1. I’m so happy for all u guys.. I’m a sag woman me and my cap man got along perfectly for 3 months.during those 3 months I fell in love with him.we had arguments here and there but we always made up and everything was fine but one day he said he wasn’t right for me and didn’t give an proper explanation and left. We texted for like a week then things just kept getting worse.. I was still in love with him and he was ready to move on. So I tried to understand and lose all contact but it was hard.We would text time to Time(only because I texted first?) and then the conversations would go down hill even when I tried so hard to be nice and casual about everything but he was so cold and cruel and basically said things that crushed my soul so After a few more of those altercations. I finally came to the conclusion he hated me. I finally gave up and we didn’t speak for a couple of months and then one day he just text me out the blue trying to make conversation and like a fool I engaged in it and let him hurt me again…after that last heartbreak I finally have the strength to not text him first or text back. It’s sad it took all that for me too realize it wasn’t gonna get any better. And honestly I feel kinda cautious about dating another cap man if one happens to come along later in life.

  2. Haibo Wojtczak

    I’m a Sagittarius falling for a Capricorn guy. Its really funny how almost all the stories have a similar feel to them! It seems like the Cap/Sag relationship starts almost platonically and then develops into friendship then a relationship. My Cap guy and I met at a sports function a year and a half ago by chance. He asked me to play with him and we chatted for a bit and I felt an instant sense of comfort with him. He cracked jokes and I felt flirtatious with him and had a good time. We stayed in touch through the internet talking at the least once every two weeks when we were not talking every day.

    We live three hours apart and we would only see each other twice a year at the sports function. I considered him one of my best friends although I definitely would have dated him if he had lived closer. I always sensed a feeling of platonicism though and I was also in relationships during our friendship. He was the only friend male or female I had that consistently stayed in contact with me throughout the year and a half.

    I always had a feeling he liked me as more but then it was hard to tell because he was subtle so I took it in a friend way. I always liked him though. He would say things like he feels like we’re the same person (b/c we’d have so much in common) or he’d joke that we need to live next to each other and have our houses connected. Recently we took a road trip together for fun as a way to compensate for the only twice a year of seeing each other. During this road trip we got to really hang out and get to know each other in person and he was exactly the best friend to me in life as he was online. We were laughing the whole time, totally able to be ourselves, and just having a blast! I also realized the platonic feeling changed and I was feeling really attracted to him…

    We unconsciously kept sitting close to each other and starting to break the physical barriers between us. I kept thinking its still in a friendly way but then he put his arm around me. We just stayed like that for a bit and then he kissed me. The passion was greater than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. He was so sweet and gentle and romantic, and just stared into my eyes and would just hold me. We talked about our year online and how we lived too far apart and always wanted to be closer in proximity to each other.

    I feel like I’m falling in love with him if I’m not already in love and I feel the same from him…well as much as a Capricorn would show lol He makes my heart race and I can’t get him out of my mind, my breath slips from me when I think of his kisses and his touch. But strangely enough even though now we are apart again and he isn’t all overly romantic with expressing himself, I still know deep down and have this sense of security that he really cares about me.

    We are planning to meet again in two weeks and I can’t wait! We are also really compatible, like 10/10 with our moon signs, mine is Taurus and his is Virgo so I’ve read that it might also have something to do with our compatibility and feeling so comfortable with each other. Good luck to all the other Sag/Cap combinations out there, I think it can really be a great match! 🙂

    • rajesh

      I really wish you happy love life and want you to pray for me as I m in love with a sagg girl and I m a cap…..she is a married woman with a Taurus man …what are my chances guys.. She hasn’t said those magical 3 words yet.

  3. Aliyah

    I m a sag women I met a Capricorn guy before 4 years ago ! Nothing really happend between us I had a crush on him but He was so mysterious and conservative I couldn’t handle it ! So I decided to make spaces between us ! The problem is he is still on my mind and I still have a huge crush on him although nothing happend ! Even after 4 years I still like him .

  4. Reigan

    I have know my Capman for just on a year and as a Sag woman, it has been good, bad and at times downright fugly. But, we have hung in there because deep down we really dig each other on so many levels.
    Capmen are fascinating.

  5. Decembre

    I’m a Sag lady and I put Up with mysterious Cap forv7 years I loved him but I wanted more like marriage but he was at a slower pace than I so I broke up with him…still til this day he calls me tell me he loves me and still in love Ann I love him but not in love and after 7 years and we still was at the pace of when we met I became turned of and I moved on still he calls.

  6. Quanna

    Yesss my husband is a Capricorn and I love him to death.we have grown to love each other deeply… I still blush thinking of him…. I can’t wait for happy and many more years together

  7. Tanmol

    I love my Capricorn man. well he’s a little younger than me so he’s kinda a boy. But yeah he’s amazzzinggggggg! Like KFC chicken. He makes everything better and I can do anything with him. He cheers up my day and even if we argue, he will always be there. He even takes my cat for walks! And he’s allergic. He’s a great Capricorn and I cannot wait to be his baby for life!

