Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Capricorn Couples: Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Dawson, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, Suzanne Khan Roshan and Hrithik Roshan  (Indian Superstar ).

All you have to do is watch Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy talk about how they tackled Evan’s autism on Larry King [] first in a five-part series, to get a sense of what this power coupling is all about.  Scorpio provides the energy and Capricorn grounds it.  Fate brings them together to accomplish remarkable things.  Their combined energy is like reinforced steel.  Capricorn commits all his personal resources. Scorpio accesses supra-human forms of energy such as vows, covenants, evoking God, magick, bridge-burning, killing ground and other colossal do or die scenarios.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Scorpio Woman:  You are probably the most challenging woman he’ll ever give a second look.  If he takes that second look, he’s yours.  This is because he is a Serious Shopper.  Capricorns don’t play games because they don’t waste time.  Least of all their own.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Capricorn Man:  Come on like the immovable object you are.   She can certainly live without you (or any man) but it feels so good to let those waves crash against the Rock of Gibraltar.

Degree of Romance:   It’s so much more than that.  We’re talking about a love that will endure all the tests of time.   Patient, unalterable, a fortress against the world.  Does that sound romantic?

Degree of Passion:   They lay their lives down on each other’s altar.   That’s pretty passionate.

Degree of Friendship:  They really know the meaning of the word.  They’ve got each other’s back.

Degree of Marriage:  Terrific opportunity.  Legally sanctioned or not.

Progression of Relationship:   Each will move quickly to tie it down.   No games.

Sex:   They wrote the book.  It’s a terrific bond between the two.

When It’s Over:  Scorpio will never love again.  Capricorn will never feel happiness again.  Don’t let it end.

Our Rating: 10/10

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50 Responses to Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

  • Vali says:

    you’re right i think , few words but perfectly said , i’m not 100% sure of what the scorpio woman is feeling after it’s over , but i think you’re right , of course you need the right circumstances , you can’t have a janitor capricorn male with a rich scorpio woman i think , but in the right context , with the right clothes on , that might work too ! :)

  • Tarryn says:

    This article is short and sweet, right to the point, like it’s a no-brainer capricorn man and scorpio woman belong together.

  • nancy says:


    DEFINITELY a 1 0/10!

  • Korrin says:

    I agree. Short.Sweet. & to the point.
    me and my capricorn man are doing gooood =]

    always got eachothers back.

  • grace says:

    i 100% agree. I’m with a capricorn man right now and all that is written here fits.

  • nancy says:

    @Korrin and grace
    It’s just so fine! Enjoy!!

  • rob says:

    im a capricorn man in a failing marrage and i couldnt agree more i dont think i will be happy ever agan………….

  • nancy says:

    Rob, don’t give up. You will love again!

  • Frankie says:

    Wow thats sooo true!
    “When It’s Over: Scorpio will never love again. Capricorn will never feel happiness again. Don’t let it end.” Ah I need help! I’m Born on the 22 of November and Some say that im a Scorpio and a Sagittarius and im with a Caricorn Man? is that good or bad???

  • Lady Scorpio says:

    I’m a Scorpio woman who have been in a serious relationship with a Capricorn man for 7 months and so far it’s been good. Everything I read is true and I think we will get married in the near future I just haven’t said when, but he’s being patient with me.

  • k says:

    hmmm.maybe i should look into it.most of my sisters are scorps(my dad too) and we’re pretty tight.

  • girl says:

    I’m a scorpio girl that went out with a capricorn guy, and we broke up, I feel like, yes, I could never love again. But he seems pretty happy to me…

  • Aditya says:

    You can add Hrithik Roshan ( Indian Superstar ) and Suzanne Khan Roshan to that list too ..

  • V says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts here and you’re so spot on, lady!

    I am a Scorpio woman & my husband a Capricorn man. We met when I was 19 and he was 21, 15 years ago and, our meeting was quite simply in the stars. Our meeting was bigger than us. We were just pawns.

    Our life together has been written. Word-for-word everything in this post is 100% accurate in our circumstance.

  • Jackball says:

    I am a scorpio gal who used to be married to a capricorn man. He was abusive physically and verbally and was awful with the money. He abandoned me for a woman at our church. I think I won’t allow anyone to use me the way that he did.

