Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Capricorn Couples: Darryl Hannah and Val Kilmer

This couple conjures up all the deep romance of “Phantom of the Opera” or the classic “Beauty and the Beast” with a little of the better parts of “King Kong” thrown in.  A Pisces woman is probably every Capricorn’s dream lover.  You see, deep down inside, every Capricorn guy feels at least a little like a hairy beast with horribly lustful desires and he is completely disarmed by the  fairy like ethereal qualities of numinous Pisces.  The erotic tension is unmistakable as well.  It is sheer magic if she is 5-10 years younger.  Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship veers off into sado-masochistic territory if the partners  aren’t well balanced like “The Secretary”.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Pisces Woman:  You always have a circle of admirers, Pisces, and Capricorn is too shy to compete so you need to give him a special pass to the front of the line.  He is particularly vulnerable to a kiss on the cheek or you might take his hand.  DON’T look to him for great conversation or hype.   DO look in his eyes and you will see that he sees his Soul in you.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Capricorn Man: She’s much more resilient than she seems.  Don’t be afraid of her.  She is kind and would never hurt your feelings on purpose.  Ask her out to something manageable like a Starbucks date Sunday afternoon.  If that goes well, ask her out for Saturday night at a place you’ve been before and feel comfortable.  Select some place quiet and softly lit as she is very sensitive to noise, crowds and bright lights.

Degree of Romance:  Romance is at its height with these two.  Pisces, who is just the opposite, always seems to come across as virgin which adds to the thrill of the chase. She brings out the last ounce of romanticism in any man and Capricorn is no exception.  Somehow she gets flowers and pretty things out of guys you’d never imagine.  Even personal poetry upon occasion.

Degree of Passion:  This is something far deeper, far more meaningful than passion.  It is one Soul recognizing itself in another. It is the perfect union that brings peace and the end of longing and desperation.  Together at last!

Degree of Friendship:  They are the most unlikely and intrepid of friends.  These two will be there for each other with complete understanding and forgiveness no matter what happens, including divorce, betrayal, bankruptcy … anything.  It is the very epitome of unconditional love.

Degree of Marriage:  Absolutely.

Progression of Relationship:  It begins with a lot of mutual reassurances that Pisces really does think Capricorn is special and doesn’t feel that way about any other guy.  Capricorn will try to get her entire sexual history.  Slowly Capricorn starts to believe it could be true and could be happening to him.  Then he begins to build some permanence into the relationship like paying off her bills or paying for her cosmetic surgery.

Sex:   The eroticism of this match is absolutely off the charts. They are perfect mirrors for one another. She is the woman of his dreams and now she is letting him do all those nasty things to her!!  Pisces plugs in automatically to his fantasies and sees no reason why she shouldn’t make them real.

When It’s Over:  It will never end though they may ruin one another.

Our Rating: 10/10

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139 Responses to Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • PiscesFemme says:

    Not me. I LOVE ‘em!

    Can’t get enough of these mysterious lone wolves :)

  • Capricorngirl says:

    @GOATSsuck – if you have never tried one of us capricorns how do you know what we are like! just because you read it on here, it does not mean that everything that it says is true! most of it is but we are a demading starsign!
    @Piscesfemme – thanks we become less of a lone wolf when we dont feel so threatened in our surroundings! :P

  • bcakes227 says:

    OMG….I’m a pisces woman and had a capricron men that acted just like that….wow…:-)

  • pisces astrology know says:

    You have to remember capricorn man is different then a capricorn women and everyone has 3 signs! but I am in a realtionship with a capricorn man and he is exactly how they describe him here.

  • blubia says:

    That is so true, plz dont delete this.

  • blubia says:


  • blubia says:

    Pisces girl. have a crush on cap guy at school. He’s not like the other ones. He’s shy and sweet. And i saw him looking at me a couple of times, but from the first day i knew he likes me…even if a little. As a pisces i fantasize too much, day and night. All the above is totally trueee. And its so cute that hes different…hes shy and even though im sure he likes me, he kind of avoids me. I do too, (mayb my hairs not right, mayb this, mayb that). AND SINCE I KNOW THE REASON ITS EVEN CUTER. god, i think im losing it. But overall match is perfecto.

