How compatible are you?

When the specifics of both people are compared, you’d be be amazed at the information and insight I can give you about your relationship and the person you’re interested in.

There are literally dozens of aspects of your charts which need to be checked side-by-side if you really want to know how compatible you are.

I need the birth time, date and place of both people for best results but even with just the birth dates I can create a custom report for you.
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27 Responses to How compatible are you?

  • Charlene says:

    wants to know how compatible i am with my taurus boyfriend

  • maureen says:

    I’am a capricorn woman born 11th January 1960,and my taurus man 29th april 1961, are we compatible?

  • Brenda says:

    Im a Sagittaruis women who goes with a Aquaruis man. We love to talk to each other we could talk for hours. We been togther for 6 yrs and i do love him and i care for him alot. But i sure hope we can become man and wife someday. I still claim him to be my husband someday.

  • Brenda says:

    Brenda :
    Im a Sagittaruis women who goes with a Aquaruis man. We love to talk to each other we could talk for hours. We been togther for 6 yrs and i do love him and i care for him alot.

  • Brenda says:

    Brown Sugar

  • Brown Sugar says:

    Im a Sagittaruis women who goes with a Aquaruis man. We love to talk to each other we could talk for hours. We been togther for 6 yrs and i do love him and i care for him alot.

  • anamama says:

    I am a 22 year old Gemini woman and I have been seeing a 28 year old Sagittarius man we are friends now but I want more than friends is there any chance it could every work

  • sugarness says:

    I am a 50 yr old female Leo in a relationship of 9 years with a 51 yr old Scorpio female. We have overcome a lot and we have agreed to take our relationship to the next level of commitment (have a commitment ceremony). any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

  • dev says:

    i was born in dec 5 1989 he was born in may 12 are we compatible??

  • I was born on Sept 7, 1952 & he on Feb 9, 1955--How does it play out? says:

    Site seems interesting…How is compatibility between woman born on Sept 7, 1952 & man born on Feb 9, 1955?

  • purple says:

    i was born in dec 17 1984 and he was born june 5 1975 are we compatible?

  • lonely island says:

    ooooooo so tomm. is ur b’day “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”……….:)

  • florence_capri says:

    life is a dice game…….no zodiac signs can determine the compatibility between the two individuals……live the things to the fate……..:)

  • florence_capri says:

    n it’s great to hav someone with similar values and culture……helps in bonding……..:)

  • Rachel cutlip says:

    What’s the long term compatibility of an an Aquarius man and a Leo woman 6 months apart in age?

  • satoya sanders says:

    My birthday is nov 9,1991,and my boyfriend is born feb 4,1983 are we compatible,or meant to be together

  • lav says:

    my bf is a scorpio born on 09th nov1986,m a gemini:15th june 1988,we wish to be man and wife,is it possible?…….how much compatible wl be our relation?

  • Lulu says:

    I was born on November 13 1984 and I have two potential love interests, one guy was born on 5 September 1987 and the other is 19 November, not sure which year. I would like to knw about compatibility.

  • priyanka says:

    my husband is a capricorn born on 3rd july 1977 & i m cancer 27th june 1979..can u tell abt our compatibility

  • imdad ali ahmed says:

    I was born on 18th April 1980 7 AM in the morning and want to know how do i fare with my wife born on 27th May 1983.


  • miguel says:

    i was born july 20,am i compatiple with a woman born june 6

  • nikki says:

    I’m a scorpio 32…aries boyfriend of 10yrs we hurt eachother more each day..he cheats..and I am losing it…2 kids together…I met a taurus man…we click but I can’t get past the aries man…is it even worht the trouble…the taurus man already has a sharp tongue and is bossy…help me

  • Melissa says:

    I’m an aquarius woman born 2/14/77 and newly seeing/dating a capricorn man born 1/14/74, are we compatible mates to have a lasting and meaningful relationship?

  • bushra 16 august says:

    iam bushra 16th august 1988 and he was born in 16 th november 1986 we’ve been together since 13 may 2007 and until now we are not engaged . Is there any chance that could make us complete our lives together and please just tell me when will that happen????

  • Tamara says:

    Gemini female 16 June 1991 and Libra male 30 September 1988

  • kenya says:

    I am a female born Noveber 20,1981 and I am about to start dating a man who is 5 years younger then I am, and there is this other man who is the same age may a year younger or older who will not give up on dating me born July 28. And I not sure what to do.. or who will be the most compatible.

  • jenny says:

    female 16 0ct0ber 1990 and male 27 december 1988

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