  • Tarryn says:

    I’ve commented earlier and although I agree to everything you said one discrepancy is that these two are very slow starters b/c they each are so secretive and reserved. Scorpio although strong likes to be chased or sought after while Capricorn isn’t usually one to make the first move (shy) and really would prefer to be wooed himself. I guess if they could meet each other halfway…

  • scorpionms says:

    I do so agree with what is said, but Im confused at the same time. Im sort of dating a capi now but I think I may scare him a bit. When we are together its like magic. We are natural together. I really dont know how to explain it besides that. And we both feel the same way about each other.

    I lovew it that we are taking things slow, bcus we have both been hurt, but my prob is he disappears for a while then reappears like nothing has happend. At this point Im used to it. As crazy as it is, I almost understand it. But I hate it just the same.

    I do kno that if we ever do make it. He will be my equal. I feel it and I kno he feels it too.

  • newbie says:

    I agree with #16 Tarryn. I’m a scorpio girl in college and I fell for a capricorn guy right before he graduated. He just left for the peace corps. We fell for each other fast, but he never had time for me, we are really young and inexperienced so maybe thats why the sex life wasn’t crazy good lol Looking back on was my first boyfriend and he was nice, even made sure to take care of me and make sure i would be ok when he ended it. But it wasn’t the deep strong connection a scorpio woman craves

  • Donnay says:

    In feb it will be four years. We dont know the day of our anniversary but we celebrate it towards the end of the year. Its like we were made for each other. Weve been through alot in the beginning of our relationship and ive been hurt by him. He does what he needs to do to make up and make me happy. Right now, he is working to build up some savings so me and him can have a future together and a better life…from his mouth. I love him so much. and yeah, i want to have him a whole football team like he asked for. my future capricorn husband.

  • evelyn says:

    I agree just started dating a capricorn man a month ago and it seems effortless

  • Alix says:

    Hrithik Roshan (capricorn man) mentioned above and Aishwarya Rai (scorpio woman) are bollywood actors who have had wonderful onscreen chemistry and perfect business relationship for years that seem to be growing with time. They are both ambitious, successful and famous. They are both married to other people but whenever they are together on and off screen their chemistry is always mindblowing, effortless and they complement each other. Their pics, videos, interviews and movies together show astounding chemistry and romance though they try hard not to acknowledge it. Hrithik’s expression is deeper and intense whenever he is with her and no other actress sizzles with him or brings the burning romance out of him like Aishwarya. He is the only male actor onscreen that she has repeatedly shed her inhibitions for and done intimate seductive scenes with. The affectionate way they treat and look at each other offscreen especially when they are caught off guard shows a deep connection between them. He seems to stir something from deep inside her. And even though he is married to a scorpio, Suzanne Khan, he looks more stunning, intense and fabulous with Aish. Aish in turn looks more beautiful and comfortable with him than her hubby. He who has been described as shy, keeping things to himself, has openly and excitedly complimented her over the years. She admits to knowing their joint rhythm, working relationship and goals. It’s amazing but one can only love one person, truly and deeply, at a time.

  • Alix says:

    I agree with #16 Tarryn, the problem is that these two are very slow starters b/c they each are so secretive and reserved. Scorpio although strong likes to be chased or sought after while Capricorn isn’t usually one to make the first move (shy) and really would prefer to be wooed himself. These qualities describe Hrithik and Aishwarya and happens between them still. I guess if they could meet each other halfway or maybe they already have as their relationship seems to be growing stronger…

  • Sue Nov 15th says:

    Oh so true

    Im a scorpion woman and i have known my capricorn man on and ofrf for 15 years! we have had our fair share of relationships with 1 marriage between us but still fate has brought us back together :-) Im so glad because no other man in my life has made me feel the way that he does. Just 1 problem…i want a major commitment from him he has told me that i do not ask the right questions…Is there a capricorn out there that knows what this means?

  • Bernita on October 12, 2010 says:

    I am a scorpio woman and the last time i appeared here it was because of an attraction to a pieces male but he turned out to be an online scammer, no more needs to be said about that, but have since met a capricorn and the attraction has been superb. He has romanced me like no other and as afraid as I have been to begin another online romance I am unable to help myself with his persistence at romancing me. It has been an instant attraction that I certainly cannot deny. I will have to see where this leads with no holds barred.

