Zodiac Compatibility

Our expert astrologer Nancy Fenn has been using the power of astrology for over 25 years to unlock the secrets of zodiac sign compatibility. She has helped bring thousands of people together by helping them understand themselves and each other better. Why not get it right the first time? Nancy recognizes that men and women of the same sign manifest the characteristics of the zodiac differently. Thus a Scorpio woman and a Pisces man may be compatible in a different way, even more or less, than a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman.

Enjoy exploring and mention this site to your friends with our handy Share tool at the bottom of each article. There is hardly a better site on the Internet about the compatibility of zodiac signs, especially the same combination viewed from both sides depending on which sign is the man and which sign is the woman.

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  1. This zodiac write up is extremely poor. You seem to be so far off the mark and it looks like you are putting your own thoughts into this instead. You need to do an astrology course before you start putting things all over the internet. This is wrong, so wrong!

  2. Nancy, I love your website. I love how you present the compatibility material. It’s so well-written, not a repeat of what’s been heard a thousand times in astrology.
    Have you ever conisidered updating the page, thinking of ways to make it even better–aesthetically or conetnt-wise? It would be interesting to see what you’d come up with. I come on the website so often, sometimes re-reading the same ones over and over because I think the Leo/Cancer one sounds so perfect! O, he wasn’t perfect at all though, but I could see why you’d say that it’s a 10/10. I THOUGHT it would be 10/10 with him too, but it was nothing but emotions on a rollercoaster ride and ended up nowhere.

    Again, I absolutely love your stuff.


  3. I really like this. It shows that me and my lover (That is on the other side of the planet) Will love me and I love him. Were a perfect match!

  4. Can you right about Cusps? I use ur sight ALOTT and it helps me but sometimes but i come across cusps and i kinda have to work my way around things.

  5. flora :
    hey nancy, moving my bf soon, we had a quite long break of 3yrs………. grew together but circumstances made us apart, and because of which we started searching happiness in someone else……… but now we have realized that we can’t be apart and cannot be happy with anyone else ……….. wish me luck

    ur bf wouldnt happened to be named david would he??

  6. @NANCY Let me try to explain this better sorry again for all the unessicary comments and my comments being drug out and having almost making no sense but, what I’m rly saying to you is can a taurus chick and a pisces dude work at all because what I’ve gathered from your page there is that Im boring, unattractive, bad in bed, and uncarrying to David and I honestly dont think I am I meen seriously nancy I would do anything in the world for him i don’t care too. I’m not meening to sound like I’m scolding you but, then you said that me having sex with him is boring to him I mean I’ve never heard him complain not once he seems to really love it I meen not trying to sound weird but, I don’t want to bore him hell if I have to I’ll break out some whips and shit I can get weird too. Also I am rly sensitive I’m not completely self centered or dogmatic as you have put it I have a heart and feelings I tell him how I feel but, I try not to burden him I’ve read how pisces if you make them take on your problems it can hurt them in the long run and I would never want to do that he uses enough already I don’t want him getting high because I’ve stressed him. I just want it to work so bad I just need something to boost me so I can have some confidence going into this I mean regardless of what you say I will do anything to make it work if it’s the last thing I ever do.Then while I was having issues with my bf which if I tried to explain them at all you would become confused and maybe even annoyed by it because they are almost child like. So as I was looking for some sort of comfort I was looking at all kinds of websites about astrology because astrology intrests me and I believe in it a great deal and enjoy learning about it when I got on your website I had been on before but never truly looked at until then.So naturally I clicked on taurus female and pisces male and read it sounded pretty good until i got to the bottom and was in shock by the rating being so low I was like ok that’s not a goood sign then reading it like all of the comments it was just pisces men blaming us for it and all you said was something about pisces men are hypnotic or somethin like that and it upset me cause I was having relationship issues and no one gave me any advice so looking at more compatibilities seeing taurus chicks have virtually no one I was emotional already and just got so upset I couldn’t stop crying it was aweful I’m still upset over it because it makes me feel like no matter who I’m with I’m such a horrid person I can never please any man at all they would be much happier with someone else no matter if it’s a pisces or a cancer or a scorpio they could never be truly happy with me because they could always have better I just think it’s almost cruel that I’ll never make a man ligitamently happy just because of the day I was born it makes me feel worthless I don’t know if you get what I’m saying but it really does it may sound stupid but, it upsets me no matter how I feel about him he will never feel the same about me because of my zodiac sign I’m meen I really trust astrology and all it is saying is that I’m worthless just somehow try to explain it to me in someway because it is seriously killing me inside it’s hurting my pride and lowering my self-esteem which is usually threw the roof high.

