1. Melissa C.

    Charles, good luck with your marriage. It sounds like it can be saved. My suggestion is to write your wife a letter with the same content you wrote to us. She will likely understand how you’re feeling and look within on her part to save your marriage. Wish you the best.

  2. Charles

    I have been married to a wonderful Capri like myself for 5 years, she is great with the kids, keeps our home happy and alive with possibilities, sex life is phenomenal but our marriage is falling apart, we are losing our grounds slowly, I love my wife dearly but if this continues i know we could be heading for a divorce soon. Lately we haven’t been seen eye to eye on a number of subjects and its now begining to affect our marriage. She was previously married which ended up in a stink divorce and I do beleive that from time to time she reflects on the past which gets her worked up and paranoid about rejection and though I try to reassure her, she shuts down and takes out her fraustration on me even sometimes affecting the kids, sometimes though living in the same house, for days at a time we dont exchange a word which makes it difficult for me to relate to her or understands what she is going through, She is so fixed in her thougts its almost difficult to get through to her at times. There has been a tremendous breakdown in communication with us and it bothers me because I have seen marriages fallen apart due to poor or lack of communication.I really hope we can get through this phase which I now believe is the for worst part to which ours vows had referred and we can get over this hurdle and continue on with our life. She likes to have things Perfect and in a specific order and I am trying to let her understand that nothing in life is perfect and to just go with the flow.

    But like the article says, “Think of a world where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, where people do what they say they’re going to and apologize when they don’t” that is all HER and this is all ME; ” Think of the time that would be saved because things were well planned and executed, done right the first time. Imagine putting that spared energy to excellent use somewhere else”. All in all, I love my wife and we are going to work through this and get this right, we wont get a divorce we will be okay, that was my promise to her years ago and I wont break it BUT she also has to be willing to compromise.

  3. debra

    Hi there, have you heard about present law of attraction by Robert, that opposite attracts and similar repels, but in ancient time, Plato’s law of affinity was different. According to him similar attracts and bonds a strong relationship and in today’s world it’s more challenging & demanding to follow Plato’s law but then also some people tend to stick to that rule 🙂


    I am a capri woman and my man is a capri as well. Our birthdate is even a day after each other (him first, then me). We have our ups and downs, especially when we fight with each other, its all hell breaks loose but in the end, we always run back to each other no matter how bitter our argument were because our need to be with each other outweighs everything else. I love him, and so does he. Some of my friends said we were lucky to be so in love w each other and in our relationship we dont play games. Capri people can be quite blunt so we kinda agreed mutually to not have secrets that will tear us apart. But I become aware of one thing, if you dont know how to navigate through it, a capri – capri relationship can leave you addicted to each other. I’ve been there w my current man now and we had to sort it out even if it takes time because admit it, addiction is never healthy.

    But all in all, we are good now
    We somehow managed to find the balance and of course there’s days where you fight bitter, but our feelings run deep between each other that we almost always find ways to settle our differences. And the sex, lemme tell you something, its not just awesome or great, it goes beyond that. WAY BEYOND A COMBINATION OF AWESOME+ GREAT.

  5. cindie

    i got an email one week ago from a man whom I find out he is a capricorn and he is 11 yrs younger than me ……He saw my picture in Linkedin and he said he liked what he saw…..he had a wife who died 8 yrs ago has a 12 yr old boy he is a civil engineer in Manchester United Kingdom he sends me romantic pictures roses and tea. coffee and roses too that says I love you….. so after getting and giving 2 or 3 emails each day I finally asked him where did he see this going ……….he said he is ready to settle down again and he will be my romeo will I be his juliet…………..can this man be for real

  6. Jane

    I am crushing on this Cap man, who is ten years older than me. Its not too drastic, but that isn’t the only problem. He is my new boss and if anything ever would happen between us, then we would both likely get fired and ruin both our careers. He is one of the nicest men I have ever met (so nice that I never thought he was a Cappy) and I guess I’m just so impressed by him because he is so different from most men my age. I can’t tell if he’s attracted to me or not, and I can’t exactly ask. I’m very shy when it comes to socializing and even more so when it comes to dating. I don’t know if this is a life test, temptation or maybe we just met at the wrong time in our lives, but I feel like he already wants to settle down and have a family while I’m still trying to sort out my life. And yet, I really like and want to get to know him better. He gets my jokes and appreciates my sense of humor, which us Caps know that we have a hard time finding someone who gets us. He has been so sweet and patient with me that it makes me wonder if he’s also feeling the same way, but there’s a voice in the back of my head that says, “You’re just imagining things and it could never happen. He’s not interested in you. You’re too young.” When I read on this webpage about the 10 year age difference being common in this relationship, it gave me hope for us and that maybe one day we may just end up together. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers because I need to stay strong and in control of myself for our own futures.

  7. Sparkle

    I am a Cap women dating a cap man, we use to dating over 16 yrs ago. We ran into each other over the years exchanged # but never really contacted each other. So about month we ran into each other @ a bar an the chemistry between us is amazing to the point were we can’t get enough of one another. It’s like we pick up were we left off an I am falling in LOVE with him all over again an love it!!!!!!

