Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Capricorn Couple:  Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock;  Savannah Brinson and Lebron James (Thanks, Cher).

This is a classic combination of a protective strong male (he is either fatherly or, if living in his shadow, a needy little boy) whose mate plays the role of daughter or mother depending on what else is going on.  These two are the greatest “rescuers” (euphemism for suckers) in the zodiac.  They fit together even better than most opposites and are likely to stick it out through thick and thin because they worship the marital role … fanatically.  This is the couple we vote “Most Likely to Call Each Other Mommy and Daddy” or to have a bumper sticker proudly proclaiming “”We are Family” as if that was some kind of Nobel laureate area or major justification for their existence.  If this makes your heart skip a beat, come on along for the ride.  You can be the “Baby On Board.”

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Capricorn Man:  Dry her tears, show sympathy for her seemingly endless and overwhelming problems (like the endless worries of chewing gum and walking at the same time).  Really, this is a permanently distressed damsel just looking for a kind shoulder who in return offers an incongruously serene feminine energy like a drink of moonlight.  Do a classic courtship, My Good Man.  Show interest in her family and be sure to ask her father for her hand in marriage.  Be especially nice to her mother because she‘s going to live with you some day.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Cancer Woman:   Your general fretfulness combined with your uncanny ability to calculate advantages is the winning formula.  The former will make him swoon with desire while the latter will take him out at the knees.  Finally, you’ll think, here is a real man:  strong, silent, and loaded with goodies.  Why, he even embraces the idea of being a father someday, so tell him what a good one you think he’ll make.

Degree of Romance:  These two are a dream come true of romantic illusions for one another so well do they play their gender roles.  He is Mr. Responsibility. She is Ms Dependent.  He WANTS to play the role of Protector and Provider.  In fact, he’s been scouring the ends of the earth looking for someone who will LET him be more of a man.  He is utterly enchanted by this moonlight creature who clings to him in gratitude.  They will have incredibly romantic moments after every major thing he does for her or gives her.

Degree of Passion:   Passion is not really their thing, or rather not her thing.  She will tend to try and make him feel guilty (“irresponsible” or  “out of control”) for any outbreaks of fire in the belly.

Degree of Friendship:   Two marriages which personify the classic Capricorn-Cancer model are Ronald “Daddy” and Nancy “Mommy” Reagan — and Brangelina.  Were they, are they,  friends?  You be the judge.  They are more bonded and co-dependent than friends could ever be.

Degree of Marriage:  Really excellent.  Best in the zodiac.  They are both old fashioned and believe in marriage, probably both coming from failed families that left them craving what they think a family is.  And for heaven’s sake, a Cancer woman wants nothing to do with risky co-habitation or financially undependable love affairs.  After all, marriage is the biggest business deal she’ll ever make.  She wants a gigantic rock to cement the partnership, too!

Progression of Relationship:  He will have to move slow and steady to assuage her rather neurotic fears.  Does he REALLY love her?  Will he mention the “M” word first, or does she have to?  Will he understand how insecure she feels until she gets that ring on her finger?  Will be pick a big enough ring?  Will he favor an evening wedding with tails?  Will he hurt her  like [insert her exes here]?  You get the drift.   And this is on the first date!

Sex:   Every once in awhile he can talk her into it especially if he’s been “good to her” lately.  This makes him feel less guilty about his needs.  Her desires are purer (like a new washing machine or fur coat).  Other than that, they’re cuddly and probably settle for a good dinner instead.

When It’s Over:  He can pry the ring off her dead finger.  She’s keeping it.  It will only end when the last child leaves home.  Or it can end when he finally gets tired of sleeping permanently in the dog house because he tried to force himself on her that night back in ’89.

