Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Capricorn Couples: Darryl Hannah and Val Kilmer

Philosopher and statesman meet here for a world tour.  Together they make up a Philosopher King.  There’s nothing these two don’t know about the world and the people in it from a mature and realistic perspective so it thrills them to have two heads instead of one.  These two may seem to come together for any number of reasons but underneath it is the desire to form and share an intelligent viable world view.  Sagittarius tempers Cap’s sometime cynicism and provides valuable intuitive insight as well as getting Cap to do something besides work and worry.  Between the two of them there’s little they don’t know about human nature and the ways of the world so they are destined to be successful in the community and in their careers.  This is bound to be a two-career couple.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  It’s perfectly ok to make the first move.  Just do it respectfully.  Be prepared to loosen him up and help him relax.  His answers at first may seem quite stilted.  Capricorn are the shyest sign and often have self esteem issues making them fearful of rejection which they cover up with self discipline and austerity.  Be warmly reassuring that your interest in him is genuine.  His schedule is busier than yours, at least with Important Things, so be prepared to slow down your pace a little. That’s life with a Cappie.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Capricorn Man:  She’s quite approachable.  You’ll just have to figure out if she’s being friendly or if she’s interested in you in a more personal way.  One way you can tell is she doesn’t touch you!  Yes, she’s the reverse of other women.  She slaps, tickles and ribs pals.  If it’s love, she keeps her hands to herself.  In conversation she prefers general or work-related conversation, world affairs, business trends ….  Sports is almost always a good topic.  Avoid small talk.  Make your time together meaningful from the very beginning.  Her calendar is always full and she hates just going through the motions.

Degree of Romance:  Romance isn’t of particular interest with these two. They’d rather pursue success and improve themselves spiritually and intellectually.

Degree of Passion:   Passion is passé here.  It gets in the way of Capricorn’ carefully laid plans and is considered suspect and unreliable by the philosophically bent Sagittarian.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can create a lifelong bond of friendship based on mutual respect and wisdom they both have on how to nurture a relationship.

Degree of Marriage:  Absolutely excellent.

Progression of Relationship:  There should ensue a respectful and carefully timed pursuit of the best in relating.  Gradually their good conversations get even better.  They find several quality interests they share.  They admire the other one’s friends and family.  They begin to see how much they have in common that others don’t have.  Their dates tend to include others in the community or cultural events, likely some business entertaining as well.  Capricorn is proud for his friends to see him with such an intelligent woman.  He will love the way you dress.

Sex:   Really outstanding sex is based on all the things these two have going for them!  Sex is above all a means of communication and these two share a secret world no others may enter.  All I can tell you is it is sort of like Christmas morning every time they go in there together.

When It’s Over:  If absolutely necessary, their conduct will be above reproach.  They may remain lifelong friends.  Sag will be stoic and Cap will be philosophical, showing how much they learned from each other.

Our Rating: 10/10

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64 Responses to Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • polly says:

    He brings out the mature and responsible in me. We can have deep conversations.

  • nancy says:


  • Shema says:


  • swirl says:

    haha. i’ve been with a capricorn, but this posting was a delight. very witty and insightful.

  • nancy says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Swirl!

  • PMoceans says:

    This is smack on accurate and just how I envision it as well. We’re getting married 10.10.10 :)

  • candice says:

    I was starting to believe we are far from being compatible! We have broken up but he is always coming back! Maybe its the sex…I am still confused. should i give it 1 more try?

  • nancy says:

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  • "Disneyland Mommy" says:

    I’m married to a Cappie for almost 10 years…we have three kids together so keep in mind – Cappies are GREAT fathers. :)

  • "Disneyland Mommy" says:

    PS. I’m a Sag woman. ;)

  • fahad says:


  • boo says:

    Been with mah cappie fah ovah uh year , & love em tah death

  • Tai says:

    Could a celebrity couple be Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth?

  • hamidou wife says:

    i’ve been with my cappie for 3 months im a sag women and he’s nothing less than perfect

  • Sam says:

    I am a Cancer woman Married to a Gemini man for 10yrs now.We have been together since I was 14 and he was16.We have 5 beautiful children and he is a wonderful father and takes that role very seriously.I am not going to tell you that it has not been a rollercoaster but what is life if not a roller coaster.You have to be a strong Cancer woman to handle a gemini,you have to serve it back to them the way the serve it.He is my soulmate and I would not trade him for anything.

