Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Capricorn Couples:  Connie Chung and Maury Povich, Iman and David Bowie, Gracie Allen and George Burns,  Jacqueline Kennedy and Ari Onassis

The operative words here are prestige and status.  Both Leo and Capricorn consider themselves a notch above, and they delight each other with their mutual snobbery and exclusionary tendencies.  The only difference is that Capricorn feels he has to earn the privileges while Leo feels she has them coming.  Where Capricorn is shy and self effacing, Leo is proud and bold.  She struts her stuff.  The lady lion can be quite an asset to a Capricorn social climber.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Capricorn Man: You can definitely get her attention by buying her lavish gifts and promising her things for the future like a 5-bedroom house in the right zip code and a brand new Lexus every year.  Definitely show her how hard you work because she’s kind of lazy herself and is probably looking for a fluffy cushion.  IMPRESS her.  Take her fancy places.  Send her a dozen red roses even though it seems a bit brash.  Be consistent and don’t even dream of asking her out for any night but Saturday.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Leo Woman:  Despite your airs, Leo, you really are an old fashioned girl, and here’s your chance to show it.  No matter how many men you’ve slept with or married, you still believe in one true love for life.  So go ahead and play the romantic to the hilt.  Make him open the door, pay the tab, order for you and help you on and off with your coat.  You’ll have him slavish at your feet.

Degree of Romance:  Romance is bread and butter for these two. Leo is the Queen of Hearts (at least in her own mind), and Capricorn always wants to do it right, which means discovering rules and following them to stay safe.  He is not naturally romantic, but it gives him a way to “hide out” in a role.  Plus, it’s a means to an end.

Degree of Passion:  Expect the earth to move when this erotic goddess pairs up with the lusty goat.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be great friends because they create an exclusive club together.  They validate each other’s snobbish tendencies by not letting anyone else get close to them.

Degree of Marriage:  This pair make excellent partners as long as he is ambitious enough and she is classy enough (not givens).

Progression of Relationship:   Protocol will be followed meticulously or the dominatrix will come out in the Leo woman.

Sex:   She is sexual while he is sensual which can work if each is equally willing to get out of their comfort zone.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over there will be much shame, blame, melodrama and wounded pride. They will seem ridiculous to relatives and third parties who don’t want to hear their laundry list of grievances and who think they are taking themselves way too seriously to begin with.  Leo will demand the usual pound of flesh and Capricorn will get real stingy.

Our Rating:  8/10

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57 Responses to Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

  • janedoe says:

    Capricorn men (not all, but some) possess even more of a Jekyll-&-Hyde personality than men of other signs known for that very thing (e.g., Gemini men and Scorpio men). There can be periods where this type of Capricorn man acts the part of the perfect gentleman, totally worshipping and sacrificing everything – e-ver-y-thing – for his beloved woman. Then, maybe if the woman does or says something that, to him, is the “last straw” (he quietly keeps count of all of your f***-ups in his head and lets his anger build internally), he will subsequently snap and fly into an outrageous outburst. This might include yelling at the top of his lungs about how much he gives to you (or gives UP for you), and how much he does for you, leaving you feeling like a child who just got scolded by its father. No calm and rational, treat-you-like-an-equal (or something close to it, at least) discussions for this type of Cap man (Capricorns and those with strong Capricorn influences in their chart are popular for their condescending ways). You’re wrong, he’s right, and that’s the end of that story, PERIOD.

    If you want a man who randomly continues to throw in your face all that he gives up for you and does for you (even if you’ve NEVER asked him to do ANY of those things), and a man who makes you feel like his daughter more than an equal, then by all means. But if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, I would suggest you tread EXTREMELY lightly when dating a Capricorn man. Hopefully you’ll end up with a good one. But if you find yourself realizing the that the Cappy you have been dating is not the prince you initially thought he was, run for the hills. Because you’re entering a relationship that will eventually make you feel like a prisoner, and him, the prison guard, metaphorically, and literally. Capricorn men are not what they seem, more so than men of other signs, in my opinion. I know men of other signs are just as capable of this type behavior I have described, but it seems like Capricorn men reign supreme regarding this.

  • Half_Empty says:

    I would never want to be with a Capricorn (thank god YOU missed it by a point 😉 ) , sounds too familiar to that of a Virgo ( wait they are of the same element EARTH). This cannot be any trutherer (lol) , someone who constantly throws things in your face about what they did ( even if you never ask them to do ANYthing to begin with) ohh yeah! Cancer women does not like to be or feel like they are been controlled or possessed – no don’t do it, we will resent you for it….does not want to feel like a ward of the state at all.