  • Renee says:

    I am a f/scorp.and I’m with a cap..I’m 25 he’s 33 when we were first together he was a selfish self absorbed bastard….we broke up I dated another man a Aries(horrible by the way) and when he found out he was pissed I had the man hunting me down like a blood hound and I made that man suffer for 2 months when I finally gave him another chance he seems different more dedicated to me doesn’t ask for nothing just my company were planning a vacation he takes me shopping and says he wants to marry me but the one problem when he gets mad he’s a big ass baby he says the meanest things to totally break me down but it’s always unsuccessful and me being a scorp I pick up the closest thing and lounge it at him…then we ain’t talking for a week….when it’s good it great and when it’s bad it’s he’ll I don’t know how to fix the bad but I really love he’s the first guy I feel thinks the way I do and I know we think alike but we don’t say it out loud..I need a strategy to break down the walls we had and to stop the unnecessary fighting……any tips

  • Gabriela G says:

    Surely does fit a Capricorn mans description as well as a Scorpios, this is a perfect match! I’m Scorpio (10/28) female and he Cappy (12/24) we get along rather’s almost like we share a soul:)We have a sense of each others thought process, emotions, concerns, beliefs etc…he’s my all! I’m his all!
    Goodluck folks

  • Lynda says:

    Well I honestly believe that capricorn men and scorpio women are the absolute perfect match but im in a bit of a rough spot with my boyfriend(a cap) and a very good friend of mine ( he is also a cap) see i’ve known my friend since august of last year and I had felt an immediate attraction to him the first day I met him but he never showed any signs that he was interested in me so after a while I decided we should just b friends and we have been ever since then I met my boyfriend and I felt that same instant attraction with him but he’s a little different from most capricorns because he made the first move I waz too shy to talk to him so my best girlfriend went up to him and said “yo dude she likes u” and he came up to mi and said “i think ur real cute” and then gave mi his number but he lives out of state so we’re doing the long distance thing and I havent seen him since my best friends birthday (he is her cousin) which was about 3 months ago and we bearly have anything to talk about any more but just 3 days ago my capricorn guy friend confessed that he is interested in me and always has been and i’ve come to find that i’ve never lost any of my feelings for him and I am becoming more and more attracted to him each day and every article i’ve read about caps and scorps seems to apply more to me and him rather than me and my cap boyfriend but I havent lost any of my feelings for my boyfriend. Is there any one out there with some advice?
    ~~100% Scorpian woman

  • Mariah says:

    I love this

  • Satori says:

    Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormick

  • scorpio says:

    its wow.and perfect.been dating a capricon guy for 13 months.and its wow.

  • Capricorn says:

    Astrology is probably nonsense but for some reason I am always drawn to it. I’m a practical, skeptical individual and I hate admitting I’m into this stuff, oh well. Anyway, I’ve had my eyes fixed on a scorpio female for weeks now. She is beautiful, witty, and intelligent. But incredibly confusing and misleading. The two of us get a long really well and I can make her laugh. We have one class together, and some days she comes right up to me and initiates a conversation. Other days, she doesn’t even seem mildly interested in me. We recently started texting, and I don’t think she likes me whatsoever…ah well.

  • jenn says:

    scorpions are very complex people….as a scorpio female i know. She maybe be interested but dont push her….when shes ready she’ll let you know but dont keep her waiting when she’s willing…she might lose interest. Success is very important to her so she may have other things on her mind… i could tell you….good luck!

  • Jen Calpes says:

    well im a scorpio (female) 21years old , i just met this capri boy 23, a week ago, we were at a club and he came up to me i blew him off at first. but he insisted so i gave him a shot. and he didnt leave me alone since then. i just got out of a 7 year relationship with a LEO ( not a good combination) at all! … i think it lasted cause we were more used to each other then anything else. So as any person i am scared right now to get involved with someone. but this capri has been showing me so much interest that i have never had…. im very shy with him for some reason and i dont know why, i hate it… so on the other hand he is very out there with his feelings and that he really likes me… i dont know if im just scared but i would love to try it out… i like the stability that he offers.. you guys should know that this capri took me on a date, he took me on his boat and went to a restaurant then after he stopped in a little island and put down a towel on the sand took out some wine and made me feel like a queen that day. i do think that he is very romantic… i just think he is overwhelmin me … idk what to do ????? he is just so different from what im use too and maybe its a great thing for me right now… i want better things and i think its a start with this capri guy.

