Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Capricorn Couples:

Dita von Tees and Marilyn Manson, Edith Galt and Woodrow Wilson, Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen, Pauletta Pearson and Denzel Washington

Never was a marriage more of a partnership agreement than with these two who work beautifully with one another in tandem toward common goals.    Each sign is good at goal setting and defining areas of responsibility for mutual efforts.  They commit by nature for efficiency) and they really enjoy the partnership process, believing that “two heads are better than one”.  Each has been waiting their whole life for a faithful (accountable) sidekick almost as if the attainment of one were a rite of passage.  Because of this the outlining of duties can be a bit tense.  They will take social obligations with an earnestness approaching fanaticism, keeping careful track of what they did with each couple and what is expected in return.  They will be careful to return invitations within the proper time frame.  They enjoy entertaining but are not particularly good at getting the right mix of people together.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Libra Woman:

Dress conservatively and appropriately for the occasion.  Have your hair under control LOL.   Be businesslike.  Use your superior social skills to keep the conversation going.  Understand that his reserve masks a great deal of shyness and fear of rejection.  If you don’t ever want to see him again, try teasing him or being bossy.   First and foremost, you don’t have to control everything around the guy and the date.  Believe me when I tell you that in his own quiet way, he runs things better than you could ever dream of.  You finally found someone you can relax with if you only you will.  For God’s sake do yourself a favor and try saying “yes” for three months straight rather than “yes, BUT …”.   Don’t bring your friends into the picture till you’ve met his family.  I really mean this.  I know It will be hard but it’s important.  It makes a very strong statement that means something to hiim.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Capricorn Man:

You will have to find an icebreaker (pray hard!!!!)  She won’t always judge you on your social skills but they are pretty important at first.  Your best bet is to compliment something attached to her but not personal such as a glimpse at her keyring.  Say it is “clever” or “interesting” or “different”.  That’s enough to get her talking.  If you don’t do well right away and are really struck with her, this is one case where I recommend a dating coach.

Degree of Romance:

This couple will follow protocols largely because they lack the imagination to get off the beaten path.  Capricorn, be careful because in the romance department Libra is the Queen of Withholds and Scorekeeping.  She will have a set of internalized expectations about romantic behavior (“If he really loved me, he would … “)  She will withhold her displeasure when you fail to read her mind but it goes on the scoreboard under “Strikes Left”.  When you strike out for the last time, which is some arbitrary, made up rule she has, she will then sandbag or ”unload” on you out of nowhere with invectives and diatribes because 1>you didn’t do this and >2 you didn’t do that  >3 and another thing ….  That’s when you find out what a good scorekeeper she is.  This will be the first time you’ve heard of your sins of omission so you’re caught completely off guard.  Now you also know how good she is at 1> setting you up, 2> keeping you in the dark and 3> unloading with both barrels.

Degree of Passion:

There may be a lot of hatred in this relationship from time to time but not any passion.  If they go to any extremes it will be contempt and ridicule without mercy … ouch!  Libra can be singularly lacking in compassion and with her help in wardrobe selection, Capricorn easily slips into the hair suit.

Degree of Friendship:

Do friends badger each other?  I doubt if it weren’t for sexual attraction, they would like being alone together more than a few minutes except for some sly social climbing on Capricorn’s part.

Degree of Marriage:

This is good marriage material particularly when focused on external achievements, careers and child rearing.

Progression of Relationship:

The relationship will proceed according to Libra’s particular logic. She does a lot of testing which Capricorn plods willingly through.  During courtship may be the only time Capricorn performs this well, so, Libra, enjoy!


Sex is always negotiable between these two.  Far from a feeling or emotion and hardly an undeniable physical urge, it is basically a bargaining tool.  It is not unlikely for Libra to hold out for a new toaster oven and Cappie won’t even see the humor.  His sense of himself as provider – and her ongoing and incessant propaganda that he is so lucky to have her — dictate that he gives while she receives.

When It’s Over:

Libra may never appreciate Capricorn til he’s gone.

Our Rating: 8/10

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  1. I’m happily married to a Capricorn man, we’ve been together over 6 years. He’s a hard worker and always puts our son and I before him. We balance each other out perfectly. I do agree with Capricorns having tempers! I hate when he’s on the phone with customer service lol! I guess I got lucky!