Our Rating: 10/10

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96 Responses to Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

  • Phoenix says:

    I’m a 22 year old cancerian woman whose been in love with a capricorn man since I was 14. No matter what we went through or the distance of time that kept us apart (cause we cancerians do live on the waves) my grounded CAP always kept me at sea level so I love you DADDY because you’re everything I believe a man should be

  • Magdalena says:

    I’m a Cancer woman dating a Cap man. I agree that the whole “boring in bed” is WRONG. But otherwise, we fit this description to a “t”. We both are all about family, having kids together, and anything that deals with “couples” and all that mushy gushy stuff that creeps some other couples out. I’m a bit more neurotic and he’s more composed and is the ONLY guy I’ve dated that has kept me in check without driving me to act more out of place. But I will agree with the above comments that although he is always protective/loving/caring there are times he is so aloof that I can’t figure out what he’s thinking (which always drives me nuts, which attracts him, so it’s a crazy circular situation). Either way, we are two peas in a pod :)

  • Candi Coated Rain says:

    I am currently checking a Cap out (1/11/88) while I am a Cancer (6/24/83)….We started out having long convos via text, then suddenly were distant towards each other….Problem is that he is in an relationship and I just got out of one with a Leo, but Cap and I have the most amazing sex ever. I am having trouble expressing my true feelings to him, because of his non-expressiveness and me being scared that things would fall apart….

  • WHAT a coincidence says:

    I am also checking a Cap out ( 1/11) while I am a cancer (6/24)

  • Candi Coated Rain says:

    Wow that is a coincidence…How did you meet you 1-11?

  • WTF Candi Coated Rain? says:

    WTF Candi Coated Rain? you say he is IN a relationship and you are sleeping with him? You are asking for it! move on and find someone single!!!! His non-expressiveness is because he is using you for what ever he is not getting at home right now (what ever that is) but its only because all couples go through that and cap men are insecure so any little thing they think its them and then some canser comes and is in need of a hero which in turn will make him feel good about himself for a little bit then he will realize that he is a cheating scum and not like you for being the one who helped him do something to hurt someone else. That is why he is still with her and not you!! No matter what lie he tells, shes unstable, ive tryed and she wont let me, the kid (god i hope not because then you are the devil and messing with their lifes too), she will take all my money in a divorce………..! Get some self esteem and stay away until he is single!

  • mmo says:

    im a cap 28/12/ ınterested with astrolgy not profesionally but as a hoby and try to read/invesigate all the sources i can get/find and besides my life experiences/observations..there re sure lots of facts about astrolgy like moon sign or ascendant but if we think sun sign is the most imp which is somehow true i can say tis isnt the best combination because these re both cardinals..signs divided to 3 group as cardinal-fixed-mutable(im saying for people who dont know)i dont wanna givee lots of informations here you can learn if u search a opinion is ts beter to be with fixed or mutables instead of 2 cardinal be 2gether..i especially prefers mutables thy re most easy to handle:)

  • poetrybabe says:

    I’m a cancer girl with a cap guy. The gender roles thing is true about us but sex is far from boring and I often initiate it. But that’s just me. I’m pretty libidinous.

  • Ida says:

    @poetry’s my 2 cents. make it perm and while you’re at it what if he comes up with some Charlie Sheen – like ideas? That way you can have your cake and eat it too! :) just kidding! i’m sure you 2 r 10/10 fr each other nd will hv golden anniv. God bless you!

  • birdie says:

    I am a 14 year old girl, and my first boyfriend is a Capricorn (when we were 13), we broke up and dated once again then broke up again. But I still care soooooo much for him, I honestly can’t even understand if I love him or if I just really really care about him like crazy, however, I think I might love him, I mean I would probably die or him! I totally agree with this whole thing, the romance, the tenderness, and the “Daddy”/”Mommy” thing:) He totally has always kept me grounded, and we recently have started talking again:) Hopefully we’ll be getting back together……. again =P

  • Avg says:

    Haha. WOW. This was was me and my ex’s relationship to a ‘T’.
    I would always try to nurture him, cling to him but he would always try to please and dominate me-especially in bed. The sex was…. no words. It was THAT good.
    He would always have this detached demeanor, though. It’s hard trying to understand a Capricorn, especially since they’re so logical and we’re so emotional. They just want someone to listen and want to fix their own problems by themselves, meanwhile us Cancers have to help and can’t sit back and watch them self-destruct.
    We didn’t work out, but we are the ‘standard’ now for each others future relationships. I guess we wanted to work out so bad that we just ended up ruining it, in retrospect.
    Que sera sera. He’s still in the running, if we ever decide to reconnect and act maturely.

