Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Scorpio-Capricorn Couples: Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Dawson, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, Suzanne Khan Roshan and Hrithik Roshan  (Indian Superstar ).

All you have to do is watch Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy talk about how they tackled Evan’s autism on Larry King [] first in a five-part series, to get a sense of what this power coupling is all about.  Scorpio provides the energy and Capricorn grounds it.  Fate brings them together to accomplish remarkable things.  Their combined energy is like reinforced steel.  Capricorn commits all his personal resources. Scorpio accesses supra-human forms of energy such as vows, covenants, evoking God, magick, bridge-burning, killing ground and other colossal do or die scenarios.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Scorpio Woman:  You are probably the most challenging woman he’ll ever give a second look.  If he takes that second look, he’s yours.  This is because he is a Serious Shopper.  Capricorns don’t play games because they don’t waste time.  Least of all their own.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Capricorn Man:  Come on like the immovable object you are.   She can certainly live without you (or any man) but it feels so good to let those waves crash against the Rock of Gibraltar.

Degree of Romance:   It’s so much more than that.  We’re talking about a love that will endure all the tests of time.   Patient, unalterable, a fortress against the world.  Does that sound romantic?

Degree of Passion:   They lay their lives down on each other’s altar.   That’s pretty passionate.

Degree of Friendship:  They really know the meaning of the word.  They’ve got each other’s back.

Degree of Marriage:  Terrific opportunity.  Legally sanctioned or not.

Progression of Relationship:   Each will move quickly to tie it down.   No games.

Sex:   They wrote the book.  It’s a terrific bond between the two.

When It’s Over:  Scorpio will never love again.  Capricorn will never feel happiness again.  Don’t let it end.

Our Rating: 10/10

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70 Responses to Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

  • Nom says:

    Wow, sounds good! Actually i am a capri. Man and my girl friend is a scorp. I loved her even she was only 10 years little, she is pretty cute so i was felt me in her love. when it appears on her after 4 years, that i was in love, she smile and said me “i am your untill you are fear with me” and she did her promise best, she is serious and ia m serious, I would like to say “Thanks God you make my life easier” i requesting to u all for our marriage. :)

  • Nom says:

    Wishes fou our marrage :)

  • Nom says:

    Sorry the bad typing mistakes, lol ,, any way keep enjoy your life with faith on scorpio women if you are not making doutch with her. Don’t flirt with her because she hates with flirt and make her foolish ;)

  • Scorpio says:

    I love my capricorn man a lot, I’m scorpio. He changed my life in so many ways I’m forever thankful for having him in my life we are almost together for one year. It’s like we been together for years, feels like no one could love me better. I see me and him later with our kids after we both made it in our lifes. I will give him a whole football team on kids like he wants!

    Capricorn are not the most easiest sign of the zodiac, with a capricorn you have to look behind their serious personality to see how wonderful they really are, careful, responsible, in most case they are ambitious, and if you are lucky as I am he got a GREAT sense of humor. There are no words for the sex between the scorpio and capricorn, dreams coming true, but you have to take your time to gain his trust a little bit, and if you don’t have patient to get to know this man you could better find someone easier. I think it’s worth it all because the strong relationship a scorpio builds with a capricorn man if they click is hard to break and ever lasting.

  • Taka-kun says:

