Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Capricorn-Aquarius Couples:  Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley, Ted Dawson and Mary Steenburger

In ancient esoteric astrology, Saturn ruled the signs of both Capricorn and Aquarius.  Thus the Capricorn man and Aquarius woman have a secret connection.  Saturn is the most conservative planet, while Uranus, modern-ruler of Aquarius, is the most progressive, the most revolutionary.  Sometimes you find them combined in an individual like Abraham Lincoln, who epitomizes the best qualities of both, but sometimes you find a rather conservative Aquarius, such as Ronald Reagan.  So that’s what’s going on when these two get together in a relationship?  The Capricorn man is looking for his more conservative element and the Aquarius  woman is looking for some vision to test her practicality.  This can be a great — albeit serious — match.   

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman as a Capricorn Man: If you’re a Capricorn man trying to attract an Aquarius woman, you can be as serous as you are, Capricorn.  If you’re attracted to this lady it’s because you want a visionary.  You need to build your castles in the sky first, where they belong, and she is the one to help you, so get into a good conversation with her, let her into your mind and let her re-arrange the furniture there and put some potted plants around in colors you’ve never heard of.  Pretty soon you’ll be thinking outside the box.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as an Aquarius Woman: If you’re a Aquarius woman trying to attract a Capricorn man, it actually works okay to use craigslist, or another site of your choice because the Internet is ruled by Aquarians.  They were using special means for dating long before these sites became popular.  Aquarians are able to reach out to people of like mind using the invisible plane of vibrations in a process akin to telepathy.  It also works to picture clearly the person you have in mind in a process called creative visualization which was invented by an Aquarian. In other words distance is no problem.  You can have what you want.  Just use extra-sensory means. 

Degree of Romance:  If any sign would bring out romance in an Aquarius woman it would be a Capricorn guy.  He is so old-fashioned as to be quaint.  This touches her heart in an uncharacteristic moment of tenderness.  They may also find it helpful to play beautiful music while courting.  Aquarius men are highly sensitive to musical vibrations.  It is really their favorite language and it can certainly be the language of love.  If you want romance, play Chopin.  If you want passion play Rachmaninoff. 

Degree of Passion: Speaking of passion, this sensory oriented experience can be approximated by these two if accompanied by music.  It lowers the high Aquarius vibration down into the lower chakras where energy is transmuted from mind to sex.  Aquarius do a lot of transmutation of energy.  If you’re a Capricorn you may not understand, but your Aquarius lady does.  Capricorn is by nature quite romantic and lusty which brings out any ladylike qualities the Aquarius woman has hidden in there somewhere and despite her protestation that they’re just friends. 

Degree of Friendship:  Aquarius women talk endlessly about friendship and elevate it to an ideal over romantic love, and even agape but Capricorn is actually one sign that might be able to turn into a real friend.  There is a puppy-like quality to a Capricorn in the presence of relaxed others.  Like the little dog yapping at the heels of the Aquarius Fool of the Tarot deck, they can be great traveling companions.  She reaches for the visionary limits while he trots along with four feet on the ground. 

Degree of Marriage:  This makes a good marriage, particularly in very young or very old couples, or those not planning on having children.  The relationship has a studious, productive, practical quality to it that makes for a good partnership.  Aquarius is the idealist.  Capricorn is a realist.  Together they can set the limits for what is really possible.  Also as I mentioned both of these signs are basically conservative in nature and they do honor the collective advantage of legal marriage. 

Progression of Relationship: This relationship between a Capricorn man and Aquarius woman  will follow a predictable pattern of courtship.  Capricorn is slow and cautious, conservative and sure to follow all the rules — also because he is shy and afraid of rejection.  The Aquarius lady will not be particularly impressed by this because she’s spacing in and out all the time.  Her mind is pretty much bound to always be elsewhere but she does appreciate his attentiveness when she stops to think about it and she also enjoys the fact that he does not pressure their friendship into more until she is good and ready. 

Sex: Having sex together is a way of staying grounded.  It is an important day-to-day bond between these two that adds flesh to the vision, so to speak.  Their world is full of possibilities.  They are chasing rainbows and building castles in the air.  The real event of sex that takes place between the two real people is probably as real as they’ll ever get together.  Capricorn is an ardent and lustful lover while Aquarius provides the imagination and playfulness that keeps it lively. 

