. Over the years I learned things about him I wish I never knew. He has treated me like a queen and he has treated me so terribly, some things he has done seem unforgivable. We have been in other relationships that never worked and always found each other again. Even after months or even years of not talking and seeing one another again, things were just where we left off and that amazing love we had for each other just burned all the more brighter. This relationship not only gets better over time but more difficult as well….I think the key to this relationship and making it work is definitely trust. If there is no trust between the two, all hell breaks loose. Virgo needs to be comforted and their efforts acknowledged. If not, they feel used up and worthless. Cancer has a way of making people feel the opposite of that, but when in a relationship, it’s like he forgets that this is necessary to keep things alive and build a solid foundation. I feel like Virgos give a lot of themselves and will do anything for their partner. Cancer enjoys being taken care of and becomes used to this and forgets that his Virgo has needs of her own too. I know that Virgos are not naturally jealous (because I have never been…until my Cancer lover came along that is). I think people are so drawn to Cancers and connect with them easily, and Cancers have flirtatious tendancies. I know jealousy played a big role in a good bit of our fights. Over time I found myself desiring the attention it seemed my Cancer man was giving everyone but me. I knew deep down how much he loved me, but doubts began to form and I constantly obsessed over what he wasn’t doing right or what I wasn’t getting out of the relationship anymore. I think these 2 signs are so comfortable that things can become too comfortable and both the Crab and Virgin begin to take one another for granted. I also believe once trust is broken it becomes very hard to repair things again and become the secure couple that was there before. I have noticed when a Virgo does something to hurt a Crab he becomes very emotionally withdrawn and this can be dangerous to the relationship in many ways. He is not very quick to forgive, because he has such a big heart. Once withdrawn, I believe the Crab lets his mind wander and does things to distract himself from the issues at hand instead of handling them and communicating with this Virgo. This just pushes her away and there you have the push and pull concept. Both seem to push and pull at the same time and it’s hard to find that sense of stability again once this happens. Although it is very possible. I do think this combination creates a love like no other. The love is almost overpowering at times. I experienced this first hand with my Crab. Things recently, spiraled out of control. There were other outside factors and circumstances playing a part in the issues we had as well. My Cancer man has left me before, in the most hurtful way possible, and I of course let him come back. I always do. He left me again, I do believe, for the last time. It has tore my heart to pieces, and while he is the one who has done so much to wrong me, my heart is still with him and I don’t see that ever changing. I can’t help but focus on the good in the relationship (because how can I not? I was in heaven….the majority of the time). I know I would do anything to have him back in my life and right all the wrongs. I’m not sure if he has truly moved on from me this time or not. He began dating another girl within a few days of last seeing me. I’ve seen the pictures of him and his new woman and the comments on social media and of course this hurts me. But the worst part is, it seems he is truly happy and fine without me and is treating this girl in the same manner he treated me when we first started dating. It makes me wonder do all Crabs behave in this way and move on from one woman to the next so quickly? Even after so many years of being together. Or is this just their way of coping? It’s hard for me to come to terms with the way he is behaving, because he is acting as if we never were together. There’s no guilt, remorse, or empathy that I can see from him at all. I just hope and pray this is just another one of his games/tactics to distract himself from the feelings he is having about the end of our own relationship. But I could never know. At times I felt like I knew him better than anyone and yet at the same time I still felt like I never really knew him at all. I keep picturing myself seeing him again, and everything being perfect the way it always is when we reunite. But so much has been done and our hearts both so broken for so many different reasons, I don’t know if this is it. If the light has finally burned out or if he even has a care for me at all anymore. There was no closure or no goodbyes. The only thing I am sure of is that what we had was real to me and to me our love is unending. I will never see myself being as happy as I was with my Cancer man. He completed me and made me whole. My love forever will never fade, only grow.

  11. My cancer boyfriend just ended things with me a week ago. He told me I wasn’t giving him enough of my trust and making his life more stressful because of our arguments. Then he came back to me and told me he loved me and wanted to make things work. The next day he texted me saying that he only said that because when he sees me I have this way over him. A way that makes it hard not to love me…he told me his feelings about me aren’t different but that he can’t be in a relationship because he can’t commit. He says he’s not ready and that when he thinks about us being together he can see is moving in together, falling in love, and starting a family. I don’t understand his logic at all and I told him if he really cares and loves me, he would stay with me no matter what. He says his life is chaotic right now and he has a lot going on. What should I do? Should I just let him go for good? He said maybe later on in life when he has everything figured out, like his career maybe we’ll be together…but he’s hurt me so much. Just wanting some advice…I feel like he’s my soulmate.