  8. 11

    Capricorn women and man are the best match for both, IMO. They can destroy each other, but in positive way… in bed 🙂
    Perfect union and deep feelings here.
    I love my Capricorn women 🙂

    Cap man.

  9. Unnotimous

    I’m a Capricorn women & I like this Capricorn man, but he is like bipolar on me. He says he likes me & probably wants something in the future, then he goes off & changes his mind all of a sudden & thinks we won’t work. It’s like, he’ll give me attention when I least expect it & when I give attention, he just avoids it. I don’t understand what he wants.

  10. Ozzy

    Very true in some sense, different with each woman’s personalities ( commitment, vs freedom)… But first off i have to say i am great friends with a lot of male capricorns , cosmicly all forms of caps unite globally in any gender. Being friends is def first off. But i just met a cap girl recently, took her out, everything that was said in this article was just talked about on our date tonight and then we had gnarly steamy sex (many many times) , and we caps dont let something go like that. 🙂 then checked this site for kicks , right after, and finished reading the article at 1:18 my bday number… Cosmos! Great relation to this article . Lets see if more plays out !?

  11. Warren F

    cap man year monkey looking for cap woman year of dragon i dont want the honey moon to end if your in i am in british columbia canada surrey central post on crags list missed conection i will find you

  12. Viki

    Jade, when we broke up, my Cap ex also told me we should stay friends, and he would visit me almost every day, and stay for several hours, and then leave, and that took three years of my life because I thought that eventually he would one day give in, and it would start all over again. Now I understand how selfish he was, and that makes me very mad on him. I hope you find peace soon. I still have not…

  13. Stacy

    I’m a Capricorn woman, and dating a Capricorn man. We have our ups and downs cause we both are stubborn as Hell. Although he’s my best friend, my lover and my future soulmate. Our LOVE for each other can out-weigh any minor disagreements we may have. I Love my Capricorn man!

  14. Jade

    So the whole thing didn’t work out with him but we have decided to stay good friends, its hard when we took our friendship past just being friends and he still comes over everyday. Wtf do I make of this? I just act like I don’t care and keep things short and to the point in conversation.

  15. Viki

    Thank you Jade, for your words of support. I am still in love with him, he is not over me either as I see it when we meet very rarely. But he won’t come back to me… I don’t know about Aries in general, but this particular woman is truely very manipulitive and works very hard on keeping him. He feels more comfortable with her because she is his age and I am much younger than he, and he tells me he can’t give me what I deserve and need to have (including a child). I don’t think I will ever be over him…

    Good luck with your relationship! Cap/Cap really makes a great couple so I am sure your relationship will work out fine!

  16. Jade

    P.s to viki, before my love for my best friend i was in a relationship with my ex whom was an aries, let me tell you she may have her claws dug in deep, but she will never be you. There are something about capricorns that people never forget, cause we won’t let them. Aries are stubborn, rude and thick skinned also very munipulitive and cunning. She has already brain washed him, but my thoughts are with you dear good luck!

  17. Jade

    My best friend is a capricorn man, as I, a capricorn woman. We have a very strong connection as friends, and recently turned a new page in the friendship by pushing past the romance and going right into the passion. We both agree we are not ready for a relationship, but I know if he is ever willing to settle down that we would make a very heavenly type couple. He means the world to me, please all who read keep you fingers crossed! No other man compares to him and agreed we want the finer things in life and will work hard to get them while he is painting a picture of the sunset. (In the personal yaht of course)

  18. shante

    im with a capricorn and i am too a capricorn. i must say that the love we share is one that is comfortable and fulfilling. we havent known each other too long but it feels like forever. he is very kind and loving and i wouldnt trade him for anyone. the only problem is i think sometimes were to alike. but i must say this is a great union to be in:)

  19. Nichelle

    oh sweeti..i honestly think once an aries has a capricorn…leaving her is out of the question…i stopped to stop contact with my capi since 06, and he is STILL chasing me. in my personal opinion…none better than the capricorn man.

  20. Viki

    My Cap boy-friend of a few years left me, after an on-and-off relationship, during which we never stopped being friends. He is now with an Aries woman, but I want him back so much. I feel and I know that he can’t develop the same closeness to any woman. He tells me I am one of the most important people in his life along his parents, siblings and a daughter he has from his first marriage. How do I know if he will come back? I want him back so much!

  21. Alison

    This is quite true of me and the Cap I love. Unfortunately, our relationship is very complicated due to him being jilted in the past so he’s even more guarded against rejection and pain. We’ve been on-and-off quite a bit, but I still love him and we’ve known each other for years. We’re very dear friends and I couldn’t imagine life without him. This article gives me hope, though. I won’t be hopeless and clingy to him if he really doesn’t want to return my affections, but recent developments have made me wonder if he does. If that’s the case, I truly want to show him that I will always be there for him and I’m not going to run away, even if we do break up again. Thank you very much. 🙂 I’m new to this site, but I will definitely be bookmarking it.

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