Our Rating: 9/10.

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198 Responses to Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

  • SmartAir says:

    Oh, I found out how it ends… Cap man tries foolishly running back to his “one that got away” and leaves the Aquarius going “wtf just happened?!”

  • Tropic of Cap says:

    SmartAir–What do you mean? Cap man ran back to an ex-? What sign is she? Also Aqua or something else?

  • SmartAir says:

    well, no, she isnt available… but they have a ld affair for 5 months, then she chose to stay with the guy she was with. But, either way, they say capricorn’s have that one love that will always have their heart. She’s a libra. I did their charts, high passion but not for the long run.

  • SmartAir says:


  • marmar says:

    OMG!!! SmartAir, that has happened to me 3 times with Cap men. I will never date another Capricorn. They are full of crap, they say one thing and mean another. They talk about how committed and loyal they are but in reality they are quite the opposite. I think Cap men are more in love with the idea of women loving them rather than learning to actually love a woman. I often see these Cap men looking for the damsel to rescue, even if they say they hate drama and clingy women. Watch the ones they marry, complete drama queens that take them for every cent they have. Cap men can’t handle smart women, they want to be the one in charge and with all the good ideas.

  • SmartAir says:

    With your last sentence there.. that’s what had crossed my mind. It’s control, and if they can’t, then they’re not interested. Ok heres how it ends people:

    Capricorn man will realize that his Aquarius woman cannot be tamed so he will leave in search of a business woman who still is a little girl at heart and doesn’t have much of a social life.

  • SmartAir says:

    just kidding.. I still can’t figure it out. I think it was a mirror image thing. I was accused of all that HE was, but I wasn’t. Just because I was jealous one time in my life doesn’t mean I’m going to be jealous forever. I tackled the program and got rid of the problem. Smh… boys.

  • aquarius says:

    it dont say how it’ll end. why? 😮

  • KeMiHaLo says:

    We met in college. We started off as friends & when he asked me to take it to the next level, I told him I would if he stopped smoking cigarettes. He stopped the next day. The sex was UH-MAY-ZING!! We were just friends with benefits for 5 months then he told me he loved me. So we became a couple. We dated & moved in with each other. He proposed, I said yes, but that I didnt want to get married right away. We were engaged for 5 years (typical Aqua woman who doesnt want to be tied down. Typical Cap man who wants to be grounded). Our son was born close to our 7yr anniversary together & we got married 6 months later.

    I LOVE my Cap man. He is patient when I need him to be, and assertive when I need him to be. He is by bestfriend, my provider, my protector, my soulmate.

    -Happy in love for 8 1/2 years

  • SmartAir says:

    lucky…. I’m starting to think the administrator of this site died. Or, maybe an Aquarius herself, and forgot about it LOL

  • SmartAir says:

    nice one smartass 😉 Fellow Aquarian like myself? It doesn’t say how this relationship ends as opposed to other pairings. She has received an email, with no response. Makes me wonder. I’m also not the only one asking.

  • Aquarius girl says:

    That is so right on with the Capricorn thing. My best friend is a cap man and I wanted it to be more but he lives in the past and can’t get over his ex. It’s rather disappointing but also kind of endearing. I’m over it though, I have moved on and we are still best of friends.

  • AquaWoman says:

    OMG! I love these sites! Just to read what my fellow Aqua woman have to say! We are all on point! Love Us! 😉

  • AquaWoman says:

    As far as the Cap man you were so right on point! My Cap ex cant seem to forget me but once we are reunited he does some F*** up s*** to push me away Weird!