  12. Schuyler L.October 1, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    Hi everyone, I know this page must be a bit rested, but I really wanted to give my input as a young Cancer man. I feel that a lot of the article is true, but everyone needs to remember that people vary within their zodiac sign just like they do in everything else in life. So yes, you are going to get Virgo/Cancer relationships that don’t work at all because the individuals are not really like the average Cancer or Virgo. These descriptions are based on a number of people who are like that. If you are with a Cancer who is the opposite of what hid sign states then chances are, he’s just really not in tune with himself and therefore is not a mature crab. And nobody ever said that every crab matures; some of them are killed before they can do so, both literally and figuratively. I wanted to post because I am the Cancer man described in the article, I want that relationship with all of my being and would do whatever it took to make it work, compromise and trust and all. By the way, sometimes we Cancers are bad at communicating because we feel that you, as our partner, should know what is wrong already, and yes, I know that that is illogical in some instances. Anyway, have a great life everyone whatever you do.

  13. It sounds like the only reason a woman gets with a cancer man is because the sex is good. This is not looking good. Sometimes he likes you sometimes he don’t. Is the sex really that good to be willing to make such a huge compromise? I don’t want anyone to ever have that kind of control over me.

  14. A Virgo 32 Woman I am and Cancer 34 Man he is, we had been friends for 12 years, I am always there for him despite how moody and lazy he is… He never ask about my feelings or try to communicate with me when he did things that hurt me. What he does, sending me to work, buy meals for me, movies when he is only he is not moody. I always think that I am the only woman friend he has and so I couldn’t leave him no matter how messed up he is in life and career, and I always wait alone in the dark for him to concern about my feelings or at least feel the same hurt as me when he is the one who caused it. Been friends for 9 years, I dare not think of been his girlfriend or having him as my boyfriend, he did not earn my trust but I keep telling myself that I must trust him or he can never have another chance to be better, he did not earn my love too by working hard and make efforts to feel me, he just ignore and left me alone after sending me home when I am down. No communication at all throughout the years, I am the only one feeding him about my side and asking him about things. After 9 years, something big happened, I begged so hard for the truth (But yet there are still hidden lies I am know), I realised that he gamble, nightclub, and involve with a girl etc (I wouldn’t imaging so as he never portrayed someone so), I always thought I know him the most since I always make efforts to go to him no matter how he shut himself (As I am alone, and I do not want him to be so), until the truth revealed, I felt that I am nobody, not even a good friend to me that he could be honest about himself to me, I have no idea who he is, who is the man I been trying to take care and cherish. We separated for 2 years and last year we met again, once again, i am the one taking the initiate move to him and check if he is well, he shows no sense of shame and pain looking at me, behaving like it is nothing and never looked for me and keep gamble and all… I do not know why, I still want his life to be well, I just want this friend to live well until after all these while, he once again hurt my feelings and left me alone and I really hate that same feeling coming over me.. while he could still add some random girl to chat, I cried so hard uncontrollably when I met him and told him, I had enough for all these years.. He then told me he has no courage to love me and he knows how messed up he is, he felt terrible when he did nothing well and hurt me, and he just want to ignore.. he lied because he is afraid the truth will hurt me… But what are we as virgo? We study no matter how depressed we are. I asked him why would he knew it could hurt me and yet doing it? Why didn’t he make efforts to be a better man if he is inferior but went worst? How could he ignore my feelings when I begged and tear so much for decade as a dear friend if ever he cherish (Would it be worst if I am already his girlfriend)? How could he bear and watched me sacrificing all without feeling sorry and able to sleep and eat? etc…. Told him there is no love but just used to have a friend who never give him up. He is now trying his best to earn me back after my last break down, but not just Virgo I would said, when one pride, trust, youth, time = life, opportunities had given to someone we dear.. and been abused for not one month but 12 years, not one hurt but countless wounds to live… This cancer man had done his best to destroy that virgo woman, and so, no matter how he did, he can never have the same her back… and if Virgo is not been Wirgo to the one they love, they can’t love and they will not love them for life.

  15. Leeairrha BurtonaMarch 15, 2015 at 6:54 am

    My boyfriend is a cancer and can be very childish and cute and I’m a virgo but I don’t focus on gifts, i really dont want him to buy me EVERYTHING! nor do i lile soft music, so,e but i also like Emilie Autumn and shes more gothic not soft. Me and him are great together but it’s a LDR so I will test some of these things. I’m really into studing the zodiac signs, tue sex part is mostly true. Me and him plan things with no shame but cancer is more out in the open and virgo is a bit more shy but we will take our time to warm up like everyone else.