    In my case however, I would get ridiculed about what I DID, what I provided, what I brought to the table ( who does that though) like seriously, an insecure person I think does that. You do your shit with your unfaithful nasty ass, we argue about it when you get home with an open condom wrapper in your pants pocket ( you do get a point for spontaneity hahah) (after hanging out with the same bitch who is just your friend, no who is your brethrens’ woman, who is always everybodys’ past around gold digging viper – but man was she surprised when she realized the gold was out of her reach here LMAO -stupid illiterate bitch ), stumbled on it while doing the laundry – get accused that I planted it in the pocket (LMAO like W.T.F nigga??), THEN you try to turn the table around on your effing guilt trip roller coaster of a ride talking about, its because I am doing/providing this WHY I am behaving that way talking about its over and whatnott, niggeeeerrr, neg-er, don’t try that shit with me, I know what the f*ck you are trying to do…F&<K YOU! – its not gonna work this time around, now go be with that betch who does and is not even capable of doing NOTHING, who you can control and leave me the f*ck alone, you. son. of. a. bitch!!! ASSHOLE!
    Then trying to be HONEST ( a tad bit too late son) after all that's said and done ( how about you had been honest from the beginning, damn bastard), did you not hear me the first time F&<K YOU!, I AM DONE, BYE, ADIOS, CAPESH, ZIT, ZILCH, NADA, NOTHINGS left, its O.V.E.R!!! and oh here take everything, I don't want anything even what belonged to me, I will start my life over from scratch, brand new, just my clothes, my sanity and my soul and I will be okay from there on, lying son of bitch, only values material shit, limelight and puffery, well take them, take them the fuck all and BYE NOW!!

    🙂 2016 🙂 – leave the past behind you and move on…thank you Jesus for always answering my prayers and for making me better today than I was before! I LOVE YOU JESUS and I LOVE YOU too Jesus said 🙂 Aaaaaamen!

  • Brendan says:

    Ha ha the Capricorn man is very ambitious and gets far in life and earns a lot of money. Along comes a leo lady and she spends it as fast as he can earn it! And then she turns around and complains that he doesn’t “compliment” her enough! Should be WORST MATCH EVER but somehow it isn’t….

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  • Thanks – Enjoyed this article, how can I make is so that I receive an email sent to me when you write a fresh post?

  • Anon says:

    Perfect gentlemen. Cappy men can be stubborn but eventually listen. Very loving. Very giving. Very supportive. Someone to grow old with. David Bowie and Iman. Very interesting. Endless hours of conversation. Never a dull moment. As long as he stays ambitious and she stays classy it will work. Truth.

  • Leona Mcgee says:

    Well, I was with a Capricorn man 2yrs ago, for about a week (a month according to him), we had an argument but I thought ok I’ll call him TWICE only after that, he didn’t answer or call back so I decided it was over (who is he to mess me around!) So he called back 3 weeks later assuming we were still together (which by then I had moved on- plenty fish in the sea for us leos) and I told him it had finished the very moment he decided not to call back. He tried persuading and for once I saw a softer side that wanted to compromise and make it work- but me being stubborn said no and left it at that.

    So the time in between we became friends and spoke now and then, every now and then he had outbursts telling me he still liked me but I didn’t really take it seriously. He also had dates and moved on but we always had this weird magnetic connection! Now, 3.5years down the line we have begun to KIND of talk AGAIN!- as you know they are RESERVED and us leos are too stubborn to do all the calling! I’ve read a lot about cappy men lately coz I can’t get this one out of my mind and I can’t understand he’s behaviour! The other day he was persuading me for a relationship and I was saying I want to but am unsure, and now he’ll call now and then and we arranged to meet up but he cancelled for work (typical eh? but thats fine with me) but I just don’t know if he really does like me? how much he likes me (would have been nice to know he’d not go into work for me) but I don’t know! he’s so intriguing and mysterious! and when we speak and like have a disagreement its like he’s competing but he’ll go on like he’s right i’m wrong and I should just accept it! then when I don’t he’ll be like why are you getting so defensive! it does my nut in coz he’ll manipulate the argument so whatever I say, he’s right (although I stick to my side) I find it cute but it gets to me!! So yeh I don’t know how to be coz when I’m cold he seems more open but when I open up and write a cute text he’ll blank it and not bring it up later when we speak so I don’t, and when I do he’s like why do you analyse things so much I’d rather show you be with me!… but I like to express and like it if he was to express in return! argh!! frustrating I must say… so I don’t know where it’s going coz I, too TREAD SLOW!

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