    Well…I’m a Capricorn Male (1/9), and have been “passively” chasing after this Scorpio Female (11/13) for little over a month now. Can’t do justice to my feelings when it comes to using words, but my best initial attempt is to say that I feel like I’m head over heels for her. We’ve begun spending a lot of time together ever since we started talking continuously via facebook (high school friends) and now texting. I can’t tell you how many “serious” conversations we’ve had about relationships, and the “do’s and don’t's” alongside “ups and downs” about them. However, there’s a LOT of catches to our relationship.
    Me: I’ve been with other males for the past four years of my life. Haven’t been attracted to a single female, up until I met this lovely Scorpio who caught my eye after reconnecting.
    Her: She’s been with a lot of abusive guys, and thus now has a lot of trust issues. She is also now with another guy whom I know will turn out to be another bad apple; this is me talking from my gut, not my jealousy (though I wanted to cry my eyes out when I found out she is now in a relationship with him).
    From the beginning, I could tell she was “feeling me out”. Which I understand, I do it as well. But it’s always been “I just wanna be friends”, but yet at the same time “I really am attracted to you, but shhh” as she began to develop and is now in a relationship with this other guy. Though it hurts to come in second place, which I’m used to by now (being in horrible relationships with guys in the past), it still makes me happy that she appears to be happy with this other guy. But yet I’m scared she’s just going to get hurt again, and I’m just going to be some rebound material. I’m not sure what to do to “win her over”, as I’m not really the “pursuing type” rather the type that likes to “be pursued”. I do my best to respect the boundaries of being “just friends”, but yet it doesn’t seem to be enough to woo her over. If I were to blatantly “make a move” on her, I’d feel like crap before, during, and after as it’s overstepping boundaries; plus, I’m extremely fearful of being rejected. Yeah, I know I’ll be able to handle rejection (heck, I’m already in second place), but it’s so hard to deal with it as, stated previously, this is the first girl I’ve been attracted to in over four years.

    Any advice? I could REALLY use some right now, as the only advice I’m getting is from my mother. That in itself makes me feel pathetic, for I’ve “lost my touch with women”.

  • Juliya says:


    Alright. So, first things first. I’m a Scorp (10/24) and I currently like a Cap (1/15). You sound a lot like him, which is extremely weird. He and I have been friends for years and we text and talk to each other every day it seems. There are barely any secrets between us, except of course the fact that I like him. The reason why I am keeping it a secret is because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. We’re really good friends, best friends, even. If we were to get together and then for some reason, break up… I would be devestated because I can never be friends with my exes. It never works out because I always have lingering feelings. You shouldn’t worry about rejection. Once you confess to Scorps, they remember it for the rest of their lives. Your confession will be thought over for a long time even if she rejects you on the spot. Confessing will help get you on her mind 24/7.

    Whoops, I got off track. Anyways. Taka-kun, you should wait until those two break up. There’s nothing worse than confessing to someone that’s already in a relationship. I don’t find it very attractive. If you wait until they split and then confess, I think she’ll be pleased because you’ve waited for her for however long you did. Just the thought of someone waiting for you is enough to feel loved and important. I know my heart would flutter a little bit if someone did that to me. After she’s broken up with the guy, let her vent to you. It’ll show that you’re open to her feelings and that you care. You may have to wait a while before she’s willing to cry though. I know that I had a hard time crying in front of my Cap for the first time. He was completely nice and understanding. Part of me fell for him that day. Also… You don’t exactly have to “win her over”. I think just being there for her all the time will win her over. The small things like laughing, smiling, and having a good time is enough to make her fall for you. For one thing, I know that stability is attractive. I wouldn’t want to date someone that wasn’t able to be consistent with themselves and the way they treat me. (I had to learn the hard way…. Cancers are just not for me.) Caps are known to be well-grounded, so you have that going for ya. Um… I don’t know what else to say. 

    1.) wait till they split
    2.) confess
    3.) be there for her
    4.) wait for her decision 

    And yep. That’s what my Cap friend did for me to fall for him. Oh, make sure to watch for your Scorp friend to be dropping hints that she likes you. I’ve been doing that for a week and my Cap still hasn’t caught on. He’s so oblivious sometimes. Hm. I feel like I spouted off a bunch of nonsense. Oh well. I hope this somewhat helps you in your situation. Good luck, Taka-kun!