  • poetrygirl says:

    Most of this is true, except I’m not thinking about marriage for a while and I’m usually the first to suggest sex between the two of us. I’m a 19 year old cancer girl in love with a 21 year old capricorn guy. The masculine and feminine contrast is accurate though. I love how manly he is and how protective and handy he is and he loves how delicate and feminine I am, although very open-minded and I can be tomboyish and he appreciates that. This article makes a few erroneous assumptions for sure. The assumption about him having to coax sex out of me is dead wrong!

  • Court D says:

    I am a cancer woman (26) and was just recently dumped by a capricorn man (32). From July to December-ish, we would hang out all the time, have great sex all the time, but i have had a huge wall up for over 4 years. I told him i was only down to have fun and not to have a boyfriend, and he complied with that and we were friends who hooked up alot, everyone knew we were obviously with each other but there was no commitment stated. In october, he upset me and i stopped talking to him for a bout a month, then i got a call from a friend saying that i needed to call him because his aunt had passed, and being the cancer that i am, i immediately called him and we there for him thru it all. Needless to say we ended up starting things back up. In january we decided wed make it the real deal and do the whole commitment thing. At this point, i realized he wasnt going to leave me bc he put up with so much from me from july to december and didnt walk away, so i finally started letting my guard down thinking he wouldnt walk away. Valentines day came, and he did some of the most romantic things ive ever had done for me. He said he didnt even do something like that for his EX wife or anyone else for that matter. We both had started saying i love you at the end of january, which neither of us had felt that was for anyone since his ex wife 5 years ago andmy ex boyfriend from 4 1/2 years ago. This was alot for both of us. Within 3 weeks of the wedding, he loses it on me and begins listing ALL the things ive done to upset him since we started hooking up back in july (he built resentment towards me bc he held all these things in). He bombarded me with all these issues i had no clue about, and basically didnt give me a fighting chance to be able to fix things. Stated he couldnt get over the way i made him feel all those times (which i never even knew about) and that i didnt appreciate him. 4 days later we hung out, i made him dinner, we ended up spending the night together and having amazing sex. Next morning we hung out at his house. Following night I cooked for him again and again we had some of the most mind blowing sex. He goes out of town with a bunch of guys for 4 days, we didnt talk the whole time he was gone, then the day he was coming back we were texting, everything was great, i ended up going over to his house to see him, things were going great. Than an hour later, BOOM, something switched in him and he began looking for things to pick at. The he began degrading me and speaking to me like i was some piece of crap. He then said ok lets talk and we did and of course i teared up and said ‘i cant change the past or how i made you feel but i can guarantee the future will never ever be that way, i love you too much to ever hurt you intentionally, and it kills me i was so hurtful towards you, i want to spend my days making all that up to you.’ and stone cold he said he had thought it over in his head for the past week and couldnt see it ever working. i said to that ‘if course it didnt work then bc i had a huge wall up and put little to no effort into our relationship, while you sat there and jumped thru hoops proving over and over again proving his loyalty to me, its my turn to prove why u should be with me,’ but still he said i just dont see it working. Bc i couldnt say or do anything i left before i completely fell apart in front of him in hysterical crying. then 3 days later he had a sleep over with and old friend (that hes obviously sleeping with now) and had another sleepover 2 nights after that. I am completely devastated and miss him more than words could say. I want him back so bad. I just dont know what to do anymore. Nothing i do keeps him off my mind, but when i think of how he moved on so quickly it makes me think what we had meant nothing. I am so lost. I need guidance.

  • poetrygirl says:

    lol I’m glad we all agree that the assumption of boring sex is wrong. I stress again, it’s dead wrong. I love how manly and dominating he is. The love is great too. He says I’ve managed to bring his emotions out of him. He frequently tells me he loves me and I gladly return that sentiment. We both agree that we often want to escape the world together. I like to shut out the world from my little world of love

  • poetrygirl says:

    though I do agree that I’m kind of a damsel in distress for him lol but it’s not stupid reasons like walking and chewing gum. It’s just that people in general piss me off and I love to complain to him. People piss him off too so it’s comforting to grumble together hehe. Then we can cuddle under my blanket and shut out the crappy world. Ah, I love escaping my troubles with him

  • Wondering bout cap men says:

    I have started talking to a cap man and he seems really great so I wanted to know If we would be compatible as a cap can match and I love how everyone else’s responses were great. Now
    I can’t wait for tomorrow when we watch my fave movie across the universe together. I hope
    He enjoys the movie!?

