Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Capricorn-Aquarius Couples:  Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley, Ted Dawson and Mary Steenburger

In ancient esoteric astrology, Saturn ruled the signs of both Capricorn and Aquarius.  Thus the Capricorn man and Aquarius woman have a secret connection.  Saturn is the most conservative planet, while Uranus, modern-ruler of Aquarius, is the most progressive, the most revolutionary.  Sometimes you find them combined in an individual like Abraham Lincoln, who epitomizes the best qualities of both, but sometimes you find a rather conservative Aquarius, such as Ronald Reagan.  So that’s what’s going on when these two get together in a relationship?  The Capricorn man is looking for his more conservative element and the Aquarius  woman is looking for some vision to test her practicality.  This can be a great — albeit serious — match.   

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Capricorn Man: If you’re a Capricorn man trying to attract an Aquarius woman, you can be as serous as you are, Capricorn.  If you’re attracted to this lady it’s because you want a visionary.  You need to build your castles in the sky first, where they belong, and she is the one to help you, so get into a good conversation with her, let her into your mind and let her re-arrange the furniture there and put some potted plants around in colors you’ve never heard of.  Pretty soon you’ll be thinking outside the box.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as an Aquarius Woman: If you’re a Aquarius woman trying to attract a Capricorn man, it actually works okay to use craigslist, or another site of your choice because the Internet is ruled by Aquarians.  They were using special means for dating long before these sites became popular.  Aquarians are able to reach out to people of like mind using the invisible plane of vibrations in a process akin to telepathy.  It also works to picture clearly the person you have in mind in a process called creative visualization which was invented by an Aquarian. In other words distance is no problem.  You can have what you want.  Just use extra-sensory means. 

Degree of Romance:  If any sign would bring out romance in an Aquarius woman it would be a Capricorn guy.  He is so old-fashioned as to be quaint.  This touches her heart in an uncharacteristic moment of tenderness.  They may also find it helpful to play beautiful music while courting.  Aquarius men are highly sensitive to musical vibrations.  It is really their favorite language and it can certainly be the language of love.  If you want romance, play Chopin.  If you want passion play Rachmaninoff. 

Degree of Passion: Speaking of passion, this sensory oriented experience can be approximated by these two if accompanied by music.  It lowers the high Aquarius vibration down into the lower chakras where energy is transmuted from mind to sex.  Aquarius do a lot of transmutation of energy.  If you’re a Capricorn you may not understand, but your Aquarius lady does.  Capricorn is by nature quite romantic and lusty which brings out any ladylike qualities the Aquarius woman has hidden in there somewhere and despite her protestation that they’re just friends. 

Degree of Friendship:  Aquarius women talk endlessly about friendship and elevate it to an ideal over romantic love, and even agape but Capricorn is actually one sign that might be able to turn into a real friend.  There is a puppy-like quality to a Capricorn in the presence of relaxed others.  Like the little dog yapping at the heels of the Aquarius Fool of the Tarot deck, they can be great traveling companions.  She reaches for the visionary limits while he trots along with four feet on the ground. 

Degree of Marriage:  This makes a good marriage, particularly in very young or very old couples, or those not planning on having children.  The relationship has a studious, productive, practical quality to it that makes for a good partnership.  Aquarius is the idealist.  Capricorn is a realist.  Together they can set the limits for what is really possible.  Also as I mentioned both of these signs are basically conservative in nature and they do honor the collective advantage of legal marriage. 

Progression of Relationship: This relationship between a Capricorn man and Aquarius woman  will follow a predictable pattern of courtship.  Capricorn is slow and cautious, conservative and sure to follow all the rules — also because he is shy and afraid of rejection.  The Aquarius lady will not be particularly impressed by this because she’s spacing in and out all the time.  Her mind is pretty much bound to always be elsewhere but she does appreciate his attentiveness when she stops to think about it and she also enjoys the fact that he does not pressure their friendship into more until she is good and ready. 