  • Sheeba says:

    I don’t know about all this astro stuff. sometimes its spot on and sometimes its not. my cap man is a good man and that’s all i’ve ever known and need to know. i understand him most of the time but it doesn’t really matter to me if i don’t coz i know he does right for me and everyone and whatever he does is right. always.

  • Sagatirus Woman says:

    I met Cap man on line , I am Sag Woman.
    we were so close friends, i kept tell him my pains what bother me what doesn’t bother me .
    What i do like ,what don’t like?
    I was in love that time with Sag man but he didn’t pay attention and the relation didn’t go well as i wished
    Cap man totally surprised me that he is deeply in love with me for many month and he kept that feeling inside him , i was deeply shocked really surprised so keep in mind
    Cap’s man or Woman can fall deeply in love or hate someone without exposing that feeling , because they are really professional in hiding that feeling ,
    but i need him and love him as friend while deep inside me he is more amazing to live and taste the love with him but as Sag woman heart doesnt beat easily , so i told him i felt that it , the love was in the air i felt twice from ur side and i love you , but he doesnt know deep inside me that i really in love with him but as friend only , i know deeply how sensitive he is , I will see what we will end up with

  • Nancy Fenn says:

    Yes, Disneyland Mommy, Cappies are the best fathers. If you are a “Disneyland Mommy”, he probably provides structure and security. You get to be one of the kids.

  • Rob says:

    i’m a cap man who knew a libra woman for 3 yrs and it was an unending confusing drift. i moved away a year and half ago when i got a great opportunity and met a virgo gal who’s more focused and makes sure my wants and needs are considered as important as hers. i have never felt this kind of satisfaction and connection before.

  • Rob says:

    to anonymous thanks for the suggestion.

  • Sagatirus Woman says:

    To anonymous
    I like that

    Will u tell me
    Earth+Fire =????????????????

    pls tell me

  • Sagatirus Woman says:

    To anonmous
    I am half cap &Sag
    Birt Day was @ 25 Dec
    I see my self in my daily life is CAp
    in love i see my self SAg
    as u know i am very very very expressive in love
    Because i dont fall in love unless i know who am i with with.

    my cap man very conservative very very , shows me his love with action ,he doesnt express it

    will u tell me
    Any advices?
    Voclcan .is a good or bad for my case?
    he is 17 jan
    me 25 Dec


  • ageofcapricorn says:

    This is where I am now. I love her charisma, intelligence, strength, confidence, unending affection, and straight-forwardness. There are a LOT of differences between us, but we find that exciting and the complimentary characteristics make for a powerful bond. She definitely wears the pants… and I love it! >:D

  • Gilbert Gumpers says:

    OMFG this is not true what so ever. i married this woman of a sag, and she dropped me for another cap man. who goes from a cap man to another cap man. Not this cap man, no sag woman is going to mess with Gilbert again. but to all you cap men in a relationship with a sag woman i wish u guys the best of luck i got screwed over. ):

  • Not That Great says:


  • lucasandJenn says:

    I have been with my Sag woman for 2 years now and we are definitely getting married . As a Capricorn, I enjoy her wit and intelligence as well as her high level of integrity regarding our relationship. I was married 10 years to a Cancer and it was like being married to a clueless teen; just figuring things out about life that (even though we’re close in age, 40ish) one should already know. My Sag woman on the other hand, a pure delight! And the sex is, without a doubt, absolutely phenomenal! I’ve never laughed or loved more than have and will continue to do with my beautiful, sexy, loving woman!

  • Cher says:
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  • Cap Dude says:

    i love a sag girl .. she changed for me , and i changed for her .. all that matters is she got a nice worm heart
    love u baby ;* (16months)
    … and going …

  • Cap Dude says:

    warm ***

    (( worms don’t be offended i think u’r nice too ;p ))

  • Maria says:

    This is interesting – I am a sag and I been with a cap man for few months now and when we met (it was only supposed to be a week together as we lived millions of miles away) so he opened up to me saying how much he liked me and how amazing I was… after we said goodbye it was hard… so travelling from the other side of the world every month and we get to see each other again and again :) but now he doesnt open up anymore… and he told me the reason why is because now he likes me more! I don’t understand but reading this it makes sense now… he shows me with actions and amazing actions by the way – only the best for me he says and boy he delivers it – he is aaaaaamazing!