  16. NatureMomMarch 9, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    I am a Virgo married to Cancer Man. We are in the process of separating after 18 yrs together. He is too moody, poor communication, a slob, can’t trust him, chronic liar and still way too attached to his mother for a 43 yr old man. His lack of showing appreciation and affection combined with poor communication skills is a terrible match for a Virgo who craves attention and needs a partner that can have an intelligent conversation. I don’t he ever read a newspaper or watched the news. He is also very irresponsible always losing everything or forgetting to take care of responsibilities. I truly believe on top of having ADHD he is passive-aggressive. Not a good combo for honest, organized Virgos.

  17. GlambertVirgo4everNovember 10, 2011 at 12:26 am

    I’m a Virgo woman and I was dating a cancer man. We dated for 7 months. We had an AMAZING relationship. We had that relationship everyone dreams of. On new years eve we layed on a blanket in his backyard and looked at the stars until the fireworks started going off. I could literally tell him everything. We were best friends and lovers at the same time. I could be a total goofball around him. Now it’s been 5 months sense we broke up and we haven’t talked in almost 4 months. I miss him. I try to tell myself that I don’t need him and I can find someone better but there’s a part of me that won’t let him go.

  18. This is my second post, my other one is on the previous page. Posted a year ago.

    Sadly, my home town is under siege and I can’t hope to see my family or the girl I miss until the government over there is toppled and things settle down.

    FeelsReal: Thanks for the tip. I know she does. Sometimes, I suppose, we Cancers need a bit of a push like that. I know she’s still thinking about me… heck, loves me to bits. I started talking over skype with her and her family this year, and she’s always shown that same enthusiasm and keen affection she refuses to hide from me.

    Maybe it’s about time I returned the favour! I promise, I’m getting engaged to that girl. If only fate would allow.

  19. …trying to end it with him still. I know these guys need time to sort out their feelings but…someone needs to say it (and I know you investigative Cancer guys are reading this…take heed!)..IF YOU LOVE US, TELL US! I guarantee you, we love you too. You had us at hello. If we didnt love you, and it wasnt “safe”, we wouldnt have waited around for so long while you were busily imagining our future together. 🙂

  20. Hi bb. I’m in the exact same thing with my Cancer man and I’ve reached a place where I need to let go of him before my heart completely disintegrates altogether from mere lack of attention. My Cancer guy and I met 5 months ago…before summer began. We saw each other often in the beginning and I was in Heaven during each and every moment with him. I am so comforrable with him though he was initially very shy with me. Things are progressing at a snail’s pace. Everytime we make love We both are so completely in love and happy and then he finds ways (or makes excuses) not to see me for 2 or 3 weeks. I finally told him the other day that I feel taken for granted as I’m always the one doing everything to keep us going. He was hurt and I was hurt after saying it too and I ended up apologizing! I’m in deep with this crab and I love him so much I’m afraid I wobt be able to breathe withiut him in my life. The problem is..he’s never taken me out, I’ve not met any of his friends, and he has never invited me to his house. How long is this disappearing and not committing thing going to go on for? Would be great to get some feedback from some Cancer gentlemen out there.

    My heart is getting weak now and I’m trying to

  21. I am a Virgo woman and I am with a Cancer man for about 4 month. I feel a very deep connection to him that I never felt before. I met him and after 5 min talking to him I new I wanted him.And I made the first move.I don’t normally trust man that quick.But he is pulling away from me often and I don’t know how he feels about me. I text him and he won’t text back only when I ask him when he got time for me he text me back.he never ask me to see me.Sometimes he is cold and when he has a drink he is not. I can’t place him. But last week he was very upset (been to a funeral) and he came to me for support and cried. He is often away with his mates and I have never been to his house. He got a few problems with his ex.She comes to his house causing trouble.He said that he needs to get to know me better before he let me in his house.He is very careful and not very trustworthy.I just can’t get him to open up and get close to me.But when we sleep together he opens up and is just concern about me.Can someone give me some advice.