Sex: Having sex together is a way of staying grounded.  It is an important day-to-day bond between these two that adds flesh to the vision, so to speak.  Their world is full of possibilities.  They are chasing rainbows and building castles in the air.  The real event of sex that takes place between the two real people is probably as real as they’ll ever get together.  Capricorn is an ardent and lustful lover while Aquarius provides the imagination and playfulness that keeps it lively. 

Our Rating: 9/10.

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198 Responses to Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

  • Sher says:

    Yeah that VIDEO tho…..parkelhelni alkeihai kelikentelti akleng glengi…. Freaking kidding, fvck is that Hahahahaha – I think I am going to learn that language all I know they could be saying ….. Kellikenkelni alekenki :$

  • Sher says:

    You know what Lili, its quite obvious you seem to always want to go and not be ‘here’ and as you always say you intentionally avoid certain things (and its clear to me now) and is always rather reluctant about moving on and so you know what, I’m not even going to try and stop you, not this time, if you want to go then be it may, it is what it is. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you as well.

  • lily says:

    And don’t be upset, Ok I make your start of the day with a gag, of my stupidity. Now as per my promise, i’ll tell you that why Nathan called me by this marked name and why did we had a drama last Monday.

    When I went to London a year ago, I stayed with Nat’s mom….…….she really didn’t like me, I assume she was married to an Indian man, and she might have faced some difficulties with her in-laws as she was English. But slowly and slowly we got along nicely, at that period Nat was going through a rough patch of separation. One night she discussed with me about Nat’s divorcee and then we decided to read his horoscope. She had fair bit of knowledge of that area, because of her husband’s beliefs.

    Now, Nat went this weekend to his mom’s place, he laughed after reading those pages………..but he was taken aback, as few things were truly written; especially about his marriages. Also, he read somewhere written in there that he will be blessed with a very understanding, compromising and caring partner. So, yesterday he was pulling my legs that finally he was enlightened with the knowledge of horoscopes and now he understood that why I don’t want to marry him and I’m just keen to become his partner lol 😉 He’s out for killing me. Now he understood why I got my passport renewed, as I don’t plan marring him this year.

  • Lori says:

    Okay….now I’m confused!

    But let me see if I can I understand this clearly….someone was advised in a horoscope reading aback that they would be “blessed with a very understanding, compromising and caring partner” and then after reading an article which makes reference to the word ‘partner’…..and based on whatever/however findings, someone is now under the strong belief that such forecast has manifested itself??….but I am also wondering was the person also advised to be sure to not “mess it up when it comes” and so he gets antsy alot after coming to the realization that other things that were said has become noticeable…. Hmmmm
    So then who doesnt wanna marry who, from who just wants to be whose partner???, from who want to kill whom to who wants to run away??? LOL… This is just too much info for me to process this early …. lolol – but I think I kinda get the gist of bits and pieces.

  • lily says:

    OMG sorry for this mess, and don’t worry it was all JOKE, actually it was Nat who was advised of two marriages………and true, the first one was for a short time and had just diluted. I’m about to marry him and I would be his second wife. Now, I don’t want to marry him right now, may be after couple of years. I can really see in his eyes that he’s not ready for it; though he’s legally separated but not emotionally. The day I see he’s just mine, I’ll marry him, without any pump and show, but till then I want to remain as his partner not wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Simple, Nat came to know abot that horoscope humor last Sunday, and somewhere it was written “blessed with a very understanding, compromising and caring partner’”……so he gaged that now he understands that why I want to become his partner, and not wife because of that wisecracking written advise………and he’s out for slapping me lol

    But now you know that’s not my reason for avoiding marriage with him 🙂 It was all witticism, nothing serious.

  • Lori says:

    You and Nat are two lunatic, trust me Hahahahaha

  • lily says:

    No Lori i may be lunatic but my Nat is not 🙂 he’s a very good man, infact tooooo much lol

  • Lori says:

    Whats sooooo good about your Nat?