  2. Aliyah.. get yourself together girl, delete him literally dont even mention him anymore, if your mind goes to him snap out of it and jump to the next thought, but not him ๐Ÿ™‚ you will do great with men, but now focus on urself, and keep an open eye, peace attracts peace love attracts love. xx

  3. Aliyah LongstonMarch 15, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    I dated a Cappy. It was different. Lost my Virginity to him. He played me. He was still inlove with his previous Girlfriend (Aries) and come to find out, shortly after he called things off, I found out he had a Baby on the way (she was 6 months at the time). This was actually my 1st real relationship. I recall him being very controlling as well as consumed with work. He’s also very flashy. Likes making a “statement” so to speak. Very secretive also (obviously) . He loves being in control. Demanding. Looking back this experience has definitely changed me, can’t say for the better,but it has DEFINITELY made a humongous impact on the way I view men. I honestly don’t believe I care to date any. I don’t even think I’ve healed from the situation. Maybe that’s why I’m bitter ? Lol who knows ? Honestly I’m not even sure HOW TO HEAL .This is all still new to me. All this happened less than 6 months ago. So I’m still processing it all. Still in disbelief. Still hurt. I almost considered hurting myself. Shortly after I found out, he went to jail. I wrote him BARELY touching the surface on how I felt. He said he Lied about everything. (I asked him if he had kids upon meeting him as well as making sure he was completely single) he said sorry. I don’t believe it for a second. He was involved with other women at the same time as well. So i guess I wasn’t the only one being fooled. Sorry isn’t even good enough. I feel like you say sorry for something accidental, not for something as traumatic as taking someone’s virginity. Correct me if I’m wrong but That’s something you can never get back !!!!!!! And you’ll always remember the experience/person. So im definitely changed by the Entire situation . It’s gonna be a while before I even CONSIDER dating anyone. The matter has pretty much ruined me. I don’t feel the same. I feel differently about myself. I look at myself completely different. I kinda feel less of a woman. So I now have major insecurity issues along with a completely fucked up heart & attitude.

  4. bananalemonpieNovember 15, 2011 at 7:42 am

    i’m a libra and i’ve been with my capricorn man for almost six months. things are going great and we’ve only had one fight! what they say here is a load of bullshit

  5. I’m a Libra lady who just got involved with a Capricorn dude. So far, so good!

    We finally started seeing each other after we kept crossing paths randomly over the past 4 years. He was the one who showed signs of interest first, but was hesitant to actually make THE move, which led me to believe that he might not be that interested. lol. After a while, I nudged him a little bit (because *I* was interested), which gave him the confidence to finally ask me out.

    There’s definitely some chemistry between the two of us. So far, I get the best of both worlds with this guy: He’s got the looks and sex appeal, but thankfully without the “bad boy” act! He seems to be very innocent and meek, yet strong and mature at the same time. He’s also one of the best kissers I’ve ever experienced, so there’s another plus! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I had a over jealous and crazy in the head cappie. I’m a libra and at he time we were fresh omfg… He was perfect! But we moved in 2 quick and he thought he should be the one to make rules and break them. He was too suffocating for me. I didn’t realize if you disagree with his ways he would make you suffer till you thought he was right. I didn’t even realize this till it was completely over and now I’m happy as can be to never have gotten that much caught up in all his power trips… That bah boy! Lmfao!

  7. I have have been crazy in live and married before. Now being divorce for almost four years , I have met a CAPricorn man and he is totally awesome. I am so very much into him.he melts my heart and soul. nicest most kindest man I have ever met.

  8. awwe alibra .I lost my cappie and I really didn’t know what i had until he was gone …. into the arms of someone more appreciative………I never felt pain like that before

  9. Libra female w/a cap man. At first I couldn’t make up my mind if i wanted to be with him and I would let him know. I was in la la land more than nowadays or at least i try to control it more. He was persistent and now I am head over-heels for him. I feel so so so secure with him. I loved someone else before and was obsessed with them but never felt secure. I love to party/he doesn’t but he will meet me half way which I don’t mind. If he ever says NO! i don’t like it but at the same time it turns me on.. LOL. He is very loving and is not afraid to tell the world. He makes me feel like I control our relationship (but deep down we both know he is just good at making me think that).