  • dreamscometrue says:

    I am a Cancer, and i have been dating my Cap for 4 years now! We have been dating since i was 13, (a month before my 14th birthday). I will Be 18 this July 13th. I was going through some tough stuff with family, and depression. Out of nowhere my Cap came to my rescue:) we first started talking over the internet and i usually don’t fall for anyone over the computer but something about him was special. i agree with everything posted, he sometimes has to come to me for sex, I’m a very shy cancer i hate making first moves. The sex is magical, Capricorns love to be pleased and when they want it you better be ready! They are go-getters and love their work. Sometimes work comes before you. He has taught me to take my work, and school more seriously. They love success! You need to have the patience to put up with it. I put up with a lot of bullshit over the years. Something that used to drive me insane, and have me confused on our relationship status was us not talking for long periods of time. When the capricorn sees that you’re not going anywhere and that you’ll do anything for him he will never leave you! As a cancer i know we sometimes need someone to be there because we are very clingy but you have to give him his space. Just trust him he will come around and you two will never be able to be broken. The bond is magical. Also for my cancerians don’t be nosy and stalk your Cap. You might find something out that he lied about and will cause unnecessary depression, frustration and anger. Somethings are best left unknown. I ask myself why does he do the things he do? but it doesn’t matter because we will forever be. Just trust him. You have to be strong for this! you will go through some rocky beginnings but Love conquers all :)

  • island indo says:

    i am 21 year old male cap. I have been dating my 20 year old cancer woman now for over two years. The bond we have, the relationship we have, i could only wish for others to one day experience. This woman is my life. There is nothing i wouldn do for her. She is everything. You know what the best part is? MUTUAL. We have taught eachother many things, im not only thankful but am excited to spend my life with such a woman. God bless you all, hopefully one day you will find your angel.

  • Doris says:

    Court D. I’m sorry but if he walked away that quickly he never loved you. It’s hard to take, but it seems everything was him being introgued by you at first and then trying to convince himself that he liked you, because he wanted to get close to someone. I’m so sorry, that must suck. I feel for you. But when someone holds things in loke that then later blows up about it it means theydont trust you enough to tell you, meaning they dont trust you at all, meaning they dont and didnt and neer will feel close to you. Sorry. When I’ve jad a friendship or relationship where we both trusted each other we would both tell each other whatever bothered us that the other person did without getting angry. We trusted that the other person knew u cared about them so they would get hurt if u were honest with them..u know? U feel like u can be yourself because it’s like they know u and ur good intentions. That’s what’s xalled having trust and a BOND… Which u never had with this guy. He made the right decision to end it and not drag it on any further. Unforunately that happens sometimes, you know? Everyone wants to be close to someone, and he tried to be close to you even though he felt something was wrong but he kept denying that feeling. I never trust anyone who feels they have to keep things from me about things i’ve done that have hurt them. That means the friendship is not sincere at all, and any “act” they may put on about feeling close to me is a total lie, and ony an attempt at keeping the peace.

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  • Estella says:

    I disagree with this analysis. I, a Cancer female, was Ms. Responsible while my Capricorn ex was Mr. Dependent. We dated for 2.5 yrs before I ended the relationship because he could not keep a job for more than 6 months and was constantly spending his money like water. Although he was sensitive and supportive, I could not see him as a marriage partner or father because he did not seem to fulfill a lot of goals he kept telling everyone (myself, fam, and friends) he would. No thanks!