  • MyAngel says:

    Guys I need some help. My boyfriend is a Cap. We started out so good. But unfortunately I feel like he’s neglecting me, and our friends. So I talked to him. I don’t know what happened to him next. The next day I texted him asking if he could come out but no; he said he needs to stay at home and guard the house because their locks are broken and one of her sisters is blind. I understand that. But days later every time I text him I got no replies. I can’t even contact him on FB. I’m really getting worried. It’s almost Christmas. i don’t want to spend it alone. I don’t want a blue Christmas.I posted a picture of a piece of paper with the words “I LOVE YOU!” written with my blood(I know, I am weird.). Hope he can see that… I really miss him.

  • donnie says:

    A note written in your blood….???? I wouldnt call you either.

  • GoatSun FishMoon says:

    I’m a cap man and I feel like such an idiot, there have been only two girls that I always bump into and my heart races when I see them, and because of that, I’m alot more distant when talking to them. I found out that they’re both Pisces.

    From my own experience/reaction, I would suggest that you make your feelings clear to the cappy your interested in, he may still speculate and not appear (emphasis on appear) to show any feelings back, but he will feel more comfortable. Being a cap man, the feelings I get for pisces women, makes me feel like I’m caught with my pants down, I want to hide it as much as possible and I wanna get away asap, unless I’m sure of their feelings too.

  • cathy says:

    so true …. me (PISCES) and my cap bf is going strongggg……. at first , i get irritated and mad because he rarely texts me .. but whenever we see each other , the attraction is so strong…we cant help hugging and kissing each other… NOW WE ARE 1 YEAR AND EIGHT MONTHS ..AND HE SAID TO MY FRIEND THAT I AM THE BEST GF HE’D EVER HAD .AND OH HE TREATS ME LIKE A PRINCESS… OMG BLUSHES*

    P.S THE


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  • MyAngel says:

    @donnie I know.. but we got together again.

    Now we have a new problem. My mom found out about our secret relationship. Now what???

  • MyAngel says:

    @donnie oh and, before we got back together, he hit his head against the wall as a form of regret.

    We’re weird, aren’t we? :D
    I can see it now; instead of a nice cozy home, we’ll be living together in a cell in a mental hospital.

  • Carolina says:

    This is true in some way, my first love is a Capricorn and icant get over him.. so many bad things has happened between us, im tryna attract his attention buh dont know how to.. idont think i’ll ever stop loving him. although we broke up two years ago and i’ve had boyfriends after that.. i’m a pisces btw

  • Anna says:

    Wow im a pisces woman and mii fiance was just,like tht, he was mii first and every thing, we wnt threw sooo much together n never broke,up or even spoke of such a thing…. But he passed away Feb. 21st 2012=( he was truely mii soulmate

  • Sandy says:

    O wow I’m in love with a Cap man and I now can’t wait to explore this a bit more. I think I will have to make the first move though – I can see and feel how he feels.

  • Samantha says:

    I’m a Pisces girl, and I’ve been with him for almost 9 months. He’s always patient with me, even when I get irritated when he doesn’t text me back. He’s the reason why I stopped cutting myself. He loves me. I can’t wait until it’s August 26 (our anniversary). I miss him so much…

  • iftekhar says:

    hello, i m a cap guy and met a pis woman almost 6/7 months back. she worked in the same office with me. our intro was like dramatic way. but very soon i found her that she was divorced and me 2 also. sooner i found that she was addicted to Yaba. very soon we became friendly and we took alchohol after office and late night i took her to my home. she stayed night with my mom and very morning both we went to the roof and suddenly we kissed each other. both we were in love and al the things were like dreams come true. she reduced taking Y. i didnt had that. but with her i took several times. i knew that she will quit soon. but she lived very very straight life.