  • AnnAriff says:

    I am an aquarius woman been in a rship with a Capricorn man for a year now… Cap man are f**k up… He said his fb and hphone is his privacy, until i am married to him… But once he forgot to logged off from his fb, i found out he has an affair with another girl… Its already 3 months… Wen i asked him, he said its biz opportunity… Before he go back to his hometown( he lived with me, and sumtimes will go back to his mom’s house) he said sorry… On the way back, he called me once n saying he feel sad everytime he thinks abt me… Now its been 3 days, no sms, no phone call… Wtf?? Yes, i agree wen ppl say capricorn mens cant handle smart women as an aquarius coz they are full of shit….. All lies…nothing they said is true…

  • Having 2nd thoughts says:

    Ok so I just met a Cap man who I am begining to fall for… reading these posts makes me have 2nd thoughts…..


  • Tropic of Cap says:

    dear Having 2nd thoughts…it can work…find out both of your chart compatibilities before you pull the trigger! 😉

  • SmartAir says:

    Having 2nd thoughts,

    Just stay mentally focused of your actions and words and don’t dive too quick. They like to take things slow, even if their charming words melt your heart. They are very cautious and calculated people. I miss mine a lot. Would settle for friendship at this point lol! Cap’s are such great gentlemen, but they tend to worry and have difficulty moving on from certain relationships.

  • cant_let_go_of_capman says:

    He will come from no where and sweep you of your feet ladies! The capricorn man will stir a passion within you and will awaken a part of you only he could ever satisfy. I fell head over heels in love and i honestly believe he loved me to…neither one of us ever felt feelings this strong and intense with anyone before, we could not stop thinking about each other and it was a little scary, especially because i decided to leave my bf of 8yrs to explore these undeniable feelings i felt for someone who i had just met. The cap man really knows how to make a woman smile, knows all the right things to say and wow the sexual attraction/chemistry unbelievable, he has such passion! It was a whirl wind romance, the cap man loves to “assume” things and it was his assumptions and the fact he wasnt man enough to pick up the phone and find out the truth, (i thought i was at least worth the truth) that ended us, he stuffed up our second chance…i wouldn’t change what we had ever, he/us really changed me i can never go back to the old me, i still always think about him and after all the hurtful things he said to me when it ended, I still love him and crave him…enjoy every moment with your cap guy, savour every kiss, touch,glance…dont be afraid to tell him “actions speak louder then words”! this cap guy definitely left his aquarius girl asking wtf just happened?

  • SmartAir says:

    ^^^ ditto.

  • Aquariangoat says:

    I’ve had a few run-ins with Capricorn Men and I must say.. I am one of those aquarian women who are attracted to their polar opposites. I’ve dated a Libra before and I found it to be very annoying and overbearing.. His moon sign was a Cancer which is another opposite that I found a connection to. But the relationship didn’t last very long. But anyways..
    As of recently, I have been seeing a Capricorn Man and I need some advice. I don’t know how to approach trying to get to know him more since he has a very busy schedule and is very driven into his music career. He’s reserved, and really passionate about what he does. We already went on one date which was very successful, but I don’t know how to approach his very shy nature. I’m already really interested in this Cappy man and I need some advice from fellow Aquarian ladies as to how you ‘lured’ your cappy men! lol 🙂 He shows some interest in me by wanting to hangout before one of his shows and he’s told me that he’s very excited that I’m coming out to see him. Would he want to be just friends for a very long time first because of his reserved/ yet busy schedule? Or be interested in dating me? Help please!!

  • Tropic of Cap says:

    yes, as a Capricorn, i know if we’re interested we want to get to know the person before we really commit.

    the communication can be dicey (difficult) between these two signs, so i would be aware of that.

    sometimes Aquarius can be hurtful with the offhand comments (without realizing) …and Capricorn can be controlling/domineering, so those would be the areas to look out for. Capricorns also usually don’t like for people to act crazy…so i would limit that – be dignified, Caps are impressed by that…

  • Aquariangoat says:

    So far.. communication is incredibly difficult due to how busy he is from work. I’m not sure if I should continue pursuing (since I am afraid of coming off as too pushy and scare him away), and wait until he texts me to want to hangout, or I should just text him and ask.
    This situation is very unfamiliar to me because I rarely deal with Capricorn men but I really want to make this work. Should I just sit still and be patient?

  • once in a blue moon......... says:

    Hi Aquariangoat, this is in reference to you situation.

    It’s your lucky day so i hope you’re ready and here we go…….