  7. nancy :
    @Adreanna What are you sad about?

    ok lol i just re-read that I had several things that perticular day that upset me from an astrological perspective like that one person up there was kinda right about the taurus thing because we only have one sign we r truly compatible with which is cancer and they r compatible with everyone except libra but in my eyes i may be compatible with them but they can always do better than me like with scorpio or someone and everyone of the signs ive looked at can always do better than me i may like them and they may like me but they can do better and i cant it rly upset me i know it shouldnt have but it rly did especially when i read it y i was having relationship troubles of my own that day so i decided to look at others i chose gemini because my best friend is a gemini and found myself to fall deeper into the hole because i realized she had no one either she didnt even have one that truly matched her it had hurt me even though others may find it stupid

  8. nancy :
    @Adreanna What are you sad about?

    wow i didnt know u commented back i was upset over my bf actually not about what enigma said my bf is a pisces and he makes no sense whatsoever i was so depressed over it like idk what to think about him he acts like hes 5 and is totally immature but i love him i rly want it to work out with him but idk how

  9. Enigma :
    Can’t believe its YOU, Nancy!
    People were beginning to talk you don’t comment no more. You do! Well about Adreanna may I share she was lil upset about Taurus Women not having too many 10/10 prospects as per your articles.
    Hope she is as happy to hear from you as I am. Delirious. LOL. *Hugs*

    Type your comment here
    yo chick dont steal my comment

  10. Can’t believe its YOU, Nancy!

    People were beginning to talk you don’t comment no more. You do! Well about Adreanna may I share she was lil upset about Taurus Women not having too many 10/10 prospects as per your articles.

    Hope she is as happy to hear from you as I am. Delirious. LOL. *Hugs*

  11. *Hugs* for Adreanna!

    Smile sweets coz Astrology doesn’t guarantee anything. It isn’t destiny. Even Nancy says that, isn’t it?

    You know one of my friends had a perfect horoscope match with her BF. By Vedic and Chinese Astrology too they were awesome BUT only on paper. Reality was a shock. They split and what a sorry mess it was.

    Hope you enjoy what you feel is right. No matter what others say. Cheers!

  12. no joke her sister is jewel so like what does that meen is there like 4 of them instead of 2 or what im rly confused about maybe nancy know but i doubt she will comment back im even sadder now :'(

  13. yo im a taurus chick and i was feeling depressed because i was compatible with no one and who i was somewhat compatible with can do better being so depressed i couldn’t stop crying i started looking threw other ppls compatibility when i stubbled upon gemini woman if anyone should be depressed its them atleast we have more options then them they virtually have no one we do too but no as bad as them my best friend jenna is a gemini now i feel all sad and junk 🙁

  14. yo yall 2 chill there is no reason to cuss on a sight meant to help ppl even though i agree its rare nancy messages ppl back i agree she does message i think im not too sure but dont fight alright

  15. Hello there ANH,

    Guess people ask coz they have this thing in their heart called HOPE. 🙂

    Oh and that reminds me…

    Nancy, do you host Monthly Horoscopes anywhere on net? They would be amazing to read! (You & Susan Miller are my fav fav FAV astrologers BTW.)

  16. Hello Nancy, would just love to know if the analysis you done for Zodiac signs work same for Moon signs too?

    Like for example:
    You gave Scorpio Man & Pisces Woman 10/10
    Suppose there Moon Signs are Aries & Taurus
    You gave Aries Man & Taurus Woman 8/10

    So can that 8/10 analysis be considered for the same couple? Since we now on about Moon and not Sun signs?

    Would be super sweet if you could shed some light on that. Thanks!

  17. So I was wondering… my bf is on the cusp between being a Scorpio and a Libra (his birthday is Oct. 23) and I was wondering which one he is… I’m a Cancer, so if he’s a Scorpio, that is perfectly awesome, and if he’s Libra, I guess that’s no big deal, but I may have to work harder and be more glamorous and open-minded to keep him. So I was just wondering what sign he is.

  18. yo anton dude chill nothing has changed go to the zodiac traits main page she tells u what she thinks relax dude u and ur pisces are still together unforttunately me and my pisces arent but yall are good

  19. Please Nancy , say something. Has the Zodiac signs changed?
    I’m a cancer – and i really posses all the characteristics of a
    cancerian. Besides i was in a relationship with a pieces girl
    and really had a good time,which i can ever forget. I know the r/ship would’t be possible if i were a Gemini.

    But according to the “new” signs i am going to be Gemini, – the most important thing i’m worried to lose is my belief that Pieces women is my perfect sole mate.

  20. okay so right i need help so im like kinda sorta in a relationship with this pisces and hes like everything u would want in a guy hes absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word and so i being the dumbass that i am totally broke his heart without even realizing i did it and now hes ignoring me so i facebooked him an apology he hasnt been on in a week because he doesnt wanna hear from me i understand cause im a jerk and i feel absolutley aweful and all i did was i didnt go talk to him one day its breaking my heart i would never hurt him intentionally someone tell me what to do im afraid to apologize to him personally because im afraid of whaat he’ll say should i idk anyone who has advice hurry and tell me please help me

  21. if you guys read the articles… the new Zodiac doesnt affect the western word. and it only affects people born after 2009 anyway…

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