  • lily says:

    Lori when you are in love everything is good about your partner 🙂 But when love vanishes then Happy Birthday lol ( in our country happy birthday is synonyms of a disaster).

  • lily says:

    Ohh i have just received my jumbo size passport,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, woh i got an idea 😉 it;s about to be morning in Nat’s place, i’ll just send him a video message of that and piss him off @ early in morning hahaha

  • Lori says:

    Well never allow love to vanish hun, thats never a good sight to behold….and when you ever feel it drifting, just remember what first made you fall so deep in love and then abracadabra, that has a universal meaning 😉

    You know you piss Nat off too much hahaha, one day he gonna really let you have LOL….and next time dont be walking around so long with an expired passport, see that wasnt so hard to do now, was it?, all the apprehension that the process may have become tedious and drawn out was for nothing…..see what happens when you stay positive 😀
    Now that you’re back in business Hahah ( i just cant with you, ur too funny lololol), I think you should surprise Nat with a Romantic Sea Anniversary Getaway Trip, if he is anything like me, riding the waves in he sunset is such a spectaluar sight 😉

    But am so happy for you though, hey what do you know about San Francisco, I have always felt drawn to that place, dont know why??

  • fanny says:

    fu*k off, San Francisco is my place…….you don’t jump in lol, you are good where you are,,,,,,,just kidding don’t mind.

    Don’t know why Nat and you sound similar………now-a-days, we guys are pissing off each other. On Monday he bombarded with a tragic news that he’s about to shift back to California aaaaaaaaaaaaaa feel like killing him. You know i said yes for this marriage because he was in UK.

  • fanny says:

    What do you mean by saying this “next time dont be walking around so long with an expired passport” 🙁 my passport was never expired, i actually renewed it, an year before the expiry date lol 😉

  • fanny says:

    Do you think he’ll love that one……….hmmmmmm nice idea though, i was thinking maybe as he an aeronautical engineer he may love flying objects and things 😉 Yeah, but he easily gets bore with things, do you also??????????/ shit man, it’s goona be hard for me to get him foot tapping always.

  • Lori says:

    Get the hell out!!!!!……..are you for real about San Francisco…daaaaamn, listen I have always wanted fo go there for as long as I can remember and earlier when you mentioned about getting your passport it dawned on me again, I swear I dont know who you are or who sent you but I like it and I hope you neverr leave, not even to California or evento go visit Nat in the UK lolololol

    I dont mean nothing about your passport, leave me alone Hahahaha 😉

    Yes I think he will absolutely love that vacay idea, he works very hard and needs to relax away from it all (when was the last time you even took a vacay for crying out loud), it aint no easy task with that job of been “aeronautical engineer” LMAO ROFL…..yes I’m like that as well, I do get easily bored but If I’m with the right person, meaning where as I dont have to or might not even be around the person in their immediate space and still be smiling always, then boredom will never be an issue for me, he has already aroused my senses to an extreme high level in more ways than one so its all good, infact everytime I think of that person already I am/get super excited , so can you imagine when its just looking at him what will happen 🙂

    I think you and Nat makes the perfect couple, I’ve never seen two other persons who belong to each other as much as I see with you and him….looks like you both have profound mind altering deep feelings for each other.

  • fanny says:

    Ahhhhhh you cursing me, I’m about to file an application for UK’s visa and you aaaaaaaaa. Just kidding.