  10. I am a young Libran woman currently dating a Capricorn man. At first it was a real challenge to get his attention. He simply seemed uninterested and DID NOT fall for any “charm or sexiness”that us Librans could offer. However, we have managed to establish a romantic relationship. It started off bumpy – he would not share and walled himself off. I love hugs and kisses and HE DID NOT GIVE THAT UP EASILY… Once we formed a strong bond he let me in ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s loyal, funny, smart, protective, a brilliant lover and he has the saddest eyes that are almost impossible to see through. He doesn’t smile easily – but when he does, he means it. Sex started off extremely reserved and almost boring but soon became excellent and connected on a deeper level. We are smitten and even our differences have their charm ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You can add Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson Washington to that list too….

  12. I am a libra woman and just started sating a capricorn man. I can’t weigh him up at all, he plays hard to get when he’s not with me but when he is with me I feel like the only girl in the world. He seems to need a written invitation to go out with me and says I am hard work? I am trying to play it cool with him as he seems to be doing that with me but is he just insecure and looking for me to do the running? He is gorgeous and sexy and the best lover I have ever had and he works so so hard.

  13. “Donโ€™t bring your friends into the picture till youโ€™ve met his family.” – hey nancy could you explain that line? i think i understand what you are trying to convey but in any relationship wouldn’t meeting family just generally come after meeting ones friends? the cap i know does hold his family first and foremost but i would think he is more likely to meet my friends before ready to introduce me to his family…. should i wait?

  14. So I was looking around and a cap man was trying to get my attention. hes a great change nd im loving it. its liek a breath of fresh air. hope this time im lucky.

  15. Did I read here that somebody claimed that Librans are oh so super confident?

    If so confident then why the requirememnt for oh so much attention?

    Capricorns are so unbelievably capable and so unassuming that we crave little attention, get little attention and seem to stun the oversized egos whenever they pull off something quite amazing,then we get noticed.

  16. DontkNowWhyididntcome56April 29, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    im a libra female and ben seeing this cap guy since i was sixteen and he’s seventeen. i knew him as a kid when i was 5 and then we moved away. its been 5 yrs now and were not babies anymo. we been thru a lot nearly finishd each other of and still hanging in there. he keeps says has a lot in store for me. hes my baby i luv yu baby boy what you got for me? somebody help me with advice how to see something sensible in this. can caps realy be trusted?

  17. I’m a Libra and I’ve been dating my Cap man for almost two years. I agree with parts of this compatibility assessment, however I disagree with some as well. As for the ‘coldness,’ I can certainly see why a Libra would feel that way with their Cap men. Us lovely Libras crave attention and love. We are naturally one of the most confident signs, however we need reassurance of our partner’s love. When I first began dating my boyfriend, I knew he was attracted to me and definitely had strong feelings for me, but I needed that reassurance and affection.
    Honestly, communication is the best solution to that problem. Like the article above said, Capricorn men adore their Libra women and will do anything we want of them. Just talk to the guy and tell him this. Granted, like the article said, we close up when it comes to talking about our emotions. What an oxymoron, we are super confident, but when it really matters we clam up and neglect our communication on important aspects of the relationship.
    I completely disagree with the sex portion however. My boyfriend and I are long past the ‘honeymoon’ phase of our relationship…we recently moved in together…and our sex life is still fun, exciting, and meaningful. There is definitely passion there! lol. I think the passion lacks in a Libra-Capricorn relationship when the Libra doesn’t get her constant affection and attention.
    I love that I am a visionary and can create an idea and can envision the outcome and my Cap man sets the plan in motion and together we accomplish what I dreamed. Capricorn men keep our Libra feet on the ground! They keep our grandeur fantasies in check! They will give us the world, but we have to remember to give it back to them…
    I love my Capricorn man, and can’t wait for more fun-filled years together.

  18. Ima Capricorn male see being with us you have to take your time get too understand us first. Capricorns dont like to express feelings cause you should know that we
    love you cause we there and well do anything to please you. We will take care you if it was our last breath of fresh air only because you mean the world to us. Sometimes we are quiet just because we think about
    making you happy. See im 22 years ive never dated ah libra so i dont know.

  19. as a cap male, this is surprisingly accurate, along with many of the comments made by other readers.

    My experience follows the “partnership” aspects. The relationship is comfortable and friendly, life runs smoothly because I am in charge of the day-to-day stuff, but passion is limited at best. The Libra definitely is the queen of withholding. The entire paragraph about sex is spot-on. I could not have articulated it much better.