  • Cancer breeder UK says:

    I am a cancer with a capricorn man and have 10 kids with him. He is controlling and wants kids all the time. He earns a lot of money and I am well off but his sexual needs are extreme to say the least

  • L Farah says:


  • Cancer girl says:

    I’m a cancer girl (21) dating a Cap guy (23). We seemed to have an instant connection and I really didn’t know why. We seem to have many differences some serious some small but we have a real attraction to each other. He has done some really sweet things for me and in the beginning I really didn’t appreciate them because I am always so skeptical of guys and even more icky about relationships. Alot of what the article says is true but I am looking forward to seeing what our future will be like (that’s if I can ever decide on making a committment to him) :-)

  • Cancergirl 69 says:

    I am a Cancer female in a very intense relationship with a Capricorn Male and we seem to finish each other’s thoughts almost. The paternal/ maternal aspect is true but their’s something quite erotic about that lol ! We have not been apart from the day we met. He is very domineering, a quality that I would find irritating if it were anyone else, but with him I don’t mind . I’m just glad yall feel where I’m coming from f–k rhe outsiders that don’t understand.

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  • Cristen says:

    I am a cancer woman currently dating a capricorn male and we argue constantly. We both are very stong willed and either one wants to back down. I admit that I am emotional probably more than I should be and I’m working on that, they say opposites attract so I’m gonna stick it out and see what develops. I’ll keep you all posted.

  • Cristen says:

    Cristen :
    I am a cancer woman currently dating a capricorn male and we argue constantly. We both are very stong willed and either one wants to back down. I admit that I am emotional probably more than I should be and I’m working on that, they say opposites attract so I’m gonna stick it out and see what develops. I’ll keep you all posted.

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  • Nelia says:

    A few years ago I\’d have to pay someone for this ifnomartion.

  • AleCancerChica says:

    Im a cancer woman from 23 years old, and im with a capricorn man of 23 also, and is a dream come true, all the things they say is true, the sex is not really boring, because we also have in our charts lots of other signs, my moon is in libra and his in leo, my venus is in geminis and his in sagitarius, my ascendent is libra his is geminis, so we have some sort of conection, but essentialy our capricorn and cancer sides, are very present in our relationship, im his mommy and his my daddy, or sometimes my baby, i love to take care of him and make him feel his the only man in this world that fulls me, wich he is by te way, :P , i make him food and treat him like a king, he loves that and the most beautiful thing is like a fantasy story, hes my prince who take care of me and love me everynight, he would do anything for me, and i for him, we met in a very not usual way, a friend of him and me, told me about him, and i added him to chat with him, we talk for 3 months then i met him, btw he lives in netherlands, so my friend was gonna live there to study, so i went with her, and i met him, i fall in love with him… since we chat also i fall in love but when i saw him, the sweetest thing, but he didnt want to commit yet, so i waited, never really asked for aything or force him, we took it slow, then i promised i would come back in may, in only one month, and i stayed for 3 months, and live with him, and his family, everything was perfect, they love me i love them, and we were super happy, together, like a girl up says sometimes they do thing we dont understand, i was a extremly jelouse girl, and he likes to look too much sometimes to other girls, but only in a distracted way, very natural, but i use to get super mad, jaja, but well, is natural and after one year i understood, i can trust him and he respects me, so im ok now, i just let it be :P , also me i can look at boys cuz he is not realy that jelouse, only if he thinks is very serious or something weird… but well then i had to come back from netherlands to mexico, my homeland and waited for 3 and half months (the most horrible months of my life) and i cried and miss him, after sleeping with him for 3 months, and hugging him, cuz we sleep like wife and husband, we support in eachother, so i was having hard time with this, i would love to live my life with him, and have 10 kids, or more, he loves kidss, but he is extremly responsible, he wants to have enough money, cuz he dosent want me to work too much cuz he is the man you see, very dominating, he most do everything a girl dosent do, so i let him be my protector, im so inlove, this years was magical, i saw him in decemeber and have cristmas together and with my family this time, and his birthday with me, beautiful, then again he had to go, cuz he has to finish studies and work, and me too, but in may im coming to the netherlands and see him again, is the only man that even in distance i feel super good, and secure, sometimes i get panic and crazy becasue u dont want to loose him, i dont have the control to please him u know, but well what can i do, we will be together now this summer for one year at least, if i can get a working permit also then i stay more, but for me one year together is gonna be heaven, becasue been so far now i appriciate more when i have him with me, every second every moment.. i would never imagine my life without him.. i wanna grow old with this man, and love him, and share everything with him… i would give my life for this man… truley.