    Depends. Cap’s are simply put, CAREER DRIVEN. It is something that they can confidently exceed and do well in because it is within their grasp and realm that they can control. The same would go for health, interests, hobbies, travel etc. But relationships takes two people, NOT one thus the result of a shy, introverted (yet amazingly driven, persistent and ambitiious) and cautious type of man. You said he’s in the music sector? Perfect conversations to have is talk to him about music and what type of music you like and compare.

    Second point is age. Depending on how old you two are the tactics used to attract a capricorn man are very different. For example, if both of you are young and twenty something then focus on yourself and take the “be patient” route because he’s working (i mean REALLY LONG HOURS type of working) . However if both of you are older say, after thirty or so then you should PURSUE and LET him know that you are interested. He won’t think that you are being pushy or scary but INDEPENDANT and STAND out from other woman that he’s never seen before. Show him you care and are serious about having a relationship with him. Cap man at the end regardless of his career and work, he wants to see his wife and family. In fact his focus will SHIFT towards his wife and family because his priorities have changed. TRUST ME, they do despite being borderline loner and introverts.

    Of course this depends on how much you like him and you have to trust your gut feelings on this one. If you like him enough GO FOR IT, if not forget it…….

    Oh and from my experience, cap men and aquarius woman have the best and most stimulating conversations. They can talk about ANYTHING and would go on and on………

    My two cents, good luck

    P.S. I’m a cap guy.

  • Breezy says:

    I’ll start from the beginning. Three years ago I met this handsome Capricorn man. The first night we met, we made out. It was very passionate, and almost life changing. Well about a year and half/ 2 years ago we reconnected via FB. He expressed how he cared about me, and I tried, and tried and tried to make something of us, but we just couldnt connect the way I wanted us to. We stayed in touch even when I turned his advancements down and in time we grew very close. We became friends. Then one day we got in an arguement which almost ended our friendship. I swallowed my pride and told hi, I was wrong because I was. He accepted my apology, but he didnt truly and really accept it until a month and a half later. During that time it ate me up inside. That’s when I first realized I cared for him, and it was more than just a friendship care. And than… recently, I’d say roughly two months ago, I confided in him. He helped me get through a tough time, and ever since then I’ve been making an effort to see if we have more. And we do. Now I’m just scared. These posts really left me wondering if i should back off. Not only that, I know capricorns are very careful when it comes to partners, aand I just dont want to fall for him and than he later on decides that I’m just not for him because Im whatever…. Help! Breezy!

  • Tropic of Cap says:

    dear Breezy – sounds like you guys have a good thing going…i would say, keep trying – any relationship has its risks, regardless of signs…if it’s going well, just keep working at it…fear is evil – avoid fear…pray to G-d for help…G-d is love…

    sorry to be cheesy, but “the only thing we have to fear is FEAR, itself.” (this was first said by Aquarius Franklin Delano Roosevelt.)

    let us know how it’s going!

  • Breezy says:

    🙂 thank you for the advice. I spoke to him yesterday about something that I had on my chest. And his response was ” blah.. blah.. blah & than I’m glad we can talk about these things and move on, and keep this good thing that we have going.” Hopefully it does.

  • Asdrew214 says:

    So I am an Aquarius female born Feb. 14 1989, I’ve been dealing with my capricorn guy born Jan. 7,1984 for about 5 months now we speak atleast 5 days out of the week and I see him on his days off… However I am starting to feel something for him which really frightens me considering I am not really the emotional type. Well in one of our drunken conversations he says, ” we work because opposites attract” I’m figuring he would tell me how he feels about me but all he says is ” I like your personality” ?????? Did I miss something?!? Should I reconsider this relationship?! I REALLY like him and I’m willing to try something serious but I’m confused HELP!

  • 28 aquarian says:

    no other word than crapicorn i adored this man whom i had a four year relationship with, until a huge row over his ex who can do no wrong. looking back he controlled me in a suggestions way(suggesting what i should do) he never seemed to take me out as he always had to be the centre of attention the thought that someone didnt like him drove him mad . kept me away from his family and friends, always put me down when i became seriously ill he ran away he never ever put me first, he was always right.. very genorous and had to buy friends …wasted love and heartache on this man,, learning to get my free spirit and self esteem back xxxx

  • iloveike........ says:

    i am in love with a capp man,we have been dating for 3yrs.we have a great bond and the best sex ever,but i do know it wont last for too much longer.