  • natasha. says:

    i was so deeply in love with a capricorn man (1/15) me being a scorpio woman (11/12). id say i still am. ill love him for the rest of my life i believe. we went through sooooooo much. i ultimately hurt him to the point of him not wanting anything to do with me again. details? well we were together for 3 months, brokeup. didnt talk for awhile. got together again this time lasted a year. my insecurities were the downfall of us. i had him under control and could not trust him at all. we brokeup but still had relations with eachother. i knew id be with him again someday and was still in love with him but i continuously told him “not now, im not ready we’ll be together someday again”.
    i was 16 i wanted to experience being single before marrying him because i just knew we would. but i couldnt handle being single. i ended up dating this guy, we began dating on the capricorn man’s birthday. such a mistake. this is when he had the last straw i believe because he cut all communication with me. he began doing drugs :/ there was nothing i could do from this point on. he told me i changed him and that i was the reason for everything he would do but to leave him alone and stop trying to mend things with him because “youre not my whole world anymore”.
    i am now 18 and id have to say if it werent for my insecurities i wouldve married this amazing man. ill live with regret for the rest of my life.

  • Cap guy says:

    Advice to Capricorn men, measure the Scorpio for compatibility before before mentally committing to her. Had a chance to go out with a scorp gal recently. She started throwing signs all over the place from he day I met her. But was never around when I needed her, would always seek me out when she needed me. Funny thing, she would create situations come and see me but couldnt ask directly ever. Was crazy jealous when she saw me talking to other women in the office, the famous Scorpio stare.
    I don’t understand how a Scorpio can claim you when she doesn’t even have the decency to stand by you when you need her. Anyways, I called quits n she turned completely cold, but still did not stop dropping signs and emails. Even till the last day before her wedding.
    Guys be careful, it’s a great feeling taking care of a scorp woman but get to know her first. Some of them are totally crazy.

  • Scorp says:

    “I don’t understand how a Scorpio can claim you when she doesn’t even have the decency to stand by you when you need her. Anyways, I called quits n she turned completely cold, but still did not stop dropping signs and emails. Even till the last day before her wedding.
    Guys be careful, it’s a great feeling taking care of a scorp woman but get to know her first. Some of them are totally crazy.”

    Thats funny. I actually met a crazy Cap male, and am here to warn the female scorps. He was a douchebag who thought he was God’s gift to women.
    I think this could be a great match, but I hardly see it actually work.

  • Cap guy says:

    Thats funny. I actually met a crazy Cap male, and am here to warn the female scorps. He was a douchebag who thought he was God’s gift to women.
    I think this could be a great match, but I hardly see it actually work.

    My point exactly! It’s a great match. I have made it work in the past with all my scorp friends. I don’t get along with any other sign. This one was a complete nut case though. Too insecure, proud and she was strictly average looking.

    She still says I’m a great guy (the best). I guess good guys need good gals. I am happy with my platoon of other scorps :)

  • Guess What says:

    Well, it’s sounds just great but let me tell you my opinion about a Scorpio girl who falls for a Capricorn man….. He doesn’t know anything else but his wallet, his a calculator. She knows nothing but her feelings and her passion. She is ready to sacrifice nearly everything just to be close to him, but Capricorn man… knows nothing about love! It’s just a feeling he cannot understand! The result? She ends up brokenhearted and he looks around for his next victim…! So girls, if you think that a Capricorn man can actually make you happy and share your passion with his, then change your mind before you end up brokenhearted girls… And one more thing! Yes! Just like ”Cap guy” said: these guys think that they are God’s gift to women!

  • Scorp says:

    actually I said that I had met a Cap who thought he was God’s gift to women, cap guy was just quoting me. I also think it’s true what you say. I have yet to meet a real GOOD cap guys, therefore it’s hard for me to think one exists. Most men cannot handle the love of a scorp, and it’s quite sad *sigh*

  • Cap Guy says:

    @Guess What – Not true at all. I am a capricorn and i stand by my woman. Tolerate all her tantrums, listen when she talks, spoil her with gifts and love her so much that I choke when she is not around. But still, I make her understand that I have my mountain to climb and once I reach the top she will be standing by my side beaming with pride. Dont know what losers you girls end meeting. My advice judge a man before you commit to him. Not all are made in the same frame. Best of luck to all scorps and my fellow cappys too.