  • Ann says:

    Hi, im a 24 yr old cancerian woman who is madly in love with a cap man…We are so compatible and i feel complete since i have him around. We compliment each other very well…I have found my soul mate, im truely happy…

  • dreamsofwonderx says:

    Im a cancer woman in love with a capricorn man. This article has everything down exactly right. He’s very dominating. We fight constanly…we challenge each other every single day…we push each other’s buttons constantly. Yet…even though we have gone through periods where we do spend time apart in an effort to ‘forget each other’ and push the other one the point where we have no communication whatsoever. (ex: we went one year without speaking to eachother)…at the end of the day…we always seem to come back to each other. I have trouble admiting this to people and even to myself but with him..everything just seems to fit. I don’t know if were meant to be…but we sure as hell have stuck it out for almost six years now. (I was 13 when i met him…and he was about to turn 15…Now were 19 and 20) …Anyways what I’m trying to say is that… yes there will be battles to overcome. There are times where he gets me so irritated and furious that i can’t even control myself and explode right in front of him. However, i dont know how he manages to do this but the second he relizes i truly am pissed off…he manages to somehow say something…do something…to make me smile…next thing i know i have an ear to ear smile. The cancer and capricorn relationship is a very rocky one…but it’s one that comes one in a lifetime. I honestly can’t picture myself with another man.

    He pisses me off…he gets me mad to the point where i could just punch a wall…he makes me laugh like there’s no tomorrow…he makes me smile like a little girl…and he makes my heart flip whenever i hear his voice. He drives me crazy. And that’s why i love him.

  • rabha says:

    im a caner girl and i love a capricon boy but i dont know does he love me or not

  • Lililili says:

    Court D, your story is very very similar to mine. I’ve been with 3 Capricorn men. The first two wants to get back with me and the third one, we’ve broken up about a month ago. He claimed to sleep with 2 girls in 3 weeks of breaking up with me and he’s going out with another girl. I’m not heartbroken or anything but I cannot get over this awful feeling I’m getting. I am not feeling bad because we’re not together anymore but because of the fact that I trusted him so much and all he did to me was betray. He was such a sweetheart and a true gentleman when we were together and now he’s turned to a completely different person, a complete jerk. I cannot believe that’s the same guy I was with.

    To all the sweet cancerian women out there I have a little piece of advice for you. Do not trust your Capricorn man blindly. He might treat you like a goddess but once he’s done he’ll treat you like a piece of crap, like you’re a tumour and he doesn’t want you. Don’t let them hurt your self respect.

  • The Dr. says:

    I’d have to go against the grain with this one. I’m a Capricorn man and I’ve been with two cancer women and both relationships were hell. In my experience, the sexual thing is on point. It was like pulling teeth to get any kind of intimacy and Caps don’t tend to do well with those kinds of games. It’s partly the straight forward Cap nature and part the tendency toward insecurity. I also think the emotional nature of the Cancer can grind away at a practical Capricorn man. I see the potential there, i.e. I know some Cancer women where at least some of those intimacy problems would be non-issues, and there’s always that spark there with cancers, but each time like clockwork the same things, games, emotions, withholding, started happening that were unbearable. I don’t think this is a clear cut 10/10. From the other posts, I’d say it’s very hit or miss. Like hit big or miss big! I’ve missed big twice.

  • lee lee says:

    Lilililii that is so true ive been betrayed by a capricorn like crazy. But im kinda over it, its nothing im a cancer myself dated a capricorn and i think this gonna be my last. dont feel like getting into it because its alot so to make a long story short we was friends with benefits caught feelings for each other im pregnant with his baby now he left me for his ex thats also an capricorn like him what should i do?? I knw i should move on but would he ever open his eyes an see im where its at cause once im gone im never looking back??