  • Belle says:

    @ iloveike — why don’t you think it will last too much longer?

  • cap man says:

    I’m a cap man in my twenties born jan 10th. The aqaurius woman I am attached to is a jan 31st b day and is older than I am with 2 kids.

    We originally met at a bar in one state and instantly and had an instant connection. We went “out” i guess for a couple of weeks and she left and disappeared. A year or two later we were in communication and 4 states away discovered we lived a town apart from each other.

    Here and there for a couple of years we would see each other and get together. At some points she wasn’t ready for a relationship and had personal issues other times I wasn’t ready (didn’t feel financially stable and went back to rehab for alcohol). It was actually one of the biggest reasons I made the decision to go back to rehab because of how much I liked her and knowing I wasn’t in a position to date her.

    I started talking to her again maybe in november/december of last year. We had a phone conversation about how much we actually thought each other through the years and have always felt like soul mates and would be together.

    I sent her flowers a time or two from texas and flew back to california a day before valentines to see her. She ended up moving into an apartment 4 streets away from where I lived (without knowing where I lived).

    She was not in a good place in her life and didn’t feel confident about herself etc. We lasted from about febuary to april and I did everything I could to help her and be there for her. Then she cut communication with me and we didn’t talk for a while. She felt like I was investing in her by getting her flowers when she was sad, chocolate, and traditional things (it was really hard for me to do that but pushed through it and did it anyway).

    A few weeks ago she texted me/communicated with me and said she had to initiate communication because I wasn’t going to and that’s all she wanted me to do. (i am extremely stubborn, i don’t know if other caps are)

    She is HORRIBLE at communication unless it’s in person. I never know if she is actually going to ever respond to my texts or answer my calls. (most of the time she doesn’t answer my calls so after a little bit I just stop calling again even though she wants me to call and text her — and if she doesn’t answer I am just supposed to stop by her place apparently, which I don’t do). We can talk about anything and have shared things with each other that we have never told anyone else and feel very comfortable being around each other.

    We are not in a relationship now but still believe we will be married someday. It feels like we could both move on opposites sides of the planet and somehow we would end up around the same place again.

    I don’t know how other capricorn men are but I am very logical, methodical, and over analyze everything. Manipulation has been a problem for me and have to hold back now to not manipulate people. With her we both seem to like mind games and I am always under the wrong impression about what to do … I will be straight forward and ask a question like “where do we stand” and “do you care if i take someone else to an event” (she goes to her parents every weekend and there’s really no communication between friday-sunday with her). Anytime I ask a straightforward question the answer feels like she is saying one thing but means something else.

    For example I was at her place and stayed the night the other night.. originally I had gone over there to just ask her where we stood. The answer was we were friends and that she really isn’t in a position to date (due to the kids she can never go out so we don’t have alone time ever and her parents won’t babysit). Then she talks about us being married and we both know we love each other.

    I don’t know how it is with other cap man/aquarius woman relationships. I had to stop myself from over analyzing the situations and she is still hard for me to deal with because of the communication issue. If she says one thing she really means something else and I am supposed to know that haha.

    There’s lots of contradictions for what I do and say and what she does and says as well. We have a lot of differences but a deep connection on a spiritual level. I can’t lie to her (although I don’t lie anyway I am really honest) because she would know I was lying.. she’s also the type of person that can sense when something is wrong.

    It’s not easy and not the dream relationship/friendship/whatever that I had in my head but sometimes you can’t help who you love.

    I have really never had a girlfriend and never dated anyone or asked women out in highschool. I don’t think I had any physical relations with a woman until I was about 18. I have always been extremely picky, I go through different phases in my life of isolation, unmotivation, then that phase will pass and I will go 100% full throttle and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

    I know for me when I want something bad enough I will stop at nothing until I have it. Then once I get it and accomplish it I become uninterested… sometimes I have to prove to myself that I can do something. The learning curve for me is extremely fast so I can teach myself a lot of information very quickly.