    You know my visit to America was in the land of SFO, though I had a connecting flight later on to New York but my first visit was to San Francisco; so it will remain special for me in my heart…………….and I know he’s a very busy person, I try to take care of him AMAP 🙂 by not taking his care physically lol

    Just joking naaaa, last Monday when he told that he wants’ to go back to California, I agreed though I know that I’m in a very deep, deep shit. I was avoiding something’s in life, but have to face it 🙁

  • Lori says:

    Oh really, I cant believe this, you know what I think, I think if this didn’t happen now, it would have happened in San Fran or in Cali somehow ( I strongly believe that), as I also have Cali on my bucket list, never been there either…wow

    I have never been to the UK, don’t think I want to either, too long of a flight and too cold even tho one of my Brother’s and Grandma lives there and keep asking when I will visit – ahhh never!! lol

    Should you ever leave and if Nat is anything like me, he would just die inside right away, would be very heartbroken with severe and overwhelming state of distress, left to cope with a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress 🙁

    That heart-stopping fear that sneaks in when he thinks about his life without you is unbearable, as if there’s one thing that’s completely true is that real intimacy demands raw and uncomfortable honesty and no matter who we are, our truth will be filtered through that fear…and sometimes gets really scared that if I show my most raw, then it may end up getting abandoned……..I don’t want to even think about this right now 🙁 now I know why you say he may want to kill you.

  • guilhãrme says:

    Hey fanny, never mind but wats the meaning behing your name?
    I heard that fanny means that secret organ between your legs. Am I right?

  • Anonym says:

    I’ve just realized my deepest fear….. its losing you 🙁 – I have never feared losing anyone or anything, but I do fear losing you!!

    I’m going to pray about this and talk to God, am going to lay down for a few, sorry I cant do this right now 🙁

  • fenny :) says:

    Sorry i didn’t realize that, it’s fenny not fanny lol

  • fenny :) says:

    Hmmm……..actually Nat’s from Sacramento, he was telling me that he may join in San Francisco this year. I remember someone saying 10 years back that LA is full of crimes 😉

    And New York to London is just 8-10 hrs flight with no stopping, so go n hurry and meet your luv one’s stupid.

    Also, Nat and I are just friends. We don’t love each other too much, yeah we respect each other a lot 🙂

  • fenny :) says:

    And what is your most raw?????? Why it;s scary

  • Lori says:

    My most raw is to ever be placed in a paroxysm of perfect bliss and then to no longer feel emotionally safe as though living with a stranger in a strange place and thats why its gets scary…..that’s what I don’t ever want and that’s my biggest fear to ever feel like I am with a stranger in a strange place.

    To me the foundation for mutual intimacy are that of reciprocated loyalty and trust so the relationship stays a sheltered haven for both, though both may or may not yet be aware of each others innermost fears, disturbances, struggles and failures, generating having that intimacy will make for a safe feeling, that of acceptance, respect and admiration, and then once the desired outcome for each other is to be fulfilled socially, intellectually, emotionally, professionally and physically it then becomes a priority which then yearns true pleasure and happiness for the other, and that’s when you really have become intimate…without intimacy I believe a relationship will grow empty and lifeless and then more and more distance will raise its ugly head… I DON’T WANT THAT EVER, need to find those culprits and get rid of them at a fast speed like those bad past experiences that was filled with rejection or inadequacy and try not to carry those fears into our current!!
    Now don’t get it wrong, sexual intimacy is my religion but I do believe that having that strong emotional intimacy is as important or even more so, getting into that frame of mind before getting physical facilitates that undying bond.

    There I’ve said it raw in its most sorest form, like a fresh new wound…( I’v never opened up about this before to anyone) and for the life of me, I don’t know why I have now, you make me feel so comfortable with you its not funny!

  • fenny :) says:

    I think we should go ahead with our commitments before …………….

  • fenny :) says:

    it gets difficult for both of us. I know I would be in same problem like you…………it ‘s not easy for me either

  • fenny :) says:

    I know how deep your love has gone in me

  • fenny :) says:

    but we both have different platforms to perform

  • fenny :) says:

    infact i’m also never open with anyone else……………i’m scared now

  • fenny :) says:

    i wish you were not you………..I wish i would have never met you 🙁

  • fenny :) says:

    Why i love kicking your ass, i love your temper it really thrills me, i love when you shout on me,,,,,,,,,,don’t know why i’m scared with your LOVE……..