  • stacy says:

    I just met a cap man I’m a Sagittarius woman. And oh my God I never felt this way about someone so fast. I have dated a lot and been on so many dates and I have never got this feeling. I only been with him once and I already know this man is the one. I never thought I would say that I didn’t believe I could ever feel this way. Its amazing.I thought I would end up with a Leo or a Aries like my father I never thought a Cap would be the oneHe is perfect. To get me to feel like this I’m a crazy girl I don’t settle down easy. And he got me already erasing other men’s numbers out my phone. Im beside myself because I thought I was incapable of feeling like this towards a man

  • yoli says:

    Omg Stacy I feel like you’re writing about me!! I always thought I would end up with a Leo but this Cap man I found has blown my mind! And it has only taken a couple of months I’m so confused this is definitely not Sag girl behavior but I can’t turn it off. I find myself thinking it has to be to good to be true but I guess not!! :) )

  • Ann says:

    Omg. I been looking up capricorns and sags and I am shocked. I always thought I would be with a Leo or Aries. I have a match up date next week my mom set me up with and he is a cap and I am a sag woman. And just from all I heard of him from my mother. I feel like so secure and ready for meeting him. Usually I am totally like freakibg out because I am shy too unless I know them. But I feel like he is the one even before meeting him and our sun and moon signs are perfect together. But I don’t mind making the first step but I don’t know how to loosen him up… I am bad with this short of thing— any tips?

  • BellaJ says:

    I dated my first Capricorn man and I absolutely loved that boy. Never have I ever fell for someone so fast ( a month :/ ) I’m the type of Sag woman to see the truth in everything, especially guys but this one was truly special. He was very father-like in a sense which is something i loved the most about him, his dominance and the way he could put me in my place which is exactly the type of strong man I needed.( They say many Sagg woman lack father figures in their lives )I am a very strong Sag woman who takes sh*t from no man, I wear the pants, but with him he makes me feel like he’ll protect me against anything. I have noticed that Cap men love to drink and when he drinks his controlling ways can be a bit extra…drunk words are sober “actions” in his case. He is the type to jump to conclusions then let you speak. He would tell me I couldnt associate with certain people and I couldn’t do certain things but he was never one of those crazy controllers .. just extra at times :) He was madly in love with me. we were planning on having children and getting married but … like most Cap men … they have wondering eyes and he was one of those guys who wanted a main girl , his number 1 , “wifey” but then again still wanted to do his thing. I ended things with him when our relationship hit it’s peak. THE SEX WAS F******G PHENOMENAL MIGHT I ADD!!!! BESTT I EVER HAD !!!! … the sex was the hardest to move on from ….

  • KESHA says:


  • SagBhaddNess says:

    I meet a Cap online and we started texting. I’m a sag but u was with a cancer… I cab totally see the difference in the signs but the more we would text the closer I felt. We live in two different states so when I actually meet him it was awesome. I felt like he was the one instantly. He’s going to the army but I am to we wanna stay in touch he wants a future but I do to. I love him he is just so encouraging. He say he want me to be his wife and I want to. I this sag loves this cap.

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  • Pingback: Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility « MY Aching

  • Cat says:

    I make him feel alive ….. and he makes me feel secure :)

  • Difaye says:

    Omg! So true. I’m a Sag, dating a Cap. Never thought it was possible! This guy appeals to me on every level! I’m never bored and we talk and it’s always so exciting and the laughter. The sex is to die for! Can’t find a single thing wrong with this guy. He has his downsides but amazingly they don’t bother me cause I get him and he gets me

  • Tiffany says:

    im a sag woman… and i am dating a cap man… i love this man with all my heart i cant even think of another guy.. he’s sweet, charming, smart, funny, a provider and protecter… he knows what to say and when to to say it… he pushes me to do better and speaks to me like no other… he takes his time with me and makes sure i understand everything to the T so theres no misunderstandings… he loves and respect me for me and my silly ways (lol)… its no doubt in my mind he’s my soul mate and future husband… i love u Tyshan *****