  • tru3scorpio82 says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! O. K. I’m a Scorpio of course 11/15 met a Capri. (1/18)……we’ve known eachother a month now. We only text once r twice daily. Maybe had 1 Convo on phone. He say he really wanna get to know me. He says I’m pretty…..he pops up at my place ….he’s been by maybe 3 times…I’ve only seen him maybe 5 times n this month we’ve been knowing each other…its only weekends if I c him….he text me early like 7 Am to tell me goodmorning…not everyday but majority times he does….anyway I’m so confused….OMG!!!!! He don’t call neither does I….he’s very cute n sexy….but y would he say he wants to b with me and don’t call…don’t cum c me…..only text once r twice a day….its been a days when he wont respond to my texts…he seems too busy for me…I don’t understand him…let me make it clear that I don’t want all his timing but I at least wanna know he s interested some way r anbother…I read astrology after astrology and it is known for them to take things very slowly ….can somebody give me sum advice….does it seems as though we may progress eventually r not….is this normal for capricorns….forgot to mention he got out of prison 6 months ago as well…

  • Scorp87 says:

    Im a scorpion (29/10) wit a capricon guy (16/1) i luv him but d relationship is killing me he’s also way 2 frugal he cheats…. gosh!

  • goingmad says:

    im a scorp gal with a cap guy for 2 yrs and a half so far, been thru many ups and downs during the course of our r’ship, when things are going great, it’s really a fairytale, but when things are hell, it made me wonder if i should have called it quits long ago…cried countless times…don’t see eye to eye on many things….heck, we don’t even share many common interests! this match really taught me what it is to cry for love…if things end, i don’t thk i wanna seek another rship agn, it’s just too taxing….

  • Scruff6 says:

    im a capricorn male (12/23) with a Scorpio woman(11/20)@47 I know actually wut you mean. me and my woman say it all the time…..when its good, cant nobody tell us nothing but when its bad its like we are complete strangers. we have been together for almost a year now and I can say that I will do anything for the woman but as a capricorn sometimes we feel that we need more love then when are recieving and when we arent receiving like we think we should, we began to have all these insecurities run through our brain. our relationship started on the rocks but i can say that we are ironing out a great deal of our differences. I think that having heart to heart talks atleast once a week will keep refreshing the love. becuz it never fails for us.

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  • Scorp33 says:

    I am Nov4 Scorp while he is Dec30 cap. We had really heart touched relationship in first 3 months while end up with my heart broken. I would say caps has no heart if he got hurt once before. Scorp is just like a business condition to cap. He has a list of requirements to women so that easily filter you out. They are honest at fist sight but good at planning to end up a relationship if you are not satisfy his lists. I would suggest scorp to go slowly with caps because scorps are willing to give all her love with tense love, while caps are so slow movers that could not give all his heart to her. This would be a challenge to her so she will not easily give up, while her good financial condition attract him not easily give up as well. This relationship will last for a while but fundamentally loving method will drive her crazy to end up a broken heart. They attract each other while they can not get a stable relationship for ever. So give up to cap, scorp!

  • ?????? says:

    من أنت ?

  • florencecapri says:

    it took me so many years to understand that what kind of man i need to complete me. finally got it clear…..

  • Shandelynn says:

    I am a female Scorpio. I am currently single because of my own actions but at the same time, it wasn’t only my fault. I won’t get all into details, but I became friends with a male Capricorn just a few days to a week after my ex boyfriend left me in such a horrible way. My ex boyfriend was a Leo.. Me and my ex boyfriend were on a off for about a year or so, maybe a little bit longer. Anyways, after the break up I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do with myself, I was just lost all around. I loved this guy with everything in me and the way he left me was so out of line. It crushed me, but the bond between me and him were strong. Even before we started ‘messing around’, we were close friends for a few years. After the break up, I started acting different. I distanced myself from people. I barely spoke and just locked myself in my house. Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram, and of course a cute guy pops up, so I like his picture and keep scrolling. A few days later, I seen the same guy posting stuff. I remember I clicked on his profile to do a little stalking spree to see who this guy is. I ended up liking a couple pictures and a couple old ones, lol. Eventually he started liking a couple back, but I wasn’t going to let it go any farther. I didn’t want to show too much interest, that’s just who I am but inside, I was crushing on him. He was cute, but I didn’t know anything about him so I decided to comment on one of his photos, then one thing led to another. Eventually we started having conversations. The conversations we were having were just amazing. The funny thing is that we weren’t even flirting with each other. We had so much in common. Days later, we ended up being those friends that text each other all day long until one of us passes out. We got really close as friends. We’d make each other laugh so much. He honestly made my sadness go away. He made me forget about my ex. Then after time, I lost contact with him for a few months. Finally when I had the chance, I contacted him and told he better have not forgot about me and we ended up talking all night. A few weeks go by and I ended up getting a new phone phone. I didn’t hit him up immediately. I wasn’t obsessed nor did I get a phone just to contact him. A few days go by and I ended up hitting him up. Still really close friends. Still talked about everything together. I went to him for everything and even just stupid little things, he listened and I done the same for him. The vibe started changing. Nothing scary, but I always had a crush on him. I never spoke about the way I felt for him besides the fact that he was my best friend. Every now and then, of course I’d tell him how he’d look. I won’t lie, I told him he was very attractive. Then that’s when thing started changing. Over time, we ended liking each other. We never even brought up the subject about dating, we kind of just let things flow. We never titled anything, but if another female flirted with him or if he had anything to do with a female, I’d get jealous and he’d tell me not to worry. It went the other way around too. Then it got to a point where he was MINE and I was HIS, but nobody knew but us and a couple of other people. Our bond was strong. We would do anything to see each other. We would stay up late almost every night to Facetime each other when he went offshore. I can honestly say I loved this boy and I know he loved me. We would talk about how we were going to get a house together and get our favorite kind of dog. He wanted to spoil me just as much I wanted to spoil him. Me and him together was FUN and always hilarious. Yea, we had our ups and downs, but never necessarily a break up. Just him not talking to me like he usually does or as much, then me getting pissed off and going to my friends to party for the night or something. But we would always just fall back into place. Until, he went offshore and my ex boyfriend pops back up. I was only going to chill with him one night because he said he needed somebody to talk to, so I was there. Bad decision. I fell for my ex all over again; fatal attraction. My Capricorn felt the vibe, he wasn’t stupid. I ended up getting back with my ex for a little while. Maybe a month or two we tried.. but failed of course. In that time, my Capricorn and I slowly stopped associating, of course because I got back with my ex. But my Capricorn was still close to me. He was still my best friend so I would still hit him up time to time. Note: Me and my Capricorn never titled each others relationship. So we both looked at it like “We weren’t together anyways” or some type of way like that, if you get what I mean. I was wrong for that. I regret letting my ex come back to my home. Nobody liked him anyways. After me and my ex split again, I hit my Capricorn up, but nothing was the same. Not even the friendship. I felt like I hurt him bad and just hid that emotion from me and distanced his self. I know he did, because day after day, he slowly stopped talking to me. Conversations got smaller and smaller. Driving me CRAZY in the inside. Knowing I did wrong. Knowing I had to hurt him. Then one day, no reply. Another day goes by and no reply. No reply ever. Like he gave up on me or just didn’t want me no more. I could understand that. It hurt me to let go, but I had to. Even after months, the love I have is still there for him. Every now and then, I’d speak to somebody about him; about how I miss him, how I’d do anything to have him back, how I truly felt like he was the perfect person for me. We fit each other so well. I started thinking about him once again today. Ended up talking to my mom and grandmother about him again. I’ve been wanting to say “Hey” to him for a while, but I was scared of rejection still or something he would say. But, today was the day. I messaged him and we had a conversation. Not too long, but long enough to make me happy. The way the conversation went gives me faith on having more. I will not rush it, but it gets stressful, but I can wait. I honestly want him back, but I know that would take time. I just want his company again. I want him back in my life; together or not. I just wish somebody could give me advice on this.

  • Jaya says:

    How long you will wait and what he doesn’t come back?????

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