  • Lori says:

    Babe you don’t need you be scared, I don’t need to be scared…..I think its the fear of getting hurt again why we both get so scared sometimes, but I do believe if we both want this and work on it, we can get through it, lets stop thinking all them negative thoughts for a while, infact stop thinking about them all together…. that is what will cause the relationship to suffer, lets stop reinforcing the fear of loving and to be loved, lets practice positive self talk about love and let negative emotions go.

    You know why you’re scared, you just need to say it out loud…..go ahead and say it whenever you are ready…..

  • jiya says:

    Ok, now me share a joke n that’s a serious one ha…………..I think we tried splitting 3 or 4 times in past, and maybe this was our 5th time, and every time after split I get into some problem. I remember telling you twice about it, in past……………this time; here I go again, yesterday night fire broke down on my terrace, it was a pathetic and bitter experience, and on top fire brigade came after 40 minutes. We were lucky that we were able to control it on time otherwise it was our HAPPY BIRTHDAY …… Oh I remember you are a fire sign too na,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mar gayi mehe toh 😉

  • Yep there is some cOmpartibility i love IT………..

  • george says:

    No, nothing 🙁

  • Isabelle says:

    “mar gayi mehe toh”……….. ya ikh vel 😉

  • george says:

    lol………ok then NEVER EVER 😀

  • Isabelle says:

    Lol…..liar liar pants on fire 😀

  • Isabelle says:

    Where the hell is Mr. Georgegy Porgey, who kissed the girls and made them cry…then ran away!!!

  • zess says:

    How cheap…..feeling disgusting…shit man:(

  • Kadii says:

    Good afternoon zess, whats up with you today hun, who gettig in your otherside this day?

  • Mike says:

    I am fucking disgusted…… absolutely cannot believe this, highly furious and disappointed, HIGHLY 🙁 !!!!

  • zess says:

    Thanks Mike.

  • jeff74 says:

    Capricorn man here and was rejected by an aquarian female. So heres how it happens. One night on school campus alone with her after class we had some conversation going on and one topic she brought up that got me really fustrated. I have been trying to ask her out on a date but there has been bad timing and bad days. After asking her she wasn’t so surprise about it and she sees me only as a friend. Well thats okay for me beause i wad already prepared for the answer. But that wanst the case that got me hurt. She told me she was seeing this person that i know and had a hunch this whole time. She says that he has his own thing going and he offer her a marriage license that she’ll think about that opportunity in the future. So accepted my fate and died inside. I felt empty inside like i had no heart this whole time. I still say hi and talk to her on campus but i felt like im drifting away from her because i dont want to deal with the gut who has been rubbing it onto me when hes around her. He called me out made fun of me front of everyone in class. I know i can kick the dudes ass but we’re adults. The best i can do is try to stay focus improving myself further. But my days has been getting worst like as if god had given me another challenge. My friends and families are trying to convince me to stay friends with her and be there for her when she needs help. But I want to dissapear for good and forget all the times i spent with her as a good friend.

  • jiya says:

    ohh than run na…….get set go,,,,,,,,, got it, you can run very far,,,,,,,,,,,you marathon runner na lol

  • Kimberly Gray says:

    I am a true Aquarian woman. I have been talking to a true Capricorn man for about a month in a half. I am good friends with his sister and his mother has accepted me as part of the family. The family says I am his next girlfriend and some say I am his girlfriend. His sister says when he really likes someone he takes his time, but if he dint care he would just one night me and never call again. We haven’t went to the next level. We have had quite a few long nights sitting up talking sharing our own ideas and opinions of any subject that comes up. but, I don’t feel like I am his girl even though I do catch myself sometimes acting like I am, like when I cook at his sisters house, I make sure his plate is specially made the way he likes it, or if I see he needs something and if I can help I will offer it, even though he is reluctant in accepting my help and most of the time turns it down, I try not to feel rejected and view it as his ego/pride is what has him to tell me NO, but thank you. Every time we see each other we kiss and when we part we kiss but, don’t let me forget to kiss him , because HE will ask WHERE is my kiss. LOL but the attraction is tormenting, and we will flirt with each other a little, when I challenge his attempts with me, HE tells me to SLOW DOWN! ( what’s up with that? sister Aquarians?) please ask your Capricorn man for advice or insight, I am confused sometimes.. I do prioritize, by giving him his space, but also letting him know I am still here at the same time. I am more of a “if we are going to do this, then lets do this , but if were not, then let me know Now! and lets just be friends. I sometimes want to back off because I don’t want to get to close and feel I am sitting here for nothing, but the sex appeal is strong, I cant imagine what it would be like, if we ever get sexually involved. NEED INSIGHT PLEASE

  • Jess says:

    This one is sooooo sweet 🙂 luv these guys

  • Natalie says:

    I am an A woman in love with an Capricorn man…..have been seeing each other for the past two years and two years prior to that our communication was only through e-mail and phone, so we became pretty good friends before the intimacy kicked in. Details aside, sex is through the roof, I cant even begin to describe it…its simply mesmorising. I know that he loves me because if nothing else, that I can see and sense from his behavior when we are alone together or amongst other people. Nevertheless, I have noticed that he lies a lot so I have trust issues with him. He talks sweet and promises a lot of things but when its action time, he does nothing or the opposite of what he was saying earlier. And of course, he will argue back and come up with thousands of valid excuses but at the end of day, after a while, he has become so predictable that I am slowly but surely losing interest in him. I am extremely patient, tolerant, and forgiving and it definitely took me a while to distinguish BS from an honest excuse from my Capy man…………….most of the time, its just a BS that I know very soon I will just get tired of it. He wants things his way, when it suits him, if I confront him, he becomes very deffensive and sometimes rude….needless to say the following day is full of apologies and sweet talk but I do get tired of it sometimes, it just gets old. I know other capy men and one thing they all have in common is intentional mental games for their own amusement, little that they know, mental is where Aquarian woman lives and if the mental game is too tiring for her, she will eventually stop playing………..I do love this man to death and I know that he loves me, I have never loved another man this way, but as someone mentioned in one of the above postings, there is no point…..capricorn men do not like to take risks, they like sameness, routine, and if you are waiting on them to make a step towards your mutual existence together, you may be in for a loooooooooooooooong and exhausting mental challenge with an unknown outome. I am sure that every relationship of this match is very unique on its own, but there is one thing for sure – Capricorn men are very charming, sexual, and confident, but there is a devious and insecure side to them as well which can be a big turn off after a while.

  • The Invitation Estate says:

    Today is the 71st day of the year. Within the last one year, seven months and twenty-four days, I have spent 605 days, 52,272,000 seconds, 871,200 minutes and 14,529 hours over an eighty-six weeks and three days period struggling with my emotions, confused and not knowing what direction to take, some would say knowing when to leave is like knowing when to love…but the familiar tendency to blunder around in all directions is always the reason for chaos…. but then it’s like finding yourself hoping in vain yet not wanting to miss a delightful experience and that alliance keeps heralding the difficulties between the heart and the brain which leaves a feeling of being rather sad and desolate.

    But then you know that you’ve got no choice but to come to terms with the unwanted separation from the situation, because taking any part in this tiresome game will only frustrate and drag up old gripes, so instead you just run and hide, then lock yourself in your room with the pillow over your head and steer well clear, almost as if you are paralyzed by the blockage of a particular fear and cannot bring yourself to open up and face that overpowering influence that always kills any initiate.

    Sweet talkers and sweet nothings…is what it is; and it means nothing if something is not done to reinforce the actuality, which eventually is bound to make you feel frustrated and discouraged… take a deep breath and keep your cool and leave it alone; LEAVE IT ALONE FOR GOOD!

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