  • Taka-kun says:


    Thank you SO much for your advice and thoughtful words! I’d given it much thought, and even taken a lot of it into consideration lately. As of February 14th, she is single, but still mourning over the fact her, pardon my french, “douchebag” ex who doesn’t seem to make sense with how he talks and treats her now. I was with her through thick and thin that day, standing by her side as she cried and stormed about her place (she wanted to throw things so bad, but she didn’t have any of his things! :O). Even to the point of holding her in a close, intimate hug while she cried and ranted about him; it made my heart fly to know she not only vented to me so openly, but that she even let me hold her. I ended up spending all day, night, and the next morning (she wanted to get drunk, so I bought Tequila Rose which vanished quickly as she said it’s her new drink! :D ); she didn’t exactly have a choice in this matter as I told her, “You need someone to be here with you, you shouldn’t be alone. Whether you like it or not, I’m here for you, because I care too much about you.”

    Since that day, we’ve spent so much time together it’s unbelievable! Not like we’ve not spent so much time together already, haha. Just yesterday, we went on a hike together, and as we sat there looking at the sunset on top of the mountain I asked her, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” She said she’d cry, because she feels confused right now; I’m pretty sure I know why, since women seem to love gossiping and telling their best “gay” friend the “women secrets” and the like. So I told her I wouldn’t kiss her, because I’d never want to see her cry.

    So today, after I got home from spending the night (we’ve spent a lot of nights together at her place, and she finally let me graze my fingers through her hair the other day! I wanted to scream like a girl! haha), she sent me a couple texts: “Thank you for everything, Chris. I appreciate you. :) ” and then “Just don’t lose your identity and don’t let me boss you :) ”. My only response so far has been: “Anytime :) you mean a lot to me, in ways I have a hard time describing in words.” and “You’re a huge positive influence in my life, and I’m certainly not letting you go anytime soon, or possibly ever!!! :D ”.

    It seems our friendship bond has grown stronger, at least to me it does. :) Now I sit here waiting, thinking, and wondering when it would be appropriate to “take things further”. I’m not sure if I should make the move, or if I should wait for her to make the move. I’ve been asking my mom a lot for advice lately, being very lacking of “girl experience” haha, and she just keeps saying “follow your heart and listen to your gut”. That doesn’t help, much, as all I want to do is be her one and only and vice versa. Heck, the feelings I get when we just hug I can’t even put justice to with words! Any advice on this matter?

  • Marcia says:

    Im a scorpio girl. Somtimes it’s hard to express how i truely feel but i have to share my story. I fell in love around somtime last year with a capricorn man. We used to talk on the phone for hours. He made me laugh alot but always kept it real. I could feel his passion though his eyes and his love from his vibe. Every time he just touched me i felt cared for. He knew every detail about me as much as i did for him. But being played in the past didn’t help. I didnt want to be played for the foul, so i just broke it off the fourth month. Be was mad. Really mad. I moved on, well i thought. After two months i couldn’t stop thinking about him. I missed his smile, the way he laughed him. So i decided to call him. After a few weeks of him just being back in my life again. We went on a date. We reconnected . As soon as we became al lovey again he moves across town. I became so busy in my sports and he became into his career. We could never meet up. We never lost our connection we had. He stills text me when i think about him. But now that is rare . Very rare. I can never stop thinking about him. I took too much time in deciding in what i wanted and he thought i was just trying to play him. At the end of the day don’t mess with someone’s emotions who cares about you. Because at the end of the day your the one who is truly played.

  • Star says:

    This is a story I have to say about this zodiac match; Over 20 years ago I started dating a Capricorn male as teenagers we were the best of friends horrible lovers( he cheated a lot) but the true loyalty was there, after our first breakup, I became friends and got pregnate by a different capricorn male. After breaking away from that relationship; I married a different Capricorn male had 2 sons and divorced him after 5 years of marriage. Then I started dating a different Capricorn male(same birthdate and year as my daughter father), I was married to him for 7 years, after ending that marriage I ended up marrying the first Capricorn I spoke about.
    If I was to question zodiac love matches I couldnt question the match of the Scorpio woman and Capricorn male. Through all that I have shared with each of the men I introduced I still have a very good friendship with all my ex’s. Although the Capricorn male is VERY jealous he is one of the most grounded signs you could ever fall in love with. As a true Scorpio woman I love with no limits and there truly is no in between with me either it is or it isn’t. Loving Capricorn men you dont have too many worries if he love you, you will know. They do small sweet things like put roses petals in your bath water, or surprise you with expensive gifts( I say expensive because Capricorn men are not easy to part with their money), they are excellent providers and wonderful dads. One of their major flaws are when they become focused/obsessed on something the attention you desire will be put on hold until the task is complete or they can see clear. Scorpio woman may take this as a sign of being ignored because she loves the attention he gives her. Scorpio woman should keep patient, concerned, and helpful this will overly please your Capricorn male they love to know that you’ll be home when they get there.

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  • The cap man says:

    I have to say this very smilar to the actucal summery. I meet a Scorpio gal on class after a few months. She got my attention fast after but she had the attention of other guys also. Even thought I am the ” only man after her ex in her life” I still feel like I a sluts last resort. A cap needs to feel like hes the only man and when doesn’t it eats him up and kills him. It’s horrible to think that way but true. A little advise tho never believe everything a scorpio gal says they lie and it sucks after giving the that, take one thing through one ear and out the other. Thirty lovable women and will have ur back bit will stab ya in the back without realizing it love with caution if it you don’t you won’t regert it later (hopefully)! They do love with every it but lie

  • Eman says:

    I’m Scorpio Woman and I fall in love with Capricorn Man I don’t know what the future bring 4both of us but my love for him is real yes he’s the only man I love and I can’t stop thinking about him he’s the only man who’s light my life everything get better after I know him he’s like the good luck charm for me …Yes he’s the only man I love and I really care about him ….my love for him is a true love with all my respect and no lie between us because I really hate people who’s love lying

  • halfani mghamba says:

    I m Capricorn man 1/1 married to Scorpio woman 11/7 for three years now, but our relationship sound 13 yrs. scops are very lovely women, attractive and sweet. they are very patient too when they love, but desire to dominate is every thing. if you want caps and scop relationship to work, scop should adjust individualism and caps strongly commitments. we caps like relatives, solve family circle minor problems, something most of scops dislike. i was very hungry with this individualism of my wife till i kept distance for two years, working in different places, but both we felt the gap, i was missed the feeling of being loved, and some little control, and she was missing my plan and wisdom, the life start becoming meaningless. we put our differences in the table, we both make adjustments, so life now is good. somethings which I learn, this compatibility is so nice in many areas of life, believe me! both love money and one has a rational power, and another will power. nothing impossible for this couples.while one insist ‘we can’ another think on ‘, approach, tactics and strategies’ without distributing social family responsibilities. this couple never die poor. Capricorn control Scorpio in the bed, Scorpio control Capricorn in social sphere without disturbing his priority ‘respect’ as a marketing strategies to gain ‘POWER’ something very important for Scorpio women. I LOVE SCORPIO WOMEN!!

  • Briannababee says:

    I am a scorpio woman with this cap guy for the last five yrs. Don’t know what to do next. I am so tired and tired. With all the yrs and knowledge it seems to be of no use that I feel I am forced to compete for something small. I don’t feel like smiling I am slightly tense and I forget to smile. My situation is pathetic but he does pay for everything and I am hapy for that. I feel so trapped and like a kept woman and think I could do much better. But don’t know what. I think I need to come up like a phoenix but wheres the catalyst? I am so wasted (not drunk) as a person.

  • @Briannababee says:

    you certainly deserve something big rather than to compete for something small.

  • Trippet says:

    sometimes take a dsep breth and march on. keep walking onwards. keep walking.

  • mma says:

    yep, that’s good for health.

  • Trippet says:

    lol :(

  • Lynsey says:

    @Nom LOL youre so funny but real!! I agree.

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