    I agree 100% with Mark’s post about the Libra’s being idealistic (overly so in my case) and their evaluating every situation feels like indecision. speed of life (lounging around and taking in the sights for the libra; man on a mission for the cap) also provides significant challenge and frustration.

    cap man/cap woman relationship is a tough match, just like another poster mentioned. understanding and appreciation for each other is amazing because of the similarities, but the rams will butt heads for control and neither will give in.

  20. Apri JacksonMarch 27, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Im seeing a capricorn right now and I love the challenge. It turns me on that hes so strong minded and I cant just push him over. And me being a libra have used my skills very well over the years. But the ones that truly get my heart is the ones who put their foot down and dont even have to raise his voice or raise a hand. When we have disagreements which is pretty often because we see things differently it doesnt last long cause he is quick to either apologize to me or calm me down. I love it. But it its a challenge trying to find out how he really feels about me.The only time is during sex and he goes all the way to express his want for me. So much I cant handle all those feelings. Like I said before major challenge but in my opinion well worth it!

  21. I’m a libra female and I like/love a cap man but he never shows his feelings. He’s cold, dry and noone who I would be around. I don’t know why he became like this all of sudden but I think i’ll just give up. I’m done.

  22. I am a gemini woman, i introduced my (CLOSE) LIBRA friend to a cap……Their whole relationship has been a yo-yo from the start. Great together but just as much as the cap shuts down so does the libra. I find libra woman are very vulnerable but too scared to admit it….being so good at weighing lifes problems but are afraid of being used and betrayed. A libra woman will sooner put up with a close friends BS (like myself :P) before giving love a chance to blossom. I am so happy my friend and i have a close relationship so we can discuss how she feels before she (keeps score) on who did what when and how. Cap is a great partner for a libra woman, in the end all a libra woman wants is to be home with a trusting, laid back, hardworking man. Dont get it twisted I have seen how cold and miserable a cap man can be. I seen my friend reach out many times but the cap kept quite. I am telling you though her cries didn`t go un heard if anything this goat came running because when he did finally perk back up he showed so much more openess and love than before. If a libra woman can be patient with herself than with a cap it will be successful. but my libra friend loves and expects to be catered to so come cap she puts up with alot give in a little (maybe alot) she bends for you all the time!! weither you see it or not she does, so when she wants breakfast in bed dont ask just do, when she needs her oil changed dont ask just do. You will be surprised at the results of paying attention to the details….after all a libra woman is all but details :P:P

  23. Thanks anon, lol not so sure.

    I’d be hard pressed to decide whether it was my scorpion or my leonine lion girlfriends which gave the greatest feeling of completeness.

  24. Hmmm what can a capi man say?
    I had a gorgeous daughter with my libran girlfriend but the relationship felt vacuous,something missing. It ended and I moved on.
    Found myself another libran woman (I love the sex you see),had a wonderful sexual relationship but again it seemed a hollow relationship,in actual fact,in both cases there was no relationship as I most certainly did not relate to either woman.
    I found them very idealistic and too sugary sweet and yet their inability to be decisive and along with an inability to find their own inner harmony rendered them quite contrary and impossible to please.
    Sorry ladies xx

  25. i beleive his is so true…4 the most part….and the the “When It’s Over” section is s true….i didnt really appreciate him till we were over and now that he has someone else i really regret losing him

  26. I am a libra woman in a relationship with a Capricorn. I’ve known him all my life and we have messed around throughtout the years. These last couple of years, however, we have gotten very close and I love & trust him with all my heart, and I know he loves & trust me. He is the man I’ve searched for all my life, and yet, I didn’t realize it until recently. We’ve come so far, & we’ll be together for the rest of our lives.
    Libra women hang to your Capricorn men. His work is important to him, so support him and be there for him, and he’ll love you even more!