  • maddy says:

    im a cancer dating a capricorn guy , he is very sweet and i could tell that he worrys about me alot! and he is very proctecive , and so when i read this that gave me hope for our relationship,! :)

  • destiny2 says:

    Hello I am a cancer female married to a cap male. In the beginning everything was great of course in every relations hip you have your ups and downs. However me and my husband lost our 2 year old daughter due to his sister leaving her in the pool with her boyfriend who repeatedly threw her in the water and she drown. My family was in a reck. so there was a family feud because my little girl meant the world to them. What is strange is that after we buried our little girl my husband began to cheat and ended up leaving me because his mom felt that he didn’t have to stay now since the baby had passed away. So 30 days after we buried my princess he leaves and the following month another girl is pregnant. Now for the past 6 months my husband and I didn’t talk. Then one day he decides that he should come back home. He only stayed home for 2 weeks and left again. He states that he loves me but that the new girl is now his family since she is carrying his child. So i let him go. Now he is talking about coming back home because the time he was home i became pregnant. I don’t want to take that chance. If he loved me I feel he would have never left. What do you think. Now keep in mind I’m 31 and he is also and we have been together since we were 13 years old. What should I do?

  • JonaiEley says:

    I feel beyond cheesy doing this buy I gotta say, this is definately the BEST relationship I have ever had. Cap men are SEXY. I love that hes a man you know ? A real strong man who provides for me and my kids to come. Im soooo excited to start a life i know will be fabulous with him. I thank God everyday for this rainbow after the years od stirm I’ve been through. Its been 3 weeks now since I’ve seen him between me going to a college prep ptogram @Spelman College & him going to florida on a family trip. After he got stuck in fl for a few and I stuck in.Va , Finally we’re back in jersey together. :D !! Im sooo excited to see him & hug him. Goodnight everyone &Enjoy youre partners for theyve bern crafted just for you.

  • JonaiEley says:

    Excuse my typos !! :( Thats what i get for posting at 1:51 am & on a nearly broken phone

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  • Pingback: Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility « MY Aching

  • Katie says:

    Dont even start this relationship because you cant get out for some reason. Cap brings out the worse in cancer woman. Fight all the time, always yelling at each other. And still stay together, split many times but cant part ways. Every relationship Ive seen to like this is the same, lots of fighting! Dont even try it RUN

  • This is Crazy says:

    OMG, I have to laugh at this one. First off above at Candi Coated Rain and What a Coincidence because we all have the same birthdays, both the cap man and we cancer women. If this is what a Cancer woman is, I must not be one. I do know that the guy I’m dating is a Cap and he drives me crazy! I don’t even know, or I should say I doubt highly this will work out. He’s one of the most insecure people I have EVER met! So I’ve been told I’m beautiful, well, guess what? Beauty fades, but not on the inside, so how many times should I have to say not to say it (I’m insecure in that department too). He wants to punch out any guy that looks at me. He wants to pick and choose my friends and if one of my best friends is a male, forget it. I’m not talking about teenage crap here, we’re both 47. Had our kids and had our divorce. He cheated, I never did. Yes, he’s very easy to talk to and I can be very open to him, but God forbid I’m somewhere and I don’t have service. I literally get a text that says “I get the hint”. I’ve been so independent my whole life, and I can’t change now. I had to grow up early and learn to depend on myself. I’m not a needy or clingy person. As far as the bedroom goes, really? Does that really apply to the cancer woman??? Again, I must not be one. I think stumbling across this has made my day. I needed a good laugh. Thanks

  • This is Crazy says:

    I further wanted to say that I think he’s testing the waters now because he is very very romantic and always telling me he loves me and stares endlessly at me, however, he says I don’t love him as much as he loves me, and I tell him that that will push me away. So it’s like he has to constantly test me to see if I’ll call first, etc., When I don’t call men. I make that clear from the get go. So he’ll play the game and it will be my fault if he doesn’t talk to me, well the phone works both ways, especially if I”m the last to text or call. He likes to text and I hate it and he knows that. But I will admit, in bed, watch out! We cancer women can suck a tennis ball through a garden hose! lol. I know he says I’m the best he’s ever had. He’s damn right!

  • Renee says:

    Nancy, Savannah Brinson is a Virgo Woman not a Cancer. She tweets about being a Virgo all the time, here’s a link to some of her old tweets referring to herself as one:, and her twitter However, one great couple you could put would be Dax Shepard (January 2) and Kristen Bell (July 18). They are married and just had a baby girl.

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