    I do not handle failure well and if other cap man are that way that’s probably why they are so motivated and full throttle sometimes because failures will make me miserable. However if I was to need her for something, I know there’s a good chance she wouldn’t come through.

    I am more independent and don’t really feel the “need” of anyone else (or want to feel the need anyway) because I find it’s a weakness.

    I wouldn’t know how to give you advice for a capricorn man since everyone is different. If you are dating someone new and it’s in the initial stages then you may have to initiate things and ask him out. Then make a very positive first impression and make him really interested. For me when something is more difficult I am more interested…. so you might want to have really good sex with the guy and then play hard to get for a while and not have sex with him until he works for it. That drives me crazy… and it’s not about the actual sex it’s more of the mentality of “why doesn’t she want to have sex with me” and creates self doubt about performance etc. If someone told me i was bad in bed I would do whatever I had to whatever it took to make sure it would be great the next time because that would be a failure haha.

    I don’t know if I would act on my advice that’s just me. I’m pretty sure that’s why she doesn’t communicate well because it’s a control thing where when she does communicate with me she knows she can get me to come over.

    With both of us we both have had self esteem issues and if on an individual level and independent level we don’t feel good about ourselves there’s not really anything one of us can do to make the other feel better about themselves. It’s something that we have to do independently on our own. Sometimes you can supply the hammer and nails but you have to let the person build it on their own.

    For me now I am not going to try to date someone else. I would rather see someone I truly care about, have a connection i have never felt with anyone else, knows me for who i am, and accepts me a couple times a month than date someone else. I am extremely loyal, never cheated, and can easily focus my attention on other things in between.

    I think someone else had mentioned above that they dated a cap man that couldn’t get over his ex. I would agree with that and if the guy has an ex like that you should probably figure that out as he would probably not feel fully committed to you because of those feelings for the ex.

  • 28 aquarian says:

    wow cap man.. i have read with great interest i am an aquarian an struggled with my capricorn relationship i am too, stuburn and independent how similar your relationship was to mine i also have too children couldnt really go out but loved my partner in fact still do i am an extremely loyal person and although ther relationship is over it is still difficult loved each other one day texted and spoke 200 times a day together four 3 half years, spending he rest of our lives together a row the next or disagreement which ever way you want to look at it end of no comunications what so ever neither of us would give in and speak four months later and still check my phone how life changes..

  • Nikia Fielding says:

    I’m aquarius I’m far from a bad mother if anything I need to be more strict with my kids smdh…I give my kids the world and if you or anybody tries to mess with my kids y’all see who’s the bad mother if anything I’m crazy over my kids and well protect them from anybody…

  • suave says:

    have met in Aquarius back in in school at the age of 15 s
    l Lost contact with each other and she found me again a few years later and made love, lost ccontact again. The fifteen years later she finds me again. She has a kid now and we started talking and then dating. she doesn’t want to be in a serious and committed relationship but says she really cares for me and I’m very dear to her. started off talking I’ve been on the phone a lot we split up because something happen for 6 months she called me back and gave me another chance with her. now she doesn’t call or text as much as she did and said she’s busy ahead didn’t have time.but just want to let things just happen sex is great but we were two hours apart from each other when I’m with her we all on each other bunk when I’m not there I barely hear from her on the phone a text in the morning in the call at night. I’m a Capricorn man and really in love with her how do I handle this?

  • jiya says:

    don’t care

  • Daniel says:

    Hello, this is super new to me. I came upon this site and I’m very relieved that I’m not the only one who seeks for advice. So.. my birthday is on January 20th. Which means I am a Capriquarius, (Capricorn-Aquarius cusp). My personality traits are more of Aquarius. So I’ve met a Capricorn man from a online dating site. He approached me first and so I responded instantly. I thought he was very handsome, well put together, he has a great job. a lot of great things going for himself, he’s very ambitious. I, myself am a full time student in college pursuing a BA, so I’m also ambitious.

    It’s sooo hard to understand if he’s really interested in me or not. On our first date we’ve met up at a park, we were supposed to go out for a jog (lol not what you’d call a typical date) but I didn’t mind it, plus I wanted to see him sweat!