  27. I am a Librian female and my boyfriend is both cap/aqu hes a cusp!! we’ve been going out for a year and 10 months now and i love him to death and he love me too. Everything said here is so very true… he very loyal and faithful, i would never do anything to hurt him!!! And yes we fight alright but i think his aquarius side saves us alot and i thank god for that because i dont ever wanna lose him… i mean there may be differences but if you really want something you gotta work for/towards it thats what i believe ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Kelly :
    I am a Libra my X was Capricorn. I was never intersted in money, I have always been independent that way. I am not wealthy and that doesnโ€™t matter. The only consistent and true thing Iโ€™ve read about Libra is that we are always waying both sides of every issue, and we often will never come to an unswaying decision.He was the stiff and cold one..His second wife and I became good friends. She agrees.

    i agree.. im a librian and im not cold as ice and i am so not interested in my boyfriend’s money… all i want is his love and affection ๐Ÿ™‚ so don’t know what you’re talking about “Belinda”! and everything is true!!!Type your comment here

  29. Am a libran woman nd my fiance is a cap.we ve been datin for a year nd ten months at de initial stage i was madly in love wit him after a year we seperated,i dated other guys from other zodiac sign,but non of them showed me half of the love my cap guy showed me. Am now back wit him ready to do anything thing cos he is the most faithful,caring nd nicest guy i ve ever met he loves me wit all his heart and i pray dat the relationship wil work out very well.

  30. LIBRA RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN…ITS A SOUR GRAPE OF A MARRIAGE.. It will be ok in the beginning but later on, your mind will die with him…Get out ..AIR AND EARTH = DUST…aIR SIGN AND EARTH IS SHIT..

  31. I am a Libra woman married to a Capricorn! Basically all true, the common goal is a must for sure it seems to be what drives us. A good way to describe it is that we get all the big things right but clash on the minir details,I get extemely bored with the rutine, caution and how literal he can be while my big picture nature and lazy round to it attitude drive him nuts. Sex is variable we have had minimal mind blowing sessions which to me just leaves me haning out for more …while on a whole it is satisfying, the caps lack of emotional communication can begin to wear thin on the libran ego.

  32. ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. So if I’ve got this right, maturity helps and a common goal is mandatory.
    The sex is where he shows his loving nature and beyond that it sounds like he needs a lot of reassurance. Being in charge probably doesn’t hurt him either…feed the ego if you will?
    Hmmm…I like the match because I feel he (cap) will provide the trust and security so lacking in the others…

  34. Ok I have read these posts so I’m gonna tell you my story. I’m a Libra female and my best friend is a Cap male. For almost 15 years now we have had a friendship and bond that grows more as the days go by. Yes we have tried to have a relationship on a couple of occasions but we can respect the fact that our friendship means more than anything else. Even though our love relationship was hot steamy and all the rest we are compatible on pretty much everything. Our differences help each of us make the other stronger and we learn from each other. We can fight and clash all we want but at the end of the argument we can look at each other and laugh and move past it. You have to learn each other well cause for Cap its the little things that we Libra’s take for granted that speak volumes for them. Sometimes what can seem boring in their work arena can come as a benefit for you to blossom too Libra. Sometimes taking that extra 20 seconds to hear his boring event can lead to a night of grand fun for you, and your infectious mood will become contagious to Cap as well. That is what changed for me a seemingly going no where relationship into 15 years of total understanding and partnership. We might not be dating or married but everyone we know or meet sees us that way. He can respect my nature to enjoy and live life and I can respect his to stay at home and plan. Once learning our differences we learned to see how the other feels and enjoys. I as a Libra have taught him balance and seeing both sides of the picture. He as a Cap has taught me the value of planning and saving. That’s how we always find ways to bring more of each other into our lives and enrich the two.

  35. I think you need the friendship in a relationship, be able to trust and talk about anything to your significant other. I dated a capricorn, first and till this day only guy I’ve loved. Argued a lot, almost every day, but honestly well for me that kept me excited from our boring and just stay home relationship. He got fed up with the arguing so we split. Oh yea, he was extremely jealous! But he has been the only guy I’ve been with that I know would never cheat and is extremely faithful. He was very conservative too. We’ve been broken up almost 3 years and just a few months ago got over him completely. Still talk to him and go out to eat, great as a friend and listener… Now I’m seeing another capricorn, hopefully I don’t make the same mistakes I did with the last one.

  36. I agree i am a libra woman and my husband is a cap
    i also feel like we are more friends in a partnership agreement rather than passionate lovers. The question is to all who care to answer. IS IT WORTH GIVING UP FRIENDSHIP AND STABILITY FOR ROMANCE AND PASSION?

  37. Oh so so true! I am Libra woman with a Cap man for over 7 years… engaged fo 2.5 years. Long story short he worshiped me for the first several years then we started to slowly go down, he was outright nasty and we fought ALOT! I finally left him cuz he was so mean sometimes and a month later found out he had been seeing a married woman he worked with (who had 3 young children). I ended up calling this womans husband as I felt I would want someone to do that for me…. We got along great and now my ex’s new girlfriend’s ex husband and I are dating! We have an absolute blast together and hit off right off the bat. Either of our Ex’s (who are living together now) have any idea of our relationship!