  • shikha says:

    woh!!!!!!!!!!! you met your soul mate, gud for you :) other wise in today’s world LOVE, SOUL MATE saying are just meaningless & shi**y words :(

  • SagittarianGoddess says:

    I thank all of you!!!! Your feedback has eased my mind about this Cap male I have recently met online. Going to meet him in person tomorrow. Hopefully, my outcome with his is as wonderful as you guys. Can’t wait to finally be happy with a man again. It’s absolutely crazy how the things I’ve read on this post match and is very similar to what I’ve found out about him as well. Can’t wait to experience more. Maybe even fall in love and be married. I agree with most of you ladies on here as far as my feelings. So I’m confidant what’s next for us may be the exact way or better than what you’ve explained. Good luck to you’ll on your Sag and Cap relationships.

  • My spouse and i really enjoy, end in I ran across just the thing I had been interested in. You might have finished our three day time extended search for! Our god Thanks a lot gentleman. Have a very terrific evening. Cya

  • Telesha says:

    OMG, I am shocked at how soon I’ve fallen for this Cappie… We met Monday at the gas station , lmao and we talked for 2 hours there… It was amazing from the start… I usually would have ignored any other guy who hit on me at a gas station, but he was so smooth and gentle I couldn’t resist just getting to know him… We can talk for hours literally… Last night he told me he loves me and wants marry me… Kind of crazy becuase I didn’t think he was serious, I honestly thought he was just trying to have sex, but when he came over he didn’t even want to go in my room… We watched movies and talked for like hours… He has kids of his own and I have one daughter, he was awesome with her, he is just amazing all around… He inspires me to be better and think more of myself, even though some would say I am concieted! I pray this Cappie is the one, I am ready to be happy with a wonderful man like him :)

  • Keema says:

    Me and my cappie got into a big fight a couple of years ago and now we’re are friends bt then we had sex which was amazing and I thought it was a one time thing bt then he asked if I wanted to again should I take it as more ?

  • Shay says:

    I have recently met a Cap an im a Sag woman. On my first encounter I thought he was cute from the start. We finally started talking and texting and meeting at places. An he is wonderful! Luv the conversation (we Sag woman have to b kept interested.) Luv how he teaches me thing and helps me feel secure, all I can say is so far so good, an hopes it stays that way!

  • Jamie! ;-) says:

    The good news: This about sounds on point! Im sag. He’s cap. We have been together 18 months now, and the chemistry, connection, sex still feels the same as when we FIRST started dating (only after just a MONTH of talking!) He teaches me patience, and is my everything, like a father, lover, BEST friend, ETC. And I show him how to LIVE and not just to be alive, and I give him passion and affection. We never run out of conversation! AND I’VE HAD MY SHARE OF MEN, BUT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS we can’t keep our hands away from one another for too long, he is the BEST! ASTOUNDING, mind blowing, I literally feel INTOXICATED when we’re “in it.” and he KNOWS how to TAKE control… Lol Woohh! And he says the same for me, and his LOVE for me is sooo strong man…

    THE DOWNSIDE: We have broken up atleast 3x thus far though, mainly because I have a lot going for me compared to him. He is in a “lower” spot in his life, and insecure of his “lack of success” sort to speak, and admitted it, But still tries to deny it?! But anyway, he doesn’t like to be seen as “weak” or “less” but doesn’t understand that I will be there for him during the bad too! So he PUSHES me away when he can’t “provide” for me or wants his space until he gets it, and I’m NOT THAT PATIENT, so I rope him back in, which is temporary, cause conflict arises soon, cus he is unhappy with himself. But this LOVE that we have is out of this world, we have been through ALOT together, even a life or death situation. Anyway, 2 heads are better than one; we ARE, the same, BUT totally different, we agree, but conclude differently, we love, but show it differently. I would just say that dealing with a cap you have to have LOOOOTTS of Patience (& they are super DUPER stubborn).
    So I promised him his space (for real this time), and I can only hope that he comes back to me when he is Ready :’-). You never know what will happen, but I know in my heart that he will. And I told him I can’t be “friends.” So, he knows that’s it is All or Nothing with me. And I hope it’s ALL!
    Wooooooooooooohhhh!!!! ;)

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