    The first date seemed to go well, he later text me right after he dropped me off and based on the texts he sent me he seemed physically and mentally attracted to me. He asked me out on a second date and that’s where things went from awesome to yikes!

    We went out to a Bbq/bar place and had a beer, he wasn’t talkative at all, everything that came out of his mouth sound forced, also if seemed like he wasn’t thinking before he spoke, as if he was talking out of his ass. He kept shaking his left leg and that made me uncomfortable where I then started to shake my leg (I have add and anxiety disorder btw). He would stare at me constantly but I’m not so sure if he was checking me out or what! That made me even more nervous. I wish I knew what was going on in his mind. He began to be on his phone, and answer a few texts. I called him out on it because I thought that was rude so then he stopped lol We were only there for about an hour tops because he was complaining that he had work in the morning blah blah blah, he never once tried to kiss me or hug me at all, even at least in his car! I am very attracted to him and I thought he was to me, he would always talk about how he’s going to show me how much of a great kisser he is and talking all of this crap through texts, so I was like..okay.. we’ll see about that.

    I don’t get it? I made lips extra juicier and he didn’t even seemed to notice. Usually when I go out on a date, guys can’t resist to make out with me.

    Did something I did turned him off? Was he playing hard to get? Was he waiting or expecting me to kiss him? Is he shy? I mean come on! Despite of his weirdness at that BBq/Bar place I thought that he would still make an attempt to try to kiss me or something outside by the pier on our way to the car or in his car.

    After he dropped me off, even his texts were weird, like it was sarcasm throughout the text messages so I stopped replying. I’m also the type of person that would ever vibe I get from the person I return the same vibe, so I was like wtf? I still really do like this guy because, he’s a bit mean, moodiness and I kind of like that! I could also be a bit mean and he would tell me that he can handle it. Also, he’s gorgeous and we seemed to vibe great.

    So, what’s going on! I can’t stop thinking about him. His weird self!

  • honey says:

    i really admire this man……good 🙂 Was really ashamed after knowing Nair’s tale.

  • gihay says:

    Hi there, I know you are quite outraged today, think that it’s my silly prank, again. Sorry to say it’s true, the previous double play was also true, but it was one sided, Nat doesn’t know anything……..I told several times about my present situation; also I told that it took me 6 yrs to get over you.
    This time I’m starting a new chapter, under guidance of my parents and elders……..hope I finish it, as I’m sacred that I may fail. But yeah it’s true that I don’t want a marriage, I truly believe that a tag of marriage is just a social norm and drama. But I will do that drama later, as I have promised Nat that I’ll give him an Indian colorful marriage as goodie; but in a condition that our kid(s) conjoin us.
    Just one thing I’m scared off, and several times I question myself, that why I’m too comfortable with you, why do you feel so similar like a sibling, we have never meet in-person but why it feels like that we know each other so well????????????

  • gihay says:

    You know me inside-out, i can’t fake, i don’t feel lying to you and i always want you smiling 🙂

  • lily says:

    Shall I ask you something, it’s puzzling me, promise me you’ll not take it to the other way 😉 .………….have you heard of any difference in sex, when there is a cultural difference i.e an English and Indian????????????

  • lily says:

    Shit wtf, sorry I asked very wrong question,,,,,,sorry once again ………….i think I’m tired, I need something to drink….

  • lily says:

    Once again forget it about my silly dullard question.

  • Kacy says:

    No I have never heard of it, can you tell me more about it AND If its not the correct question you wanted to ask then please I would like to here the question thats puzzling you please.

  • Melody says:

    Gihay, I certainly hope you wholeheartedly follow through on whatever it is that you started within your new chapter, if you feel positive about it and that you feel its the right thing to do that both your heart and brain has agreed upon, then by all means.

    Do you remember this tv game show that used to come on Cbs called ” Whammy – Press your luck” – do you remember what use to happen when contestant hit Dbl Whammy in the pursuit to hit the jackpot even though they had already won a substantial or satisfactory amount but greed caused them to loose it all …..short of it, too much of anything cant be good for you….so if you’re playing with the game of life/love all am saying just be careful…..I dont know if you are still pressing or what not but just be careful.