  38. I am currently dating a Capricorn man and I do feel like our relationship is more of a friendship. And I have come to realize that he just can’t help it and that’s how he is. At first I was very controlling and bossy and boy did he hate that. But this relationship takes a lot of patience and is very complicated. But he is very well worth it because I can trust him. I have to admit though that it does get boring at times and I have no idea where our relationship is heading at times.

  39. im a libra and im with a cap. and i love how different we are..but at the same time i hate it..
    sometime i feel i have to be perfect but i know i dnt have to be bcuz he loves mee whatever i do
    yes we do fight ..but all we need to do it talk about whats going on and that makes everything smooth again.. but i wish he would open up more like im tryin with him and hes all ways so quit is great ..
    but sometimes i feel like what we have is just lust .. and i wanna make this work this possible..?

  40. Very true.. every word of it is true…… I keep weighing every situation and I know its wrong . I know he loves me more than any 1 evr can…… We are presently have certain conflicts and we are at the verge of breaking up.. bt i will not let it happen cos I know how imp he is for me .. nd i appreciate all the small things that he does for me .. I love him a whole lot and will do evrything to see tht smile on his face ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. it only says what the libra woman will feel after is over…what about the capricorn man?

  42. Let me tell you…I am a libra woman and my ex is a capricorn man…and it didnt work! He was the sweetest, most dedicated man ever and then like a damn switch he became cold and distant! We had great sex but at times it seemed to lack something! We fought A LOT!! I mean when it talks about hatred…we sure did hate each other… I thought it was all him, he did wrong…but it was me too. To bad I didnt see this or what I had while we were still together…he left me and is now dating someone else…and me…Im missing him and us!!

  43. I am with a cap riqht now. & When i first meet him he was totally sweet. He he is super funny. But for some reason i feel like he qetts bored with me so easy. & me beinq a libra women i try to to keep him interest’d. But its qettinq really confusinq & i feel like i can’t trust him. Believe me if ur a libra women a capp man isnt for u. waste of time ! superr complicated. =(

  44. im a libra girl and my x a capricorn man. lemme tell you this man was the first of manys for me. he understands me to a T and can read me and my emotions by the sound of my voice or the color of my eyes. this man was very dull sometimes but he knew i always need something new so was always trying to do things to keep my intrested. he kinda made me into the person i am today. and i miss him dearly. hes the only man i ever completly trust. and i know that if i ever need anything he will be there. he can be cold to me..but i know as me being a libra and needing excitement i see how he is. but i didnt need this to tell me. we’ve been talking some recently, my current boyfriend is a gemini and we have an absolute blast together. i love him alot but i cannot always trust i can but im almost sccared to. its complicated.

  45. Well, I was with a Cap. I am a libra female. He lied to me on a few occasions. I didnt know how he felt about me until I cut him off. He wanted to marry me. I think about him from time to time still and I do miss certain part of our relatinnship. He was a good friend. I enjoyed our long conversations, our sense of humors were in sync. And sexually, he was the BEST I ever had. Too bad though, when being full of shit negates all the positive…

  46. I am a Libra girl, and after reading this I get it now. I feel he is always focused on work etc; it gets annoying because I feel he is distant. He doesnt open up. I get it now. He isn’t cruel or cold hearted and now I see that he can’t help it. We have been together for 2 yrs and I hope many more to come.

  47. Yah this one is quite correct. I never appreciated what I had until it was over. The romance wasn’t there, it felt more like a friendship. Still an enjoyable relationship all together.

    Best for friendship, business relationship and also a very stable and probably boring marriage.

  48. I am a Libra my X was Capricorn. I was never intersted in money, I have always been independent that way. I am not wealthy and that doesn’t matter. The only consistent and true thing I’ve read about Libra is that we are always waying both sides of every issue, and we often will never come to an unswaying decision.
    He was the stiff and cold one..His second wife and I became good friends. She agrees.

  49. Sounds like you may have an ax to grind.

  50. Just Hang yourself…Run away never look back, cause this is a disaster in the making…Why punish yourself..Libra she will never give you a compliment or a hug…Run away she is cold as ice, she is only interested in money

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