  8. My sag woman is bare sick and dat, i luvs her bares, shes ma trap queen, bare sick in bed and that, i like her big cheeks and shes very peng, i wud luv 2 put a ring on dem fingah, but shez bare mad sumtimes, regardlezz i luv her bares and i will wife dat ting, we duz bare tings 2geva, and dem tings always bang, one luv

  9. lucasandJenn

    I have been with my Sag woman for 2 years now and we are definitely getting married . As a Capricorn, I enjoy her wit and intelligence as well as her high level of integrity regarding our relationship. I was married 10 years to a Cancer and it was like being married to a clueless teen; just figuring things out about life that (even though we’re close in age, 40ish) one should already know. My Sag woman on the other hand, a pure delight! And the sex is, without a doubt, absolutely phenomenal! I’ve never laughed or loved more than have and will continue to do with my beautiful, sexy, loving woman!

  10. Gilbert Gumpers

    OMFG this is not true what so ever. i married this woman of a sag, and she dropped me for another cap man. who goes from a cap man to another cap man. Not this cap man, no sag woman is going to mess with Gilbert again. but to all you cap men in a relationship with a sag woman i wish u guys the best of luck i got screwed over. ):

  11. ageofcapricorn

    This is where I am now. I love her charisma, intelligence, strength, confidence, unending affection, and straight-forwardness. There are a LOT of differences between us, but we find that exciting and the complimentary characteristics make for a powerful bond. She definitely wears the pants… and I love it! >:D

  12. Sagatirus Woman

    To anonmous
    I am half cap &Sag
    Birt Day was @ 25 Dec
    I see my self in my daily life is CAp
    in love i see my self SAg
    as u know i am very very very expressive in love
    Because i dont fall in love unless i know who am i with with.

    my cap man very conservative very very , shows me his love with action ,he doesnt express it

    will u tell me
    Any advices?
    Voclcan .is a good or bad for my case?
    he is 17 jan
    me 25 Dec


  13. Sagatirus Woman

    To anonymous
    I like that

    Will u tell me
    Earth+Fire =????????????????

    pls tell me

  14. Rob

    i’m a cap man who knew a libra woman for 3 yrs and it was an unending confusing drift. i moved away a year and half ago when i got a great opportunity and met a virgo gal who’s more focused and makes sure my wants and needs are considered as important as hers. i have never felt this kind of satisfaction and connection before.

  15. Sagatirus Woman

    I met Cap man on line , I am Sag Woman.
    we were so close friends, i kept tell him my pains what bother me what doesn’t bother me .
    What i do like ,what don’t like?
    I was in love that time with Sag man but he didn’t pay attention and the relation didn’t go well as i wished
    Cap man totally surprised me that he is deeply in love with me for many month and he kept that feeling inside him , i was deeply shocked really surprised so keep in mind
    Cap’s man or Woman can fall deeply in love or hate someone without exposing that feeling , because they are really professional in hiding that feeling ,
    but i need him and love him as friend while deep inside me he is more amazing to live and taste the love with him but as Sag woman heart doesnt beat easily , so i told him i felt that it , the love was in the air i felt twice from ur side and i love you , but he doesnt know deep inside me that i really in love with him but as friend only , i know deeply how sensitive he is , I will see what we will end up with

  16. Sheeba

    I don’t know about all this astro stuff. sometimes its spot on and sometimes its not. my cap man is a good man and that’s all i’ve ever known and need to know. i understand him most of the time but it doesn’t really matter to me if i don’t coz i know he does right for me and everyone and whatever he does is right. always.

  17. Sam

    I am a Cancer woman Married to a Gemini man for 10yrs now.We have been together since I was 14 and he was16.We have 5 beautiful children and he is a wonderful father and takes that role very seriously.I am not going to tell you that it has not been a rollercoaster but what is life if not a roller coaster.You have to be a strong Cancer woman to handle a gemini,you have to serve it back to them the way the serve it.He is my soulmate and I would not trade him for anything.

  18. "Disneyland Mommy"

    I’m married to a Cappie for almost 10 years…we have three kids together so keep in mind – Cappies are GREAT fathers. 🙂

    • Yes, Disneyland Mommy, Cappies are the best fathers. If you are a “Disneyland Mommy”, he probably provides structure and security. You get to be one of the kids.

  19. candice

    I was starting to believe we are far from being compatible! We have broken up but he is always coming back! Maybe its the sex…I am still confused. should i give it 1 more try?

  20. PMoceans

    This is smack on accurate and just how I envision it as well. We’re getting married 10.10.10 🙂

  21. swirl

    haha. i’ve been with a capricorn, but this posting was a delight. very witty and insightful.

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