    Next thing why are you setting up yourself to fail, like why do you think that you will fail, where is the confidence in yourself, You have got to figure out a way to expel your disbelief and stop running around scared with anxiety and pull yourself together, you need to tell yourself you can do it, put the effort in it and for sure you will, refuse to open your mind to any negativity that you will deter you in achieving your desired result because whatever you feed your mind will impact the outcome…..your thoughts creates your reality, you have to be deliberate in setting up your mind to positive thinking…..(I have proven this over and over again with myself, if I ever start thinking negative oh man its trouble for me)….. Okay the worst thing happened to me today, this has nothing to do with what we are talking about but just listen – this morning I woke up feeling dark and had death energies surounding my thoughts no idea why, but anyhow a relative of mine was in hospital – to hell if the man will stop drinking till he passes out and knows he is not in any condition to be drinking because of medical issues……anyhow later in the day I got a rather disturbing news that a girl I grow up with, my next door neighbor was found dead in her apartment in Fl, man killed her and killed himself, I am still in shock of how I woke up feeling like some bad news of death was coming and how it just happened the very same day)…… All am saying is just try to be positive at all times.

    But I think I know why you are scared ( do you think I don’t get scared too) it seems too good to be true that you could experienece such a pure, genuine unconditional love from a total stranger, someone you did not meet in-person, you have never felt this kind of love before because you have never been loved by someone like me before……yet it feels like we have known each other for as long as we can remember, these things and feelings are very rare and not everyone gets a chance to experience It, hell I feel the same way, I have never felt these things before either, I’ve never had such an experience…. But I do beleive in my dreams and you might think its a joke when I told you I seen you in my dreams many years ago, but its no joke, I swear to God, I am not stupid and I am not making this up….I think the reason we are so comfortable with each other and so easy to relate to each other is because we have had a past life, there is no other explanation for this, not that I can think of….. We just always keep bumping back into each other, this right here now, presently meeting up again in here out of the blues, alone tells me this connection is ordained by a higher power.

    You say you feel as though I know you inside-out, its true, I really can tell when you’re not been totally truthfull about something….I dont know but I just do, I can feel when your not in a good mood or when you want to be left alone, It just feels like we’ve been together before so I know what to expect of you…..I dont know its just a whole plateau of strong energies between us that I cant come to terms with.

    I dont know if you remember one time when we just started chatting over by the first place, after we had meet up and I had said to you, I feel like if we were to ever get into a serious relationship how I felt like things would just effortlessly fall into place and you agreed, trust me, ever since those moments, especially since the night we met, I knew there was something special about this connection that I couldnt put a finger….but slowly I am starting to figure it all out.

  • Sher says:

    LilyAnn…. waiting on your question or for you to go in more details about your mentioned question???

    ….you know I really hate when someone begins to talk about something and then holds back, I dont like it, best you hadn’t mention it in the first place than to start and then just shut down right question is stupid, its your quest for knowledge so it cant be a stupid question….if you dont know something you just dont and the person cant answer then they just cant… time if you know you not going to keep up then dont bother to bring up the subject please, I find it really annoying.

    Thank you.

  • lily says:

    Dear Sher Khan lol, I had a very bad night, I’m going through hell right now, I have done such aaaaaaaaaaaa act that everyone is scolding me, even Nat was quiet for 3-4 days. I know he would be wondering that how foolish girl I’m getting into 🙁

    And yes, I think that I still think from heart SOMETIMES Kacy, also true sex is very different, something that can lead to a divorce before marriage lol

  • Sher says:

    What the hell happened that made you had or is having a bad night , I want to know.

    And NO I am not going to bed, was waiting on you!!

    And what about that sex that will lead to divorce before marriage, I want to hear about that too.

  • lily says:

    melody that was very sad 🙁 ………but glad to know that you have such an intuition power.

  • Sher says:

    YES I knew you would be here any minute now 😉 ………. I know you, just incase you didn’t know how much I do, infact I know you more than you know your own-self !!

    NOW SPILL EVERYTHING!!! (((((( tapping foot))))) 😀

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