  22. virgogirlJuly 29, 2011 at 3:57 am

    This relationship takes time. It has been very difficult communicating with my cancer man, and we have been very luck to have a mutual friend to pulverize most of those barriers. If it wasn’t for her this relationship would not have taken off because we both trust her and confide in her, and she was pretty much the translator. That saved a lot of time. Both of us have a thick wall up and are very critical. We both have this push and pull thing going on. The most important thing, like the article says, is trust. If there is no trust, there is no-go. And it must be remembered that both of us, no matter how we say what we say, our intentions are always genuine. Once those barriers were crushed, there was this connection that neither of us have ever had in our lives, only dreamed of. Again, I stress, trust was/is the biggest factor. There is no hurry. Anxious feelings, yes. But no hurry. And I hope and dream of the day, whenever that day may come, when both of us can just fall into each others’ arms. I will forever love this man unconditionally.

  23. i am a virgo woman with a cancer man things are kool and the relationship is great we have our pros and cons he’s 52 and i’m 38 maybe its the age but the only dispute we have is he has other female friends that call that is his past but he says its nothing cause im who he chose is it insecurity or what cause he’s such a great man he spols me and wines and dines me and we live together and have been since day 4 of the relationship ……am i tripping or what???

  24. Im a cancer man trying to win the heart of a virgo woman she likes me but she dosent trust because she thinks im a liar i admit i do lie alot but i had never lied to her i keep asking her do she trust me and she says no because she thinks im messing around with two other women i had never messed around with no other two women there just my friend if they like i cant help it and yes i can be a little flirtatous but really my only focus is her because i really trust her

  25. Anthony :

    I’m a Cancer man currently with a young Virgo woman ( by young I mean she’s 21) but I am only 24 so I guess i’m young as well. My point is a relationship is what u make it 2 be, both me and her know how to push each others buttons with our words and according to this passage that is a natural thing. At the same time we hav both learned already that being too critical of the other almost always does nothing but irritate one of us. I am completely happy with her and I do honestly believe she is my soulmate and the one person in this world I was meant to love this way. I have never even dreamed of being with another person after her, and she tells me that she feels the same. We have found that our bond not just as male and female that love each other is special but our bond as Cancer and Virgo is something to be proud of and cherished because we understand each other so well. She is my queen and I her king and I would fight all the world just to keep her safe, happy, and by my side til death do us part…

    Type your comment here

  26. I’m a Cancer man currently with a young Virgo woman ( by young I mean she’s 21) but I am only 24 so I guess i’m young as well. My point is a relationship is what u make it 2 be, both me and her know how to push each others buttons with our words and according to this passage that is a natural thing. At the same time we hav both learned already that being too critical of the other almost always does nothing but irritate one of us. I am completely happy with her and I do honestly believe she is my soulmate and the one person in this world I was meant to love this way. I have never even dreamed of being with another person after her, and she tells me that she feels the same. We have found that our bond not just as male and female that love each other is special but our bond as Cancer and Virgo is something to be proud of and cherished because we understand each other so well. She is my queen and I her king and I would fight all the world just to keep her safe, happy, and by my side til death do us part…

  27. I think i like this virgo girl but idk what to say to her she just got out of a terrible relationship and i know how that feels i wanna tell her one of my stories about my ex but idk what to expect cuz i heard virgos are hard to get

  28. Hi Nancy, just spotted a typo error in the first paragraph.

    “Both the Virgo man and Cancer woman…”

    It’s Virgo woman and Cancer man.

  29. Virgo woman here with a cancer man. this is so not working out. have this cap guy keeps calling me mebe will give it a shot. done with crabs!

  30. everytime i’ve been around a virgo woman -it is as if i somehow ‘know’ it, as if somehow ‘know’ her (too relaxed- &fun), as if there is some sort of connection, interestingly enough, after beginning to know her i found out she’s a virgo, unfortunately it never really works -plus my first and only real love was a virgo and i have to admit 2things: my best and my worst experiences ever in life-come from that very same person,

    indeed i think that this is totally a wrong match (-i suppose that ‘astrologically’ speaking, since i have a virgo ascendant and some houses on capricorn i guess that make me a bit down to earth and critical as well -and that could be a bit of a problem too? (?))

    anyway i really believe what i said above: not a good match

  31. Virgo woman here with a Cancer man! We are very happy! Took some time for us to fully commit to each other because we were both hurt in our previous relationships. But it was worth the wait. I see forever with him.

  32. We had a love after long distance talk over the phone. he has so much respect on me as I have very strong view on both political and social issues. later on….he made a move by bringing emotional issues, my heart melted as I can be the one who can save him.

    Like any other cancerian, he is so emotional and changing mood so fast. It was fascinating to follow his mood and somehow it really turned me on. The sex life: woh, unimaginable…..

    watch out: very manipulative guy, but I dominate everything and he accepts. so we are in peace.

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