    i made some mistakes. she always told me that never fall in love with her. she liked to be friend rather than a lover. but she gave me more than a lover. in my natural way i tried to make her mine forever. i could feel her feelings. even whatever she thought. she also had the power to understand me clearly. i didnt need to say much., she could understand. she had a previous relations jst before me. she was ready to marry him. but accidently he was died. once she came to my home and had 2 much Y. after that she was sick and i took care of her and scoled her to stop drugs. few days before of that she said she love me and sms me to think about our future. but after that she told me to be only as a friend with her. she told me “never force her for anything. after the incident she became quite destructive to herself, i could c that, i could c the inner pain in her eyes. she was ok and get rid of that incident. but she totally changed. one night we had conversation and she told me that i could do nothing to her and have no ability to get her. even she told me that she is living more destructive life than before only for me. her birth day was 19th of march.during her birth day i gave her a beautiful hand making card and offered her 8 pieces of Y but i gave only 2 pieces of it. i knew why i gave 2 pieces than i promise to give.

    now she rarely talk to me and even i talk to her. even if i call her she didnt response. few days after i called her she called back. i sms her how could i feel for her. she replys that she will be with me forever but as a friend. but I love her so much and i feel that she just took away my soul from my body. i tried to explain her in several ways. but she is very quite. now i dont call her, if she call me than i talk to her. what can i do to get her? i m just having patience when she will come back.

    i m in really love with her and she knows well. by the way i m cap guy of 30th december. any suggestions????

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  • Pingback: Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility « MY Aching

  • Samantha says:

    @Anna that is the saddest story I’ve read here in the site. Condolences, even if I’m a few months late.

  • ramona says:

    i’m also born on 19 march, and it is the same way between me and my capi guy. It’s just that we need time to take a very big break of everything around us. It’ll take time, because we are deeply heartbroken…..
    Try this; be very romantic, like a candlelight dinner somewhere. Or small gifts so that we feel good. roses are good choices, films, fun stuff. Don’t show to much love by speaking, but with feelings. We like man who are fysical strong and not too emotional.
    I don’t like to be touch too much, but i like a surprising kiss here and there. only to know that your not forgetting me. I love sweet talks like, your beautifull today or….., but not too much !!
    once a day or week. Don’t force us to fall in love.

  • Liz says:

    I am a Pisces woman and had broken up with a Capricorn man probably mid 2011…we were so close and somehow we lost it. It’s been a year and something months since we broke up and a year since we lasted talk. I guess you can say I’m still upset about what happened. It was all due to bad timing but what still really gets me is that we did have a soul connection or at least I did. He even said that even if we end up hating each other, he would still be in my life. He isn’t, he hasn’t stayed in contact with me no matter how hard I’ve tried. He’s really the one that got away… and still gets to me. I mean I have tried to love others but I can’t stop loving some parts of him. I guess it’s because he was the first one I fell in love with and all those guys before never got as close as he did. I highly doubt he still thinks about me the way I do, Capricorn men as so busy with their work and sometimes they date people to pass the time. I’m sure he’s happy with someone else or he would have stayed in contact right?

  • Mae says:

    Imma pisces girl looking for a nice, strong, confident capricorn. Never dated one, I’ve only had one boyfriend (aquarius) & he talked about marriage after I got outta high school. His mom kept saying that I was the reason he pushed himself to graduate from computer tech.
    So he could support me, he said. Which made it even harder to break it off because I didn’t love him, not like he loved me. But when I ended it I said “We’ll still be friends”, a lie.
    I went outta state & never contacted him again. I never will either. It’s better if he thinks I’m a heartless b*tch than too scared to say “I don’t love you”. I hope & pray my sweet, ADHD, super-smart aquarius with the too-vulgar humor doesn’t hate me too much…
    I’ll admit to being a scaredy-cat, but if I DO have feelings for someone I won’t let them get away so easily! I want the security & love I hear a cappy provides, I need to give my heart & soul to someone who’ll take care of it. And I’ll snag the moon for them if I have to!
    I don’t need to constantly be told they love me, it might get a little uncomfortable if they do. ^///^
    To love & be loved, with or without words, isn’t that what we all want?

  • Demetrice says:

    Sorry, I just used the tools to bring out your true feelings. God bless you.

  • Cyril says:

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  • Brown Eyed Girl says:

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